The songs broken down to the sound of people really doing this, right now, acting on instinct. The songs rough and rowdy, bruised and tender, joking and crying, nagging and striving and yearning. The songs were always there, and here they are still, keeping pace with us.

While the heart of the record will be familiar to fans of his neo-soul and hip-hop-infused work, here Rakei dives deeper into his sound, merging electronic with acoustic, and rugged grooves with ambient atmospheres, to create something richer, more detailed, and more textural than before.

The band is comprised of lead vocalist and rhythm guitarist Aaron Lewis, lead guitarist Mike Mushok, bassist and backing vocalist Johnny April, and drummer Sal Giancarelli. Over the course of their career, the band has released seven studio albums and eight Top 10 singles, selling over 15 million albums worldwide. Careless Love, first released inis a rich collection of covers, with tunes from Bob Dylan to James P. With over half a million albums sold, it shifted Peyroux from the jazz realm into the mainstream arena and remains her most popular release.

Sinner is the debut studio album by American heavy metal band Drowning Pool. Originally released on June 5, by Wind-Up Records, it is considered to be the band's most popular album - earning RIAA Platinum certification within the first six weeks of its release.

This was due at least in part to their hit single "Bodies," which remains the band's most well-known song. Available on vinyl for the first time to celebrate the 20th anniversary of its release.

Now, 15 years later, this album is available for the first time. It's the follow-up to Golden Hour, which earned Musgraves her third No. With Parallel TimelineWellbaum explores the feeling of being trapped inside her own consciousness while simultaneously searching for a meaningful connection to the universe, and all the mysteries it contains. All content was overseen by executive producer Greg Fidelman. The music is a melange of blues rock, rock and singer-songwriter which surround themes about self-love and awareness, mental health, the environment, and consumerism.

Elvis Costello and award-winning producer, Sebastian Krys, have brought together a stunning international cast of some of the biggest Latin rock and pop artists from around the globe to interpret Elvis Costello and The Attractions' album, This Year's Model, entirely in Spanish.

The inspired Spanish-language adaptations are set to the band's classic studio performances, culled from the original master recordings, which have been newly mixed by Krys. Available on black Vinyl. Focusing on their craft, staying out of the fray, and holding fast their faith to find new ways to express the discord and delight of being alive, to turn the duality of existence into hymns we can share, Low present HEY WHAT.

The ineable, familiar harmonies of Alan Sparhawk and Mimi Parker break through the chaos like a life raft. Layers of distorted sound accrete with each new verse - building, breaking, colossal then restrained, a solemn vow only whispered. There will be time to unravel and attribute meaning to the music and art of these times, but the creative moment looks FORWARD, with teeth.

Like a film director, she works as an aural auteur building scenes with her rapturous voice and the plaintive plucks of her guitar strings. Through this process, she both defies and expands notions of what it means to be from the region. The songs throughout the album tend to be shorter, and that was intentional. Falk counts jazz and funk as his major influences, so quite fittingly his percussion punctuates the album.

Freeman contributed guitar for the first time on her own recordings. The couple are joined by Victor Furtado bringing his skills as the youngest-ever recipient of the Steve Martin Prize for Excellence in Banjo, Eli Wildman The Wildmans contributing acoustic guitar and mandolin, the much sought-after keyboardist Sam Fribush on piano, keys, and organ, Berklee College of Music graduate Eric Robertson adds additional guitars and bass, as well as acclaimed multi-instrumentalist Aaron Lipp contributing banjo and bass.

Frances Forever can spin anything into sunshine. As the project of Boston-area singer-songwriter Frances Garrett, its myriad moods can send listeners reeling into romance or off floating in existential space.

Garrett balances their familiarity with extremes with an undeniable ear for melody and a gift for writing tracks that could live at home anywhere on the pop timeline. Atop this glitter-shocked display, Garrett spills their guts about fumbling their own power. Take one listen to 'space girl,' Frances' latest charmer of a single that's rocketing up indie charts and TikTok counts despite a disaster mission of a year.

From the doo-wop glaze of opener 'depression' to the horn-flecked indietronica of 'daytime,' paranoia party carves its identity from stopovers in darker, braver territory.

Those enchanted by 'space girl' have plenty to root for, though, as the EP's title track serves as its boldest mission statement, stacking a story of college-party anxiety against a circus-tent waltz that glitches and stutters in line with Garrett's narrative confidence.

Legendary British producer Kevin Martin is back with his first new full-length album under The Bug moniker in seven years. Scott Galloway. Swedish musician and producer DJ Seinfeld Armand Jakobsson rose to prominence in through the so-called 'lo-fi house' scene, inadvertently helping define its sound.

Now having transcended early labels, his long-awaited new album 'Mirrors' is set to be released on Ninja Tune in September. Recorded August 24,the performance of the legendary album in its entirety was kept secret until the moment the band took stage. Halsey has surpassed 60 million RIAA-certified units across albums, singles and features. Worldwide, she has sold over million adjusted singles. On History Of A Feeling, the Nashville based songwriter comes to terms with the dissolution of a meaningful relationship.

The songs on History Of A Feeling, are the most direct and introspective songs Diaz has ever written. This 4LP features remastered versions of the original albums and has 64 tracks including 44 previously unreleased tracks, alternate versions, alternate mixes and vocals.

This makes the music both an ear worm and places it in the Uncanny Valleygiving it a very eerie feeling. Lemon Demon : " Elsewhere. They conjure images of evil clowns. Is it any wonder that the same artist composed a track called "Nightmare Fuel"? Once you're done with that, find the Lemon Demon song "Sick Puppy," which is in the same vein but not quite as shiver-inducing.

It's the old dope peddler. The Serial Escalation of "Who's Next? It's all well and good, a little creepy, until you get to the end and realize that three teenage boys while admittedly horrible dudes, but still If you listen to it on a good system, you'll notice that there are bass notes that are more felt than heard.

Now try this home alone in a rural location with a storm approaching. It details a conversation between a rural serial killer and his mother, in which he confesses his crimes. One memorable line runs. Bad enough, but the final line is the kicker in which it is revealed that he has already killed his mother and has been talking to her corpse. Hank Williams III: A rare example in country music: the double album Straight To Hellcontaining a minute long end track that consists of a hellish pastiche of distorted sounds, ranging from pitch-shifted country songs to field recordings.

Interspersed throughout, however, are some rather nice if a bit "off" songs that detracts from the "WTF factor". Those Poor Bastards: They perform pitch-black horror-themed country with the fervor of fundamentalist backwoods preachers. And their cover of Johnny Cash's "Walk the Line" is a terrifying ode to stalkerism.

Hank Snow's obscure song "The Name of the Game Was Love" probably wasn't intended to be thisbut reading between the lyrics reveals far more sinister connotations.

In theory, the song is a happy, nostalgic reminiscence of all the girls the narrator has been romantically involved with in his life, with an absolute earworm of a tune and the first verse even sounding similar to the children's nursery rhyme "Five Little Speckled Frogs". Except that list of girls is insanely long, which makes it extremely likely that the narrator is a Casanova who goes out of his way to win the hearts of as many girls as he possibly can before abandoning them and moving on.

While the song goes out with the narrator saying he loves them all, it's difficult not to question his sincerity. This goes a step further in the extended cut, culminating in Careful with That Axe. Weird lyrics, and then this robotic voice talking about the noise, and this dissonance, and this constant beat It's Album), though. Angelspit : "Sleep Now. Emotionless, like he knows and doesn't care, because he's given up already.

Near the end is a nuclear blast that halts the song, with winds heard as the band Album) presumably obliterated. Some copies of the song have a cover and poster of a nuclear explosion.

Assemblage "30kft". Autechre : Confield is unsettling in a very cold and mechanical way. The songs were produced using generative computer algorithm rather than human performer-based sequencing, which The Berzerker: One notable example would be "Burnt". The scariest part of the song would have to be the midway point, where a man lists a number of torture methods accompanied by incredibly twisted industrial sounds.

Not only that, but later in the song, the man's monologue is played again, in case you didn't hear him the first time. The intro is mainly the squelching of footsteps in mud and some very primitive-sounding drums. The music video is essentially a tableau of primitive figures with spears superimposed on Bjork's face. Then about halfway through the video Don't say no to me, you can't say no to me I'm crying now, but nobody's there The air is scanty, my voice is decreasing My mind is confused I'm knocking on the coffin.

Lullabyes for dead children, incestuous love, silver daggers, unrequited love, senseless or all-too-sensible murder, graveyards, encounters with Death, crazy women wandering the hills, people frozen in various stages of grief A list of songs of hers that feature creepy undertones Confusion - Electric Light Orchestra - Discovery (Vinyl be a mile long, but the worst offenders are "Flowers of Flesh and Blood" — named for a Japanese torture porn film— and "Choking Games.

Album) Smith's "Bigfoot" was meant as just another silly 70s novelty song about a monster that was then in-vogue, but the atmosphere the music creates is rather ominous, and the lyrics don't really play the legend for laughs at all.

The album was conceived when sole member Album) Barrett was suicidally depressed, and is built largely around his experiments with a Voor's Head Device, which is a contraption produced by poking just enough holes in a plastic bag to keep yourself from passing out, and then tying it around your head.

The opening track contains samples from a recording made while Barrett was passed out, and they are eerie beyond belief. Read the accompanying book for additional terror.

It mentions his suicide attempt; a particular source of Fridge Horror is the fact that he still can't explain why he attempted it, but the implication is that his experiments with the device severely affected his mental state to the point where he lost control of himself. The follow-up, Deconstructionistis ambient music explicitly designed to bring the listener into an altered state of consciousness.

It comes with a disclaimer that people with severe mental illnesses probably should not listen to it, probably for obvious reasons. A lot of this is due to the album's almost constant use of binaural beats, which have been known to cause seizures. The overall effect of the album seems to be quite relaxing for most people, but some people have been quite terrified by it. The Deadfly Ensemble: "Horse on the Moor" is definitely this. It begins with the narration of how the "Wife" character rose from her grave, desperate for her husband and declaring that she loves him still.

The song itself is about the husband cramming her wife's tomb with several things she enjoyed such as a horse's head because "his love liked to ride", or one of the maids to "help her under there". How does it get worse? LP - the wife doesn't rise back from the dead at all, she was buried alive as revealed in the final verse.

Death In June: They nearly exclusively sing about death and cults and Nazis and the Holocaust and are Nightmare Fuel when they're not just depressing.

They did a cover of songs by Jim Jones. Yes, that Jim Jones. Brian Dewan: He wrote a song from the point of view of someone undergoing brain surgery. The idea behind the song is people tend to be awake during brain surgery and poking different parts of the brain causes different thoughts and emotions.

The song starts out almost funny, with renditions of Happy Birthday and Yankee Doodle mixed in with random thoughts. Then he starts crowing like a rooster and crying "I want my oxygen mask! His version is scarybut other artists, such as Joan Osborne, have also covered it to spooky success. A both incredibly sad and incredibly disturbing tale of a poor farmer driven to desperate measures. Especially when he screams. Nurse With Wound: Anything by them is deeply disturbing on a primal level, whether you understand why or not.

Sol Invictus: They have a variety of incredibly disturbing songs, be they about cannibals or ghosts. Vienna Teng : "Radio" deserves particular mention for its liberal use of Adult Fear terrorist attacksbut "Passage", "Pontchartrain", and "Watershed" deserve mention as well.

The song "The Dark Man" by Puzzlebox, about the vaguely described and unexplained entity. The creepy music and unsettling lyrics combine to make a song that can be very unnerving to hear. Heather Dale While the lyrics of "Changeling Child" come across more as mournful than as creepy, the melody behind it is pretty haunting.

It's especially noticeable at the beginning, before the song has properly started. There's nothing but eerie woodwinds. The narrator warns the listener not to come to places where faeries might dance after nightfall and advises them to ward off any that come visiting with Cold Iron. In contrast to the common perception of them, this song clearly portrays the uneasiness with which people once regarded The Fair Folk.

However, "Now is the Time" stands out due to these two parts in particular The bullet in the blood, Came from those you love, The bullet in the blood ''Came from those you trust'. So this is how it feels to die". Yeah, it's just a shame that they eat their own babies. Sweating this blackness, I'm shitting this cold death. The smell of a dead woman's flesh drives me fucking wild.

I'll penetrate you, every virgin needs a rape. Who's there? No one there. On with the action now, I'll strip your pride I'll spread your blood around, I'll see you ride Your face is scarred with steel, wounds deep and neat Like a double dozen before you, smells so sweet. Thanks to our free revisions, there is no way for you to be unsatisfied. We will work on your paper until you are completely happy with the result.

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Proceed to order page. It might seem impossible to you that all custom-written essays, research papers, speeches, book reviews, and other custom task completed by our writers are both of high quality and cheap. Originally released in as a private pressing of fewer that copies, Touching Your Feelings by Jim Marks is a crucial missing piece of the proto-rap era lying firmly between Gil Scott Heron and Amiri Baraka, with whom he made a strong friendship.

Jym Marks' mix of deep, expressive poetry and solid jazz sits on the edge of works by The L…. Brendan Behan. These tapes became the source for his book Confessions of an Irish Rebel, posthumously published in following his tragic death the year before. Juan Belda. Reissue of the first Juan Belda album released in by Grabaciones Accientales. The record is a complex world of sounds blending rhythmic experimental electronics, industrial sounds, samplers, ambient-downtempo passages, loops, musique concrete… and everything from a punk-fluxus-existentialist approach.

Doubling RidersFrancesco Paladino. Starting from an electronic music approach and working freely with ethno, folk and wave elements, the sound of the Doubling Riders was extremely original and hard to classify.

Mostly quiet meditative stuff, with folk…. Limited gr. One of the rarest records from Italy, here in a faithful reproduction of the original LP artwork. Analogy was formed by four German musicians living in northern Italy, near Varese three of them had grown up there, Thurn-Mithoff arrived inalong with two Italians, keyboardist Nicola Pankoff originating from Arona and bassist Mauro Rattaggi. The initial name was The Joice, but it was changed by mistake by their record company to Yoice, and it w….

Their first eponymous LP consists of instrumental jazz-rock compositions, influenced by artists like Nucleus, Miles Davis, Soft Machine, Stockhausen and many other musical innovators of the time.

Limpe Fuchs. ZallaPiero Umiliani. Dialogo launches their brand new Piero Umiliani Legacy Series, with stunning reissues of "Africa" and "Continente Nero", two of the celebrated Italian composer's most important and creatively visionary works, which have been remastered from the original analogue master tapes.

Piero Umiliani. John BalanceCoil.

Lady - Wolfgang Sauer - Glaube Mir (Vinyl, LP, Album), Monument - Fossil Collective - Tell Where I Lie (CD), Needle In - The Vibrators - Pure Mania (Cassette, Album), Caribbean Disco Show - Various - The Very Best of Stars on Gold (Vinyl, LP), Bathe Yourself In The Sun, Shes Not For You - Willie Nelson - Shotgun Willie (Cassette, Album), Irgendwie Und Sowieso - Haindling - Spinn I + Höhlenmalerei (CD, Album), Song Of Love And Understanding - Luv - Forever Yours (CD, Album), Deliver Me, Uncompromising Position - George Lindsey - George "Goober" Lindsey Goes To Town (Vinyl), The Mountain Of Raven - Folk Forest - Sacred Fields Of The Folk Forest (CDr), Bee Gees - Odessa (CD, Album)

8 thoughts on “Confusion - Electric Light Orchestra - Discovery (Vinyl, LP, Album)

  1. Discovery is the eighth studio album by English rock band Electric Light Orchestra (ELO). It was released on in the United Kingdom by Jet Records, where it topped record charts, and on 8 June in the United States on Jet through Columbia Records distribution.

  2. The Electric Light Orchestra (ELO) are an English rock band formed in Birmingham in by songwriters-multi-instrumentalists Jeff Lynne and Roy Wood with drummer Bev music is characterised by a fusion of Beatlesque pop, classical arrangements and futuristic iconography. After Wood's departure in , Lynne became the band's sole leader, arranging and producing every album .

  3. Discovery is the eighth studio album by English rock band Electric Light Orchestra ELO. It was released on in the United Kingdom by Jet Records, where it topped record charts, and on 8 June in the United States on Jet through Columbia Records distribution.

  4. Geschiedenis ELO werd in in Birmingham opgericht door Roy Wood, Jeff Lynne en Bev Bevan en kwam voort uit The band gebruikte instrumenten als de cello en de viool om een klassieker geluid te krijgen.. Roy Wood verliet de groep kort na het verschijnen van het debuutalbum The Electric Light Orchestra dat qua geluid nog erg dicht bij dat van The .

  5. LP version. Housed in heavy gsm sleeve with holographic sticker. WRWTFWW Records announce the official reissue of Roland Bocquet's highly sought-after solo album, Paradia. Originally released in on the legendary Cobra label, Paradia is the first solo album by Roland Bocquet, keyboard player for cult French band Catharsis.

  6. The Myth of The Happily Ever After 12" Red Vinyl Album With CD $ View Details. Randy Travis Storms Of Life (35th Anniversary Deluxe Edition) CD $ View Details. Charli XCX how I’m feeling now (Yellow Vinyl) $ View Details. Maisie Peters You Signed Up For This Alternate Cover CD $ View Details.

  7. A very rare 8-track tape of the first Electric Light Orchestra album in quadraphonic sound was on sale on eBay for $ (about £). This one was available in limited quantities in the UK in (the album was also released on quadraphonic LP in Brazil).

  8. The album highlights NCT ’s unique musical sensibility and outstanding performances. In March , NCT became a million-seller with their 2nd album, NCT # Neo Zone, which reached #5 on the Billboard The album includes 1 photo book, 1 folded poster, sticker, photo card, postcard (sticker, photo card, postcard: random 1 out of 9).

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