Surely, fallen angels will have to pay for all this trouble they've caused mankind There's one fascinating tale that says at least one already has — and we see him all the time. Shemyaza is another name given to the leader of the fallen angels, although researcher Andrew Collins notes that at some point before the Book of EnochShemyaza and Azazel or Lucifer became two different angels.

At any rate, it was Shemyaza who taught men the art of magic, and along the way, he also meets a mortal woman named Ishtar. The story varies in the telling — sometimes, it's said Ishtar was already a Babylonian deity when he fell in love with her via New Dawn Magazine — but either way, she promised him a little bedroom action if he would just let her in on one little secret : God's true and hidden name.

Other versions via The Manitoban say that she pestered him until he let her try on his wings. He, of course, caves to her demands and she uses her newfound knowledge — sometimes she uses it to ascend into the heavens, sometimes she uses it to turn from a mortal woman into a deity.

Whatever the details are, Shemyaza pays the same price: he's sentenced to hang for an eternity, upside-down, among the stars. He's still there, as a constellation in the night sky, although we more commonly call him Orion. Take a deep dive into the various religions of the world, and you'll find they have a lot in common — and as Harvard notes, Christian, Jewish, and Islamic texts all feature the story of twin angels who fell and were punished for eternity.

Take Harut and Marut, fallen angels Britannica describes as "unwittingly" becoming evil. Their story is a little different than that of, say, Lucifer, as they didn't consciously decide, "Hey, the heck with Heaven, this evil stuff seems pretty fun. God overheard it and, declaring that angels would fare no better in the face of the same temptation, selected Harut and Marut to go to Earth and try to resist.

They absolutely couldn't: They were immediately seduced by a human woman and then killed the man who'd seen them with her. Harut and Marut were forced to admit that they'd been wrong, and they were allowed to choose their punishment.

Still, humans occasionally visit them in search of knowledge: It's said they gave Genun the Canaanite musical instruments, beer, and iron weapons, although most of the people who go to see them are looking to learn magic. Fallen angels are usually rebelling against God, right? But here's the weird thing — according to Founding Gods, Inventing Nationsthat's not always the case: Sometimes, they fell with God's permission.

Qur'anic texts suggest that God and the fallen angels are essentially in cahoots, working to prove which humans are good and which are evil. And it started way back with Iblis: When God casts him down, he asks for permission to lure humans away with the promises of evil and sin. God percent gives it — Iblis is the one that's ultimately also known as Satan, and in spite of the fact that Iblis is full of constant mockery and backtalk, he's only allowed to do what he does because God says it's okay.

And he does a lot — even convincing mankind that the worship of idols is a good idea is all his doing Other fallen angels — like Harut and Marut — pass on knowledge of magic and gifts that promote sinful behavior to mankind, but they, too, are doing so with God's leave. What's in it for God?

It's a handy way to separate the true believers and the faithful from the wicked and sinful. Dante's view of the world we're all destined for is nothing short of terrifying As Dante is escorted deeper and deeper into the circles of Hell by his guide, Virgil, he sees the punishments that await sinners of all kinds.

And the fallen angels are there, too — they're guarding the walls of the City of Dis. They slam the gates shut on Dante and his guide, and that's about the time that the Furies and Medusa show up to cause some more chaos.

Virgil assures Dante that an angel — a real, heavenly sort of angel — is going to come and open the way for them, and one does. Clearly, he's the one in charge here: He opens the gate and reproaches the fallen, reminding them what happens when someone steps out of line.

Dante and Virgil pass and get to see what the angels were guarding. The city beyond is the sixth circle, and immediately beyond the gates guarded by the fallen angels are the heretics.

They're the leaders of cults and their followers, and their punishment is an eternity confined to tombs engulfed in flames, heated red-hot. Further on are other groups of sinners, including the violent and fraudsters flatterers, false prophets, alchemists, and the like. When it comes to Bible stories, the tale of David and Goliath is one of the most famous, the story of an underdog coming out on top in spite of facing insurmountable odds.

Those odds get even steeper if you subscribe to the theory that Goliath is a giant because he's descended from the fallen angels. It's compelling stuff, and it starts with the Nephilim. According to Answers in Genesiswhen angels fell, they hooked up with mortal women, who gave birth to a race of giants called the Nephilim. As a side note, it's worth mentioning that this is just one theory acknowledged as having Biblical support — when it comes to Biblical tales, there's always more than one version.

The Nephilim then, in turn, bred as well and split into different lines. One of those lines was the Anakima group of giants living in Canaan during the Exodus. Hold that thought, and let's jump Angelwings And Ravenclaws - Gehenna - Ancestor Of The Darkly Sky (Vinyl) to Goliath.

Goliath, Joshua tells us, was from a place called Gath, and Gath was one of three places where the Anakim lived. Given his stature and his hometown, scholars say it's entirely possible that he could trace his lineage back to the fallen angels. Mentions of other giants in the Bible can also be interpreted as supporting the idea that they were born of the Anakim, who were, in turn, part of the Nephilim.

What makes a fallen angel, well, fallen? Lust destroyed the angels of the Book of Enoch Shutterstock. Fallen angels were disobedient to God in other traditions Shutterstock. The first of Angelwings And Ravenclaws - Gehenna - Ancestor Of The Darkly Sky (Vinyl) fallen angels Shutterstock. The one you know? That's Gadreel Shutterstock. Fallen angels originally looked quite different.

Fallen angels were a huge problem for theologists Shutterstock. After Lucifer, the other angels fell because they were lonely Shutterstock. For the first time on vinyl, this edition comes in LP g with Gatefold Jacket, limited to copies on Black vinyl and copies on Transparent Yellow vinyl.

RIVER Revolver was the fourth studio album fromgiving shape once again to an agresssive riff machinery at high engine speeds. With Obsidian C.

Includes the catchy and melodic "Come Damnation", a later Black Metal hit for which a video was taped. This edition comes in LPlimited to copies on Black vinyl and copies on Crystal Clear vinyl, including two live tracks as bonus.

IX RA DISC 2: Here is an interesting double album containing the most importants cuts and tracks in the trajectory of OUTKAST in instrumental version. This is a essential and powerful weapon for all the Hip Hop creators and DJ's. JUICY Influenced by Camel and Pink Floyd. Taped at The Reading 3 Tel Avivin the midst of an atmosphere of death metal, doom, prog, folk and frontman Kobi Farhi as main character, the Angelwings And Ravenclaws - Gehenna - Ancestor Of The Darkly Sky (Vinyl) goes over their previous four studio albums, with classics like "Sapari", "A Never Ending Way" or the memorable "Norra El Norra".

This vinyl edition comes in 2LP g with Gatefold Jacket, limited to copies on Black vinyl and copies on Transparent Green vinyl. HEY YA Opening track "As Horizons End" followed by "I Remain" are just the beginning of an album showing Paradise Lost were back again, this time to stay.

SCORN Where we perceive a chain of events, he sees one single catastrophe which keeps piling wreckage and hurls it in front of his feet. Angelwings And Ravenclaws - Gehenna - Ancestor Of The Darkly Sky (Vinyl) a storm is blowing in from Paradise; it has got caught in his wings with such a violence that the angel can no longer close them.

The storm irresistibly propels him into the future to which his back is turned, while the pile of debris before him grows skyward. The police told Benjamin and all the other Jewish refugees in his group would be returned to France.

He killed himself. His friend Hannah Arendt later made it across the border safely; she had the manuscript of this essay. Which is why it exists. These are chaotic times. With nothing under your feet, and ghosts pausing for breath next to your cheek. Because there is no normal. Not really. Reminder: It is not your job to try to play 10th-dimensional chess against whatever Heath-Ledger-Joker-version of Steve Bannon is in yr head.

Believe me, I did a bang-up job for her. We lost that, too. I'm afraid you're spinning your wheels. You're hot. You could be working on big money cases. Would you mind if I looked at the transcripts? Angelwings And Ravenclaws - Gehenna - Ancestor Of The Darkly Sky (Vinyl) Jennifer's surprise, Melvin Hutcherson had told the truth: He had done a good job. He had named both the city and the Nationwide Motors Corporation as co-defendants, and had demanded a trial by jury.

The jury had exonerated both defendants. The Department of Sanitation had done its best to cope with the snowstorm that had swept the city that December; all its equipment had been in use. The city had argued that the storm was an act of God, and that if there was any negligence, it was on the part of Connie Garrett.

Jennifer turned to the charges against the truck company. Three eyewitnesses had testified that the driver had tried to stop the truck to avoid hitting the victim, but that he had been unable to brake in time, and the truck had gone into an unavoidable spin and Angelwings And Ravenclaws - Gehenna - Ancestor Of The Darkly Sky (Vinyl) hit her.

The verdict in favor of the defendant had been upheld by the Appellate Division and the case had been closed. Jennifer finished reading the transcripts at three o'clock in the morning.

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