MTA bus service will be running free of charge today. Clubs are cancelling shows day by day rather than shutting down for an extended length of time; whether this is wishful thinking or a good omen remains to be seen. Weekly events first followed by the daily calendar:. Halloween haunted house Blood Manor — an annual extravaganza that everybody ought to experience at least once- opens October 5 at Varick St. Advance tix are highly recommended as Halloween gets closer — and cheaper the sooner you do it.

Oldschool Chicago style blues guitarist Irving Louis Lattin usually has a lot of shows coming up, but October is a slow month for him. Also Mondays in October Rev. Wednesdays at Roosevelt Dime plays their unique mix of oldtimey string band music with a dash of classic 60s soul at Brooklyn Winery, North 8th Street, Williamsburg.

Weekly Sunday organ concerts resume September 9 at St. Greene with special guest chanteuses. Avoid the cliched corporate band afterward at all costs.

Note that no children under 6 allowed inside. U, take the Ave. U bus to Nostrand Ave, walk 2 blocks to Batchelder, go left 2 blocks. COMall proceeds to the Obama reelection campaign. Each of the four movements represents a character portrait of a specific Angel.

Two tenor saxes and drums playing the craziest funky grooves you could imagine with the intensity of a brass band and the catchiness and edge of punk rock. Jan, who is the star of the show and the most original songwriter on the bill, is also here on the 19th at 9. Market St. Every year, thankfully, it gets smaller. And the bands just get worse and worse: there are still hordes of clueless kids stuck in who believe that a deal with a dying record label is somehow going to be their ticket to fame.

Greene, sugg. Mary the Virgin, W 46th St, free, early arrival a must. West Houston St. Mos Def — whose unpredictably brilliant career now has him doing Gil Scott-Heron style soul and dark indie classical music — at the Apollo Theatre.

Could be very very scary! Lewis, solo harpsichord; Kevin Mallon, conductor at St. Path station in Jersey City, free. Llama play psychedelic oldschool Fania-era salsa at Shrine. Individual concerts listed below. Been awhile since the high priest of harmful matter has been in town: every old punk in town plus half of Occupy Wall Street will want to go to this. Raised on punk, inspired by country, more honest and haunting than any of the newbies recently relocated to Bushwick.

Dots Will Echo — remember them? Nite Owls at Barbes. Also on the bill: Emeline Michel and Martha Redbone. FYI — her artwork makes unbelievably inexpensive gifts for fans of the kind of oldtime Americana music that the Jalopy champions.

Dark minor keys! Unbelievable fun! Wielding control over the populous by imprinting barcodes on the wrists of every citizen, Earth Corp monitors all activity and privacy is virtually extinct. A star-crossed romance develops between Dorna, a member of the resistance, and Nest, the son of an Earth Corp News Anchor.

Together, the young couple may just spark a revolution. Oldschool Chicago style blues guitarist Irving Louis Lattin has a lot of shows coming up. Most Mondays in September check the Barbes website for updatesish Chicha Libre plays their home turf at Barbes.

Also Mondays in September Rev. Weekly Sunday organ concerts resume the last week of September at St. Sundays in September at 6 PM clarinetist Thomas Piercy Give It Away - Delhi 2 Dublin - Planet: Electrified Remixes (CD) pianist Claudine Hickman play an eclectic mix of Piazzolla, Gershwin and new compositions from their highly anticipated forthcoming album at Caffe Vivaldi, free. Nice catchy jangle and clang, not your usual MBV ripoff.

ALBA evokes the haunting melodies and dynamic rhythms of the Iberian peninsula as well as music from its Middle-Eastern and European neighbors. Bard Summerscape Festival starts August Buckwheat Zydeco headlines afterward. A good room for this band. You may want to bring binoculars and take this one in from the boardwalk since the PA is good and loud but space is cramped and quickly gets fenced off into a labyrinth by the cops.

For fans of chamber pop and Steely Dan. These guys deserve to be playing Madison Square Garden! Kurt Gottschalk vs. Candy Store, that is. New calendar for August and September including late July dates is here.

Also Mondays in August Rev. Sundays in July at 9 gypsy guitar genius Stephane Wrembel plays Barbes. Woody Allen at Cafe Carlyle?

Likewise, every band playing every club in Williamsburg for the next decade and a half is part of the Northside Festival. Should be stupendously strange. You might want to show up at 5 instead and take this one in from outside the arena. Frontwoman Monique Staffile was genuine and down-to-earth, and still is, and the band has gone on to be a big touring act.

Jack Martin and Jude Webre playing their gypsy Twin Peaks guitar music, followed at by celebrated noir chanteuse Nicole Atkins and at 10ish Gato Loco with their eerie but totally here-and-now retro-style Cuban instrumentals. Turkish sax legend Husnu Senlendiriciand then the long-overdue US debut of a folk and protest music legend, chanteuse Selda Bagcan at Damrosch Park, early arrival a must, these events are perennially popular.

John Benitez — bassDonald Edwards — drums at Smalls. Mondays in June, ish Chicha Libre plays their home turf at Barbes. Last month, a BC Supreme Court found that Victoria's bylaw preventing homeless people from erecting temporary shelters in city parks violates the Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

The event is free. For more information please phone or email exec westcoastleaf. Rate My MD. Universal Children's Day 20 November is celebrated as the international day for children. The United Nations General Assembly recommended in resolution IX that all countries institute a Universal Children's Day, to be observed as a day of understanding between children and of activity promoting the welfare of the world's children.

The date of 20 November marks the day on which the Assembly adopted the Declaration of the Rights of the Childinand the Convention on the Rights of the Childin Today, states have ratified the CRC. In fact, only two countries in the world — Somalia and the United States — have not yet given the CRC legal force, although both have signed it.

Read all Article here. The BC Association of Social Workers wants to remind all levels of government of that historic commitment to the health, wellbeing and human rights of the children of Canada. November 20th was also the historic date that the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child was introduced to the world. Canada ratified their commitment to the human rights of all Canadian children on January 12th Sadly, as a whole, Canada has made very little progress toward the integration of the spirit and intent of that Convention, the transfer from theory into reality and practice.

Serious questions are being raised about the process wherein Graham moved to the top of the list of candidates, which included acting Chief Bill Naughton.

Victoria police board member quits over hiring of new chief CBC News. Catherine Holt, a member appointed to the board, has been reported to bring Give It Away - Delhi 2 Dublin - Planet: Electrified Remixes (CD) a motion at an in camera meeting to learn more about the process.

Her motion was defeated, although we don't know by how many votes. It appears she wanted more transparency and openness around the decision-making of the process around the selection and appointment of the winning candidate. She also explained she thought that the appointment should wait for the new mayor-elects of Victoria, Dean Fortin and Esquimalt, Barb Desjardins, Chair and Vice Chair of the police board, to be sworn in, before this important decision was made.

Holt also stated that she believed that the new Chair and Vice Chair should be involved in that appointment. Once her motion was defeated, Ms. Holt felt she could not continue to participate in the process and she resigned her position on the Victoria Police Board.

Holt said she couldn't remain a member of the outgoing board and live up to her public duty if it planned to hire a new Give It Away - Delhi 2 Dublin - Planet: Electrified Remixes (CD) chief during its final days. Barb Desjardinsspeaking to the media, also pointed out that Graham is considered a "controversial" person and she too wants to know about the process of his selection and why a recommendation was made if he was the person selected.

Seems reasonable to me, since she and incoming Chair of the police board, Fortin, will have to manage any problems that might arise out of this appointment and ongoing business of the force.

See for yourself one of the only media pieces that exists right now. Select Top Story for the News Final. Late in the day, CBC finally posted a story on this. It's quite interesting how this has been handled by the media.

On last night's Final News, GlobalTV mentioned the story briefly, not nearly as detailed as the story on their website here. A story in the Victoria Times Colonist was removed for most of the day, but late in the day was restored. I suspect lawyers have been busy making phone calls this morning. Victoria police board member quits over hiring of new chief Says she's unhappy with decision to hire new police chief before new mayors are on the job Lowe said Holt's resignation was a surprise.

Fortin and Desjardins were at the board meeting as observers to be briefed on the hiring process. After the meeting, Desjardins said she was satisfied and Fortin, who, before he was elected, asked for the choice to be delayed, said he was ready to live with the decision.

This is about building for the future," said Fortin, who will be asking for an external review of the police department.

Fortin might want to expand the terms of reference for that review to examine outgoing Mayor Alan Lowe's actions as Chair of the Police Board through the whole messy business. His comments about Ms. Holt being removed from the selection process is very, very curious. Why would he tell the public and media something like that and label it conflict of interest, when Ms.

Holt appears to be the one who was quite transparent and excused herself from the final selection because of potential bias against two of the candidates, because she was a witness in an investigation. More and more questions arise about it all. New questions also arise as to whether Graham will now be subject to disciplinary action after being found guilty of "disreputable conduct" under the Police Act for his failure to cooperate in the investigation of police misconduct by the RCMP regarding the 50 affidavits submitted by Pivot Legal Society on behalf of Vancouver citizens who complained of abuse at the hands of police.

Cessford stated: "It is my view that there is clear and convincing evidence that Chief Graham committed, through his inaction, the Code of Conduct offence of discreditable conduct. Apparently the Office of the Police Complaints Commissioner won't comment until the appointment is confirmed. No-one from the Victoria Police Board is willing to confirm Graham got the job. Sounds like management material for Victoria to me. One thing we might be wonder is that if Graham, or his people in blue happen to stumble on some unseemly, or harmful information in "Politiciantown" if he might be a better bet for keeping it under wraps than other selections.

One has to seriously question the judgment and smarts of the Police Board over this hiring. We can't even begin to figure out the dynamics at play within the Victoria Police Depart- ment, but I can't fathom why this Board would appoint someone with such a seriously flawed public record of managing in his previous gig as Chief Constable of the Vancouver Police Department.

It's not like his past is hidden away. Graham has a well established history of showing public and open disregard for the rights of poor citizens and for the Police Act he was working under. He dismissed the findings of the RCMP that some of the affidavits had merit and apparently encouraged members not to cooperate with the RCMP in that investigation.

Prior to hiring him and putting him on Victoria's books, a little due diligence might be in order. A good question to ask on behalf of the citizens of Victoria - just how many investigations has Jamie Graham been the subject of over his career in policing? It's a pretty relevant question. At the time I couldn't help but wonder why he wasn't terminated then. If any CEO overspent like that, and that is what a Chief Constable is, they are fired in the private sector. So why was it okay for that to happen in the civil service?

His overspending was absorbed by the City of Vancouver and its' taxpayers. The board decided not to pay Graham a bonus this year. The Georgia Straight. Some particularly important ones: Vancouver Police Chief spending taxpayers money like he is the King of Vancouver. October 29, November 9, To bring you all up to date, the above mentioned "over-expenditure of five million dollars" is not at all the result of "unexpected expenditures", as hard to believe as that already is to accept. Click on the video link under the Graham's Incompetence collection of stories.

Georgia Straight. According to the VPD release, a "senior member" of the department had concerns about tax issues and asked for a review by the RCMP commercial crime section. The VPD claimed in its news release that media falsely stated that Ho had paid for hotel rooms at a conference of the Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police in Vancouver in At the time, Graham was the commanding officer in North Vancouver.

Vancouver police chief faces investigation CBC News. Vancouver police Chief Jamie Graham is under investigation by the Police Complaints Commissioner for leaving a used target practice sheet with bullet holes through the head of the silhouette on the desk of the city manager.

The chief had written on the sheet: "A bad day at the range is better than the best day at work. Why was Bill Naughton good enough to be promoted and sit in the Chief's Chair at one of the worst times in the force's history, serving for over a year, but he wasn't deemed suitable, or good enough for the permanent job?

I agree wholeheartedly with Ms. Holt that Victoria citizens and taxpayers deserve more transparency and information about the process for Graham's appointment. What makes this quite interesting is Ms. She's also a well respected management consultant with the Sage Group of Management Consultants. For someone with Ms. Holt's experience and calibre to be so deeply concerned about the process and timing of Graham's appointment we should all be listening.

The fact that she would take such a public stand in resigning from the Board over this is a signal that there is much more to the story than people are being told and I think it is a sign of deep integrity for Ms. Holt to show courage in standing up for her convictions.

Too bad the rest of the current and future Victoria Police Board don't appear to be quite as interested in transparency and due diligence as Ms. Holt and Ms. I suspect the potential folly of that will be seen in the future, depending on the choice the Vic Police Board makes. And they should choose wisely, many are watching. You have not lived until you have seen the Flight of the Conchords. They both rock my World and make me laugh parts of my anatomy off.

Check them out to bring some brevity and absurdity to your otherwise staid and boring day. That year, the Canadian government introduced the Continuous Journey requirement seeking to prohibit further South Asian migration into the country. InGurdit Singh, a Punjabi, chartered the Komagata Maru and a group of South Asians passengers sailed to Canada to challenge this racist law.

A group of South Asian academics, activists and community groups have come together to organize a week-long series of events in November 23, to mark over one hundred years of South Asian presence in Canada, and to commemorate the th year anniversary of the Continuous Journey requirement. These events will pay homage to the struggles waged by South Asian communities in the past, celebrate our achievementsand build alliances as we face the challenges of the 21st century.

Komagatamaru Heritage Foundation. Way to go Vancouver: Kickin' it NewSchool. However, we can't escape the serious problem that only approximately 26 per cent of voters showed up to vote in this most important of elections. I'm sure there are lots of reasons for this, but I don't really care what excuses people have for not going to the ballot box.

Voter apathy, election burnout, no-one to vote for, politicians are all the same. Blah, blah, blah. There are people all over this planet who don't have the right to vote, people who fight and die to bring that right to their people and nations. It's time for a serious re-think of what democracy means to Canadians.

Most of us may not realize it, but when we take things for granted, they are at the most risk of being taken from us. Democracy is in many ways on shaky ground here in Canada. Looking at this election makes that very apparent. It was the same in the federal election, with similar splits. What it always come down to is that one team got the vote out better than the other.

And, as Larry Campbell, former Vancouver mayor and now Senator in Ottawa, mentioned, Vision Vancouver is a party of the present and future. They got the vote out by using Web 2. It worked to engage a wide range of voters, including young people, in this election. It's a lesson all political parties should learn well.

The NPA was hampered by infighting, by the lack of a cohesive team and has again, self-destructed, like we saw in I'm not sure the leadership of the NPA is given to any self- reflection, but this is the time to engage in some of that. The party was ripped apart by internal politics, a pattern they can't seem to get away from.

I feel bad for Peter Ladner, who is certainly not a bad guy, or leader. He may well be asking "Et Tu Brutus? It's probably the appropriate thing to be asking after everything that's gone down in the last week, regarding Millenium.

On select Thursdays and Saturdays, an intimate, growing piano music scene on the Upper West Side featuring iconoclastically insightful, lyrical pianist Nancy Garniez — a cult favorite with an extraordinarily fluid, singing, legato style — exploring the delicious minutiae of works from across the centuries.

S at Grove St. There are also big bands here most every Tuesday at 7. No cover. Hard act to follow, but this party should be just as much fun. Now you can go see him since the Living Room, that hellhole where he used to rehearse on Monday nights, is closed forever!

Tuesdays at around 10 Julia Haltigan and her band play 11th St. A torchy, charismatic force of nature, equally at home with fiery southwestern Give It Away - Delhi 2 Dublin - Planet: Electrified Remixes (CD) rock, oldschool soul and steamy retro jazz ballads, and her band is just as good as she is. Wednesdays at 1 PM there are free organ concerts at St. One of the most intense and gripping improvisers in Balkan music. Available to download only on Friday and then Give It Away - Delhi 2 Dublin - Planet: Electrified Remixes (CD) and streaming at Soundcloud.

Every week, something different and potentially wild. Joseph, 6th Ave. Raised on punk, inspired by country, more honest and haunting than any of the newbies recently relocated to Bushwick. John and Brother Joscephus.

Luke in the Fields, Hudson St. Mary the Virgin W. Michael Hearst is one of those people. Narration courtesy of fellow fearful flyer Whoopi Goldberg. A stewardess will serve mini cocktails, leg room will be limited and our uncomfortable seats will be outfitted with vomit bags. What JD Allen is to the tenor sax lately, this guy is the alto. Different idioms, same intensity. Why are women, people of color, and the queer and trans community disproportionately targeted?

What are steps we can take to build safe spaces on the internet? Two tenor saxes and drums playing the craziest funky grooves you could imagine with the intensity of a brass band and the catchiness and edge of punk rock.

McBride, Jacob E. There will be a limited number of boomboxes courtesy of Kline as well — and a worldwide series of Unsilent Nights in other cities throughout December. This is always one of the biggest hits at Yoga Christmas so be sure to participate! Most of them are on the dumb side, substituting digital gadgetry for anything that might require actual musicianship or effort. Others are just as stupid for other reasons: a Bach relay race on the G train, interrupted by the loudest alarms in the entire subway system every time the car doors open or close?

Pure genius. But there are a handful that seem like real fun:. Herbert sings along to a Timothy Long piano recording of the Schubert score, amplified by handheld radios carried by the paraders. Large cue cards will display individual musical cells, which will lead participants through the piece as well as along their route around the park. John the Divine, carrying lanterns through Central Park, performing material once sung along the medieval pilgrimage route to Santiago de Compostela in Spain.

All singers are invited to join; one assumes scores will be provided. John Zorn turns 60 this year. Starting January 29 at PM and continuing on Wednesday and Sunday nights through the end of February, clarinet virtuoso David Krakauer leads a killer ensemble playing live themes to accompany a series of NYC-centric films from across the decades at the Museum of Jewish History36 Battery Place just north of Battery Park. Mondays in November check the Barbes website for updatesish Chicha Libre plays their home turf at Barbes.

Show up early because they are insanely popular. One of the most intense and gripping improvisers in gypsy music. For that price, Marie should be there too. Mary the Virgin, W 46th St. His name was Ludwig. Drama in Beethoven is a fun experiment to connect stories with Beethoven Sonatas. Developed as a classical-for-all project, the show aims to create a direct and unique connection between listener and the classical music.

Seaport, free. WTF segues but the opening swing act whose new Allen Toussaint homage is fantastic and noir rocker Atkins have been killing lately. Wau-Wa playing Berthold Brecht with an allstar downtown jazz crew behind her, followed at around by C hicha Libre at Barbes.

Daily updates, and a new calendar for January coming sometime around the new year might be a little late on this since clubs drag their asses putting up their schedules this time of year. Oldschool Chicago style blues guitarist Irving Louis Lattin usually has a lot of shows. Also Mondays in December Rev. The second and fourth Tuesday of the month there are free organ concerts featuring a global mix of first-rate talent at Central Synagogue, Lexington Ave.

These Balkan brass jammers are phenomenal. If dark Balkan grooves are your thing, this is your band. Sundays from half past noon to PM, bluegrass cats Freshly Baked f. Free drink with your entree.

Weekly Sunday organ concerts continue with holidays excepted at St. An A-list of New York songwriters and instrumentalists work up new material and cross-pollinate in a comfortable, musician-friendly space. As always, watch this space for updates. Reception and silent auction to benefit the orchestra to follow performance. Subtle torchy preferable alternative to Snorah Jones is down for the cause! Funny band, serious situation, they could use some help.

They will also be accepting additional donations of new clothes, toys, toiletries, and cleaning supplies. Emphasis on the funny, fun, assaultive, the satirically theatrical, the far side of jazz. New elements could be created.

Frank Loesser, Irving Berlin…Dr. If you want to be part of his more recent boombox symphony, Peregrine, join the parade at BAM and take a walk up through Ft. Led by percussionist Amy Garapic, each participant will receive a length of pipe along with simple instructions for how and when to play it, and how to interact with the NYC percussionists who will join the proceedings at spots along the way.

There will be as much soul as pyrotechnics and there will be lots and lots of that. Tireless kitsch-free klezmer punks after all these years!

Waters Of The Wild - Steve Hackett - Wild Orchids (CD, Album), One Of These Days - Pink Floyd - Meddle (CD, Album), Children Of This Time - Europe (2) - Europe + Wings Of Tomorrow (CD, Album), Blackest Morning Coming Down - Bahimiron / Unchrist - Last Of The Confederates (CD), Slowly But Surely, Le Foucauld (Dr Cat Remix) - Banco De Gaia - Le Foucauld (File), Largo - Vivaldi*, I Musici - La Stravaganza Op. 4 - Vol. II (Vinyl, LP), Alex Almost Throws Up All The Time - Anal (3) / gov holocaustal - Shit Your Pants Split (CDr), Whisper Not - Roy Hargrove - Diamond In The Rough (CD, Album), Moon Trek - Stereo MCs - DJ-Kicks (CD), Windshield Wiper - The Packards (2) - Pray For Surf & Beach City Bop (CD), Red Hot Groove - Paul Riordan, Chris Dair, Marco Mastrocola - Alternative Vol 1 (CD, Album), Morning Caffeine (Main Mix) - Martin Landsky - Morning Caffeine (File, MP3)

9 thoughts on “Give It Away - Delhi 2 Dublin - Planet: Electrified Remixes (CD)

  1. Apr 26,  · Listen to Planet: Electrified (Remixes) by Delhi 2 Dublin on Apple Music. Stream songs including "Give it Away", "Tommy (Sonicanimation Remix)" and more. Album · · 11 Songs.

  2. Mar 01,  · View credits, reviews, tracks and shop for the CD release of "Planet: Electrified Remixes" on Discogs. Everything Releases Artists (Delhi 2 Dublin Self-released) – D2D Format: CD Style: Leftfield, Celtic, Breaks, Hindustani, Electro, Drum n Bass, Tribal. Tracklist Hide Credits. 1: Give It Away. Backing Vocals – Sara.

  3. Listen free to Delhi 2 Dublin – Planet: Electrified (Remixes) (Give it Away, Tommy (Sonicanimation remix) and more). 11 tracks (). Discover more music, concerts, videos, and pictures with the largest catalogue online at

  4. A result of the the Delhi 2 Dublin’s favourite producers remixing their last album, Planet Electric. Includes tracks by Gaudi, Poirier, Adham Shaikh, Shiva Sound System, Sub Swara plus more. Planet: Electrified also includes the new song ‘Give it Away’. 1. Give it Away 2. Tommy (Sonicanimation Remix) 3. Raise It Up (Gaudi’s Remix) 4.

  5. Listen free to Delhi 2 Dublin – Planet: Electrified (Give it Away, Tommy (Sonicanimation remix) and more). 11 tracks (). Discover more music, concerts, videos, .

  6. Delhi 2 Dublin - Planet Electricfied - Music. Skip to main Hello Select your address CDs & Vinyl Hello, Sign in. Account & Lists Returns & Orders. Cart All. Best Sellers.

  7. Check out Planet: Electrified by Delhi 2 Dublin on Amazon Music. Stream ad-free or purchase CD's and MP3s now on

  8. Check out Give it Away by Delhi 2 Dublin on Amazon Music. Stream ad-free or purchase CD's and MP3s now on

  9. Mar 13,  · Aside from the remixes, D2D also added a new song to this album, “Give It Away,” which kicks off Planet Electrified: Remixes with all the wild excitement of what is expected from Delhi 2 Dublin. (Independent, Jesse Blackman.

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