Village Queen - Glass Harp - Glass Harp (Vinyl, LP, Album)

Niew Hip Stilen Simply fantastic For me, these guys were the best post-punk band from Rotterdam, maybe from Holland, way ahead of their time. It consists of multimedia works produced in conjunction with video art and dance theater between and The first track is "No 2," which has a deep repetitive hammer beat. In addition, there are nine other tracks, ranging from minimal music variants to odd-shaped electro, that are full of creativity.

The members were involved in out-of-the-way improvisational groups such as the Jozef Kip Quartet and the local post-punk scene. Highly recommended! Quite curious for me what is avantgarde jazz rock in collaboration with electrinika, and it was quite amazing indeed. Suitable to call their electronic creation is percussive and psychedelic, not danceable nor pop at all. Rutger's flexible, human heartwarming really saxophone play completely sticks to the rhythm section "percussively".

The combination of saxophones and synthesizers should be thought as the main dish in this album, let me say. Rutger's flexibility for managing saxophone can be heard via the sound texture, that sometimes sounds eccentric, sometimes sensual, sometimes primeval, and sometimes novel.

Maarten's inorganic whispering voices are funky spice for the production. And the rhythm section including percussive synthesizer punches is pretty precise and strict, never beaten by other instruments. Every other track, with the exception of B4, is an instrumental. The first twenty five or so seconds of A3 feature the Zappa-on-crack totally unnatural syncopation of the techiest djent or avant-prog, using just a saxophone and what sounds like a Yamaha RX11 before the vocalist comes in and things get endearingly stupid.

A guitar shows up on B1, and an electric bass shows up on B2, the latter of which is loaded with sound effects from a pinball game. I got curious and did some digging, and it turns out it's a table called Pinball Champ '82 from an Italian company called Zaccaria.

B3's a nine minute long track featuring a drum machine, an acoustic bass, and a piano. It's got mild smokey dark jazz vibes, but it's way, way too long and too repetitive.

And that closer is segmented as follows: multiple unaccompanied overdubbed saxophones playing an almost liturgical theme, unaccompanied spoken word in Italian, the only time that language is spoken on the CDdrums and saxophone, then the overdubbed saxes again.

It's very, very odd. Not like New wave's completely wrong. Avant-prog is closer, but a bit misleading. This gets really really proggy only two or three times, the rest being I dunno, the music in the lobby of the Dutch embassy in Morocco run entirely by street jazzbos and robot butlers?

The "please hold" music they'd have in the Jetsons universe as it was being invaded in turns by a minimal synth lovin' Peter Brotzmann and David Byrne's learning disabled brother-in-law? I dunno. It's worth a listen, though. I can't imagine you'll out and out love it, but I doubt you'll have an easy point of comparison either.

Wonderful from our music maestro honourable himself. I am a Nigerian high life singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist. I am known professionally as Honorable Vincent Ugabi. My music represents spirituality, life and soul and is inspired by the lives, parables, stories and historical details of my culture. My kind of music is the kind that bring life to the dead and hope to the hopeless. In the 's a fire destroyed a lot of the records I had recorded.

Recently a group of record collectors helped me regain some access to these recordings when they shared the recordings they had made of my records.

Older Posts. Search This Blog. Amigos De Musica "Take a trip around the globe and enjoy music from all corners of the Earth. John Storm Roberts "I don't care how esoteric it is, but it's got to be terrific.

Click on the picture. NCIP Click on the picture. Enter Mr. Holland's Tunnel Oh, what a ride JDownloader Click on the picture. My Blog List. Zero G Sound. Global Groove Independent. Uncle Gil's Rockin' Archives. Glenn's Country Music Cabinet. Bodega Pop. African Grooves. Kingston Roots. Don't Ask Me I Don't Know. No Condition Is Permanent. Lola Vandaag.

Vinil Inflamable. Schnickschnack Mixmax. Soul Safari. The Songcatcher. Different Perspectives In My Room! Mangue Music. Rhythm Connection. The Dragon Book 7. Focus, Hiccup! Forbidden Friendship 2. New Tail 3. See You Tomorrow 4. Test Drive 5. Not So Fireproof 6. This Time For Sure 7. Astrid Goes For A Spin 8. Romantic Flight Side C: 1. The Cove 3. The Kill Ring 4. Ready The Ships 5. Battling The Green Death Side D: 1. Counter Attack 2. Coming Back Around 4. The Vikings Have Their Tea Culled from an evening that also included Suzanne Vega and Victoria Williams, there was perhaps no other pairing more perfectly suited to the In Their Own Words platform than this singular meeting of Lou Reed and Kris Kristofferson.

The two songsmiths in question were born and raised in two very different worlds - Lou Reed in the jungles of New York City and Kris Kristofferson in the heart of the Southland. Through the lens of their music, Lou and Kris view the human condition with a sense of humility and no small amount of humor, which was always close at hand. Introduction 2. Vin Scelsa Introduces Lou Reed 3. Betrayed 4. VS Introduces Kris Kristofferson 5.

Shipwrecked 6. LR on Songwriting 7. Legendary Hearts 8. LR on New York Strawman LR on Writing for Wim Wenders LR on Autobiographical Songs KK on Nashville Sweet Jane KK on Writing To Beat The Devil LR on Writing Prose Romeo Had Juliet Burden of Freedom Me and Bobby McGee Bird On A Wire Tracks of My Tears. Healing is Todd Rundgren's ninth studio album, released in The album's themes are spirituality and the human condition, something Rundgren had touched on many times in earlier works but never with the consistency exhibited here as every track explores a different aspect.

Bobby Rush. Based on his birth name and the fact that he was branching out into more digital production, Bobby Diggs became Bobby Digital. As Bobby Digital, I could use a character to describe some of the earlier days of my own life.

Partying, bullshitting, going crazy, chasing women, taking drugs. It was a mixture of fiction and reality together to make a character I thought would be entertaining.

Golden Wing - Hari Yang Mulya 2. Beybonlar - Nenni? Icecross - Sad Sad Man 4. Paternoster - Realization 5. Christopher - In Your Time. B Side 1. Chucky Thurmon - Tickets For Doomsday 2. Upheaval - Paradise Lost 3. DR Hooker - The Bible 4. Better Days 2. Got a Hold On Me. Rites of Passage 2. Myth Science Sincethe Squirrel Nut Zippers have sacked and plundered the old, weird America then sailed off to further distant lands. They have used New Orleans as their hideout and base of operations.

Jean-Lafitte-like LP hide in the lee side of barrier island, receiving goods and masking dark back channel deals; hiding in cellars or in plain view. Infans were able to gaze into the tea leaves that make up their brand new album: Lost Songs of Doc Souchon to see if they can discern their own destiny.

It pulls on the hidden thread. In keeping with that time period, the band turned to Fleischer Studios home of Betty Boop to use some of their historic animations for a brand new video for the track. The look, the music, all of it," commented Jimbo Mathus.

Between the Squirrel Nut Zippers sold over three million albums. Their watershed album, Hot was recorded in the heat of New Orleans, fueled by a smoldering mix of booze and a youthful hunger to unlock the secrets of old world jazz. This passion mixed with klezmer, blues and random bits of contemporary musical leanings became the bands signature style. At the time, there were few other bands inhabiting this space.

Joy To The World 5. Holy Unto The Lord 6. The Savior Is Born. Sweet Little Jesus Boy 2. No Room At The Inn 3. There Was A Star 4. Oh Little Town Of Bethlehem 5. Wasn't That A Mighty Day 6. Silent Night. This set presents two Stray Cats shows, recorded in Germany at the height of their powers. The first set is actually the latter of the tworecorded just before the release of their third album, as they're playing a big outdoor festival.

The second set is earlier, fromand you can hear a hungry young band as they tear into their set with a punk ferocity. This release lets you hear how exactly the Stray Cats established their reputation as a great live band. This triple album is now available as an RSD Black Friday exclusive in a tri-fold sleeve with a four page booklet, individually numbered on silver vinyl, limited to copies worldwide.

Baby Blue Eyes 2. Double Talkin' Baby 3. Rumble In Brighton 4. Drink That Bottle Down 5. Built For Speed. Look At That Cadillac 2. Runaway Boys 3. Lonely Summer Nights 4. Too Hip, Gotta Go 5. Stray Cat Strut. Side C 1. She's Sexy And 17 2. Banjo Time Foggy Mountain Breakdown 3. The Race Is On 4. Tear It Up 5. Oh Boy 6. Rock This Town.

Sweet Love On My Mind 2. My One Desire 5. Ubangi Stomp. Side E 1. Drink That Bottle Down 2. Storm The Embassy 3. Stray Cat Strut 4. Fishnet Stockings 5.

Important Words. A time regardless of differences or distance where we all come together and celebrate love and togetherness! Christmas songs are truly timeless and never get old! Me and all my best buddies came together and recorded some of our very favorite Christmas songs that our Village Queen - Glass Harp - Glass Harp (Vinyl influences have done over the years!

I can only hope it brings you a bit closer this year! Happy Holidays! Tank and The Bangas have spent all of working on their new album which will come out in Two of the most exciting songs are: BIG and Outside.

The first and only solo album by Tammi Terrell, released before her premature death at the age of The Irresistible Tammi Terrell is one of the greatest and most undervalued Motown albums from the s. Available for the first time on g yellow vinyl. Come On And See Me 4. He's The One I Love 8. Hold Me Oh My Darling This deluxe package will include an OBI strip with the RSD Black Friday logo, single cardboard album jacket, printed inner sleeve, orginial record labels and blue translucent color vinyl.

Quite simply, U Roy created the template for all those countless Mic MCs who followed his example, from the s to now. From the early days until his end, U Roy was the epitome of the Rastafarian message of black pride and love. Kali Uchis' album pressed on exclusive pink vinyl with an exclusive alternate cover and a poster insert.

The first vinyl press for the acclaimed collection that is the soundtrack to the cult-classic Stubbs the Zombie: Rebel with a Pulse videogame. Don't be shy, sink your teeth into this one. A hugely entertaining and creative soundtrack. With a settled and seasoned four-part harmony line-up of Winston Matthews, Bread McDonald, Garth Dennis, and Buddy Haye, the group was convinced to record for the top reggae hit-making producer of the era, Henry Junjo Lawes.

Pairing the four singers with the Roots Radics band at Channel One studio during its golden era, the results were nothing less than the stuff of legend. This is Classic Reggae at its finest, pressed on g vinyl for the 40th anniversary. Yellow Number Three 2. Built In Girls 3. Surprise, Honeycomb 4. Rest Your Head 5. Won't Get Too Far. Joneses Rule Of Sport 2. Dance The Midwest 3. Still Complaining 4. Hats Off To Marriage, Baby 5.

Jane Fakes A Hug. Counted On Sweetness 2. I've Made Enough Friends 3. Luxury 4. Indie 5. Safe And Comfortable. I love punk music, and Dr. Demento changed my entire life in an extraordinary way. Side 2: 1. The album's widespread success launched The Avett Brothers into the national spotlight, catching the eye of producer Rick Rubin who would go on to produce their next album I And Love And You.

Remastered and reissued on g transparent crystal vinyl, the first vinyl pressing in four decades. Pressings feature individual hand-numbering. In the late s, the renowned American jazz pianist, composer, and arranger John Hicks formed one of the most influential ensembles consisting out of musicians that had played music at the highest level all their lives and gained their status as both stand-alone artists and important sidemen.

Each of them had participated in many of jazz's great moments and all shared the ability, documented on many albums, to inspire their fellow musicians to even greater heights. On this album Is That So? He served as a leader on more than 30 albums and played as a sideman on more than other recordings.

In the early '70s he taught jazz LP and improvisation at Southern Illinois University before resuming his career as a recording artist. He then toured with Sam Cooke and would later go on to work with Curtis Mayfield.

The album was produced by John Hicks and Timeless Records owner Wim Wigt and is a remarkable outing of advanced musicianship by three jazz-giants in their prime, delivering an inspirational gem of an album.

Is That So? Expect supercharged Post Bop with striking notes, no-holds-barred musicianship, high swinging solos, screaming choruses and plenty of solid virtuosity to spare. The up tempo none stop Latin beat is complimented by the terrific drum solos of Idris Muhammad and the rhythmic bass stokes of Ray Drummond. This electrifying set of tracks makes this release a bonafide hit and a must have for any self-respecting jazz fan or collector. This unique album comes as a deluxe g DOUBLE vinyl edition strictly limited to copies worldwide with obi strip.

The jacket features exclusive pictures shot by legendary Dutch photographer Joost Leijen known for his work with artists such as Chet Baker and Pharoah Sandersalso included is an insert with liner notes by renowned author and producer Russ Musto.

Goode, Johnnie Johnson lived in obscurity in his hometown of St. The record represents Johnnie's brilliance and reaffirms him as the formative master of rock n' roll piano.

The package also boasts brand new gatefold packaging. Though this album doesn't present a baseline criterion, Muddlin Gear will prep you for when the body-snatching pods land to give you the most visceral baseline experience of your life. The Entroscooper 2. Said Dram Scam 3. Ill Shambata 5. In Inphidelik 7. Silent Why 8. Da Doo Doo. Magma is one of the most influential of all French bands.

They have left a legacy of music that defies any of the standard and convenient classifications of rock, operating instead in a realm of their own creation. BBC Londres is pressed on silver vinyl. Only individually numbered copies are available worldwide, exclusively at record stores for RSD Black Friday. Breeze 2.

In The Temple 3. Dance Of The Furies 4. Slide Hidden Track 5. Starblood Remix Hidden Track. The band had its roots in the Congo although it formed in Kenya in the mid-sixties. Each of the songwriters sang lead in their native tongues and this meant they used vocals in three African languages next to the songs sung in English. In when the BBC held a competition to find the best band in Africa, Matata submitted a song and came in first. Several singles also came out of this and Matata scored hits in the Netherlands, Belgium and France.

With a wealth of material and a dynamic live act to its name they would play packed gigs every night. The group was a visual, as well as musical feast and quickly became favorites at several well-known London nightclubs. There would be no further Matata recordings and sadly the band split after releasing their second album.

The album we are presenting you today Independence from comes swinging right out the gate with a set of no less than TWELVE monster tunes. This unique record comes as a deluxe g vinyl edition strictly limited to copies worldwide with obi strip and featuring the original artwork.

This reissue also comes with an insert featuring pictures of the band and extensive liner notes from award winning author John Masouri. Featuring eleven original tracks written by JD McPherson and his friends. SOCKS is an album of holidays songs sure to be standards while you are decorating the tree. SIDE A: 1. All The Gifts I Need 2. Bad Kid 3. Hey Skinny Santa! Socks 5. Every Single Christmas 6. Ugly Sweater Blues. SIDE B: 1. Claus Vs. Claus feat. Lucie Silvas 5. Twinkle Little Christmas Lights.

To commemorate the album's 10th anniversary, the first-ever vinyl release of the acclaimed tenth album by classic rock icons Night Ranger! The album was the group's first with guitarist Joel Hoekstra Whitesnake, Trans-Siberian Orchestra and ushered in a decade that saw the band -- who have sold more than 17 million records worldwide -- achieve its highest visibility in years via tours with the likes of Journey, Def Leppard, Foreigner and Sammy Hagar.

A modern AOR classic from a legendary band that both epitomized and transcended the arena rock sound! Growin' Up In California 2. Lay It On Me 3. Bye Bye Baby Not Tonight 4. Follow Your Heart 5. Time Of Our Lives 6. No Time To Lose 7. Live For Today 8. It's Not Over 9. End of the Day Rock n' Roll Tonite Say It With Love. Seminal Florida punk band Pink Lincolns see their original unreleased four-song cassette demo get an official vinyl release for the very first time. Side B, "I am a Genius," stops nothing short of the name.

This is the last unreleased recordings of Pink Lincolns, featuring founding and now deceased guitarist Dorsey Martin. Original demo recording never before heard by fans. Comes with liner notes from front-man Chris Barrows. First and only pressing. Limited to copies. Apartment 54 2. Friends of Mine The Zombies. Hailing from Memphis, Chris Travis has created his own wave in the hip-hop community for almost the past decade.

Intro 2. Purple Thoughts 3. How It Is 4. When We Ride 5. Sip That Shit 7. Codeine Vision 8. Drugs- Wavadelic Freestyle Pt. Psychedelic Funk Actavis Tokyo Wet Like My Bitches Balance Stayin True. The back cover photograph, featuring band members in their underwear holding dress suits and top hatswas originally made when the album cover was meant to be a gatefold. Crime of the Century was Supertramp's first U. Top 40 album and was eventually certified Gold in the U.

The album also marked the commercial breakthrough for the band in the United Kingdom; Crime of the Century peaked at number four in the album chart in Marchand " Dreamer " reached number thirteen on the singles chart in the same month. InCrime of the Century was ranked th in The World Critic Listswhich recognised the greatest albums of all time as voted for by notable rock critics and DJs. Yes without pianistics and meter shifts. Many of the songs on the album remained staples of the band's shows well into the 21st century "School", " Bloody Well Right ", "Rudy", and the title song.

Almost all of the album appears on the band's live album Paris although the tracks that feature orchestrations on the studio versions "Asylum", "Rudy", and "Crime of the Century" were replaced by string synthesisers or Oberheim synthesisers, which were played mainly by Helliwell with some help from Hodgson.

Both remasters are heavily criticised by audiophiles who claim they were mastered "too loud" as part of the " loudness war " mastering trend. The edition is not quite as loud but still has much of the same effect. It was announced in October that the album, remastered by Ray Staffwould be reissued in CD, digital download, and g vinyl formats on 9 December Two 10x8 prints and a longer version of the essay were announced as exclusives of the vinyl version.

All tracks are written by Rick Davies and Roger Hodgsonexcept where noted. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Supertramp brought progressive rock's sophisticated arrangements and conceptual lyrics into a pop context. ISBN Rolling Stone. Retrieved 28 July The Supertramp Book. Toronto, Canada: Omnibus Press.

Archived from the original on 16 January Retrieved 17 December Canongate Books. November Universal Music Enterprises. Retrieved 1 December Robot recap: eps2. Entertainment Weekly. Retrieved 8 December Michael Ball - The Biography. John Blake Publishing. Album) 17 April — via Google Books. Retrieved 25 May Modern Drummer. A Heineken commercial opens with a man walking in who is clearly the life of the party.

The entire commercial is silent except for the background music, which is provided by a singer whom the entertaining man gets on stage with.

In one ad, Drebin enters a nightclub and knocks down the band playing the theme music. Happens a couple of times in Cowboy Bebop : The episode "Sympathy for the Devil" begins with jazz music playing over a dream that Spike is having, but when he wakes up we Village Queen - Glass Harp - Glass Harp (Vinyl the music is being played by a kid in the bar he was in.

Same thing in "Jupiter Jazz", with Gren's saxophone tune. Played for Laughs in "Cowboy Funk", where Spike's Sitcom Arch-Nemesis Andy has a leitmotif that opens with a very distinctive whistle track that starts playing just before he appears. Near the end of the episode, Spike's final encounter with the actual villain of the episode has him testily listening in for the sound of whistling while the villain is trying to give his Motive Rant.

One of the Anti Villains in Eureka Seven jams the airwaves with techno music — her and her deceased-thanks-to-the-heroes husband's favorite song, which is how the heroes realize who is after them.

By the time the Dream Sequence ends and the track's outro kicks in, the main character wakes up, and the song playing in the background is revealed to have been her cell phone alarm.

Movie 6 of The Garden of Sinners has Azaka Kokutou put her earphones on and play some orchestral music as she is walking towards an old, abandoned building. Justified because the person preventing her from going to the building has a Compelling Voice. The music continues playing until Azaka faces the person behind the events of the movie.

In the sixth episode of Hetalia: Axis Powersthere's a piano playing in the background of the opening scene on a beach. In the final scene, Italy points out that Austria is playing an actual piano sitting out in the surf.

Inazuma Eleven has a subtle version: Otomura's beatboxing and beat-counting is synced to the background music. He then drifts past Yuichi, who has the song playing out of his car radio. You can frequently hear the Kannagi: Crazy Shrine Maidens opening music in the episodes themselves noticeably so in the karaoke episode.

When Ritsu is telling Mio a 'scary' story about the music room, she mentions how the girl who was going there heard a piano playing, and the music changes to include the piano's sound. After a short moment of Mio freaking out, it turns out that Tsumugi is playing the piano for increased effect.

Oddly enough Mio doesn't ask Tsumugi to stop, but Tsumugi stops anyway. Laid-Back Camp does a visual version of this in one of the Room Camp short gag chapters. Nadeshiko's enthusiasm is represented by her literally glowing, but at the very end it's revealed to be because she's sitting in front of a lantern and the moment Aoi turns it off, she goes back to normal.

Done in the second episode of Legend of Galactic Heroes. The piano music playing over the narrator's exposition turns out to have been played by Jessica. Done with abandon with Macrossthough rarely for comedy. More often than not, when a song with lyrics shows up, it is being sung by a character in-show, though Fridge Logic occasionally kicks in when instruments come in when the singer is Album) obviously solo.

Done in several scenes. Taken to extremes in Macross 7. Aside from the intro, pre-episode bumper, outro, and next episode preview, just about every bit of music has an in-universe justification. If it's not from Fire Bomber performing music, the music is coming out of a radio or implied to be broadcast over the airwaves.

Or it's just Veffidas' habitual drumming. Lampshaded in one scene of Macross Frontierwhen Ranka decides to start singing "What 'Bout my Star" in an open park. A band just happens to be nearby and they start playing the song, too. Done in the RPG episode of Magical Shopping Arcade Abenobashi when Arumi is walking through a forest while highly irritating music plays — causing her to spin around and shout at Sasshi to stop playing that damn recorder!

Audio Plays. Eddie Izzard uses this trope to poke fun at ominous movie music in his crap horror movie routine. If the cast of horror movies listened to the BGM or even realised they were being followed around by an orchestrathey'd know they were walking towards their doom. Comic Strips. Happened on one occasion to Mike Doonesbury while he was talking to a friend.

Minor key! She tries to make out with him. However, Pierre then uncharacteristically says in a presumably American accent "Let's go with U. It then cuts to Jason watching Jeopardy! Naruto: Does that happen every time you say his name? Kankuro: Sadly, yes. Ogre: Sir, what are you on? Koenma: I don't even know anymore, man.

Rimshot : Well, they can't all be winners. At the end of All Dogs Go to Heaventhere is soft heavenly music playing when Charlie suddenly pipes up, "Hey, hold it! I know we're dead up here, but so's the music! Come on, heat it up a little. A variant in Bolt : Rhino the hamster is very familiar with Bolt's TV show, and isn't clear that this is "real life".

So, he's often humming the theme music he thinks is appropriate for "the scene". A few times, his humming is exactly the same as the actual BGM. In Cats Don't DanceDanny and Pudge start dancing on the deserted sound stage, and mood music swells up behind them.

It's not immediately clear that this trope is going to be used, which makes it somewhat mind-screwy when Danny looks up and says, "Wait She looks around confused, only to discover that the music is the ring tone of Loz's cell phone.

Happens a few times in Flushed Away. When Roddy is alarmed and disturbed at finding himself in the Absurdly Spacious Sewerthere's the OoooOOOoooOOO eerie theremin sound which Roddy turns around to discover is just one of the musical slugs whistling at him. The slug stops, looking apologetic. An impromptu song titled "Marcel" which prompts poor Roddy to become ill at his failed cooking. The equally impromptu song "Ice Cold Rita" by Roddy whilst being dragged behind the Jammy Dodger on a rubber duckie with a guitar as a paddle.

The movie ends with the slugs singing "Proud Mary" with great "dance" sequences by the slugs, as well as the frogs who are trying to find their way back to France. Lampshaded in Kung Fu Panda 2. When Lord Shen's wolf raiders attack a musician's village, Po orders them to get with the action music. Sure enough the music turns out to be played by a blind rabbit musician who continues playing no matter how close he gets to being killed with other instruments provided by the wolves being tossed by the Furious Five into drums or cymbals.

Madagascar : In Madagascar: Escape 2 Africait happens when the penguins steal the car. Skipper: Reverse! Marty: [nervously] Hi, Officer! Is there a problem?! In The Adventures of Robin Hoodthe main theme that plays over the opening credits ends with the accompaniment of several drums.

Confessions - The High Five (2) - Cold Steel Gang (Vinyl), Technics Bla - Rocky (3) - A Thread Of Light (File, MP3), Jared Sagar - Xureii (File, MP3), Shit Happens, Pasadena Matador - Tiny Fingers - Megafauna (Vinyl, LP, Album), On The Old Hill - Various - Korean Lyric Songs Vol. 1 (Vinyl, LP, Album), El Bobo De La Yuca - Benny Moré* - 20 Súper Éxitos (CD), Various - Vtm Hit Story (CD), Miss Otis Regrets (Acoustic) - The Lemonheads - Do Not Use (CD), Maybe Tomorrow - The Jackson 5 - Maybe Tomorrow / I Will Find A Way (Vinyl), 待ちわびて - Akiko Kobayashi - Single Collection ~恋におちて~ Golden☆Best (CD), Cant Make You Love Me - Britney Spears - Oops!...I Did It Again (Cassette, Album), You-Ooh - Jo Ann Campbell - Im Nobodys Baby (Vinyl, LP, Album)

My Dreams Are Not For Sale - Sergio Y Estibaliz - Beans (Vinyl, LP, Album)

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Dentist - Brian Harnetty - The Star-Faced One (CD, Album), Baila-Baila-Baila (Dance-Dance-Dance), Annette (7) - Wild Willie / Lonely Guitar (Vinyl), Hair Pie Bake III (Bass Solo) - Captain Beefheart And The Magic Band - The Captains Last Live Concer, To Virginia, Debussy*, François-Joël Thiollier - Clair De Lune And Other Piano Favourites (CD, Album), Nessuna Certezza - Tiromancino - 9505 (CD), Marisol - Les Cuentas... (Vinyl, Album), Arroz Con Coco - Lucho Bermudez Y Su Orquesta - Arroz Con Coco / Palito De Escoba (Shellac), 50 Ways To Leave Your Lover - Paul Simon - Still Crazy After All These Years (Vinyl, LP, Album), God Made Me Funky - Various - Monster TV Rap Hits (CD), Tender - Delay (5) - Circle Change (Vinyl, LP)

Do You Remember When - The J. Geils Band - Freeze Frame (Cassette, Album)

Her bold vulnerability in processing the intimacies of her life in song has long appealed to those listeners who crave authenticity. Along the way, Chris has remained fiercely independent, selling nearly 50, albums through her own label, Sad Rabbit Records.

At 16, writing songs became a way of journaling. Post high school, she went on to complete a biology degree at Wesleyan University, Album) afterwards, worked in a microbiology research lab at Smith College. Meanwhile, she established a music career parallel to her biology work through touring and issuing a clutch of well-received indie releases. Inwhen Chris found herself turning down too many opportunities as a musician, she shifted her priorities to become a full-time artist.

What I do comes from my experiences, and I strive to express these experiences authentically. Her rise as an esteemed artist with captivating emotional integrity has been organic and always on her own terms. Somewhere deep in the middle of a good story, a simple and powerful thing happens. You begin to feel seen. The characters have been slowly undressed, layer upon layer of hope and human flaw, their struggles revealed.

They remind you of your family, of a briefly encountered stranger, of yourself. Anna Tivel reaches for that thread of understanding with her music, that moment of recognition, of shared experience. There are thousands of miles on her touring odometer and each town is a tangled web of heartache and small reasons to believe.

She gravitates toward the quiet stories of ordinary life. A homeless veteran sitting on a bench to watch the construction of a luxury hotel. A woman wondering about the life of the daughter she had to give up for adoption.

Someone changing shape, someone falling in love, someone all alone. Her images linger, and become populated Do You Remember When - The J. Geils Band - Freeze Frame (Cassette the energy of the real.

After over two decades of hard touring, hard living and encyclopedic musical knowledge, Al was ready to change his already prodigious songwriting talent into a full-time venture.

With the support, guidance and belief that Pat provided, Al became unstoppable. At the same time that Al signed with Pat, he decided to quit drinking and suddenly became one of the most prolific writers in Nashville.

This outdoor fall musical event will bring the community together around music in the heart of the Pioneer Valley to celebrate 78 years of Arcadia Wildlife Sanctuary. The four vocalists and multi-instrumentalists construct every piece collaboratively, pooling ideas so that each song bears the imprint of four different writing voices. Playful vocal permutations swing from four-part unison to CSNY-inspired group harmonies, underpinned by rich, carefully crafted soundscapes.

The acclaimed musician Rhiannon Giddens uses her art to excavate the past and reveal bold truths about our present. She was most recently nominated for her collaboration with multi-instrumentalist Francesco Turrisi, there is no Other Returning for !

Join Watchhouse as they celebrate the release of their new, self-titled album. This stream will feature both songs from the new album and plenty of tracks from previous records.

Since the Back Porch Festival's inception in at Northampton's Academy of Music, the festival has always showcased the best in Americana roots music. There will be food trucks, beer, wine, and tickets include admission to Look Park. Kids 10 and under are free. Parking at Look Park is not included.

This year's festival will feature bluegrass music on two stages:. More bands will be announced in the coming weeks. Parking at Look Park is not included in festival admission. Attendance to the Back Porch Bluegrass Festival will be limited to allow for comfortable spacing for audience members.

While the entire festival is held outdoors, please bring a mask to enter restrooms and any buildings at Look Park per Northampton's newly reinstated mask mandate.

We request that any unvaccinated audience members wear a mask at all times. Rescheduled from May Eleanor Levine opens. Blissed to be at Black Birch Vineyard for the first in-person "hometown" show in a very long year, Matt Lorenz a. The Suitcase Junket will bring it on tonight, including songs from his late release The End is New.

Finally, a party. C'mon out. Come hear it. That wild energy, that punk-folk-gothic-busker-at-the-end-of-the-world vibe remains. But Lorenz has found fresh ways to channel his aesthetic. Her film work is primarily focused in editing, cinematography, directing, and some writing. Most of her short films explore the stories of outsiders. Her body of work includes short documentaries about music and religion, short narrative dramas and thrillers, music videos, and more.

Her original music centers around alternative tunings, rhythmic plucking patterns, coded lyrics, and bright vocal melodies. Yet, the album also marks a landing — a pause for the traveling musician and mother of two young boys who was seeking clarity in her calling and career. Ray and his road-worn Silvertone guitar have been tirelessly touring since Between Ray released five critically acclaimed cassette only albums. One man with his Silvertone!!

Kick back and enjoy!!! Livingston recorded his first record at the age of 18 and has continued to create well crafted, introspective, and original songs that have earned him listeners worldwide.

Zak Trojano is a songwriter and multi-instrumentalist, a finger-style guitar player, a fly-fisherman, and a beer drinker.

He watches more than he talks, the guy at the end of the bar nursing a drink while the afternoon light angles in, letting the conversation pile up around him like snowfall. He grew up in New Hampshire, outside of town in a cabin built by his parents.

His father was Album) drummer who held down a regular country gig, and nights after work he would loosen his tie and show his son the finer points of Ginger Baker and Elvin Jones. In New Hampshire they drove around in trucks, and Prine and Dylan cassettes showed up in most of those trucks. Zak made Eagle Scout, got his knots down.

Then it was college and out, wandering the country from the desert Southwest to Great Plains until he ran out of money, washing windows to work up the bus fare home. Terry Johnson—Hall Pass Monitor.

Terry was hard-nosed in high Do You Remember When - The J. Geils Band - Freeze Frame (Cassette and even tougher now as a traffic cop. Danny Drums—Marching Band. To Danny, nothing mattered more in high school than band camp. Music is still on Album) mind, as is revenge. Sally Sax—Marching Band. Barricade—The Punk.

Never one to take orders well, now B. Things you might want to incorporate into your outfit for the whole eighties appeal! Bleach was splashed onto the denim to give it a patchy mixture of dark and light color. Throw a mullet on with those pants and you were hot stuff.

Clipping them up on one side with a chunky plastic clip make it neon, even better was even bigger. Find the perfect hairstyle to go with your outfit!

Creating the perfect party space. Just a few suggestions for your totally 80s Reunion! Stake out the front yard with campaign yard signs and posters for your favorite presidential candidate — Nick Nixon! You can go simple and make it from inexpensive banner paper or posterboard or go all the way and have one printed up from a professional printer!

Create an outside archway to take pictures under, like a real high school event and then have everyone take their pictures under it. A perfect way to remember the evening. See more under photo spot ideas. Find an old yearbook preferably from 80s and blow up pictures of what you all could have looked like.

Make sure to get all the hairstyles and trends of the time feathered hair, the mullet, etc. Use the website YearbookYourself. Hang them on the wall like a reunion. On the website, you can also print pictures of student life like the cheerleading squad, football team, etc. Hang up old movie posters of some of the favorites— try to see if you can get all of the members of the brat pack!

Included with the mystery. Fox, etc. Have some of your favorite 80s candy out — sweet tarts, wax lips, candy buttons, bottle caps, Big League Chew, candy necklaces, Sprees, Pop Rocks, Fun Dip, etc.

See more ideas in on the food suggestions. Have a sunglasses table with all sorts of cheesy inexpensive 80s sunglasses. Make sure your guests take one home with them to remember the night by! Find old cassette tapes and spray paint them. Can use the tapes for just about anything. Combine multiple, bright colors for a fabulous appearance. Spray paint novelty items, vases, old wine bottles, etc. Give your guests an unforgettable souvenir by setting up a photo area where they can capture a picture of themselves in character.

Have some extra props on hand that your guests can pose with. These affordable rolls of images transform your room instantly and make for a good backdrop to your picture. Ie, if you want mug shots, perhaps ask the investigator to be in charge of taking the pictures. Use the 80s glossary to help name your foods with a retro twist. Serve up your drinks in bright cups with your guests name on them label designs included with mystery. Here are a few of the different types of music poular in the eighties!

Early eighties groups such as DEVO and Haircut were early adopters of the medium, but pop stars such as Madonna and Michael Jackson later transformed the format into a huge business. Nothing represents the decadence of the 80s more than the heavy metal bands signed from the LA Strip during that time.

This angry, politically charged genre included more social awareness in its lyrics. You can find these hits on iTunes and download songs individually without having to purchase a whole album.

For Free Music— Visit your local library for a number of compilations from the time. Make your own mix for your guests to groove to! Madonna — Borderline The J. Make posters and signs for your Murder High Presidential candidate designs included in mystery materials. Directions on making photo spot in tab below. Speech bubbles included with mystery purchase. With this mystery theme, we have included a number of ideas and designs to help enhance your party with easy-to-make decorations and props.

Each month we highlight one of our customers who has posted on our blog and award them a FREE party! We love to hear about all of the hard work you, as host, put into your party. From the decor to the food, costumes, whatever. As well as how you and your guests acted and reacted! Everything that made your party one your guests will never forget — tell us about it!

And be sure to attach some pictures!!! Check out some of our past winners here! This was our second mystery from night of mystery and it didn't disappoint! Everyone had an amazing time and are already waiting for our party next year! We had 43 guests in total. We loved the 80s theme - SO many decorating and costume ideas, it was hard to fit them all in!

But how much is too much? This a. Randy Reporter—Newspaper Editor. Byron P. Keaton—The Math Team Captain. The king of calculators is back to strut his stuff. Ridiculed high school, Byron is back to show just how far money can take you. Myra S. Keaton—The Math Team Cheerleader. Terry Johnson—Hall Pass Monitor. Terry was hard-nosed in high school and even tougher now as a traffic cop.

Danny Drums—Marching Band. To Danny, nothing mattered more in high school than band camp. Music is still on his mind, as is revenge. Sally Sax—Marching Band. Barricade—The Punk. Never one to take orders well, now B. Things you might want to incorporate into your outfit for the whole eighties appeal! Bleach was splashed onto the denim to give it a patchy mixture of dark and light color.

Throw a mullet on with those pants and you were hot stuff. Clipping them up on one side with a chunky plastic clip make it neon, even better was even bigger. Find the perfect hairstyle to go with your outfit! Creating the perfect party space. Just a few suggestions for your totally 80s Reunion! Stake out the front yard with campaign yard signs and posters for your favorite presidential candidate — Nick Nixon! You can go simple and make it from inexpensive banner paper or posterboard or go all the way and have one printed up from a professional printer!

Create an outside archway to take pictures under, like a real high school event and then have everyone take their pictures under it. A perfect way to remember the evening. See more under photo spot ideas. Find an old yearbook preferably from 80s and blow up pictures of what you all could have looked like.

Make sure to get all the hairstyles and trends of the time feathered hair, the mullet, etc. Use the website YearbookYourself. Hang them on the wall like a reunion. On the website, you can also print pictures of student life like the cheerleading squad, football team, etc. Hang up old movie posters of some of the favorites— try to see if you can Album) all of the members of the brat pack! Included with the mystery. Fox, etc. Have some of your favorite 80s candy out — sweet tarts, wax lips, candy buttons, bottle caps, Big League Chew, candy necklaces, Sprees, Pop Rocks, Fun Dip, etc.

See more ideas in on the food suggestions. Have a sunglasses table with all sorts of cheesy inexpensive 80s sunglasses. Make sure your guests take one home with them to remember the night by! Find old cassette tapes and spray paint them. Can use the tapes for just about anything. Combine multiple, bright colors for a fabulous appearance. Spray paint novelty items, vases, old wine bottles, etc. Give your guests an unforgettable souvenir by setting up a photo area where they can capture a picture of themselves in character.

Have some extra props on hand that your guests can pose with. These affordable rolls of images transform your room instantly and make for a good backdrop to your picture. Ie, if you want mug shots, perhaps ask the investigator to be in charge of taking the pictures. Use the 80s glossary to help name your foods with a retro twist. Serve up your drinks in bright cups with your guests name on them label designs included with mystery. Here are a few of the different types of music poular in the eighties!

Early eighties groups such as DEVO and Haircut were early adopters of the medium, but pop stars such as Madonna and Michael Jackson later transformed the format into a huge business. Nothing represents the decadence of the 80s more than the heavy metal bands signed from the LA Strip during that time. This angry, politically charged genre included more social awareness in its lyrics. You can find these hits on iTunes and download songs individually without having to purchase a whole album.

For Free Music— Visit your local library for a number of compilations from the time. Make your own mix for your guests to groove to! Madonna — Borderline The J. Make posters and signs for your Murder High Presidential candidate designs included in mystery materials. Directions on making photo spot in tab below. Speech bubbles included with mystery purchase.

With this mystery theme, we have included a number of ideas and designs to help enhance your party with easy-to-make decorations and props. Each month we highlight one of our customers who has posted on our blog and award them a FREE party! We love to hear about all of the hard work you, as host, put into your party.

01020304 - Wat (2), Eiji Okada (2) - Backcatalogue Audiotech (CDr), Hey Baby - J.J. Cale - Troubadour (Vinyl, LP, Album), Unknown, We Can Work It Out - The Beatles - We Can Work It Out / Day Tripper (Vinyl), Condicion - Ñico Membiela - Canta Para Ti (Vinyl, LP, Album), Hang On To Your Ego, Inside - Suffer (6) - Discography 2007-2012 (Cassette), Es Ist Ein Reis Entsprungen - Die Wiener Sängerknaben ★ Die Sängerknaben Vom Wienerwald ★ Der Thoman, The Ties That Bind - Don Williams (2) - New Horizons (Vinyl, LP), Claude François - Tout Le Monde Rit Dun Clown / Mais Nessaie Pas de Me Mentir (Vinyl), Funderingar - Janne Lucas - Ballade Pour Adeline - The Best Of Janne Lucas (Vinyl, LP), Porgy - Valaida Snow - In Chronology - 1940-1953 (File, MP3), The New Life - The Waterboys - Dream Harder (Vinyl, LP, Album), V. Parad. Moderato Deciso - Hans Pålsson , Piano - Karl-Birger Blomdahl • Ingvar Lidholm • Daniel Bö

Beautiful - Various - Ministry Of Sound: Chilled 1991-2010 (CD)

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I Monster Daydream In Blue 4. Pepe Deluxe Before You Leave 8. Lemon Jelly Stay With You 9. Groove Armada El Padrino Fred Falke 9. Aeroplane Above The Clouds Jakatta Feelin' Blue. Kenny Fiesta - Miami Fresh Segment El Chico Mezcla - Vallenatos Mix Alex Gaudino Feat.

Etna Brasil ft. Inna - Left Right Extended Mix Intensa Music - Get right inda club Edit Juan Magan - Mariah Mastiksoul Remix Marshall feat. Stevie H - Lets Move Extended mix Mastiksoul - Back To The 80's feat. George Llanes Jr. Latin Version Miguel Espinosa - Mojito Original Mix Negro Perez Feat. Pitbull Feat. Simone Pisapia Feat. The Moon And The Sky ] Soldier Of Love Morning Bird Babyfather Long Hard Road Be That Easy Bring Me Home In Another Time Skin The Safest Place DJ Quicksilver - Bellissima 3.

Robin S - Show Me Love 7. Jaydee - Plastic Dreams 8. Funky Green Dogs - Fired Up 9. The Bucketheads - The Bomb Atlantic Ocean - Waterfall Twenty 4 Seven - Leave Them Alone Roos - Instant Moments The Tamperer feat. Maya - Feel It Glam - Hells Party Gala - Freed From Desire Rozalla - Everybodys Free CD 2 1. Whigfield - xxxy Beautiful - Various - Ministry Of Sound: Chilled 1991-2010 (CD) 2. Double Vision - Knockin 3. Culture Beat - Mr. Vain 5. Les G. Culture - Darla Dirladada 7.

Technotronic - Like This 9. Ultra Nat? Alban - Sing Hallelujah Leila K. Niels van Gogh - Pulverturm Maxx - Get A Way Flowers Deejays Beautiful - Various - Ministry Of Sound: Chilled 1991-2010 (CD) Big Bug Carrapicho feat.

Robert Miles - Children 2. Ann Lee - 2 Times 4. Whigfield - Saturday Night 5. Snap - Rhythm Is A Dancer 6. Haddaway - What Is Love 7. Alban - Its My Life 8.

Reel To Real feat. DeLacy - Hideaway Robin S - Luv 4 Luv CeCe Peniston - Finally Felix - Dont You Want Me Pizzaman - Happiness DJ Jean - The Launch Watergate - Maid Of Orleans Kramer with The Dakotas - Emotion Tillis - Kearney - Brenda Lee - Wspomnienie Sart - Tuwim - Czeslaw Niemen - Sea Of Smiling Faces B.

Gibb - Bee Gees - Sad Moon Cooke - Sam Cooke - One Woman Tyrell - Bob Andy - Cycles Caldwell - Frank Beautiful - Various - Ministry Of Sound: Chilled 1991-2010 (CD) - Je T'Aime Hier Encore Aznavour - Chales Aznavour - Together Again Owens - Ray Charles - Moonlight Serenade Miller - Barry Manilow - Marsden - Chadwick - Maguire - Jose Feliciano - Ruby Parish - Ray Charles - Smile Chaplin - Harpo - Harpo - Feelings Albert - Gaste - Al Martino - Charmer Cousins - Cronk - Strawbs - Stay With Me J.

Feliciano - M. Feliciano - Jose Felisiano - Remedium Krajewski - Czapinska - Maryla Rodowicz - Vivaldi's Song Franks - Michael Franks - Buonanotte Fabrizio - Albertelli - Drupi - Fragile Sting - Julio Iglesias lead guitar and background vocals by Sting - True Love Porter - Elton John - Well Done Farner - Mark Farner - Starry Eyes Charlton - Nazareth - Caruso Dalla - Julio Iglesias - Sandy Freudenthaler - Fool's Garden - Only You Williams - Ringo Starr - Beautiful - Various - Ministry Of Sound: Chilled 1991-2010 (CD) VA - Super Dance Hits vol.

Candycore - Blow Away Radio Edit 3. Clubhunter - Self Control Extended Mix 4. Magnus Carlsson - A Little Respect pitchline radio edit 7. Milk Inc. Katerine - Enjoy The Day 9. Bootleg Mix DJ Yanny Pres. Marc Van Damme Remix Edit SMP2K Vs. Den Harrow - Day By Day 3.

Ken Laszlo - Tonight 4. Eddy Huntington - Meet My Friend 5. Digital Emotion - Get Up Action 7. Twilight - My Mind 9. Ken Laszlo - Glasses Man Den Harrow - Dangerous Ken Laszlo - Eddy Huntington - U. Lian Ross - Fantasy Vocal Mix '98 G F Lunghi - acapulco nights swedish remix Baby s gang - challenger swedish remix Radiorama - yeti extended vocal remix Cyber people - doctor faustus swedish remix Beautiful - Various - Ministry Of Sound: Chilled 1991-2010 (CD) Alan ROSS - the last wall swedish remix Beautiful - Various - Ministry Of Sound: Chilled 1991-2010 (CD) Astaire - monkey monkey extended vocal remix Download [HF]:.

All I Care About Chicago Maria West Side Story Maybe This Time Cabaret You Are Love Show Boat Something Good Sound Of Music Dat Man Showboat Hopelessly Devoted To You Grease Somewhere West Side Story I Believe In Love Hair Some Enchanted Evening South Pacific Sandy Grease VA-Hot Dance vol. Download [HF]: Part 1 Part 2. This Is My Time Superstar Roll Up Take Me To The Top Tarzan Boy Ready To Fly Forever Tonight Fantasy A Good Heart

Testone - Zap - Ringo & Nobby Uno* - Plus Minus (Vinyl), Running Man - Tygers Of Pan Tang - Live In The Roar (CD, Album), Ireland, Mother Ireland - John McCormack (2) - Sings Irish Ballads: The Kerry Dance (CD, Album), This Is The House - Eurythmics - Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of This) (Vinyl, LP, Album), Ek Baat Poochhoon, Hey Joe - Various - Out Of The Past Vol. 2 (Vinyl, LP), Comin Home - Janis Joplin - Janis - A Film - The Way She Was (VHS), Bride Of Rain Dog (Instrumental) - Tom Waits - Rain Dogs (CD, Album), We Dont Dream - Mitchell Froom - The Key Of Cool (Vinyl, LP, Album), Im Wild About You Baby - Various - The Best Of - THIS IS THE BLUES (Vinyl, LP), Kirjoitan Seinään - Sensuuri - Hellää Terroria Korville (CD), Drifter (Live) - Iron Maiden - The Story So Far Part I (CD, Album), Son Of My Father - Various - Spirit Of The Seventies (CD)

Happy Feet

Skua maakt zijn prooi wijs dat de ring om zijn enkel na een ontvoering door "aliens" is geplaatst. Mumble valt per abuis in een nauwe spleet en weet te ontkomen aan de klauwen van de gulzige roofvogels. Na het eindexamen gaat een inmiddels volwassen Mumble met zijn klasgenoten mee op hun eerste reis in de oceaan, waarna de feestelijke dag zich voortzet op een ijsberg.

Mumble sluit vriendschap met de "Amigos", een groep vrijgezellen bestaande uit Ramon, broers Raul en Nestor en tweeling Rinaldo en Lombardo.

De "Amigos" houden van Mumble's flitsende dansmoves en verschaffen hem het onvoorwaardelijke gevoel van erkenning dat hij zo lang heeft moeten missen. De vlotte Ramon wil zijn vriend Mumble helpen met het zingen van een passievol lied, maar Gloria laat zich niet gek maken en keert Mumble gepikeerd de rug toe. In de moed der wanhoop tracht Mumble zijn liefde te overtuigen met een opbouwend tapritme dat Gloria doet beseffen dat ze het refrein voor haar hartenlied heeft gevonden.

De ouderling Noah ziet het tekort aan vis als straf van de "Grote 'Guin" voor het rebelse dansen dat Mumble tentoonspreidt. Noah verbant Mumble opnieuw uit de kolonie, maar bij vertrek verkondigt de moedige held dat hij de ware oorzaak van de hongersnood zal achterhalen.

Hij beledigt Gloria om haar zangtalent om te voorkomen dat het wijfje zich bij de bijzondere groep voegt en de veiligheid van het koloniale bestaan achter zich laat. De nieuwe aanwinst van het zeepark probeert met de hem omgevende "aliens" in contact te komen, maar na drie maanden opsluiting staakt hij zijn verwoede pogingen en dreigt Happy Feet volledig door te draaien. Mumble begint met dansen en schaart weldra een groot aantal mensen om zich heen.

Please click the blue circle above if you are from an early childhood centre wanting to learn more about Happy Feet Fitness. Please click the pink circle above to find out more if you are a family, parent or guardian and would like to find out more.

How do you balance activity with technology in early childhood? Some tech is designed for movement - but most are designed to be enjoyed on the couch. Very Happy Olivia is getting the opportunity to exercise in a positive way. It Happy Feet also helping with gross motor skills, self confidence and social awareness.

Thanks Happy Feet. Happy Feet loves Happy Feet and has learnt some really valuable information i. How to Phone when there is an emergency. His sister Kasia is now at school and she still talks about how much she loved Happy Feet. A quality pair of wool socks can wick away moisture and allow your feet to stay dry. Dry feet will help keep blisters from forming when you are hiking and keep your feet warm when you stop to glass or wait for an opportunity.

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If you are hiking and you feel a hot spot or blister forming, it is imperative that you immediately stop and get it taken care of before continuing.

Blisters on your feet can really ruin a hunting experience and make every step a painful one. Another important tip if you want to take Happy Feet of your feet is to consider a backup pair of boots.

Whenever I go on a hunting trip, I always pack at least one extra pair of hiking boots. Whenever my feet hurt — and they usually do — I will do a morning or day hunt with an alternate pair of boots. This usually is enough to reset my feet and give those sore spots a break while my new boots aggravate slightly different places on my feet.

A backup pair of boots may just be the ticket to healthy feet and happy hikes. Though it might sound silly to think so much about your feet, they are super essential to your success and can easily make your trip miserable.

Blu Gene - Princess (Vinyl), Neon Lights - Kraftwerk - The Man•Machine (CD, Album), Op. 72, 1 Odzemek - Johannes Brahms, Antonín Dvořák - Ungarische Tanze (Vollstandige Ausgabe) - Slav, Revelation - The Wheels Of Sorrow - The Realist (File, MP3, Album), Splicer - Clone Theory - Electrollennium (CD), 7 - Blaqtone - 7 (File, MP3, Album), Dont Let It Pass - Junip - Fields (CD, Album), What Side You On? - Public Enemy - Muse Sick-N-Hour Mess Age (Vinyl, LP), Tutti Frutti - Puhdys - RocknRoll Music (Vinyl, LP, Album), Bullet (Retribution Mix), Save Me From Myself, A Very Funny Man - Hugin the Bard - Bardic Tales from the Mabinogion (CD, Album)

Regular Girl - Kool Keith - Sex Style (Vinyl, LP, LP, Album)

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We went through this collection, me, Andy Hanley, and Bernie Golding, and we found three copies of the Carstairs record. Went back to Blackpool, played the record and changed the whole scene.

Blackpool Mecca suddenly became the home of this new Northern soul sound. I would've heard this record inwhen it was supposedly released, but not obtained it until There was a notable scene in the east of England: Shades Northampton was one of the leading venues in this part of the country during the early s until it LP in When Wigan Casino closed inmany believed that the northern soul scene was on the verge of disintegrating.

However, late s mod revivalthe thriving scooterboy subculture and late 80s acid jazz movement were popular among music fans. The popularity of the music was introduced by a wave of reissues and compilation albums from minor independent record labels.

Both played that brand of obscure American import records, 7" and albums "looking back retrospectively"that they had in their collection. The magazine also had their own record label also called Contemporeleasing music from the s which, starting inplayed at a club previously known as Whisky-A-Go-Go, founded by Rene Gelston in Wardour Street.

Norman Jay's show was a collaboration with DJ Judge Jules and featured a mainly urban soundtrack from the s and s mixed with early house music.

Tracks similar to "rare grooves" had begun to see a following in the s northern soul movement, which curated a collection of rare and obscure soul. Many of these labels were set up by DJs and collectors who had been part of the original northern soul scene.

The s — often dismissed as a low period for Northern soul by those who had left the scene in the s — featured almost new venues in places such as BradfordLondon, PeterboroughLeighton BuzzardWhitchurchCoventry and Leicester. Today there are regular northern soul events in various parts of the United Kingdom, such as the Nightshift Club all-nighters at the Bisley Pavilion in Surrey and the Prestatyn Weekender in North Wales. Many of those who ceased their involvement in the late s have now returned to the scene and regularly participate in such events.

He plays three Northern soul hits, often at the request of his listeners. One version of the video for the song features stereotypical northern soul dancing. Additionally, the track samples the famous soul drum break from James Brown 's " Funky Drummer ", performed by Clyde Stubblefield. Northern Soul was the music made by hundreds of singers and bands who were copying the Detroit sound of Motown pop.

Most of the records were complete failures in their own time and place Other related music styles also gained acceptance in the northern soul scene. As the scene developed in the mid and late s, the more contemporary and rhythmically sophisticated sounds of disco and Philly Soul became accepted at certain venues following its adoption at Blackpool Mecca.

The record that initially popularised this change is usually cited as the Carstairs" It Really Hurts Me Girl " Red Coacha record initially released late in on promotional copies, but quickly withdrawn due to lack of interest from American radio stations.

Some northern soul records were so rare that only a handful of copies were known to exist, so specific DJs and clubs became associated with particular records that were LP exclusively in their own playlists. Keith Rylatt and Phil Scott wrote:. As venues such as the Twisted Wheel evolved into northern soul clubs in the late s and the dancers increasingly demanded newly discovered sounds, DJs began to acquire and play rare and often deleted US releases that had not gained even a release in the UK.

These records were sometimes obtained through specialist importers or, in some cases, by DJs visiting the US and purchasing old warehouse stock. As the scene increased in popularity, a network of UK record dealers emerged who could acquire further copies of the original vinyl and supply them to fans at prices commensurate with their rarity and desirability.

The notoriety of DJs on the northern soul scene was enhanced by the possession of rare records, but exclusivity was not enough on its own, and the records had to conform to a certain musical style and gain acceptance on the dance floor.

It had previously been thought that all the original versions had been destroyed when rival label EMI won the rights to release the single. The northern soul movement spawned an active market in reissuing older soul recordings in the UK, several of which became popular enough to actually make the UK charts several years after their original issue.

Dave Godin is generally credited with being the first UK entrepreneur to start this trend, setting up the Soul City label inand striking a deal with EMI to license Gene Chandler 's recording "Nothing Can Stop Me", which had been popular for several years at the Twisted Wheel. The trend continued into the s, as many songs from the s that were revived on the northern soul scene were reissued by their original labels and became UK top 40 hits.

A variety of recordings were made later in the s that were specifically aimed at the northern soul scene, which also went on to become UK top 40 hits. In at least one case, a previously obscure recording was specially remixed to appeal to northern soul fans: the recording " Footsee " by Canadian group the Chosen Few was sped up, overdubbed and remixed to emerge as the UK No. A large proportion of northern soul's original audience came from within the s mod subculture.

In the late s, when some mods started to embrace freakbeat and psychedelic rockother mods — especially those in Northern England — stuck to the original mod soundtrack of soul and Blue Beat. From the latter category, two strands emerged: skinheads and the northern soul scene. Early Northern soul fashion included strong elements of the classic mod style, such as button-down Ben Sherman shirts, blazers with centre vents and unusual numbers of buttons, trickers and brogue shoes and shrink-to-fit Levi's jeans.

Later, northern soul dancers started to wear light and loose-fitting clothing for reasons of practicality. This included high-waisted, baggy Oxford bags and sports vests. These were often covered with sew-on badges representing soul club memberships. The clenched raised fist symbol that has become associated with the Northern soul movement emanates from the s Black Power movement of the United States.

InAndrew Wilson lecturer in criminology at the University of Sheffield published the extensively researched sociological study Northern Soul: Music, drugs and subcultural identity. This work details the lifestyles associated with the northern soul scene and the extensive use of amphetamines otherwise known as speed by many involved. Wilson argues that, although many did not use drugs, their usage was heavily ingrained in the fast-paced culture of the northern soul scene, contributing to participants' ability to stay up all night dancing.

Many clubs and events were closed down or refused licences due to the concern of local authorities that soul nights attracted drug dealers and users. Of the regular attendees he said, "All they wanted was fast-tempo black dance music Rietveld, northern soul "dancers were fuelled by Dexedrine tablets". The Northern soul scene has had a notable influence on DJ culture, certain musicians, and has been portrayed in literature, theatre and cinema.

The Northern soul movement is cited by many as being a significant step towards the creation of contemporary club culture and of the superstar LP culture of the s. As in contemporary club culture, Northern soul DJs built up a following based on satisfying the crowd's desires for music that they Album) not hear anywhere else. The competitiveness between DJs to unearth 'in-demand' sounds led them to cover up the labels on their records, giving rise to the modern white label pressing.

Many argue that Northern soul was instrumental in creating a network of clubs, DJs, record collectors and dealers in the UK, and was the first music scene to provide the British charts with records that sold entirely on the strength of club play. A technique employed by northern soul DJs in common with their later counterparts was the sequencing of records to create euphoric highs and lows for the crowd.

DJ, Laurence 'Larry' Proxton being known for this method. DJ personalities and their followers involved in the original Northern soul movement went on to become important figures in the house and dance music scenes. Northern Soul with Tony Deller is broadcast each week on Cambridge community radio station Cambridge

Like No Other - Various - Evro-Chart Radio News (CD), Los Endos - Genesis - Live - Berne, CH 17.06.07 (CD, Album), Fakerap - Die Pilzen - Zeitwürz (Vinyl, LP, Album), Finale - Various - The Living Word - Wattstax 2 (Vinyl, LP, Album), Deine Liebe (Club-Mix) - Matthias Reim - Die Verdammte Reim Box (CD), Great Black Waters - In Sketches Begin Responsibilities (Cassette, Album), Moving Statue Beat - Paranoid Visions - Tripping The Live Disaster / Immarture Recollection (CD), Amphetamine Logic - The Sisters Of Mercy - Land Of The Kings (Vinyl, LP), Everlovin Woman - J.J. Cale - Okie (Vinyl, LP, Album), Jarní Vítr - Minnesengři III.* - Na Jih Od Pop Music (1980 - 1985) (CD, Album), Cabin Down Below (Acoustic Version) - Tom Petty - You Wreck Me (Cassette), Rene & Àngela* - My First Love (Vinyl), Speech (Take 1) - The Beatles - The Christmas Album Deluxe Edition Box (Vinyl, LP), Oosterstraat, Red Sky - Royal* - Red Sky (CD, Album)

(I Can See) Landscapes - LoneLady - Hinterland (CDr, Album)

Indeed, there's a remarkable playfulness and sensuality to many of these songs, given the circumstances that inspired them. On each song, she makes lost and abandoned spaces physical and otherwise sound vital and personal, using phrases like "rubble" and "corrugated iron" with the ease and frequency that other artists use "love" and "baby. AllMusic relies heavily on JavaScript. Please enable JavaScript in your browser to use the site fully.

Blues Classical Country. Electronic Folk International. Jazz Latin New Age. Aggressive Bittersweet Druggy. Error: please try again. (I Can See) Landscapes - LoneLady - Hinterland (CDr reeling from the death of the first woman he had connected with since arriving Album) town, DCI Tom Mathias reluctantly returns to work to help solve a mysterious arson case.

Add Image S2, Ep1. DCI Mathias investigates the murder of a local bus driver while being investigated himself for his emotional fitness to perform his duties. Add Image S2, Ep2. (I Can See) Landscapes - LoneLady - Hinterland (CDr solicitor is found murdered. There is hostility in the community towards (I Can See) Landscapes - LoneLady - Hinterland (CDr Protheroe.

It's a genius move. This is funk music played through a Mancunian prism with an analogue feel. LoneLady has reimagined herself as the star of a glitter laden dancefloor, the lasers excitedly pinging from the mirror balls hanging from above.

At Metacriticwhich assigns a normalised rating out of to reviews from mainstream critics, Hinterland received an average score of 83, based on 12 reviews, indicating "universal acclaim". Bobby Gillespie of Primal Scream picked Hinterland as his Album) of the year, stating 'Its just fucking cool. Its got a strange atmosphere and unique mood. Hinterland at Discogs list of releases. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Now Then magazine. Retrieved 13 November The Line of Best Fit. Retrieved 9 July Retrieved 8 July

Hes A Dream - Various - Flashdance (Original Soundtrack From The Motion Picture) (Vinyl, LP, Album), Necropolis - Ringworm - 1991 Demo (Vinyl), Medley - Bing Crosby - Join Bing & Sing Along (Vinyl, LP, Album), On-line, Danny Moss - The Good Life (Vinyl, LP), Keep It Real (Instrumental), Tried To Rock - Lloyd Cole & The Negatives - The Negatives (CD, Album), Irradiation / Whirlybird / Constellation, Invisible Man 3 - Various - Raped By Four Valentines Day (Cassette), Monster Mash - Misfits - Cuts From The Crypt (CD), My Life - Bunny Chanel* - Bunny Chanel (Cassette)

Marital Bliss - Electric Zoo - Diamonds In The Sand (CD, Album)

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Questi libri furono chiamati libri catenati. Vedi illustrazione a margine. L' ebraismo ha mantenuto in vita l'arte dello scriba fino ad oggi. Anche gli arabi produssero e rilegarono libri durante il periodo medievale islamicosviluppando tecniche avanzate di calligrafia arabaminiatura e legatoria.

Col metodo di controllo, solo "gli autori potevano autorizzare le copie, e questo veniva fatto in riunioni pubbliche, in cui il copista leggeva il testo ad alta voce in presenza dell'autore, il quale poi la certificava come precisa".

In xilografiaun'immagine a bassorilievo di una pagina intera veniva intagliata su tavolette di legno, inchiostrata e usata per stampare le copie di quella pagina. Questo metodo ebbe origine in Cinadurante la Dinastia Han prima del a. I monaci o altri che le scrivevano, venivano pagati profumatamente. I primi libri stampati, i singoli fogli e le immagini che furono creati prima del in Europa, sono noti come incunaboli.

Folio 14 recto del Vergilius romanus che contiene un ritratto dell'autore Virgilio. Da notare la libreria capsail leggio ed il testo scritto senza spazi in capitale rustica.

Leggio con libri catenatiBiblioteca Malatestiana di Cesena. Incunabolo del XV secolo. Si noti la copertina lavorata, le borchie d'angolo e i morsetti. Insegnamenti scelti di saggi buddistiil primo libro stampato con caratteri metallici mobili, Le macchine da stampa a vapore diventarono popolari nel XIX secolo.

Queste macchine potevano stampare 1. Le macchine tipografiche monotipo e linotipo furono introdotte verso la fine del XIX secolo. Hartla prima biblioteca di versioni elettroniche liberamente riproducibili di libri stampati. I libri a stampa sono prodotti stampando ciascuna imposizione tipografica su un foglio di carta. Le varie segnature vengono rilegate per ottenere il volume.

L'apertura delle pagine, specialmente nelle edizioni in brossuraera di solito lasciata al lettore fino agli anni sessanta del XX secolomentre ora le segnature vengono rifilate direttamente dalla tipografia. Nei libri antichi il formato dipende dal numero di piegature che il foglio subisce e, quindi, dal numero di carte e pagine stampate sul foglio. Le "carte di guardia", o risguardi, o sguardie, sono le carte di apertura e chiusura del libro vero e proprio, che collegano materialmente il corpo del libro alla coperta o legatura.

Non facendo parte delle segnaturenon sono mai contati come pagine. Si chiama "controguardia" la carta che viene incollata su ciascun "contropiatto" la parte interna del "piatto" della coperta, permettendone il definitivo ancoraggio.

Le sguardie sono solitamente di carta diversa da quella dell'interno del volume e possono essere bianche, colorate o decorate con motivi di fantasia nei libri antichi erano marmorizzate.

Il colophon o colofone, che chiude il volume, riporta le informazioni essenziali sullo stampatore e sul luogo e la data di stampa. In origine nei manoscritti era costituito dalla firma o subscriptio del copista o dello scriba, e riportava data, luogo e autore del testo; in seguito fu la formula conclusiva dei libri stampati nel XV e XVI secolo, che conteneva, talvolta in inchiostro rosso, il nome dello stampatore, luogo e data di stampa e l' insegna dell'editore.

Sopravvive ancor oggi, soprattutto con la dicitura Finito di stampare. Nel libro antico poteva essere rivestita di svariati materiali: pergamena, cuoio, tela, carta e costituita in legno o cartone. Poteva essere decorata con impressioni a secco o dorature. Ciascuno dei due cartoni che costituiscono la copertina viene chiamato piatto. Nel XIX secolo la coperta acquista una prevalente funzione promozionale.

Ha caratterizzato a lungo l'editoria per l'infanzia e oggi, ricoperto da una "sovraccoperta", costituisce il tratto caratteristico delle edizioni maggiori. Le "alette" o "bandelle" comunemente dette "risvolti di copertina" sono le piegature interne della copertina o della sovraccoperta vedi infra.

Generalmente vengono utilizzate per una succinta introduzione al testo e per notizie biografiche essenziali sull'autore. Di norma, riporta le indicazioni di titolo e autore. I libri con copertina cartonata in genere sono rivestiti da una "sovraccoperta".

Oltre al taglio "superiore" o di "testa" vi sono il taglio esterno, detto "davanti" o "concavo"e il taglio inferiore, detto "piede". I tagli possono essere al naturale, decorati o colorati in vario modo.

In questi ultimi casi, si parla di "taglio colore", nel passato usati per distinguere i libri religiosi o di valore dalla restante produzione editoriale, utilizzando una spugna imbevuta di inchiostri all' anilina anni del XX secolo. Riporta solitamente titolo, autore, e editore del libro. Sovente riporta un motto.

Assente nel libro antico. I primi incunaboli e manoscritti non avevano il frontespizio, ma si Marital Bliss - Electric Zoo - Diamonds In The Sand (CD con una carta bianca con funzione protettiva.

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The answer became clear during a conversation with a Marine Corps general.

Section 1 - Simeon Ten Holt - Sandra & Jeroen* - Canto Ostinato (Vinyl, LP, Album), Ou Est Le Bon Bon (Version 2000), Sólo Sé Que No Sé Nada - Pitingo - Grabaciones Legendarias Del Flamenco (CD), Going South - Dead Moon - Hard Wired In Ljubljana (Vinyl, LP, Album), The Dark End Of The Street, André Et Diane* - De Retour Avec "Une Chanson Pour Ta Fête" (Vinyl, LP, Album), Plutonium Path Throught Endless Coldness - Saturn Form Essence - Dissonant Structures (CDr), Anarkiaa - Neljä Ruusua - Hyvää Päivää (Cassette, Album), Will Glahé Und Sein Musette-Orchester, Golgowsky-Quartett - Der Waldspecht / Die Fischerin Vom Boden, Orientis Partibus II - René Clemencic, Clemencic Consort - La Fête De L´âne (Vinyl, LP, Album), Sheep In Wolfs Clothing - The GC5 - Kisses From Hanoi / Horseshoes & Handgrenades (CD, Album)

Undivided (Radio Edit) - Various - Trance 2007 Vol.1 Music 4 The Next Generation (CD)

Check out quotes from their chat below. The year-old frontman revealed the news on Instagram, saying The Comeback Tour is paused until he has completed a mandatory quarantine. Mary J. Blige has teased on Instagram that her next album will be released in November.

Sound Space studio owner Chris Nelson filed a lawsuit against the year-old Grammy winner on Monday. Before becoming a rock legend, Dave Grohl has recalled how he was disowned by his late father and struggled to put food on the table. David Bowie fans will soon be able to own a copy of the music legend's lost album 'Toy'.

Rating: 6. Bitrate: Sound Format: MP3. Online Synthesizer:. Share link. Discover Trance Radio is dedicated to Trance and EDM music, broadcasting 24 hours a day, It offers some of the finest shows currently broadcasting anywhere.

The most up-to-date trance resource! Trance for life! Trance is an electronic dance music genre developed in s. The genre is generally characterized by epic breakdowns that slowly tantalize the audience with slow build-ups that lead to an emotional tension Undivided (Radio Edit) - Various - Trance 2007 Vol.1 Music 4 The Next Generation (CD) of the song. The tempo of the genre generally ranges between and bpm beats per minute. Live Undivided (Radio Edit) - Various - Trance 2007 Vol.1 Music 4 The Next Generation (CD).

Your name:. Send a comment. Statistics :. Twitter discovertrance 0 0 0. FaceBook DiscoverTranceR Instagram discovertrance 83 2. List of radio. Your Radio playlist is empty Sign Up. RSS: News. Finneas opens up about 'creative bond' he shares with Billie Eilish music-news.

Billie Eilish 'jealous' of people who aren't on social media music-news. Ringo Starr is unsure about touring plans for music-news. The Lathums: 'Guitar music is back where it belongs' music-news. Mike D: 'I have my own social dysfunctions as everybody does' music-news.

Help us Discover Trance Radio is free, if you like what you hear please make a donation to help keep the lights on. Mix Central Latest mix additions. Matt Rodgers TranceFused View this Mix and Tracklist Tag: Uplifting. Angel Ace Serenade Landed Sanani Planet Of Sound Episode Trance Experience View this Mix and Tracklist Tag: Various. This feature requires you to sign in.

I have an account. More information. Signed Up JayneyC! NonBarbarian Signed Up Conan. NonBarbarian Conan. Summary not available - click to View full list 1. Credits: 1 Hits: Patrick Delsine - Ambitions I'd like to say that this statement is actually false. How does a genre that's already in a category land into both?

Progressive House sounds like Trance, yes, but there is a large distinction between the way both genres sound. Thought I'd just get that off my chest. OK I decided to take a look in this Trance article for it still amazes me. However I noticed a slight change. To say that it is mainstream without telling where says that Trance is often played on the radio or in a lot of peoples' cars in every part of the world. Could someone fix this? In South America it may be mainstream.

But in the US it isn't all that mainstream at all. And when a Trance theme is heard someone will always ask what it is, who made it and where can they get it. The only answers come from clubbers Undivided (Radio Edit) - Various - Trance 2007 Vol.1 Music 4 The Next Generation (CD) people who have been exposed to the music from someone else.

The only mainstream this music has gotten here was Cascada. As a european sorry, a non-american I can say that it gets a little tiring seeing most info on the web discuss subjects and events from a very skewed US point of view Take the american electronica artist BT for example, a musical genius no doubt, but hardly the massive influence on the eurotrance scene as his wiki article would have you believe, he was after all, just one artist amongst many Wikipedia after all, is for the people of the world not just the USA There arent a whole lot of people playing country and western in europe but try to tell an american that it is not a mainstream genre and you will get an earful of abuse for sure Trance is not mainstream, not at Undivided (Radio Edit) - Various - Trance 2007 Vol.1 Music 4 The Next Generation (CD).

Being played in some clubs does not make it mainstream. People listen to music for the most part on TV, CD players, cars, radio and tape players Undivided (Radio Edit) - Various - Trance 2007 Vol.1 Music 4 The Next Generation (CD) in clubs. Even in most of Europe, trance is not mainstream. In my part of the world middle east most people don't recognize the term except as a mental state. I think people need to cite references to stating that Trance is mainstream in Europe.

Understand that we North Americans assume that what you tell us is true over there. The criteria used to determine if the music is mainstream or not is to monitor key tracking polls for the public.

DJMag Mainstream music is the type of music you often hear on generic radio stations, and malls. The scene has thrived on the fact that the music is underground. Danceking5 talk12 April UTC [ ]. This article itself says "Trance is also very popular in Israel. I agree with Roux's comment towards the end of this page about "assertions which betray a very narrow, Americentric understanding of trance, rave culture in general, and the history thereof".

As I post at the bottom of this page, prominent djs are saying their music is largely not for clubs or raves. One dj says "it's not just "club music" anymore", and even Armin van Buuren says a very large part of the 15 million or 20 million or 30 million of listeners to A State of Trance listen while at work at their computers. Each section also has a couple of rows below what is shown in the photo.

Trance in the U. Trance has pretty much achieved worldwide popularity along with House music. Well, this article itself says "Trance is also very popular in Israel", right before the section on electronic music.

Also, as you can see in the photo I posted above under "Mainstream Popularity? Again, I agree with Roux's comment towards the end of this page about "assertions which betray a very narrow, Americentric understanding of trance, rave culture in general, and the history thereof.

By all means then add it if you feel it contributes to the page. Be aware that an article saying something is popular still does not gauge the data against a large population.

Presence - Nils Petter Molvær - NP3 (CD, Album), Pilot - Various - Team Clermonts 9th Annual Summer Festival And Blue Ribbon Ball (CDr), Focus - Ultrazeen - Lines (CD, Album), Make The World Go Away - Eddy Arnold - The Best Of Eddy Arnold (Vinyl, LP), Inno Entella, Crazy Mama - The Rolling Stones - Sucking In The Seventies (Vinyl, LP), Stay On Your Side Of The World - Brakelight Religion - The Singles, Vol. 1 (CD), Im in you - Peter Frampton - Comes Alive II (DVD), Best Friend (Maxi Version) - Various - HitDisc® 311E (CDr), Kasachioff (Mix 2) - Russian Key - Kasachioff (Vinyl), Lisa Loud & Sonique - StarsX2 (Cassette), Hangover Again - IM Drunk - Regurgitating The Sacred Liquor (CD, Album)

Sacré Félicien - Jean Ferrat - Sacré Félicien / Les Demoiselles De Magasin (Vinyl)

Vendeur : brocrecordzshop. Prix Sacré Félicien - Jean Ferrat - Sacré Félicien / Les Demoiselles De Magasin (Vinyl) 8. Jetrecords-Btz Sacré Félicien - Jean Ferrat - Sacré Félicien / Les Demoiselles De Magasin (Vinyl).

Vendeur : Jetrecords-Btz. Format : Disque 33T Gatefold. Disque 33T Gatefold. Vendeur : pycvinyl. Prix : 5. Vendeur : funrec. Prix : 9. Format : Coffret Disque 33T. Coffret Disque 33T. Vendeur : gabriel1.

New jean ferrat 10 ans de ferrat Barclay - 8. Vendeur : soodoli. Vendeur : discntruck. Vendeur : capricordes. Vendeur : musicolor.

Vendeur : sebloup. Vendeur : orpheon3. Vendeur : bizarts. Vendeur : platine. Acousticsoup United Kingdom. Vendeur : Sacré Félicien - Jean Ferrat - Sacré Félicien / Les Demoiselles De Magasin (Vinyl). Vendeur : vignesauferacheval. Vendeur : stereotomy. Prix : 2. Vendeur : yesyes. Vendeur : bruno34mont. Vendeur : sing-sing. Vendeur : sined Vendeur : mariefrancep1.

Vendeur : sebq Prix : 3. Disc-Omo-Bile France. Vendeur : Disc-Omo-Bile. Format : Disque CD. Disque CD. Vendeur : merlinmoosik.

Eh L'amour! Eh L'amour A2. Ta Chanson A3. Ma Fille A4. Regarde-Toi Paname B1. Le P'tit Jardin B2. Les Petits Bistrots B5. Portrait 1 pressages en base Acheter neuf.

Et Pour L'Exemple C1. A Moi L'Afrique C2. Picasso Colombe C3. Une Femme Honnete Les Saisons D2. Hou Hou Mefions-Nous Potemkine - A1. Raconte-Moi La Mer B4.

Maria - C1. Maria C2. Un Enfant Quitte Paris D2. Un Jour, Un Jour D3. Alleluia D4. Chanson Pour Toi D5. Enregistrement 4 pressages en base Acheter neuf. Mon Palais A2. Le Tiers Chant A3. Caserne B3. Le Diable Au Coeur B5.

Si Nous Mourons Ferrat 80 4 pressages en base Acheter neuf. Le Bilan A2. Oural Ouralou A3. L'Amour Est Cerise A4. J'ai Froid A5. Mon Pays Etait Beau B1. J'aurais Seulement Voulu B4. Chanter B6. L'Embellie La Montagne 1 pressages en base Acheter neuf. La Commune C2. Les Derniers Tziganes C3. Je Vous Aime C4. Comprendre D1. Les Touristes Partis D2. J'imagine D4. L'adresse Du Bonheur D5. Et Pour L'exemple Volume 2 Enregistrements Originaux 1 pressages en base Acheter neuf.

Cuba Si A3. Un Jour, Un Jour A4. Indien A6. Ariane B1. Le Bureau B2. Intox B3. La Cavale B4. EX Excellent The record shows some signs of having been played, but still plays perfectly. The vinyl may have some tiny wear or marks, but nothing major and nothing that affects play.

Mais il passe toujours comme neuf. It still plays very well. The cover shows some wear, light creasing, maybe tiny tears or pen marks. Overall this is the condition of Most of records sold in second hand. VG Very Good The record shows non-deep scratches, surface marks,wear and displays some surface noise.

Ariane Album Version - Ferrat, Jean. La petite fleur qui tombe Album Version - Ferrat, Jean. Les filles longues Album Version - Ferrat, Sacré Félicien - Jean Ferrat - Sacré Félicien / Les Demoiselles De Magasin (Vinyl).

Nous vivons Album Version - Ferrat, Jean. Le bureau Album Version - Ferrat, Jean. Un jour futur Album Version - Ferrat, Jean. Camarade Album Version - Ferrat, Jean. Tout ce que j'aime Album Version - Ferrat, Jean. Les demoiselles de magasin Album Version - Ferrat, Jean. Mon bel amour Album Version - Ferrat, Sacré Félicien - Jean Ferrat - Sacré Félicien / Les Demoiselles De Magasin (Vinyl).

La cavale Album Version - Ferrat, Jean. Y aurait-il - Ferrat, Jean. Intox Album Version - Ferrat, Jean. Les lilas - Ferrat, Jean. La commune Album Version - Ferrat, Jean. Les derniers tziganes - Ferrat, Jean.

Je vous aime Album Version - Ferrat, Jean. Comprendre Album Version - Ferrat, Jean. Les touristes partis - Ferrat, Jean. J'imagine Album Version - Ferrat, Jean. L'adresse du bonheur Album Version - Ferrat, Jean. Et pour l'exemple Album Version - Ferrat, Jean. Le malheur d'aimer Mix - Ferrat, Jean.

Nous dormirons ensemble Mix - Ferrat, Jean. J'entends, j'entends Mix - Ferrat, Sacré Félicien - Jean Ferrat - Sacré Félicien / Les Demoiselles De Magasin (Vinyl).

Que serais-je sans toi Mix - Ferrat, Jean.

Había Una Vez - Ivannkie* - Una Vez Más (File, MP3), Greensleeves - Jean-Pierre Rampal / Maurice André, Saint-Laurent Childrens Choir* - Childrens Songs, Push It - Benassi Bros. - Benassi Bros. Mp3 (CDr), Ludger - Flo Bubly´s Brumcalli - Privatleben (CD, Album), Sonny Boy (Time Will Tell), I Robot Suite - Andrew Powell And The Philharmonia Orchestra* - Play The Best Of The Alan Parsons Pr, Inflatable Bed - Jinx Lennon - 30 Beacons Of Light (CD, Album), Endless War - Realm (3) - Endless War (CD, Album), Hideaway (Deep Dish Remix) - Various - In The Mix 96 (Cassette, Album), West Is Best - Babar Luck - World Citizen "Frankenstaanee" (CD, Album), The Way Old Friends Do - ABBA - Gold (Greatest Hits) (CD)