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Thank you so much! Uzo Ebere. Jozef Viglasky. Deborah Kaczmarek. You should ad how to pronounce the word Like phonetically so I know I'm saying it right. Ketsunopolice 6. Clare St Paul. Greg Keynes. Can anybody tell me why "encountered" and "trough" which are both words I use My computer does not recognise?? Frank Pugh Sr. Eliza Wyatt. Peter Buttacavoli. Ali Homaid. Dick Baranowski wrote to me about the group:. To the best of the ability of my memory, these are just some anecdotes of the life of our band.

At that time we actually had two guitarists rather then one guitar and a bass. Ed was a polished organist who played an organ that needed a U-haul trailer to carry around to every gig and Butch was a drummer that had taken lesson for quite some time prior to us getting together.

In fact, I actually got the bug to play from Stan. We played all instrumentals at that time since none of us were really singers. So Butch knew a couple of guys who could fit right in and could even sing, so it seemed to be a great match. Along came Bill and Drew. So the five of us started practicing and playing locally whenever and wherever we could.

Again Uncle Sam intervened and Stan who was also older then the rest of us went into the service. I believe it was at that time that we changed to the Enchanters IV obviously since we now only had four musicians. We still had three guitarists and a drummer, so at that point we decided that we needed to have one of us switch to bass for a more realistic sound. Drew also had talent at the keyboard, so we added that option on some songs to start with and then as time went by I believed he ended up playing more on the organ then the guitar.

Bill also had an Echo PA system which had an internal tape to create reverb and echo. We got hooked up with several agencies that booked us almost every weekend, and some weekends even more then one gig a day.

I think the big outdoor personal parties in the north suburbs of Chicago and the parties in the big hotels downtown Chicago we loved the best. We would normally be booked along with a big band and would rotate playing time with them.

It was great pay and limited playing time. We had some favorite places to play, probably the local venues around Lemont because we knew a lot of the crowd, but it was always great to meet new people and win them over with your music. One of my favorite places was Western Illinois University. I guess as soon as they started playing our record it became the most requested song at the station. So he easily got the commissary to put one of the records on the campus juke box and again it became the record played over and over again.

We went there for several weekends and played every night to packed crowds. We also played some military gigs, I believe the Naval station in northern Illinois and a couple of military balls in Chicago hotel ballrooms.

I think our biggest asset was our ability to get people to dance. We had a lot of different outfits and always matched when we played. We had Neru collarless for those of you under 55 jackets, double breasted pin striped suites, Tom Jones outfits puffy sleeve white shirts and white jeans and a series of embroidered tuxedo jackets.

We played a lot of the downtown hotels in Chicago and pretty much always had a tux on for them. I think that said a lot about the band in that we were committed to each other and our music. Unfortunately, Bill and Butch are no longer with us, but I will always remember the great times we had. I think that if we would have been in control of it, it would have come out a lot better.

Bill was very talented in putting things together. In the second session we actually recorded about 6 songs if I remember right and they were put on a one sided demo LP only one copy that I know of. I wish I knew what happened to it or maybe the tape is still alive? It was some kind of demo disk because it was only good for so many plays.

Every night we would play what we called our Soul Medley. It was an arrangement which Bill put together that ran six or eight soul songs together seamlessly, taking the tempo up and down without missing a beat.

It was probably the best part of every night. At one point it got transferred to an 8 track yes an 8 track and then from the 8 track to a cassette.

The quality is pretty poor since I was trying to play and do the engineering at the same time, but it still brings back some memories. Special thanks to Dick Baranowski for the photos, clippings and additional info about the band.

The Medallions cut this one 45 on the excellently-named Warped Records, then split up, as far as I know. It was written by Ralph Mullin. Virian J. Wadford produced the It turns out this group was from Oak Park, Illinois, not Wisconsin as I originally thought, though there was another Medallions from Wisconsin.

Members were:. My brother Tom Lloyd was the drummer in the group. They did only make that one record that you mentioned. It was unfortunately, the draft that broke up the band.

Tommy and Len were drafted into the army on the same day. When they returned from the service the guys had gone their separate ways. Byron had moved to Florida for a while, Len got married and Ralph and Bill just lost touch.

Sadly, Tommy, Byron and Lenny are all deceased. They sure made some great music in their day, and kept a lot of Oak Park kids dancing! The band was a real group whose name was actually the Faded Blue, a much cooler moniker if you ask me. The Big Blast blowing off their big career opportunity! Glenn Tracey sent in these cool promo sheets and transfers of a 45 by the Chy Guys. The letter lists the members: Jerry Conley, 15, leader and singer; Stan Allen, 13, lead guitarist; Chuck Burgess, 13, rhythm guitarist; and Bob Lindgren, 12, drummer.

Manning, Jr. The promo schedules the release of their 45 on September 30,on Mobie They apparently played shows in Illinois, Ohio and even as far as Huntington, West Virginia at that young age. Centralia, Illinois, about 70 miles east of St. One can hear what many of said that left handed Freddie had that Robertson sound of The Hawks.

There are others here that are better equipped to explain why the Japanese pressings were so much better than all other Beatle releases around the world.

Something to do with fewer records being cut from the Mothers? About 5 years ago I had a friend of mine who was Mr. Ebay sell them for me. I think I should have kept them all. Did keep the Beatles Story. Still on The Beatles, but more recent from a different store. He had also worked for EMI and had every Shadows record which had been played but had realized The Beatles were collectible and had kept one of every UK release. But he hated The Beatles and they were all unplayed.

So he reckoned they were worth much more. Another guy there argued, but as he said, "Find one. An example. They sold them at a lot less than the Rare Record Guide price, even though the condition of many was near mint. I could never go back and do it for everything I have, but because I spend so much time in shops, I do know when a record is a bargain. Or train one of my grandkids to open an eBay store. A few CDs are valuable. Of course I threw that away. Then again, I have a feeling that e.

When one has an Enormous record collection, you really have to look ahead. Peter is not the only one that has been collecting for decades.

There are so many positive aspects of collecting; when you have so much love for music. So, I don't want to get melancholy here; but recently this has happened to a couple of friends of mine; who have been widowed being married to a record collector. The question is, What now? In my case I have a wife son and daughter who are not really interested in my collection. D loves the fact that it makes me happy. What do you do if your not interested.

In my friends case she was able to bring in a guy who deals with large collections and he was able to bring in a couple of potential buyers; who were interested in the whole collection and they each bid on the collection. That's what you need. What a relief it was for our friend. I'm not trying to be morose here; but once you reach a certain age it's something to think about.

After decades of collecting I really don't want to leave my wife with this job. Do I start getting rid of stuff now; or wait and bring in our mutual friend who deals with such matters. Your talking thousands of pounds of beautiful memories. Ah, my record collection has taken control and is now impossible to manage. I have five different sets of LP shelving in different parts of the house. I did manage at one time to establish areas for blues, folk and soul. CDs are more organized.

Just three very large sections. The other is the rest. I first bought a CD player when they were launched in The huge 45 collection started 20 years ago. I took them out and to my fury realized someone had been through the boxes we had had a lot of building work indoors and stolen some. At university I did a little DJ-ing and have a very good set of 60s soul. So I started going to Record Fairs and Record shops. Then I decided to do a book on collecting 45s and labels.

Once I picked about five 45s out of a large apple box in a street market at 20p each. Lots of EPs. In the UK, most company sleeves had a white box and stores wrote the record's catalogue number in there as their filing system, so you can tell if it's the right sleeve for that record. This lot was an invaluable resource. Nowadays, you will almost never find a good LP or 45 in a charity shop. Dunc- theatre programmes.

Two large boxes and three drawers. Black Jack David is another one that came across the water a couple hundred years ago that always works for me, many versions out there of that one too. Subject: Cats Under the Stars brown eyed girl:Thank you for the feedback on Johnny Clegg and no stress re phone call lol. Best you visit again before there is a civil war mmm,things pretty hostile in this here country Thank you,never heard it before.

Have always found Jerry Garcia's vocals very moving,soothing and emotive. This truly blew me away One would never want to miss such a performance. The one I first refer to, on playing it again at the beginning shows it was done in It does make me cry.

What a wonderful song and band. Youtube is such a wonderful media for old guys like us. You can relive a great deal of your youth and then be able to share it across the globe like this is a very warm feeling. Such a song brings a great deal more meaning for us now.

Cheers my friends. Subject: The shed And on the shelves above the boxes, I see rows and rows of music books and magazines. And boxes and boxes of tickets of every concert Peter has been to. Norm, you must have cameras. Still, boxes and boxes of LPs to keep me warm. Subject: When will it end??? The way I see it, Peter is gonna have to get a bigger house soon to contain his collection Ideal for either him or The 90s Band.

I've linked the Ray Charles version. What do you think? Levon would have been done this brilliantly. Subject: Thanks, Norm I never knew about these recordings. Dean Ford was a great singer. Marmalade practised, played and played, but when they broke up, Dean should have gone on to have an outstanding solo career. Great singer. Thanks, Norm. Tickets are distributed on a first-come, first-served basis two hours before each screening.

Peter, the place to look Sweat & Tears (Cassette in Garcia's solo output. Much more consistent in quality than the Dead and generally more focused on songs rather than improv, especially on the studio albums.

Cats Under the Stars is a great place to start. Even from the back row of the Tower Theater Phila. Garcia's live bands, even to the uneven later years almost always had a set of competent backup singers in tow, making the solo stuff a separate piece from the Dead's efforts. For the most part, tasty licorice, indeed. Not sure exactly when it was done. Not long before his passing I'm supposing. Still wonderful, maybe more than ever.

On my side bar I then found a vid of him covering Roy O's "In Dreams" really amazing the beautiful job he did of that song. He was a great singer. Meanwhile, in Toronto The region's many large resorts gave countless young stand-up comedians an opportunity to hone their craft.

In addition, the Catskills have long been a haven for artists, musicians, and writers, especially in and around the towns of Phoenicia and Woodstock. The event, wherein 32 music acts performed in front of overconcert-goers, was captured in the documentary movie Woodstock That's about Catskills in Wikipedia.

Me and Missus are following Fashion Science at University of Lund in Sweden world's top universities in recent years - among the top 0. We followed our academic disciplines,literature science and nuclear physics long enough but now - after retirement - we have found that fashion sciences has answers to many questions in our culture and social life.

Once I had a sweetheart, she was fine and good-lookin', We sat in her kitchen while her mama was cookin', Starin' out the window to the stars high above, Time passes slowly when you're searchin' for love.

Ain't no reason to go up, ain't no reason to go down, Ain't no reason to go anywhere. Compare this to the newest advertsing material of the Swedish! In their advertising material - shooted bin the Catskills - they describe Catskills like this: "Everything tastes better outdoos. The mellow sunlight, rustling leaves and the adventure and luxury of dining in the open air make a meal in to a feast.

I bought the album, Jed. As I said, seeing it live you'd think "heroic attempt to do a difficult and iconic song. Good on you. What I can't believe is that Jerry listened back to the tapes and thought, 'Yep, let's preserve that vocal for posterity. It is truly abysmal singing! I have the record, the Jerry Garcia Band. I had quite enjoyed his nerve in taking it on and having a go at it live, but there, hearing it in isolation, it is truly indeed horrible.

I read it a while ago, as I did think his original book on our 5 was quite decent. Viney can speak to that more than most of us. Thanks for the continuing links of good info, Angie even if I have to admit I've never quite understood your Louuuu deal. Then again the woman in this particular abode, doesn't get this GB deal either.

As she admitted tonight, where a local outfit was doing justice to Cripple Creek at the bandstand on the river just as I was walking up keyboards even got the Jew's harpy thing pretty well, and the drummer was singing leadonce the Beatles broke up and Motown went out of fashion, she lost a lot of interest in popular music. A fellow Dundonian, he died over ten years ago. And a Scotswoman folk musician has had a bit of news today. The excellent Karine Polwart has entered the UK charts with an album of her versions of Scottish hits.

Coincidentally, I was playing her first album, some of which was mixed in Canada, yesterday. Make sure you dig out your Karine Polwart album, Peter.

I saw them in their early years. Their lead guitarist, Les Harvey was electrocuted and killed on stage in Cardiff just as they were taking off. And Jimmy Dewar, a brilliant singer, spent many years with a wasting disease in a local hospital. His version of Shout is the best version. I only saw SAHB and they were brilliant.

Never heard of the album. I saw Woodstock in a cinema about eighty years ago. Up at the Annexe, Bill M. Time, Time, Time. Going too fast. I'd never heard of it. I found the "Small Town talk" Woodstock book tedious at the start-too much on the community before rock musicians ever got there, but worthwhile in the end.

I finally gotten around to reading this book. The material on The Band was, of course, old news to me. The flow of performers through Woodstock over the years was very interesting and may lead me to explore some records that I had previously passed on or didn't know existed. However, I have to admit, it was a rather depressing read. To know the power of Paul Butterfield's music in both his blues band and in Better Days and to read about his downfall with drugs which of course I knew - - but not in such vivid detail made me quite sad.

Not sure if I could recommend it, just not sure how accurate it is. It seems well researched with quotes from contemporaries, but I am just not sure. On a positive note, he has a wonderful list of 25 timeless Woodstock-related songs at the end, only a few that I haven't heard. He is missing one song, in my opinion.

They performed mostly original songs with some standards. I always loved that track. I wonder if anyone else has heard that record never released in the US as far as I can tell and that song in particular.

I've found some odd stuff on vinyl this week. This was a couple of years after they quoted the poem in "". It was produced by Byrds' bassist Skip Battyn. The Second Disc website has reported that digital versions of Woodstock performers'sets are beginning to be released.

Each collection is available as a standalone digital album on iTunes, Amazon Music, and Spotify. Northwestcoaster, thanks for the tips on Scandinavia. Looks to be an interesting although slightly unconventional itinerary.

I'll let you know in the future if I need any specific advice, but that trip will probably be quite a a few years from now. Thanks again for all the great tips about visiting England. Who knows, maybe once the Sicily climate event is completed, Mr. Geffen and friends can pilot the yacht up the Thames, and pick me up by the Tower bridge. I promise to plant some trees after I return from my trip! So yes indeedy, music has been kind to him As a late and rather nervous driver I'm filled with awe that anybody has the guts to drive in a strange city - you guys are brave!

Once, while driving a Mini in Northern Ireland, travelling north from Belfast in the rain along the coastal A2 highway, I was stopped by a police officer for having my headlights headlamps on, something I would normally have done back in Canada. Earlier the same day while trying to leave Belfast, I was caught up in a mad traffic tie-up as police and military cordoned off one street after another during the buildup of a huge protest rally in the city in response to the murder the day before of a well-known although not by me pro-Unionist figure by presumably an anti-British faction.

Military vehicles speeding by and army helicopters passing overhead as I sat behind the wheel in awe of what was happening around me, my friend beside me, an Ulster expat, trying to direct me onto side streets. Since I was out of the country when the tour was playing, and Depeche Mode is the best live performance band on the face of the planet, this is a must-have item for me.

If you're a fan, you can read more about the release here. While working at home, I usually have VH1-Classic running in the background so I can listen to all that old 80's music I just can't seem to leave behind. Most of the time, I barely realize it's there, unless some song catches my attention that I need to buy from the iTunes Music Store. Well, if it is available from the iTunes Music Store! All too often I find that an artist I want is plagued by having only "partial albums" for sale.

Then I have to decide whether I want the music bad enough to buy it on CD, or just forget it. Anyway, I really took notice when a commercial for a new season of Bands Reunited came up. Woo hoo! I've blogged about this excellent show a few times beforeand have been looking forward to this. Here's the line-up this time around: New Kids on the Block: Who cares? The English Beat: Ooooooh Haircut Not a band I was overly fond of. I can only recall the songs they had Nick Heyward's solo career might make this episode worth a look though.

The Motels: Not a favorite. Only the Lonely was an okay song, but Martha Davis never really did it for me. I really hope they end up getting together. Only five episodes? I hope they're good ones. It would seem that the ongoing hotbed of controversy that's centered around the music industry is not going to disappear anytime soon. Music labels don't want people to be able to enjoy music unless it's in a way they make a lot of money. The RIAA wants to keep the music industry in the dark ages so that they are still relevant.

Recording artists want to service their fans and make a living by getting paid for their work. Everybody is fighting each other and it's really sad because the actual music is becoming secondary to the battle. Apparently there is no middle ground here and that sucks because all we music fans want is to be able to listen to the music we love in a way that's convenient for us. Scrobbler: I finally got around to setting up an account on AudioScrobbler.

Problem is that I listen to very different music on my iPod than at work which is where my account is watching. Something tells me that blasting Nine Inch Nails from my office would not be appreciated by my co-workers, so I stick to mostly 80's Synth-Pop.

If you want to see what embarrassing tunes are currently keeping me company, here's a link to my AudioScrobbler list. Artist: A brilliant take on digital music downloads was just posted at ScottAndrew.

Scott rightly points out that if musical artists concentrated on keeping their fans happy rather than focusing all their energy on stopping theft of their music that the fans will in-turn will support the artist. For me at least, this is a completely true statement.

On my iPod there is exactly one song out of that I don't own Tarzan Boy by Baltimora. I would gladly purchase the song if I could, but the CD is long out of print and all my efforts to buy a reasonably-priced copy have met with failure.

I was left with no choice but to find a copy online and "steal" it. If music companies would get off their asses and put their entire catalogs on the iTunes Music Storethere would be no reason for me to steal.

I support the artists I like because I want them to keep making music. It's inconceivable to me that a group I love would come out with new CD and I would steal from them. I would hope that I'm not unique that way, and I don't think I am considering that Britney Spears just bought a new seven million dollar honeymoon home. Ballmer: Everybody's favorite dancing monkey-boySteve Ballmer, decided to take the typical approach of trashing competing products because Microsoft can't come up with something better.

The most common format of music on an Apple iPod is 'stolen'. Microsoft Media players don't have stolen music on them? I have to ask the question: "are executives at Microsoft exempt from drug testing?

Of course, he wouldn't have to talk trash if Microsoft would ever come out with something good enough to speak for itself, so maybe this kind of distraction is essential to the company's success? Time for me to wrap things up This morning I went to burn a CD of the work I completed last night only to find that I didn't have enough disk space. Since I had just flushed all of my completed projects before my trip to Korea, I couldn't figure it out.

What could be taking up all that space? Ultimately, I found out it was a couple of episodes of Cupid the best television show ever made which I had digitized for the trip when are they going to release this show on DVD? Anyway, it wasn't the missing hard disk space that turned out to be the biggest surprise Just use the music loops provided, arrange them as you wish, edit and adjust volumes, then mix and enjoy listening to the results.

If you actually have musical talent, you can compose music with guitars, keyboards, drums, or any other MIDI compliant instrument. It's all very, very cool. Just play around with it for a few minutes and don't be surprised if you end up buying a new Macintosh if you don't already have one just to be able to goof around with this one program. As I listened to the tracks I created I realized something was missing. Sure they were all terrific songs that are fun to listen to, but there's an element absent from my compositions that kept them from greatness.

Something profound and haunting that was needed to elevate my works from the mundane to immortality. But what was it? After a second listen, it suddenly occurred to me:. Now we are rockin' the house! Nothing like a little cowbell cranked up to 11 to make even the worst songs worth listening to.

So now I am adding cowbell to all my tracks and loving it! I hope that Apple comes out with a Jam Pack extension that contains nothing but funky cowbell riffs.

Because, in a world of confusion and uncertain times, a little cowbell is all we need to feel good again. Well, it's just arrived and was totally worth the wait. If you are even a marginal DM fan, this is a must-have item if there ever was one and there isn't even any cowbell in it! Depeche Mode is the best band I've ever seen in concert, and this performance piece showcases exactly why I'm utterly shattered that I missed the Devotional Tour when it came to Seattle on July 11, Understandably, most of their earlier works are left behind in favor of the more mature sound that began with Music for the Masses and was refined in Songs of Faith and Devotion.

This may disappoint some, but we have their tour for People Are People and many others, so I'm okay with it. Probably the biggest selling point of Devotional for true fans is that it was the last time Alan Wilder would tour with the group.

It's such a shame, because we get Alan I Heard It Through The Grapevine - Soultans - Love drums! In addition to the live performance DVD, there's also a supplemental disc in the box. This second DVD has the freaky-ass video projections used by director Corbijn in the tour, even freakier Corbijn music videos, an MTV Rockumentary, and other assorted tidbits.

Truthfully, I'd rather have skipped the supplement and paid less money for the concert footage, but I guess you can't have everything. In the end, it doesn't really matter, because the live stuff is worth the cost of admission alone. Times like this have me longing for the band to get back together for another album. Putting aside their solo projects, it's been three long years since their somewhat disappointing Exciter release and we fans are needing a fix.

I suppose I could attempt to make due with the upcoming Remixes CD Because when it comes to Depeche Mode, accept no substitutes. My favorite band of all time, Depeche Modehas announced that they will be meeting next month in California to discuss recording a new album in January!!

Is it too much to hope that they will be touring to support the album as well? Any chance that Alan Wilder will be coming back? How will the band's solo projects over the past three years affect the new material? I'm going a little insane here. Now I want to watch Devotional all over again. Everything he touches turns to gold, and he has this magnetic personality when you meet him that is so powerful you have to do a heterosexuality-check once you leave his presence just to be sure you are in love with him for the right reasons.

At least, guys do. Well, I do. I don't know about any other guys. Maybe it's a genetic defect in my DNA or something. Anyway, given my love of all things Steve Jobs, it pains me to say that I totally disagree with his view that there should be no video iPod. He says something like "who would want to watch video on such a tiny screen? The thing that's so remarkable about the iPod is the stylish way that you can access digital content for music in such a compact, easy-to-manage device. Why wouldn't I want to do the same thing with video content?

No need to boot up the PowerBook especially, heaven forbid, if I am flying coach in order to have something to watch - just turn on your Video iPod which you've synced with your TiVo, and you can take the latest round of television shows and movies with you in a convenient, pocket-PDA-sized, easy-to use player.

I think about it A LOT. On my long, long, flight home last night I thought about it while sketching on my PowerBook. It would flip open to display the controls if you should need to access them. Volume and everything else can be controlled from the click-wheel, just like an iPod, but an infinity scroll-wheel on the side allows easy volume control without having to flip open the panel.

I also dropped in a small speaker for those times you might want to share the experience Of course, you can still play music in either of the above configurations, but a second "regular-sized" iPod display would be included, so you could turn the unit over to easily control it when listening to music without having to flip it open click on image to see the full-size version Naturally, you could store and view your photos, just like an iPod Photoand it would also inherit the "video-out" port so you could look at your photos or watch video content on a television.

Next-generation Video iPods could have "video-in" ports for recording video as well although I still think some kind of sync feature like we have now with iTunes is a better option. With all due respect to Mr. Jobs, I think this would be an insanely great product.

I would sell my liver to buy one, and would freak with joy to be able to have an elegant Apple-designed product instead of the clunky alternative digital video players that are out there now. About a month ago, the cups on my faithful Sony earbuds came off and all my attempts to procure a new pair met with failure.

Apparently I was going to need to buy an entirely new set, but never actually got around to ordering them. Instead I used the dreadful Apple earbuds that came with my iPod. Since they are not in-ear, noisy airplanes and airports ruin any enjoyment you might get out of listening to music so, after my last trip, I decided to bite the bullet and get a new set. I have a friend who is a true audiophile, so I asked him which ones I should get.

He instantly said "oh, get a set of Sure E5's I love them. This made him laugh out loud for about an hour, after which he informed me that the earphones I use are arguably more important than the iPod itself, particularly for use while traveling on airplanes. He said I could probably get a decent pair of "Ety's" for that much and, indeed, they would be well-worth the cost.

And two days later, I have my earphones. Anxious to know how super-terrific all my music is going to sound now, I rip open the package and plug them right in.

And they suck ass. The sound is tinny, weak, and generally bass-free. So, naturally, I call up my friend to start ragging on his moronic suggestion Unlike other earphones, these are meant to be worn like hearing aids, and have to be shoved way into your ear as shown in the instruction booklet I never bothered to read And oh what a difference a good set of headphones make when used properly.

Suddenly the bass is back in full-force. Sound is so bright and clear that I nearly have an orgasm when Depeche Mode's Enjoy the Silence starts playing. My nether-regions are still tingling. My only complaint is that the "white" color they use to match the iPod is not "white" at all more like a I Heard It Through The Grapevine - Soultans - Love cream or something. I seriously don't give a crap what color the cords are on my iPod, but I Heard It Through The Grapevine - Soultans - Love you're going to advertise them as "a perfect match for the iPod," then you should at least get the color right.

White: Snow has finally come, and this time it looks like it may stick around for a while. Hopefully at least long enough that we don't have a drought next summer. It seems that we get less and less snow every year, and it comes later and later.

When I was a kid, the snow was so deep here we could tunnel under it. When my mom was young, it was so deep here they could jump off the roof into it. Now we're lucky to get 12 inches. Yes, global warming must be a myth. Filibuster: I just passed episode 2. I think this is my favorite so far.

I don't remember seeing it when it was originally broadcast, so it was an even bigger treat. The look on the senator's face when he was near exhaustion and was asked to yield the floor for a question I find it kind of strange, however, that you can buy a huge chunk of the Eagles' stuff there. What's up with that? Even worse, two of the Eagles collections are dreaded "partial albums" and it gets stranger when you see how they've screwed up The Very Best of the Eagles Now, I don't blame Apple, because they don't create the content But whoever is responsible needs to know that proper track numbering is important to maintain especially when they've decided to not upload the entire album.

And I really hate it when I forget simple things like that. All I knew was that it started with a "C" and was probably something like "Citrus" or "Citron" or something.

To Google it would be cheating, so I decided to forget about it and it would come to me. But it didn't. It's another meme from Neil! And this one has a potential embarrassment factor of 9. What could it be? Why, it's the Music Shuffle Meme! The rules are rather straightforward, kind of scary, and basically ask you to put iTunes or whatever music software you use on shuffle, then reveal the first ten songs that show up I have some hugely humiliating music lurking in the songs I've got on my PowerBook, so this could be devastating though, about of them have only 1 star and won't be played.

To add some fun and excitement to the meme, I am going to just hit "play" and write about each of the titles as it plays And there you have it, for better or worse and yes, it could have been much worse. This was a pretty great idea for a meme I must say! My new iPod Shuffle arrived, but I didn't had time to open it up and play with it until today. In a word: it's brilliant! Don't get me wrong, I love my original iPod and really love the 40 gigabytes of storage but, as small as it is, the thing can still be a little cumbersome to travel with.

Usually what I end up doing is selecting a playlist, putting it on shuffle, and then dropping it in my pocket. But then you have a heavy pocket and must be careful that you don't let it fall out when you bend over, as that could be an expensive mistake.

It comes with a lanyard that makes walking around with it safe, comfortable, and effortless. Some people will undoubtedly bitch about the lack of a display but, since I only use the display to select a playlist on my iPod original, I don't really care besides, that would just add size and weight.

The gigabyte of memory only has room for a single playlist anyway, so I already know what I'm getting when I turn it on. Selecting a new playlist is as easy as plugging your iPod Shuffle back into your computer and dragging a different one over. There's also a cool "auto-fill" feature which will randomly grab selections from your library until the memory is full.

This is a great way to re-discover songs you may have forgotten or don't play very often. There is one downside, however: Apple decided to use a USB 2. This wouldn't bother me except that Apple only recently began supporting USB 2.

This sucks ass, because transferring a gigabyte over USB 1. Really slow. Oh well, it does give the unit enough time to recharge. Anyway, I am totally loving the iPod Shuffle. Apple rules.

All my playlists are in order by artist, so if I am listening on the "shuffle" setting, come across a song from The Cure, then decide I want to hear more from The Cure, all I have to do is switch to the "cycle" setting and play their remaining songs in order. Then I can go back to "shuffle" again with a flick of a switch! It's the attention to little details like this that makes me such an Apple whore. What can I say? For two days I have worn my iPod Shuffle constantly, removing it only to shower and sleep though last night I fell asleep while listening to it, so I guess I'm wearing it even then.

It's so small and light that I Album) even know it's there. It's so easy to operate that I find myself wearing it underneath my sweatshirt or over-shirt and just operating it through the fabric. It's almost become another appendage, and the ability to listen to music at a second's notice wherever and whenever I feel like it is nothing less than magic. In many ways I feel that iPod Shuffle fulfills on the promise of the original iPod: it has firmly integrated music into my everyday life.

I work with it. I paint with it. I cook with it. I eat with it. I brush my teeth with it. I walk to the post office with it I live with it. In fact, I find myself enamored with it so much that my original 40 gigabyte iPod has just been demoted to a spare hard drive. The iPod Shuffle is a much better fit for how I want to experience to my music. Gotta love that little thrill you get from rediscovering an old song you've forgotten about.

The Texpatriate has tagged me! Now I've got "Karla's Bitch" spray-painted on my forehead. Well, that's okay too. Here we go:. Total amount of music files on your computer? According to iTunes, I am currently at songs. And I'm pretty sure all of them are legal except one: Tarzan Boy, by Baltimora. It's not available digitally at the iTunes Music Store, and I can't find the CD Living in the Background to purchase the song because it's out of print.

Since Steve Jobs has stated that he would gladly offer every song ever released on the iTMS, I can only guess that it's the record labels that are the hold-up.

Illegal downloading was my only option. The last CD you bought was Too many terrific 80's synth-pop melodies on that one!

I Broke it All in Two and Breathe are absolutely beautiful songs What was the last song you listened to before reading this message? I think the song would be Closer by Nine Inch Nails. Write down five songs you often listen to or that mean a lot to you. All my music means a lot to me. It is so very hard to narrow down thousands of favorites to just five I wouldn't even know where to begin.

Since Valentine's Day has just passed, let's talk about love: Don't Answer Me by the Alan Parson's Project a concert I went to with my best friend who has since departed this mortal plane. Barrel of a Gun by Depeche Mode love gone very wrong.

And Rebel Yell by Billy Idol the words pretty much speak for themselves. What 3 people are you going to pass this baton to and why? Gee, there was a " Music Shuffle Meme " not so long ago that gave me an idea of what people are listening to, so I should probably try to find some people who I don't think answered it?

I'll pick Ben's Blabbecause he recently had an entry about a music playlist but failed to indicate any of the songs or what music he likes. Geekablebecause Jeff has incredible taste in music though I don't think that he "does" memes After going through a mile of bubble-wrap to get all of the fabulous Blogiversary 2 prizes packed up just waiting for the T-shirts! First up was Shaolin Soccerwhich kicks so much ass that you almost need a new genre of film to describe its ass-kicking proficiency.

If you've ever wanted to know what would happen if a soccer game took place in The Matrixthen this film is your answer. Really cheesy dialogue also makes this one of the funniest films I've seen in a while.

The DVD had both the shitty, butchered "American" version and the vastly superior "Chinese" original with English subtitles. Next was Erasure: Hits! Of all of them, Erasure is easily the undisputed queen of bubblegum synth.

Sadly, not a single video in the entire Erasure canon is worth a crap the low point is when both Andy and Vince are dressed in full drag as very ugly women singing Abba's "Take a Chance on Me". It's really too bad given they are capable of such beautiful music Why can't their videos be as lyrical and beautiful as the songs they depict? It's where we get to have the boring Enterprise characters all evil and interesting finally because they're in the Star Trek "Mirror Universe.

I also found it a bit touching to see T'Pol and the other aliens attempt a coup against the evil humans, knowing they would fail completely in order to maintain continuity with future Star Trek series. If the show were this good for the past four years, I might have actually bothered to watch it and so would everybody else, which means UPN wouldn't have had to cancel it. Which begs the question We want action! Don't have characters sit around in decontamination chambers and talk for an hour straight The reason Captain Kirk was so cool was because in any given situation he would either fight with somebody, shoot somebody, or have sex with somebody.

That's all he did, and we loved it! But now all we get for action is people sitting around the bridge saying stupid shit like "let's re-route the EPS conduits" and then pressing a Sweat & Tears (Cassette of buttons so they could go back to boring talk again. I don't own any of the other series, and usually won't be bothered to watch them for free on television either.

Because when I tune in to Star Trek I want to actually be entertained and there wasn't much of that to be found in anything that followed the originals, except the movies 2, 4, 6, and 8.

Please, if there is a god of science fiction television, let Paramount fire the dumbasses who have been running Star Trek into the ground for the past 20 years and get somebody who will actually entertain us with the next series. Avast ye bloggers! I'm a pirate! And it's not even " Talk Like a Pirate Day " yet. After monkeys and ninjas, I'd say my third most abnormal infatuation would have to be pirates. And I can tell you exactly when the obsession started: when I went to Disneyland and went on the "Pirates of the Caribbean" ride as a wee lad.

I could never get pirates out of my blood after that, mainly because pirate life looked a heck of a lot more fun than mine did at the time.

Vasco Rossi - Stupido Hotel (CD, Album), Say Man - Bo Diddley - Bo Diddleys 16 All-Time Greatest Hits (Vinyl, LP), Sail Into Tomorrow - Olivia Newton-John - Clearly Love (Cassette, Album), Kick The Wall - Jimmy Davis & Junction - Kick The Wall (Vinyl), Marianne - Frankie And The Fashions* - Not The Usual Doo Wop (CD, Album), Flower Heads Theme #1 (Foxy Version) - Fourteen Chords - Blue Cheer (CD, Album), Wild World - Cat Stevens - Remember - The Ultimate Collection (CD), Im Murderous (2nd Mix) - Raven Hunter - The Return (File, MP3, Album), Billie Ray Martin - Where Fools Rush In (Vinyl), Sorry - Eddie Fisher - Eddie Fisher Sings (Vinyl, Album), Dark River - The Alan Tyler Show - The Alan Tyler Show (CD, Album), My Sharona - Sabrina - Sabrina (Cassette, Album)

9 thoughts on “I Heard It Through The Grapevine - Soultans - Love, Sweat & Tears (Cassette, Album)

  1. Apr 04,  · Tracklist 1. Can't Take My Hands Off You 2. Change Your Mind 3. I Heard It Through The Grapevine 4. L.O.V.E. 5. Cross My Heart 6. Gimme More Of Your Love 7. Jive Talking 8. Every Little Move 9. The First Cut Is The Deepest Can You Feel Love I Can't Stay Away From You I Know.

  2. Feb 24,  · Love, Sweat & Tears is the name of SOULTANS` newly released album. Of course the album contains the first two hits, as well as the new single Every Little Move. Three of the songs on the album are from the pen of Marvin Broadie: the quiet Change Your Mind, the ballad Cross My Heart as well as the up-beat title Can You Feel Love.

  3. Belgium. Sell This Version. INC Soultans. I Heard It Through The Grapevine ‎ (CD, Maxi)/5.

  4. I Heard It Through The Grapevine Lyrics: Ooh, I bet you're wond'rin' how I knew / Baby, baby, baby, 'bout your plans to make me blue, how / With some other girl you knew before / .

  5. Nov 12,  · About Press Copyright Contact us Creators Advertise Developers Terms Privacy Policy & Safety How YouTube works Test new features Press Copyright Contact us Creators.

  6. "I Heard It Through the Grapevine" is a song written by Norman Whitfield and Barrett Strong for Motown Records in The first recording of the song to be released was produced by Whitfield for Gladys Knight & the Pips and released as a single in September It went to number one on the Billboard R&B Singles chart and number two on the Billboard Pop Singles .

  7. Aug 24,  · The master tapes for Marvin Gaye‘s ‘I Heard It Through The Grapevine’. 10 tracks of pure 60s soul. It’s no wonder the musicians who played on the track were known as the Funk Brothers, as the funk drips from every bit of bassline, every hiss of the hi-hat and every falsetto’d note from Marvin’s sweet voice.

  8. Provided to YouTube by Universal Music Group I Heard It Through The Grapevine · Marvin Gaye In The Groove ℗ A Motown Records Release; ℗ UMG Recording.

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