Did they have anything sitting on the shelf that could be used? Prior to the event, Denver wanted to be sure his assets were distributed to the people he wanted them to go to, and so gifted them to Anna Kate and Zachary, leaving Jesse out. This included his home in Aspen. It was a taxable gift, which later put the two children in a dispute with the IRS over valuation.

The Long EZ was chosen because it was home assembled and so could easily be defective. But something else was needed, as there would not be a real crash — a simulation vehicle, a remote controlled light plane. But the critical element was the body. That required a wait, as they needed an unidentified cadaver that could be mutilated to the degree that it was unrecognizable, and then supplied to county morgue people.

Most of the staff people involved in the autopsy were just professionals doing their job. Where to get a cadaver? One might turn up in a car accident or wash up ashore in a river or on the beach. Since the Sheriff, Norman G. Hicks, was compromised and a player, he was put on the lookout and told to notify the John Denver people when a body was available.

One turned up, the phone call was made, and the plan went into action. The plane was flown in and put on display at the local airport, but Denver would not actually fly it that day.

His job was to be seen around Pacific Grove, wearing bright clothes, happy and chipper, playing golf, avoiding alcohol, in general just being visible. Since he had never flown the Long EZ, he might not have actually flown it that day, if one was flown at all.

But again — he might have. The suspension is meant to be enforced. In fact, he could have merely parked his car at the airport and left the scene. He did leave his wallet. Assume he did fly that day, and airport mechanic Chris Hadland was a real guy, and not a player. In that case, he might have done a couple of take offs and landings, and then flown off into the sunset, landing the craft at the nearby Coast Guard air base at Alameda. Other landing sites were no doubt also available.

Or perhaps Denver made an appearance, but another pilot familiar with Long EZ flew it, did some take offs and landings, had some contact with the tower, and then flew to Alameda. In the meantime, the remote-controlled aircraft was flown over Pacific Grove, low enough that people would be sure to see it, and then out and over a bunch of rocks, possibly crashing into the ocean.

That was it for the real event. They were told to lay low and not offer anything but grief and regret remarks to the press, and not to worry, that John would be OK and in touch as soon as possible. Coast Guard higher-ups agreed to allow their name to be used in the publicity around the event, but did not recover either plane parts or a body. That is an indication of the source of the power behind this event. Photos of men carrying a stretcher with a yellow tarp were staged, again out of sync with the official script, which had the body transported by the Coast Guard to a dock.

The cadaver, in cold storage, was delivered to the autopsy team on October 13th. It was already known that it was missing two toes on the right foot, so a story was planted that Annie Denver told them that John was missing those two toes. He was not. She said nothing of the sort. Finger prints were crucial, and had to go through channels.

A set of prints was taken off the cadaver, and in the meantime, Colorado authorities supplied the real John Denver prints to Sheriff Hicks. He switched them so that technician Susan Clark indeed could match them and report that the identity of the corpse was John Denver.

Such an act, switching of finger prints, requires real juice to make them look authentic. The new prints, made to look like they came from Colorado, might have been prepared at Langley. Susan Clark was not a player. This is the only aspect of the fake death that might involve illegal activity. It is NOT a crime to fake your death. If insurance fraud is involved, that is a crime. The NTSB report was fake, which is why they had no reference to it in their files.

It was probably written by people at Langley, who would have the necessary muscle to force NTSB to go along. Or maybe they were all fakes reciting a script. They did not know who they were going to be. But suppose they were real. If so, they saw the remote-controlled vehicle, and not a Long EZ, as there was no Long EZ to be seen that day, far too high in the sky to identify. Various county officials tried to do their job, but in the end, knew they had to shut up if they wanted to keep their jobs.

They did manage to smuggle some clues to us, enough to tell us the event was faked, most notably the presence of ethanol in the liver of the cadaver. Medical personnel would know that to be an anomaly.

Denver was said to have died without a will, as even in a corrupt environment as ours, it is still impossible to probate the will of a living person. There was no life insurance, as that kind of fraud brings in powerful insurance companies and their investigators. The Pitkin County Courts had to be strong-armed into silence, forced to seal the records, and I do not know how that was done other than sheer brute force, again indicating the source of the power behind this event.

As with NTSB, people of integrity knew to keep quiet and back away from it. Denver himself made his escape. He might live in New Zealand, now 71 years of age. But like others before him used to the spotlight, he could not help himself, and with friends staged the Fly Fishing in New Zealand video in It was a message to his fans.

Lux brought in childhood photos of the Deutschendorf family, and it appears the John has been pasted in. As with Jim Morrisonhe is apparently not a member of the military family whose name he bears. Daddieuhoh notes that his post-death sales are 33 million, that he got his first guitar at age 11, additional spook markers.

And we learn that divers the day after the crash miraculously recovered his ring from the ocean bottom. A pilot with a suspended license would not have been allowed to fly — those rules are enforced, so that the Monterey Airport would be culpable had JD actually flown that day.

And then it gets even weirder. Thanks to all who chimed in. There were public memorials and remembrances, but never a formal death ceremony for John Denver. Since, as I contend, it was not his body and he was not really dead, is anyone surprised? They found the bare minimum that they needed to make an identification. Like Like. If John Denver is not dead then where is he? I am sure that his family is not covering for him.

Their deaths were not fake because I knew all of them. I only met John Denver once but I have had several conversations and interactions with family members and they are not liars. So where is he?

New Zealand is my guess, if you read the article. You know, a look alike, sound alike John Denver named Ted Vigil. Just Saying…. I had to go to the Monterey County Sheriff, as the Coroner and Sheriff are the same person there, probably one reason why that county was selected.

There might be a fee. I called again and was told they had lost the original check, so I sent them another. Then they called and said the found the original. All this meant, to me, was that there were discussions going on behind the scenes, and, perhaps, changes being made. When I first asked for it, that report was one of the few perhaps the only one that had not yet been scanned.

Shortly after that they found it they scanned it, as I remember. Good luck! You only saw the toes missing? That was enough to convince you? Singing for the Father. I got threw it and I thank god I got to hear his music and feel they where being sung to me.

Gave me strong strength of who I wanted to be. Sometimes I looked up when I see single planes flying and I think of him how he might of been or what he was thinking befor he got plane trouble. Still to day I listen to his music and play videos. Sometimes at night help me sleep. With what I believe he had a great soul of love for the earth and life. Thank u for sharing. A little too convenient, easily contrived. Right now it is highly suspect, and anyway, this piece is 7, words and full of evidence, even more presented in the comments.

I am calling bullshit. I have too. It could be he really is missing some toes. If so, that fact was used to complete the circle of deceit, nothing more. However, my analysis of the photo led me to beleive it was a product of PhotoShopping. I knew John. You are mistaken everyone knew he list the tops of two toes. There are even photos of him in sandals that show his tops of two ties missing.

Everyone knew it. No conspiracy. Henry was in that plane. Not so says all the other evidence, but on the toes, I do think they worked it into the narrative. I was wrong to question that part. Still a hoax, and his name was not Henry, not Deutchendorf. The family photos are the product of a dark room, worked over to insert him. Birth records can be faked. Musicians are selected for fame, though JD had talent. Should it not be III?

Stars are created, and they are usually chosen from aristocratic families. I do not know why, if Dutch was in charge of keeping him in line, never spilling the beans. It appears that he might have some facial disfigures and the hair looks crazy. I always thought maybe it was a tragic accident where he was disfigured and chose to go away.

There is also a disease where people fake their deaths to see who cares. It has been going on forever. I would feel bad if I let people I know or who admired me think I was dead but truly not. I could understand why someone though might do this. I miss his him and concerts plus all he gave to our crazy world. I often think what he would think about this pandemic covid and all that has happened with his foundation.

The land that was sold hurting his brother and workers. He tried so hard to make things better for everyone. Wherever he is I hope he felt his life mattered. Whether here or in Heaven. It was almost as if JD was hat tipping the guy, but why?

I have seen other musicians almost fall down before McC in awe. What gives? Fantastic essay. I tried to get court appearance information on a minor fake stabbing at my local high school, and was told I would need a court order to get the transcript ie.

Like Liked by 2 people. Why do they list the registration number of his aircraft? It just seems like really extraneous detail.

Could it be because the is another signal? Or they are simply trying to make the event appear real by adding these details that make is seem so much more concrete and official? Or is the whole registration number a clue to something…?

He was involved in many spook-front activities throughout his career, including winning an award from NASA that is usually reserved for astronauts and engineers for his promotion of space exploration by the brotherhood of man.

You mentioned that he was not technically allowed to fly at the time due to a DUI arrest. When I read that it seemed akin to driving without a license. Another thing: a quick scan for his genealogy indicates that he has a nephew — who has an identical twin brother — with the same name: Henry John Deutschendorf. Well, sometimes when the Sr. BUT: if they do that in this family, then this nephew should not be a Jr.

And finally, I watched that video you posted. Of course the video could have been shot anytime in the intervening years. I started listening to some of his videos and then landed on this video of him singing a duet with none other than Cass Elliot.

And yes, our vote counts just as much as yours. I wonder about that — was his career scripted? Was he married to Annie? Or was it all a show?

But all that aside, the guy could play a twelve string like no other. Oops I posted this comment by accident on the wrong post. It was meant for this one: First class, grade-A prime research here, Mark. Sure they did! Thanks Daddie — I was hoping that others would chime in and pick up details I missed. There are plenty. They are actors, all of them. Not many early family photos of John Denver on the internet. This one is almost the only one I could find:. Look at the left side our left of each of the faces.

It appears John was pasted in. This suggests a composite paste-up to me. John is noted as being born in Roswell, New Mexico in His father was a Lt Colonel at the air base there which was the home of the th Bomber Group responsible for the alleged nuclear attacks on Japan in The Deutschendorf family is, of course, of German descent which suggests to me that, since we were at war with Germany at the time, that his father was likely involved with intelligence in some capacity.

Thanks, Lux — also note that John bears little family resemblance in the photo that is shown in your comment. This is getting more interesting all the time. Another IVF batch-er? The father is German. Who knows? Perhaps they are pasting all these family photos because they have no real families? Note: I am not saying they are the same.

They cannot be with the overlap. By the way, that is 5 checkpoints matches and perhaps 6 if they have a relaxed face. Not only is John lit differently, but there are four people in the photo, and only two shadows on the scrim behind them. Though as a huge Denver fan who as a child read every sentence posted about him, I do seem to recall hearing about missing toes. Hollywood movie magic and all. But the creepiest thing of all that is causing me to question my logical mind is this: when I clicked on the image to see Denver and Ritter, every single time, despite evidence that my internet is working just fine, I received a message saying:.

So then, I set up a tab right next to the image tab and loaded Facebook, which opens and refreshes just fine. Never saw the two pictures posted of Ritter and Denver But being a fan that went back stage many times one of my besties told me about his toes long long long before his death he was barefoot back stage and looking down she saw them and told me about it I have seen pictures of his toes blown up in pictures it is true!!!

By the way Ritter always reminded me of Denver! If he is still alive I find it hard to believe that he could not be singing Not to say that things are screwy in his reports and if he is wow I have been mourning a man whom I loved and adored have wept for missing him even just two days ago I enjoyed reading all your stuff I would in some way like to believe he is still alive …. Initially I regarded toe evidence as a circle-closing piece of fake evidence used to make it appear that a corpse that was unrecognizable was actually Denver.

I am now at a point where I suspect that there was no cadaver, no body, and that all of that was made up. Fake deaths are very common in entertainment, so I imagine they have gotten very good at planning and executing them, so to speak.

We do not have a burrowing news media, no one looks into anything in that area, so people can do anything they like and get away with it. By the way, the opening video in this piece shows that he was indeed still singing after his death. But speculation can get out of hand. I have a couple of points to add:.

In the first pic, his brother is super tall. Like nearly a full head taller than John. Anyway, he is standing just behind them but his body and head seem much smaller than they should be for such a big guy. First of all, the shadow is darker. But it also looks painted in. Look how straight and smooth the shadow line is on his face. Then look at the other faces.

The shadow on baby John looks artificial, like it was darkened by hand. Note, too, his collar just to the left of his face. I think the shadow should begin right next to his face, not half an inch over. If you look at the shadows to the left of mom and dad, there is no gap between the face and the shadow.

I think it was Tyrone? Roswell was, well, you know, Roswell. As in the famous UFO crash of ahem ahem. I am growing increasingly convinced that the whole story was either just the kick-off of another major project, or it was invented as a way to cover-up the crash of an experimental flying-saucer type aircraft built and piloted by humans.

Actually those are not mutually exclusive options. Anyway, the link to Roswell is interesting, even if they had already moved on by Good catch.

That could also explain why the records are sealed at Pitkin County. There are no records, since Henry John Deutschendorf, Jr. Whoever he was, he was a resident of Pitkin County.

The son brother? If it were, there would be real family photos and, normally, plenty of them so He Couldnt Care Less - Peggy March - The Very Best Of Little Peggy March (CD) would be no need for fakes. Or, they may exist but are not really related. At best, all one would be doing is researching the fake parents, assuming that THEY really did exist which may not be the case.

Every layer of the onion makes us ask new questions and reconsider previous findings. On the first point, I think it still has value because if the parents are intelligence operatives who are just posing as family members, then at the very least this method helps us trace back who those operatives are and how they are connected to the others.

They might just be fake constructs of intelligence. In some cases we can use find-a-grave to see their gravestones and such, but we really do need to ask if the entries in genealogy sites are real. But he sort of takes for granted in his papers at least that they are real. It was not uncommon for adopted children back then to simply be assimilated into the family with little or no fanfare. Assuming he was adopted and neither children were ever told about this in later life, that could be the case.

Of course the parents would have known but they are both gone and assuming cremation, so is JD if that actually happened. Until today I never really gave this a second thought that all this might have been fabricated.

I then saw him perform in at Billings, Mt, shortly after my return and I was only a few feet away from him, back when JD was only a two man band. When you couple all this with the fact that JD had lost his young singing voice and could not properly perform some of his own songs anymore, along with serious family problems, alcohol, etc.

Where ever he is I wish him the very best, whether here on earth or in the hereafter. I was at that same concert in Billings. We were in the back. Whatever his name, he was a gifted singer and played a mean 12 string. All you say is true, but the music business is not as you view it, people rising up due to talent being a small part.

Anyone can be made a star, but some in the business due to real talent are allowed longer careers. This was JD. I regard the song as an inside joke, as McC also did not write his own music, only performed it. Like Liked by 1 person. I tend to agree, and did suggest we leave the kids alone. It was not their doing. But JD, we find, is phony top to bottom, not a country boy, not a nature kid, not a Deutschendorf. He likes exposure, so we gave him some.

I disagree somewhat, because even if everything you point to is correct, we do not know the complete circumstances that would cause someone to do this.

Perhaps it was his choice, or perhaps he was somehow coerced, or mentally reached a point where he could not go on, or chose not to. Regardless, to me we should pay him respect for what he did achieve in life, if for no other reason than to allow his family, friends and fans, who may not be complicit, to live their lives without unnecessary defamatory destruction of the legacy they inherited or believed in.

After all, he was is? Truth is often stranger than fiction, and unfortunately we may never know all the truth or enough of it here in this life. It is easy to look from the outside and make correlated or uncorrelated suspicions about all the various disconnected facts that surround this situation, but that does not necessarily connote perfect happenings according to however we choose to interpret those findings.

But I digress…. The children? The spouses? All they all fakes or are they real, but sworn to secrecy? Or am I being naive thinking it actually matters? Just a few thoughts that occurred tonight. Thanks for letting me ramble. What I have noticed in my our explorations here is that secrecy is honored at all levels within Freemasonry, to the degree that I suspect real punishments are handed out to any who violate that code, perhaps Bill Cosby the latest He Couldnt Care Less - Peggy March - The Very Best Of Little Peggy March (CD).

These people are not killers, but they do enforce that code. Lifetime actors never break character, no one speaks out of school. The timing of finding this article is spot on. I have had JD on my mind ever since booking this trip last August, and am planning on visiting the beach along Ocean View. I have been, and always will be, a huge fan.

Hmmm……maybe they were just discovered afterwards by the diver who was able to locate the ring on the ocean floor? It was a joy to read. Not being familiar too much with John Denver Deutschendorf sounds very much like an invented surname anyway; imagine someone being called Britishvillage or Americantownother than that he is not was a country singer, I like this piece of real investigative research.

What you have done is real fieldwork by requesting -and getting- that document and that deserves extra credit as for us, internet researchers, most of the time it is a step too far due to time constraints or other reasons.

In those days and ages staging these actors was far easier because of the much smaller higher classes and controlled locations. Will provide a link when I have content ready, now still in drafts on my computer. Two things on this paper sorry, Mathis language, but I regard this work as sucha comment and a question:. What is the meaning of boxes 38 and 39?

The last moment he was confirmed seen by his family or what is it? Allegedly he crashed with his small plane just off the coast in ft of water, but was found 3 hours later completely dismembered as a torso and a leg etc.? That cannot happen. At such a crash, even if it were real, the body would be found more or less intact broken bones of course strapped in his pilot seat.

Complete and utter bollocks as the British would call it. Just those two points for now, I have a couple of other observations I may share in the next days if you like. Well if John is out there some where I sure wish he would come back this world could do with his wonderful words of poetry and feeling of peace that he gives x. I dont no what to think. No one will ever no the truth im sure. However he is missed so much gor so long.

I think I was and still am in love with him. I will keep him in my heart forever. His music got me threw some hard times when i was young and still does today. He was never the man portrayed in his public image, just a lifetime actor, but take heart. I assume he lives in New Zealand, but he could be anywhere. Two questions I have…and forgive me if I missed something along the way.

My only clue as to the exclusion of Jesse is the dispute between Zack and Anna and the IRS over valuation of the house in Aspen … Jesse was not included.

This told me that some legal mechanism was in force to keep her out of it — perhaps he gifted the home to them knowing his fake death was on the horizon, and left Jesse out for unknown reasons. Or, perhaps Jesse is not legally his child. That second marriage was not a happy one. Life does not offer much proof. I came away from this project with the impression that JD was a phony, a gifted singer, performer and stringer who did not write his own music.

The music business is not at all what you might imagine. Very little of it is real, and very few artists write their own music, McCartney included. I hold it up there with supercalifragilisticexpialidocious. However only the chosen and very influential and rich get to Do this…. It goes wayyy wayyy deeper than this about john. This is bad but trading people out while they are still alive with a double is happening all the time.

Every celebrity or musician you know has been replaced within two years of their initial popularity such is a first or second album or a first or second movie. Due to the extensive resources the government has in these programs He Couldnt Care Less - Peggy March - The Very Best Of Little Peggy March (CD) are a psychological operation perpetrated by the government through Hollywood they are able to have vast resources to concoct there nefarious plans.

Look on Google images and look at the bottom piece of your favorite celebrity or musician they will have a retaining line on the bottom teeth which signifies false teeth. The doubles are a bit like serious anti-gravity research.

At one point early on each is in the public domain and referenced in publications, movies and so on and then come a certain year the topic goes jet black and shrouded in secrecy. It kept leaking — or was flaunted at us mere mortals — in television shows like Mission Impossible, Batman and Doctor Who — and many others — where the symbolic rubber face mask was pulled off in such a way that it was clearly impossible, almost hilariously so.

So why keep doing it in shows? Just sloppiness in the details. If there was even a body, it was probably a cadaver from a medical school scheduled for cremation, which was done after the fake autopsy.

JD was not missing two toes, Annie said nothing about such a thing. I have seen a picture of him in sandles and his toes look like they are missing. Sorry Johns ties were definitely messed up and the facts are facts! We fans knew he spoke of it and we saw them when he would come back stage afterwards bear foot! I personally think that is a huge red flag. Sloppiness in the details, I agree…but that is how the truth comes out in many cases. It would be nice to think he is still around, but at what cost?

It must be awful to have to live like that. Yes, and did anyone except me notice that the autopsy only looked a 4 or 5 tiny ingredients of the whole body? To me they would have opened up all the bags of parts and assembled them onto a table to review all of what was there.

Also, if divers found his ring at the bottom of the ocean the next day, did they not find any other wreckage of the plane? Even if the plane hit the rocky area and exploded into pieces, there would still be pieces. Once they capture your belief system, they can make anything seem real.

There was no plane, no Denver, no ring, no body, no autopsy, no toxicology report. John, whose real name we do not know it was not Deutschendorf left the scene, career over, and not his choice. He was retired by the very ones who made him a star, wrote his music, and orchestrated his image and life. I think he moved to New Zealand, but cannot know with any certainty. He had simply reached a point where, like Elvis, like Karen Carpenter, like Prince, he was more valuable dead than alive.

People in the car dealership. He died in a private plane crash and took all the money from a realestate venture he and investors were developing. A friend of mine sold life insurance he said if a body is not found as in this case the insurance has to pay after 2 years.

I think these stars like Denver, Prince, Robin Williams, etc. I do not think it is illegal to fake your death as long as there is no theft or abandoned obligations, that is, fraud will get you, but death-hoaxing not.

Note that I do not trust WordPress. There is an email service, protonmail, that claims to be secure and free of interference, but suspicious me thinks that might be a way to attract people they really mean to follow into a trap.

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It may be biochemical in nature. Depression is very treatable, and he doesn't have to feel like this. Your comment about you being the reason why he literally still wakes up prompts me to also mention that if he is thinking about harming himself, make sure you provide him with the following resources:. If you or someone you know are depressed and considering suicide, call the National Hopeline Network at 1.

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This huge issue apparently never had closure for you if you're still thinking about him. However, he rebounded the next night with another woman and as emotional punishment to you now won't return any of your messages. If you truly owe him an apology, you can write him a letter since he's not in the mindframe to hear your voice.

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We still talk. What songs match up that I can send her? More importantly, what do I do? Answer: Although you flirted, a generally healthy, trusting relationship should be able to weather some mild flirtation. Is she that jealous or was it considerably more than mild flirtation?

Should you reunite as a couple, you will need to pour a lot of effort into building trust. I recommend a couple's counselor if this is a serious commitment.

I have found that the single most genuine and effective method for making amends is a humble, heartfelt question: "What do I need to do to make this right? Question: I am trying to say that I'm sorry to my parents with a song after everything I have done. Do you have any suggestions on what I should use? Answer: The best thing that you can do is continue along a positive path.

That's what all parents want for their kids, not apologies. Don't wear the guilt of your transgressions like a badge of shame. Parents understand missteps as a part of maturing.

If you want to honor your parents, consider a song about how much they mean to you. Small, random acts often mean the world: hugs, a card with a warm message, or taking them out to lunch on occasion. Question: I made multiple mistakes sleeping with someone else instead of my significant other and need a good song to apologize.

Any suggestions? It's a classic for a reason! Especially look at the following lyrics. It wouldn't be too difficult to send your beloved a slide show of photos of the two of you during good times set to this song, then at the end include a personalized message.

Question: I violated my boyfriend's trust, and then I lied about it. He found out and is really mad at me. How should I fix things? Answer: None of us are perfect human beings.

You made mistakes and all you can do at this point is ask to talk to him in person. Look him in the face when you apologize and face towards him. That's a start. First, accept responsibility for your actions by admitting what you did e. Don't add qualifiers or try to explain it away e. Attempts to explain it away will make matters worse at this point.

Make sure you offer a heartfelt apology. Second, describe how your behavior impacted him, how it made him feel. This lets him know that you truly get what you did to him.

Third, tell him what he means to you and ask how you can begin to make this right. If he is not to start forgiving you, then tell him you'd like to talk more with him in another few days to see if he is open to working with you to repair the broken trust in your relationship. I don't want to regret holding this back. Answer: The following song describes a young woman's physical and inner beauty from the perspective of a guy who seeks to start a relationship with her: "Beautiful Soul" by Jesse McCartney If you look at the lyrics, you'll notice that it seems perfect for your situation.

If you want ideas for additional songs, there are several others that would also be appropriate on the following playlist:. Question: I have regrets. There is someone who loves me like crazy, but my love for him faded away. I broke up with him, and now I'm with someone else. I want to express that I didn't do that to hurt him. But because of all those years trying to give him what he wanted, the two of us just don't work out.

After years, I decided to work on my happiness too. That is specific but what kind of song could I send? Answer: Here are two suggestions. Be sure he gets the message that the relationship is OVER and understands why you're sharing this particular song. Put that part in your own words, so he doesn't read into anything. It's easier to do a clean break, although it hurts like hell for the first few weeks.

Answer: Give him some space first as you collect your thoughts. If he truly loves you, he's going to miss you like crazy. Then contact him to ask for a face-to-face meeting. Give your one last best pitch to him in which you apologize and lay it all out on the line, holding nothing back. You have ONE last chance to do this, and this is it.

If he refuses to meet with you, make a pre-recorded YouTube video marked private so the whole world isn't able to view it and send him the link. The video should be a video of you talking straight to the camera and pouring your heart out as if you were talking face-to-face.

Apologize and request forgiveness without excuses. Talk about memories, what he means to you, and what you want for your future together. Add photos of you both and background music for additional emotional impact at the end if you're technically inclined. Make sure you have the big "ask" at the end. What are you asking him to do? Call you, be your boyfriend, move in?

Also tell him that if his answer is no, you'll respect his decision and won't contact him again. The benefit of using a private YouTube video is that you'll know how many times if any, he's viewed it because it's only viewable to those who have the link.

Make sure it's He Couldnt Care Less - Peggy March - The Very Best Of Little Peggy March (CD) private! Question: I asked for an open relationship that I really didn't want and it just took a spiraling turn downward. We ended up breaking up it's been about a week. It's the worst mistake I've ever made. What song can I use to fix it? Answer: I'm glad you see that three's a crowd.

Send your honey a song like, "Baby Come Back" by Player with a simple message that you made the biggest mistake of your life and you want to apologize and talk it over. In your discussion, accept full responsibility and communicate that your lover is "enough" for you. Question: I've nearly ruined my friendship with my best friend because I do not like her new boyfriend and have been judging and criticizing her to the point of hurting her feelings instead of supporting her.

What song can I use to show her I care? Answer: Rather than send an apology song, why not let your friend know that you love and support her and want the best but that sometimes you're human and fall short? I suggest, for example:. As far as the guy is concerned, if he isn't good for her, she'll hopefully see it sooner or later. She has to learn to trust your judgment and you, hers. However, this is her mistake to make.

Answer: This is a song of both joy and regret, celebrating the season of Christmas as a special time in which people. The narrator wonders as beautiful as this is why do we only do this at Christmas? He is sorry that it cannot always be like this, no matter the season. The song was sung by Petter Hollens Question: I am meeting other suitors up until a deadline set by my parents so that they will finally agree to let me be with my love if none others work.

This makes me feel bad for what he is going through. Which song says sorry for putting him through this? Answer: It's unfortunate in today's world that your family is not permitting you to freely and fully choose to marry the individual you love. They are inserting a level of control and interference into the process. Although your parents want what they think is best for you, they don't fully embrace the notion that this decision is THE most important one of your young life.

It needs to be yours rather than theirs. Perhaps this is an issue of culture and tradition, but it concerns me greatly because the secret to happiness and success in life can largely be found in who you marry. My thoughts are with you as you do what is best for your happiness and your future.

My opinion: always choose love. Rather than apologize to your beloved, why not offer him hope and reassurance instead? These include:. Question: A comment I made was taken wrong by friends. What's a good song to say I'm sorry? Answer: Just remember that true friends will forgive you if you apologize. Here are the regret-filled lyrics:. Question: I lied to someone I really love. Although we're not together, I hurt him deeply, and after apologizing to him, I hurt him again.

I really want him to forgive me, but I don't know the right words to say or what to do. What should I say? Answer: You violated his trust not once but twice. Do some deep reflection about what led you to do so. The biggest predictor of future behavior is past behavior. Why would he trust you now? You need to focus your energy on demonstrating trustworthiness. Apologize earnestly and tell him you are focusing on being a better person.

Question: I made this girl I like really mad. Right before that she was debating if she should go out with me. I accidentally told people we were going out when we weren't. What song would be best? Answer: You do need to apologize and ask if you can start over. Make your apology to her relatable. We've all had one of those situations where we've gotten ahead of ourselves, nothing seemed to go right, then bad events turned to worse. See if she can understand that experience.

Tell her how awful you feel about it happening and how you wish you could have a redo or make it right because she's so special to you. Then, especially if she is still unconvinced, maybe present a written list of the top 10 reasons she should give you a second chance. Hint: make some of the reasons funny, make some of them endearing. Here is a list of song ideas for background mood music:. Although some of these are apology songs, you don't necessarily have to go with that type of song, as many such tunes are about broken romantic relationships and yours hasn't really started yet.

Whatever the case, best of luck in winning her over. I hope this was helpful! Question: I pranked my boyfriend that I was pregnant, and his parents kicked him out of the house as a result. I confessed the truth, but now his whole family detests me. What can I do to show how sorry I am about my prank? Answer: Oh, that's tasteless. Your unfortunate prank had real repercussions with your boyfriend's parents kicking him out. Right now they aren't supportive of your relationship, although he still continues to see you.

The best you can hope for right now is polite acknowledgment, and you get that by consistently behaving in a responsible and mature manner. You may try to write them a sincere apology letter with a card, asking for personal forgiveness. Tell them it was an immature joke in poor taste and you didn't know what you were thinking.

You didn't understand the ramifications of your actions; if you could undo it or make amends you absolutely would. Say that you are sorry. Do not expect that it will automatically result in the desired consequences but make the effort. They may treat you poorly but don't return the ugly behavior. Remember who caused this and be the bigger person.

Crissy - I've spent about an hour trying to find this on lyrics databases to no avail. So sorry! Perhaps a reader will recognize the lyrics and comment. Lora - I find that "Cat's In the Cradle" to be such a bittersweet song. Kids do grow up quickly. Even if you did the best you could I think there will always be regrets. Thank you for such a warm comment and note of encouragement. A great playlist of songs about regret, apologies and feeling sad, Flourish.

You did a splendid job! Life gets away from us before we even know it and so many times it's too late to even express our apologies to those that we love. It is better to say your sorry than to let this happen. This song has such a profound message that sadly sums up so many relationships in families.

Children grow up so fast and if we are not part of their lives, then they will not know us and vice versa. And what a loss that is! And we do teach our children by example so it is likely that this sad state of affairs will repeat themselves.

Thomas Rhett has a great country song called "Marry Me" about a guy who is in love with a female friend who is getting married to someone else. But now I feel like I wish he knew the truth.

Anonymous - Thank you for sharing. None of us has been a perfect friend, parent, child, employee, etc. You realize your opportunity for change, so work on becoming a better person and making up for any ways that you have hurt people you love.

All you can do is try. My biggest regret so far, is never thinking before i do rash things. It always gets me in trouble with the people i love and i hate it. Angel - Revenge cheating doesn't help anyone, and the person it's most unfair to is usually the person cheated with. Often they don't know they're just a pawn. Thanks for sharing your story. Hope you've learned something.

I loved a guy for a month, then other girls started getting in our way and soon I found out he was cheating in me.

I was so pissed that I wanted to hurt him back, so I went out with another guy just to show him what he was doing to me. It worked and I got him back but things started to get out of control to the point I lost both guys. I'm sill in love with the first guy, from that first day he came into my life. It was like he was an angel. Sent from god. I think as we grow older we become who we truly are, unburdened by some of the overwhelming pressures and expectations of youth.

With shortened time, focus becomes clearer. I know that's been true for me. My greatest regret is when I was young not taking enough time to smell the roses, but now, every day, I make every moment count.

Besides, Willy Nelson said it best: "Regret is just a memory, written on my brow, and ther's nothing I can do about it now. Excellent play list, Flourish. How Peter can sing that high and not loose a part of his body is beyond me. Elizabeth - I can certainly appreciate that you feel frazzled and out of control right now. Your priority should not be your love life but rather your mental health. Do not wait. If you are in crisis and feel like you may harm yourself, call for immediate life-saving assistance.

You may also contact one of the following resources for talk or text support:. Your call is free and confidential. Keep this information handy in your wallet or stored on your phone so that you have it in case you get in a bad place emotionally and need it urgently. Hi my name is Elizabeth i am 15 i have hurt my boyfriend an i want to explain what happened and i want to know how to fix it. So i started accusing him of cheating on me. And also i get jealous and then i don't like when he is talking to girls so i tell him i don't like the person he is talking to bc i feel like maybe they like him or they are trying to take him from me.

I have had a ex who cheated on me with a friend and i asked her if they were together and she lied. I forgot to take my depression meds and ADHD meds that day we got into a fight. I got mad and said things out of anger and didn't mean them also i got depressed and tried to overdose myself and i told him this was all his fault i wasn't thinking and i feel terrible because i am his second girlfriend.

And he is my first actual love his parents are Catholic they found out because he was crying and never cries they asked what was wrong and he told them.

They said that we need to break up and he thinks that they maybe won't let us get back together i know how to get better i have apologized and he says he forgives me.

But i feel like he doesn't know if he wants to be with me because i hurt him and got mad at him or upset with him over the littles things i was also on my period and still am i need your opinion.

Faith - It is simply going to take time to show him that you've changed for good and the lifestyle you used to have is truly in your past. You need to change for your own sake ultimately, regardless of whether you end up with him. If he doesn't see the change as permanent, someone else will value you for the good choices you are now making in your life.

Don't despair. I once had a very bad life style, due to friends and family background and I meet this guy whom I love so much during this bad area of my and gradually he stopped me from living those life style I will stop for a bit and later go back to them but gradually I took a decision and stopped finanly but he is not seeing d change in me no matter how hard I try. And sometimes I feel we won't end up together and he is just keeping me.

How do I make him believe am a change person and he is the reason for that. How do I get him back. Markleo45 - Thanks for helping.

We'll wait for a response from Christopher to see if this is it! Christopher - I've spent several hours trying to find the song you're referring to, but lyrics searches and other attempts haven't identified your song. It may be a really new singer or perhaps a song without wide coverage yet. Good luck in wooing your partner back.

Look her in the eye as you pour your heart out. She'll never forget it. Been there on the receiving end way back when and it worked. The artist is fairly new as well.

Any lyrics you recall? Is it on radio stations now? I really want to find this song, if you can help me please let me know who this artist is and the name of the song. Thank you! Msdg - You must have had some reason to make the accusations, even though they turned out to be untrue. Once his anger subsides, ask him to hear you out.

Explain rationally how you came to your conclusion, ask for understanding, and apologize for making an unfounded accusation. Ask for a second chance to rebuild trust between you. That's about all you can do. I wrongly accused my boyfriend of cheating. And now he aint talking to me and said hes done. What can i do or say. Gwynfryn Williams - First, I love your name! La Farruko. Rich Off Pints 2 Icewear Vezzo. Apple Music TV. Apple Music 1.

Apple Music Hits. Apple Music Country. Apple Music Radio Shows. The Echo Chamber. The Estelle Show. Band Van Radio with Old Dominion. The Ebro Show. Color Me Country. My 3 Minutes Radio with Carly Pearce. Music by Mood. Feel Good.

La Bella Al Molino - Coro Della S.A.T. - Flashback (CD, Album), Ritual Combat - Domain (6) - ...From Oblivion... (CD, Album), Natt Och Dag - Marie Bergman - Levande (CD, Album), Alegro Piradissimo - Lula Côrtes e Lailson - Satwa (Vinyl, LP, Album), Queen Of Chinatown - Various - Great Instrumental Hits (Vinyl, LP), Rock And Roll - Aaron Burdett - Refuge (CD, Album), Cartas Abiertas - Hermanas Huerta - Hermanas Huerta (Vinyl), Keep On Forgetting - The Larks - Unbelievable (Vinyl, LP), Hip Monkey - The Nite Owls - Hip Monkey / Browns Hideaway (Vinyl), Rakovalkealla - Jösse Järvenpää - Jössen Reissu Rautawaaralle (CD, Album)

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