Its near neighbors include two bears, a bobcat, a dragon, and a guy carrying around a couple of goats. I am writing an astronomy book, you know. I want you to be know these things.

I say we yank most of the constellations. Say, the top 25 or 30 constellations get to stay. The rest: Gone. Oh, come on. In the best of all worlds, both of these are fulfilled; you have no choice but to go to war, and you squash your opponent like a plump grape underneath a sledgehammer.

Also, if you have the first, but not the second, what you end up with is a long-standing crapfest that you will ultimately have to revisit, whether you wish to or not. Such as it was with the Gulf War. Yes, it was a war about oil. Thing is, Album) we can argue about the need to reduce our oil consumption I tend to think the greatest advance in technology in the last couple of decades is the coming age of fuel cell and alternate energy carsultimately we still do need oil, and certainly needed it in The Gulf War also offered the added attraction of the possibility of turning Saddam into a fine particulate mist with the aid of a well-placed smart missile.

The Gulf War took place while I was in college, and I remember being at candlelight vigils in the quads, not to pray that the US stopped the madness of the attack, but that we kicked the righteous hell out of the Iraqis and that it would all be over quickly. I had a brother in the Army, who was over there in the fight. The longer the fighting went on the better the chance something bad would happen to him.

Fortunately, it was over quickly, and we learned what happens when a large but poorly-trained, badly-equipped army goes head-to-head with a highly-trained, massively-equipped army: The poorly-trained army loses people by a ratio of more than to 1. We squashed the Iraqi army, all right. Saddam should have not been allowed to continue to rule. His personal detention to say the least and the dismantling of his political machine should have been part of any surrender.

Lacking the will to depose Saddam, we and by we I mean the US and the UN should have been willing to back up the weapons inspectors with the immediate and massive threat of force.

Simply put, any facility that the weapons inspectors were denied entry to should have been bombed into pebble-sized pieces within 15 minutes of the inspectors leaving the area. The fact that we just spent more than a decade letting a hostile regime jerk the world around is angrifying a new word. Use it. Love it.

Toward the first point, is this war absolutely necessary? I doubt it. I think it would be much more useful to swarm the country with weapons inspectors and high-altitude bombers that track their every destination. I see nothing wrong with reminding Iraq on the point of a missile of its obligation to let us look anywhere for anything.

So what. Many suggest that the purpose of the coming war will to be to assure that Iraq cannot ever threaten any of us, but this achieves the same goal at lesser cost and without exposing our military to undue chance of death. If indeed containing that threat were the goal of the upcoming war, this works just as well, and will have the additional value of being what was actually the correct response anyway, and only the better part of a decade late.

Dubya wants regime change, and I can sympathize. Saddam has been in power a decade longer than he should have been, and I can think of worse uses of the American military than clearing out bad governments around the world. On balance, the end results of fighting this war will be cross fingers the removal of Saddam and the dismantling of his political state and incidentally a clearing out of whatever weapons capability that may exist. Be that as it may, even those people who fully support a war against Iraq are rather painfully aware that the stated reasons that the Dubya administration wants to gear up for war are window dressing for a revenge fantasy.

It is possible to fight a just war for less than entirely just reasons. Anything less will be, in a word, unforgivable. Depending on future travel plans, I actually made a profit on the trip. Be that as it may, I have to play catch up on a number of things, including invoicing my clients for the month. In short. Maybe later. Anyway, here we go. And discourage them he does. Save the typing, save the trees, save the high tax on your own vanity. Keep it inside you, where it belongs.

There are many things this world has too much of, but books and storytellers are not two of them. Epstein is right about some things. Most of the people who think they want to write a book never will.

Of those who start, most will give up about 50 pages in, when they realize writing a book is actually work. Most of those who manage to finish writing a book will never see their book published, or will have to resort to Consider This - Dismissed (2) - Taking The Good With The Bad (CD presses, and most copies of the book will sit the boxes in which they were delivered.

Of those authors that do get published and get paid for itmost will have the dubious pleasure of watching the book disappear off bookstore shelves in a few short months, to migrate to the remainders bin or sent off to be pulped into paper towels. If you want immortality, negotiate with your higher power, not a book publisher. But to say that book-writing is difficult and publishing industry is competitive is not the same as saying that people should not write books.

Or that since most people will never be hired as a chef or open a restaurant, they should just stick to microwave meals. In each case, the skill is its own reward. They should write books because it shows a love of language and because writing is a skill worth having. Likewise, writing is a skill that improves with practice. Presumably Epstein would have encouraged her to smother Harry Potter in the literary womb. Good writers come from everywhere; good stories — and good books — are often where we least expect them.

Let me provide another example closer to home. He had a story he wanted to write, about boxers and guardian angels. But so what? The author wrote the story he wanted to tell. You know the story of The Flood, of course: One day God, annoyed with humanity, decides that what the Earth really needs is a good long soak.

Many Christians take this account as the gospel truth. At this time, the theory goes, glaciers left on the European continent from the last ice age melted, sending their runoff into the Mediterranean Sea. As the Mediterranean Sea swelled, it breached the land at the Bosporus Strait, near where Istanbul stands. This breach released a flood of water into a freshwater lake that sat where the Black Sea is today.

This freshwater lake was quickly inundated with salty Mediterranean water at the rate of six inches per day and grew to the present size of the Black Sea within a couple of years — bad news for the humans whose homes and villages were situated on the shores of the former freshwater lake, and certainly memorable enough to be the basis for many a flood legend. Ballard also found evidence of the Black Sea changing from fresh water to salt water: Sets of freshwater shells that dated back 7, years, followed by saltwater shells that dated back 6, years.

Somewhere between those times, it seemed, the Black Sea was born out of a freshwater lake. Aside from the obvious housing problems that this rising tide of saltwater presented anyone living on the edge of the freshwater lake, it would also have the rather unfortunate side effect of killing anything that lived in the freshwater lake itself — most creatures that live in freshwater environments will die off in saltwater environments and vice-versa.

Any saltwater creatures that came along for the ride eventually suffocated. All those dead animals probably made the Black Sea a stinky place to be for a while. The silver lining here, however, is that oxygen-free water makes for a fabulous medium to preserve shipwrecks. So, case closed, right? Not so fast: In May of a group of scientists published an article in GSA Today, the magazine of the Geographical Society of America, refuting the idea of a sudden flood of Mediterranean seawater flooding into the Black Sea area.

At least it is now. Ready to get your mind blown? Chicago Cub fans are a long-suffering lot: Their beloved Cubbies have been choking for almost a century now, failing every year since to win the World Series. But what if we told you Cubs and Sox fans that your misery is unfounded — and that in fact your teams have won the World Series?

Not just since ororbut every single year since. Each of these teams. The World Series. And you know what? Not in this world. But in other worlds, and in other universes, each of which has been created from our universe.

Think about an electron. Now, most people think of an electron as a little ball that whirls around the nucleus of an atom, very quickly.

The electron could be in point A, or it could be at point Z, or in any and every point in-between. But the event also Album) entirely new alternate universes, into which the electron collapses to a different point — so the universes that are created are exactly the same, except for the position of that one single electron.

How many universes are created? One for every single possibility. Depending on the quantum event, that can be quite a few universes, just from a single electron collapsing. Again, this idea is truly wild. But the thing is, the physics on this theory checks out. It really is possible that the universe works this way. Any universes that are created from the quantum splittings are impossible for us to visit or observe. Well, they just keep existing — away from us, in their own space. In alternate universes, anything can — and as far as we know, anything does — happen.

And then came back in which they did in our universe, incidentallyand won the Series again which they did not. And again inand inand so on and so on. In other universes, your team is the one that wins every single year, or if you choose not to be greedy about itany year you wish for it to win.

You did — in another universe. Wanted to be an astronaut? You are — in another universe. Wanted to race a monkey-navigated rocket car across the Bonneville Salt Flats? You did it, baby. Just not here. Looking for a little something to make you stand out from the infectious crowd? One of these maladies may just do the trick. We know how it is. You want to be different from the other guy. Everyone else is walking around with a cold or a flu — your standard issue rhinovirus or influenza bug — but you want something different.

Well, then, come one down. So if you find yourself turning orange, lay off the rabbit food for a couple of days. How do you feel about blue? This turns arterial blood sort of brownish, and in folks of a Caucasian stripe, this will give your skin a distinct — and distinctive!

Want blue skin but would rather not have father-uncles and sister-cousins? There is also acquired metheoglobinemia, which you can get by exposure to certain toxic chemicals. However, the side Album) of this variant are headache, fatigue, tachycardia, weakness and dizziness at low levels of exposure, followed by dyspnea, acidosis, arrhythmias, coma, and convulsions at higher levels, which is then followed by death.

Speaking of feeling blue. Kuru: Enough with this skin color nonsense, you say. Give me a truly distinctive disease! Fine, if you really want to make an impression, try on kuru for size. Tremors become progressively worse, confining the patient to bed. One minor detail, which would be how you catch Kuru in the first place You have to eat brains.

Specifically, human brains. Even more specifically, human brains already infected with kuru. This is how the Fore got it — as part of their funeral rituals, they ate the brains of their dead. Not quite up for a Hannibal Lector moment? Well, fine. Necrotizing Fasciitis: Or as you know it, flesh-eating bacteria! What will make you truly paranoid is that early symptoms of necrotizing fasciitis are remarkably similar to flu symptoms, including vomiting, diarrhea, dehydration, weakness, muscle pain, and fever.

And rethink your desire to have a truly unique disease. After considering necrotizing fasciitis, a nice run-of -the-mill cold is beginning to look mighty attractive. All right! I am but a mere contributor. And there are 33 others spread around the book. I want you to guess. The person who gets the most correct will win a John Scalzi Multimedia Gift Pack, which includes an autographed copy of The Rough Guide to the Universe which is solely written by yours trulyan autographed copy of The Rough Guide to Money Online a classic of the online money management genre!

The winner will get it sent whenever it is I get my author copies of Rough Guide to the Universe. The rules: First, you have to send your list of guesses to me by December 31, I have no complaints. The first one is below. So enjoy, and good luck with the contest. And you think to yourself Finally. That whole flowers-and-chocolate-and-pretending-to-be- interested-in-the-conversation thing was killing me. And off you go, to buy your pheromone cologne and let the chemicals do the talking for you.

First off: Yes, pheromones really do exist, and they are chemicals that living things give off, not unlike a scent, in order to communicate with other members of their species. These pheromone communications are all over the board: Ants and termites, for example, will use pheromones to lay down a trail that other ants and termites can follow. However, many species use pheromones specifically to attract sexual partners.

You know what we mean. Male wild boars have a pheromone that will actually cause a female of the breed to lock her hind legs into a sexually receptive position: No flowers-and-chocolate routine needed there. Even non-animals get into the act: Fungi, slime molds and algae all use pheromones to makes themselves super-sexy to other fungi, slime molds and algae.

There were several reasons for this, not the least of which was that the organ used by many animals to receive pheromone signals — a thing called the vomeronasal organ — is all but non-existent in humans.

What changed that was a study performed at the University of Chicago by researchers Martha K. McClintock and Kathleen Stern. While an undergraduate at the U of C in the early 70s, McClintock noted that the menstrual cycles of the women in her dormitory eventually synced up it is, by the way, very typical U of C undergraduate behavior to notice this sort of thingand suspected pheromones might have something to do with it.

To check this, she collected sweat samples from nine women by having them wear gauze in their armpitsand noted where in their menstrual cycle those women were. Then she took those sweat samples and daubed them under the noses of 20 other women. Yes, yes, total icks-ville. Science is not for the squeamish. What she found was that the women who sniffed the sweat had their menstrual cycles noticeably lengthened or shortened, depending on what sweat they were sniffing.

Sweat from women early in their cycle caused the sniffers to shorten their own cycles, while sweat from women later in their cycle had an opposite effect. There you had it: The first strong indication that humans can and do pay attention to pheromones. But those are details to be worked out. What they had in common: a greater emphasis on melody, dynamics, and, yes, lyrics about feelings.

What could better appeal to teenagers than a genre accused of being overly serious and painfully self-aware at the same time? Anyone or anything can be emo, and yet almost nobody claims making it. On the one hand, the genre has long been denied serious critical assessment, often dismissed as music for teens but never subject to the generous leeway or empathy given to pop music specifically designed for adolescents.

As we set out to define the parameters for this list, one guiding principle we agreed upon was to go back to the original definition whenever in doubt. The first wave starts in Washington, D. Tim Kinsella started Joan of Arc, a free-form collective that produced a mind-boggling catalogue of abstract art-rock, cultivating a diehard fan base and resonating through the scene for decades.

Texas is the Reason and Mineral became the targets of seven-figure bidding wars between Jimmy Iovine and Clive Davis, and both collapsed under intraband conflict before ever making a major-label record. People were shell-shocked at the glossier production: I honestly saw a man with a Jawbreaker tattoo weeping at the record store where I worked. But toward the end of the decade, Nothing Feels Good provided a glimpse of how emo could thrive on its own terms.

Vagrant Records would take things in an even more pop direction with Dashboard Confessional, Saves the Day, and the Get Up Kids, all bands that made the conflation between emo and the more commercially established pop-punk all the more complete.

Fall Out Boy, Panic! But the general consensus is that this wave probably did more harm than good toward every wave that came before and after. In the public eye, emo would become indistinguishable from metalcore, pop-punk, crabcore, crunkcore, and whatever the hell this is. Emo never had much luck being taken seriously, even during its ostensible golden era, and much like hair metal, the often puerile lyrical content and almost total lack of prominent female voices lent emo an assumption of implicit or even outright misogyny.

With each passing year, more revelations arise about just how much that criticism was warranted, and this is where we have to address the most difficult decision made during the voting process — how to deal with Brand New. Initially, they were considered a viable candidate because telling the story of emo without Brand New would be like making a s list without Thriller.

Especially after witnessing Leaving Neverland and Surviving R. Panic at the Disco dropped the exclamation point and released the mildly received Beatles cosplay Pretty. Paramore began to splinter with the release of Brand New Eyes. Fostered by Twitter, Tumblr, and Mediafire-trading message boards, as well as a slew of crucial labels, scrappy acts like Algernon Cadwallader and Snowing became minor legends and broke up in the span of a few yearswhile Tigers Jaw, Joyce Manor, Title Fight, and many others began to develop impressively large and devout fan bases with almost no mainstream media coverage whatsoever.

Cultishly beloved bands like Braid, the Anniversary, Hey Mercedes, and Mineral reunited for successful runs, while Jawbreaker and American Football were selling out 3,capacity rooms 20 years after playing to crowds in the dozens.

Most of all, emo had begun developing a social conscience, reactionary to both the stereotype of emo as a vessel for suburban dudes to whine about breakups and the view that it is an apolitical, entirely insular genre. Those unflattering aspects are still present as they are in nearly all forms of pop musicand plenty of bands that have presented themselves as allies have been canceled after credible accusations of malfeasance. Likewise, most bands, listeners, and labels are conscientiously trying to expand beyond the scope of the straight white men who populate the majority of this list, so that the days of tours featuring four or five all-male bands becomes a thing of the past.

Many of the most promising and prominent acts of the current day — Camp Cope, Mitski, Jay Som, Phoebe Bridgers, Snail Mail, you name it — may not fit our definition but are no more than one degree of separation from the bands that are on this list. But for now, we present a brief history of emo shaped by our favorite songs. Over the past two decades, Asia has been steadily curating its own emo renaissance. For a genre whose origin story is constantly under debate and Consider This - Dismissed (2) - Taking The Good With The Bad (CD artists are treated like local celebrities, Forests are just trying to remind everyone that emo exists beyond Western borders.

Emo thrives on its ability to shape-shift — not just over the course of a few decades but within the same year, as various subgenres let their gatekeeping guard down. Once his philosophical ramblings about existentialism reach their numbed peak, the guitars overlap and constrict, squeezing every last drop of dread out of him and, in turn, the listener. Before Panic! This kind of intensity tends to have a short half-life; Dads only made two albums of this kind of twisted-up-inside-itself emo before splitting up.

Evergreen picked up where the Hated left off, putting feelers out for where emocore could go next. With coarse voices and violent drums, Crash of Rhinos sound like they were just woken up from a deep sleep while simultaneously sounding like they never fell asleep to begin with.

In the punk-rock void of Happy ValleyEthel Meserve found a novel way to synthesize emo, math rock, and post-hardcore. Whereas others flaunted tricky change-ups and unexpected tempos, the group of friends spent their lone album and few 7-inchers one-upping melodies with technical intricacies. Los Campesinos! Over the course of a decade, Los Campesinos! To paraphrase one of their would-be MySpace peers from the mids, the only difference between indie rock and emo is press coverage.

Pop-punk crested in popularity just as emo was exploding in the early aughts, and the Used found themselves in the exact midpoint between those two sounds.

Famously, the Utah foursome had never left their home state until John Feldmann heard the band and got them signed to Reprise. And by the time The Used was released inthey were able to fully capitalize on the moment both the aforementioned scenes were having. If you like your emo with throat-shredding screams and overpowering bass, Shotmaker is the band for you. The most aggressive trio to ever come out of Canada would have been and, regardless, often was dubbed a hardcore band because of their intensity, but their flair for the overdramatic rightly earned them an emo tag.

I Was a Lonely Estate. Whereas most of E! As guitars swirl around and interfere with the recursive slip of the groove, the band sound boundless with possibility, perched on the edge of infinite space. The best visual description is the Coheed and Cambria logo.

The oceanic indie rock of Mare Vitalis? What about their forays into boundless ambient or concise alt-rock? But, as many bands on this list will attest, longevity is no substitute for influence.

And even though they disbanded only a year after releasing Departuresyou can hear Boys Life all over this list, even in the space between hooks on a Taking Back Sunday song; their influence radiates out invisibly like signals between radio towers.

Featuring three-fourths of Rites of Spring and a member of Embrace, One Last Wish was effectively the first emo supergroup, though no one outside Washington, D. It makes sense, given that every member of the band now plays in a metal or hardcore band Bongripper, Stay Asleep, Sea of Shit, and Rectal Hygienicsbut when Castevet released Summer Fencesthe Chicago act was interested in a different kind of heaviness.

Give self-loathing the stage and it will wreck everything in sight. All the while, he remains self-impressed by the ways he puts himself down. Heroin released 19 whole songs between the years andbut their discography hits the nail on the head so definitively it could stand alone as the beginning and end of screamo. Encapsulating the genre at the time in less than an hour, their songs shift from mood to mood faster than temperamental weather, throwing out chunky grunge riffs one second and fitful drumming the next.

So many songs on this list feature vast, slow builds that you could almost accuse emo of being a genre of crescendos. The seventh track on the album, "Say It", samples the s song " Flex " by Mad Cobra ; it consists of silky and warm groove and features island-oriented music characteristics.

Released as the lead single from Good Girl Gone Bad"Umbrella" was sent to contemporary hit[34] rhythmic [35] and urban radio in the US on April 24, In the United Kingdom, the song topped the singles chart for ten consecutive weeks, [38] while in the United States, it was at the top for seven consecutive weeks.

The second single from the album, "Shut Up and Drive", was serviced to contemporary hit radio in the US on May 13 [43] and rhythmic radio the following week. Comes Around ".

Timberlake also appears in the video. It was released in the Netherlands [59] and in Poland [60] the following day. Good Girl Gone Bad: The Remixes was released on January 27,and contains club remixes of tracks from the original album and the re-issue. A reviewer of Rap-Up wrote, "she looked hot and the production was on point" during the performance. For the performance, she was joined by American funk band, The Time. To further promote the album, Rihanna embarked on her first worldwide and second overall tour, the Good Girl Gone Bad Tour — Mike Usinger of The Georgia Straight gave the show a mixed review; he wrote that even though Rihanna's vocals were improved, he felt she still struggled to keep the audience engaged.

Good Girl Gone Bad received generally favorable reviews from music critics. At Metacriticwhich assigns a normalized rating out of to reviews from mainstream critics, the album received an average score of 72 based on 17 reviews. Blige's ' Real Love '. In a mixed review, Rodney Dugue of The Village Voice felt that the album "never settles on a sound" and only cited its three Timbaland-produced songs as highlights.

It became Rihanna's then-best start album entry. As ofit is her best-selling album in the country. Before its physical release, "Umbrella" achieved the biggest debut in the six-year history of the iTunes Store in the United States, breaking a record previously held by Shakira 's single " Hips Don't Lie ".

Following its digital release, the song debuted atop the Hot Digital Songs chart, with first-week sales of more thanunits. The single became the highest digital debut in the United States since Nielsen SoundScan began tracking downloads insurpassing Timberlake's " SexyBack "sales record in According to Biography. Regarding the commercial impact of the album, Entertainment Weekly' s Margeaux Watson wrote, "For a pop star who was once dismissed as being incapable of yielding more than one hit song per album, Rihanna's newfound staying power is nothing short of remarkable—and proof that there's room for more than one diva in this game.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article is about the album by Rihanna. For other uses, see Good Girl Gone Bad disambiguation. Producer Christopher "Tricky" Stewart co-wrote and co-produced the lead single from the album, " Umbrella ".

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Perry & The Harmonics - Do The Monkey With James (Vinyl), Eine Muh, Eine Mäh - Fischer-Chöre* - Die Schönsten Weihnachtslieder (Vinyl, LP), Con Moto Moderato - Mendelssohn* - Hallé Orchestra / Orchestre National De LOpéra De Paris - Sinfoni, Burndt Jamb - Weezer - Maladroit (CDr, Album), Suburban Dream - Martha And The Muffins - Trance And Dance (Cassette), More Love - Ed Robinson - More Love (Vinyl), Oh My Soul - Garland Jeffreys - Ghost Writer / One-Eyed Jack / American Boy & Girl (CD), Love Will Find A Way - George Howard - Dancing In The Sun (Vinyl, LP, Album), Concertante For 2 Violins,Viola, Cello And Contrabass, Marmor, Stein Und Eisen Bricht (Pobot & Gray Mix) - Rave Club (3) - Marmor, Stein Und Eisen Bric, Since I Found You - Maxine Brown - Golden Classics (Vinyl, LP), There Goes The Rest Of My Life - Hussalonia - Beautiful Dry Cleaning By (CDr, Album)

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  1. Good Girl Gone Bad is the third studio album by Barbadian singer was released on May 31, , by Def Jam Recordings and SRP Records. Rihanna worked with various producers on the album, including Christopher "Tricky" Stewart, Terius "Dream" Nash, Neo da Matrix, Timbaland, Carl Sturken, Evan Rogers and propertychoice.bized by Brandy Norwood's fourth studio album Afrodisiac (), Good.

  2. Backstreets will be talking to Marc Ribler and taking an in-depth look at the new album soon. Signed CD and vinyl copies of The Whole World Awaits You are available now from - July 16, - Mike Saunders reporting - read Mike's recent Disciples .

  3. Sep 24,  · Over 2 million text articles (no photos) from The Philadelphia Inquirer and Philadelphia Daily News; Text archives dates range from to today for The Philadelphia Inquirer and to today for the Philadelphia Daily News.

  4. Tonight is the 16th studio album by English singer-songwriter David Bowie, released on 24 September by EMI America follow-up to his most commercially successful album Let's Dance (), it was written and recorded in mid at Le Studio in Morin-Heights, Canada, following the conclusion of the Serious Moonlight music on Tonight has been characterised as pop, blue.

  5. Feb 13,  · The studio version serves as a six-minute deep dive into the dual infinity pools of Low Level Owl, Vol. 1 and 2, a double LP that took the genre to .

  6. Sep 04,  · Big Bang Belief. Posted on November 26, Posted by John Scalzi 2 Comments Astronomy magazine, to which I subscribe, asks on this month’s cover: Do you believe in the BIG BANG? 5 reasons you should. I was initially a little confused by the cover, in that with the exception of a couple of unregenerate Hoyle-loving solid-statists out there, probably the entire of the magazine’s ,

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