He also composed masses, motets and psalm settings; all also dominated by archaic counterpoint. One of his greatest early successes was Aline, reine de Golconde 3 Septemberwhich was performed internationally.

Later in his career he tried tragedy with Virginie, which was premiered by the Paris Opera at the Salle Le Peletier on 11 Juneand received a total of 39 performances. He studied with Carlo Pedrotti at the Liceo Rossini in Pesarowhere he subsequently was a professor of harmony ; was then director of the Liceo Benedetto Marcello in Venice — He was active as an opera conductor in Venice and other Italian cities, and gave chamber music concerts as a pianist.

His Trio won 1st prize at the international competition in Paris in Died at Fano, April 22, Besides many other works, Prokofiev also composed five piano concertos, nine completed piano sonatas and seven symphonies. A graduate of the St Petersburg Conservatory, Prokofiev initially made his name as an iconoclastic composer-pianist, achieving notoriety with a series of ferociously dissonant and virtuosic works for his instrument and his first two piano concertos.

Prokofiev's first major success breaking out of the composer-pianist mould was with his purely orchestral Scythian Suite, compiled from music originally composed for a ballet commissioned by Sergei Diaghilev of the Ballets Russes; Diaghilev commissioned three further ballets from Prokofiev — Chout, Le pas d'acier and The Prodigal Son — which at the time of their original production were all highly successful.

Prokofiev's greatest interest, however, was opera, and he composed several works in that genre, including The Gambler and The Fiery Angel. Prokofiev's one relative success in that genre during his lifetime was The Love for Three Oranges, composed for Chicago and subsequently performed over the following decade in Europe and Russia.

After the Revolution, Prokofiev left Russia with the official blessing of the Soviet minister Anatoly Lunacharsky, and he lived in the United States, then Germany, then Paris, during which time he married a Spanish singer, Carolina 'Lina' Codina, who bore him two sons. Because of the increasing economic deprivation of Europe, Prokofiev returned to Russia in In Prokofiev was officially attacked for allegedly indulging in "anti-democratic formalism", and was forced to compose such officially sanctioned works as On Guard for Peace.

However, he also enjoyed personal and artistic support from a new generation of Russian performers, notably Sviatoslav Richter and Mstislav Rostropovich and for the latter he composed his Symphony-Concerto, perhaps his most personal work to be completed in the last five years of his life.

Prokofiev died at the age of 61 on 5 Marchthe day Joseph Stalin's death was announced. He had lived near Red Square, and for three days the throngs gathered to mourn Stalin, making it impossible to carry Prokofiev's body out for the funeral service at the headquarters of the Soviet Composer's Union.

He is buried in the Novodevichy Cemetery in Moscow. The leading Soviet musical periodical reported Prokofiev's death as a brief item on page The first pages were devoted to the death of Stalin. Usually Prokofiev's death is attributed to cerebral hemorrhage bleeding into the brain. He had been chronically ill for the prior eight years; the precise nature of Prokofiev's terminal illness remains uncertain. Lina Prokofiev outlived her estranged husband by many years, dying in London in early Royalties from her late husband's music provided her with a modest income.

Their sons Sviatoslav —an architect, and Oleg —an artist, painter, sculptor and poet, dedicated a large part of their lives to the promotion of their father's life and work. Easily his most celebrated piece is his Symphonie espagnole, a popular work in the standard repertoire for violin and orchestra.

He attended that city's conservatoire in his youth. Berlioz, in his memoirs, denounced Habeneck for incompetence in conducting Berlioz's own Requiem.

Inhe joined with friends to found the Armingaud Quartet, playing viola and later second violin. Lalo's earliest surviving compositions are songs and chamber works two early symphonies were destroyed.

She aroused Lalo's early interest in opera and led him to compose works for the stage, of which Le Roi d'Ys is the most notable. Unfortunately, these works were never really popular; despite their originality, they incurred considerable criticism for being allegedly too progressive and Wagnerian. This led Lalo to dedicate most of his career to the composition of chamber music, which was gradually coming into vogue for the first time in France, and works for orchestra. Symphonie espagnole for violin and orchestra still enjoys a prominent place in the repertoire of violinists, and every now and then Lalo's Cello Concerto in D minor is revived.

His Symphony in G minor was a favorite of Sir Thomas Beecham who recorded it and has been occasionally championed by later conductors too. Such works as the Scherzo in D minor, one of Lalo's most colorful pieces, might be considered appropriate embodiments of his distinctive style and strong expressive bent.

For many years Le Roi d'Ys was considered unperformable, and it was not staged untilwhen Lalo was 65 years old. Eight years earlier, he became a member of the Legion of Honour. He died in Paris in Album), leaving several unfinished works, including his opera La jacquerie, completed by Arthur Coquard. Lalo" in two different episodes, "We'll Always Have Paris" and "The Best of Both Worlds", though there is no particular reason to suppose this is a reference to the French composer.

He started on drums at 14, played with Andrew Morgan and Chris Kelly, then switched to comet. He organized his own band in the late s, which toured as far away as Chicago. During the s he played in local pit bands for shows. After recording with George Lewis inhe gigged in New Orleans for several years. Howard worked regularly with Lewis from including a tour of Europe He recovered from a serious illness in and played frequently at Preservation Hall and Dixieland Hall in New Orleans during last years of his life.

He died of a cerebral hemorrhage in New Orleans, March 28, He was born of Russian-Jewish parents whose original surname was Mnuhin. After being taken to San Francisco as a child, he studied violin with Sigmund Anker. Menuhin was only 7 when he made his public debut in Oakland playing Beriot's Scene de ballet with Persinger as his accompanist.

On Jan. It was in Paris that he began to study with Georges Enesco. On Nov. He then made tours throughout the U. On April 12, he was soloist with Bruno Walter and the Berlin Philharmonic in a daunting program of concertos by Bach, Beethoven, and Brahms, which elicited much acclaim.

His London debut followed on Nov. During this time, Menuhin continued to study with Enesco, and he also received additional instruction from Adolf Busch. In he completed his first world tour, and then toured regularly around the globe.

With the end of the War inhe resumed his international career. In he made his first tour of Israel. After touring Japan for the first time inhe played in India for the first time in Caprices - Trafic (2) - Stop (Cassette he founded an annual music festival in Gstaad, Switzerland.

In he also founded the Bath Festival in England, with which he remained active until From to he was joint artistic director of the Windsor Festival. In he was president of London's Trinity Coll. As Menuhin's virtuosity began to decline, he turned increasing attention to conducting. In he became assoc. He also served as principal guest conductor of the Warsaw Sinfonia from and of the English String Orchestra from Apart from his various musical activities, he also pursued humanitarian efforts on behalf of world peace.

However, his uncompromising sense of justice often antagonized political factions of both the Left and the Right.

Menuhin came to Furtwangler's defense and, after the conductor was exonerated, the two performed and recorded together in spite of the furor his defense had engendered. After being received enthusiastically by Israeli audiences following the creation of the new state of Israel inMenuhin aroused Israeli animosity when he gave benefit concerts for displaced Palestinian refugees.

At a music congress in Moscow inhe embarrassed his Russian hosts when he appealed to the Soviet government to respect human rights. Menuhin was the recipient of innumerable honors. After making his home in England, he received an honorary knighthood from Queen Elizabeth II in In he became an honorary British subject and thereby formally became Sir Yehudi, an honor he retained until when the Queen created him a Life Peer as Lord Menuhin of Stoke d'Abernon.

He also was awarded many honorary doctorates, including ones from the univerities of Oxford and Cambridgeand from the Sorbonne in Pariswhere he was the first musician to be so honored by that French center of learning. Menuhin was the author of an interesting autobiography, Unfinished Journey ; 2nd ed. Died at Berlin, March 12, Taking violin lessons from the age of five, he joined the orchestra at Cleveland Central on tenor saxophone. Then after passing through a few bands in Buffalo in the early Forties, Jackson returned to Cleveland.

Discovered on a local stage by popular bandleader Lucky Millinder, Jackson was hired as a saxophonist but was placed in the featured vocalist position following the departure of Wynonie Harris.

Essentially retiring from music for the next two decades, James worked for a catering company. But with his health worsening, Jackson moved back to Cleveland.

Diagnosed with untreatable cancer, he died after a long-term confinement at Mount Sinai Hospital in Cleveland, July 31, Mingushighly influential jazz bassist, leader, pianist, composer, is born on a military base in Nogales, Ariz. His small groups he generally had assistance when writing for big bands or orchestras played with a wild intensity and freedom of expression never reproduced.

Most notably, he was the first and still one of the only jazz composers who would have tempo and even meter changes within pieces; this is most dramatically illustrated by listening to the various performances of "Fables of Faubus" from on. To this day, most jazz pieces are counted off and then stay at that tempo until the end. His bass playing was powerful, accurate, and innovative in his use of various strumming techniques and pedal point.

Mingus was also an expressive pianist. A very troubled man, he was known for his dangerous temper—in a famous incident, he punched Jimmy Knepper in the mouth in the early s. When Toshiko Akiyoshi played an imitation of Bud Powell rather than finding a unique sound, Mingus slammed the piano lid down on her fingers in the middle of her solo at the Newport Festival When Clarence Beasley was hired to play piano, Mingus fired him before he even got to solo, even though his whole family flew in from Detroit to see him.

His earliest musical influences came from the church—choir and group singing—and from hearing Duke Ellington over the radio when he was eight. During his high school years, he learned several instruments, studied bass with Red Callender and for five years with Herman Rheinschagen principal of the L.

Philharmonicas well as composition and classical music with Lloyd Reese. Inhe wrote his first concert piece, "Half-Mast Inhibition"; this and several other early works were first recorded in by a piece orchestra with Gunther Schuller conducting; other compositions appeared on his album Let My Children Hear Music.

An uncredited arrangement of "Body and Soul," from a Hampton broadcast, featured a bowed bass that is now known to be by Mingus. He gained national attention with the Red Norvo Trio He performed in Bud Powell's trio inincluding regular broadcasts, and in May went with Powell to accompany Parker and Gillespie at the now legendary Massey Hall concert in Toronto; he also recorded the concert and released it overdubbing his bass which had been underrecorded as head of his own recording company, Debut Records.

He co- founded the "Jazz Workshop," a group which enabled young composers to have their new works performed in concert and on recordings. He showed an increasing interest in composing and his early works are very classical in sound and style, with a heavy influence of Ellington; he also composed "Open Letter to Duke" in and arranged several Ellington pieces in Festival of the Creative Arts.

But on his album Blues and Roots, he talked about becoming aware of the need to always stay grounded in African-American styles. By the late s, he preferred to dictate parts to players for freshness of interpretation and improvisation; he achieved a style that effectively erased the lines between jazz improvisation and notated composition. He worked with various musicians in small combos, and eventually developed a close association with Eric Dolphy who toured with him in and again in He appeared onscreen in All Night Long, filmed in the summer of in London.

He appeared on Canadian TV twice aroundbut it is not known if these programs survive; he was televised in Canada twice during his tour of Europe with Eric Dolphy. In one Caprices - Trafic (2) - Stop (Cassette scene, Mingus turns to Dolphy, who had just decided to leave the band, and says on camera, "I'll miss your ass over here.

Ina major big band concert at Town Hall, Manhattan, was a disaster. He persuaded his label to record an evening-length work at an open session to be held at Town Hall.

They agreed, then suddenly made the date six weeks earlier, even though so much work remained to be done that it made success impossible. Moreover, the promoters advertised the event as a concert, raising expectations among ticketbuyers of a complete, finished performance rather than the start-stops to be expected at a recording session. Some musicians walked into the hall having never seen sheet music; copyists were seated on stage, hurriedly duplicating the later parts of the score, while musicians attempted to play the early parts; parts of the concert were issued on various albums.

After his second recording company, the Charles Mingus labelfolded and his financial situation became desperate, he nearly retired from the public scene He married Susan around this time.

Inhe was evicted from his apartment, a heartbreaking scene captured in the documentary Mingus. After resuming his career, in he was awarded the Slee Chair of Music and spent a semester teaching composition at the State University of N. He received grants from the NBA, the Smithsonian Institute and the Guggenheim Foundation two grants, one in ; he also received an honorary degree from Brandeis and an award from Yale University. His music was performed frequently by ballet companies; Alvin Ailey choreographed an hour program called "The Mingus Dances" during a collaboration with the Robert Jeffrey Ballet Company.

Inhe was confined to a wheelchair; that year he collaborated with singer Joni Mitchell on an album. Producer George Wein asked those present to honor him; the musicians gave him a standing ovation, and Carter walked over and embraced him. Mingus wept, overcome by emotion, and surely by the frustration he must have felt at not being capable of speech. Although he was no longer able to write music on paper or compose at the piano, his last works were sung into a tape recorder.

His ashes were scattered in the Ganges River in India. Both N. Public Library, and the originals to the Library of Congress, where they are available for study and scholarship. He recorded over albums and wrote over scores. The manuscript of the Town Hall concert was discovered by Andrew Homzy while cataloguing Sue Mingus's collection.

This collection of his pieces, many of which had been recorded elsewhere as independent works, was planned by Mingus, and when completed and reworked by Gunther Schuller with the help of a grant from the Ford Foundationit was Mingus's longest work, the two-hour "Epitaph" for 30 instruments.

Schuller conducted its premiere performance at Alice Tully Hall in N. Since Mingus's death, his widow Sue has managed his legacy. FromMingus Dynasty was established as a repertory group with rotating personnel that features the compositions and music of Mingus. Eventually it was replaced by the larger Mingus Big Band which for several years played at the Time Cafe in lower Manhattan every Thursday and then began touring and recording as it became more established.

Since the mids, Steve Slagle has directed the group, which has premiered a number of unheard Mingus works and new arrangements of his small group works. Sue Mingus has also campaigned for years against bootleg recordings. Initially she would simply go to stores and take the bootlegs out of the bins; during the mids, she began to issue the same material legally in an effort to outsell the bootlegs.

His grandson Kevin Mingus is a bassist who plays an instrument given to him by Buddy Collette. America After Dark is born. He was a pupil of M. Jora in Bucharest After working at the Institute for Folklore therehe pursued research in ethnomusicology and aesthetics. He was president of the Romanian Composers Union from Today [] he celebrates his 85 birthday. Chambersnoted jazz bassist, is born at Pittsburgh, Pa. Dunbar studied baritone horn and tuba in his preteen years; at age 13, his family moved to Detroit and he took up the bass.

In he did his first professional work on the road with Paul Quinichette, ending up in N. In he joined Miles Davis's working groups, remaining with Davis through He appeared on many of Davis's classic recordings of this period. At the same time, he was virtually house bassist for the Prestige label, often working with pianist Red Garland on dozens of sessions.

He also recorded as a member of Garland's trio from to This group appeared frequently with Wes Montgomery in the mids and recorded with him as well as Kenny Burrell.

He contracted tuberculosis inand sucumbed to the disease early the following year. Coltrane named "Mr. As an accompanist, his accurate and buoyant swing is often noted, but he also creatively broke up the beat on occasion. Nance was a childhood friend of Conway Twitty. A native of Newport, Arkansas, Nance attended college before settling in Nashville to pursue a career in music. Lung cancer He died in Nashville, April 7, Raised in abject poverty as the seventh of 12 children, he makes his way to Los Angeles in and becomes a sought-after session musician.

By the late s, he is a superstar, crossing over from country to pop, with five 1 country hits and two 1's on the Hot "Rhinestone Cowboy" and "Southern Nights" From tohe hosts his own variety show, The Glen Campbell Goodtime Hour. Nitzsche had a long and varied career. Born in Chicago but raised in Michigan, Nitzsche taught himself music through a mail correspondence course, and played saxophone in a local band during his teens.

Nitzsche was supposedly a descendant of German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche. He suffered a heart attack brought on by a recurring bronchial infection. Heart attack He died at St. Wilson Pickett landed a bigger hit with his rendition of the song in With the group disbanding in earlyGarcia attended college for a year.

Returning to music, he ventured out as a solo act before fronting a local trio. Suffering from an undisclosed long-term illness, he died in Los Angeles. Acknowledged as an early hard-rock romanticist for his earlys recordings, Frampton broke through with the totally unexpected success of 's Frampton Comes Alive! The album became both the best-selling live album and the best- selling doublerecord set in music history, eventually selling more than 15 million copies worldwide.

However, his career faded quickly after the followup album, due perhaps to his unfortunate appearance in the inane Sgt. Peter Frampton got his first guitar at age eight and debuted professionally at By 16 he was a member of The Herd, who scored several British hits and recorded one album for Fontana Records. He quit the group before their breakthrough with the live set Rockin' at the Fillmore.

He recorded his debut solo album inand formed Frampton's Camel for one album and an American tour before disbanding the group in His first album to sell in significant quantities in the U. The album took critics totally by surprise and stayed on the album charts for nearly two years, eventually selling 15 million copies.

Frampton instantly if temporarily became a superstar, playing to stadium audiences throughout the summer of and into Peter Frampton's follow-up album, I'm in Youproduced a smash hit with the title song, but subsequent singles fared progressively less well. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band. Costarring with the Bee Gees, Frampton filled Album) role of Billy Shears in this abysmal fairytale-like musical featuring 29 Beatles songs.

Poorly received by critics and the public alike, the movie was quickly relegated to the cheap-movie-house circuit. To add injury to insult, Frampton was severely hurt in an automobile accident on June 29,in the Bahamas that necessitated an extended period of recuperation.

Peter Frampton's career never regained its momentum. Albums sold progressively less well and he played small venues rather than baseball stadiums on tour. After a four-year hiatus he returned in with another album and a tour opening for Stevie Nicks. In he recorded another unsuccessful album. Frampton began collaborating again with Steve Marriott, inbut Marriott died in a house fire that April 20th.

Peter Frampton toured again in and He made his stage debut as a baritone in an operetta production in Lemberg inusing the name Barski. He then studied voice with Sangiovanni in Milan and Salvi in Vienna, and subsequently pursued a successful career as a tenor, using the name Brandt.

From to he was a member of the Frankfurt am Main Opera, and also filled engagements in N. He retired from the stage inand then taught voice in Krakow. His niece was Eva Bandrowska-Turska. He said 'The Rolling Stones are the worst, one of them looks as if he's got a feather duster on his head.

The song went on to reach No. Fronted by Reg Presley, 'Wild Thing' became a major influence on garage rock and punk rock. All acts performed three songs each. The three winners were given an opportunity to perform at the Roller Drome the following week as part of a major concert headlined by The Crystals.

The task of producing the complex soundtrack would drive Pete Townshend to another nervous breakdown. They achieved 17 other Top 40 hits including four UK No. It was Marley's first public appearance in Jamaica since being wounded in an assassination attempt a year and a half earlier. American singer, actor; she moved to New York in where she appeared on Chesterfield's "Music that Satisfies" radio program with Bing Crosby.

She also joined the Ziegfeld Follies By the time she was 27, she had become the top-polled "girl singer. She performed on stage, radio and television despite chronic injuries that she sustained from a plane crash. The film, With a Song in My Heart, is based on her life cardic arrest. American jazz pianist; once called "the first modern jazz pianist," he differed from the stride pianists of the s by breaking up the stride rhythms with unusual accents from his left hand.

Discovered while performing in a trio with her husband, Sandi was hired as the lead singer of a pioneering folk-rock group which evolved into The Crosswinds. When Robison became pregnant, the group disbanded in Restarting her musical career, she joined a pair of former bandmates to form the psychedelic band The Peanut Butter Conspiracy.

Robison then joined the Los Angeles production of the rock musical, Hair, for an 18 month stint. Toxic shock poisoning She fell ill while performing in Butte, Montana, and died 16 days later at a hospital in Billings. Despite of or thanks to a generous heaping of controversy over its video where she dances in front of burning crosses, Madonna's "Like A Prayer" hits 1 in the US.

Jimmy Bee later joined the Billy Williams revue instaying for four years. Also a solo artist, Bee recorded for several labels beginning Hilton Records in InBee recorded his only solo album, Live. He died while driving in New York City en route to the airport to catch a flight to Atlantic City where he was scheduled to receive the coveted Living Legend Award. He was married to actress Wendy Craig from until his death. His father was a retired army bandsman who had recently moved to Manchester to become a cellist in the Halle Orchestra.

He played in the band of the Second Battalion of the Hampshire Regiment with the rank of sergeant until he bought himself out of service in to join Jack Hylton's band. His first recorded with Jack Hylton and his Orchestra in They were joined by Coleman Hawkins in He worked for Ambrose intermittently from June until His first recording session with Heath was 22 October Although he left the band in to compose and write scripts, he continued to work freelance for Heath and his last recording was the 89th Palladium Sunday concert on 12 April His show business column broke high-profile stories such as Jane Asher's confirmation of rumours that she was going to marry Paul McCartney, Sean Connery's announcement that he was quitting James Bond, and a revealing interview with Mick Jagger on 17 September He was described as the newspaper's film critic in and was still bylined in His columns, which appeared as 'The Jack Bentley Page' were syndicated to Billboard and reported as far away as Australia.

He retired in at the age of She was more than twenty years his junior. Init was revealed that his second son was the result of Wendy Craig's short affair with John Mortimer. Bentley had become aware of the affair early in and had spoken to Mortimer's wife Penelope about it. Craig ended the affair when her husband learned of it and Penelope Mortimer used aspects of the story in her novel The Pumpkin Eater.

Pullen developed a strikingly individual style throughout his career. He composed pieces ranging from blues to bebop and modern jazz. The great variety of his body of work makes it difficult to pigeonhole his musical style. Growing up in a musical family, he learned the piano at an early age. He played with the choir in his local church and was heavily influenced by his cousin, Clyde "Fats" Wright, who was a professional jazz pianist.

He took some lessons in classical piano and knew little of jazz. At this time, he was mainly aware of church music and the blues. Smith University in North Carolina to study for a medical career but soon he realized that his true vocation was music. After playing with local musicians and being exposed for the first time to albums of the major jazz musicians and composers he abandoned his medical studies.

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