After her first public appearance at the Barge in Kingston upon ThamesDenny began working the folk club circuit in the LP with an American-influenced repertoire, including songs by Tom Paxtontogether with traditional folk songs.

Her earliest professional recordings were made a few months later in mid for the Saga label, [7] featuring traditional songs and covers of folk contemporaries including her boyfriend of this period, the American singer-songwriter Jackson C. By this time, she had abandoned her studies at art college and was devoting herself full-time to music. While she was performing at The Troubadour folk cluba member of the Strawbs heard her, and inshe was invited to join the band.

The album includes an early solo version of her best-known and widely recorded composition, " Who Knows Where the Time Goes? After making the Saga albums with Alex Campbell and Johnny Silvo, Denny looked for a band that would allow her to stretch herself as a vocalist, reach a wider audience, and have the opportunity to display her songwriting. She said, "I wanted to do something more with my voice.

Fairport Convention conducted auditions in May for a replacement singer following the departure of Judy Dyble after their debut album, and Denny became the obvious choice. According to group member Simon Nicolher personality and musicianship made her stand out from the other auditionees "like a clean glass in a sink full of dirty dishes". Beginning with What We Did on Our Holidaysthe first of three albums she made with the band in the late s, Denny is credited with encouraging Fairport Convention to explore the traditional British folk repertoireand is thus regarded as a key figure in the development of British folk rock.

Denny left Fairport Convention in December to develop her own songwriting more fully. They created one self-titled albumwhich included an eight-minute version of the traditional "Banks of the Nile", and several Denny originals, among them "The Sea" and "Nothing More". The latter marked her first composition on the piano, which was to become her primary instrument from then on. Fotheringay started to record a second album in latebut it remained unfinished after Denny announced that she was leaving the group and producer Joe Boyd left to take up a job at Warner Brothers in California.

Denny would later blame Boyd's hostility towards the group for its demise. Released init is distinguished by its elusive lyrics and unconventional harmonies. Frankone of her many portraits in song.

Sandywith a cover photograph by David Baileyfollowed in and was the first of her albums to be produced by Trevor Lucas. Melody Maker readers twice voted her the "Best British Female Singer", in and and, together with contemporaries including Richard Thompson and Ashley Hutchingsshe participated in a one-off project called Album) Bunch to record a collection of rock and roll era standards released under the title of Rock On.

Her brief appearance was at the end of the track "It's a Boy", which also featured vocals from Pete Townshend. Inshe married long-term boyfriend and producer Trevor Lucas and recorded a third solo album, Like an Old Fashioned Waltz.

The songs continued to detail many of her personal preoccupations: loss, loneliness, fear of the dark, the passing of time and the changing seasons. Inshe returned to Fairport Convention of which her husband was by then a member for a world tour captured on the album Fairport Live Convention and a studio album, Rising for the Moon in Denny and Lucas left Fairport Convention at the end of and embarked on what was to become her final album Rendezvous.

Released inthe album sold poorly and Denny was subsequently dropped by Island Records. Having relocated to the village of Byfield in Northamptonshire in the mid-seventies, Denny gave birth to her only child, a daughter named Georgia, in July A UK tour to promote Rendezvous in autumn marked her final public appearances.

The closing night at the Royalty Theatre in London on 27 November was recorded for a live album, Gold Dustwhich, because of technical problems in the recording of the electric guitar, was belatedly released in after most of the guitars had been re-recorded by Jerry Donahue. Linda Thompson would later note that Denny "really started going downhill in " and demonstrated increasing levels of both manic and depressive behaviour. Friends would later note that Denny had a history of purposely throwing herself off bar stools and down flights of stairs in order to get a reaction.

Several remembered this behaviour as "Sandy's party trick", while Dave Pegg 's wife Chris stated, "She certainly did it in my house and it could be a very dramatic gesture, like self-harming. She could do it without hurting herself usually but I had a feeling there would be one time too many.

In late Marchwhile on holiday with her parents and baby Georgia in Cornwall, Denny was injured when she fell down a staircase and hit her head on concrete. At some unknown point during the first half of AprilDenny suffered yet another major fall at her home in Byfield.

On discovering Lucas' departure, Denny went to stay at the home of her friend Miranda Ward. During this time, Denny apparently set up an appointment to speak with a doctor about her headaches, and also intended to get advice about her alcohol addiction. Cole entered the home at 3 pm, and found Denny unconscious at the foot of the staircase which led to the second floor of the house.

Upon his arrival at the hospital, doctors informed him that Denny was effectively brain-dead and her condition would not improve. He granted their recommendation to turn off life-support machines; however, just ten minutes before this was to take place, Sandy Denny died without regaining consciousness at pm on 21 April The funeral took place on 27 April at Putney Vale Cemetery. After the vicar had read Denny's favourite psalm, Psalm 23a piper played " Flowers of the Forest ", a traditional song commemorating the fallen of Flodden Field and one which had appeared on the Fairport album Full House.

The inscription on her headstone reads:. Although Denny had a devoted following in her lifetime, she did not achieve mass market success. In the years since her death, her reputation has grown. Ina compilation of previously unreleased tracks recorded for the BBC by incarnations of Fairport including Denny was released on LP under the title Heydaywhich was subsequently released on CD in and again, with extra tracks, in ; all tracks were later included, with others, on the 4-CD box set Fairport Convention Live at the BBC see below.

The initial purpose of this compilation was to document the more "American" material performed live by the What We Did on Our Holidays lineup of the band that never made it to vinyl, while the re-releases added additional songs as performed by the Unhalfbricking and Liege and Lief lineups. Also ina VHS documentary, It All Comes 'Round Againon Fairport Convention was released [29] which contained excerpts of several audio recordings featuring Denny, plus a single poor-quality video recording of her singing her song "Solo" during her second stint with Fairport inas filmed by the University of Birmingham's "Guild TV" amateur organisation.

The original tape of this recording has apparently been lost; however, "Like an Old Fashioned Waltz" does appear on the DVD documentary Sandy Denny Under Review see below and other tracks have been made available via YouTube in very poor quality. Over the period —, the Australian "Friends of Fairport" issued a series of subscriber-only cassette compilations drawing in the main on previously unreleased tapes from Trevor Lucas' collection as stored in his attic in fact.

Attic Tracks AT 1 contained out-takes from Sandy as well as some Fairport material and a few bizarre extras; AT 2 contained only Trevor Lucas material, no Denny; AT 3 entitled First and Last Tracks comprised — home demos and rare radio tracks, as well as 9 "pre-overdub" songs from Dennys's last concert at the Royalty Theatre, London, on 27 November a partial alternative to the later, overdubbed CD release Gold Dustand AT 4 : Together Again comprised one side of Lucas and the other of Denny in the form of more home demos, studio outtakes, and 4 tracks from a BBC radio concert.

Due to rights issues it was withdrawn on the day of release, thereby creating a highly collectible disc up until the release of the comprehensive Live at the BBC box set in This release was followed in when Denny's final performance at the Royalty Theatre, entitled Gold Dustwas issued on CD, following a degree of re-recording and overdubbing of selected backing parts to replace reportedly unsatisfactory originals. Ina single-disc compilation, Listen Listen — An Introduction to Sandy Dennywas released on Island Records comprising 17 previously released tracks taken from her four Island solo albums.

LL 90? The music has been a part of my life since I was a young teen — through high-school, college, marriage, vacations, commutes, kids, in short my whole life.

The next 50 is much more a territory of discovery for me — and yet there are many or so includes some incredible gems. Currently, Sony Legacy appears to have the rights to much of the Windham Hill catalog, but no longer maintains an independent site for fans.

This system lasted for at least the first 20 albums. Three of the original albums were not re-issued. Want more info? Also, if you were a Windham Hill artist, staff member or were in studio I would love to hear from you. I began by haunting the vinyl new age bins at my local Amoeba and Rasputin stores in the Bay Area, and have constantly been surprised by the quality of the music on the lesser-known releases.

I had always wondered over the years why some were skipped. Of course the real crime is that many of the core Windham Hill albums are not in print, or available digitally. Many of the original albums were mastered by Mobile Fidelity Sound Labs. In the meantime, vinyl sales sites will be the only place to get it.

Nothing like the other Windham Hill releases. There are also a few later catalog numbers that are as yet unexplained. I hope to research and find out more about those. Holy Cow! Thanks also for the Lost Lake releases.

Caitlyn, I appreciate your comments! Make sure to sign up for the RSS updates of the Facebook and comment as you see fit. Hi John- I came to your site from your link on AudioEvo. I guess I grew up in a cave because all of this is new to me. Thanks for turning me on to this resource.

John, Nice site you have here. I have been compiling a list of the Windham Hill family for years now and collecting the music. I would be glad to forward a copy of the list.

Also, I have started to scan the album artwork. Still on the hunt to add to the collection and the list. Thanks, Dan! Good to have you join in. I did just add the entire LaserDisc series to my collection thanks to an eBay seller. Did everything come out in CD? I hope they add it in. The sound is more Celtic than Nightnoise and the album is truly outstanding. Musiques is really tremendous. This is a great site! Bravo to you for putting it together. I myself started hunting down WH after hearing M.

Hedges aerial boundries on an AM new age station in San Francisco in I found most of the early samplers in thrift stores but after working at Amoeba records in LA a few years ago, the collection became a lot more fleshed out.

I also got the laser discs but recently sold them after transfering them to Dvd. Not really an audiophile by nature and wishing to shed a few hundred pounds of vinyl! I really do love this music! I figure with other people preserving WH as it deserves, I should worry too much. Incidentally can any one identify these albums?

When I saw that site I realized that a piece of history was fading away and began to research and collect in earnest.

I have every recording up to about with several in hand after that. Alas, the releases became so much repackaging as the label attempted to milk every last ounce of blood from a dying genre and I realized that the talent had moved on and there would be no more music like the early years. Wow, Dan. Except I did send an updated list to the BNS website and they updated their list from mine.

I filled a lot of holes in for them. Dan, John Edwards here, I would love a copy of your list. I have quite an extensive collection of Windham Hill but I am probably missing something and would love to complete my complete collection.

Thanking you in advance for your help. I really enjoy this website. Some of the windham people I have seen over the years and conversed with are true artists. I have fond memories of most of Windham Hill music, and own most of it except for a few of the later releases. This kind of music seems lost for the most part, I wish this label still existed, it was a lifeline to me……. Thanks for the great comments, Jerry.

Of course most of the artists are still performing and recording in one way or another. Ackerman was a master at that, and I think that the first 50 records stand with Blue Note, and maybe ECM as one of the greatest highly-curated collections of music of the 20th century. Great music and beautifully recorded.

Great work Dan. I am a long time Windham Hill Collector. Although, it looks like you have a good handle on everything. I stopped collecting a couple years after Will left the company though. I still keep track of my favorite artists. That is how I found your blog. I immediately went all smiles and today is my birthday.

Thanks for the unintended birthday present Dan! The biggest question I have been trying to answer and purchase is the last remaining releases that went to LP. Do you know of any others that go put to vinyl this late?? I would cry if I found Taproot on vinyl. Hey everybody! I have several already and they are very impressive acoustically. Glad you like the site! This is John — the creator of the site. Thanks so much for the posting. Starting google…. Well, I got so excited upon finding Windhaming, I confused Dan for the brilliant creator of this site, John.

One of my top ten across any genre. I too have frequented the bay area stores as well and many others across the country trying to complete the entire label on Vinyl.

I have everything on CD already, because like you I was in high school fromcollecting everything as it was released. In long boxes no less! Dang, I should have never thrown those away. I also am in continuing pursuit of earlier and earlier versions of WHS-C I think I have the original hand pressed.

Woman She Rides is great!!! Will should have kept singing and let Basho do the same!!! It would have been a folk revolution! Actually…I think it was anyway.

I have to correct this. The back is just text, no graphics. The labels are in a funky font with a green turtle design that is unique to each side. Side One label and the back of the jacket have a rubber stamp that says P William Ackerman. Does anyone know if this is indeed the legendary first record?

There are a few shots on the listing that another reader gave me of his collection. Can anybody fill in? I regard these pressings as noticeably better than any Windham Hill regular release.

I have found two and also call dibbs on everything else out there. Sadly I did not bid enough. They are also superior in audio quality than the other releases. Excellent data — except now I must chase some of these DMM releases down. But, it is noticeable, if I have two good copies that is.

That is clearly brighter and richer. There is one small sticker at the top right of the front of the jacket that has the WHS-A-C10XX number and the words audiophile edition below.

Finally found a DMM copy. I paid all of a dollar in the clearance bin at the Amoeba in San Francisco, today. Yes, it clearly sounds different than the regular issue. Thanks for the great resource! I managed the audio department at the back of the store, next to the glassed-in classical room. A few years later I was living in Denver and a good friend was a cameraman at the local Boulder public television station and filmed the Darol Anger, Barbara Higbie and Alex De Grassi concert.

Not only did I get to attend the show, but met them all and watched the video of the show with them afterward. Despite the downward spiral of the label, that music has and always will be magical for me and a part of my listening life. I also have picked up some Windham Hill casettes over the years — often for just a few cents. I heard some really spiritual bagpipe music awhile back, something like Windham Hill would do. If anyone would have any idea about who could have done something like this, etc.

I noticed your list now stops at WH I believe that is where the WH series ends. After that BMG took over and lots of things changed. For reasons unknown it was released on Lost Lake Arts instead. Thanks, Justin. Great site! Did some listening back then, but never fully explored the label. Olaf Choir. It would mean so much to me. Hello, I have opened a music group in Facebook featuring the music of Windham LP Artists among others.

I have found today this webpage that is so interesting. I am a music lover and as you I want this music not to be forgotten. If you have a FB profile i invite you to join this group and help me to fill the collection.

Regards Antonio, Buenos Aires, Argentina. Thanks for the comment. Windham Hill released a cassette with piano and cello.

It was a wonderful album, but I cannot find the name so I could search for it. Do you happen to know the names of albums with solo cellos or cellos with piano? Every song has cello and piano. Gwenlaise is the most beautiful piano and cello duet I have ever heard.

My son was a 12 when we saw them perform. We bought the album and now I wish I could get the sheet music for my two granddaughters. One plays piano and the other cello. They love Gwenlaise. So beautiful. Released on the New Music label. I still highly recommend Reunion. Glad you found what you were looking for. Eugene is a great artist. I am totally with you. Eugene Friesen and Paul Halley are best known for their work with the Paul Winter Consort, a group whose work will probably appeal to a lot of people who like Windham Hill music.

In the U. Both labels later ended up under the BMG umbrella. Unlike Windham Hill, there are still new releases on Living Music. Both Eugene Friesen and Paul Halley play on this album. David Darling plays Album) on that album.

Okay — I collect Windham Hill things just because I liked their approach to music. So what have I got here? Something very rare that would be worth sharing with friends and other collectors? May you all find such wonderful treasures at such bargain prices. Regarding the William Ackerman cassette; it sounds like you have a cassette-single.

Many sellers do charge a premium for some of the earlier Windham Hill CDs — anywhere from If in NM condition the record is worth about Though some are considered quite rare. For example, I just paid These may correspond to another album, or this may be simply a re-labeled work or compilation of some of his other stuff simply for the sake of marketing. It does have a fairly early copyright date, though, for a compilation.

Mystery Solved. Curious about the numbering, though — were there more in the MCT-xxx series…. Ah, a full album. You got me on the origin.

Perhaps another Pastels release German Windham Hill outlet from the early eighties. Does your research concur? Can you describe the cover photo? Do you know if Pastels created their reissues from master tapes, or tape copies sent from the US? Working on getting a picture of the album cover. Nice find on the George Winston Audiophile Edition. Thanks for sharing! No vocals on any of the album. I wish there was a way to do this for his fans.

Birdsong is like the rest of the album — very soft and comforting; in the oevre of Windham Hill, the opposite would be Shadowfax Shadowdance just for reference. Rip it and share it. Will sold Windham Hill guaranteeing its demise and the label became a shell of its former glory, simply repackaging the music until all the lame ideas were exhausted.

Once I have the tune ripped, where I do I post it? It was such a site. Lots of them have been shut down because ripping and sharing copyrighted material is illegal. Just put a copy of the album cover as the image part.

That way a record company can add a link to iTunes or other in order to monetize their content, and YouTube worries about the licensing. If you just post it to Soundcloud or another hosting service, then you might be responsible for the rights. This was my ethical dilemma from the start.

The actual material is another issue altogether. What insanely bad advice! Ripping and sharing copyrighted material is called piracy. Sony, who own the current rights, can and may very well go after people who do this. Support the artists and get your music that way. So tell, where can I buy this album? Most of what I own however, I bought used.

Or do you just think we going to sell copies on pirate sites? Tell me. Thanks, Johnny. Several artists from the jazz label produced albums on the parent label Andy Narell, Ray Obiedo, etc at this time.

Hello, awesome list. I love instrumental music. I heard a piece of music called Harp Strey. Is anyone familiar with the song? It has only a few instruments. Its nice and pensive, among other things. I have a tough one. The disc was a winter setting. There were scenes of a river at the beginning, a train, and also a cabin in the woods. I have been looking for it for a long time in audio format or at least a list of songs so I can find the artists.

I has one song on it that has a lot of memories tied to it. Would love to find it but have not been able to. If anybody knows of this laserdisc it would be great to know if any of the songs are available. Glad to see someone mentioning the Windham Hill video releases…. It is from an old video, but it is great to see and hear her play. It is an educational video. Carl — the 11 song video can also be watched on YouTube. Hello friends Windham Hills, i am a regular listener of some artists and composers of this house pity that here in Brazilwe do not have accaes to every work.

Happiness and succses. So what are the harbingers of the end? Will Ackerman left is something like It appears that Dawn Atkinson remained the lead on Windham Hill matters at whatever company owned Windham Hill for another 15 years or so.

However, Discogs could probably answer this question with a little more research strangely, sorting by year yields an Angelo Badalamente soundtrack released in Russia on the Windham Hill label in … if you find out definitively, let us know.

In the end, there is a reason I chose the scope of this site to be the albums released on vinyl. First, I love everything in the first 30 releases. Secondly, I love most albums in the first next Releases get a little uneven for me. You have absolute classic albums mixed with some that were good but not groundbreaking, and some that are completely forgettable.

The site was windham. Anyone know how to contact Dawn Atkinson so we can clear this up? Regarding their Not sure what there is to clear up, Dan.

Sony Legacy has the rights to the label, and are uninterested in promoting it, apparently. Agreed, Johnny. Yeah, I know. Though ripping and sharing is illegal in some jurisdictions e. USthe fact is that some Windham Hill music is no longer available legally in any shape or form. Given that there is no inventory cost to offering digital downloads, there is no reason why that album should not be readily available via Amazon MP3, iTunes Music Store or wherever.

A real shame! I did and I am a notorious cheapskate when it comes to music. Caitlyn, Thanks for the Album) I was unaware of Discogs. However, I already have a copy on vinyl and another on CD. I also have a site about Nightnoise and regularly get queries from people looking to get a copy admittedly, not a flood I have recently been looking for an album we used to play that featured the electric harmonica. It was a powerful recording, and would like to find it! Try the two Shadowfax releases, particularly Shadowdance.

Chuck Greenberg was a master on that. I had no idea what it was but just liked the beautiful tree on the cover. The music turned out to be as great as the cover. The music is so timeless; I enjoy listening to them now as much as when they were new. Thanks for filling in the blanks too. Like many others here I always wondered about those missing numbers.

Thanks for this listing. As a college student I made an effort to see these artists. I saw Michael Hedges and Liz Story in concert together in Nashville inand the next day we saw them walking down the street and gave them a lift back to their hotel! Such a thrilling moment. My memory is somewhat vague but I seem to recall it had Spring on the cover I had it on cassette. I wish I could offer more information,but I hoping someone here can help me on this. Some other countries had different releases, particularly in later years for samplers.

The cd did not contain any song titles… only samples of some songs along with a few complete songs. It was not an official Windham Hill Sampler… just a freebee. That is about as specific as I can get. Any clue where I can find this track? I have looked everywhere for it but can only find it on a CD.

Can anyone help me with this? Thank you!! If anyone has a source, there would be a growing market for this there are at least two of us! Why not go to the source. By incident i landed on this site. Sultans of Swing, Bop till you drop, etc. Right now i am listening to the Windham Hill Piano Sampler, as a testrecord for my latest home-build Scan Speak Illuminator based mini monitors.

In fact i was looking for high-res verslons of Windham Hill records. There should really be a Album) for these. Best regards, Martin Deisting. Thanks for the comments, Martin.

Yes, Passage was one of the very first digital recordings, and sounded very good for the technology. I do still prefer most analog recordings, but what they did is really amazing. I would guess those Scan Speaks really make the music sing. However, you should check out high-res issues from Windham Hill artists.

Nice site. And then I can try the other artists. I liked the story of the audiophile find in Arizona.

It is nice to get some of the history through the comments. Thanks for documenting this information. Just came upon III in time for opening presents Christmas morning. Manufactured in cooperation with Windham Hills Records. Michael Lorima: Remembranza: guitar: DC 3. DC 4. DC 6. DC 7. Hi Dan, Thanks for taking a look at the site. Are you the publisher of BSNpubs? For a long time that was one of the very few Windham Hill discographies online. I used it at one time to upgrade my personal list and noted they were missing many entries.

James Hogan Love, Esq. It is intended exclusively for the individuals and entities to which it is addressed. If you have received a copy of this message in error, please notify the sender immediately by email and delete all copies of this message. This message is protected by applicable legal privileges and is confidential.

Unauthorized interception is prohibited by Federal Law. Thank you for this resource. I discovered Windham Hill when I went to see them at Ravinia in as a high school graduation present to myself. Mostly, I was hooked on their samplers, but I certainly wore those out. Add my thanks as well for the work done here to provide a resource for Windham Hills lovers. Specifically Narada Lotus which was actually what brought me to New Age and instrumental music in the first place.

Thanks again for a great resource! Thanks for the comments. John, I just stumbled across your site while doing a Windham Hill discography search. Smith, AR Sound Warehouse a long time ago. I have many of the early LPs and much of the subsequent CD releases.

Thanks much! Anybody have leads? For this and so many other recordings, you might try the Discogs marketplace. As I write this, there are currently 41 copies of the US vinyl release for sale. John beat me to it. All in all Discogs has over 5, Mark Isham items for sale right now, including most of his soundtrack releases. Slowly but surely building an awesome WH vinyl colllection.

But demand is definately changing. Anyone reading this in the Toronto area, if you see any LPs in record stores, give me a shout at escapenine gmail. I think Will understood the need to use quality vinyl and have excellent pressings to reduce surface noise with these quieter recordings. And yes, it seems that every LP I find appears unplayed, or at the least very well cared for. The do sound truly wonderful. I have found exactly 1 one unplayable Windham Hill vinyl disc in all my years of searching.

While it definitely supports the notion of Will Ackerman using high quality pressings, it also points to the fact that most people who gravitated towards the Windham Hill catalog of material generally took better care of their stuff.

Hablame Luna (Dub Mix) - Basic Connection - Hablame Luna (CD), Cest Ça Ma Vie - Various - Sang DEncre (Edition Collector) (Box Set), Recieve My Dying Spirit - Parnassus - Recieve My Dying Spirit (Cassette), Hard Times - Cab Calloway & His Orchestra* - Cruisin With Cab (Vinyl, LP), Holka Polka - Lee* & Sally Sweetland - Lets Dance (4 Folk-Dance Songs) (Vinyl), Pastueño (Tangos) - Miguel Poveda - Suena Flamenco (CD, Album), Skokiaan - Various - Lateinamerikanische Tänze (CD), Tico Tico, Bird Song - Benji Vaughan - Even Tundra (File, Album), James Brown - Marcella Detroit - Jewel (CD, Album), Various - Las Vegas Grind Volume Four (Vinyl, LP), Calles Del Viejo París - Solera - Solera (Vinyl, LP, Album)

8 thoughts on “The Lady And The Unicorn - John Renbourn - The Lady And The Unicorn (Vinyl, LP, Album)

  1. John Renbourn The Lady and the Unicorn Gutar: LL Pierre Bensusan I would be glad to forward a copy of the list. Also, I have started to scan the album artwork. I have CD/LP copies up to – Thanksgiving – A Windham Hill Collection – Various Artists [] as well as the WH Jazz, Lost Lake Arts, Open Aire, Dancing Cat.

  2. John Renbourn - s.t. (TRA) John Renbourn - The Lady And The Unicorn (TRA) Sandwich Isle Band - s.t. (SS) Stephen Cohn - s.t. (MV1) エグベルト・ジスモンチ - 輝く風 (PAP) グレイトフル・デッド - ライヴ/デッド (P/5W) グレイトフル・デッド - アメリカン・ .

  3. Sklep płytowy MEGADISC - CD / winyl - klasyczny rock z lat tych, tych i tych / WARSAW, POLAND - record store - rare rock CD / vinyl. Sklep płytowy MEGADISC to klasyczny rock z lat tych i tych na CD, LP i DVD. Rarytasy z całego świata - oryginalne, rzadkie winyle i japońskie mini LP (card sleeve).

  4. Sklep płytowy MEGADISC - CD / winyl - klasyczny rock z lat tych, tych i tych / WARSAW, POLAND - record store - rare rock CD / vinyl. Sklep płytowy MEGADISC to klasyczny rock z lat tych i tych na CD, LP i DVD. Rarytasy z całego świata - oryginalne, rzadkie winyle i .

  5. John Renbourn The Lady and the Unicorn Gutar: LL Pierre Bensusan I would be glad to forward a copy of the list. Also, I have started to scan the album artwork. I have CD/LP copies up to – Thanksgiving – A Windham Hill Collection – Various Artists [] as well as the WH Jazz, Lost Lake Arts, Open Aire, Dancing Cat.

  6. John Renbourn The Lady and the Unicorn Gutar: LL Pierre Bensusan I would be glad to forward a copy of the list. Also, I have started to scan the album artwork. I have CD/LP copies up to – Thanksgiving – A Windham Hill Collection – Various Artists [] as well as the WH Jazz, Lost Lake Arts, Open Aire, Dancing Cat.

  7. John Renbourn The Lady and the Unicorn Gutar: LL Pierre Bensusan I would be glad to forward a copy of the list. Also, I have started to scan the album artwork. I have CD/LP copies up to – Thanksgiving – A Windham Hill Collection – Various Artists [] as well as the WH Jazz, Lost Lake Arts, Open Aire, Dancing Cat.

  8. John Renbourn - s.t. (TRA) John Renbourn - The Lady And The Unicorn (TRA) Sandwich Isle Band - s.t. (SS) Stephen Cohn - s.t. (MV1) エグベルト・ジスモンチ - 輝く風 (PAP) グレイトフル・デッド - ライヴ/デッド (P/5W) グレイトフル・デッド - アメリカン・ビューティ (PW).

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