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Also used for professional standby duty and alertness. Common communication device of the 80s and 90s for transferring documents. Is considered old-fashioned, but still used in companies. Symbolically, it stands for trouble-free communication, the establishment of a contact, the longing for communication, or something needs quick settlement and remedy. Refers to television or the device. The emoji can also be used as a symbol of too easy-going and lazy behavior.

You are missing out on many things. An old-fashioned, portable radio for receiving broadcasts or music. Refers to listening to music, news or sports. Symbolically, it stands for communication, exchange and knowledge. For the radio, for music or other recordings. The microphone ensures that music or a moderation finds its way to many ears.

It can be a symbolic indication that you should not keep something to yourself, but communicate it in public — even if this is not easy and perhaps embarrassing.

The slider can be used to tune the sound on the mixing console. Can refer to recording or the processing of music as well as music productions.

The control dials can be used to adjust the sound on the mixing console. The emoji is related to audio engineering, events or music productions. May also mean: I am capable of multitasking! The maritime symbol indicates the geographic direction and serves for orientation and navigation. Stands for self-realization and goal-oriented action but also for being rooted at home and for protection during a journey.

The meter measures the time between start and stop. The watch is used, for example, during sports or competitions. The food is almost ready. The timer counts down a preset time. After Album) time has elapsed, an alarm sounds.

Time is almost over! Refers to temporal processes such as time specification or deadlines. The decorative clock can often be found on a fireplace. Subject of a classic interior design or a rather old-fashioned environment. Symbolic of a conservative attitude. Timing device since the beginning of the 14th century. Stands for time but also for transience. Someone is too late, time has passed quickly or you cannot wait any longer.

Represents elapsing time in a particular matter. For receiving radio programs such as radio or television. It's about sending signals and communicating. We receive your voice clearly and distinctly! Can also stand for extraterrestrial life or science fiction.

Or the opposite is the case: You are bursting with energy! Also notification icon on the phone regarding the battery level. Refers to the power supply of electrical equipment, to the power outlet or your own physical energy supply. The charging cable was forgotten at home or the electrician is due. A metal screw and a matching nut. The emoji is also used in connection with an upcoming repair.

Clay bricks are the oldest building material for building houses or castles. Artificially made stone of fired clay or ceramic. May mean joy and happiness or a new beginning. I have just had a brilliant idea! The illuminant with a wick is usually made of wax. Represents enlightenment, awareness and insight. Light source in houses but also used ceremonially, in temples or during the Hindu festival of lights Diwali. An Indian holiday or a trip is coming up. The chat partner needs a cooling-down!

The fire extinguisher serves as a precautionary measure to fight against a fire. The car is leaking oil and must be taken to the garage, you ate too much and feel like a barrel or something is dangerous and can explode in your face like a bursting barrel. Chat partner was on shopping tour and spent a lot. The money just flies away. The dollar is the currency of the United States and an important lead currency. Used in conjunction with money in general and the US. In rap videos used as an expression of lavish wealth and luxury.

The yen coin is the most valuable circulating coin in the world about 4. The emoji represents the country or money and fortune in general. The official currency in most European countries. You live in the lap of luxury, spend money like water, or you can have a real good time on vacation.

The British pound is the currency of the United Kingdom. Refers to the country, currency or money in general. You are important to me and as precious as a diamond. Diamonds are for eternity. Symbol of luxury and wealth. It is difficult to come to a decision, neither advantages nor disadvantages predominate.

Symbol of Justitia goddess Album) justice and the legal system as well as the zodiac sign Libra. To announce that you are technically skilled and practically-minded, or that you are in need of professional help.

The screwing tool can be found in every tool case. Stands for maintenance, repair or refers to the profession, e. Mechanical tool for tightening or loosening screws.

In a figurative sense, for a connection that needs to be strengthened or loosened. A hammer builds something up or tears it down. Something goes under the hammer, is auctioned. Symbol of strength. Hammer and pick are the traditional tools of the miner.

Mining symbol and miner's coat of arms mallet and iron. Hammer and wrench can be found in the tool case. A difficult project is being tackled. Stands for manual skills or a profession. For working on stone, ice or hard ground.

Tool for working wood. Can relate to the carpenter's profession or express manual dexterity. Sawing a tree trunk as a popular wedding game. An object for fishing or a device for hanging things. You want something by hook or by crook. Or you hook up with someone or let someone off the hook. A ladder is used for painting the ceiling, hanging up a lamp or harvesting fruit. As a warning: whoever climbs high can fall deep.

Originally presented as a weapon, now appears as a toy gun. The gun can cause great damage. Is posted if someone is very angry or as a threat. If the emoji is used, the conversation is about money. Have no money on you or make your credit card red hot when shopping. The back of a credit card has a magnetic strip, signature and security code.

May relate to online trading, credit card theft or payment transactions in general. Furthermore, it symbolizes easy access to resources. The first finds come from the Mediterranean region around 2, BC. Symbol for things that are interconnected. A magnet always has two poles: Opposing poles attract each other, the same ones repel each other. Someone or something exerts a strong pull. Emoticon of a bomb that will explode any moment. Could mean anger or a very tense feeling on the side of the chat partner.

Fireworks for New Year's Eve, signal ammunition or artistic performances stage bang. Tool for chopping or splitting wood and cutting trees. The emoji for nature boys, horror films or a layoff he got the ax. Used for mincing food. You are belligerent or something is terrifying. Known idioms are e. Thrusting weapon with a blade sharpened on both sides. Explore the resources available on the site and use them to answer the following questions.

Which two reviewing services are available to students through the Center for Writing Excellence? Reference any book you have Fish- A country starts with the letter A: America- You use it to call people around the world? Mobile- Frozen water? Ice- Type of computer, can be taken anywhere? Laptop - The city we live in? Appendix 1 - T has them to open their book on p. Appendix 2 -After they finish, they solve it together.

Complex sentence consists of one main clause and at least one subordinate clause. Compound sentence is formed of two or more main clauses which are joined by conjunctions such as and, or, or but.

Complex Compound sentence contains more than one main clause and several subordinated clauses. Four of them are main clauses and one is subordinate clause. This indicates that our sentence belongs to Complex-Compound type of sentence. If the grammatical relationship is paratactic, the clauses are coordinated. If the grammatical relationship is hypotactic, the clauses are subordinated. Parataxis is the grammatical arrangement of "equal" constituents clauses. It is a hallmark of Grammer 1.

Every sentence has a subject and a verb. Who or what the sentence speaks about is called the subject. What the sentence says about the subject is called the verb. My best friend studies marine biology Sharks attack their prey. Michael works on a submarine. The linking verb is joins the subject show with a word that identifies or describes it documentary. Common linking verbs include am, are, was, were, feel, appear, look, become and seem 3.

Many verbs consist of more than one word. Is writing, are studying etc. Words like not, just, never, always, and only are NOT part of the verb. No -ing word by itself is the verb of the sentence 5.

Prepositions Used for Time and Place. Use on, in, and at to refer to time and place. The subject of a sentence never appears within a prepositional phrase. A prepositional phrase is simply a group of words that begins with a preposition and ends with an object. Pros : dynamic, energetic, engaging, musical, solid design and engineering, multi-plug cable. Cons : slightly incoherent at times, rolled off treble depends on whether you actually want that or not!

Introduction : Dunu are a well-established company by now and will need little introduction from me. Part of their mission since then has to allow that tech and optimised manufacturing process to filter down into new mid-range and budget models.

My sincere thanks to Tom and the team at Dunu, for providing me with a review unit to keep in exchange for an honest review. A generous selection of ear tips was provided, along with DUW, an 8-core silver-plated copper cable that previously came with the SA6, only with MMCX connectors this time around for the Zen.

A cleaning tool and a guitar-style adaptor round out the package. The IEM itself is pretty nice. Nevertheless a degree of simple but elegant artistry in how these IEMs are designed. The shells are made from stainless steel and seem very solid and well-engineered. The Fit : The nozzle of the Zen seems longer comparatively than the SA6 and DK that I reviewed previously; I was able to get a good seal using my New Bee foam tips which lasted undisturbed throughout lengthy listening sessions, including cooking whilst listening.

There was no discomfort or fatigue. Low end : I hear the Zen as having a moderately tuned sub-bass — with my own slightly basshead tendencies, I would personally prefer quite a bit more of this. The impact and slam are, I would say, not much above neutral. This contrasts with the mid-bass, which I found to be a bit variable in delivery, depending on the source material. On neutrally mastered tracks, I found the low end to be slightly unsatisfying, but with tracks with a more full-bodied and powerful mastering of the drums and bass the mid-bass of the Zen was able to deliver an engaging and rich performance.

However, this is where -on a few occasions - the discrepancy I felt between the sub-bass and mid-bass became slightly jarring; you could have full-bodied, toe-tapping bass strums, but quite anaemic sounding drums to go with it. On most songs, it all came together and everything sounded great, but not quite consistently enough for me to completely ignore this issue. Of course, I have to note that this relates to my own personal preferences and there will be plenty of other IEMs that give me that feeling of slight dissatisfaction regarding the low end.

Another side-effect of the low-end tuning is that I occasionally hear the presentation of a song to have slight inconsistencies. Following the breakdown, from 3m 6s into the song, the instruments all come roaring back in. Female vocals can come across as a bit sharp and piercing occasionally; a hazard of those forward upper mids, although male vocals on the whole sound reasonably full-bodied and enjoyable, if perhaps a little bit lacking in presence and weight.

Also, as mentioned the vocals can be too piercing for me at times, although in fairness with my treble sensitivity, that issue comes up with this song on many IEMs and usually only the most smooth and non-fatiguing ones will pass that test. Treble : The treble is interesting.

Different kinds of ear tips will either exacerbate or reduce this; with my New Bee foam tips, it was never really something I noticed to be honest. Technical performance and overall sound signature : The increased note size engendered by that mid-bass creates a more intimate feel, although in fact the soundstage is reasonably wide and deep, with average height. I found the layering and - especially — the imaging to be surprising in a good way ; things like backing vocals and additional instruments were highlighted enchantingly and details pop out very well against a fairly black background.

Finally, I have to mention the timbre, which I think is done in a very engaging way and generally very lifelike. The SA6 features a switch on each earphone that can be used to add a bump to the low end; I use this every time and find the sound to be essentially neutral reference with a touch of organic warmth; the detail retrieval, resolution and transparency of the SA6 are excellent.

I hear Zen to be less transparent and resolving. The detail retrieval on the Zen is not far behind at all, but just does it slightly differently. Perhaps an effect of its rather non-standard tuning. Conversely, I found the Zen to have a significantly harder hitting and more enjoyable low end.

What they both have in common is an engaging musicality and a dynamic and energetic signature. It's worth adding as I close that everyone has different preferences and it just so happened that the Mini-MEST, when I reviewed it, managed the rare feat of ticking pretty much all my boxes and I am a big fan of it. Others will prefer the Zen.

If in doubt, try them both out if at all possible Conclusion : I think the Zen distinguishes itself with a unique sound signature, as befits one of the few single-driver offerings in the market at this price point. Sometimes powerful and frequently foot-tappingly musical.

I felt that the tuning occasionally came off as a bit uneven, but on the whole it was very enjoyable. Reactions: ehjieAce BeeScuba Devils and 2 others. Ace Bee I have a few questions: 1. How does the soundstage and separation of Zen compare with the other two?

You mentioned Zen is less resolving, but detail retrieval is almost similar Pros : - excellent macrodynamic punch - lots of accessories, all of good quality - premium construction. Cons : - upper-midrange is too forward - treble roll-off - the above contrasted to a kHz peak. This showed up a couple months ago, I put an hour or two on it, and then promptly forgot about it with all the other stuff I have going through my hands. So here we are.

Last edited: Jul 10, Reactions: InvisibleInkehjiekmmbd and 7 others. Ace Bee What is your rating out of 10? Last edited: May 7, Reactions: Kal ElehjieDionietzscheus and 20 others. Deserve to read it, thank you. Hoping your life journey is bearable and that music provides the joy you need.

K Kobicohendrix Thanks a lot for this wonderful review. Cons : Treble roll off Expectation - DNA The Dark Project - Under The Surface (CD not suit all tastes. Last edited: Mar 26, Reactions: ehjieLayman1Kobicohendrix and 8 others. Hope to see you in your day job again soon! Cons : Upper-treble roll-off causes lack of micro-details, air and probably one of the factors for the average soundstage Fatiguing Not for lower-treble-sensitive people Below average isolation Source revealing Not the tightest fit, not suited for physical activities.

Last edited: Jul 11, Reactions: ehjieDionietzscheusHddad70 and 15 others. RikudouGoku asifur I am using the stock tube, not the bass boosted narrow one on the FD5 which to me reduces the quality to much. Cant comment much on the soundstage there. The staging is like an open field Album) the depth is rather smaller. Also, the bass seems more on the face with the default tube I'm not sure what ear tips you have used I use spinfit cp with the narrow nozzle and I don't get more bass Rather I get refined sound with much better imaging.

Check out the other reviews and you find that they agree with me on the soundstage on the Zen being quite narrow. Also, if you read my review, you will find out what tips I am using with every iem I mentioned.

The goal is to learn how close I can get to favorite my tracks. Using this method will often result in thoughts and ideas that are hard to describe. I choose to use the word emotion here as the realism of playback has no way to be verified. There is no reference to what was recorded and saved as a musical document. The only thing we can possibly get IS emotion as the actual moment of the recording has been lost.

What has been replaced as a music file is a new artistic creation, maybe better than the original, but none the less different. Growing-up with a baby-grand in the living room and my Mom a piano teacher, I refused to take lessons. I took away her steam when she thought she was introducing me to Led Zeppelin for the first time. I have somehow been into Zep since I was 12?

Her greatest collection was rare Gibson acoustics and small batch made luthier flat-tops which she inspired me to play! What does this have to do with headphones? My biggest learning experiences were from making a wrong purchase. I tried to make the AKG k work-out and it almost did after a year of forcing myself to enjoy it. The AKG k taught me another sound signature I could relate with. In the world of IEMs there are values, well-rounders, one-trick ponies, overpriced values and overpriced rip-offs.

Often different than included cables I seek, different tips also……… to try and look for correction where I think it could be found. I use soundtracks as they seem to be Album) best recordings of real instruments that I own.

There are small instrument tones that I use to help me focus on replay character. The image as well as its placement in the stage can be either heard in brilliance or lackluster with all faults noted simultaneously.

I have songs with a bass tone that helps find the limits of the bass ability. When I switch to another music genre it seems there are paths to know if an IEM is well rounded or simply does a few genres correctly. Most success is from an even and correct frequency response. Timbre Album) tone, technicalities and the less tangibles all come together within the best examples.

Yet in experience, there are no perfect IEMs to be found, only better and lesser examples of the art. The most difficult thing is simply missing an example of a major fault due to keying in on the great aspects. The simple way to learn is just taking the time to explore. Eventually that IEM that has issues will become exposed and noticed. The flip side is that music could actually be stale and boring so there is nothing wrong with using new music to simply get an idea of the entertainment factor.

Spoiler: Glossary of Terms Used Accurate - The music is as much as possible unaltered by the recording or playback equipment. Aggressive - Forward and bright sonic character. Airy - Spacious, typically referring to upper midrange and treble. Ambience - The overall impression, feeling, or mood evoked by an environment or acoustical space, such as the performance hall in which a recording was made. Analytical - Detailed Articulate - The overall ability to offer fast transients and efficient imaging of instruments.

Attack - The leading edge of a note and the ability of a system to reproduce the attack transients in music. Attack 2 - The time taken for a musical note to reach its peak amplitude eg. Balance - Usually the tuning of the earphone.

The lower end frequency of human hearing. Bass can be measured in quantity heaviness and quality clarity. Bloated - Excessive mid bass around Hz. Poorly damped low frequencies, low frequency resonances. Blurred - Poor transient response. Vague stereo imaging, not focused.

Nobodys Fool, Moonlight Sonata - Bloodsucking Zombies From Outer Space - See You At Disneyland (CD, Album), I Believe In You - Simonna* - Simonna (CDr, Album), Real - Super-Fly - Easy EP (CD), Children Of This Time - Europe (2) - Europe + Wings Of Tomorrow (CD, Album), Rockets* - Rockets (Vinyl, LP, Album), Gaskammer, Ackan - Sido - VI (Deluxe Box) (Box Set, Album), Стаканчики - Вилли Токарев - Линия Жизни (CD), Screaming Maggots From Hell - Black Coffee King (CD), You Still Believe In Me - The Beach Boys - Pet Sounds (40th Anniversary Limited-Edition) (CD, Album,, Air Dance (Remix) - Deceased Priest - Dont Envy Those (File, MP3, Album), Gôtt Å Leva

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