Play along with 21 complete transcriptions of Mike LeDonnes comping behind professional sax and trumpet soloists. Also includes lead sheets. Play-along with 21 complete transcriptions of Mike LeDonnes piano playing with bass and drums.

Includes every note, melody and harmony. Simple, yet authentic, piano comping over standard chord changes. Basic reading ability is required, but not great technique.

Sit in with a first-class NY rhythm section. Dave Hazeltine plays the etudes on the CD. Many examples. Over pages of scales, voicings, tritone and other substitution, theory, comping, and much more. Sample voicings and 25 superb solos.

Per Danielsson analyzes and teaches both melodic and harmonic material with an easy to understand approach, paying particular attention to each tunes unique features. The visual application of this DVD will help you to absorb the tunes more completely, and speed up the learning process. The tunes are recorded with a four piece band to fully express the sound, style and material being taught.

Mac Dr. John Rebennack discusses and demonstrates the playing styles of the great New Orleans piano stylists. This is a very useful style for professional pianists to know as this style of Jazz is always a crowd pleaser. Includes music. Use the practice CD to lock in the groove and keep itand experience what Campos calls meditation in motion. Also has a discography to guide your listening choices.

CD of examples and play-a-long tracks makes developing these abilities easy. Explores the historical, aesthetic, and technical side of this exciting music. Lots of photos, charts, exercises, and examples. Video sample available on www. Includes chord-specific Deliro Mind - Scotch - MP3 Collection (CDr), universal runs for a variety of situations, and everything in between; all with specific instructions on their use.

Over 2 hours of instruction on each DVD, each dedicated to a single jazz standard. Complete video chord tutorial shows you step-by-step how to build and play great sounding jazz chords from a fake book. The book includes etudes that make players aware of the sound, texture, cause, effect and function of jazz chords and harmony. The 22 piano etudes feature a variety of styles, tempos, chord progressions and includes a chord voicing glossary.

Mintzer, an acclaimed saxophonist, composer, and teacher, offers a practical guide with a realistic approach. Learn what goes into mixing the power and drive of rock music with the artistic elements of jazz improvisation in this comprehensive book and CD package. This instructional tool delves into scales and modes, and how they can be used with various chord progressions to develop the best in soloing chops.

The book also provides an introduction to rhythmic comping styles and chord voicing, providing the player with the skills needed to really groove.

The accompanying CD features 94 tracks with both solo keyboard and full-band arrangements, demonstrating many of the examples in the book. Boyd explores the jazz scales and examines their potential, giving the player more improvisation resources. Each chapter includes charts with the scales written in all keys with suggested fingerings and a list of chords which complement each scale.

Music examples apply the scales to jazz chord progressions and compositions. Upon completion, the student will gain new insights into the practical application of jazz scales and will be able to enhance performance. The reality of todays gigging musician is that there are days when Misty just wont cut it.

Thats when basic Rock N Roll techniques will come in handy. Pro-quality CD contains backing tracks to practice mastering solos, riffs and glissandos! The Source provides clear and complete right and left hand piano fingerings for scales, chords, and complete inversions.

Learn quintessential riffs from the late swing era through today. Features extended lines, modal riffs, diminished, pentatonic and altered dominant licks, block chord styles and more. The special CD of examples allows you to hear how the riffs should be played and how they should sound.

Concepts are illustrated by the accompanying practice CD, where youll hear how one of the great jazz pianists and educators of our time applies these concepts to both jazz standards and original compositions, and how you can do the same. You will learn: Jazz chords and substitutions, common Modes and scales, comping, developing bass lines, harmonizing melodies, melodizing harmonies, and improvisation, utimization of muscle memory, and much more. By building up a vocabulary of these licks, players can connect them together in endless possibilities to form larger phrases and complete solos.

The book includes piano notation, and the CD contains helpful note-for-note demos of every lick. Campos delves into an aspect of the music of the Dominican Republic called merengue, known for its intricate rhythms and ultra fast tempos. Campos divides most of the examples in this book into Derecho and Pambiche styles. Selected examples are included Deliro Mind - Scotch - MP3 Collection (CDr) the accompanying CD, recorded at different tempos. Tracks containing bass and percussion only are also included.

See a demo video at www. The CD includes full performance samples, as well as some slowed-down piano solo parts. The first, A Philosophy of Music, deals with communication, cause-effect principles and practice disciplines. The second section, Mechanics, covers all the basics of keyboard music and playing notation, harmony, improv, sight reading, etc.

The third section, The Business Scene, contains guidelines and industry advice for contemporary keyboardists. Includes an index. All levels. Respected guitarist, author, and educator Corey Christiansen has rewritten and revised the original text to speak specifically to the guitarist, adding TAB and chord frames where applicable and replacing the pianist on the CD with himself, playing many of the guitar voicings from the book with the bassist and drummer.

Now, you can keep up with all those horn players. For all guitarists seeking to grasp the fundamental tools and concepts that the masters use to improvise. Available Winter of This long awaited book includes easy-to-read music, chord symbols, and guitar frames above each example for the non-reading guitarist.

Special CD stereo separation allows you to eliminate the guitarist and sit in with just the bass and drums. These voicings are real world authentic chord voicings, not simplified sterile examples. Its a great opportunity to not only learn great jazz voicings, but to see how these voicings can be used to navigate blues, rhythm, and great standards.

Band directors will love this one because now ALL members of the rhythm section can practice their comping with this world famous play-a-long books for pianists, drummers, and bassist has been available for many years. This book is a complete guide to playing guitar in various Brazilian styles, and comes with a CD of Nelson demonstrating each exercise, plus a tune in each style. Also includes short transcriptions of playing by Toninho Horta, Joao Bosco and several others. Well, much of that sound is based on the Drop 2 principle of chord voicings.

Includes a thorough discussion of: All the basic principles of drop 2 melody harmonization, including passing tones and extension tones, as well as basic chord tones; Practical, guitar-friendly methods for creating hip, modern sounds by tweaking the basic drop 2 voicings; Clear methods for soloing and comping in drop 2; An organized practice routine, including fingerboard diagrams as well as standard notation, to fully develop all of the above, with a minimum of theory.

Includes 2 CDs of the author demonstrating each exercise. This book is a collection of patterns that demonstrate how lines of chords can be created and used to express improvised melodies. The patterns are arranged by tonal centers of the dominant 7th, the minor, and the major. A section is included in the front which illustrates 1 frequently used voicings; 2 four note chords in their inversions; and 3 different types of chord scales.

These are the building blocks from which melodic lines in chords can be created. Also see Volumes 2 and 3 online www. Whereas Volume 1 lays a foundation for this style, and includes studies of patterns, chord scales, and chord inversions, Volume 2 devotes more space to longer and more complex patterns.

This volume contains more advanced linear examples, exercises, voice leading which utilize more modern voicingsextended solo excerpts from the masters of this style, and a widening vocabulary of chords that builds on those found in Volume 1.

Nonreaders can relax all chord voicings are written above the melody line in diagram form. These are chorded solos intended for combo format. These arrangements are exemplary of the advanced technique of how a vocabulary of chordal patterns can be linked together over active chord progressions, in a manner that makes a profound melodic statement.

Works well alone or in conjunction with Volumes 1 and 2. You wont come out sounding like everyone else - and thats the good news! What you will find herein are the structural components, as mapped out and developed by jazz giant Barry Harris, that will guide and aid you on your own personal road to discovery.

Imagine, a system for learning jazz harmony that actually embraces the concept of improvisation. A unique method that allows the student to begin work on any subject in any of the three volumes he chooses and be able instantly to comprehend and digest the material at hand. Playing what you hear in your head becomes as natural as speaking. Perfect for beginning instrumentalists. The CD soloist is Joe Cohn. Books are notated in easy-to-understand guitar chord frames.

Bop Duets. Special stereo separation allows you to switch Deliro Mind - Scotch - MP3 Collection (CDr) one part and play the other. Written in both standard and TAB form, this book of authentic montunos will help you to understand this exciting musical style and to relax and thrive in Salsa settings. A comprehensive collection of bebop studies, with detailed explanation of some of jazz improvisations fundamental tools. The pages in this book contain a collection of studies developed that will help you improve your technique, knowledge of Deliro Mind - Scotch - MP3 Collection (CDr) instrument, and a feeling for jazz melodies.

If practiced in tempo you will also develop a good sense of rhythm. There is a great deal of material here, all of which is based on actual jazz phrases. Any part of the following studies can be easily adopted as part of a solo. Fingerings and fret-board diagrams are included as well as an accompanying CD with 15 tracks that features the studies in this book as played by Roni Ben-Hur with the accompaniment of one of New Yorks best rhythm sections.

It is a powerful tool to help you master this material. Use it to listen to the studies and get acquainted with them, then practice them with the CD. You can turn the guitar channel off on the CD, and practice just with the rhythm section. Topics covered include a comprehensive harmonic analysis and informative history of Giant Steps, melodic patterns in linear and positional form, rhythmic patterns and variations, ii-V and turnaround ideas, chordal studies, model solos, and much more.

The accompanying CD includes audio demonstrations of most figures as well as accompanying tracks in various tempos over which to practice. Swingin and fun to play! This book features master jazz guitarist Mike Allemana playing twelve bebop style etudes.

This play-along CD contains both guitar and sax versions of each etude, so you can practice guitar along with tenor saxophone to match the phrasing of the horn!

This is the only guitar book on the market with this unique feature! Also features tablature with Mikes own fingerings! The CD also features rhythm-section-only tracks for soloing on the changes of the etudes, all based on blues, rhythm changes and standards! Demonstrates all the tools, techniques, and concepts to create masterful solo guitar arrangements. This one-of-a-kind book with enhanced CD features 19 full song arrangements based on 11 classic jazz standards, which are immediately applicable for professional usage.

Innovative and diverse ways of playing pentatonic scales in blues, rock and heavy metal. The licks and ideas in this book will give you fresh approaches to playing the pentatonic scale, hopefully inspiring you to reach for higher levels in your playing.

Companion CD features recorded examples. Four can be played with the Vol. He was also a fine music reader who would write out his own arrangements of standards for his students. Both his playing and his writing are very straightforward. This book takes thirteen of Barrys rough, hand-written arrangements and adds chord symbols, left-hand fingering, and tablature. The companion CD was recorded by John Purse and includes both a normal speed and a slow version of each tune.

Contains all the improvised solos Jimmy played on the record. Learn to improvise the same way Jimmy did. Fantastic study of Bebop! Standard and TAB! He demonstrates his signature scat-style singing on the groundbreaking This Masquerade and soloing over the famous On Broadway vamp. Also included are several virtuoso solo jazz and blues guitar performances by Benson himself - further proof, if it were needed, of his total mastery of jazz guitar.

Learn the melody and harmony while Corey shows you common chord voicings for these jazz standards as well as common chord substitutions. All the classic intros and endings for these tunes are presented in an easy-to-learn way. Bonus concert footage included. Contains jazz voicings and rhythms for a range of standards and blues.

Bass parts shown in treble clef. Recording has Barry on guitar and Milt Hinton on bass with excellent stereo separation. Contains 15 2-part inventions that demonstrate the rich, melodic genius of Bach in his most economical form.

Contains position markings, where applicable, to smooth out difficult passages. The recording has Barry playing both parts with total stereo separation so you can fill in the missing part. Or, listen to both tracks in their entirety. Recording contains Mark Slifstein playing the transcribed solos with Milt Hinton on bass and Barry comping behind you. Turn off the Slifstein channel and solo with Barry and Milt comping behind you. Turn off the other channel and comp with Milt behind Mark, or listen to both channels and enjoy the trio.

Listen to Jazz Deliro Mind - Scotch - MP3 Collection (CDr) on recordings. They practiced many hours to achieve mastery on their instrument. They play what they hear in their mind. You can too. In these nine books are five of the worlds most sought-after bass players transcribed notefor-note, exactly as recorded! Reading from the book, play along with the bassist on the recording until you feel youve mastered his feel and nuances, then using the special stereo separation on all of our Play-A-Long recordings, switch the bassist off and play along by yourself with just the piano and drums!

These books are great studies in professional bass line construction and natural companions to the Jazz Play-A-Longs. Combo instructors can use these books to give their bass students instant, professional bass lines. All books include notes in bass clef with chord symbols above each measure.

Ron Carter 1 Vol. Ron Carter 2 Vol. Ron Carter 3 Vol. Ron Carter 4 ndi sta Vol. Todd Coolman Vol. Walking bass lines in the style of Ray Brown. The Ultimate Study in blues walking, by a master walker! Steve Gilmore 1 Vol. Steve Gilmore 2 Vol. Rufus Reid Vol. An absolutely essential introduction method for every bass player wishing to learn the art of professional bass walking.

Tyrone Wheeler Vol. Very basic method for the very beginning bass player! Discusses the rules to bass line construction as well as the overall role of the bass in the combo. Review exercises included for each chapter.

For acoustic or electric. Todd plays all the exercises on the CD. This is a particularly good book and includes a CD to give the hands-on learning experience. The play-along CD features Ron with an outstanding rhythm section. Each chapter is full of fundamental and advanced concepts and ideas, accompanied by transcribed examples from the masters of jazz bass playing. Regardless of what style of music you want to play, or how long youve been playing bass, there are fundamental things that you need to know: the basic scales and chords used in contemporary music; how to count rhythms and improvise around them; correct hand positions, fingerings and shifting; training your ear to identify music thats inside you, or that others play; a painless way to learn to read music, starting with fingerboard diagrams; how to connect the roots of chord progressions to create a solid foundation for a band; sample grooves in different styles of music, including the blues; a way to practice that lets you create your own music, in whatever style you want, right from the beginning.

User-friendly and easy-tofollow. Chord symbols over each measure. Includes photos, discographies, etc. Its of practical value to learn to like yourself. Since you must spend so much time with yourself, you may as well get some satisfaction out of the relationship. Norman Vincent Peale. Includes many approach techniques and common delayed resolutions. Includes St. A thorough method that takes you through step by step with complete examples by Marc Johnson on the two CDs.

This book will allow you to become the consummate bass player. Includes solo transcriptions, duets, new etudes, and additional ways to learn tunes and conceive better bass lines. New: DVD version available! See page 54 for details. Includes transcribed bass lines and solos by C. Mingus, S. Lafarao, R. Carter, R. Brown, P. Jackson, A. Johnson, P. Chambers, R. Davis, P. Popwell, G. Mraz and others. Exercises, tune analysis, line development, chord voicings, more!

Bassists get expert guidance on mastering proper technique, practice methods and improvisation, plus new insight into the theoretical and conceptual aspects of jazz. Over pages of transcriptions of Oscar Stagnaro playing each exercise. Learn from the best! Radio RMF - 80s Disco. Radio Italo4you. Radio One Live. Radio RMF - Disco. Radio TOP80s. Radio WoM. Radio ItaloDance. Radio TOP Radio Ciclo.

Splash 80s. Star AYN Radio. Onda 80 Radio Bellvitge. Radio Felichita Foreign Disco. Radio Felichita Kiev. Star 80's. Radio Treby. Disco Diamond Radio. Retro Star Radio. Radio Caprice - 80's Collection. Radio Stad Den Haag. Italo Party Crew FM. Fantasy Radio. Radio Rimini. Ciro Visone, Charls Mind. After The Sunset. Joy in the Heart. My Carts. Original Mix. Find the latest tracks, albums, and images from Charls Mind. Yarabi — Crazy Dream AlexUnder Deliro Mind - Scotch - MP3 Collection (CDr) feat Lys — Drums Deepcentral — In Love Thaya — Sexy Moves Dj Layla feat Alissa — Single Lady Heaven feat Glance — Sexy Girl French Kiss — Im In Love Tony Ray feat Nicolle — Sound of Summer Tom Boxer feat Antonia — Morena Xonia feat Deepcentral — My Beautiful One Dj Project geat Giulia — Nu Benny Benassi feat Kelis — Spaceship Ibiza Opening Party Give It Up 7.

Catch A Fire 8. Desert Prayer 9. Baby Don't Go Freedom Is Another Day Without You The Flirts - Passion Girly - Working Girl Divine - Love Reaction Tony Caso - Love Attack Malibu - Lust Or Love Gina Desire - - Breathless Oh Romeo - Light Of Love Hotline - Ready Or Not Hotline - I Hear Your Knocking Malibu - Pleasure Lifestyle - Keep Our Love Alive Boytronic - Killing Fields Teen Rock - Spy Dance

1st Movement: Adagio - Allegro Di Molto - Haydn*, The Netherlands Chamber Orchestra*, Szymon Goldber, Latitude - Suns Of The Tundra - Bones Of Brave Ships (Vinyl, LP, Album), Matt Redman - The Friendship And The Fear (CD, Album), Crocodile Rock - Elton John - 18 Supershow Hits (Vinyl, LP), My Experience Is... - Abstract Tribe Unique - Mood Pieces (Cassette), Studio Chat - Deep Purple - In Rock (CD, Album), The Sunflower - Paul Motian Trio - Le Voyage (CD, Album), X Ray (Original Mix) - M.A.D.A. (2) - X Ray EP (File, MP3), Chendering - Ger Van Leeuwen - Music Of Malaysia In Modern Mood (Vinyl, LP), Helena Blackman - The Sound Of Rodgers & Hammerstein (CD, Album), Variations XII To XXI - Robert Simpson (6) - Raymond Clarke (2) - The Complete Solo Piano Music (CD,, Terrible Tims Thing - Terrible Tim - Hardcore Sick And Terrible (File, Album), Various - Mainframe Recordings (CD), Spray - Various - New Forms - Compilation (CD)

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  5. The Open Mind (The Open Mind) LP The Open Mind was an English psychedelic rock band formed in London, and active in the s and s. The band was formed in by four musicians from Putney, South West London. Initially named The Apaches formed by Tim du Feu, Mike Brancaccio and Philip Fox and their friend Ray Nye.

  6. Scotch – Delirio Mind Bad Boys Blue – I’m Your Beliver Maggie Reilly – Everytime We Touch The Twins – Love System CD2 Mr. Zhivago – Little Russian Vanessa Paradis – Joe Le Taxi Ken Laszlo – Don’t Cry Chris De Burgh – The Lady In Red Alphaville – Big In Japan Spagna – Call Me

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