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There is no right or wrong. I have never understood why the Clash album is so highly regarded. It might the most over rated album in history. This is my opinion. If there is an objective approach — the people who made this list are complete idiots.

Amen, brother! Yes Close to the Edge? Your ELP selections are great! IMHO, Traffic is a truly great band, but this list is very obviously void of much of any Progressive Rock, which to me is the most creative, amazing music out there.

My son, a music wonk, has deconstructed Karnevil 9 for me, showing me how it works mechanically, playing the intro by ear, something I have not been able to do for 40 years. No, there are so many albums not on here! Peppers, The Kinks and The Yardbirds. List hits most of the biggies. What about Highway 61 Revisited? Rubber Soul? I only like two songs from it. Fresh Cream and Wheels of fire are far better albums.

You missed so many. No Yes. No King Crimson. Master of reality Black Sabbath. No Jethro Tull. Yours is a bubblegum list. I could go on and on. If this is the best rock albums, then I will stick to jazz from now on. And where are the Kinks??? The two double albums in Top 5 by the Beatles and the Stones are full of boring crap just like many other double albums.

That list is bogus. Highway 61 is undoubtedly the 1 rock album. I admit that the White Album is arguably is equally, but 61 is the best. I agree that The Beatles deserve three of the top four spots, but to have none of their other albums even make the list is more than a bit weird. And will someone please explain the adulation Exile on Main Street always draws?

I mean ok for the large part…. Reading comment strings on any post on the Internet is a useless endeavor and utterly frustrating. I think your list is quite good. Agree on all fronts. And given that Sgt. Finally, someone who understands this list. Too many people are thinking about personal favorites. Still, there are some albums that are universally thought of being in the top 5, or top 10, 20, 50,that have been omitted.

Sorry—Brain Cramp!!! Horrible list. Revolver 1? Toys in the Attic better than Rocks? A great argument can be made for Dark Side to be 1 with only Sgt. Pepper a worthwhile contender. But Daft Punk is on a greatest list? The Pixies? Nirvana a top 10? Thin Lizzy can make this list but not the Rock Hall? I love Exile on Main Street.

Own the CD and gulp Vinyl. I believe it was the top list from Rolling Stone magazine from a few years ago. Yes, for me as well Revolver has taken the 1 slot over Sgt. Also a break from the early Beatles sound. On Revolver, the Beatles introduced alternative tunings, backwards tapes, and exotic instruments.

I also agree on Exile on Main street. I agree. At least Cpt. Beefheart is there at 46…. Highway 61 revisited should be top 5. Do you really know anything about music? I agree with Laurobf! Agree with Quadrophenia. One of the best albums of all time, period! Much better than Tommy which somehow made this list. Good list but not have Sabbath bloody Sabbath or holydiver by dio on it,and having londons calling in top ten,please. I love these lists, bit like soft porn.

There will always be notable exceptions in any list so just get over it! This is a bizarre list — dispense with the most influential album of all time why not — Sgt Peppers — but include Abbey Road? I must live in a parellel world…. If you list were correct that number would closer to I understand Rushes but what about Moving Pictures? Oh boy……let me say though I agree with many of the selections, the snub of Sgt Pepper not even included in the Top is mind blowing. If you were alive and listening to music in you know this was the game changer……it became the standard by which other albums were judged, even by the Beatles themselves.

The first Led Zeppelin is another essential, as is anything by Janis Joplin. Sweetheart of the Rodeo by the Byrds is where country rock and modern country really began. And how about the greatest British folk rock record of them all, Liege and Lief by Fairport Convention?

Geogert,I read you post regarding the top albums. I started a page on Facebook back in October to bring attention to that fact. It is has gotten a lot of support. A waste of time! Everyone has their own. So many albums not listed here! In fact some are hardly under the rock catagory. Much more ground breaking. Ozark Mountain Daredevils should have multiple albums on this list.

What about Three Dog Night who owned the late 60s and early 70s? Nothing against what they play or really how great their albums are, but they do not belong to the genre rock. Who made this lis? Whatt a friggin joke! I have one great but forgotten band name for Brits and Yanks to re-discover: Buffalo Springfield.

Surprised to see Tommy so far back…. It was FUN to read the list and the replies, with folks bringing up lots of really great albums. These lists are always controversial. Oh well ……. This list, as well as the other lists it derives from, is an insult to rock music, aimed to neglect the originality and innovation, and praise the mainstream mediocrity. Brain Capers would have been an inspired choice.

I agree with half of this list as a Seventies kid. But if I listed my top everyone would knock that tio. Btw, your No is my favourite. See what I mean? Would Sgt. SMH…Cmon it is 1. It meets your definition exactly. I know there is only slots, and this is very subjective, but WHY???? If we talk about music we must discuss music.

And these are not completely subjective issues. Great list but… Where is Yes? Really nice try but. Pet Sounds has always been highly over rated.

No Deep Purple? They all deserve at least one album on the list. Born to Run top ten — no way. Where is Grand Funk Closer to Home? Jethro Tull Aqualung? Bill Bruford — One of a Kind? Queen II? Beatles — Sgt. Pepper and Yesterday and Today? Frampton Comes Alive? Get real. You still have to work on the list. Bon Jovi is glam rock, not for this list either. Clean that list up. None of the albums from The Stooges? They fucking invented punk.

Shitty list. Ow, and just one album from The Doors? Where is L. A Woman? Strange Days? Only one album from Led and one from Velvet? Why the fuck Van Halen have 2 albums? No Frank Zappa, only one album? No Ten Years After? No Grand Funk Railroad? No Jethro Tull? And finally, no YES? You must do rock rehab…. I rest my case. Except for Bob, Prince and Jimi, pretty white as if the last 70 plus years of music was just a bunch of white guys with a few women thrown in for balance.

But it was influential as hell. Cobain is probably rolling in his grave knowing Nirvana had been included in the top Ten…but not one Led Zeppelin album. Groundbreaking as Bowie, the Clash, Springsteen and Nirvana were, there are few Rock bands that have not in some way, directly or indirectly, been influenced by that album. Okay, Beatles is the best bands ever, but 3 of the 4 first albums by them is too much. Led and Dylan were forgotten in this list.

Great list. Albeit, I have never seen a top album list that did not include Sgt. Pepper or Rubber Soul.

Who the fuck are these bands? Are you deaf? What are Stills & Nash - Crosby — a bunch of girls who were born in the late 60s? But then, this is just my opinion. A good list. I personally would have added at least one LP by the artist who started it all: Elvis Presley. You are right. No Yes…. Howzabout a top 1, the next time to right quite a few wrongs? Euan hit it dead on. No Quadrophenia? No Wish You Were Here? No Hejira? No Sgt Pepper? Obviously none of you were there when it was happening.

What a difficult list to try and put together! Beach Boys middle of the road easy listning Rock band???? No question of Beatles credability But could you please swop Revolver with Exile you nearly got the top bit right This is a first glance comment I,m sure there is other listings up for debate but apreciate that peoples opinions differ. I own copies of and am more than familiar with many albums from this list. Many others I have certainly heard of, but have not gotten around to giving them my valuable time.

I enjoy reading these lists and know that all of my personal favorites will not make the cut Time- ELO, Days of Future Passed,-Moody Blues and Fragile- Yesbut it gives me opportunity to open my mind and expand my musical experience. At least a dozen songs that do not qualify as rock by your own standards. Tapestry is a great album but not rock by any stretch. No Kinks pretty much shows a complete lack of knowledge. Come on now. Comer on now get it together. With lists like this, nobody is going to agree with the list.

OK they influenced many of todays artists, but there are many better albums. I could go on for ages listing lots more. I learned a long time ago that by definition these lists are there to wind you up. Works though still winds me up. Dark side of the moon 12 Springsteen 9? This List is Rubbish. Uriah Heep. The list goes on. I agree with the other comments that Quadrophenia needs to be on the list! Best album ever. Surely Iron Maiden should feature high up with atleast 5 albums???

Number of the beast??? As music fan that actually was a living witness to this era having grown up in it. And even though I was still a young child when the Beatles appeared on the Ed Sullivan show, I would still sing along to every song of theirs and all the other bands that I saw for the first time on Sunday Night TV when they played on the radio. And my feeling is you can be a huge music fan and you might love this particular era as much if not more than anyone else on the planet.

The same goes for any album by the Velvet Underground though I did get to hear their first one when it came out, believe me most did not or Astral Weeks, Trout Mask Replica and Marquee Moon.

Or did you know that Paranoid was almost universally hated by the critics of time even though it was intensely loved by almost every kid my age. If you were sitting around with you friends rolling up the devils weed while listening to music, you were certainly far more likely to be listening to Sgt.

Pepper than any Beatles Album you have listed. And that Darks Side of the Moon Stills & Nash (CD) probably the most likely pick for that setting for the 5 or 6 generations of kids coming up behind you.

There was no Steppenwolf at all. And there are songs on there that deal with adult concerns, like paying rent or marriage — polyamory even! I agree with you Dan. I have a record collection that works for me…. It is fairly easy to compile a list of albums of bands most of which had a handful of albums that should make a true rockers list that all have albums that sold platinum or better I can think of 10 that went diamond and were major influences to rock around the world.

Lou Reed. Rock And Roll Animal is in the top 3 live albums of all time……. I run a classic rock show on French radio, and I have a mere 25 of these albums. Joachim Kraudelat was born in Russia and lived in Germany and Canada, although you never would have thought so. The bottom 40 are for the most part terrible and do not belong. I can live with your top 50 or 60 in diff order but all in all a failing grade for a sad list. This band was the most overrated in rock ever.

There is A LOT of crap on that list!! You should replace some with these:. Peter Frampton livethe number one live album. No quicksilver, airplane, bob dylan, man now i know why i stopped rocking and rolling, because of people who know nothing of it.

Just my two cents and over concerts, cds and over lps in my collection right on ernie if with ya. Whoever put this list together has no concept of what quality rock and roll is. Electric Warrior by T. Rex should be in there. Carol King, The Smiths and many others that ive never even heard of shouldnt be on the list.

Yes Fragile? Iron Maiden The number of the beast? Jefferson Airplane Surrealistic Pillow? Velvet Underground VU? King Crimson In the court of the Crimson King? Emerson Lake and Palmer? Gentle Giant? Tom Petty? Van Morrison? Go to play another job…. Bella Donna perhaps might be the best candidate. She is the queen of rock and at the time of Bella Donna being put out, she was at an all time career high.

It rocks for so many people. A classic that has stood the test of time. Obviously, any top list on this subject requires entries! Not a bad list but Skynyrd at 94? Hai hai hai, how many missing! Does nobody remember Buddy Holly? I have news for you guys, they belonged to Rock. Just my two cents and over concerts, cds and over lps in my collection. At 65 now, feel the Beatles highly over rated, rarely listen to them today but still lay my old Cream and other blues influenced stuff of their era, no way they should be with 3 in the top Where is Little Feat — Waiting for Columbus???

Van Morrison -Astral Weeks would be in my top 5, actually like it better now than 50 years ago. Wishbone Ash? John Mayall? Steve Hackett? This list is a waste of space. Not a bad list. I would have liked to have seen a Little Feat on there, maybe Dixie Chicken. Controversial, yes! Were you even born yet? The rock era began in ?? Says who?? And you forgot Highway 61 Revisited, but I guess since its 65 it must not be rock as, apparently rock was a year away.

Sgt Pepper? NOT on the list? Only the most influential album ever. Ziggy Stardust 10 — Really? More like bottom Both should be in the top 20 easily. My Bloody Valentine? Joy Division?

Did you make those up? Daft Punk? The Smiths? No ELP? No Yes? Where are The Kinks? Billy Joel? Any list like this is completely bogus unless I see Rory Gallagher in the top 10, if not the top 5.

There is way too much talent missing from this list. Music art is a matter of taste. Imagine all the same and would give only one song! Just make your own top Or the Floyd?

Interesting list, but these things are always subjective anyway. Carole King, Beach Boys, etc.??? My 2 cents: I thought this was to be a list of bands not albums? I call BS on this list. I am with Classic Rocker on the content of this list. Silly, really. And how could anyone put together a Top album without including Rubber soul and Sgt. Sheer sales numbers would tell anyone that they should be in the Top Styx Grand Illusion was also overlooked… how could you?

I could go on and on but you get the idea. You screwed up, big time! Hey, but on the positive side, a lot of the albums you listed deserved to be on the list! No Neil Young…. No Moody Blues…. Wings instead of Tom Petty? I thought this was rock and roll. Tom Petty has proven himself,The Beatles are on here enough so as not to hurt PMs feelings,so correct this.

Also one of the best rock concerts I ever saw was ELP. I desagree with this selections of the Best or Greatest albums of Cassical Rock. I consider that there are to many more important classic Albums; not put on list; As : Sgt.

Peppers,of The Beatles; 2nd. Vanilla Fudge.??? Jeff Beck??? Manfred Mann??? There should be a list for progressive rock. Too many good records that could easily be a list by itself.

And no YES…. NO sorry, tis list is not a list but a shambling mess. Please study you rock n roll, you are missing way to much good music my friend. Releases that have high sales amounts do not necessarily equate to greatness…Many of the ones listed, appealed to the masses.

And yes, many of them belong on the list…. But are they the greatest of all time? There are hundreds of others that are better in both talent, and creativity. One person told me Hendrix is over rated…Is he an idiot? No, just has a different view. Top ten!? No Zappa or Big Brother? And where the hell is Highway 61 Revisited? And After the Gold Rush? How old are you guys? You need to hire some guys that remember huddling around a record player listening to say the Pictures of Matchstick Men 45 and talking about how psychedelic it sounds!

Sergeant Pepper 2. Space Oddity 3. A Night at the Opera 4. Electric Warrior 8. Quadrophenia 9. Thick as a Brick After the Goldrush.

I agree with so many of the complaints about great classics omitted here, but when I see a list like this, I just look to see if Easter Everywhere by the 13th Floor Elevators is included, and if not, I just move on, as it was obviously compiled by people with a shallow knowledge of the genre.

You just pick the popular faves with no original thought. Everyone has their own personal taste, Likes and opinions, but I strongly felt a gross oversight occurred here. Lists will always be controversial for the simple reason that they are meant to increase website traffic. The amount of responses to this list shows that this one was successful. Of course listings on personal blogs are quite different.

As an indie author, my blog has to be all about writing and me.

Amputate - Groundwork - Lay Down (Vinyl), 4th Of July, Asbury Park (Sandy) - Bruce Springsteen - Live To Air (CD), Traditional Wedding Dance - Richard Hagopian - Armenian Music Through The Ages (CD, Album), Walking Late - Cicada Rhythm - Cicada Rhythm (Vinyl, LP), Dubbing All Year Long - Mystic Revealers - Space And Dub (CD), Raimundos - Mulher de Fases (CD), The Red Pill (A Tribute To Simm-Z Original Mix) - Scratch-D vs. H-Bomb* - The Red Pill (Vinyl), Various - Freakbitchlickfly (CD), Eclipse The Music - Cesar Palace La Discothèque Du Grand Lyon - Summer Session Mix Vol. 1 (CD), Bound And Gagged - Ted Nugent - Nugent (Vinyl, LP), ABBA - I Have A Dream (Vinyl)

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  1. Mar 17,  · Crosby, Stills, Nash, and Young will celebrate the 50th anniversary of Déjà Vu this spring with an expansive reissue, out May 14th .

  2. Sep 25,  · Previously, we published an article titled “ 10 Great ‘Live at the Fillmore’ Albums,” which sparked a lot of propertychoice.bize to part two! Before you proceed, a polite request: If you happen to find your blood boiling as you look at the titles in this sequel, because you’re not seeing those classics by the Allman Brothers Band, Jimi Hendrix, Aretha Franklin, Joe Cocker, etc., .

  3. Joni Mitchell,原名Roberta Joan Anderson,生于年11月7日,加拿大有着重要影响力的传奇音乐家,画家,诗人,视觉艺术家和社会观察者。Joni Mitchell在年代末有了名气,并被认为是民谣摇滚历史中重要的一部分。整个年代,她都致力于探索和合并流行乐与爵士乐。.

  4. Jesus He Knows Me That's All The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway In Too Deep Follow You Follow Me CD 2 1. Duchess 2. No Son Of Mine 3. Firth Of Fifth 4. I Know What I Like 5. Domino Medley 6. Throwing It All Away 7. Tonight, Tonight, Tonight 8. Invisible Touch 9. I Can’t Dance Dancing With The Moonlight Knight Carpet.

  5. The Who are an English rock band formed in London in Their classic lineup consisted of lead singer Roger Daltrey, guitarist and singer Pete Townshend, bass guitarist and singer John Entwistle, and drummer Keith are considered one of the most influential rock bands of the 20th century, and have sold over million records worldwide.

  6. Jul 29,  · The greatest rock albums ever made vary wildly in era and tone. From Chuck Berry to Guns N' Roses and The Beatles to Blink, these are the best.

  7. Professional academic writers. Our global writing staff includes experienced ENL & ESL academic writers in a variety of disciplines. This lets us find the most appropriate writer for any type of .

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