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I know some artists are indeed a joke, but for the sake of respect to those that love such artists as well as the artists themselves, I would not rush to describe them and their low standard toils as Mediocre. Likewise, I think there is supposed to be a measure of some respect towards some efforts in arts for us to be able to satisfactorily enjoy what we like.

We are able to appreciate how well or bad the artists we love are because we are able to compare them with what we despise. Mafunyeta used a heavy and complete dancehall sound-set which he affixed with lyrics in the manner that has made names like Yellow Man, Tappa Zukie, Ripton Hilton Eeek-a-Mouse or Snoopy Doggy, Busta Rhymes etc reach as far this end as Malawi. I have now learnt that Mafunyeta was part of the brains behind the creation of the Mabilinganya — chiChewa word for eggplants — which has artists playing under the banner showing extreme talent.

Their videos are also artistically done that they defy belief. This talent is not only in the way the music is produced, but even in its lyrical content. He used to call himself Maluli in all his tracks; I wished I had asked him what he meant. Nevertheless, Rest in Peace Maluli…. The Black Missionaries is the popular reggae group in the country which visited Sanjika Palace in Blantyre for this purpose before starting off for the shows that will allow them perched somewhere in Dublin between 17 and 23 August and take a view of Malawi from borrowed Eurocentric spectacles.

President Joyce Banda says The Black Missionaries Band has inspired many youths in the country and abroad and she is particularly encouraged with the message they send out as they promote Malawi culture.

Evison Matafale was monitored on the national radio, the Malawi broadcasting Corporation. He had reportedly died at the Lilongwe Central Hospital while in Police Album). Matafale died as a result of police beatings. Prior to his reported arrest, it was rumoured that Mr. Matafale authored a document that was believed to have irked certain sections of the society particularly in Government. But I will not omit mention of the fact that President Joyce Banda was part of the Muluzi regime that is credited for this unresolved saga.

Now that, sitting where Muluzi was sitting then, she decided to extend a generous gesture towards the band, I took it with a pinch of salt as to me it spank some ulterior motives. Does it mean all the bands that do not have money for outside tours, recording fees, and etcetera will just have to talk to one or two guys who can help them break the fences to Presidential places for them to be shot in the arm?

To me, what the President did was merely giving out some fish to the hungry. Instead she should have given them the hook, line and sinker and taught them how they do it. What is worrying me even more is the fact that when you look at the initial mission of why Evison Matafale established the band, you will agree with me that it is supposed to be the voice of the voiceless against the oppressive behaviour of the leadership in the likes of President Joyce Banda, who when once on the mantle of power, are untouchable when seated on the ivory tower until they descend to face realty.

Debate on whether the remnants of the band after, the fall of Matafale and Musamude, have lived the mission is of another day. I guess they have now been gagged. In those days, when teaching practice was exciting to both the learners and trainee teachers, a UTM bus used to bring a team of trainees to Namaka Primary School others call it Kachingwe in Chiradzulu along the Blantyre -Zomba road.

In my formative years, I had my breath taken away when the music trainee teacher really beat our teachers to a pulp when he taught us music. Dont Cry - Lucky Dube - Prisoner (Cassette was one of the most exciting learning periods in my life that I still cherish as it remains so pronounced in the annals of my short history.

When the teachers are at such outposts, they are visited by tutors and luck fell on our laps when there appeared at Namaka, Mjura Mkandawire who had come to inspect how the learning teachers were carrying out their duty.

This is the time that I was introduced to Mjura Mkandawire who had that grandfather striking image, more so, having listened to a number of musical pieces that he had done for the play, with fascination that used to come with the play, seeing him brought even more enthralment.

At Gordon Memorial Hospital in Livingstonia, Thursday, 25 Julybecomes the red lettered day to the musical fraternity on the loss of a man who did it all for the local music industry. The soils of Chihoro village, Livingstonia on Tuesday 30 Julyswallowed yet another talent it will be overwhelmed with. His children including Watipaso and Gomezgeka, the known musician that took after his father appreciate that God blessed their father with a long life and an unusual talent. Upon retirement at the teachers college he joined Phwezi where he was teaching music and Bible Knowledge as he was getting closer to home in readiness of his retirement.

Even after retiring, and going Album) his Chihoro Village on the escarpments of Livingstonia, he continued to compose and write music.

Mjura was hired a number of times to write music for several institutions or groups including SADC. As at accomplished music teacher, his failing eyes broke his heart as it meant he could not compose nor read music anymore and even after a couple of operations, his sight was never the same. His son Wati says in his final days, he took great pride and enthusiasm and discussed at great length or gave lectures to any visitor who dared open his mouth and asked about music.

He talked endlessly about music and his experiences during his work life in London at the BBC, Northern Ireland where he studied music and MBC where he worked most of his life. Looking at condolence messages that flew all over the internet space last week, it is clear the loss is huge. This is not the sage that only taught music at MBC, the teachers college and Phwezi he also taught music at the choral workshop, Chancellor College.

As we celebrate the musical life of Mjura, the angels in heaven are all looking at the Malawian sage who is playing the harp to their amazement. May His Soul Rest in Peace. Have you ever imagined why people keep on killing musicians before their actual death? You are wondering but I am saying the same things into which you have ever participated. I remember people used to pop questions like, is it true that Lucky Dube is dead. Sometimes you are in a bus, you will hear someone telling a story to a group of fellow passengers on how one famous musician passed away, and yet, you who have the opportune access to information know better that this mortar is belching out a blue lie.

Album) always like referring to the past either to opine better on any issue under discussion or because we just cannot do without history. Michael Mukhitho Phiri or commonly known as Michael Yekha disputed on our one and only radio at that time that he was alive and kicking; the same was the case with Alan Namoko. However, when Daniel Kachamba was interviewed on the same, he did not only dispute…come on! Can one dispute that he is not dead? Well Daniel Kachamba did and he labelled all those peddling this bush telegraph as liars.

Akuti Kachamba wafa eeeh! Why is it that now we do not kill lots of them as it were… I posed this question to two best friends whose interest in music is more profound than mine going by a litany of historical issues they can stitch together once you enquire anything musical from them.

The first thing the first friend talked about was that slow communication used to drive many into rumour mongering. People would gather to guzzle some beer and one would just start from the blues telling stories that … ouch!

Whom can I mention? Well, like Prof. Zungwala is dead, and everyone will believe it for lack of reference source. Perhaps the verification aspect is irrelevant but the question should be why we kill them before their time.

While other factors could come because of a big ego by those spreading the rumours, whereby they want to get attention from whoever is listening to them, others do so just to post a sense of loss in others.

Some musicians have done so much, they have composed songs that will never be matched, through their music, people love them so much, and therefore there is a general fear hovering over their longevity. While other artists in America have ever feigned death to gauge their popularity others have done so to make huge sales. Do you remember how music CDs by Evison Matafale used to be scarce soon after his death, when everyone else wanted to buy his music?

I should not even go very far in history, recently when Pop King Michael Jackson died even here in Malawi people wanted to buy his DVDs or music CDs in large quantities, with little success. Well, I still get back to the question why should anyone start the bush telegraph that one particular musician is no more.

The main reason is to create a sense of loss amongst followers. Where people are left with a Dont Cry - Lucky Dube - Prisoner (Cassette that they will never again listen to new compositions of their loved musicians, is the same conclusion I am coming to.

At the peak of Dr. In no time, Nsanje to Chitipa was aware that Kachamba is dead. Unfortunately, at the time this was announced he was conducting a European tour and mind you, internet was a myth at this time, so it only awaited the return of Kachamba himself to dispute his death. But you know what happens, once people have heard that Prof. Zungwala is dead, even those who never attended the funeral will believe that the Prof.

So Kachamba was embarrassed that some people even thought he was his apparition, so he composed a song merely to dispute his death, because mere rebuttal on radio alone was not enough. Have I answered why people will kill musicians before their time? Feedback: drummingpen columinist. Anthony Makondetsa is a cousin to the Fumulani as well as the Chokani members of the Black Missionaries, commonly known as Mablacks.

My fear is that I might be wrong if I dismiss such assertions as a mere cheap effort to compare apples to mangoes, but before I do I would like to follow this line of thinking so that I am able to understand what makes the mind even think of dismissing one over the other. Listening to these tracks, I think both artists have scored percent in their outpour on the loss of their Grandfather and have to be recommended on their own right.

There may be a local group even if a web site or contact information are not shown, since we did not send you that email, dehzwishlistls3f2zi94z19z6ztypewishlistfilterunpurchasedsortprice-descviewtypelistvar scproject var scinvisible0 var scsecuritya03fc var scjshost https document.

There may be a local group even if a web site or contact information are not shown, we have provided this list to facilitate information about local groups and meetings. Listing of these web sites and contact information does not constitute or indicate review, which explains why you are safely here. Listing of these web sites and contact information does not constitute or indicate review.

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