The pair held dance practice on a daily basis, and Rashad showed Spinn how to use turntables and make beats. Everyone was broke; if you had gear, you shared it with your friends. We was having fun, we just wanted to be young and do something.

Rashad and Spinn in Monterrey, Mexico in March They idolized ghetto house heroes DJ Milton and DJ Deeon, guys who were throwing parties in the projects, where Rashad, Spinn, and Tre, three dudes from the suburbs, stuck out like sore thumbs. Rashad and Spinn started testing out their own tracks, but only when they were sure they were cold enough. The dancers apprised the DJs about what made them go off, which informed the tracks—a cycle that sped the evolution of the sound.

As long as no one broke the peace, no one got their ass beat. But Chicago is fractured, geographically, socioeconomically, spiritually. If you want to do something special, you will have to do it yourself with whatever is at your disposal.

Even a coveted Kanye co-sign is hardly a guarantee. Success here puts a target on your back; when you get some money, you move on to greener coasts. So it goes. Even today, some parts of the city are functionally invisible to others. The Chicago Housing Authority grew increasingly restrictive, squeezing the majority of its new black citizens into an overcrowded stretch of slums along State between 18th and 39th known as the Black Belt.

Chicago blues emerged as a voice of overworked, underpaid black creatives tired of being relegated less and less space. There are stretches of Chicago full of people who have, in all likelihood, never heard a footwork track in their life, completely cut off from the genius coming out of their own city. Footwork as a culture rests on that foundation, and in all its complexities, it reflects the sometimes contradictory nature of its hometown. To leave your mark. Rashad and Spinn were touring half the year, returning with a redoubled seriousness each time.

Earl, Taye, Tre, Manny, and the rest of the quickly expanding crew were starting to get national and international bookings themselves, armed with flash drives full of straight heat lent from Rashad with love.

They began working on the batch of tracks that would ultimately lead to Double Cup in a window-filled studio overlooking the Bay, all the way out to Oakland—and the tracks were magical. And it was just like, This the direction right here. It was dope producers from Chicago pushing this culture, and this was just one way to do it.

Double Cup was a game-changer. It was footwork like the world had never heard it before: an album in the truest sense, in a genre that had often felt too ephemeral for the format. It was footwork you could wash dishes to, footwork you could make-out to, footwork that could charm the most conservative of ears. Mostly, it soared. And though this music was unmistakably Chicago, it invited the world to join, with a generousness the city rarely shows its own people.

It was a win for a city in serious need of a win, and for a dude who more than deserved it. They destroyed SXSW, playing more than 20 shows.

Spinn and Manny went back out to the West Coast. Rashad was bouncing around, touring Japan in January, coming home for a day or Ghetto House For The Painfully Alone, heading off to South America.

Still, he was in constant contact with the rest of the crew. Tre remembers Rashad Skyping him for hours from Brazil, talking about how they were finally in the positions for their sons to be set. The album cover is a graphic picture of member Bushwick Bill in the hospital. Bill was shot in the eye as he and his girlfriend tussled over a gun. Bushwick Bill wanted her to kill him and during the altercation he was shot as both hands were on the gun. Bill later expressed regret Ghetto House For The Painfully Alone the album cover, saying, "It still hurts me to look at that cover because that was a personal thing I went through I still feel the pain from the fact I've got a bullet in my brain I think it was pretty wrong to do it, even though I went along with the program at first.

Fred Thomas from AllMusic called the album "[the group's] most visceral work, rising to platinum success against the odds and inspiring innovation in the genre with its powerful and distinctively Southern perspective on what rap could be.

The track " Mind Playing Tricks on Me " has been singled out for praise. Pitchfork Media ranked the song 45 on its Top Tracks of the s list, with reviewer Tom Breihan writing "This track established the South as a serious force in the music, proving that these Texans could do dark better than anyone on either coast.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Geto Boys. Gangsta rap hardcore hip hop Southern rap horrorcore G-funk. Retrieved June 26, Entertainment Weekly Retrieved June 18, The Encyclopedia of Popular Music. Volume 3: MUZE. This is NOT your average "movie night with the family" movie, therefore i would not suggest "I Stand Alone" to anyone without an "Open" mindset. Alone against everyone matt 23 May The writer-director Gaspar Noe's first-person account of a jobless butcher's trip on the down escalator has a lot of superficial resemblances to TAXI DRIVER, but the real unseen hand behind this shattering picture belongs to Louis-Ferdinand Celine, whose scabrous stream-of-consciousness monologues Noe has translated into scorching, nineties angry-white-man-ese.

As the butcher's three hundred francs dwindle, and his handgun starts looking more and more appealing, Noe surgically implants us inside the antihero's head using a cascade of hilarious and horrifying nihilistic rants that don't quite resemble anything you've ever heard in a movie.

Noe's ingenuity in reinventing the subjective style of TAXI DRIVER is near-limitless; his array of techniques dazzles, from the Godardian intertitles that break the action like a butcher's cleaver hammering a wooden cutting board, to the deafening gunshots accompanied by digital pans and zooms that throw a Brechtian bucket of icewater on the proceedings whenever they calm down. At times the picture suggests one of Fassbinder's fatalistic fables staged as a William Castle horror movie; in Ghetto House For The Painfully Alone stroke of genius, Noe conceives of the inevitable crack-up finale not in terms of some novel spin on the image, but as a blizzard of scurrilous language--a head self-narrating to the implode point.

At times, the butcher's and Noe's nihilism seem to be one--and a posturing, collegiate nihilism it can be. But the cumulative effect of the movie is lacerating, the way early Scorsese and Toback must have felt the first time out. Living without love jrv-4 16 August The movie shocked me, it made me feel sad, sorry and ashamed. It shows how a potentially good human being can become bad due to the lack of love in our society.

Society and it's egoism, loneliness, selfishness, and individualism affect all humans. Some more than others. This movie is a rather extreme example, but it is definitely what is needed to shake you and make this world a better place. Some might interpret it as a useless display of bitterness and turn their head to keep on living their "comfortable" lives. Probably most will do that by fear of confronting such a terrible reality.

With that attitude nothing will change. I see the main's characters attitude as the natural consequence of a society without love, a society where everything is given in exchange of something natural consequence of capitalism.

Unfortunately people living afraid and with no love are everywhere. Their acts are a consequence of the extreme individualism and lack of interest of human beings towards others, hence the lack of care for themselves, hence the lack of love. Unfortunately our society, or in other words ourselves, act selfishly.

As long as that keeps on going the world will be a sad, boring and lonely place. I have faith in humanity and in living in a world of care, respect, tolerance and responsibility towards the rest. Unfortunately we still have a looooong way to go. I recommend it to everyone, specially the ones who do not like facing reality and prefer living in "comfort".

They need it more than anyone. I give it a well merited A brilliant, manipulative assault on viewer sensibilities. TheVid 15 February This is Gaspar Noe's deliberately disturbing film of one man's resentment of his own life. It's a highly cinematic monologue of malevolence by a volatile, middle-aged protagonist. The film's brilliance comes from the daring moralism it projects right up to it's startling conclusion. Without giving anything away, this is a mean-spirited, convincingly fiendish love story that sadistically gives it's audience a 30 second chance to leave the theater before things get resolved.

A absolutely terrific monster movie for mature audiences only! After reading multiple reviews about Seul contre tous I finally decided to watch it, but before I wanted to see "Carne" the short that takes place before Seul contre tous and I was absolutely surprised on how good it was, how twisted and how incredibly weird on such a "realistic" level it was. It's an understatement to say I was hyped for the highly controversial and kind of infamous Seul contre tous.

But let's talk about my experience with it. Right when I clicked play I figured out that it's going to be bad in the best possible way, the overall tone is dark from the beginning and the way the camera and the sound are used adds a lot to the avantgarde note of Seul contre Tous.

The introduction of the main character is how it needs to be, right when we see and hear The Butcher we know that he could be anyone, from your hard working Neighbor to your best friend. Philippe Nahon does an amazing job portraying that totally degenerated guy that seems so normal to his outside world, he's so good that you lose yourself seeing and hearing him, it's a constant conflict between understanding and hating him, between judging him and hoping he'll find his good side even though that hope leaves pretty fast.

And that is why I love Seul contre Tous, it's not about a super villain that wants to destroy the world, it's not about a hero that fights his inner demons but it's also not about a cold blooded murderer, it's about a desperate and angry sicko that is about to break Ghetto House For The Painfully Alone and even though he's stuck in a relateable situation, what he makes out of it, is what makes him one of the most sinister characters I've ever seen.

If you want to see something new, intelligent or evil this is your movie! This was a film that I'm going to be honest, I had never heard of.

Wasn't necessarily sure what I was going to get coming in though if I'm perfectly honest. The synopsis is a horse meat butcher's life and mind begins to breakdown as he lashes out against various factions of society while attempting to reconnect with his estranged daughter. We are given a voice-over of the life of a Le Boucher Philippe Nahon. It is kind of a tragic story of how his parent's conceived him and how he lost everything.

He had his own butcher shop, but one day his daughter who is mute had her first period. She tried to walk to his shop where a man came on to her. Her father thought he raped her and he stabbed the man to death. This sent him to prison and he lost his business with his daughter going to a institution.

Once he gets out, he takes a job in a bar that is run by Sa Maitresse Frankie Pain. They end up becoming a couple and she is with child.

She decides to sell her bar and move to another city, using the money to buy a shop for Le Boucher to open up a new store. She refuses to pay for the lease though as she feels it is a bad deal. He is beaten down by what they say. He finally snaps and tries to make his own way, but it isn't easy for a 50 year old man with a criminal record and no money.

Now I decided to go a little vaguer on the recap here, as there's not a lot that really happens. We are really watching this man as he goes down this dark path. The film has a voice-over from Le Boucher and there's actually not a lot of dialogue. It's giving us his thoughts on things and to be honest it is really depressing. I was thinking about if this was a horror film or not while watching it. To be honest, in the normal sense it's not. I'll get into why this definitely can be considered horror with some of the things that are happening.

The first thing to cover is that I felt bad for Le Boucher. His life has really been a struggle and he hasn't had a lot of good things that happen to him. The mother of his daughter, Sa Fille Blandine Lenoirleft him due to her affliction.

He is doing his best and the real big issue is that he has anger issues. He snapped when he thought something happened to his child. I can't fault him for getting revenge there, but it was done to someone that didn't do what he thought. The rage he went into was in error.

He really just wants to be able live a normal life, but he doesn't have the breaks needed to do so. That actually moves me into the next point. This movie is looking at class as well. Le Boucher is talking about how the rich get whatever they need. They can commit the crimes he has, but because they have money, they can get away with it. He on the other hand has to be careful. Whatever he does he will be punished for.

There's not a lot of money to be had around him and that includes jobs. Even those that he is friends with can't help him as they barely have enough money for them. This is a bleak way of looking at life and is heartbreaking if I'm honest. Le Boucher does do some things that I really despise him for as well though.

He has created a character that was I pulling for, but then he reveals things about his character that make him despicable. He attacks his pregnant girlfriend; he makes some racist comments toward a black person, he makes homophobic comments and what he wants to do with his daughter.

I really liked to be challenged when watching a film, but it really made me despise him. Part of it is though that he is lashing out after being broken by life, which I get, but it is hard to pull for a guy with some of these things. I want to move next to the soundtrack of the film. To be honest, I really didn't notice it outside of a scene where he hitchhikes and the guy puts on a real upbeat house-like music.

I thought that scene was fun. I had a major issue with the film which was due to the voice-over narration that we get throughout. I don't normally hate it, but here it really just dominates everything. I think the film could have shown us a bit more instead of just giving his inner thoughts the whole time. I like it a bit more subtle. This film really only runs about 90 minutes, but because of it being told to us mostly, I think the pacing is hurt by it.

I will say that it does build tension. That aspect of the film is good and I could feel as things get worse, Le Boucher is running out of money and he has to turn to crime to survive, I start to wonder what he'll do. The ending has something that I didn't care for and seeing how it actually ends is kind of disgusting.

It really does question morality. The question is also there, do we hate him for what he's going to do, but is it living in the low income area make it more acceptable? Something I didn't have an issue with was the performance of Nahon. He is really the only character we see for the whole film. I think he did a lot with facial expressions.

He visits someone who tells him he looks rough and he does. Definitely a man who has been beaten down by life and I do have to say is sad.

The rest of the cast does round out for what is needed. The last thing to cover would be the effects, which are really good.

I know that it's not, but if you can make me think it is, you're doing something right. The ending sequence definitely does it and it is great. There aren't a lot of effects outside of that sequence.

I do have give him credit for the film is shot as well. He really captured how dirty both cities we are in, which is crazy because one of them is in Paris. It is also fitting that he is talking about World War II and how his father died in a death camp. They're in a ghetto for all of this film, but not like ones during the war. I really think he is saying something there with the mirroring of the war and life since. Now with that said, I did enjoy this film and I think there's a really good message here.

Trying to question the morality of someone who you feel bad for while also despising for some of the actions they're taking. This is a film that really makes you think. Would I necessarily call this a horror film? Not in the traditional sense, but we are watching an avant-garde film from someone who doesn't do things conventional. It is extremely bleak and the things that happen can be quite horrific in the terms of society.

I do think that the voice-over narration is a bit much and makes the message he's going for a bit heavy fisted. I think Nahon performance was really good and his look just fits the character. There's not a lot in the way of effects, but the final sequence have some of the most real ones I've ever seen done practically.

It is also Ghetto House For The Painfully Alone very well and capturing the grittiness of the areas it is taking place. I don't love this film; I think that it's really good. I would say that overall I think it is above average for me. K-nightt 23 January Many, many spoilers here!!!! It took me over 2 years to watch this film after having purchased it. I had seen Irreversible, and was actually afraid of seeing this movie because of not knowing what to expect.

On Da Track - Pac Da Great - This Is How Da Pimpin Goes (Cassette, Album), Sleepwalk - Ultravox - The Collection (CD), Intro - Die Engel Des Herrn - Live! As Hippie Punks (CD, Album), Committed, Lets Have A Ball - Terry Evans - Walk That Walk (CD, Album), Paisley Dreams - Tommy Roe - Phantasy (Vinyl, LP, Album), Billies Bounce ( Take 2 ) - Charlie Parker - The Bird On Savoy Part 1 (Vinyl, LP), Beyond The Shadow - Lonnie Donegan - Lonnie Donegan (Vinyl, LP), Rubber Road - Tangletown - Ordinary Freaks (CD, Album), Indiana - Various - The Big Band Sound Vol 1 (CD), Falling In And Out Of Love - Lita Ford & Bonfire - Collection Of Albums 1983-1994 / 1986-1999 (, Poet And Peasant - No Artist - Custom Recordings From The Music Box Arcade (Vinyl), Box Of Rain - Grateful Dead* - American Beauty (CD, Album), Carol For Another Christmas - Henry Mancini, His Orchestra And Chorus* - A Merry Mancini Christmas (

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