Add to Cart. Add to Wishlist. Format: CD 6 Discs. Free shipping. Join ourfans. As a bonus, this collection's 6th disc kicks off with the live, promo only "Live At The Tower Theatre, Philadelphia" from a concert whilst promoting their debut record. Tracks on Disc 1: 1. White Lightning - The Babys - Anthology (Vinyl for Love 2. If You've Got the Time 3. I Believe in Love 4.

Wild Man 5. Laura 6. Rodeo 8. Over and Over 9. Read My Stars Dying Man Head Above the Waves [B-Side] If You've Got the Time [Mono] - mono. Tracks on Disc 2: 1. Wrong or Right 2. Give Me Your Love 3. Isn't It Time 4. The Golden Mile 6. Broken Heart 7. I'm Falling 8. Rescue Me 9. Silver Dreams A Piece of the Action Money That's What I Want Silver Dreams [Mono] - mono Isn't It Time [Edit] Isn't It Time [Mono] - mono.

Tracks on Disc 3: 1. Love Don't Prove I'm Right 2. Every Time I Think of You 3. I Was One 4. White Lightning 5. Run to Mexico 6. Head First 7. You Got It 8. Please Don't Leave Me Here 9. Moonlight" tends to be poorly regarded. The song would not see British release until a Greatest Hits album in From Rubber Soul"Wait" was a song that remained from the Help! Kite" in Sgt. Lennon later admitted to hating these songs, although he hated "Run for Your Life" even more, perhaps more than any other song he had ever written, because of its misogynistic lyrics.

The White Albumthe band's White Lightning - The Babys - Anthology (Vinyl double studio album, is sometimes criticised for this.

George Martin even asked them to trim it down to one album since he felt there was too much filler, but the band didn't listen, being eager to fulfil their album commitment to the EMI record label as quickly as possible.

Some consider the George Martin composed orchestrations to be this on the flip side of the Yellow Submarine soundtrack. They recorded a new version of it for Let It Be. Naked init was even dropped from the track list. Alternate Reality Episode : One interpretation one can make of them adopting the "Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band" persona for the song of the same name, in the album of the same name. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band The upbeat melody implies the singer will touch his crush's hand and they will hold hands eventually.

Given the wacky absurdist humour used throughout the disc, this sounds like something they made up, but there really was a Royal Navy ship called that. This was the only time the band shared billing with another artist. Antiquated Linguistics : "Being for the Benefit of Mr. Subverted with Lennon's Happy Rain song, "Rain". The casual music crowd of today doesn't listen to any other early 60s artists apart from The Beatles, so they are unaware of the context of the band's name.

Luckily, it can also refer to the Beat of a song rather than just the genre. Artistic License : The cover of Help! This is because they realised that their intended message looked rather awkward in semaphore form, so they instead went for a gibberish message in order to get a more aesthetically pleasing image. Artistic Stimulation : The boys have admitted that the majority of their movie Help!

Lennon: We just started joking, you know, singing "cuando para mucho. Paul knew a few Spanish words from school, you know. So we just strung any Spanish words that sounded vaguely like something. And of course we got "chicka ferdy" in. That's a Liverpool expression. John Mulaney: None of the Beatles had moustaches, but then one day all of them had moustaches.

That's weird, I can't think of a time a group has done that. But I thought you might like to know That the singer's going to sing a song. Lorne: Here it is right here. All you have to do is sing three Beatles songs.

She loves you, yeah yeah yeah. You know the words, it'll be easy. Reporter at press conference: How did you find America? John Lennon: Turn left at Greenland.

Fading into the Next Song : "Sgt. Then the "Sgt. Failed a Spot Check : No one in the court noticed Maxwell getting the murder weapon and stalking the judge in the courtroom? Rose and Valerie must have been making a hell of a commotion for no one see what Max was doing with his silver hammer.

Falling Bass : "Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds. Faux Symbolism : Deliberately invoked with "I Am the Walrus," written after John received a letter from a student who attended Lennon's old primary school about an English master there who was forcing his students to analyse the band's Word Salad Lyrics.

Upon finishing the song, complete with his classic "first-thing-you-see" lyrics, Lennon turned to his friend and said: "Let the fuckers work that one out! Another interpretation is that it is a Take That! Flanderization : All of the Beatles were annoyed at the simplistic roles and stereotypes they were reduced to in the media as the 'Fab Four' John the 'smart' one, Paul the 'cute' one, George the 'quiet' one, Ringo the 'funny' one, etc. In modern times, the Mc Cartney writing partnership tends to be oversimplified as 'Lennon wrote all the angstycomplexrebellious and therefore 'good' songs, whereas McCartney wrote all the Silly Love Songs and fluffy album filler.

Paul as well as the florid lullaby "Good Night", while McCartney wrote "Eleanor Rigby", a stark song about the human struggle with loneliness with a Downer Endingthe heartbreak song "For No One" plus of course "Helter Skelter", one of the hardest rock songs they band ever recorded and one frequently classified as "proto-metal".

Lennon did tend more towards Creator Breakdown in later years, though Foil : Lennon and McCartney tended to write a lot of songs on the same subject or with very similar musical techniques which showed the personality of both songwriters as well as the similarities and differences between them.

However, where "Paperback Writer" is a gritty, fast-paced, journalistic sorta-first-person letter, "Rain" is a mystical, slow-paced sorta-third-person rant. It's even better if you compare both songs with "Taxman", Harrison's first song on the album that follows, which is again very similar and very different to both.

To sum up: Paul wrote "I have to admit, it's getting better. A little better, all the time. Philosophical and reflective thinker "quiet one" George being Air the Mind Easy-going and emotional mediator "happy-go-lucky one" Ringo being Water the Heart Opinionated and passionate idealist "outspoken one" John being Fire the Soul Down-to-earth and dependable charmer "cute one" Paul being Earth the Body Four-Philosophy Ensemble : John was the Optimist slowly became the Apathetic by the end of his career as a BeatlePaul is the Optimist, George was the Cynic, and Ringo is the Realist.

Their breakup happened only after they'd all taken a turn at being the Conflicted. John became it after he discovered LSD, then George's turn came when he discovered Eastern religion and when he began to take part in songwriting, and Ringo became it when he got sick of the intra-band fighting during the making of The White Album.

Paul held out longest, but when the band's legal troubles got too much for him, he finally announced that he was quitting, thereby precipitating the timeliest breakup in popular music history. Ironically, despite or because of Epstein White Lightning - The Babys - Anthology (Vinyl the Three's manager as well, they failed to gain much of any commercial success and were sadly forgotten.

To some extent, true of The Rolling Stones as well - supposedly, Paul and John met Mick Jagger and Keith Richards at a club inand during the conversation, the two Stones off-handedly suggested that the two Beatles write a song for them.

The two bands actually made a point of coordinating their release schedules so that their respective singles and albums would come out at different times of the year, thereby ensuring that they wouldn't cut into one another's sales.

Also with The Beach Boys. To some extent, Sgt. John would write a song, Paul would top it, John would top that, Paul would top that, and so on and so forth. Eventually, George's songwriting growth would make him the Unknown Rival. It's been argued that part of the reason John came out of retirement was that Paul was writing good music again.

From Bad to Worse : For the band, after Sgt. While the music remained just as good as ever, the band members themselves started arguing a lot more often, to the point where the breakup was a Foregone Conclusion by the time it happened. Generation Xerox : When John's oldest son Julian tried to make it big as a pop star, many people felt that he was trying too hard to imitate the style of his father.

Hell, everything about Julian Lennon. Both he and his father were born to parents too young and immature to raise a child; both were pretty much abandoned by their parents though Julian did still live with his mother ; and then, by the time they had mended their respective relationships, both times the parent gets killed by LP) else. And Julian looks like his mother, Cynthia, and sounds a lot like his father. Julian's younger half-brother Sean did better, at least from an artistic POV.

Sean's indie-rock effort Into the Sun was different enough from not only Julian's more pop efforts but also the works of a certain other band who played the same genre as him who were endlessly indebted to his father, that it wound up being very well received. Sean reportedly shopped around the world for a record label that cared about his music and not his family name and found it in Beastie Boys ' label Grand Royal.

There's also Dhani Harrison, who is half of the alternative rock duo, thenewno2. And by the way, his voice sounds nearly identical to that of his father. And he somehow looks just like George. He looks so much like George that during the big tribute concert that Eric Clapton arranged a year after George's death, Paul quipped that with White Lightning - The Babys - Anthology (Vinyl onstage alongside himself, Ringo, Eric Clapton, Tom Pettyand a lot of George's other longtime friends, "It looks like George stayed young and all the rest of us got old.

His style is a lot different, though; he owes a lot to Keith Moonthough without playing exactly like him. Might have helped that Keith was his godfather Paul's son James has had a considerably more low-key musical career than any of the other Beatles sons, waiting until his mids to put out his debut album on a small indie label in He has released one more album since then but has also played rhythm guitar on some of his father's albums.

Abbey Road as a whole was intended to be this for the band, though the release of Let It Be which was begun first ended up being pushed back long enough to cause an accidental subversion of the trope. Gratuitous Panning : The stereo versions of early Beatles albums harshly separated entire tracks guitar, drums, etc to one side of the stereo field. This was because stereophonic sound stereo, for short was still in its infancy at that stage, only really used at the time in movies.

Recording engineers, well-versed in monoaural sound, had no real way to conceptualise stereo in their heads. As Beatles songs were recorded onto a four-track recorder, two tracks were hard-wired to pan hard left and hard right respectively; while the other two were reserved for vocals and overdubs, and those had pan pots, so that the vocals could sit in the centre of the stereo field or be moved back and forth.

Meanwhile, it was popular at the time to have one's speakers sit directly beside the record player with some cabinets having the speakers built right inso the harsh panning really sold consumers on the idea of stereo — a more modern mix would have not been noticeable across speakers placed 2 feet apart. By the time of Abbey Roadboth the music industry and the music consumer were sophisticated enough that that album was officially mixed by the Beatles in stereo as opposed to all of their other albums, which were mixed by the band and George Martin in mono and handed off to other engineers for the stereo version.

Abbey Road was never intended for mono, and so the Beatles and Martin supervised the eight-track stereo production, making it one of the only modern-sounding stereo Beatles albums. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band" puts the vocals on the left, and the rest on the right. The Magical Mystery Tour album puts almost everything on the left channel, brass on the right channel, and the vocals in the centre.

The sound fx stay on the centre. Most songs on the The White Album and some on Abbey Road separate the drums on one of the channels, and sometimes White Lightning - The Babys - Anthology (Vinyl of the instrumentation as well.

On the opening series of "Number 9" in "Revolution 9", "Number" is on the left and "9" is on the right. Makes it even more disconcerting. The opening of "Back in the USSR" has a jet engine noise starting in the left speaker and moving gradually over to the right, designed to create the effect of a plane passing over the listener.

It's worth noting that this trope was the reason why George Martin remixed two of the group's earlier albums Help! He also wanted to remix their first four albums as well, but thanks to EMI, didn't have enough time, so they were issued with the original mono mixes instead. Archived from the original on Retrieved Recording Industry Association of America. Archived from the original on July 1, Retrieved July 23, Archived from the original on July 11, Rovi Corporation.

Archived from the original on January 18, Retrieved January 9, Australian Chart Book — Illustrated ed. St Ives: Australian Chart Book. ISBN Hung Medien. Archived from the original on December 20, Retrieved December 18, Archived from the original on January 3, Retrieved August 11, Australia's Music Charts — Library and Archives Canada. Retrieved January 10, Media Control. Archived from the original on 3 January Retrieved 26 January

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  1. The Babys Anthology. I paid big bucks for White Lightning and Run to Mexico. No radio play, they were my favorite songs. cheap but for the quality of sound worth the extra you prefer a more rocky sound I would suggest going for the Babys final album On The Edge which fair packs a punch,excellent album and Rock Candy treatment/5(89).

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  8. Oct 30,  · This 2-LP set holds the distinction of topping the charts upon release and being the rarest LP in the UK. What makes it so collectable is the decision by sleeve designer Richard Hamilton — in conjunction with Paul McCartney — to brand each copy with a unique number, thus every edition of “The White Album” — mono or stereo — was limited.

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