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CD - Beatles, The - Help! The name is Bootsy, Baby! Outside - Bowie, David - 1. Hyde - Byrds, The - Best Slim Twig - A Sheik In Scores (Cassette. Greatest hits Vol. Lazarus Dig!! Page - Coverdale. A: We are Devo! Dre - The Cronic - Dr. Dre - - Slim Twig - A Sheik In Scores (Cassette. The Best Of. Fly - Get Cape, Wear Cape.

Skinny fists like antennas to heaven! Is Francis Trouble - Vol. How's Your Girl? Ed Jumps The Album). Gentleman;Heat Of The Night feat. Jack pres. Tsaolin;Together;;MCD;;;da n. Woood feat. Jade feat. Album Vers. Diddy;Diddy feat. Diddy;Let's Get Ill feat.

Van De Toorn;Honey Slim Twig - A Sheik In Scores (Cassette. Oli P. Hurricane G. Busta Rhymes;Don't Cha;incl. Warren G. Leila K. Soffy O. Slim Twig - A Sheik In Scores (Cassette Versionincl. Klavierkonzert Nr. Winwood, Black Box, J. Phillips, E. Use Only! Tracks Vol. Der Sampler Vol. Diddy;I Don't Wanna Know;incl. Venom [Blu-ray] Bilingual. The Addams Family.

The Thing [Blu-ray] Bilingual. Most wished for See more. Cruella Feature [Blu-ray] Bilingual. James Bond Collection Bilingual [Blu-ray].

Most gifted See more. Yellowstone: The First Three Seasons. Album) of Oz: 75th Anniversary Edition. Friends: The Complete Series [Blu-ray]. The Secret Life of Pets. Back to top. Get to Know Us.

Get A Leg Up - John Mellencamp* - Whenever We Wanted (Vinyl, LP, Album), Salma Ya Salama - Dalida - Salma Ya Salama - Ma Vie Je La Chante (Vinyl, LP, Album), Glen Campbell - True Grit / Hava Nagila (Vinyl), Is It Love - Various - Partyzone Grand Remix 93 (CD), Für Katastrophen - Heidi - Sons Of Tarantula - Hitz Mit Witz (CD, Album), Bootleggin (Part 2) - DJ Shadow & Cut Chemist - Brainfreeze (CD), Fantasy - Various - Private Lessons (An Original Soundtrack Album) (Vinyl, LP), Further Adventures In Hollow Earth, Dont Go Too Slow - Beyonce* / Destinys Child / Kelis / Lil Kim* / Cassie (2) - MP3 (CDr), Symphonie Concertante In E-Flat (K. 364) For Violin And Viola, All Ive Got - Astrud Gilberto - That Girl From Ipanema (Vinyl, LP, Album), La Valse Posthume - Carla Bruni - Little French Songs (Édition Limitée) (CD, Album), Voyager - Manzanita (3) - Pirate Lady (Vinyl, LP, Album), A Distant Speck - Autumnist* - Sound Of Unrest (Vinyl, LP, Album, Album)

Radio - P.O.R. - Loose Change (CDr, Album)

As I said, we tend to think of burnout as affecting doctors, teachers, office workers. Now, forced productivity or not feeling a sense of purpose at a day job are just two of the reasons.

On the contrary, many people are doing work they consider more important than ever. Many of us have been cut off from the people and activities that gave our life meaning before. But more than a year on, says Torsten Voigt, a sociologist at RWTH Aachen University in Germany who has researched burnout, this initial expenditure of energy may be catching up with us. People in lower-paid jobs are in fact at particular risk of burnout, precisely because they are given less resources and less support.

The world in which burnout was initially conceived was quite different to the one we live and work in today. The gig economy, automation, smartphones, zoom calls have transformed the way many of us work. Though the World Health Organisation has not defined burnout as an occupational disease, the symptoms of burnout have become medical.

Living through the pandemic has been making us sick. Any primary-care doctor will tell you that the physical-health toll of collective trauma — high blood pressure, headaches, herniated discs — have become quite common. And this has been before many people have returned to the office or resumed their pre-pandemic schedules. The mental-health crisis of the pandemic is also very real.

According to research by the Kaiser Family Foundation, a staggering four in 10 adults reported symptoms of anxiety and depression, a quadrupling of the pre-pandemic rate. More than one in four mothers reported that the pandemic has had a major impact on their mental health. Show only. Free Returns. Returns Accepted. Authorized Seller. Completed Items. Sold Items. O Sunburned Hand of the Man.

Fire Escape I only need one word to describe this album… badass! Kanye West. The College Dropout Thank you so much. ConoverApr 3, UTC. Try [6] from the Library of Congress. They might have other collections to search, too. Gentgeen4 Apr UTC.

Does anyone know exactly what the first movie was whose characters referred to themselves ironically as characters, as in "What do you think this is, a movie? Hello, I'm a sufferer of premature white hair, and I'm interested in knowing the cause of this condition, particularly given my rather young age of Much thanks in advance.

I had a TBI 4years ago. I took my first swim class yesterday! BUT,now the back of knee hurts! What is name of that muscle,how can I strengthen,stretch it? I was wondering at what point did the names in the bible receive their meanings? For example, Isaiah, which means the salvation of the Lord. Did that name always mean that or did it get its meaning after Isaiah became know for being a prophet and trying get Isreal to turn back to God?

And this question is posed for other names as well that have a meaning that refers to God in someway in the bible. Do we have a page on the Australian Question Inflection under whatever its real name is? I also have other key questions but i have found satisfactory information on them. Does anyone know if there is a simple formula for calculating the variation in an object's weight as it descends a mineshaft? Perhaps someone has even tried the experiment. It might be easier to assume that the Earth has uniform density.

Even better would be a general formula that worked for height above the ground as well as depth below it. Thanks, DrBob. At first I thought your answer was too simple, but then I found this excellent article which explains why you are right.

Can anyone find the exact date of Isabella's escape into exile? Thhe closest I can get is "late September" of I'm trying to update the year pages to have the heads of state during each year.

Any information on who was officially the head of state in Spain during the Republic i. I am trying to find out what dress and field uniforms consisted of looked like for a Lt. I'd surely appreciate images or text descriptions. Thank you. Nan Z. This phrase, which might be rendered as "It's solved by walking around", pops up occasionally, with a vague attribution to Saint Augustine or sometimes to somebody else.

Is there anyone anywhere who actually knows where it comes from? DandrakeApr 6, UTC. Why is it that the country known in its own language as "Deutschland" is called in English "Germany," in the Romance languages some variant of "Alemania," and in the Scandinavian languages "Tyskland"? How did these different names come about for the same place? Mjklin7 Apr UTC. I am trying to confirm whether or not Ajars were deported to Central Asia by Stalin, along with other Caucasians It would help me to have a scholarly reference.

Thanks if you can help. I am trying to find information on my great grandfather's ship building in Singapore around His name was Daniel Robb originally from Forfar, Scotland. He had built "Heart's Ease" and "Rainbow" with Mr.

Buyers, his partner. In an old newspaper article from Singapore, these ships were called "Sarawack Steamers". So, I entered "Lloyd's of London" for my search and entered up with your site which is great but I can't seem to get into any Radio - P.O.R.

- Loose Change (CDr that will give me any information about ships built outside of the UK and especially in the mid 's. An origins story? First of all, sorry by my engrish.

I'm not a medic but I have an old big yellow medicine book with a medieval picture in the cover called Principles of Surgery Schwartz, Shires, Spencer, Stores,3rd edition I'm not an expert, but, I think, this is a classical textbook, along with Guyton. So, what Gm stands for? I've found nothing either in gram unit or talk:gram unitand besides:. So, if Gm stands for gram, why the author putted mg for milligrams? Is Gm a medical jargon? DrBob is right that in the context Gm refers to grams and is a mid century american abbreviation which became obsolete with international standardization of abbreviations in medical journals starting in the late s.

The sentences you quote appear to refer to fasting fuel metabolism and treatment of adrenal crisis; there are more current sources of info on these topics than an old surgical text though Schwartz' description of both topics is still basically usable. Well, thanks for the help folks!

I also thinked Gm as Gigamoles, but ruled it out, since a billion mol of any element or chemical compound would weight several metrical tons.

The information I needed was the historical context of Gm, wich alteripse has just provided right now. By the way: chapter one was "Endocrine and Metabolic Responses to Injury". Regards, Why is the name "Houston St.

What is the code to insert a final sigma looking somewhat like an English S into a Wikipedia page? I've tried ;sigmafbut it hasn't worked.

I have not been able to find information on the "Nelson" the Half or Full-Nelson is named after. I am ready to give up, but thought I would try posting the question to Wikipedia. Where can I get information about Third Reich soldiers fighting U. In other words, the pot shots at Allied soldiers and battles with the Nazis in Europe after the war ended?

Also, where can I find the most accurate figures on the casualites in Iraq since the U. I'm looking for both military and civilian casualities. I'd also like to compare the number of deaths in Iraq from the genocidal actions of Saddam's regime to the deaths incurred in the present operation to liberate Iraq. I remember that early on in the invasion of Iraq there was a commonly shown picture of some Iraqi citizens welcoming the US Troops, and one had a sign that said "Democracy, Whisky and Sexy".

Now, when I google for it, I only get blogs that are now using the phrase ironically. Even when I use google imagesI only get a blog banner that has pirated the phrase. Does anyone know where I can get a good news photo of the original banner?

Hi there! I have a Xavier Cugat original caricature that I want to sell. I know he worked for the Los Angeles Times during some time.

Any ideas who would be interested? Where to go to get it evaluated? You can reach me at latvsion hotmail. I was curious how you would write the female name of Jordan in aramaic.

Or the initials J L L would also be sufficient. Thank You. If you have ever seen a PBEM RPG, you will know that many have their own small academies in order to assess new players and impart to them the rules and regulations of the particular simm.

What we would like to do is build an academy and create links with many simulations so that we can train and award qualifications that can be accepted by these simmulations. We are planning many training programs, including ones aimed at more experienced simmers. We have already been in contact with websites and organisations who have offered to provide resources and guidance, so that we can plan this academy and one day make it a reality. Below I have provided a list of some of the jobs that need filling, but in general, as this is still in such an early stage we are open to any help we can get and are willing to accept ideas and suggestions.

You may already be a part of a simulation that wants to join the academy program, although we have not yet started advertising to simulations, and will not until there is more information available on the web. This job will involve dealing with and helping outsiders and watching over other groups like simulation liaison and advertising.

This job will be one were yo can put in as much or little time as you like. In general we are looking for people who would be interested in helping to build the academy and run it.

We would be perfectly happy to accept someone with another idea for a role or someone who would like to combine two roles. If you are at all interested or would just like Radio - P.O.R. - Loose Change (CDr ask a question do not hesitate to contact me at:. I'm doing a project on JFK for school and I would be very interested to find out how President Kennedy's children had a treehouse on the lawn in front of the White House.

Surely a treehouse has to be in a tree? I know that Karl Friedrich Gauss once created five I don't recall the exact number, it may be 15 as well rules to one gets out of a labyrinth. If you can mark the paths, and mark the nodes where the paths meet, and where a new node is one you haven't yet visited, while an old node is one you have visited:.

Not sure if this is Gauss or Euler or someone else's algorithmbut it should work whether or not there are "islands". It certainly doesn't find the shortest path, but it should find a path if there is one.

Maybe someone who knows the subject better can write something on mazes for topology or graph articles. Thank you, Nunh-huh. I have seen this information once when I was thirteen now I am 23 in a mathematical encyclopedia, in a chapter about topology, but I've found nothing in the maze article there is a link to "creating mazes algorithm" but none to "solving mazes". I have also seen something about a muslim symbol, wich interested me a lot and wich I also have a question.

See right below. I've always believed that German Hessen was "Hesse" of English, but it seems to me as the Wikipedia is becoming increasingly international. Does that mean that local names are better to use than more English sounding? Wikipedia policy is to use the version of the name that is most well-known by English speakers. Could someone who knows more about Japan check it out? Not Cold.

The apartment was in Brighton Beach, and I mean right on it. Each time the sound of the waves were very present something that is mirrored only by the hiss of the tape deck onto which I usually recorded everything. There was also fog, so that once in a while deep boat horns could be heard. Thinking back, that changed the way I played music then, for sure.

I came back to the beginning, the first tapes I did with theses songs, it was short but it was all there and adding any other track seemed redundant. So I really had no choice but do it like this. I wanted to speak about the inner instrument, and what that would touch, involve, and reveal.

With the background hiss, which was somewhat accidental, it gave me and it an outer frame, a room with a window to the outside. But a solo is a journey inside, immersing and closing, a self heart opening, while your ghosts are watching Right now I am mainly interested in having the most expression with the simplest and most basic material but, I suspect there is not really such a thing as a basic material, there is just another scale of intrinsicness, complexness.

I learned with every musician I ever played with, and also with my favorite players and composers, listening again and again to their music, playing along with them, going to concerts, etc.

In the beginning I was interested in all instruments or anything that made sound really, trying out different ways of approaching composition ZM Dagar just seems like he is singing his soul out. He plays a a Rudra Veena which is a sort of bass with huge frets for bending notes. It really strikes me how much meaning and weight there is in each note, is is like a whole thought or a whole picture.

His playing is so moving to me. Playing with him is like discovering another dimension in music, one that you feel only. We met in and started playing together shortly after that.

Since then he has been a huge inspiration as a musician and a human being, a solid foundation and a driving force for me, but mostly a great friend and an incredible supporter. He had asked me to do a solo for his label some years ago, but my urge to do it only came much later. So when the possibility to make the record came up, he produced it and helped the editing process.

Barry Weisblat did the mastering. It is great to work with people that know you for years, that you trust In this case two wonderful people that really understand what I wanted without any talking or explanation.

Also it's my way of trying and wanting to give back what Album) many have gave to me, since always. Bianchi, Blow Up As the name of the label implies, the releases on Manuel Mota's imprint are beams of light emerging from the surrounding darkness. But at times only just. Bassist Margarida Garcia recently teamed up with another gaunt, spectral figure of new music, guitarist Loren Connors Red MarsFamily Vineyardand it was a perfect match.

Here though she's all alone, ruck and wrinkle, drooping, dying, death's worst, winding sheets, tombs and worms and tumbling to decay. Arco on the title track, pizz on "Haunts", with Barry Weisblat's recording, which manages to sound muffled and reverberant at the same time, perfect for this discreet, at times painfully introspective music. Live in hope. Dan Warburton, Paris Transatlantic. There are some of the qualities of a field recording to this one-sided LP of solo, electric arco work from Portuguese double bassist Margarida Garcia.

The sounds seem to come from a distance, through a hum of charged, electrical atmosphere, as though the microphone has retreated to a safe distance in order to catch the slow, lumbering stirrings of some far-off leviathan. Daniel Spicer, The Wire. Portugese bassist Margarida Garcia remains one of the most distinctive improvising voices on her instrument even as she moves well beyond contemporary improv praxis with an umbilical that runs deep into the contemporary psychedelic underground.

Mike Wood, Foxy Digitalis. Here Garcia plays solo bass in two pieces, however filling only one side of the record. The bass upright sounds exactly like it should sound, dark and menacing but its throughout very quiet music.

Garcia plays her instrument with refined slowness and let's the bass 'sing' - creating a lot of space at the same time. Radio - P.O.R. - Loose Change (CDr music and one regrets, a lot actually, there is no b-side to this. Refined quietness. Frans de Waard, Vital Weekly Tom Carter - guitar, piano, synthesizer, bass. Cristina Carter - guitar, piano, vocals. Helena Espvall - cello and Margarida Garcia - el. Chicago, IL. Album) is the new Charalambides album. The group remains the core duo of Christina and Tom Carter, with contributions on one track by the string section of Helena Espvall and Margarida Garcia.

Deeply imbued with the full historical spectrum of American folk and blues song form, Exile is a tapestry of suppliant invocations directed at the heart of the unseen spiritual forces surrounding us. Dense arrangements and thickly-overdubbed tracks sit side-by-side with material that ranks among the sparest and most skeletal the group has recorded, giving Exile the psychic scope of their classic Market Square album while building on the refinements of the more recent Likeness and A Vintage Burden releases.

Red Mars. Loren Connors. Loren Connors - electric guitar. Margarida Garcia - electric doublebass on "On our way". Artwork by Loren Connors. A five-song ode to the Red Planet, the album presents a sort of sonic landscape constructed out of nothing more than a few guitar tracks. Ron Wadlinger, Agit Reader. Family Vineyard. Glimpses of the Inner Firmament Book. You are a ghost blog. Hand-numbered edition of copies cassette compiled by ex-ESP Disk employees now in charge of the new Northern Spy imprint.

Four-way split from some of the brightest voices in the post-drone underground. Highly recommended. Headlights LPH14, Lisbon Urban Disease Billy Bao. And demented this stuff is, beginning with a loooooong stretch of barely there hushed crawl, voices, drones, all way down in the mix, played in the store it almost sounds silent, but don't crank the volume, cuz soon from the silence explodes a monstrous chunk of downtuned dirgery, wrapped in swirls of warped buzz and woozy layered crunch, a simple caveman beat pounding away, weirdly hypnotic, like some sort of kraut-noise-rock, which gives way to stuttery staticky stop and start rhythmic hiss, spitting out an almost martial sounding rhythm, underpinned by strange mumbled vox and peppered with shards of feedback and deep tectonic rumbles.

After still more near silence, BB and co. Soon after comes maybe the coolest part of the record, a twisted bit of skipping stuttering skittery free jazz, almost like some drunk turntablist spinning dusty old Coltrane records, at the wrong speed, while some nervous footed punter continually kicks the plug out of the wall only to plug it right back in again, dizzying and almost carnivalesque. After still more whispered drift, another bout of pounding feedback drenched noiserock, culminating in a final stretch of near silence, punctuated by sharp bursts of caustic blown out crunch and fucked up grinding howl, rhythmic and dementedly mesmerizing.

Some serious outsider noiserock damage for sure. Definitely headphone listening, but headphones WITH earplugs!

Fates Warning - Iron Maiden - No Prayer For The Dying (Vinyl, LP, Album), Worlds Collide - CyberHum - Liquid Time (CD), Same Vision (Peter Oski Remix), Heavy Rhythm - Unknown Artist - The Cat - Custom Audio Traxx / Creative Advertising Thematics (Vinyl, Constant Nothing - Joyce Manor - Joyce Manor (Vinyl, Album), Engendreando al antichristo - Satanas (6) - Blasfemia (Vinyl), Up For It, King Of The World - Sheila & B. Devotion - King Of The World (CD, Album), Una Pistola Per Ringo - Ennio Morricone - Una Pistola Per Ringo / Il Ritorno Di Ringo (Colonne Sonor, Baby Girl - Burgaboy - BASSic Mixtape Volume 1 (CD, Album), Mowglis Blues - Jef Gilson Big Band - Jef Gilson Big Band Vol.1 (Vinyl)

Waiting For The Night - Ghost B.C.* - If You Have Ghost (CD)

If ever you wanted to hear "new" Genesis music from the period, this is both the band and the album to seek out. Drummer Roberto Leoni's playing is so crisp and enjoyable. Vocalist Simone Rossetti's duplication of Peter Gabriel's diction, range, and style is sheer perfection--remarkable. This band deserves more credit for both the incredible detail to which their imitation goes as well as to the fact that their compositions are all totally original, not remakes.

This is my first review of an album on Prog Archives. I've considered posting a review before for other albums, but wasn't quit motivated enough, until now. I've only recently heard Ghost and some of the other albums from The Watch for the first time, based primarily Waiting For The Night - Ghost B.C.* - If You Have Ghost (CD) the reviews and write-up Ghost is a Genesis clone. There is no doubts about that. But I guess that's open for debate.

The pro Love it or hate it, there is something special about this album that stands out beyond others in this sub-genre of progressive rock. Why would one hate this CD? I read all the reviews I could find on this band and fully expected a Genesis clone band the likes of which have not been seen since Kyrie Eleison or Newschwanstein.

I have no problem with clones if done well. I was hoping and expecting "the best album Genesis never released". Boy was I mis I'm not usually very keen on clone bands, but this time I must say that I was blown away No need to say that this sounds very much like peter gabriel era Genesis One of the best prog band ever!!! It meant a lot to me, listening to 'Ghost'. It brought me straight back to my youth in which I discovered the meaning of excellent music.

Then I discovered Genesis. I was 15 now I'm What Genesis did in their early period was pure excellence. Since that moment, I have discovered a lo Some say a clone, some a poor impression of PGG.

I say WOW what an excellent album, so good in fact that it rated as my album of the year in What's all the rubbish about clones, most great prog bands wear their influences proudly on their sleeves. You must be a forum member to post a review, please register here if you are not. Copyright Prog Archives, All rights reserved.

Please consider supporting us by giving monthly PayPal donations and help keep PA fast-loading and ad-free forever. Maybe both. Well this not that bad if you don't mind impersonators but purpose-less IMHO. I saw them live as still the Nightwatch and they came across the public not just me but almost everybody bar a few over-enthusiasts who would like to remain blind as Genesis wanabees.

Apart from those considerationsthey do a good job at what they dobut I sense not much personality and this is enough for me to give it a negative review. I'm waiting for the night to fall I know that it will save us all When everything's dark Keeps us from the stark reality I'm waiting for the night to fall When everything is bearable And there in the still All that you feel is Waiting For The Night - Ghost B.C.* - If You Have Ghost (CD). There is a star in the sky Guiding my way with its light And in the Waiting For The Night - Ghost B.C.* - If You Have Ghost (CD) of the moon Know my deliverance will come soon.

I'm been waiting for the night to fall I know that it will save us all Now everything's dark Keeps us from the stark reality I'm been waiting for the night to fall Now everything is bearable And there in the still All that you feel Waiting For The Night - Ghost B.C.* - If You Have Ghost (CD) tranquility.

There is a sound in the calm Someone is coming to harm I press my hands to my ears It's easier here just to forget fear. And when I squinted, the world seemed rose-tinted And angels appeared to descend To my surprise with half-closed eyes Things looked even better than when they were opened.

Quiero recibir notificaciones de Waiting For The Night - Ghost B.C.* - If You Have Ghost (CD) destacados y noticias. Compartir en Facebook Compartir en Twitter. Obviously, it's about how mankind relate to the presence of the devil. Historically, it's always been the female body that has taken the fall for that, which is what happened in this case. The problem was a vagina in the art not the inverted crosses. NET story or review, you must be logged in to an active personal account on Facebook.

Once you're logged in, you will be able to comment. NET does not endorse, or guarantee the accuracy of, any user comment. To report spam or any abusive, obscene, defamatory, racist, homophobic or threatening comments, or anything that may violate any applicable laws, use the "Report to Facebook" and "Mark as spam" links that appear next to the comments themselves.

Putting On The Ritz - Various - Nostalgia (Cassette), The Palisades - Heaven Is Being With You / Make The Night A Little Longer (Vinyl), Every Breath - Tracy Bonham - The Burdens Of Being Upright (Vinyl, LP), Vicious Cycles - Henry Canyons - Dubplates from Jakarta # 6 (Canyonland) (Vinyl, LP), Puna - Paxariño* - Pangea (CD, Album), Got 2 Get U Back - Various - Millennium - Mega Top 100 - 19 Year 1999 - Volume 5 (CD), Young Time - Piero Umiliani - Questo Sporco Mondo Meraviglioso (Original Soundtrack) (CD, Album), Concrete Show (Concrete Mix) - Kobalt 60 - Kaos From Order (Vinyl), Pattern Is Movement - All Together (CD, Album), Dave Brubeck - The Very Best Of. 13 Super Hits (CD)

I See Dizzy

Follow Us a Menu. Regular DL. Save room for dessert, the pecan pie is unbeatable! And, the cornbread was out of this world! Everything is homemade and special. We'll be back. The chicken fell off the bone, literally. Mashed potatoes were incredible. An irregular heartbeat, called an arrhythmia, means your heart beats either too slow or too fast, which can in turn affect the blood supply that reaches your brain, Dr.

Phillips says. This kind of sudden fainting, often without any warning, is most concerning, says Melissa S. That kind of experience immediately makes emergency docs think of abnormal heart rhythms, which are the most common cause of sudden cardiac deathaccording to the Mayo Clinic.

Your heart relies on four valves to evenly distribute blood throughout your entire body. However, some people develop problems with their heart valves at birth, meaning their hearts have to work harder to function properly. These congenital issues are likely to occur in younger people, Dr. Valve problems can restrict blood flow and may cause lightheadedness or dizziness, especially during exercise, she says. Certain meds, like painkillers and some anti-anxiety pills, can produce dizziness or lightheadedness.

This happens I See Dizzy they affect your brain directly or they slow your heart rate or lower your blood pressure in a way that can provoke those symptoms, Dr. GAFFA68. Retrieved on 20 October Retrieved on 28 October Retrieved on 22 December Retrieved on 21 December Tim C. Retrieved on 15 December Retrieved on 10 November Retrieved on 6 December Retrieved on 16 January Retrieved on 9 November Retrieved on 9 May IFPI Danmark.

Retrieved 8 October Archived from the original on Retrieved Retrieved 1 April Retrieved March 25, Retrieved 20 December Authority control. MusicBrainz artist. Categories : Danish alternative rock groups Danish rock music groups EMI Records artists Musical groups established in Musical groups disestablished in Musical groups reestablished in Danish musical trios.

Namespaces Article Talk. Views Read Edit View history. Help Learn to edit Community portal Recent changes Upload file. Download as PDF Printable version. Wikimedia Commons. Dizzy abbreviation [1] DML abbreviation [2]. CopenhagenDenmark. Grunge Alternative rock Power rock. Tim Christensen. JP: 2, [77]. Released: 8 December Label: Columbia. In later series and Winter Wipeout, the contestant does not have to re-attempt the obstacle if they I See Dizzy off; they simply swim to the next to save time.

In addition, Series 5, Episode 3 was the first episode to feature an all-female Wipeout Zone, whilst in its existence, not a single contestant fell off the Seesaw of Truth.

The fastest time of on the old Wipeout Zone was set by James Series 2, Episode 8and he matched that time in Champions of Champions. The fastest regular contestant time in the new Wipeout Zone was set by both Scott and William with albeit during different shows.

In the Celebrity Special 8, Dalton Grant beat the record withmaking him the record holder. The nine main episodes of Series 4 winning times were seconds or under, with being the fastest and being the slowest. The winning times have varied for those who competed in Winter Wipeout.

The fastest winning time is set by Dan A, Episode 8 and the slowest winning time is set by Mica, Episode 5. The slowest time was set in I See Dizzy 5, by Ross who finished in John W was the only contestant who crossed the Impossible Snowflakes twice.

Alongside the regular episodes, a variety of special episodes were held after the main competition. Series 2—5 Starting from Series 2 was a Finalin which the finalists from the previous episodes would tackle the course again to determine who would be crowned "Champion of Champions". Although meant to feature all three Wipeout Zone contestants from each heat, no Final has featured all of them.

A similar special episode, called Last Chance Saloonfeatured in Series I See Dizzy. Series 4 In Series 4 there has been a North vs. South Special with individuals from the North and the South of the country to see "who is better". Also in Series 4 there was an International Special in which a handful of British contestants went head-to-head with contestants from around the world as Total Wipeout went global for the first time, each side captained by a former Total Wipeout "legend", Les Series 2, Episode 3 captain of Team GB and Ali Series 3, Episodes 1 and 9, Series 4, Episode 9 captain for rest of the world.

During Total Wipeout's run, celebrity specials have been aired since series 2. The format is slightly different from the original show. There are ten celebrities in each show and all of them compete in both the Qualifier and the following round.

After these rounds points are given, with the best performing celebrity scoring ten, and the worst performer receiving one. After the two rounds the points are added up and the five highest scorers progress to Stage 3.

In the case of a tie, the celebrity with the faster Qualifier time goes through. This mainly happened in Series 3 celebrity specials: Episode Michela Strachan and Tony Tobin both had 12 points, Michela went through as her qualifier time was faster than Tony's Episode Nina Toussaint-White and John Regis has 12 points, Nina went through as her qualifier time was faster than John's but Jeremy Edwards was injured so John replaced him.

The winner was Luke Bailey. In the special Richard Hammond filmed his segments on set I See Dizzy Buenos Aires. Nancy Lam was supposed to take part, but had to pull out and spectate. Series 4 Another two specials were broadcast at the close of the series. Dean Macey won the show with Ian Watkins finishing as runner-up and Andy Akinwolere in third place, after retiring from the competition because of an injury. Series 5 The fifth series kicked off with another two celebrity editions on 27 August and 3 September During Winter Wipeout's run, two celebrity specials were aired.

Most games are almost identical to the originals, and most games and a few obstacles retain their American names. Differences are relatively minor, but are as follows:. Series 1 contained eight episodes, airing from 3 January to 21 Marchand one Total Wipeout Awards special, which aired on 4 April

Έλα, Μη Μ’ Αφήνεις Μόνο Μου, Paralyzed - Iamnobodi - Elevated (Vinyl, LP, Album), One - Various - Doorslam (CD), California Analog Dream, Sensual Seduction Feat. Robyn (Fyre Dept. Remix), Guaratiba - Degas*, Weiser*, Rodach* - Xiame (Vinyl, LP), Full Crate & FS Green - Mixing January 2012 (File, MP3), Always On My Mind - Elvis Presley - Love Songs (Cassette), Rimini - Les Wampas - Rimini (CD), Flashdance ( What A Feeling) (2001 Remix From The Film The Thin Pink Line) (DJ Sam-plings Club Mix), Lava Flow - Aphrodite - A Coupla Trickz (CD), Parish - The Imperialist Pigs - Cork Screw Pork Sword EP (Vinyl)

Anthem - Jaugernaut - Contra-Mantra (CD)

Anka had already expected the winds-of-change and was already catering to a much older, and richer, audience. During this period he was performing and writing; he only returned to recording after the British Invasion. He was inducted into the Songwriter Hall of Fame in With notes from Patricio Calderon and Mary Anka.

She moved to Jupiter record for several more singles. Inshe decided to leave the music business and finish her education. Upon completion she decided to return to music in and musical friend Johnny Farago introduced her to producer Guy Cloutier. They had two children together and she retired from the music scene in Instead, she worked for two years as host and singer on the show Les Tannants with Pierre Marcotte.

In the band relocated to Vancouver, British Columbia. None of the members were injured. Thus was born an instant slang term in the Canadian cultural vernacular. The band toured constantly all over the world, opening in Canada for the likes of Iron Maiden. The band was in record deal limbo for a few years before Metal Blade in the US signed them.

Shortly after the release of the album, Allison left the band and was replaced by American Sebastian Marino. With the departure of Gibson and McPhail they changed their name to The Anvil Chorus their new material had a more psychedelic approach as they released several more singles on New Syndrome. A name change to the Anvils was an attempt to carry keep the fire burning but it eventually fell apart in Propelled by the voice and lyrics of Daphne Diamant, AHT mixed their pop and punk roots in the pared-down four piece configuration which has been described by Diamant as Pete Hudson ex-Dundrells on methadone.

As the punk scene faded a deal to replace Lucasta Ross in the B-Girls fell through and Diamant found herself in and out of various acts throughout the remainder of the s. The band featured Derek Gassyt and when it finally imploded he joined Moving Pictures. With an abundance of touring under their belts, including a stint out west, the band garnered additional radio attention. Diamant and Gassyt eventually relocated to the U. They decided to perform for real after taking it from a joke act of the sing-and-play-at-the-same-time variety to heavy Ontario bar circuit contenders as guaranteed crowd pullers.

They won second place in the Maxell Metallion Marathon. With notes from Cat Rood. Manni Fink, primarily a dancer, was originally from the piece Calgary show band Stratus Faction who had several CBC specials recorded in at the Manitoba Theatre Centre prior to joining Appleshine. She was also Miss Calgary in and runner-up Miss Canada the following year.

They finally relocated the family including two other sisters to London, England, before their mother married an American and uprooted the family again to New York.

Natalie Appleton attended high school there and eventually quit to sing at a country club in the Catskill Mountains. The single was unsuccessful and, the duo parted ways with Rainford and left ZTT.

The act would go on to sell out two UK tours, win two Brit Awards and sell millions of albums. Natalie Appleton released a solo single of the title track. Shortly after infighting divided the band ranks between original members Blatt and Lewis with the Appletons. The band eventually called it quits in early on the eve of a British tour and the Appleton sisters pursued a career as a duo.

The group split up a second time. In Mayfollowing the death of original All Saints member Simone Rainford, the remaining members reunited to do opening dates in Europe with the Backstreet Boys.

In Decemberhis next door neighbor, Jimmy Henman convinced him to join a group composed of himself and his cousins, Ritchie and David Henman. Jimmy and Goodwyn had previously played together in several bands including East Gate Sanctuary while David and Ritchie played in the Lower Anthem - Jaugernaut - Contra-Mantra (CD) group Prism not to be confused with the famous Vancouver group of the same name.

The name April Wine was coined by David for no apparent reason other than the two words sounded good side-by-side. When an opening at the Laugh-In Club came up, they performed to a good reception. After several more area gigs, a management and recording deal was signed in August They soon began work on their self-titled debut album for Aquarius Records.

This single went No. The toured as openers for Mashmakhan before headlining many smaller Canadian dates. The album went on to sell overcopies. This allowed the band to tour in Canada with Heart. They were able to parlay this into a headlining tour in the southern United States upon returning to North America. Goodwyn put April Wine to bed for a long rest with an eye to working on a solo career from his new home in the Bahamas.

However, April Wine still contractually owed Capitol Records one more album. While living in the Caribbean, Goodwyn released a solo album to middling reviews and zero sales. Soon, a serious discussion to revive April Wine followed. Greenway, also licking the wounds of an aborted solo career was the first to sign on. Segal would leave the band in and April Wine would continue on the road as a four piece over the next five years. Late also saw the departure of Jerry Mercer from the band.

After a cancer scare and about to turn 70 years of age in the spring ofMercer decided to retire. He was replaced by Blair Mackay. During the middle of their encore an argument between Butler and Reed led to Reed quitting the band on the spot.

Mills would follow suit after the show as well. Win Butler then recruited his brother William and Tim Kingsbury as replacements and carried on with the promotion of the new release. By the end of the year indie label Merge Records signed the band to a deal.

The album went gold in Canada and the UK by November with global sales of overcopies worldwide. Both artists would collaborate on the release of an exclusive iTunes EP release of several live tracks.

The album was leaked to peer-to-peer networks in January and officially released two months. Touring resumed with dates in North America starting in September In early Arcade Fire would also tour Australia and New Zealand for the first time in early with dates in Europe to follow.

The album won the Polaris Music Prize. Masson left the group in to pursue a career in broadcasting and was replaced by Charlesworth on bass. They released an independent album in followed by a single on Hallmark and subsequently signed with Cancut Records in to produce several regional hit singles.

In he opened his home studio in Etobicoke and is still teaching contemporary piano, orchestration and arranging. Burt has played solo piano in most major Toronto hotels over the past 30 years, including the Four Seasons and Downtown Sheraton Centre. Also in Brennan passed away followed by Scott and McKay in Pernokis had to retire due to arthritis and Dixon wound up as lead singer with The Original Replay Band the rhythm section of the Majestics and one of three vocalists along with Jay Jackson and Sharon Smith with The Majestics.

But her idol was Karen Carpenter whom she emulated while strumming along to guitar which she had learned to play by listening to John Denver records. Much of this, and a tense home life led to an abusive bought with alcohol which she would give up by age MacGonigill trailed Arden around Calgary following her every move and urging her on.

She finally signed a management deal 6 months later. The album has sold an impressivecopies to date. In a tour supporting Chris Isaak earlier in the year, the venues ranged from a couple of hundred people to several thousand and larger.

But a tour of the U. Circa CS Both songs made the Canadian Top Records label. Following the end of their TV run they changed their name to Les Motions for two records featuring guest vocalists and then they returned to recording as The Aristocrates before adopting the name they used on their TV show — Les Aristos — in The album yielded four singles which all did well at college and commercial rock radio.

The CD debuted at No. Griffin is currently finishing school. Singles Oh, the Boss is Coming! They played their first show in June and split up in It was also playlisted on over radio stations as far away as France and Scandanavia. After a one-year teaching job, Arsenault decided to pursue a career as a singer and songwriter.

To this end, she toured the country several times, playing wherever she could. Three more successful albums followed. It was a period of sold-out shows, awards and tremendous success. After taking time off to re-assess her life and career, Arsenault moved into the field of radio for two years. Steve Goode, from The Poles, rounded out the line-up on bass.

Gammage replaced Steve Goode on bass in The group fought tooth and nail for their own gigs including opening slots for The Ugly and The Viletones. Tuesdai would drop his stage name and, as Rude Van Steenes, established popular Toronto underground act Glamatron!

They produced a self-titled EP in which was recorded at Elora Sound. Albums Artok Kanvas JM After one single on London Records the band lasted until His current working assignment is the Jenny Kerr Band. By they had a reputation for being an incredible live band that had opened in major stadium venues across North America for the likes of DOA and Tupelo Chain Sex.

They added a fourth member, Blake Cheetah, and Collins switched to guitar to create a bigger, fuller Asexuals sound. They had become complacent and caring more about how much beer was on the rider rather than the music.

As they were about to pack it in, a German promoter got his hands on the album and had the band stick it out through seat venues in Europe which rejuvenated the act.

However, before they could hop back in the studio bassist Blake Cheetah left. Inthe group added Michel Proulx organ and singer Annie Darcy. Les Assasins performed regularly until disbanding in With notes from Serge Gingras and Michel Charbonneau. They suffered through several line-up changes and finally split up in In Robert left and was replaced by Guillemette. Hawkins, like he had done with so many versions of The Hawks like The Band and Crowbar before them, taught the guys the ropes about professional showmanship and playing abilities.

In late Choquette left the band and was replaced by Roger Milette. Milette left the band in ad was replaced by Jean Pilon. They split up at the end of With notes from Michel Charbonneau. Auf der Maur finally managed the time to record a self-titled solo album in Levine would go on to be a member of Triumph. John, New Brunswick and spent his formative years in jail he has served time twice for break and entry and drug chargesdrinking, experimenting with drugs or generally reeking havoc before settling into a more mature lifestyle writing songs about those experiences.

Austin moved to Calgary, Alberta in to begin writing is second album. However, in early January he was left with several broken and cracked ribs, a punctured right lung, and a hole in his right leg after a bull-riding accident. Julian Austin has toured steadily across Canada more than two dozen times opening for the likes of Terri Clark, Michelle Wright and Marty Stuart as well as headlining his own shows.

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Love By Starlight - Frank Chacksfield & His Orchestra - Ebb Tide (Vinyl, LP), Lazy (Norman Cook Remix) - Various - 21st Century Disco 2003 (CD), Forever Young - Various - Free Willy 2 - The Adventure Home Original Soundtrack Recording (CD), Suzanne - Herman van Veen - Suzanne / Adieu Café (Vinyl), Mimosis - Various - Noise Punxxx (File, MP3), Love Conquers All - Deep Purple - MP3 Collection (CDr), Nude Bathin, Beautiful Land - Yes - The Goddess Of Mercy (CD), Opera Song - Various - The Very Best Of Euphoric Dance Breakdown (CD), There Is No Love Between Us Anymore - Pop Will Eat Itself - The Radio 1 Sessions 1986-7 (CD), Bell Song (From Lakmé), X-Generation - The Dogs DAmour Feat. Yella (6) - When Bastards Go To Hell (CD, Album), Frankie Valjo En De Spots* - N Avond Om Nooit Te Vergeten (Vinyl), If I Say It, Its So - Nils Lofgren - A Rhythm Romance (Vinyl, LP)

Id Like To Have A Girl Like You - Legendary Blues Band - Woke Up With The Blues (CD, Album)

As part of the contract, Mincolla stipulated that the album be released in limited edition on vinyl, which the record company was initially against. It caused all this hype and the pre-orders started flying. The next thing I knew, we started getting offers for shows. I booked shows in week to two-week long runs whenever we had the time. During the downtime, the two rockers nerded out about video games, and when the wedding was over, they exchanged information so they could play games together over the internet.

About a year after the wedding, Jones and Mincolla were hanging out when Jones mentioned the inevitable. Suddenly, 3TEETH went from playing for crowds of about to performing for 20, ravenous Tool fans in sold-out arenas. Did we have to switch gear or use monitors? I just knew nothing. Can we try it next year? You get thrown into the water and you sink or swim. As they began the process of writing their third album, 3TEETH strived to write heavier, more aggressive songs with strong hooks that would appeal to arena audiences as well as club dwellers.

I knew I wanted the songs to have strong messages, but at the same time, I wanted to make an album that could appeal to 20, people who all wanted to rock out at the same time. I wanted there to be a certain amount of mindlessness in the music because I think mindlessness in mindfulness.

They actually make very good bedmates. Growing up in the city of Brotherly Love, Zero took to music at an early age. He entered his first studio at 10 years old and never looked back. The alternative artist has since amassed over 10 Million streams and collaborated with artists such as Id Like To Have A Girl Like You - Legendary Blues Band - Woke Up With The Blues (CD Lanez, PnB Rock and grandson.

Defying genre lines and norms, Zero toes the line of alt-rock and hip-hop. Going through this process taught me that, as both an artist and human being, you have to take risks and be willing to fail in order to truly understand who you are.

In any cultural movement there are leaders and there are followers. But most importantly, there are those uniquely innovative provocateurs that take the familiar, turn it upside down, and burn it with new creative fire.

Like a b-boy mad scientist smashing the windows of the mainstream with a Molotov cocktail of passion and inspiration, Hyro The Hero takes the fusion of rap and rock and resurrects it. His combustible concoction is one part The Clash, one part Bad Brains, and several doses of reverence for hip-hop relevance.

The artistic liberation of this lineup change, coupled with the past two years the band spent touring alongside genre-smashing acts such as Thrice, allowed Teenage Wrist to expand on the shoegazing sound that helped establish them as one of the most exciting rock bands around today. But for this record we felt like we needed to push past that in a way and get a little more aggressive.

We wanted to be more of a rock band this time around. In order to capture this sound, the band enlisted Colin Brittain Basement, A Day to Rememberwhose production style merged perfectly with what Teenage Wrist were trying to accomplish with this album. Since Brittain was such a close collaborator with the band, he was also able to analyze the best ways to record these songs and push the dynamic range of the album into bold new sonic territory.

Gallagher started writing the lyrics for Earth Is A Black Hole prior to the pandemic, however as issues like the Coronavirus and racial justice started coming to the forefront of our collective consciousness, those ideas also became embodied in the writing.

All Good Things creates cinematic epic rock that celebrates the underdog, lifts the fallen, and all out gloats in victory. Pairing post apocalyptic Album) rock with powerful lyrics, AGT crafts a massive, bombastic sensory assault of anthemic heavy rock, summoning vistas associated with gaming or blockbuster movies.

In a masterful feat of reverse-engineering, the LA-based collective has become a potent musical force in the opposite fashion from how most groups get their start. AGT has since been featured in thousands of TV shows, games, films and ads worldwide. When music started being released online, increasing numbers of dedicated fans fell in love with the fist-pounding, high-energy rock anthems and demand grew.

Brothers Lewis de Jong guitar and lead vocals and Henry de Jong drums formed the band in when they were 8 and 10 years old. The three-piece from Waipu, New Zealand, deliver emotionally and politically charged stories of conflict and grief with a warrior-like attitude. Also ingrained in their early learning were stories of New Zealand history told to them by their father, who, alongside the story telling, played them music from Metallica, Rage Against the Machine, Anthrax, Ministry, Red Hot Chili Peppers.

They have sold out headline shows in New Zealand, Australia, all over Europe, the USA and Canada; and played main stage sets to record crowds at some of the biggest and most prestigious festivals around the world. The band is managed internationally by Rick Sales Entertainment also representing Slayer, Gojira, Mastodon and Ghost ; and has a worldwide distribution deal with Napalm Records.

Reese and Sodaro met on their first day of 6th grade during student orientation. They went to different high schools where Sodaro would go on to befriend Braccio. There was an immediate dynamic between the two that ultimately led to an exchange of information. Months later Reese reached out to both Sodaro and Allard with the interest of starting a new project with them. Braccio would soon follow suit.

In the waning months of early jam sessions would yield the foundation of what Joyous Wolf has become. Fusing together influences ranging from Heavy Metal to Delta Blues, Joyous Wolf creates an expressive, high-energy fingerprint that separates themselves from their contemporaries in the realm of Modern Rock.

Exploding out of Seattle, WA, hotly-tipped hard rock five-piece AVOID have been rapidly making a name for themselves thanks to their electrifying live show and an unabashed experimental approach to their music. The result is an alchemistic audio dose of heavy hedonism the stamp of a young act unafraid to equally embrace both their innovation and individuality.

With new release The Burner, the band are poised to truly make their mark. Blame My Youth is Sean Van Vleet — a name you might not be aware of, but unknowingly heard in your headphones, in a store or on a television. As a former principal songwriter in Chicago indie faves Empires, Van Vleet expanded into the world of songwriting and syncs, providing music for major artists, ads worldwide. The lyrics and the band name itself provide a glimpse into his past battles with alcohol and substance abuse while detailing a positive and confident march toward a better future — the emergence from darkness into the blinding sunlight with a hopeful hangover.

And while the middle 10s were seemingly their moment, internal differences led to the band eventually calling it quits in Soon thereafter, Van Vleet joined Josh Ocean NVDES for a period of spiritual and artistic awakening across Europe in cafes, bars and amongst the nightlife, reinvigorating his inner Hemingway and sparking inspiration in the meantime.

This freedom we found is what propelled me into the early ideas of Blame My Youth. Not only are we really good friends, but I think we all knew that we would eventually work on something awesome together. In junior high he related to the intense emo-rock of Paramore and Fall Out Boy, and the power of songwriters like John Mayer. Meade challenges the status quo, both musically and lyrically. I would describe ridiculous stuff, and in elementary school I was a Harry Potter nerd.

Soon, though, records became his new sanctuary. One of my favorite lyricists is Alex Turner of Arctic Monkeys; the way he describes things, you can almost touch it or smell it. In recording the LP with producer Kimball, Austin committed to exploring and experimenting with new ideas.

The closing song that gives the album its title is self-referential and accepting. I own who and what I am. Playing every dimly lit restaurant stage that would help pay bills in college. Black Sheep was written and recorded in lateand meant to be released independently—until Snakefarm got a hold of it and immediately signed Meade.

Lines still stretch around the block at clubs, warehouses, and theaters on a nightly basis worldwide. Amplifiers still blare out of suburban garages everywhere. Guitars, drums, and bass still translate the emotion and energy of a generation better than anything. No matter what prevailing opinion may be, rock music still maintains its foothold just behind the pop culture curtain—as if in the wings waiting to return.

It had to be something everybody could digest in a short and sweet format. I try to get right to the point. There are so many of these kids still showing up to shows and moshing to real rock music. Born and raised in Canada, Justin cut his teeth by obsessing over the likes of Soundgarden and Led Zeppelin in his youth, while learning how to write music. Joel responded to the tracks by inviting him to Brooklyn to record at Studio G. Together, they cut the 13 tracks that would comprise the album as the band landed a deal with Spinefarm Records after a New York showcase.

You could also interpret as about a girl. Most of the lyrics deal with love and loss. You can share your feelings and still rock your face off at the end of the day. Heroes come in all shapes and sizes. You never know who you might be inspiring.

Everybody looked at us like we were crazy as hell when we first decided to do this. We do what we love with conviction. They started doing so back in However, grandma bought them a karaoke machine, and its myriad stations caught their attention. Picking up instruments, they brought Hero The Band to life. Buckling down alongside producer Donovan Jarvis in an Atlanta studio, they honed a signature sound throughout three independent releases—Goldn Hearts [], Bleach [], and Heroshima []—and logged plus shows everywhere from Super Bowl Live to AfroPunk.

Not to mention, mutually collaborating with the likes of Big K. It screams. You can spread love and use it to heal your own scars and wounds and others. Life is beautiful. We make decisions and actions that feed that image and in the attempt of making it real we end up believing that is what Id Like To Have A Girl Like You - Legendary Blues Band - Woke Up With The Blues (CD are. EGO Little by little, our frantic and desperate effort to keep this illusion gradually blinds us to what we truly are.

KILL Our true self is a silent witness of our essence, completely independent of the character, and with full potential for anything. From the beginning the band has connected with the preeminent and iconic artists of Rock and Roll. UK magazine for the Download Paris performance. EKT are also in the final stages of completing a global recording deal that will be announced shortly. The first single is slated to be released in April and full album, mid-June, Then, make their U.

Reach was a pummeling post-hardcore combo based in New York City. The band was active on the New York scene, gigging frequently with future heavy rock notables like Papa Roach and System of a Down and playing festivals like the Warped Tour. The band entered the studio in with producer Jay Baumgardner Papa Roach, Evanescenceand emerged in summer with their self-titled debut.

The band disbanded in after being dropped from label. But the story goes on…. After Reach disbanded and was dropped from their label, Rene found out his wife was pregnant with their first child.

From then on Rene went on to work at various label and record companies as well as managing producers at AAM, his current home base. It was an incredible night of good times with a bunch of close friends. Chester passed away that July. Rene fell into a dark depression. Rene also secured a record deal for the band with Tom Whalley at Loma Vista Recordings, but he was still suffering deeply from the loss of his friend.

It was the bands first show since and it quickly rekindled their friendships and their love of music. Their love for creating music as well as the importance of friends and family reinvigorated their lifelong friendship. The Debut single drops Skip to content NOV. The last song was "Try a Little Tenderness", including an additional chorus. Jones, "I think we did one of our best shows, Otis and the MG's.

That we were included in that was also something of a phenomenon. That we were there? With those people? They were accepting us and that was one of the things that really moved Otis. He was happy to be included and it brought him a new audience. It was greatly expanded in Monterey. Before Monterey, Redding wanted to record with Conley, but Stax was against the idea. The two moved from Memphis to Macon to continue writing. In early DecemberRedding again recorded at Stax.

Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band and tried to create a similar sound, against the label's wishes. His wife Zelma disliked its atypical melody. However, Redding wanted to expand his musical style and thought it was his best song, correctly believing it would top the charts.

Redding, who was 6 feet 1 inch 1. He was active in philanthropic projects. His keen interest in black youth led to plans for a summer camp for disadvantaged children. Redding's music made him wealthy. Bythe band was traveling to performances in Redding's Beechcraft H18 airplane.

On December 9, they appeared on the Upbeat television show produced in Cleveland. They played three concerts in two nights at a club called Leo's Casino. Although the weather was poor, with heavy rain and fog, and despite warnings, the plane took off.

Shortly thereafter, the plane crashed into Lake Monona. Bar-Kays member Ben Cauleythe accident's only survivor, [61] was sleeping shortly before the accident. He woke just before impact to see bandmate Phalon Jones look out a window and Album), "Oh, no! He then found himself in frigid water, grasping a seat cushion to keep afloat.

Redding's body was recovered the next day when the lake was searched. More than 4, people came to the funeral, overflowing the 3,seat hall. Redding was entombed at his ranch in Round Oak, about twenty miles 30 km north of Macon. Otis sang 'Respect when I come home. It became Redding's only single to reach number one on the Billboard Hot and the first posthumous number-one single in U. Stax was unable to regain the rights to its recordings and severed its Atlantic relationship.

Atlantic also held the rights to all unreleased Otis Redding masters. Dreams to Remember: The Legacy of Otis Redding featured 16 full-length performances and 40 minutes of new interviews documenting his life and career. Carla Thomas claimed that the pair had planned to record another duet album in December the same year, but Phil Walden denied this. Redding had proposed to record an album featuring cut and rearranged songs in different tempos; for example, ballads would be uptempo and vice versa.

The song is produced by West who built it off of a sample of Redding's version of Try a Little Tenderness. Early on Redding copied the rock and soul style of his role model Little Richard. He was also influenced by soul musicians such as Sam Cooke, whose live album Sam Cooke at the Copa was a strong influence, [69] but later explored other popular genres.

He studied the recordings of the Beatles and Bob Dylan. His hallmark was his raw voice and ability to convey strong emotion. Richie Unterberger of Allmusic noted his "hoarse, gritty vocals, brassy arrangements, an emotional way with both party tunes and aching ballads.

Especially in up-tempo numbers, his singing is more than impassioned speech but less than singing with precise pitch. Jones described Redding's singing as energetic and emotional but said that his vocal range was limited, reaching neither low nor high notes.

Redding received advice from Rufus Thomas about his clumsy stage appearance. Jerry Wexler said Redding "didn't know how to move ", and stood still, moving only his upper body, although he acknowledged that Redding was well received by audiences for his strong message. His early shyness was well known. In his early career Redding mostly covered songs from popular artists, such as Richard, Cooke and Solomon Burke. Around the mids he began writing his own songs—always taking along his cheap red acoustic guitar—and sometimes asked for Stax members' opinion of his lyrics.

During his recovery from his throat operation, Redding wrote about 30 songs in two weeks. In " Sittin' On The Dock of the Bay" he abandoned familiar romantic themes for "sad, wistful introspections, amplified by unforgettable descending guitar riffs by Cropper".

That fanner of the flame of 'Trouble's got a hold on me' music, might well be the father of the form if it is, the glorified exaltation found in church on any Sunday morning is its mother. Jones compared Redding with Leonard Bernsteinstating, "He was the same type person. He was a leader.

He'd just lead with his arms and his body and his fingers. Redding favored short and simple lyrics; when asked whether he intended to cover Dylan's "Just Like a Woman", he responded that the lyrics contained "too much text".

Basically, I like any music that remains simple and I feel this is the formula that makes "soul music" successful. There is nothing more beautiful than a simple blues tune. There is beauty in simplicity whether you are talking about architecture, art or music. Redding also authored his sometimes difficult recordings' horn arrangements, humming to show the players what he had in mind.

Redding has been called the "King of Soul", [] an honorific also given to Brown [] and Cooke. His lean and powerful style exemplified the Stax sound; [] [] [] he was said to be "the heart and soul of Stax", [] while artists such as Al JacksonDunn and Cropper helped to expand its structure.

She stated that she learned "to push a song instead of just sliding over it" after hearing Redding. He loved it, and he was going to "cut it", as Barry put it, on his return from his final concert.

They dedicated the song to his memory. Readers of the British music newspaper Melody Maker voted Redding the top vocalist ofsuperseding Elvis Presleywho had topped the list for the prior 10 years. Manson makes the argument, backed both by academic research and well-timed poop jokes, that improving our lives hinges not on our ability to turn lemons into lemonade, but on learning to stomach lemons better.

Human beings are flawed and limited—"not everybody can be extraordinary, there are winners and losers in society, and some of it is not fair or your fault. Once we embrace our fears, faults, and uncertainties, once we stop running and avoiding and start confronting painful truths, we can begin to find the courage, perseverance, honesty, responsibility, curiosity, and forgiveness we seek.

While money is nice, caring about what you do with your life is better, because true wealth is about experience. The teachings of Ruiz are best known for transforming complex human issues into simple common sense — a talent that has earned him millions of fans and international acclaim.

Janet Mills is the founder and president of Amber-Allen publishing. The explosive, long-awaited account of the making of the greatest dynasty in football history—from the acclaimed ESPN reporter who has been there from the very beginning.

How did they achieve and sustain greatness—and what were the costs? Few members of the Trump inner circle served longer or were as close to the first family as Stephanie Grisham, and few had her unique insight into the turbulent four years of the administration, especially the personalities behind the headlines.

Account Options Sign in. Top charts. New arrivals. New releases. See more. Bob Woodward. The transition from President Donald J. Trump to President Joseph R. Biden Jr. But as 1 internationally bestselling author Bob Woodward and acclaimed reporter Robert Costa reveal for the first time, it was far more than just a domestic political crisis.

Woodward and Costa interviewed more than people at the center of the turmoil, resulting in more than 6, pages of transcripts—and a spellbinding and definitive portrait of a nation on the brink. This classic study of Washington takes readers deep inside the Trump White House, the Biden White House, the campaign, and the Pentagon and Congress, with vivid, eyewitness accounts of what really happened.

Peril is supplemented throughout with never-before-seen material from secret orders, transcripts of confidential calls, diaries, emails, meeting notes and other personal and government records, making for an unparalleled history.

The Last Graduate: A Novel. Book 2. In Wisdom, Shelter. Unless, of course, I finally accept my foretold destiny of dark sorcery and destruction. That would certainly let me sail straight out of here. The course of wisdom, surely. With keen insight and mordant humor, Novik reminds us that sometimes it is not enough to rewrite the rules—sometimes, you need to toss out the entire rulebook.

The magic of the Scholomance trilogy will continue in The Wish. Nicholas Sparks. With exclusive travel photos and a special letter from the Author, only available for e-readers.

From the author of The Longest Ride and The Return comes a novel about the enduring legacy of first love, and the decisions that haunt us forever. Handsome, genuine, and newly admitted to West Point, Bryce showed her how much there was to love about the wind-swept beach town—and introduced her to photography, a passion that would define the rest of her life. ByMaggie is a renowned travel photographer.

She splits her time between running a successful gallery in New York and photographing remote locations around the world. But this year she is unexpectedly grounded over Christmas, struggling to come to terms with a sobering Id Like To Have A Girl Like You - Legendary Blues Band - Woke Up With The Blues (CD diagnosis.

Increasingly dependent on a young assistant, she finds herself becoming close to him. As they count down the last days of the season together, she begins to tell him the story of another Christmas, decades earlier—and the love that set her on a course she never could have imagined. The Jailhouse Lawyer. James Patterson. From James Patterson, the world's 1 bestselling author: a young lawyer takes on the judge who is destroying her hometown—and ends up in jail herself.

In picture-perfect Erva, Alabama, the most serious crimes are misdemeanors. Speeding tickets. Contempt of court. Then why is the jail so crowded? And why are so few prisoners released? Sometimes the best education a lawyer can get is a short stretch of hard time.

Anderson Cooper. Tabitha Brown. You are seen, you are loved, and you are heard! Tabitha grounds her lessons in stories about her own life, career, faith, and family in this funny, down-to-earth book, built around the catchphrases that her fans know and love, including: Hello There! Iron Widow. Xiran Jay Zhao. The boys of Huaxia dream of pairing up with girls to pilot Chrysalises, giant transforming robots that can battle the mecha aliens that lurk beyond the Great Wall.

It doesn't matter that the girls often die from the mental strain. When year-old Zetian offers herself up as a concubine-pilot, it's to assassinate the ace male pilot responsible for her sister's death. But she gets her vengeance in a way nobody expected—she kills him through the psychic link between pilots and emerges from the cockpit unscathed. She is labeled an Iron Widow, a much-feared and much-silenced kind of female pilot who can sacrifice boys to power up Chrysalises instead.

But now that Zetian has had a taste of power, she will not cower so easily. She will miss no opportunity to leverage their combined might and infamy to survive attempt after attempt on her life, until she can figure out exactly why the pilot system works in its misogynist way—and stop more girls from being sacrificed. Sara Gottfried. New York Times best-selling author Dr. Sara Gottfried has spent her career demystifying hormones and helping patients improve their health more broadly with personalized medicine.

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Lynette Rice. It typically wins its time slot and has ranked in the Top 20 most-watched shows in primetime for most of its seventeen-season run. It currently averages more than eight million viewers each week. The show continued to hemorrhage key players, but the beloved hospital series never skipped a beat.

Cassandra Peterson. The woman behind the icon known as Elvira, Mistress of the Dark, the undisputed Queen of Halloween, reveals her full story, filled with intimate bombshells, told by the bombshell herself. On Good Friday inat only 18 months old, 25 miles from the nearest hospital in Manhattan, Kansas, Cassandra Peterson reached for a pot on the stove and doused herself in boiling water.

But she survived. Burned and scarred, the impact stayed with her and became an obstacle she was determined to overcome. Feeling like a misfit led to her love of horror. While her sisters played with Barbie dolls, Cassandra built model kits of Frankenstein and Dracula, and idolized Vincent Price.

Due to a complicated relationship with her mother, Cassandra left home at 14, and by age 17 she was performing at the famed Dunes Hotel in Las Vegas. Then a chance encounter with her idol Elvis Presley, changed the course of her life forever, and led her to Europe where she worked in film and traveled Italy as lead singer of an Italian pop band. She eventually made her way to Los Angeles, where she joined the famed comedy improv group, The Groundlings, and worked alongside Phil Hartman and Paul "Pee-wee" Reubens, honing her comedic skills.

Nearing age 30, a struggling actress considered past her prime, she auditioned at local LA channel KHJ as hostess for the late night vintage horror movies. Archived from the original on August 7, October 9, Archived from the original on June 10, Archived from the original on June 7, Retrieved April 18, Archived from the original on March 22, Archived from the original on October 9, Las Vegas Sun.

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Archived from the original on April 6, Retrieved February 24, — via YouTube. Archived from the original on October 24, Retrieved October 23, The British Invasion: Arthur Brown. Sterling Publishing Company, Inc. Archived from the original on April 25, Retrieved December 29, December 29, Archived from the original on December 29, Tracks of My Years Radio.

BBC Radio 2. Retrieved December 13, May 22, Archived from the original on April 30, October 21, Retrieved January 13, Archived from the original on May 1, Archived from the original on March 20, MTV News.

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I Lent - Erik Satie - Aldo Ciccolini - Piano Music • Trois Gymnopédies - Six Gnossiennes (CD)

Drawing influence from American minimalism, these musicians tantalise the senses and expand horizons on both sides of the musical spectrum. Categories: All Back. Cart 0 Your cart is empty. Available in Bit CD Quality Unlimited Streaming Listen to this album in high quality now on our apps Start my trial period and start listening to this album.

Enjoy this album on Qobuz apps with your subscription Subscribe. Enjoy this album on Qobuz I Lent - Erik Satie - Aldo Ciccolini - Piano Music • Trois Gymnopédies - Six Gnossiennes (CD) with your subscription Listen on Qobuz. Digital Download Purchase and download this album in a wide variety of formats depending on your needs.

Your browser does not support the audio element. Satie: Works for Piano Aldo Ciccolini. Copy the following link to share it Copy. You are currently listening to samples. Aldo Ciccolini. Croquis et agaceries d'un gros bonhomme en bois: No. Sonatine bureaucratique. Gabriel Tacchino. Au I Lent - Erik Satie - Aldo Ciccolini - Piano Music • Trois Gymnopédies - Six Gnossiennes (CD). Lullaby Piano. Classical Relaxation. Long Haul Flights with Classical Music. Classical Relaxing. Calm Classical. Classical Contemplation.

Classical Piano Passion. Classical Study Music. Relaxing Classical Piano. Klassisk Musik - Piano. Aldo Ciccolini 6 fans. Artist's Top Tracks. Most popular release. Satie: Gymnopedies by Aldo Ciccolini fans. Ciccolini Plays Satie by Aldo Ciccolini. Mozart: Alla Turca by Aldo Ciccolini. Satie: Gymnopedies by Aldo Ciccolini. Massenet: Piano Music by Aldo Ciccolini. Schubert: I Lent - Erik Satie - Aldo Ciccolini - Piano Music • Trois Gymnopédies - Six Gnossiennes (CD) by Aldo Ciccolini.

Similar Artists. I Lent - Erik Satie - Aldo Ciccolini - Piano Music • Trois Gymnopédies - Six Gnossiennes (CD) Tacchino fans.

Alexandre Tharaud fans. Berliner Philharmoniker fans. Martha Argerich fans. Claude Debussy fans. Arthur Rubinstein fans.

Herbert von Karajan I Lent - Erik Satie - Aldo Ciccolini - Piano Music • Trois Gymnopédies - Six Gnossiennes (CD) fans. Glenn Gould fans. Daniel Barenboim fans. Lawrence Foster 84 fans. Claudio Abbado fans. Johann Sebastian Bach fans. Vladimir Ashkenazy fans. For instance, the first few bars feature a disjunct chordal theme in the bass - first, a G-major 7th in the bass, and then a B-minor chord, also in the lower register.

Then comes the one-note theme in D major. Although the collection of chords at first seems too complex to be harmonious, the melody soon imbues the work with a soothing atmospheric quality. Satie himself used the term "furniture music" to refer to some of his pieces, implying they could be used as mood-setting background music. Radio Caprice - Impressionism 3. You can leave your e-mail and we will let you know when the broadcast of the station will be online again: Or listen to the other Russia stations.

Radio Caprice - Impressionism.

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Sin Salida - Various - Grrr... (Cassette)

We always send back your originals with delivery of your newly digitized audio files. What if my tape, reel or audio is blank? Please note, if a tape or reel has even a few minutes of footage on it, we will provide the conversion for it. The processing for shorter tapes and reels is the same as longer, so tape and reel conversions are charged per item, not based on the length of footage.

Will my audio tracks be separated? To achieve the best quality and consistency, we offer a one-to-one transfer for audio Sin Salida - Various - Grrr.

(Cassette) tapes. Each side of the tape is carefully recorded from beginning to end in one take to ensure we never miss a beat. All that said, track separation is not something we offer, however you can download this awesome, free program called Audacity to separate your audio tracks easily.

What Are The Technical Specs? Common Questions Do you return my original film? How will I get my film back? We always send back your originals along with delivery of your new digitized home movies. Your digitized film reels are provided back to you on a convenient thumb drive, provided online through Google Drive, or on professionally authored DVDs.

As film reels are generally short, our DVDs combine as many digitized reels as possible onto a disc. Please note that it is not our standard process to digitize film with sound. In rare instances, 8mm and Super 8 film may contain magnetic audio lines and 16mm film may contain magnetic, but more commonly optical, sound lines. Of this small percentage of film reels that do have a sound line, an even smaller percentage of these used the proper recording equipment required to capture both the sound and picture.

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We even correct for frame rate so your footage is smooth and at the best quality possible. That said, the quality of your digitized home movies is based on the quality of the original footage you provide. We provide complimentary splicing if your film is broken. Items like mold are not repaired at this time as they can be very difficult and potentially harm our equipment. When the derailleur is farther away, this will slow things down.

It will still shift, just not as crisply. In the end, you still want the B-Tension adjusted so that the upper guide pulley is as close to the cogs as possible, without making noise or creating physical interference. Got a question of your own? Click here to use the AASQ form, or find the link under the Contact menu header up top anytime a question pops into your mind!

Shimano tech docs states: Adjusting the B-tension adjust bolt Mount the chain on the smallest chainring and the largest sprocket, and turn the crank arm backward.

Turn the B-tension adjust bolt to adjust the guide pulley to be as close to the sprocket as possible but not so close that it touches. Next, set the chain to the smallest sprocket and repeat the above to make sure that the pulley does not touch the sprocket. I believed in SRAM for the first few eagle derailleurs I set up and the shifting was garbage until I adjusted the b-tension in.

Keep in mind that on full suspension frames, gap should be checked at the sag point. Bikes typically exhibit chain growth when suspension is compressed, moving the upper pulley down some. TS- for older Shimano anything with a spring loaded b-pivot the adjustment was to run the upper pulley as close to the largest cog while not making noise while backpedaling. Exa-Drive indentations are designed to catch the chain pin first, then the outer plate.

They work well with 8 and 9 speed Campagnolo chains. Sprockets of these two standards with equal number of speeds can be combined, although it will affect gear changing speed. Table of sprocket spacing and thickness: For a full chart including spacer thickness, total cassette width, freehub mount standards etc, see — bicycle cassette standards post.

Compatibility posts are also available in eBook printable and Kindle and paperback editions on Amazon:. Hi, do you have any idea if a new veloce 9 speed cassette ultra-drive would work with a campy ergos and rear derailleur? I will let you know what the final result is it will not be until I get the wheel back from the guy lacing the motor he only does regular rims not ebikes but he is doing it as a favor if it is not compatible I actually did find a single speed Sin Salida - Various - Grrr.

(Cassette) kit on the luna cycle site that has a cog and spacers so there are options but I will give a detailed followup once I finish the project like I say it will be months before I get everything back so but thanks for the inquire and the help I do appreciate it this is all new to me and trial and error. Now the question is, which shifter and hydraulic disc brake i have to use? My first question when people ask about upgrades is: What is lacking with the current setup?

Do you need lower gearing, higher gearing, or really need an extra gear ratio in between the existing? There are 8 speed cassettes, a bit cheaper than 9 speed ones usually. Factory Alivio RD is very good Sin Salida - Various - Grrr. (Cassette) if set up properly like any other. EDIT: that is — if sticking with 8 speeds, old levers integrated with shifters would Sin Salida - Various - Grrr. (Cassette).

Below are the existing condition: 1. So, need to replace these. And I ride this bike in country side during monsoon and winters.

So existing mechanical discs were not good at wet conditions. Considering above two points I thought of changing it from 8 to 9spd. So what is best? Especially in harsh conditions. If frozen cables are a worry for winter riding in harsh winters then, yes, going with Hydraulic brakes makes sense Shimano Deore are good. Our winters are seldom below Celsius and I live in flat lands, so cable rim brakes have worked fine for me. With such winters, on hilly terrain, mechanical discs should be fine.

Avid BB7 mechanical disc brakes are very good — and that upgrade would be relatively cheap buying only brake calipers and discs if the current ones are in poor conditionkeeping the current brake levers. Relja While writing this I forgot to mention that even rear shifters has gone bad. So if am changing the shifters as well. What should i consider? So which shifters are good enough to my existing set up?

For new ones, Shimano makes only Altus class in 8 speeds as far as I know. Acera are quite good. I went friction shifting mode and sticking with it, using a pair of shifters like these ones. But got them for a cheap price. Relja Thank you so much for your inputs, now all my doubts are clear. Finally found Acera shifters here with some local dealer.

Now am waiting for bb7 callipers. Thanks a lot. Dear Relja, many thanks for the post. I use a Campagnolo Veloce 9-speed RD mid-size cage.

Combined with DT index shifters also from Campagnolo as well as a Campagnolo cassette. I want to change the cassette to a wider range such as but the largest cassette Campagnolo is offering for this model is If I have understood your article correctly there is not much I can do about it, correct? Or can you think of any wide range cassette that could work SRAM is the closest to Campagnolo considering pitch and sprocket thickness.

Any thoughts? Many thanks, Raphael. Things to consider: Rear derailleur chain wrap capacity and maximum size of rear sprocket it can handle. I explained those terms in the post about rear derailleurs.

Explanation of how to handle if the chain wrap capacity is not enough is given in the post about chain length for bicycles with derailleurs. B screw can be turned in to allow for the RD to accept a bit larger cog that it was designed for. Sometimes, screwing it in the other way round, from the opposite side, does the trick, or using a longer screw. This depends on the RD and RD hanger design.

Not always possible. Will it work acceptably well for your use case? Only you can tell do let me know if you give it a try — might help anyone else with the same dilemma. For example, similar mismatch has worked for this bicycle with 11 speed Shimano drivetrain:.

In this case, mismatch is just over 0. Then again, I expected the same for the 11 speed experiment — but it works perfectly fine after several months now.

Looking for some help, im quite new to the cycling world but im here now and i love it. I got an old bike gifted to me, its a Specialized Allez sport. I want to upgrade the cassete to have a bigger ring, its an 8 speedthe thing is a beast.

Ive read dozens of pages trying to find out for myself but i just cant sem to grasp it. Does anyone have a recomndation on what size cassste will be compatible? Does any 8 speed work? If you can even send me a link to amazon that would be great or some links to some literature that would do to!

Thanks in advance! Firstly, whether it is a freehub, or a freewheel cassette. Also, in case of a freehub cassette, it depends on whether it is a Shimano compatible one, or a Campagnolo. Next thing to worry about is the rear derailleur capacity — and max cog size.

This depends on how the derailleur is attached to the frame. So, there are some caveats and things to consider. I think such stuff is best thought out before spending Sin Salida - Various - Grrr. (Cassette) money. However — think it is better to be cautious, than give any wrong advice. Alpine Cassette Player Manuals. Arcam Cassette Player Manuals. Audiovox Cassette Player Manuals. Avaya Cassette Player Manuals. Behringer Cassette Player Manuals. Blaupunkt Cassette Player Manuals. Bogen Cassette Player Manuals.

Brother Cassette Player Manuals. Butler Audio Cassette Player Manuals. Califone Cassette Player Manuals. Chauvet Cassette Player Manuals.

Sabor A Mi - Maya (97) - Maya Style (CD, Album), Dont Come, Dont Call - Various - Jazz District Cool Jazz (CD), Słoń/Sarius/Pyskaty - DJ Decks - Mixtape 5 (Vinyl, LP, Album), Bad Side Of The Moon - Elton John - 11-17-70 (Vinyl, Album, LP), Crashin Down - Jason & The Scorchers - Still Standing (Vinyl, LP, Album), Sedan Dan - Various - 9 (CD, Album), Dont Stand So Close To Me - Sting - ...All This Time (CD, Album), Boogie On Down - Freddie King - "Texas Cannonball" - Live ! (Vinyl, LP, Album), Brincantes - New York Against The Belzebu - Zzzuaddoooo (CDr, Album), Beath2 - No Artist - Sound Pool (Deep House / Progressive House) (CD)

Misfits - Legacy Of Brutality (Vinyl, LP, Album)

Chud joined up with Doyle Wolfgang von Frankenstein once again with his band Gorgeous Frankenstein on their second tour.

Album) band was signed to Glenn Danzig 's record label Evilive. Chud help produce and played all the drum tracks on. Chud left the band in to pursue other musical ventures.

Chud scored his first soundtrack for the documentary film "30 Years of Garbage" the Garbage Pail Kids story. It was released by Indican Films. He received a tattoo of his famous stitches that he usually draws on his chest and back, circling his neck, by tattoo artist Amy Nicoletto.

The tattoo was colored with black and gray ink. Chud is known for making his own drumsticks and his signature drum Misfits - Legacy Of Brutality (Vinyl which is with huge metal studded spikes. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. American musician. This biography of a living person needs additional citations Album) verification. Please help by adding reliable sources. Dating for expats info. Living in Germany is an incredible opportunity to rediscover and reinvent yourself, including the romantic side of your life.

Transcending cultural differences and customs is just a small step to achieve that. Online Dating Guide. No matter who you ask, you will get the same answer: dating LP is hard.

For single expats in Germany, dating is even harder. Online Dating. In a perfect world, you and your soulmate would bump into each other on the streets of Germany, lock eyes, and fall madly in love LP next second.

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No For An Answer, By The Time I Get To Phoenix (Part 2), Open - Dub Pistols - Speakers And Tweeters (CD, Album), Boy (Go), Gra O Wszystko - Various - RMF FM Muzyka Najlepsza Pod Słońcem 2011 (CD), Parish - The Imperialist Pigs - Cork Screw Pork Sword EP (Vinyl), The Last One To Know - Waldemar Matuška, Olga Blechová, KTO - The Country Door Is Always Open (Vinyl, Tickled Pretty Pink - Sticky Beat - Sticky Beat (Vinyl, LP), To Wander // To Vanish - Fermentæ - Allusions (Cassette), Isnt It Romantic - Sammy Kaye And His Orchestra With Strings* - Dancing On A Silken Cloud (Vinyl, LP, In The Realm Of Bells - Bill Nelson - Trial By Intimacy (The Book Of Splendours) (Box Set, Album, Al, Various - Death To Fanatics (Iron Man Records Compilation CD 1999-2014) (CD), Long Train Runnin - Various - Τα Θυμάστε; Νο2 (CD)

What A Wonderful World - Ingmar Nordströms - Saxparty 15 (Cassette, Album)

Wearing an XS. Quality: I really think this cardigan will be the first thing to sell out this year! I just adore the camel colorblock and how it looks good from all sides! Why not. I bought the striped one to layer underneath scarves and cardigans. You can wear it now with denim shorts, and transition it into fall by adding a cardigan. You What A Wonderful World - Ingmar Nordströms - Saxparty 15 (Cassette throw this on over anything, even a dress.

Quality: These are my favorite booties from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale this year. I bought them in two colors, and am contemplating a third! Quality: This cardigan makes me want to put on my eyeglasses and go to the bookstore to spend the rest of the day reading. I like the front pockets and oversized buttons. Quality: This is the perfect little olive-colored tee, great for layering. It is convertible, so you can take off the straps and wear it as a clutch. The gold chain is so pretty and really pulls in in any gold jewelry you have on.

I ended up getting these mules in three different colors. This sweater is incredibly soft and thick. I love the grey color, and it pairs well with cognac and brown too! I like that you can wear it both untucked and tucked into jeans. Quality: I would definitely wear a nude bra and underwear with this dress! Quality: I absolutely love this tee!

It looks cute all by itself, but I also love it paired with cardigans. Quality: This cardigan is incredibly soft — almost feels like cashmere. I like the longer length. Quality: The quality of this dress is great. I would wear this in a corporate setting or to date night. I love it dressed up with the over-the-knee boots. Quality: I would size down if you plan to wear this higher on your waist! It is the perfect color and I love it paired with dresses.

They were the only tall boots I bought from the sale and I also got them in black. Quality: I sized up What A Wonderful World - Ingmar Nordströms - Saxparty 15 (Cassette a small in this one so that I could wear it off-the-shoulder.

This is my normal size in Topshop. Quality: Great for pregnant gals, or not! I love that the tie accentuates your waist or a bump. The inside is equally as soft as the outside. I love that it fits a bit oversized, because I can wear it with leggings without my What A Wonderful World - Ingmar Nordströms - Saxparty 15 (Cassette showing.

They are universally flattering and so comfortable. I love your sale round up, is great to see some different things and also love your style. Erin says 8. Natori has the best bras and I picked a few up, too. Thank you! I saw it and thought it had a lot of potential and I was right! Def recommend it. Absolutely beaming with pride over my Album) blueap. The biggest congratulations to nicolabathiemclaug.

This night, these photos, these people. Celebrated hard. The best night with the best peop. Drinking Hanging Out In What A Wonderful World - Ingmar Nordströms - Saxparty 15 (Cassette. Introspection Late Night Partying. Rainy Day Relaxation Road Trip. Romantic Evening Sex All Themes. Articles Features Interviews Lists. Streams Videos All Posts. My Profile. Advanced Search. Track Listing - Disc 1. The Elephant Song. Christian Hemert.

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Allegro energico - Elliott Carter / The Juilliard String Quartet* - The Five String Quartets (CD, A, Timebomb - Radio Moscow (2) - Radio Moscow (Vinyl, LP, Album), Goodbye Mama - Various - Deutsche Schlagerparade Vol. 4 (Vinyl, LP), Drifting Petals - Ralph Towner / Gary Burton - Matchbook (CD, Album), Vad Som Är Vad - Various - Vätterzound (Vinyl, LP, Album), Wine Soundcheck - Lamb Of God - Killadelphia (DVD), I dont wanna wanna feel - martinou - Enough Nuance (Vinyl), VLa Lbon Vent - Ian & Sylvia - Four Strong Winds (Vinyl, LP, Album), Метель - Анатолий Королёв - Золотая Коллекция Ретро (CD), Thats My Mind - Various - Tunnel Trance Force Vol. 5 (CD), Whoop! Jamboree - Erik Bye - Høvdingen (De Aller Beste 1958 - 2004) (CD), In The Woodshed She Said She Would - The Music Masters (2) / The Victory Trio - In The Woodshed Sh, R Sparrow Is Coming Back - Sator (6) - Sator (Vinyl, Album), No Big Deal - The Sillies (2) - Americas Most Wanton (Vinyl, LP)