That would be a bit more decent. There are far better bands in France than your usual crap!! Their music is Ok because they doesn't steal riffs to the old bands contrary to many other ones but that's all! It's a shame their music isn't as disjoncted as they say to be sick: in their bio they say: "NIGELHEIM is back to piss on your grave, rape the gods and fuck your skull!

I had the "Athenian echoes" CD of the band that was released in At this time it was quite original melodic Death black "Epic war metal" as lamely enjewelled the label Where is the war into Nightfall?? All the more some parts were quite cheezy But as some of you know, in their first years some bands record some of their most inspired stuffs. That's clear! It must be one of the very first recordings of the band. The music on "Eons aura" sounds like a less developed and evolved way of their following recordings!

This is somekind of melodic doom, sorrowful death with an emphasis on atmospheres that sounds a bit more dark than on "Athenian echoes", but it sounds less "catchy" than this release I didn't like. They had a real drummer at this time. There are some synths and stuffs that could have made them sound original, but nothing special! And I don't give a shit about this style unless it's totally excellent and emotionally head blowing!

And that's not the case here! I imagined they could have played obscure Death doom in their early days but it wasn't the case! PARADISE LOST recorded some very good stuffs in their first years, before turning to something that only bores me and reminds me how much inspired musicians can turn to uninspired defecators of sterile or superficial releases that blow only the minds of untrustable reviewers Another CD that will find it's way in the first second hand market I find!

When I read the review of this last album on some "Disconformist and independent" webzines, I imagined NILE turned into something weak, slow and devoid of any technical aspect Totally wrong!

I could hear this CD is a local metal shop, and I knew I had to buy it! Once back home with the burning piece of blasphemous album, it was immediately time for brutal headbanging. This album sounds brutal, blasting, and Death metal as fuck! Some songs have some good and very catchy riffs you will need to bang bang bang your head at first listening, some enormous hellish depression of the castrated demon, and overall a good atmosphere. There aren't much atmospheric Egyptian interludes, but that's not a bad point if you ask me.

When I need Death and brutality, I need Death and brutality! Not dissolved bromide His more simple style makes the whole easier to get into. The band hopefully still has these fast as fuck heavy riffs that sound as hellishly resonating as a big angry deity crushing your microscopic roman cities with his enormous foot!

Face the anger of revenge and hear the evoking deep voice of the ancient that sucks your insipid civilizations with bizarre languages unknown. I'm not a fan of their heaviest and mid-placed moments, as it happens to sound quite long in my hears I appreciate the way some of the vocals are "rhythmically" worked, it sounds quite "motivated" and it's not always deep growls.

You might have noticed a bunch of "metal" fans use the opportunity of some "Free speech" on some webzines to spread their sooo important opinions about this album: "We're fed up with the Egyptian influences We're fed up Anything Is Mine - Godflesh - Selfless / Merciless (CD) their brutality and technicality Stop molesting our tiny hearts!! Like it for few listenings And then change their volatile minds and begin to spit as the little entertainment and freshness of the beginning Trend?

If you don't like brutal death, don't listen to brutal death! As simple as that! And find another way to use your brain, instead of trying to superficially dissect and criticize kinds of music you can't deeply enjoy nor understand. Criticism and opinions about death metal are welcomed, expect from the volatile brains of some trend-riders, glamfaggoters or so called "Original" music turncoats who can't listen to the same kind of music more than 2 times. Or at least, try to do it with deep understanding and decent knowledge.

Back to the catacombs: Of corpse, the sexy mummy has ever been penetrated by most glorious and inspired melodies, as all the riffs included in there aren't thaaaaat good or original, and as well as most of albums some songs don't do much, but all in all it's well dozed enough to keep you in the infernal march of this sexy pharaonic bitch during almost all its defenestrating length.

Maybe you'll be able to inseminate your demoniac seed Who knows For sure this album won't match the gut-tripping brutality and emotional intensity of their 1st and best album "Catacombs of Nephren-Ka" and I can't say if it will last so long, through the years of infernal torment and self destructing abrasive brutality, but at least this is currently a good album, with goods songs, good know-how, a good dosage of various styles from the brutal And there aren't much bands sounding like NILE that sound good I'm sorry for the late, but due to a busy schedule and running sickness of musical tastes That didn't creep around the black metal globeI must say I didn't feel in a urge to crawl in the Black metal promos To say that in French "Y'a pas le feu aux poils!

A problem lies in the fact the fast and raw riffs doesn't sound very original, and taste like these horny sluts already tried to bestially fuck me before It seems many bands of the style have the same problem: If they keep it raw and extreme it generally turns out to be everheard, but if they try to make it more original and new then the rawness and aggression gets lost The vocals are quite particular, it doesn't bother me but I think everyone wouldn't get into the quite high pitched and 'crushed' screams of Zigouille.

The production is clear and powerful. The whole might lack of crass and noisy parasites for some undergrounders who crawl in the depth, but it seems top notch in my hears. Some good ways of improvement could be: More surprises in the drum patterns, few hellish old school leads Why not? Some CDs doesn't suck, but there's nothing really special Anything Is Mine - Godflesh - Selfless / Merciless (CD), and you haven't got much to say about it.

The band plays a mix of Black metal and Death metal. Their keyboards are used in a quite classy way, I've heard worst stuffs in the style. A few quite cool Heavy metal riffs. Nice leads. Most of the stuffs are mid placed, it's tight with a good sound, but nothing exciting happens.

And after a few listenings I remember nothing from this CD. It can only be quite cool for big fans of the style! Nothing more, that's clear! Noctiferia angelfire. Is it written noisecore shit grind on the homepage of this webzine? So hy am I mailbombed whith these noise shit poor electronic grind shit releases?? Read carefully: each noise shit, grind shit, grind noise or whatever release received here will get a negative review! So stop sending all this crap before I get totally fed up and even do not review it!

The only difference is they seem to use a real drummer. Here's a quite old promo I "reinherited" from a zine that had to be released but never saw the light of darkness: it was in a time when I was stopping my zine, so I gave a bunch of promos to a guy who was supposed to run a zine but never did it. It needed 4 years to see a part of the stuffs come back Fact G. Limited edition Rec. Blurred Slight Slappers, etc.

Fact Order - Kombinat H. Fact Order - Punk Navigation H. Disaffect, Resist, Pist, Def. Rupture - Filthy Habit H. Rupture - Righteousfuck Off the disc rec. Repress lim. Hate Ape Edition lim. Son of Bleeaauurrgghh - Comp. Menace to sobriety Rec. Dischord SOA, G. A A tribute to Anti-Cimex - Comp. Pelea Rec. Kegger M. Tear it up Rec. When humans attack rats rec. Dominator Rec. Adelaide Comp. Grey marbled vinyl Ataque Sonoro - comp. LP Ataque Frontal Rec. Axewield - Wisdom of Doom Crust War 41 orig.

Bastard Noise - A culture of monsters red vinyl, lim. Xcentric Noise Rec. Sods, Electric Deads, etc. Superficial music without balls remains over the surface and can't affect in any way your rotting existence! As the flies of tasteless honey keeps on flying, we remain under the rotten soil, hailing putrid death, morbidity, and vomiting the serpents of nebulous glauco-maniacal underground stench! And finally your drown! Deep in the tremendous heaviness of gut-oppressing Death metal morbidity!

Nothing above the average for normal hears, but the bizarre deformity might resonate in the atrocity infested hears of the deranged putrid minds. There might be too much melodies wasting the morbid, and the vocals weren't deep pitched enough! But it was a cool band for big fans of ancient rotting death metal morbidity! No need to type more 'nice' words here since this Demo didn't inspire me much!

This is common Brutal death grind in a more or less American Style with some old school Death influences! Ok it blast, ok the guitars are fast, ok the growls are cool Not enough punch to blast out a big fat ass! Their slower parts are meant to be heavy, but are too common in the style! The drummer have some quite nice parts I'm bored! It might be an Ok band to check live, but their compositions are too common!

Between the average and very average! And it's always cool to hear some older stuffs of a band you enjoy! It seems more gore influenced than their following stuffs. There are gory vocals, and the pig disgorge screams on the 4th track are fun. The blast weren't that good, didn't sound quite massive compared to the "Yeest" ones, but it was one of their first recordings.

Even if the music was quite average, it wasn't bad for what I think is their first recording. Engulfed in an infinite magma of brain cells. Sucked in by the voracious porridge of brain. Eaten by a sea of neuronal hungriness. Your corpse will turn into The delicate marmalade stuffing the cake.

The production is cool for a demo of this time. It's quite clear, with enough of power and bass frequencies. It was a studio, or perhaps 8-tracks recording. There's nothing exceptional in the music Feeling-wize, intensity, zombies climbing from the caves, etcbut the musicians decently handled their instruments and the songs were built with enough changes to kill the presence of the dead boredom. Skateboard, beer and Thrash metal! That was the way of life of many Thrashers during the first and second French Thrash metal "waves" If I could say so.

The sound wasn't bad for its time, correctly produced and clear enough. That remains a pretty cool Demo for its time To review old demos is a good way to revive a forgotten past and imagine you're years before, headbanging in front of an old typing machine!

An obscure aura emerges from nowhere. You're ready to totally fucking die! Welcome to the old school subterranean simulator v.

Channeling the deadly despair of the mighty cathedrone on a creeping point of putrefaction! All putrefaction taken in rotsideration, this demo wasn't that killer or neck-breaking, but BURIAL was a fine Underground Death metal band with good influences, the right atmosphere and decently corpse-shredding songs! Only for the biggest underground Death metal fans the old school way who like it underground! Was early Death metal ever meant to be anything else than drowning in the deepest Underground?

On this fucking old Demo, Cannibal was quite different from the Brutal Death band we all know! Old school Death thrashing metal with some splattering and butchering heavy riffs!

At the time the band was fucking promising as they ever offered a fucking bunch of energy! Most of the time with Death thrashing tremolos that makes the things run warm in your slip! Some guys acclaimed their first CD as original and stuff, Ok it was a good one I still enjoy!

And the vocals of Chris Barnes weren't Grunts nor gore! It was total Thrash speed metal vocals! Nice demo to check, to have a good view of what these bastards did in their very first days!

No milk please, it's a waste of good headbanging! We've the beerternity for your flesh! I was quite soarprized when this demo crossed the styx of my cadaveric tape player! Good old energetic thrash metal with many riffs per track and plenty tempo changes!

The guitarist had allright skills and the riffs were well-thought enough for this time. A shame the drummer wasn't totally tight but he didn't suck. Of putrid corpse this demo has grown quite old, but it remains a nice item to listen nowadays, if you're into old school and old stuffs Especially since it is becoming one more time trendy to be into the old school!

Ah Ah! Only pink is real! Conscious rot, as the rot takes over your consciousness and becomes a totally independent entity. Free of mind and decision, controlling your body and turning your now uncontrolled acts towards the path of the vilest putridity! This Spanish band would surely be just another average 2nd rate underground ugly procreation for most, but I know some sickness-archeologists will find enough obscure cavities of interest to dig, and nice influences of death to satisfy their lust for the unknown and forgotten.

The band was somekind of "Multi death metal" influenced, taking a bit from various things to build their own Selfless? All in all, there's both some cool and average stuffs That waste my putridity. I regret there's not a real dense atmosphere. Only for explorers Anything Is Mine - Godflesh - Selfless / Merciless (CD) immured underground cavities and maniac death metal collectors. Rereleased Swallowed by the giant morbid vagina, Your entrails all digested, Your muscles all liquefied, You will finally turn into a pile of putrid excrements.

The perfect ending. I have in mind some proto death and a few more "mechanic" guitars For the riffing, obviously this doesn't sound like a machine in Most of the music remains in the slow to mid-paced speed of the meat chopper, with a few sudden blasting accelerations of the lard-shredder.

This really sounds like a demo from the 90's Oh wait, it is actually from Ah Ah. This is third grade old gory Death metal that won't please every current metallers, this is perhaps only for the fans of old putrid death metal who were already rotting at the Anything Is Mine - Godflesh - Selfless / Merciless (CD), but at least it's quite cool maceration music.

A decent way to conclude would be with a saliva-filled, splashing and pustulas-infested "Burp". Dripping in the unknown and forgotten might seem useless, but it's a good way to extract the pulp and taste the true saviors of death. Death metal with technical and nicely embalming thrash influences. The songs were seriously built and the level of the guitarist wasn't bad, he had some neat sounding technical riffs With a bit of craziness and some heavymetallish leads.

The Death metal vocals were average Just 'raw' old styled deathand the drummer simply followed. A little discarding edge in the riffs made it a bit more particular. I'm surprised this band isn't featured on any website, because they were far from being one of the worst demo bands I heard! Downloading is not Always a crime, especially when you want to listen to recordings that apparently doesn't exist on the surface of the earth anymore.

I could also say more "melodic" touches appear, and the bass guitar occurs to be more present here and there. No, you are not reading a review of the Swedish thrashing heavy metal band. Quite tight and well built death metal songs hitting you in a quite crazy way. Some riffs ripping the bowels over some blasts aren't bad, it sounds quite bizarre enough. I feel like a part of the songs is just average brutal death riffs, or too common stuffs, and there's nothing especially emotional an embalming or haunting way of death.

So, many peoples will just consider this as "Just another average demo" I have some doubts flying between the agreement and the disagreement But hopefully for me, some moments are quite energetic and crazy, so I can listen to this tape, even if the hooks kinda flatten down after a putrid while It seems the bands was playing something softer on their earlier recordings, apparently even not death metal But thrash power whateverso beware were you put your coins, you fans of old brutal death Anything Is Mine - Godflesh - Selfless / Merciless (CD).

This demo is 10 years old now! And it's cool to hear the musical evolution of the band! I just got it recently and didn't know the tracks, even if I was in their rehearsal place every wekkends in with the mighty beers!

Ah ah! They where then in a Brutal death style that was less technical. The sound ain't bad, but it's hard to understand something when the drums grind. Sounds like their next releases, but less evolved, sounds more like an american band than like the french scene of this time! Nihil 3. Nihil Total Belief Mix 4. Like Rats Godflesh Cover 2.

Slavestate 2. Perfect Skin 3. Someone Somewhere Scorned 4. Meltdown 5. Slavestate Radio Slave 6. Slavestate Total State Mix 7. Perfect Skin Dub 8. Spite 2. Mothra 3. I Wasn't Born To Follow 4. Predominance 5. Pure 6. Monotremata 7. Baby Blue Eyes 8. Don't Bring Me Flowers 9. Love, Hate Slugbaiting Merciless 2. Blind Biomechanical Mix 3. Unworthy Biomechanical Mix 4. Xnoybis 2. Bigot 3. Black Boned Ange 4. Anything Is Mine 5. Empyreal 6. Crush My Soul 7.

Body Dome Light 8. Toll 9. Heartless Mantra Xnoybis Edit 2. Xnoybix Clubdub 3. Xnoybis Psychofuckdub 4.

You Oughta Know Better, Diamond Girls, I Due Sergenti Del Generale Custer (Titoli - Seq.1) - Giorgio Fabor / Angelo F. Lavagnino* - Due Maf, Rähjäiset, April - Deep Purple - MP3 Collection (CDr), In The End - Various - Psycho - Music From And Inspired By The Motion Picture (CD, Album), That Hold Feeling - Harry James And His Orchestra - Um Pistão Na Penumbra (Vinyl, LP, Album), Night In Musicland, Full Moon, Untitled - Altar Of Flies - Ljud Från Mjölby... (Cassette), Marquis Du Mal (Live 1986) - ADX - La Terreur (Vinyl, LP, Album)

9 thoughts on “Anything Is Mine - Godflesh - Selfless / Merciless (CD)

  1. SELFLESS is a great album which unfortunately gets slagged by a lot of Godflesh's fans, for a few reasons: it's the major label debut, came after the flawless PURE, and is in some ways a less overtly aggressive record than most of his/their work/5(8).

  2. Sep 26,  · Selfless by Godflesh, released 26 September 1. Xnoybis 2. Bigot 3. Black Boned Angel 4. Anything Is Mine 5. Empyreal 6. Crush My Soul 7. Body Dome Light 8. Toll 9. Heartless Mantra Go Spread Your Wings.

  3. Sep 10,  · In , Earache released Selfless/Merciless, which contained two complete albums -- Selfless () and Merciless (), both originally released on Earache -- by British noise rock group Godflesh on one compact disc.8/

  4. This item: Selfless. by Godflesh Audio CD. $ Only 1 left in stock - order soon. Sold by RapidPrimePros and ships from Amazon Fulfillment. FREE Shipping. Songs Of Love & Hate. by Godflesh Audio CD. $/5(32).

  5. Mar 20,  · Re-released in as double CD with Merciless on bonus CD. Jewel box has hologram cover which is a combination of both album covers. Merciless has two extra tracks 'Crush My Soul (Ultramix)' () and 'Xnoybis (Psychofuckdub)' () which makes total time of 40%(1).

  6. Sep 26,  · August 17th, Also released as a double CD with Merciless on bonus CD. Jewel box has hologram cover which is a combination of both album covers. Merciless has two extra tracks: 'Crush My Soul (Ultramix)' () and 'Xnoybis (Psychofuckdub)' () which makes total time of The title 'Selfless' was inspired by the John Coltrane.

  7. Discover releases, reviews, credits, songs, and more about Godflesh - Selfless / Merciless at Discogs. Complete your Godflesh collection/5.

  8. FILE "04 - Anything Is" WAVE TRACK 04 AUDIO TITLE "Anything Is Mine" PERFORMER "Godflesh" REM COMPOSER "" INDEX 01 FILE "05 -" WAVE TRACK 05 AUDIO TITLE "Empyreal" PERFORMER "Godflesh" REM COMPOSER "" INDEX 01 FILE "06 - Crush My" WAVE TRACK 06 AUDIO TITLE "Crush My Soul" PERFORMER "Godflesh.

  9. May 02,  · Filename H:\hear encoding\godflesh\godflesh - merciless flac\Godflesh - Merciless - 01 - Pre-gap length Peak level % Track quality % Test CRC E3C Copy CRC E3C Accurately ripped (confidence 7) [FFB56] Copy OK Track 2.

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