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Our sample essays Expository Essay. Paper title: Online Education. Academic level: College. Discipline: English Paper Format: MLA format. Sources: 2. I recently saw a piece on Larry King on TV where they show how he and his buddies have breakfast every morning in CA and it give me goose bumps because they still do it exactly the same way as they did it many years ago!

Guest Jun Don, I am on a few meds at my ripe age of 73, please forgive the typos. My album is going slow because I have to proof read my work beaucoup times. I attended U of M on the GI Bill, and that USAF stint of four years active service as flight mechanic stationed in Hawaii, flying to Japan and the Pacific, and four more years in the reserves, bought me a paid ticket at Miami VA, which saved my old life, and ultimately has kept me here for an extra nine years to live a second life.

My wife Pat and I just celebrated 50 years wedding anniversary on June 11,we have four boys, and six Grandkids; we have lived a good life in this beautiful town, even if its not ole Myamah anymore; Fairchild Gardens is still here, and so is Flamingo down south, and the Tamiami Trail, Bill.

Bill Goodrich Jun Mr. Don Boyd, I am in the process of preparing a digital photo album for my six grandkids. I have many 'family type' pictures of s, 40s, 50s, 60s, etc. I have been a resident since Thank you for your good work, and if you desire I will copy you for a copy of my album when complete; it's a duzy, I got carried away, Bill Goodrich.

I grew up across from Killian High from to My father helped start the Optimist Club at Suniland Park. I played baseball and football there. I'll have to try and dig up a picture I took a few years back of the playground at Suniland Park. There was a metal spacship that you could climb up. I went back there about 12 years ago, and they were replacing the playground. I almost bought the spaceship. He also made many commercials one of which was for King Oldsmobile. I know because I was his wife for 40 years.

Guy died on October 1th I knew it was Dixie something. And the wheel, was a gristmill wheel. That place was there in the fifties, and closed probably in the eighties. It was highly visible from the on ramp and off ramp, by okeechobee road. Don Boyd Apr Michael, I answered this in the other gallery where you posted it yesterday. Michael Foxworth Apr Does anyone remember a factory stood high over the airport expressway just as you exited onto okeechobee Rd.

High up on the side of the building was what looked like to me a four year old was an old abandoned ferris wheel. Because the bottom of the wheel was three floors off the ground I was creeped out at the thought of riding on it. Does anyone remember this building with the wheel. My dad was the assistant attorney generad for the State of Florida and then went into private practice in He died inwhen I was 7 and I was wondering if anyone reading this sight would remember him and have some stories to share.

Don Boyd Apr Jeanne, welcome and thank you for posting your comments and memories. I look forward to the class photo that you mention. Don Boyd Apr Thank you everyone for posting and welcome to the site. Thanks for mentioning King's Pony Farm - others have also remembered it and mentioned it somewhere on the site and maybe someday someone will send in a photo of it.

Shells City Supermarket was also there. Guest Mar I remember growing up in Miami in the late 50's and 60's. Toby's cafeteria located on 27th ave in Miami, Sorrento's Restaurant on S. Attended the original Shenandoah Elementary Was that on Miami Beach and what year. I also rode with them when I went to Beach High.

I also new Bones from the Comanceros and some Outlaws. I would like to have you e-mail me. Big Al. Bobby Mar Hello, I grew up in opa locka in the fifties, and I skated at the outdoor opa locka skating rink, next to the police station. Does anyone else remember the skating rink?

It was a fun place to go, and we were safe, and could walk home by ourselves at night and everything. Try that now.

Opa locka isn't very safe anymore I'm told. I guess it is true that you can never go home again. What a shame. Bobby C. Don Boyd Feb Matthew, Frankie's is still there cranking out great pizzas and there are recent photos of it in the Restaurants gallery in the time frame.

It Looked so neat!!!!!!! I Love their Chocolate Milk, and Drink it all the time. Best Regards!!!!!!! I also worked in the ice cream dept of Home Milk when I was in high school. You have a lot of memories of the Dairy. Did someone you know work there? Ralph Jan There was a great pizza place in north miami beach, back in the 60's, on st. It was a real neat and lively restaurant, with an old timey player piano, and their pizza was pretty good too. Does anyone remember shakey's?

Ralph E. Donald Dale Jan Wow, what a wonderful website. I'm a native Miamian, born here in Flagler and the Town theatre right next to the Paramount. Don Boyd Jan Doug: welcome too and thank you for posting all of the information regarding your family. While backlogged terribly in photos to add please be assured that I am interested in ALL old photos from the Miami area and I'd love to add yours too if you have some patience with me.

Don Boyd Jan Marty: thank you for posting. I checked out the old photos on your site and there are numerous ones that I would like to use on this site someday when I have the time; I'm really backlogged on photos right now but sooner or later I'll get around to it.

Please keep your site up in the meantime. What a helluva collection! I was only born in at Baptist Hospital, but I am 3rd generation Miamian. My grandfather came over in on my father's side, and my mother's parents came here in the 20's. Both my parents were raised in Miami also. I love talking to all of them about the city, how it used to be, looking at old photo's etc. My mother's side were the Salokar's. In the 20's my great grandfather, Andrew Salokar owned acres of land in back then west Dade.

It stretched from the corner of Coral Way and Ludlam all the way to the Palmetto. After the war, his son Al, opened up a gas station on that Northwest corner. His other sons, Claude and Phil, opened up the Ludway bar in The original house, built out of Dade County pine, still resides on Ludlam, just north of Coral Way on the west side just north of the old bar.

Unfortunately, most of the family moved out of Dade county in the 80's due to the changing culture down there. It really is a shame I couldn't see Miami for what it truly was back then, not the disgusting place it is now. To see all the old neighborhoods with bars on the windows and all the billboards in Spanish makes it look like a different country down there.

I'll have to get the family collection of pictures and start scanning. Thanks again for the great site Don!!! I worked at Funland Park for 2 or 3 weeks. About I can remember you had to by tickets to get on a ride. The bumper cars Album) on the east side of the park. My e-mail address is bent aol. Don Boyd Dec Welcome Frank and thank you for posting. I remember that old airplane at Grapeland Heights Parks and now I'm wondering when it disappeared and who destroyed it or moved it.

Frank Dec Is there anybody around that remembers an old airplane in Grapeland Heights Park, in the late 50's and early 60's? I played in that old airplane as as young boy. My friends and I would climb up in it, and sit in the seats and pretend we were in flight. We had great fun there, and we'd even take brown bag lunches there Tar - UGH! - Waste (CD eat on the plane. And it was nice to recall that plane, and such wonderful memories. Frank Jace. Don Boyd Dec Welcome Ralph, and thank you for providing us with that information.

RR Dec On the site of the old white belt dairy, Kraft Foods, had a large distribution warehouse, and Kraft delivery trucks, from circa to circa Then Kraft Foods moved to a larger warehouse in Delray Beach, and Paramount Poultry took over the old Kraft warehouse, for a few years, and later onThe Food Bank, took it over storing canned goods, ect, for the needy, and disastersect.

Ralph Rateil. Mike Oct Does anyone remember a billboard in downtown Miami, probably about milk, with a boys face, and his tongue moving back and forth? I think late 50's or early 60's. You used to Be able to see The Dairy Bldg. That Facility, is At th Street, and N. Lee Dairies, in Orlando.

Both T. To Me, This is Miami!!!!!!!!!! I Am Robbin Learned. Anyone Remember that???? All The Best To You!!!!!!! Robbin, From Rustic Roller Rink. Learned Sep George C. Lee JR. High, and Miami Jackson SR. Robert E. I Agree, that Robert E.

Lee, and that's Sad, and Disrespectful. Lee was. There is a nice Picture Of Robert E. Lee, went From near 30th Street, to 32nd Street, on 5th Avenue. It should Be : Robert E. Lee Middle School. Lee Out. Racial Overtones????? Very Possible!!!!!! Guest Sep From George C.

Robbin, I have seen the on-line photos of REL junior high but didn't know it had been "upscaled". I thought the old school looked pretty good but it seems nothing can be left as it was.

Jackson High had a beautiful, ornate main entrance but it, and most of the rest of the building, have been redone. Now the place looks like a condominium complex. I guess people are always wishing for the good old days but in some cases they were a lot better than what we have now. Take care and stay well. North River Drive, in The Early 90's????? Regards To All!!!! Learned Aug George C. High Site???? High, for Everyone to See. High Miami Don Boyd.

Best Regards. Learned Aug GeorgeC. Great Memories. I Still Live in Hialeah. Lots of Changes, For The Worse!!!!! Learned, of Hialeah. Guest Aug George C. Don, I just posted my comments and should have closed with the following limerick from my recently published book of rhymes, Sandspurs, Limericks by a Native Floridian. Of my childhood there's barely a trace, Burdines has been bought by the Mace. Where we camped you see strip malls, Where we swam, gated home walls. Can't go back but please slow down the pace.

I was born in Jackson Memorial Hospital in I went to Junior High at Robert E. Lee and High School at Miami Jackson. I have so many great memories of downtown Miami - taking the bus with my mother on her shopping trips to Burdines and going to boxing and wrestling matches and countless movies with my father. He loved westerns and, not knowing the content of "The Outlaw", took me to see it one night.

I'm sure he was embarrased - I was clueless about what Jane Russell and Jack Beutel were doing in all that hay. My father bought his hats at a shop in the Seabold Arcade. Jahn the Magic Man's shop I believe was on the south side of Flagler Street and you could buy all those corny handshake shockers and water-squirting flowers there. We used to go Bayfront Park and walk over to the docks to see the fishing boats come in.

Two of the few links I have to old Miami now are the courthouse and the Miami Daily News Tower, both of which are almost impossible to find among all the high rise buildings.

As adolescents we would ride our bikes, carrying all our fishing gear, from around NW 10th Ave. I had a Miami Daily News route from which, each collection day, I might have enough to buy a milk shake and grilled cheese sandwich at the Jackson Drugs near the hospital. I agree the Miami area had its problems during the 40s and 50s but they seem miniscule when compare to those of today. I, like many of you, miss those days of our youth. ArthurKey Aug Arthur Key I am happily astonished to see some of these pictures and to read the memories of old Miami.

I was born here in December of and grew up in the Overtown area before Urban Renewal brought my family to the NW 75th Street and 6th Avenue area which was known at the time as the Victory Homes projects. We lived at that time, less than two blocks away from Jumbo's Restaurant still standing, amazingly.

I remember walking in the front of the students along with a girl, because we were the two smartest kids in the school. We were filmed as we walked along NW 20th Street over to the new school by Channel 10, which was a brand new TV station that had just opened. I'm filled with pride to see and hear comments by those who have posted here. May God keep and bless all of us Tar - UGH! - Waste (CD heads who remember the days of unlocked doors and cars at curbside with the keys just left in the ignition.

On winter vacation as a young girl, I was intrigued with the "grown-up" talk of Hialeah. My first visit, and I think only visit, to Hialeah was in the mid 70's and it was on Flamingo Day, during which everyone wore pink-ish clothing to the Park. Well, I'll never forget the flowers, the stables so close to the visitors, the Flamingos, it's complete beauty and history.

When I read, just this year, that the Park is closed and could be destroyed, I was shocked and never imagined this could happen to the great Hialeah Park. I understand that it is in a very traffic congested area, but at least preserve it as a historical site in some way!!! Bye for now my friends.

No one else came close!!!!!!! Like I said, That Tapeis Gold!!!!! And Thanks, again!!!!!! We were Going there, inI Believe!!!!! But We had a lot of Fun!!!!!!! Talk To You Later!!!!! Pokey Apr Robbin Ya, that is my mom and dad on the red hondas, we all rode.

Both the karts running and the show was at Quincy Ill. If you look up rearenginekarts. He has since sold the kart. The track that was off st heading towards Westland had two big jumps in the middle of the long straight, I don't know if this is the same one you went to later on or not.

When the track first opened, they had a sign that said, if you can beat the track time you get My friend Les and I went up there on Sat and after some pratice, Les said he wanted to try for the record, well he beat it,won Who Are You???? Hope you enjoy it!!!!!!

I watched The Kart Races, ect. Thanks Again!!!!!! Charlie Apr Robbin, the new Miami Lakes Publix has been open for 2 years this month, not 1 year.

Time flies when you're having fun I suppose but with your wife working there and you going there all the time you should know. And you know what????? I am going to watch it again tonight!!!! I Think that was Them, I saw, with You.

We went there, in Did you go there then?????? We had a lot of fun there!!!!!! This weekend, I'm going to Rent those 2 movies, for sure!!!!! You should get it in about 3 Days from Wednesday, I Believe!!!!!! Hope You enjoy it!!!!!!! Take Care!!!!! Pokey Mar Robbin Yes I remember the westland mall, I worked for Burdines Whse back then when they opened the new store at the mall. Like I told Dennis Collins, I use to race Slot Cars out in a strip mall as you headed to westland from Hialeah off stI don't remember the name of the hobby store,but it was located in the corner of the mall,I still have alot of old movies of the slot car days in Hialeah and at that other store too.

We have Krogers up here and that is where I get most of my food, and yes I remember Publix take care Pokey. Pokey Mar Robbin Glad you enjoyed the film. I went to our little BlockBuster store today, and they still carry On Any Sunday, so you might be able to get it at your store along with the Worlds Fastest Indian. Ya, I watch to old go kart film alot too,as for the atv in the creek, you notice who was the only one to get wet meha ha, our acting wouldn't get a Oscar either for our put on wrecks.

They have a nice site!!!!!! You get Dizzy, watching them go by, in a Flash!!!!!!! They are Super Fast!!!!!!!! Great Job, of Filming, it came out Good!!!!!! There was some Beautiful Go Karts in tat room!!!!!!! Thanks, A Million, for The Treat!!!!!!! All The Best, My Friend!!!!!!! Thanks Again!!!!! My Wifeworks for Publix. Don't know if you Remember them Here, in Florida, or if you're familiar, with them at all,or not. That's where I Shop, At Publix!!!!!! How's The weather there?????

It Stormed, and Rained, yesterday, and it was a Little Cooler, than today!!!!! I will Mail out: Kart Racer, Tomorrow, and you should get it, in a few days!!!!!! I'll Let You know, if I Find itand see it. Thanks again, for the Info!!!!!!! Will Mail Kart Racer, to you, asap!!!!! Happy Sunday!!!!!!! Pokey Mar Robbin On Any Sunday can be found on e-bay,but the Worlds Fastest Indian is only a few years old and can be found in most movie rental stores.

It was a Big Thing, Back then!!!!!! Great Memories!!!!!!! Thanks for Reminding Me!!!!! Best Regards!!!! I know you will enjoy that!!!!!!! Later, My Friend!!!!!! Don't Remember, any other Teen Clubs, or Dances. That was one Great Place!!!!!!!!! I Never was at the other places you mentioned. What Memories!!!!!! Golden Memories!!!!!!!!!!

That wasand I had a Restricted License, which allowed me to drive the Moped. Jackson, in Columbia, S. Take Care!!!! Pokey Mar Dennis Collins I never raced on Tom Thumb tracks, but raced alot in Hialeah, just north of the horse track, also raced at Orange Blossom Hobbies, and on st on the way to westland, also did some racing in Ft Laud. I still have my cars, took them to a local track here and got my doors blowed off running against the new stuff, But no one there saw any cars like I had, all home made.

Pokey Mar Robbin I wanted to mention, along with On Any Sunday, another fantastic motorcycle story is the World's Fastest Indian, if you haven't seen either of these, you need to check out you local video store for some nice weekend viewing take Tar - UGH!

- Waste (CD Pokey. How about the Ocean Ranch on S. Those were truly the best years of my life and a better place and time for us all. If you can find it, you would probably like it.

That was when I was in High School, around There were some Great Local Bands around, Back then. Do you remember: DR. A Lot Of Talent, around, at that time!!!!!!! Guest Mar Does anyone remember Guy Aylward Album) channel 6 newscaster? In my JR. Show, called: Malibu U. And at My JR. I Had it Made!!!!! I'll let you know, here, when it arrives!!!! High, at Palm Springs JR. High School, in Northwest Hialeah. Do You Remember Mustangs????? I thinkyou will Like it too!!!!!! Remember, Sealtest Dairy Productsin Miami??????

Not any More, they Dis appeared, here, years, and years agoand so Did Borden!!!!!! Probably, much better than ours Here!!!!! I Love those Best!!!!!!! My wife works for Publix, and They are The Best!!!!!! She has 32 years with them, and works in The Deli Dept. They are in Fla.

They Have Like 15 stores in Nashville. Pokey Mar Robbin It's on it's way. No I have never seen that film. Very low buget films but two of the best that I have seen, one is about motorcycle riding and the other is about suffing around the world. They are worth watching. Much Obliged!!!!!! Have you Ever seen a Movie, called Kart Racer????? It's a Great Movie!!!!! If you've never seen it, Let me know, and I'll send it to you!!!!!!

Pokey Mar Robbin Got the address today, will send the disk out in the morning, you should look for it later this week, let me know when you get it. Remember this is old 8mm and it should play on a newer dvd player. I have an old one and it will not play on it, but will play on my daughters newer one. I added a few extras for you to watch, newer film 35years later and some shots of vintage karts in Illinois that I went to a couple years ago.

Hope you can watch it and hope you enjoy it. The owners, Have added on, and Put 2nd Stories on Top, so those prices, you stated, are probably, about Right, even now, with the Bottom Out. Take Care!!! Our old Housenow, Has Arches in front, and a Carport. Pokey Mar Robbin I remember those houses in Hialeah. A while back on one of the channels on T. I don;t know if that is true or not, but that is sure a big increase in value if it is true.

And Did you every go to Steven's Market, on N. My Mom, and I used to go there, on Saturday mornings, and then, after, around 11 A. I Loved That Place!!!!!! We Did!!!! They Had Great Pizza!!!!!! Do you Remember that Hobby Shop????? I'll bet you also, went there, and Maybe Manocarz did too.

Talk to You Soon. I Don't know about yours, But My 8 Tracks Skipped Terribly, sometimes, from one son at the beginning, to the last song, ect. They were Miserable!!!!!! I'm sure you can find Blank 8 Track Tapes somewhere. I Have, and it's Great, I Love it!!!!! Just Curious!!!!!! I know you Traveled, and Moved around alot, in 22 years, in The Military. Good Experience!!!!!!!! Oh, I Hope your weather, is Getting Milder now!!!!

See Ya!!! Pokey Mar Robbin Yes there was a lawn mower shop around that area, my dad paid 5 dollars for edger back Tar - UGH! - Waste (CD the early 60's for the engine for my kart.

I never eat at the food fair next to burdines but I remember the BBQ place and the resturant on 71st. There was also a factory on 71st that made canves awnings, that is where we would get our awnings for the trailer, when there would wear out.

That record player, does a real nice job making cd's, it will also make cassetts too, I still have about old 45's along with the albums. I bought most of the albums overseas, because it was cheaper to buy the album down town then to buy a 45 on base, to get the same song. Some of my albums have never been played all the way through, because I bought them mostly for one or two songs that were on them. I will look for your address and sent the dvd as soon as I get it take care Pokey.

Robbin Mar Pokey, I'm Mailing an Envelope to you, today, with my Home address, and it's Friday, March 20th, so you should get it, in a few days. Oh, I flour the slices, before going in the frying pan.

Best Regards!!!!!! I seem to Picture, and Remember one, around there!!!!! I know you would know. She worked there, for 35 years, and I used to go thereto eat Lunch with Her, in The Summer, when school was out, and that cafeteria, was Real Good!!!!!!

We used to go there, and it was good!!!!! That was in The 50's. Talk to you later. And their products, were Really Good, We got their Orange Juice, and Fruit salad, in the jar, all the time, back in the 50's, 60's, and 70's. Another Memory Of Old Miami!!!!!!!!! Preston Of The Yukon. I Got them, on per visit, at Cracker Barrel, a Few years ago. Now those were T.

The Girl Of My Best Friend - Elvis Presley - Love Songs (Cassette), Dafol - Various - The Divinity Of Music, A New Beginning (CD), Mix - Dj B.Loo - Blunted Dog (Cassette), 27-3 - Max Boyce - "Not That I Am Biased..." (Vinyl, LP), Tutti Frutti - Puhdys - RocknRoll Music (Vinyl, LP, Album), Bloomdido - Various - Death To Fanatics (Iron Man Records Compilation CD 1999-2014) (CD), Y - Torturing Nurse - Coveryeye (Lathe Cut), Rock Lobster - The B-52s - The B-52s (Vinyl, LP, Album), Emotion - Grouch & Eligh, The* - No More Greener Grasses (CD, Album), Im Glad Theres You - Various - Jazz City Presents... (Vinyl, LP, Album), Nemo - Various - Soundz Of The City 2010 (CD), Pestbringaren - Skitsystem / Cyness - Skitsystem / Cyness (Vinyl), Clover - Jadea Kelly - Clover (Vinyl, LP), Waiting No More - Various - Corpus Delicti Dossier Page One (Cassette)

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