Trump last year. I really Hoped. Beautiful, James. Your ringing words about the importance of hope and our capacity to change the world are warming my heart right now. We had 1. Qanon: Some friends of mine jumped on the Qanon Train. They were excited by the discovery of so much evidence for pedophiles in powerful positions.

We had one in One good thing is that the technocrats have their own Hopium: 1. The AI singularity 2. A mars colony 3. Question Is there a strategy how we can setup different elite groups against each other? Or trick them into spending everything into their hopium? Like: let them all go to mars or chip their consciousness. The Israeli will probably not like the idea that their population has been mRNA-marked.

Based on the animal trials, we can expect that most their people to get severe adverse reactions within a few years. I hope there are people working on these ideas right now. They are good ones. Oh there are. The White Hats. Trust the Plan. Break out the Popcorn. Enjoy the Show. Death counts every day covid gun victims 2.

Nano-tech in vaccines and forgetting about mRNA itself 4. It blows my mind that people are still getting these Experimental Injections. It appears to me that the Biden people are more likely to have gotten one of the Injections because they have bought into his lies. And for the most part she was right. People who were conservatives did question it more, perhaps because they wanted to go to church, many conservatives are also Christian.

Who knows, but there is a political affiliation thing going on. I used to believe that liberals were the good guys, free speech and liberty, bodily autonomy and all that. A part of me hopes that when flu season comes around in winter we will have a reckoning of sickness caused by the mRNA injections.

I know that is wrong for me to even consider that a positive outcome, but to be honest I think it would be a good thing. People would get a real life consequence for obeying and going against their better judgment. People sign a consent form prior to getting the injection that it is unapproved by FDA and that clinical trials are ongoing. To the 1st group Free speech is good when it serves them and bad when it hurts them….

Responsibility definitely lies with them patients themselves. That said. Legally speaking if legal would matter more than power all those consent-forms are null and void. There is no consent when the statements are lies.

Technically, legally, nearly all of those who inject the shots are going to be held accountable and some of those who killed people with an intubation too. May very likely be a pipe dream. The consent form does contain lies, that falsely claim there are no other treatments. HCQ and Ivermectin are good treatments and that is not listed on the form. The information sheet does say that the injection is NOT approved by FDA and that there may be unforeseen side effects.

The people giving the injections believe the same crap the receiving people believe, so harm caused is not intentional, ie. Same with intubations. The doctors believed, went along with faulty treatment protocols instead of using common sense. I hope people do sue for damages and the government is held accountable.

People are also getting their children injected with this crap who have had an increase of myocarditis inflammation of the heart. The parents of those children are also partly at fault. That is a very good point. I really believe that people are born with an innate mistrust of intrusive medicine.

Nobody ever had to teach a child to fear doctors and needles. On the contrary it seems that massive amounts of propaganda and conditioning have been employed to overcome our instincts and embrace what the white coats tell us.

Yet I see the good parts mainly: people have been exposed to the satanic nature of the cabal. Which is a fact that is being left out. Something about this style is unsettling. Trump got me with the hopium before I did some homework. I dug in a bit it was easy to decide he was just another puppet from the puppet masters.

I have only voted in one local American Selection. Just a random thought, there is a German word starting with Q called Quatsch, it means nonsense………. At least now that the sheeple have taken to directly inject Hopium into their arms, they will have to suffer the consequences of their own stupidity. In the past, their addiction to hopium has caused innocent people in places like Iraq and Syria to suffer.

It does hurt more when the hit is closer to home. Even though there is a modicum of poetical justice to what you describe, I do not expect the majority to tale notice of the mechanism of cause and effect due to how abysmally oblivious they are. Hopium is the perfect word to describe the negative response many have received when exposing masks, lockdowns, distancing, mRNA jabs. There are plenty of people out there who are terrified and will latch on to anything that will give them hope. If you try taking that away from them than they get extremely upset like a drug addict at an intervention.

That was pretty good, James. The mention of Operation Trust was definitely warranted. Welp, I guess the case is closed on that one: nothing to see here, folks move along…. Yes, I think it can be plainly conceded that there was certainly plain information or claims event date-setting presented that did not come true at the plainly stated predicted date HRC arrest, et al.

This Q narrative could be a good place to start, but many of those alt. I honestly think that people in those groups are more free thinking these days. I think the new liberal movements are much much more authoritarian and closed minded. Progressives have swallowed this Covid technocratic nightmare without questions from what I can tell based on what I observe living in a progressive city. I think the conservatives are the ones who would be more likely to listen to this type of material.

She has dementia also, so I was impressed that even still she was able to see bullshit when it was presented. I sure hope the hopium crowd can find it….

Great report guys! The Visuals and Sound were dynamic! Broc West really has skills! I often had to think of Broc this time and marvel in the compilation and the synchronization of those two. I am a bit surprised that you did not highlight Benjamin Fulford who has been singing that same song for years.

I became aware of it over a decade ago. I agree about Trump, Obama, etc. I suspect that what has happened since early might have hit us several decades earlier but for this periodic spanner in the works.

Of course, retrospectively, these people would have us believe that everything has unfolded exactly according to plan. It never does. Yet I do believe that the Q-movement has changed enough to have an lasting impact. Many more people have been exposed to the fact that SRA is real and being used to glue the political and power structure together. Which eyes were opened? I dont think so! They have ordered more cement. All we can hope for is that a seed, has been planted.

I am a fool! I was hoping for the clintons after bush, I really belived in obama, I was walking around taking about maga. The only one, that has not got to me is biden. And I dont want the vaccine. And I am from Norway!! So I see how easy I can be brain washed. At least I can admit that I am a fool! So now I am wondering about what the next trick I am going to fall for — or has felled for. In an other way, to make a lot of mistakes, is a way to learn. A good start, we all need to check up on that from time to time, eh?

The next obvious question is: How do I not fall for any tricks anymore or at least much less, if it happens less severe I can snap out of it faster? The problem seems to be the difference between hope and hopium. I dont want to go the road of hope-less-ness, so in many cases, it is easier to get fooled by hopium, when we actually are, in a positive state, to start with. Like now, I am getting very unpopular, because I am going around, and trying to inform people about the dangers of the vaccine, and hope that what I say, is going to make an impact on the people I talk to.

Most people ask me if I am a professor, or a doctor, and think I am a fool, again. And maybe they are right here too. But I do what I do, regardless, because I have hope. Questions for you guys, choose one or more : 1. Japanese masks are more effective than US masks. Japanese have stronger immunity than Americans.

Sarc-Cov-2 is only a stat on the TV from fake pcr tests 6. There are too many known unknowns, question is stupid. I would say 3. Fake stats and PCR tests. Also that the Japanese are probably healthier than Americans in general, have less obesity and eat a better diet, so maybe 2. Many Americans are overweight and even a little bit of extra weight, I suspect, has a profound effect on inflammation. I treated a relatively healthy 29 year old male police officer for Covid who had moderate illness but came into the hospital because his oxygen saturation dropped with walking.

He had asthma which was the only known medical problem. He was muscular in general but had a little extra fat and was probably slightly overweight. I have also had patients hospitalized with the flu as well, young people in 20s and 30s, most of them I recall being overweight as well. I suspect there are genetic predispositions to excessive inflammation that makes both flu and Covid infections worse. And I also suspect that excess MP3) fat can also make respiratory infections worse.

I did observe Covid the disease state was different than flu the disease state. I do think Covid is caused by a viral infection but that the actual number of people who had it was grossly exaggerated by false positive PCR tests.

Just my hypothesis based on my clinical observations. The American diet sucks for the most part. Sounds reasonable. The media just wanted it to be high for political reasons.

Japan is also much healthier in diet and do not suffer so much from overweight and lack of vit-D. Good to create herd-immunity as well. The media does not need that political push and may have some sense of honor. But also they do not have to convince the people to follow certain rules. Maybe they use HCQ and Ivermectin. In India Ivermectin seems to be a major factor to prevent deaths, but their numbers are also x lower to begin with.

In India we also see that the vaccines have a reverse effect: they increase the number of hospitalized cases. Experts have predicted this on the basis of the animal Sun Halo - Inertia (20) - Sun Halo / Stigma (File.

Thanks guys! However, to shed more viruses, I mean light:. However, the photo clearly brings home the fact that much more breath is exchanged on a packed train both through and around the mask edges vs commuting to work alone in your car as in the US.

There were 40 million train rides daily in Tokyo counting each line change pre-Covid. I think a bit less now but still crowded. People wear masks MP3) deserted streets, alone in their cars, anyplace. So yes, many of the folks here are healthy in the sense of diet and body weight but they do drink a lot of alcohol, and up to 10 years ago smoked A LOT. There are only few hundred flu cases this year, last year k.

Flu has been relabeled Covid as in other places, people put it up to more mask wearing and work from home then why is there so much Covid? The news and talk shows are constantly shouting about Corona, to wear masks even between biting your meals, having white-coated Drs on the show admonishing the dangers coming.

When they said Osaka hospitals were Sun Halo - Inertia (20) - Sun Halo / Stigma (File with cases about 2 months ago I called the Osaka city hospital stating I was an Ambulance Info Service asking about bed availability, they refused to answer me.

Longer comments can be split into multiple posts. This is the same as 4. The Indian Variant is basically taking over the stats. The numbers go up and down along with the flu season and during the vax rollout. Very few people we actually see are sick. Few of these thousands of people on the train sneeze or cough or even have a runny nose. There are no ambulances running around town, companies, schools, etc.

Covid deaths in Asia are all low. Seems like its more related to countries they want to take down, not a virus running around. Zinc etc not so much. The real answer is that none of this makes much medical sense. AroundI sold a large collection of political buttons at a garage sale I was having. The buttons went back decades, some with names most people would not recognize today.

It could be passed down to the generations, and utilized in every country and state and town. You have a good point, but The danger of NOT voting or paying ANY attention to politics is that those with power are still going to use the mech of the state…. Along with James Fetzer, The American Thinker, and others you folks have served us well with facts and gifted insights.

He is a good man and I have no doubt about it. Might have been very good president, but unfortunately for the past years this office have becoming insignificant like all the PM and presidents of the world. We know that there are more powerful people behind it. And if this is not bad enough they surround the president with their people. This method of ruling from behind and corrupting everything of value is explained in details in the Protocols.

As for the war, in fact Trump did not do much of war, all was rhetoric. What was the damage of 5 dozens of tomahawks to Syria? Exactly the same as right now. As JC mentions, Trump appoints Giuliani to key positions throughout his admin. Yes, that Giuliani. Just a few examples. But I have to agree with bleak on this one. There is such a MP3) cult of personality built up around the guy in conservative circles, much like Reagan or Lincoln; at this point he can do no wrong in their eyes.

He must have had some of the best marketing firms in the world working to rehabilitate his image. I remember growing up how people viewed him as this sleazy, scumbag businessman that would trade his grandma away for a nickel; anything to make a buck. Take a look into the mentors in his life like his father Fred Trump and Roy Cohn. Look into his immediate circle, those closest to him. Hell, the Clintons attended his wedding! Nope, not buying it. So what does all of this tell you?

Trump is just an actor, like Ronald Reagan. But a much better one then than people give him credit for. They have been on the warpath on orders from their gods.

And Beware the world to come. There is so much to know. Have you read the Protocols? We are blessed to have those documents. It is gift from God, to open our eyes. I know very well who are the Jews and Israel. On few points: I believe is wrong in saying Trump is very popular in Israel. Trump did not have much power who he appoint.

Do you think he was going MP3) appoint as one of many of his defense lawyers, Alan Dershowitz? Lots of Independent Media going as far as saying that Gates, Schwab are pawns in a bigger game, but all stop here. World government is now years old and is full kosher. Protocols tell us that. That was part of his job description. Obama was a curveball who supposedly hated Netanyahu and in reality, another supporter of Israeli crimes.

Controlled Opposition is real. Fake adversaries are real. What did Trump do for Julian Assange and his family? Nothing except to leave him dying in a Brit prison, probably tortured, starving. Not bring him to the US for a trial even. Took me 10 min to read few time your comment and understand it. You take that much time to read 1 of the Protocols of Learners Elders of Zion and find out for yourself. As for the rest I am agree with you. Calculate your essay price. Type of paper. Academic level.

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