Well he put it in the street that when it came to fulfilling the needs of the ladies, he was in a class by himself. And he told em, his name must be Jelly, cuz jam don't shake and that was what was on his sign. The stuff was there, it was mellow and whenever he was challenged on the right of his title by a Hardhead or a frail ear, he would just look em dead in the eye with a slice of ice and say, "You must just be dumb to the fact - you know I don't need no help, not with all the stuff I got.

Sloping head bent to wind as always. Slugging it out 'til the end, the boxer going over the top, in God's Gallipoli. Set me up Joe, body lean but mind obese, maple angel leaves once shifted in the trees when light was a truly wondrous thing.

But now they crackle under my feet like the old life's longings of sailors once robust in buttons and coats now just mud and bone and teeth beneath me. Grist for star dust, the bone crushing rock of ages. Cancer took the spring from my lover and gave us forever Autumn. No thoughtless smoke now, no blind drink. No idle lunches dreaming of a whole 'nother world of things.

It's down to brass tacks and saline sacks, vincristin injections and early detections. Take me in one swoop God don't let me dwindle. I watched the light leave my mother's bed-sick eyes. She's so scared--once gone, I kissed her cheek, and the cold of her skin held on my lips.

It's hard to think, "so this is how it ends? Back in the ring now, with eye held just high enough to see the prize. Head bend forward at hip into wind as always. Slugging it out 'til the end, the boxer. Going over the top, in God's Gallipoli.

You know the thing that haunts me the most are all those crystalline moments, where adrenalin and light filled my belly and head. And the moon winked as if to say yes. And I ran in the cold night and sweated and it felt good. And I could hit the nail on the head and drive that fucker home.

Could we ever feel as Better Off Dead (Clean) - Half Pit Half Dead - Better Off Dead / Never Coming Home (Cassette) as the shake of big hands? It's such a long time getting over you. So many wimpy love songs. With I love you, I hate you. But know not what to do. The feel of your words makes food stick to my throat. You've got a piece of me now please let go. Listen to me now, it's so pathetic. What I've let the thought of you do to me.

I think about you still quite often in fact Especially when it rains And though you made me quite miserable I'd still see you again. Words by Frank Orrall. Guava Juice Music Sun's coming up We've been up all night long. I barely even know you, Yet there's this feeling so strong Like I knew you as a child. Love comes into the room, Everybody stand up.

I've got you in my skin. It's a Natural Thing. The bright light of love, Skin so precious All my love and devotion It feels so good to be moving with you.

Kiss me, won't you won't you kiss me? Won't you won't you kiss me? Lift me right out of this world, Trip me, won't you won't you trip me?

Won't you won't you trip me? Lift me ride me to the stars. I'm free, you're free. I want you to touch me Come touch me. Now it's all too much. All too much. Come together oh oh. Come together as one. Up and away. Come together oh yeah. First thing that caught me was the hips. Then the absence of make-up kits -- So I waited for the others to present they're skits, and I was movin' kind of slow even tho' I had my zips on.

It's born! The understanding two share, movin' kinda slow 'cause you know I had a few scares. I can feel the flood gates opening. Hope you can understand that I wanna give it all to you. But we gotta move slow -- hope you know -- that chemical reactions are rare if you know you. It feels so good I got a partner to grow with flow with kick it to a show with. Take my hand as we step Chicago style -- smooth and low with rhythm to go. Herb Kent. Boy the man is Heaven sent. Spinnin old wax for the old school macks.

And your presence in my arms is natural enough for me to feel the truth in your words. Chalk one up for nerds! And I notice that you're teachin me by being yourself and what you go through. Don't care if I say no to tofu. Yeah and wanna throw your beeper out the window. Cause you're happy to jump inside of my pinto. You saw it in me where few others did -- The way I needed you to. Feeding time at the zoo is what it's like out there but kick yourself if you settle.

Words can't express when the bond turns metal, my friend, you see it's not about the notches on your belt and for me it's all about the way your feelings get felt. So baby lemme know if you're with me. Let's absorb the planet and live goddamnit yeah baby. Lemme know if you're with me, we glide like Peggy Flemming 'cause my team is always winning. Hope you're happy 'cause this is the beginning. Everything else is petty and I know that I'm ready. Love American style.

Everytime I think about it I smile. Two people, make a vow to stay together, and live and love each other forever. They both promise to love a lifetime -- funny thing when they both change their minds. They both go their separate ways. Love is just a memory. But, young hearts never stay sad long. Another love soon comes along.

Two people, don't get along. Deep down in, they both have feelings very strong. They try hard to conceal it. Their hearts burn because they both know they can feel it. Love is leaving -- without reason. Feelings change just like seasons.

And no, nothing's the same. There's no use in pretending I can hide the pain, no. Sometimes it's so unfair, When the feeling's no longer there. That's the way love is.

Sometimes it's gratifying. Love's feeling -- ain't no denying. But that's the way love is. It ain't easy being you -- struggling every day, searching for the truth. I know it's hard sometimes trying to find a friend -- someone you can trust who will be there in the end. But you must keep on, keep on keeping on.

And one day you'll find someone who will be kind. From that moment on, all things will be made new. All the love you give, it's gonna find it's way to you. It aint' easy being you -- feeling how you feel, searching for the truth. I know it's hard sometimes, trying to be for real with someone you trust who understands just how you feel. I can't help it. You give me no reason to be -- It's all up inside my head, Some shit I learned a long time ago I can't help it.

I try thinking about it -- logically talk myself out of it, But I can't help it, I still get jealous. I don't want to share you with any other men.

Well, I can't help it. I get jealous. The last thing I want to do, is try and control you. I love you, I want to get close to you. I've seen things fall apart, disolve and disapate, to see our love grow stronger and deeper, would just be fucking great.

I can't help itI get jealousThey say if you love someone, be strong and set them free. Understand me I feel strongly, I want you to be free with me. Sweeping up the cutting room floor sweeping.

Go north on your own. Take your time. It contains everything I know. Weaver: Why don't you come in? We can talk this out. Ravenov: And end up in that six-by-four in Dreamland? I don't think so. Review the documents. Then we talk. Weaver: An in return?

What do you get out of all this. Your name cleared? Safe passage to the West? Ravenov: Nyet. I want you to release Agent Maxis. I have come to understand you are still holding her in captivity. Weaver: You know I can't make that call. Ravenov: But, as we both know, there is someone listening in who can.

You know who you are. Weaver: I'll see what I can do. Straus: Oskar Strauss. Personal log. May 12th, It is late. My insomnia has returned for the first time in years. I try counting sheep, but I end up counting sins instead. Weaver says our conflict with Omega is coming to a head. The tipping point approches. One final battle. Once more unto the breach, dear friends, once more Two sides in the mix: Requiem, Omega -- each desiring to destroy the other. One wild card in the deck: the Dark Aether, desiring to destroy us all.

I cannot say what outcome East and West will bring, but with the Forsaken, there is no doubt: extinction. There is only one way to stop it -- close the gateways. Sever our connection to the Dark Aether. That would mean the end of my research. The end of Aetherium. But if we do not act, it could mean the end of the world.

I recently found myself reviewing old records in Requiem's archive. From the war. I found documentation about a man who faced a similar conundrum.

Professor Krafft. A Demonologist. Studier of the occult. A man forced to work for a great evil. Krafft's choice was not unlike my own. His life's work versus potential calamity. His choice speaks for itself, since we are here now to read the story of what he endured and accomplished.

I hope I choose as wisely as he did. You are hereby instructed to immediately mobilize all personnel and resources necessary to support extended covert ops in the Ural Mountains Outbreak Zone. Mission parameters remain as detailed in the proposal you submitted to me. As expected, the White House's main concern is the obvious one: staging ongoing military operations in the heart of the Soviet Union risks triggering a full-scale war.

We are therefore confident the Soviets will keep our presence in the Urals under wraps so long as we operate within the perimeter they have established for their own covert ops. But there are limits to what each side will tolerate, so keep engagements with Omega Group to a minimum.

All four of your Division Leads are familiar with the planned array of objectives and the materiel assembled to carry them out. Nevertheless, as you further your Aetherium research and collect vitally needed data on the Dark Aether dimension, there are specific priorities I wish to reiterate. Major Carver should brief all Requiem operators on best practices when hunting Elite-class hostiles designated as High Value Targets.

Likewise, make sure he prepares them for the teleportation effect associated with Aetherium crystal "power nodes. Strauss must ensure all Aetherium Harvester units are in working order, with updated splashdown coordinates input to their rocket guidance systems. Likewise, have him re-test the Essence Conversion Modules.

Grey should resubmit documentation that her Dark Aether Specimen Analyzers function as intended. If your operators are going to risk their lives defending them, they damn well better yield some useful data. Likewise, make sure she has enough live specimens for repeated test of the Dark Aether Recon Rover. There are still funds remaining in the "monkey budget" should more primates be required.

Finally, Special Operations Officer Weaver should undertake a thorough assessment of strike team operators to make sure they're prepared to support all research ops and, if necessary, render assistance to any science personnel in the field.

It goes without saying that Threshold will be Requiem's largest and most important operation to date - perhaps ever. The Ural Outbreak Zone represents our greatest single opportunity to surpass the Soviets in Aetherium weaponry and energy production. In short, this is where the Aetherium arms race will be won or lost. Operation Threshold could be the key to victory over the USSR, not to mention the extradimensional forces arrayed against us.

Apologies for the granular nature of my instructions, but too much is riding on this. I am counting on you, Director. We all are. W Casey William J. Casey Director of Central Intelligence. FOR: D. William J. RE: global threat originating from suspected Soviet operation near Morasko, Poland 18 hours ago.

In brief: it appears a Spetsnaz covert ops team has somehow punched a hole in the fabric of spacetime. This phenomenon is, to our knowledge, unprecedented. Our physics experts describe it as a breach in the quantum membrane separating our dimension from a parallel reality.

The Morasko event remains localized, but it appears to have triggered a global ripple effect as we have detected several similar breaches around the world. SIGNINT intercepts from local authorities describe a fast-acting "plague" that transforms victims into violent "monsters. Instead, it appears dependent on proximity to the dimensional breach.

We are currently designating these sites as "Outbreak Zones. Russia - detected 9 minutes after Morasko event. The breach in the Ural Mountains is by far the largest recorded Outbreak Zone. Soviet response currently focuses on containment and suppression of information to prevent a national panic. Azerbaijan - detected 12 minutes after Morasko event.

Much smaller than the Urals event. Though located near the capital city Baku, containment and suppression efforts were swift and successful. Namibia - detected 33 minutes after Morasko event in a remote section of the Namib Desert.

We have a team en route to assess the breach first-hand and anticipate useful data will be collected. Vietnam - detected 39 minutes after Morasko event in Thua Thien-Hue province.

The smallest breach so far is in some ways the most troubling. Dimensional membrane instability in this region suggests further breaches may occur. Local authorities are teaming with Soviet assets to contain the situation. Venezuela - detected 1 hour after Morasko event deep in the rainforest south of the Orinoco. CIA science team is en route.

Further updates and recommended actions will follow as this is a developing situation. For now, we strongly urge the formation of a dedicated task force to suppress and contain hostile forces and potential spread of all Outbreak Zones, regardless of location. Note 1: Irrespective of the actions of my countrymen, I did sincerely hope my work would lead to a different world - a better world.

Fastest, safest way to extract Aetherium samples. Overland transport from the USSR out of the question. These objects may be of any state of matter but are created from Dark Aethereal essence. Example: essence collected from an infected can be converted into the Cymbal Monkey Explosive Device. This predator can temporarily transform itself into a D. In this instance, the Mimic is altering its own essence to deceive those around it.

It is unknown if this ability is restricted to the Mimic or if other creatures can also manipulate their own biochemistry for camouflage. Thus far, the only objects generated are other objects found within the Outbreak Zones. As the Dark Aether expands into our world, it is able to add new objects to its "genetic memory.

Per your request, I've compiled a summary of all known Dark Aether Crates my strike team has encountered during their operations in the Ural Outbreak Zone. Currently, there are three classifications. These crates contain munitions, equipment, and salvage. They come in three sizes, seemingly correlating directly to the quality of its resources. Small: poor, Large: high. They represent the most common of the three classifications. Unlike the Standard classification, these crates are initially sealed.

When our team interacts with them, hostiles swarm their location. Once all threats have been eliminated, the crate is unlocked, and provides resources of a higher quality than anything found in a Standard crate. It seems the reward is directly tied to a strike team's survival; once they demonstrate they are superior to their adversaries, they earn their reward. The strike team must kill undead targets in the proximity of the module for the essence to be collected.

After a predetermined period, the module returns to the Dark Aether, leaving behind a crate. Unlike the Portal classifications, the quality of this crate is dependent on the volume of essence provided. All three classifications seem to support your theory: someone in the Dark Aether is trying to help us. Sometimes the method is unorthodox collecting essence, trial by combatbut the end result equips our strike team with the tools necessary to survive.

The 'Who', 'How', and 'Why' remain a mystery, but there's some comfort knowing there's someone over there that may be on our side. For now, at least. Note 1: The modules have proven effective at siphoning essence from infected specimens Note 2: How Essence Conversion can create so many different objects is one of many unanswered questions. We must discover the key to controlling this process. As you know, I am not a sentimental man. The alternative - capture by the Red Army - was too terrible to contemplate.

Happily, I ended up among the Axis scholars and scientists brought here by Operation Paperclip. Not everyone shared my good fortune. I cannot help but wonder about all my former colleagues presumed captured and killed by the Soviets. With no definitive record of their fate, the possibility remains that even now they toil in Soviet laboratories, representing a real and present danger that must be quantified.

Specifically, what became of those who oversaw Germany 's Wunderwaffen programs? I personally knew scientists developing the Sonnengewehr orbital solar weapon, the Haunebu "flying saucer" aircraft, and the antigravity generator known as Die Glocke.

All went missing in - as did their immediate families. I picture them working for Omega Group now, their loved ones held hostage.

I also wonder about German expeditions to find even more exotic weapons and sources of power. The SS Ahnenerbe unit scoured the globe for the likes of Thor's hammerthe holy grail and Atlantis itself. Fantastical, yes, but what if the scholars they forced to help them actually found something usable? Most of all I wonder about Dr.

Ulrich Vogelmy supervisor at Projekt Endstation. In a sense, he started our war against the Dark Aether. What became of him? Not to mention, his wife and daughter? I therefore formally request the allocation of Requiem and CIA resources to officially investigate and verify the fate of these former Axis scientists and research experts.

If they're still alive and represent a threat, we must know and prepare for it. Zykov was ordered to deactivate the particle accelerator. He was sealed inside and presumed dead. That changed last month when he identified himself to Requiem's strike team as the individual communicating through the Dark Aether Computer Device. As requested, Requiem's senior staff have provided statements and recommendations on how to proceed with future Zykov interactions.

Zykov is the same individual who spoke to our team at Projekt Endstation and Outpost If Dr Grey's theory is correct which I suspect it is then Zykov's role in my team's survival has been critical. As to his motives, I am less certain and have concerns. I have recommended my team continue communications, but to exercise caution and report all contacts. DR GREY: Wherever our strike team deploys, they encounter numerous machines, crafting stations and utility crates that have facilitated their survival.

Beverages with physiologically altering effects, a kiln of sorts that fortifies their weapons' mysterious integrity, and a computer that awards "prizes". All evidence points to Zykov as our mysterious benefactor. It seems he does wish to help us - bit to what end remains the question. We need to identify his intentions. Let us assume he is Zykov. That would mean, due to temporal dilation, he has spent and incalculable amount of time in the Dark Aether.

As a result, his exposure to Aetherium would be greater than any other living human. From a research perspective, the opportunity to study such an individual is indeed tantalizing - what could be learned about how the human body interacts with Aetherium would be unprecedented.

My only concern is how do we know it is even Zykov at all. First: he's telling the truth. If that's the case, he represents an asset we cannot possibly ignore. The breadth of knowledge he would possess on the Dark Aether, and the threat it poses, has no comparison.

Alternatively, he's lying. We've seen what this dimension does to people trapped in there for a few days. Hell, we've seen what happens after a few hours. You think he walks out of there after forty years clean as a whistle? Not a chance in hell. Right now, we need to hunker down and listen to what Better Off Dead (Clean) - Half Pit Half Dead - Better Off Dead / Never Coming Home (Cassette) has to say. It's out best - and only - option at this juncture. The Tempest removes a crystal shard from itself and plants it at a location ripe with dimensional fertility.

A Dark Aether Tear is then opened, where primordial aetherium provides the sustenance needed to mature the crystal to its proper size. Once it has reached maturity, an aethereal beam is projected from the Dark Aether to provide a power boost.

PURPOSE: Samples taken from these regions show remarkable similarities to the more volatile areas of the Dark Aether, supporting the hypothesis that its purpose is to transform the biome to match that of the other reality. EFFECT: Requiem teams have reported blurred vision, hallucinations, nausea, headaches, and impaired movement when in the vicinity of Aetherium Processors.

This is unsurprising given that the air they're breathing is no longer purely oxygen. However, if Outbreak Zones continue to manifest around the globe, and more Aetherium Processors appear, we are looking at a potentially global terraforming event that would permanently transform the planet.

Elizabeth There is a new directive coming and I wanted you to hear it from me first. Perhaps it will help spare you the initial shock when you are informed in person. There is a new project in development that will require a great deal of our aetherium reserves. Unfortunately this means that some of your research will be put on hold indefinitely. You are not the only one affected by this I have been informed that half of all future aetherium harvests recovered from my extraction rockets will also be diverted to this project.

Now I want you to leave you with a question be very careful who you mention this to. What do you know about Project Janus? A: Quite loudly, apparently! On November 24th, asset reported eight Omega scientists in total wished to defect known internally as the "Omega Eight". We will continue verification process. Once we have received approval, we are estimating at least two weeks until we can proceed with extraction in the Ural Mountains.

At hours last night Requiem's strike team moved to intercept and exfil the Omega defectors. As you know, at hours the OP ended in catastrophic failure. Seven of the defectors were KIA, and my team were captured by Omega forces. It appears Kravchenko had planted one of his own loyalists within the group: Doctor Hugo Jager, head of their Necro-Analytics research department.

During our initial reviews he eluded suspicion, primarly because he played such a pivotal role in orchestrating the defectors' escape. However, as we have now learned, he arranged for the chopper crash, and subsequently, personally, executed the other scientists.

Blige, Kendrick Lamar team up for epic performance at game They could be sisters! Adam admits to 'enjoying time to himself' away from wife Tayah and that he has a 'terrifying confession' Bridesmaid Michelle Keegan looks stunning in behind-the-scenes snaps from sister-in-law Jess Wright's wedding in Mallorca Special day 'After 13 years in the wilderness, she's finally heard': Cher, Bette Midler and Dionne Warwick lead Britney Spears' superstar supporters celebrating her long-awaited conservatorship victory The Crown star Olivia Colman reunites with her onscreen son Josh O'Connor at afterparty for the NYFF premiere of her new movie The Lost Daughter Make-up free Lady Gaga showcases her natural beauty in smouldering selfie before sharing a snap showing her hooked up to an IV drip.

This one's a Scream-er! Eczema sufferer, 29, whose skin became 'addicted' to steroids reveals she had to QUIT her job after Law graduate, 28, is hailed as 'brilliant' by Millennium 7Up viewers after revealing she's shunned a legal Saturday Kitchen's Aktar Islam slams' 'selfish' pregnant employee who wrongly accused him of unfair Makeup artist with no limbs stuns TikTok followers by showing how he applies a full face of cosmetics Who'll find love on our blind date?

This week it's Vlada, 32, and Ozzy, 35, but will romance be on the As Location, Location, Location returns with new insights on the property boom, its incorrigible duo make Victoria of Sweden dons military uniform and takes aim with a gun as she takes Frank: That's ridiculous.

How's anybody gonna get hurt? Dee uses a similar strategy to get herself and Dennis away from violent criminals in "The Gang Goes to the Jersey Shore.

Not only do they not care, but his neck is too thick to break so he's just dangling there. Later, after failing at door-to-door sales he tries it again and only manages to break a light fixture. Hate Sink : Even on a show starring five delusional jerks, Barbara Reynolds mother of Dennis and Dee and Frank's ex-wife stands out as a heinous bitch.

She spends of her screentime being malicious calling Dee a mistake and insulting her appearancemanipulative lying that Frank fathered their children when she learned he had more money than their biological father, seducing Mac just to irritate Frank before tossing him asideand vain nobody particularly cares when she dies from a "botched necklift". Heroic BSoD : Charlie experiences one when he discovers that his mother is a former prostitute. After getting over it after a few minutes by "burying it down deep" and also refusing to fully believe ithe gets another, much worse BSOD when he sees a mall Santa while shopping with Mac triggering memories of numerous men dressed as Santa coming to his house one by one on Christmas mornings, presumably taking turns with Bonnie.

Dennis has one after he decides to abandon his child. He then realizes that he would just be perpetuating another cycle of hurting and decides to leave Philadelphia to raise his son. Heroic Comedic Sociopath : The entire group, with Dennis in particular. Though, the "heroic" part is usually accidental. Herr Doktor : Dr. Albert Zimmerman in the episode "Psycho Pete Returns", who treated Frank at the "nitwit farm", speaks with a German accent and exhibits many qualities of this trope.

Heteronormative Crusader : Mac is outspokenly against homosexuality, despite increasingly apparent hints that he's Armoured Closet Gay. He Who Fights Monsters : Some of the gang's most frequent victims, in particular Rickety Cricket, Dennis and Dee's biological father Bruce, the Waitress and the Lawyer, often end up stooping to very low levels to seek retribution, usually in the form of the same kind of underhanded schemes that the gang is known for. These initially decent characters have all become just as unsympathetic as the main cast through their attempts to force karma on the gang, which always either backfires or just ends up restoring the status quo for next week's episode.

Heterosexual Life-Partners : Dennis and Mac, though the "heterosexual" is increasingly debatable, at least on Mac's part. Charlie and Frank are definitely this. Few others would tolerate the squalor they live in together, but more than that they each enthusiastically support each other's weird habits like sewer scavenginghave their own traditions and games like Nightcrawlers and rely on each other to be able to explain their joint weirdness which is pretty much incomphrensible to anyone else, Gang included.

Of course, Frank might also be his father but won't acknowledge it. Mac and Charlie because they were childhood friends before meeting the Reynoldses, occasionally comes back when Dennis and Dee act stuck-up from their perceived upper-class upbringing and alienate the more "white-trash" Mac and Charlie. The problem is that it's just a normal, full-size tape recorder with a normal, full-size microphone attached to it.

It turns out that Mac put battery acid on the back to convince Frank to change his godless ways. Frank later reveals it was raccoon meat, and their inexplicable hunger probably means they have tapeworms. It's a ruse just so he can fart in Mac's face. The only unarguable exception is Ben the soldier, whose virtue and goodness really stand out amongst a cast full of sociopaths, maniacs, and bigots.

Their quarry is Rickety Cricket. Hypocritical Humor : A frequent source for laughs. In "The Gang Reignites the Rivalry", Dennis loudly rants about how other people have no respect as he destroys a near-stranger's house, and reprises his rant after the person whose house he destroyed comes back upset. Mac accuses Carmen's husband of being gay because he married a post-op transgender woman, when he himself had sex with Carmen pre-op.

Mac and Charlie suspect a kid is a threat to the school because he wore all black and was playing a violent video game.

Later they remember that they like violent games and movies and don't want to kill people. During a flashback in "Frank's Brother", Frank talks about opening an integrated Jazz club where "blacks and whites can get along". He then adds "No Orientals, though". In "Reynolds v. Reynolds", the Catholic Mac's desperate attempt to prove evolution isn't real involves Aristotle being labeled a 'bitch' by Gallileo for proving geocentrism wrong.

Gallileo rather famously was tried as a heretic for this belief among other reasons by When they reveal that they have boyfriends, Charlie winces and turns away immediately, realizing that Dennis is about to rage at the two women, which he absolutely does.

Iconic Sequel Character : Frank is introduced in the second season. Idiot Savant : Charlie in many episodes. It's occasionally revealed that underneath Charlie's dopey exterior is a Jerkass Magnificent Bastard. He writes an entire musical in a later episode. In "Charlie and Dee Find Love", Dennis—in what seems to be one of the few benevolent moments in his character arc—keeps an eye on Charlie's budding relationship for fear that the rich girl Charlie met is using him for some cruel prank, when it turns out she honestly loved Charlie, and Charlie was actually using her as part of an underhanded plan to get with the Waitress.

Imagine Spot : Dennis has one in "Mac and Dennis Move to the Suburbs"; he confronts his friendly neighbor by stripping nude and shouting in his face. Turns out it was just a daydream, and that the neighbor wasn't actually there when he comes back to reality. They soon start to crave it non-stop. It turns out that Frank actually fed them racoon meat, and their intense hunger is caused by a tapeworm. Implied Rape : Dennis has a strategy in which he puts a girl in a situation that forces her to have sex with him and she won't say no because of the "implication".

While portrayed as very creepy, this is never once referred to as rape through imitation. Dee also has her own version of the "implication" that has her threatening her dates of False Rape Accusation unless they have sex with her.

But she never uses the word rape. I'm Standing Right Here : While in the waiting room at the hospital in "The Gang Goes to the Jersey Shore", Dennis and Dee construct a painstakingly detailed narrative involving a teenage part-time job giving way to a downward spiral of cocaine habits, studio apartments, single motherhood, and HIV infection based on a somewhat frumpy-looking woman sitting in there with them.

She points out that she can hear everything, but admits that their assessment is not especially inaccurate. Incestuous Casting : Invoked a few times in-universe. Dennis and Dee play the Dayman and his love interest, respectively, in "The Nightman Cometh" Charlie originally cast Dennis as the Nightman in an attempt to avoid this, but Mac begged him to switch parts because the Nightman gets to use karate moves. Dee and Dennis also play extras who are husband and wife in "Mac and Charlie Write a Movie," and when the Gang film Lethal Weapon 6Dennis plays the character Riggs, who is engaged to Murtaugh's daughter, played by Dee but Mac takes over the role before the two characters must kiss during their wedding.

Incredibly Obvious Bug : "Is that a baby monitor? It fools precisely nobody. Supposedly to undercut how heavy the topic is. Initiation Ceremony : Better Off Dead (Clean) - Half Pit Half Dead - Better Off Dead / Never Coming Home (Cassette) "The Gang Reignites the Rivalry", Frank and Dennis visit Dennis's old fraternity house to find that the current hazing rituals involves lots and lots of tazing.

The gang sets one up to welcome Schmitty into the gang, but he finds it hilarious and doesn't take it seriously, getting him immediately kicked out. Can't face exercising? This is what you need to do Ad Feature Advertisement. Lady Amelia Windsor and Princess Diana's twin nieces Lady Amelia and Lady Eliza Spencer lead the glamour at gallery exhibition Prince William visits homeless charity to celebrate '40 years of work' after first visiting with Diana in - as he shares a throwback snap of her at the centre Is Meghan being courted to do an infomercial?

She and Harry flew on jet provided by company that made Cindy Crawford rich Ellie Goulding looks stunning in a white gown with dramatic cape as she opens Expo in Dubai JoJo Siwa and Olivia Jade enjoy the happiest place on Earth with their dance partners Were joined by their married partners Dakota Johnson looks ready for business in brown pinstripe pants and a plaid blazer as she steps out in NYC Hit the streets of the Big Apple Katherine Heigl Better Off Dead (Clean) - Half Pit Half Dead - Better Off Dead / Never Coming Home (Cassette) fans to become organ donors as she pays tribute to her late brother: 'He was taken off life support 35 years ago today' Super Bowl fans go wild as Dr.

Blige, Kendrick Lamar team up for epic performance at game They could be sisters! Adam admits to 'enjoying time to himself' away from wife Tayah and that he has a 'terrifying confession' Bridesmaid Michelle Keegan looks stunning in behind-the-scenes snaps from sister-in-law Jess Wright's wedding in Mallorca Special day 'After 13 years in the wilderness, she's finally heard': Cher, Bette Midler and Dionne Warwick lead Britney Spears' Better Off Dead (Clean) - Half Pit Half Dead - Better Off Dead / Never Coming Home (Cassette) supporters celebrating her long-awaited conservatorship victory The Crown star Olivia Colman reunites with her onscreen son Josh O'Connor at afterparty for the NYFF premiere of her new movie The Lost Daughter Make-up free Lady Gaga showcases her natural beauty in smouldering selfie before sharing a snap showing her hooked up to an IV drip.

This one's a Scream-er! Today's headlines Most Read French police open fire on migrants' dinghy on Dunkirk beach with potentially lethal rubber bullets to stop Finally the army goes in!

Setback for Prince Andrew: Virginia Roberts' lawyers are so confident they will win sexual assault lawsuit How long can he defy gravity? Boris Johnson soars in the polls despite tax hikes and a petrol crisis - but How UK was fooled into the crippling fuel crisis: When ministers met road groups to fix a shortage of tanker The 'EFFing crisis': Ministers are bracing for months of energy chaos, fuel shortages and empty food shelves Military starts training emergency drivers as Britain's fuel crisis is

A Blunt Is What I Want (Your Love) - Dalush & The Click - Ruff Rugged & Raw (CD, Album), Majmoon / Peach Pit - Majmoon / Peach Pit (CD, Album), Mexicali Rose - Marcel Bianchi Et Son Ensemble Hawaïen* - Serenade Hawaienne (Vinyl, LP, Album), The Factory Press - Interstate (CD), The Boys You Talk To In Parking Lots - Tempting Paris - Polaroids In July (CD, Album), Endlich Allein... Mein Liebestraum - Various - Schöne Stimmen Singen Große Arien (CD), Greed Surround - Another Mans Poison - Oi! Discography Volume 1 (Vinyl, LP), Blues Stay Away From Me, Pathetic Waste Of Time - Warsore - Violent Swing Discography (Cassette), Special Kinda Love (12 Extended Club Version) - The Jets - Special Kinda Love (Vinyl)

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