Search actions on songtitle or artist name often give more than eight results. Change the show entry number on the upper left side to 10, 25, 50 or A scrollbar appears on the right side and you can see them all. Suppose you have set the 'show entry numbers' on 25 and you see the max nummer of pages on 10, then you have results.

With the scrollbar on the right side you can see them all. Yes these could be mistakes for sure! But in most cases it is about different versions; for instance special live versions or different mono or stereo versions. Or just a different recording in time by the same artist and the same song. Its existence is the result of a long radio life.

In the 70's I started doing local radio with my lifetime music friend. So it's wonderful that we sometimes receive donations which reduce our broadcast license bills.

Our goal is simple: to pay tribute to this type of original American music, as it is the creator of today's pop music genres. Its also the cradle of all today's popular music genres.

To me its songwriters and performers are the real American Ambassadors! The selected songs are played non-stop. Every now and then there are a few station calls, or short statements about a parti-cular genre or a new cd. Song titles shown on our real-time playlist, come from our 'Music Library' over 16k carefully selected songs.

These renditions get completed with other format items like: new releases, vintage serious or comical commercials, unique station promos and the current Manhattan temperature. In most cases: just press the F5 button; refresh page. Some-times we do have change our music servers to another machine during the day or night. Specially when you're a longtime listener the playlist of your device might still is set to 'the old server'.

It stands for a big 'thank you' to the person with the, in this case, 'AB' initials who sent us music which made it to our music library and playlist. These often audio-wise upgra-ded vintage commercials need to have a few characteristics to get included in our stream. They need to be sung, melodic, legendary or funny. This is the standard for most media players on any device. Last September was, technical seen, a joy since we didn't even have one hickup in the stream continuity.

Upgrading our local server hardware is really 'paying out' now. More software apps like Shoutcast and Apache are set, and running, into the so-called 'windows service mode' now. It results into getting less vulnerable in therms of continuity. Ongoing streaming also means more listeners. Sunday September 26 reached a new listeners record, and the good news is that we still can handle a few more! October 1, Last August 30th we were forced to replace our router system again which led into a small broadcast interruption.

We hope that our provider will leave us alone for a while, since this the second router upgrade in two months. One group of mainly Asian listeners using the JazzRadio App was disconnected for weeks two months ago.

We know here what the problem is. So if you are one of these JazzRadio app users, please contact us! It will bring us details which we cannot see from here and solve the issue for all of you!

September 1, All well-represented in our playlist. The latest promotion for Gretje Angell in July was a real blast. Over sixteen thousand unique listeners took the change to listen to her American Songbook renditions. Our number of listeners is stable. One group of mainly Asian listeners using the JazzRadio App were disconnected for weeks but got back at last. We know here what their problem is. It will bring us a few details which we cannot see from here.

We are sure that this listener feedback solves the issue for all of them! August 4, He became keen on jazz while studying at Leeds College of Art and took up the banjo, playing with the Rotherham Jazz Hounds and other local bands.

In he joined the Yorkshire Jazz Band, the most prominent revivalist band in the area. Following National Service, he settled in London in and joined a series of professional bands, including that of Mick Mulligan, whose vocalist, George Melly, recalled the bearded Disley as having "the face of a satyr on his way to a cheerful orgy". During this period he began producing caricatures of his fellow musicians and cartoons which appeared regularly in the Melody Maker and on a variety of LP covers.

Having discovered the music of Django Reinhardt, Disley dropped the banjo in favour of the guitar, on which he developed an impressive technique. Disley moved easily into the realms of folk clubs and skiffle music and worked in with Nancy Whiskey and Bob Cort.

He worked occasionally for the BBC, presenting both jazz and pop programmes. She has high praise for both these artists as she does for Ella Fitzgerald and Sarah Vaughan and from this quarter came the composite influence that was to develop and establish the Chris Connor style. With the Missouri University dance band, Chris has much experience singing in front of Stan Kenton, arrangements. Then after "taking the plunge" and heading for New York inshe won an audition to sing with Claude Thornhill's band, which gave her three and a half years of singing with a band with a definitely forward look about it.

The Kenton influence became complete, when Chris actually joined the band in At this point her reputation suddenly expanded from the limited Kansas City and New York metropolitan areas straight across the country. It was not as easy matter to crack through the tough harmonic and rhythm constructions of the Kenton book.

June Christy had already set up a vocal formula for the band that was not easy to follow. But Chris Connor's innate artistry overcame the obvious obstacles and she re-created the basic approach in terms of her own interpretation to the vast satisfaction of not only Kenton, but many new followers as well. Out of the Kenton collaboration came a touching and offbeat record call All About Ronnie, which had a success completely unexpected by the record mean who brought it out.

Bb Key. Record concerts, transfer recordings, import collections, enhance sound, change key, change tempo, save playlists, burn CDs, layer tracks, coordinate scanned sheet music and PDFs, etc. Incudes way too many features to list here.

Visit www. Every second of every day, someone, somewhere around the world, is playing with Aebersold Play-A-Longs. Designed especially for musicians and music educators who use music CDs for accompaniment. Change tempo and keys as you wish with little or no degradation in the sound quality.

Contains two fully independent CD drives. Too many features to name here. See www. Jamey Aebersold uses the PSD to record all his jazz concerts. I have used Jameys play-a-long sets since at Case Western Reserve University to teach improvisation and for personal practice. Almost 30 years later, I still use them regularly for personal practice, teaching, and clinics. In addition, the bass, piano and drum transcription books should be an essential part of a jazz educators arsenal.

Jazz Solos From Kendor Music A dynamic series of books featuring original solos in an array of styles for intermediate to advanced players. While the book focuses on classic big band and jazz styles, the core information about horn harmony and arranging can be used for any style, from hip-hop to ska.

The play-along CD includes more than 60 demo tracks and arrangements written in the style of masters such as Count Basie, Duke Ellington and Gil Evans. Covers: writing and voicing techniques; soli, background and shout choruses; special effects; creating your own style; and more. The complete full score for each part is presented and the following elements are isolated and discussed: voicings, orchestration, textures, melodic construction, climaxes, chords, etc.

All charts are played on the CD. Experience the excitement of harmonic discovery. Includes a CD, as well as copies of scores from over 9 decades, plus four new arrangements from modern masters. Eliminates many of the problems confronting the young arranger.

Teaches you to make a chart, step-by-step, using Moonlight In Vermont. Also includes a CD with two charts. Recomposition vs. Examines the to Evans-Davis collaborations in historical context and explores the importance of the Evans-Davis collaborations to jazz ensemble literature. Includes musical examples and scores. Analyzes basic elements of composition; melody, rhythm, harmony, and tone color. Jazz Composition: Theory and Practice is a by-product of Peases 25 years of teaching jazz composition.

The accompanying CD helps demonstrate melody, harmony and rhythmic elements of jazz and also includes a variety of music-writing exercises focused on learning these same elements to help you begin producing your own effective jazz compositions.

Printed on one side. Also deals with harmonization and reharmonization techniques. Learn to use fourths, clusters, upper-structure triads, and other advanced arranging and performing techniques for three to six parts. A reference guide and how-to book that no serious student of arranging should ever by without comprehensive, practical and versatile, 2 CDs containing tracks demonstrate solo and ensemble instrumental colors, textures, and styles.

The presentation is thorough and logical - basics first, specific components next, then advanced techniques for putting it all together. Includes chapters on special purpose instruments, making MIDI work for you, and the symphonic band. Comprehensively prepared for anyone wishing to begin or learn more about writing for the big band. Includes everything from instrumental ranges to experimental material. Includes chapters on rhythms, melody, harmony, improvisation, vocals, tone rows, electronic and recording techniques, and more.

Includes a CD. Hardcover book. Reharmonization techniques covered include: simple substitution, diatonic approach, adding dominant and subdominant chords, harmonic displacement, modal interchange, and others. A primary goal of jazz education is to allow people the opportunity to express music creatively and spontaneously.

We owe it to ourselves and the world to bring out into the open our creative potential. Your instrument is the focus of these albums. Full descriptions are available on the Jamey Aebersold website: www. Adventures in N. For Guitarists Only! Care is taken, however, to maintain the same high level of musicality. CD contains an example track of Bob playing the etudes and play-a-long tracks that allow Album) to play the etudes with an outstanding rhythm section.

Versions available for all different instruments. You MUST specify your instrument when ordering. Willie L. Hill Jr. Designed for individual or group. Each Volume contains 8 classic jazz tunes. Book contains the melody, chord changes, short example improv transcribed from the CDand sample licks.

CD includes demo performance tracks and play along tracks. Please specify the book version you want when ordering! Play along on 13 great blues tracks with a pro-fessional blues band, featuring a five-piece horn section, harmonica, slide guitar and rhythm section. A variety of blues forms are covered, including grooves of the greats like B.

King, Bo Diddley, etc. Each instruments book has lead sheets with melodies and chord symbols, while the C Treble, Bb, Eb, and C Bass clef books each also contain written background horn parts to be used for playing along or performing with a live band. Each tune has two mixes on the CD; A mix of the entire band including your part and a mix without your part so that you can sit in with a professional jazz band!

Gain on the job experience about blend, style, phrasing, tone, dynamics, technique, articulation, and playing in time. Performance tips and suggestions are included in each book. Available for alto, tenor, trumpet, trombone, piano, bass, guitar and drums. Please specify Volume and instrument when ordering! Choose from editions for alto, tenor, trumpet, trombone, piano, guitar, bass and drums.

Bring your local blues jam session home! These essential blues rhythm grooves feature a professional rhythm section and are perfect for guitar, harmonica, keyboard, saxophone and trumpet players to hone their soloing skills. The feels, tempos and keys have been varied to broaden your blues experience. Styles include: shuffle, funky, slow blues, jump blues, rhumba, swing, and more. Includes 6 classics from the jazz keyboard legend, each broken down and analyzed.

Also include pull out parts for C, Bb, Eb, and Bass clef instruments. Large, 9 x 12 format. CD contains both play along tracks and listening tracks, where stllar New York musicians play just as they would a on a straightahead jazz recording; heads, solos, etc Key prases from their solos are transcibed and discussed as an important part of the learning process. Each book includes a CD with 2 tracks; one full performance track and one track minus your part so that you can sit in!

A fantastic opportunity to see what its like. This play along is so fun and exciting, youll forget its educational too! Editions available for alto, tenor, trumpet, trombone, and drums. Features both trio and quartet versions of 14 classic Mingus compositions, performed by Mingus Big Band members. Includes charts, performance notes and historical commentary. A must for fans of Mingus tunes. Editions available for C, Bb, Eb, and bass clef.

Please specify when ordering. Includes a play along CD with a top-notch dixieland band of several great Dixie standards. Includes full performance tracks plus specially mixed tracks minus your instruments part. Be sure to specify when ordering!

Not only fun to play, but also nice for sight-reading the sometimes angular and unusual funk rhythms. CD contains an example track of Bob playing the etudes and Play Along tracks allow you to play the etudes with an outstanding rhythm section. They are designed to develop both jazz style and improv skills. Order by instrument! The all-star LA rhythm section with Steve Houghton and Tom Warrington makes it fun to play over a broad collection of varied harmonic and rhythmic real life situations.

Used by students, private teachers, high schools, colleges and even jazz pros, this innovative series is the best-selling, most popular etude books in the world. Heres why: Authentic sounding etudes, based on chord progressions to standards, jazz tunes and blues, in the styles of jazz greats, including Charlie Parker, Miles Davis, Sonny Rollins, JJ Johnson and Herbie Hancock, among others.

This gives you literally hundreds of ideas for improvisation. Famous International jazz recording artists perform the etudes on the included play along CD. The best sounding rhythm sections of any jazz play along CD. You cant get closer to playing with Miles band than this! Three levels of difficulty: Easy, Intermediate and the orginal Jazz Conception. Simple to match your skill level.

Available for virtually every instrument in jazz, making it highly useful for classroom instruction. Total of 40 minutes of accompaniment written for two hands. See Dans professional comping on the Vol.

Learn new ways of comping over Standards. Here is a wonderful opportunity to see how a piano master approaches various harmonic chord sequences in the framework of real jazz tunes! A must for all keyboardists looking for insight into the world of professional jazz comping! Available now! A great study in professional jazz voicings, leading tones, and comping over standards such as Autumn Leaves, Summertime, Satin Doll, and more. Hals melodic approach, as well as his exciting rhythmic variety, have made him one of the LP in demand jazz pianists on the scene today.

Here is an incredible opportunity for all jazz pianists, aspiring or seasoned professional, to see what Album) all about. Learn to play like Hal and you can quit your day gig! Several choruses of each recorded track are presented exactly as played note-for-note, allowing you to study both the similarities and differences of these two remarkable artists. Also makes an invaluable aid to arrangers and composers.

Makes the perfect companion for the popular Vol. Thoroughly examines voicings, rhythms, listening, interaction, and much more. Special mix allows for the piano track to be deleted so that you can sit in. Includes practical exercises, recorded examples, three play along tracks and daily practice routines.

Aimed at the intermediate piano or guitar player, it is also a valuable tool for all instrumentalists interested in learning to comp. Comping, soloing and a thorough theoretical background are also given.

Basic level. Youll be comping on your own over Standards in a short period of time. Includes written voicings over many of the most popular Aebersold play-a-long tracks, so you can comp with bass and drums backing you up! No piano skills are required to use this book effectively. Play great jazz voicings today! Written and used by Jerry Coker at the University of Tennessee.

It works! The method progresses step by step from 2-voice to 7-voice chord structures with fourths and upper-structure triads. Each chapter presents essential harmonic progressions written and spelled out in all keys, along with fingerings to help non-keyboardists.

Also provided are songs, written out for both hands, which utilize the techniques and voicings just learned. Includes comping rhythms, bass line techniques, and practice strategies. Excellent for both classroom and individual study. The Play-a-long CD lets you practice the piano exercises with bass and drum accompaniment; you can also practice comping along with a saxophone soloist. A demonstration piano track on one channel, played with a stylistic comping feel, gives you an idea of how the piano voicing exercises should sound.

Includes skills in all twelve keys, designed to initiate a feel and understanding of piano voicings and how they work. Each new chapter includes a page of concise instructions for the teacher or the student.

Works well for both classroom or individual study. The spiral bound pages allow the book to open fully and easily on your keyboard music rack. Also includes information on rhythmic comping and general considerations. Worldrenowned educator and pianist Mark Levine gives the reader a comprehensive, step-by-step, beginning to advanced Masterclass on this fascinating approach to voicing chords. This is the meat and potatoes of jazz piano playing.

These voicings will make you sound like a real jazz piano player in no time. Jamey Aebersold. Provides information and application of chords, principle of chord functions, and substitutions. Contains current trends in LP playing, including electronic keyboard ideas. Highly endorsed by David Baker, Frank Mantooth, David Liebman, and others, this will be one of the most important voicing books in your library.

It includes: quickest voicings - a guide to the first and best quartal voicings one should know; selected voicings - good voicings in all keys; all voicings - every possible quartal voicing allowed by traditional jazz theory; quartal voicings applied to a standard jazz chord progression; the theory behind deriving quartal voicings; and more.

A respected soloist, clinician and writer, Mantooth has written this book for any keyboard player interested in developing better jazz chord voicing. Particularly practical are his written voicings over several well-known standards. Written more as a how-to book than a textbook, Voicings will make a valuable addition to every musicians library. Includes over 60 pieces, with arrangements from well known standards such as Blueberry Hill, St.

A marvelous book. Also includes a biography, discography, and the recording date for each solo. This is the best selling solo book of all time. Transposed for all C instruments. The book includes two complete songs, and the CD contains both fullversion tracks and tracks with the piano part deleted for play-along practice. Includes CD of the lines being demonstrated with stylistic feel and nuances. Arranged for both hands by outstanding Brazilian pianist Wilson Curia.

Each has 14 Brazilian hits by popular composers such as T. Jobim, I. Lins, M. Nascimento, Hereto Pascoal, and others. Many have been recorded by Jazz Greats. BMP1 l Vol. The exercises and solos based on the chord chnages to well-known standards are rhythmic, colorful, and fun to play. This book will definitely be an essential part of your practice routine. Besides improving your hand coordination, it will challenge you to think differently about it.

All of the concepts are easily applicable to the real world. Highly endorsed! Includes angular lines, large intervals, pentatonic patterns, blues scales, Double-note patterns, suggested fingerings, and practice suggestions. Begins with triads and proceeds through thirteenth chords and teaches the practical application of chords and chord progressions.

Written for both hands. Voicings get progressively more complex. Play along with 21 complete transcriptions of Mike LeDonnes comping behind professional sax and trumpet soloists.

Also includes lead sheets. Play-along with 21 complete transcriptions of Mike LeDonnes piano playing with bass and drums. Includes every note, melody and harmony. Simple, yet authentic, piano comping over standard chord changes. Basic reading ability is required, but not great technique.

Sit in with a first-class NY rhythm section. Dave Hazeltine plays the etudes on the CD. Many examples. Over pages of scales, voicings, tritone and other substitution, theory, comping, and much more. Sample voicings and 25 superb solos. Per Danielsson analyzes and teaches both melodic and harmonic material with an easy to understand approach, paying particular attention to each tunes unique features. The visual application of this DVD will help you to absorb the tunes more completely, and speed up the learning process.

The tunes are recorded with a four piece band to fully express the sound, style and material being taught. Mac Dr. John Rebennack discusses and demonstrates the playing styles of the great New Orleans piano stylists. This is a very useful style for professional pianists to know as this style of Jazz is always a crowd pleaser. Includes music. Use the practice CD to lock in the groove and keep itand experience what Campos calls meditation in motion.

Also has a discography to guide your listening choices. CD of examples and play-a-long tracks makes developing these abilities easy. Explores the historical, aesthetic, and technical side of this exciting music. Lots of photos, charts, exercises, and examples. Video sample available on www. Superb honky-tonk country beautifully complemented by a page hardback book full of notes, essays, photos and more.

A monumental page hardcover book with unseen photos and biographies. King: In London. With Muddy. From Live in Remastered 2LP set. Mid 60s Decca albums. The live album was recorded in San Francisco inthe studio album has the same musicians with the addition of brass.

Super Smash sides. The Killer in top form. Mid 60s rocking country. Real early stuff presenting Rod Piazza with his first blues band. Super Polydor recs Beacon LPs from andfirst time on CD. Late60s Chess albums.

Two early s albums from southern-boogie rockers. Two genius country albums from Two iconic albums first issued in Britain in and respectively. Super s Stax gospel. Second Jimmy Reed tribute, with harp-player Gary Primich shining. Live outing from hugelypopular blues rock guitar hero. Versatile blues singer, guitarist and keyboard player live in Berlin inwith wife Tamara on vocals.

As above plus a 20 page booklet, the concert on DVD with extensive bonus content. Popular UK bluesman. Worth attention. Superb blend of folk blues and Americana, a mostly solo album of Hans and his guitar. Unreleased live recording with traditional tunes and Dylan originals. Rarely heard concert from Montreal inrecorded just after his debut album.

Versions of tracks that would later appear on his second album, recorded across seven sessions in Listen in on history being made. We can get everything on BACM - just ask! BACM T. Texas Tyler: Vol 2 - Live First studio album sincewith a jazz vibe and live-in-the-studio feel.

Legendary Red Lightnin album on CD! Includes guests Carlos Santana and Trombone Shorty. Rare album from virtuoso slide guitarist. Slim is in fine voice and his piano playing is, as always, a delight. Seriously good label retrospective with 30 country blues tracks many previously unreleased. New CD by German guitarist and rising star of the blues-rock circuit. His 36th CD of blues!

Songs tracks Previ- more rare rockabilly treasures. Rare live radio broad Rory Gallagher: Jinx. Rare live radio broadcast Rory Gallagher: Fresh Evidence. Classic live gem on vinyl, now with extra tracks!! Two seminal albums of deep album plus an hour of additional live sides recorded across Europe. With Muddy, ing all his label hits plus rarities, etc. Mostly from UK in Classic album plus hits taken from his career at Vee-Jay. Classic hits, alternate takes, rarities, etc. Over 50 tracks.

CD2 is a live set. New 11 track studio album from legendary singer, As always, a unique and passionate delivery. Early years at Sun in to Columbia years into s, Live radio broadcasts, demos, out-takes, b-sides, etc. Rare live tracks andmost previously released. With Peter Green on guitar.

Bluegrass legend with 11 originals and one cover. Guests include Del McCoury. Sub-titled The Deepest Soul Of Otis Redding, this has hits and lesser-known sides, presented the way albums were packaged in the mid sixties.

Rocking blues guitar. Live LP tracks from early s in L. A great soul-bluesman on top form. Captured hotremastered with new notes. The DVD includes an exclusive interview.

Live CD from Worth it for the DVD alone! The greatest living exponents of the sacred steel style of Henderson, James P Johnson, Clarence Williams, etc as well as guitar playing incorporating traditional gospel, blues, soul and rock. A lovely relaxed session. Rare Blues album. Their best yet. Second album of ences in these versions to the original LP are in-demand British roots-based blues band.

Tribute to sound of Sun Records from contemporary rockabilly trio. Heartbreaker ballads and sterling guitar support from Doug. Sassy blues singer fronting a New Orleans jazz revival band. Renowned bluesy americana singer-songwriter with perhaps his best album. Texas country legend with a full-on honky tonk sound on 14 new tracks, great to sing-along to or drown your sorrows. A lot of fun.

More excellent New Orleans singing in front of a hot jazz band. The joint forces of Mali and American musicians create a unique set of transatlantic blues on 13 lovely tracks. Farlow: Alabama Swamp Stomp. CCD B. Popular European blues band with another set of hot, swinging blues. Successful pop, jazz, blues, you-name-it artist with another winning set. The album plus DVD that has a documentary on the album plus two track videos. Hot album from one-time guitarist with Hound Dog Taylor and J.

Unissued stuff from Plenty he never recorded before. DE Eddie C. Campbell: Tear This World Up. Tough Chicago blues. With guest Billy Branch. Chicago blues singerguitarist influenced by the 3 Kings B. Another belter. Popular contemporary blues band, incorporating funk, rock and swing vibes. Star of contemporary Chicago blues and soul with third album for label. Debut CD from Mississippi-born, Chicago-based bluesman.

Great mix of gritty Chicago blues with a soul and funk edge. Comparisons made with Albert King. Great new Chicago blues album containing three new originals plus excellent covers. New re-mastered release for an all-time Chicago blues classic. New digi-pack with rare photos.

Cool soul blues. Hot stuff, with Kid Ramos on guitar. Shawn co-wrote most songs here, played pretty much all instruments and even produced. A superbly assured harmonica-led album from leading blues band.

Southern Californian blues sensations stomp, holler and scratch their way through a set of amplified juke joint blues. Notable guest appearance from James Harman on his superb Rhino Horn.

Revered and respected Chicago blues guitarist joins forces talented and in-demand Chicago blues harmonica player on a spectacular set of covers, in front of a top-notch band. Texas-born, Californiaraised bluesman with a commanding, gospel-inflected voice, best known as a featured vocalist for the Mannish Boys. The liner notes suggest that the recording of this set was a virtual blues festival - and one listen confirms that this must have been one hell of a jam.

Previously unheard sessions, with support from wife, Annie Mae, and friend Napoleon Strickland among others. Fred at his most relaxed and expansive on favourites and songs never otherwise recorded. Great songs and sound. Complete prewar recordings featuring his Paramount sides recorded on May 28 and Library Of Congress Sessions recorded by Alan Lomax in Mississippi in and Tremendously historic and together in a nicely packaged set.

Rhythm guitarist in B. Big-selling soul singer from the s, recording mostly for Chess, returned to the church in and has only sung gospel since. Ordained inthis demonstrates she remains a force. DT Birdlegg: Birdlegg.

Superb blues album from singer-songwriter and harmonica player who has been around the American blues scene for years without coming to the fore. Fantastic collection.

Sam left behind a street entertainer career after Katrina, returning to South Carolina before being coaxed into the studio. The first CD features great horn support, the second is just Sam and piano. Includes 10 bonus tracks from recordings from the s. Recorded live. DOCD Rev.

With alt. Notes by Bob Groom. Absolutely essential. Recorded at Allegheny College, Meadville Pennsylvania inthis has 8 extended and excellent pieces in a relaxed and informal setting. The Blues Tonight. A reunion with some of Roomful Of Blues. With Sonny Landreth. A stormer. High-energy uptown and low-down blues. Studio album, recorded in Louisiana, featuring a rich mix of blues, folk, cajun and Americana. In total, 13 lovely tracks in a beautiful gatefold digipack.

One of the finest bluesmen around, with super album of great songs. Superb Mississippi To Chicago style electric bluesman, delivered the goods here when 75 years of age!

Regular nominee for Blues Awards and one of the most popular acoustic bluesmen around with superb album. Blues guitarist shines on 8 originals. A broad mix and styles Good Place. Texan guitarist compared with but, as always, its all Eric! Another blast from Red Lick favourite. May before she struck big. Old blues, old timey, Hawaiian, gospel, calypso, world music and western swing songs about the kindness, teaching, love and loss of a mother. The book contains 65 antique photographs and a foreword by Rosanne Cash.

Researched and compiled by Tony Klein, this features 42 tracks meticulously re-mastered from 78s, most never before on CD or vinyl, all demonstrating the unique styles and variety in Greek music. The book has pages of extensive liner notes, annotations and photographs. Another sumptious package. Hypnotic melodies backed by percussion that support heartfelt vocals.

From betweenthis has undiscovered artist well into his sixties delivering intense emotional bluesy singing and riffing word jazz. Only appearance at Montreux, with guest Gatemouth Brown on 4 tracks. The complete performance, plus 2 tracks from her appearance. Last recorded performance, 11 tracks that explore his rock and blues sides. Top: Live In Germany.

Recorded in as part of the Rockpalast TV series while promoting their Deguello album. A unique concert at the London Hippodrome in October with Gary performing classic Hendrix tracks.

Billy Cox and Mitch Mitchell join in on 3 tracks. More from his own archives, as approved by his estate, this is a thrilling live recording from The Bottom Line in December Quite a comeback. Two Eagle albums together at a bargain price!

Two great album in four years from legendary singer-songwriter. Loads of big hits and rarities, from Library Of Congress sides to his historic appearance of the Newport Festival in Fantastic value collection of the greatest country music singer and songwriter of all time. His first five albums plus rare bonus tracks. Lots of rocking and gospel sides. Cult British bluesman with first new recordings since solo album.

An expanded re-issue of a double LP originally released inplus an additional 80 minutes of music drawn from four years in the field researching and compiling blues and traditional sacred music as it was then being played. A beaut! Acclaimed album. More from his own personal vaults now administered and approved by his family. Re-issue of album and their first studio release for nine years. Re-issue of album, first with Warren Haynes who co-wrote 5 of the songs. Big blues guitar. A blistering blues set, with great harp by Hummel, a superb sound and excellent material.

Final recordings and lost tapes of legendary blues guitarist. A superb live set. A little lo-fi but the band is sensational. Excellent set of guitar led originals and blues standards.

All-instrumental guitar album, mixing up pulsating blues-rock, authentic Chicago blues, North Mississippi hill country blues, laid-back southern rock and jazz stylings, delivered with panache, imagination and flair. A stellar set of 15 songs commonly associated with Big Bill, delivered in a commanding but relaxed manner. Prodigious, award-winning Canadian blues pianist incorporating his amazing piano rolls alongside plenty of horns, funk, jazz and plenty more to enjoy.

A very enjoyable way to spend an hour or so. More electric than previous CDs, allowing Whiteley to demonstrate his excellent musicianship on a range of guitars, harmonicas and even cornet. More tough urban blues from blues harp ace. Lovely country blues vibe on 14 great tracks. Very juicy! Ex-Blasters, ex-Fabulous Thunderbirds boogie pianist letting loose. The king of Louisiana swamp rockabilly in his s heyday. Here Comes Full-length debut album from killer rockabilly band.

An electrifying experience. Complete 50s recordings from the king of rockabilly. The original psychedelic soul album from plus the previously unreleased follow-up and live and studio bonus tracks Re-mastered classic, with a new line-up moving away from blues towards rock. Re-mastered and expanded version of debut.

No Ordinary Love - Sade - The Best Of Sade (Cassette), Venus - Frankie Avalon - Venus / Im Broke (Vinyl), Tuffer Than Tuff Its Hard - Tommy Wills, Harry Lewis (4) - Rhythm And Blues (Vinyl), Una Ecuacion - Various - Rodulfo Vaillant Su Musica (Vinyl, LP), Le Roi De La Marchette - Gerry Boulet - Gerry (CD, Album), Groovy Beat (The Rock-It Mix) - D.O.P. - Groovy Beat (Vinyl), Me, Myself And I - Cheryl Pepsii Riley - Me Myself And I (CD, Album), The Land, Far-West - André Brasseur - Early Bird Satellite (Vinyl, LP), On Da Track - Pac Da Great - This Is How Da Pimpin Goes (Cassette, Album), Sun Rising Up - Various - Azuli Silver / Black - Best Of 2005 (File, MP3), 1. Andante Sostenuto - Allegro Vivo - Tchaikovsky*, Lorin Maazel : Vienna Philharmonic* - Symphony N, Funky Big Feet - Bobby Valentin - Lets Turn On / Arrebatarnos (Vinyl, LP), Regrets - Andy Williams - Lets Love While We Can (Vinyl, LP), Yesterdays - Marianne Faithfull - Strange Weather (Vinyl, LP, Album)

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