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Snoop Dogg - My Carz. Young RJ - Motion feat. Come On Down feat. Nitty Gritty feat. Scenario feat. A Buncha Niggas feat. Wicked Act feat. Buju Banton. Oh My God feat. A Tribe Called Quest. I Am I Be feat. De La Soul. Alladat feat. Brand Nubian. Flava In Ya Ear Remix feat. Notorious B. One Two Shit feat. Build Ya Skillz feat. Psychologically Overcast feat. Change Like the Weather feat.

Pay Ya Dues feat. You're The One Special Mix feat. Yeah feat. Tracy Lee. Starsky and Hutch feat. LL Cool J. Vibin' The New Flava feat. Niggaz Wanna Act feat. Victory feat. The Notorious B.

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Kat DeLuna. Out To Get Me Remix feat. La La feat. The Way We Roll feat. Work That Remix feat. Mary J. Fried Chicken feat. She's Fine feat. DJ Khaled. Kissin The Curb feat. OG Status feat. Kool G Rap. Lightworks feat.

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Ghostface Killah. At Last Supremacy feat. Fat Joe. We Made It feat. Linkin Park. The Oath feat. Raekwon, Capone N Noreaga. Take It To The Hole feat. Next Level feat. Grow Up feat. Cher Lloyd. Crane Style feat. Worldwide Choppers feat.

Ceza, JL B. Outro feat. Harsh feat. Let's Go feat. Intoxicants show up a few times in the Weezer songbook: a cold one in the icebox, some hash in a pipe, some dope for the nose. Sadly searching in a way Weezer rarely is, and good enough to make you want to forget that Ryan Adams co-wrote it. Instead, she and Cuomo cooked up a delightful traipse through bossa nova lounge pop.

Underrated by fans and the band alike; have they ever even played it live? But what a riff—a bolt of electric regret, speaking louder than any words. More such gentle serenading would be welcome. Getting in touch with his inner theater kid, Cuomo tells the origin story of Weezer with a miniature rock opera, a part song suite that changes directions on a dime, and finds his cohorts emulating Slipknot one minute and Bach the next. Every band should take a swing this big, and risk ridicule for Queen-style glory.

At least some of the lighting bottled on The Blue Album can be attributed to the guidance of producer Ric Ocasekrevered for his days in The Cars. The Jorge Garcia cover art and pre-release chatter about a return to the Blue Album sound did no favors for Hurleya record better than its reputation suggests. The recent Teal Album, with its collection of boringly faithful covers, pushes Weezer precariously close to wedding band territory. But they sound fit for a reception in a much less pejorative sense on this absolutely gorgeous Pacific Daydream concoction, whose guitars ring like church bells.

It thumps around like a dejected kaiju, dinosaurian in its hankering for the one that got away. The ingeniously arranged White Album saves its downbeat numbers for the home stretch, the better to suggest the sloping arc of a relationship destined to fall apart. Its penultimate track is a superlative breakup song: a bad-funk waltz that finds Cuomo spilling his feelings over a row of ivory and in an arresting falsetto. Best heard through headphones and heartbreak.

It, too, is piano driven, mirroring its polar opposite with the conversely sanguine tale of a love story on the rise. Apropos its sci-fi framework, the tune truly sounds like a transmission from an alternate reality where that rock opera saw the light of day—and maybe another one where Weezer became an ass-kicking riot grrrl act.

He ended up singing the lyrics himself, necessitating a few tweaks. No Brian Wilson worship here. More elegies for dead relationships should be as scorching as this Maladroit banger, which abides by the principle that the best way to purge the breakup blues is to plug into an amp and slash them away. Was he nostalgic even way back inbefore he entered the limelight?

It was worth the wait—for the way it anticipates the anxieties that would bubble to the surface on Pinkertonand for its exhilarating momentum, how it keeps lurching forward like a race car making tight turns and laying on the gas every minute or so.

After a half-hour of identically structured bubblegum beach rock, Cuomo at last lets a little emotion creep into the spreadsheet blueprint of The Green Album.

Even better than the Maladroit version is the unadorned demo from the fan-famous Washington, D. Listening to that slower, prettier arrangement, you can almost picture Cuomo softly singing the song through a frosted window, illuminated by red and green lights, a snowy landscape sprawling out before him. Sequel when? Cuomo has also largely abandoned its technical complexity, sacrificing it on the altar of his obsession with radio-conquering palatability.

Part of the lore of Pinkerton is the way it peeled back the commercial cuddliness of The Blue Album to reveal the messier, less adorkable pathology underneath, like the bugs squirming below manicured suburbia in a different Blue -hued classic. It might be the catchiest song ever written about a jealous, possessive boyfriend—and early proof that Weezer were pros at stuffing unattractive personal traits in an attractive musical package.

In a way, the next track on The Blue Album anticipated Pinkertontoo: Nestled among songs about sweaters, surf boards, and sided dice is this broadcast from splitsville, with Cuomo issuing pained pleas to a wallet photo of his ex, making sweet love to her memory. The electric twang at the start may be the most inviting introduction to any Weezer song, period. After years of being cited as a major influence on a whole generation of emo bands, Weezer finally took its own go at the genre, and handily proved it could rule that roost, too, if it wanted to go full-time lovelorn.

Unbelievably, the band has only played it live once; envy the concertgoers afforded the rare opportunity to reach a higher plane with him. Alexisonfire have issued some new Album) of their catalog on vinyl. Tom DeLonge talked with Guitar. Lifeforms is another textural expedition that opens clear water between itself and the idea of DeLonge as a three-chord thrasher.

If you hit read more you can see all the releases we have in our calendar for the week. Outlaw 4 Life: A. Greetings from Cairo, Illinois. Folkrockcountry. Sony MusicEpic. The Code Is Red Long Live the Code. Grindcoredeath metal. Robert Plant and the Strange Sensation. Progressive rockhard rockworldbeat. Van der Graaf Generator. Progressive rockart rock.

ColumbiaSony UrbanRichcraft. Rockfolk rock. Blinking Lights and Other Revelations. Family Guy: Live in Vegas. One Little Indian. Synth-popdance-popeuropop. The Unquestionable Truth Part 1. From Under the Cork Tree. Industrial rockelectronic rock. The Wedding. Alternative countrycountry rock. A Sides Win: Singles — Stand Up. Capitol Nashville. See You Next Tuesday. Heavy metalgroove metal. WWEColumbia. Split the Country, Split the Street. Indie rockalternative rock.

Triple CrownDefiance. Live The Fillmore. Pray for the Soul of Betty. Based on a True Story. Drive-ThruGeffen. Big Bang Theory.

Get Right with the Man. Make Believe. Rock of Ages: The Definitive Collection. ColumbiaAmerican. Honkytonk University. Magic Time. Alternative metalhard rock. The Best of Natacha Atlas. Hip hopneo souljazz rap. GOODGeffen. UltimateUniversal. Warriors of the Rainbow Bridge. Ocean of Confusion: Songs of Screaming Trees — Grungeneo-psychedelia.

Post-grungealternative metalnu metal. A Retrospective: — Alternative countryalternative rock. Funksoul.

MotownUniversal. Alternative rockroots rock. The Black Eyed Peas. Monkey Business. Don't Believe the Truth. Alternative rockpost-Britpopspace rock. ParlophoneCapitol. Popjazzdance-pop. InnocentEMI. Tales from Turnpike House. Rocknew wavesynth-pop. Heavy metalhardcore punk. Say Hello to Sunshine. Soul jazzrhythm and bluesfunk. Sleeping in the Nothing. New wavesynth-popdance-rock. Motion City Soundtrack. Commit This to Memory.

Album)pop punk. Aim Right for the Holes in Their Lives. Indie rockpop. KochCNR. Chicano rockTex-Mex. Garage rockalternative Know Your Enemy - Super Deluxe - Surrender (CDblues rock. V2XL. Jagged Little Pill Acoustic.

Another Day on Earth. Eric Johnson. All or Nothing. Terror SquadAtlantic. Alternative rockhard rock. Industrial metalnu metal. Nu-funkacid jazzpost-disco. Indie rockpost-punk revivalgarage rock. Greatest Hits. Bad Boy SouthBlockAtlantic. Mind Control. The Warrior's Code. Celtic punkpunk rockhardcore punk. The Way It Is. Humming by the Flowered Vine. Look at All the Love We Found. Punk rockskareggae. The Understanding. Teen Dance Ordinance.

Popacoustic. The Fuse. Punk rockskate punkmelodic hardcore.

Crazy House - Коррозия Металла - Коррозия Металла CD1 (CD), Let It Burn (Dub), Letarg - Bright Color Vision - Carousel (CD, Album), Before Its Too Late - Jackie Day - Before Its Too Late (Vinyl), funnySkash - Chorus (CD, Album), The Longest Road - Jag (8) - The Longest Road (Cassette), Tokyo - Lianne La Havas - Blood (Vinyl, LP, Album), Mala Noche (Instrumental) - Right - Lo Mejor De Right 1987 - 1991 (CD), Meat Puppets - No Joke! (Vinyl, LP, Album), Jumpin Jack Flash - Johnny Winter - Jumpin Jack Flash / Good Morning Little School Girl (Vinyl), Mon Double - Mayane Delem - Un Monde Ailleurs (CD, Album), 4 Guys From The Future - Adagio (Vinyl, LP, Album)

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  1. Drake still has the number one album in the country. Drake’s Certified Lover Boy rules the Billboard albums chart for a third consecutive and total week, as the set earned , equivalent album units in the U.S. in the week ending Sept. 23 (down 28%), according to MRC album opened atop the list two weeks ago with the year’s biggest week for an .

  2. Sep 04,  · Morton reappears in New Super Mario Bros. 2, where he is fought similarly to Roy in the predecessor. He is fought in World 4-and stomps his foot and growl at Mario, like he did in the previous game. In his battle, he will create Spiked Balls using his wand during the battle and use Ground Pounds to stun all players that are on the floor. Just like the other battles with the .

  3. The deluxe edition of Rewind, Replay, Rebound features unheard demos from the album’s pre-production, an alternate version of “Die To Live,” and two new songs. The first, “Under The Influence,” Poulsen says “is a song for my girlfriend.

  4. Sep 14,  · In , when most people first heard “Undone” or “Buddy Holly” or any of the other instant classics on The Blue Album, it was still .

  5. Sep 26,  · New records reviewed this week: Air Craft: Divergent Path (, Craftedair/Blujazz): Pianist Doug McKeehan wrote and produced, a fairly slick suite with occasional vocals.B [cd]. Arab Strap: As Days Get Dark (, Rock Action): Scottish indie rock band (vocalist Aidan Moffat and Malcolm Middleton), six albums (haven't heard any .

  6. Luke Bryan’s music has always reflected life in all its complexities, both the challenges and the unbridled joy. The award-winning superstar does that yet again on his seventh studio album Born Here Live Here Die Here and its deluxe version with six new songs, Born Here Live Here Die Here (Deluxe Edition) released April 9, Just after the announcement of the deluxe .

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