Special Thanks : ACParadise. Eun-Suk Park as Luna. Gyeong-Ja Lee as Queen Beryl. Hong-Sik Park as Artemis. Il-Ok Mun as Hannah. Ja-Hyeong Gu as Kunzite Nephrite.

Min-Seok Kim as Jadeite Zoisite. Hong-Sik Park as Sera's Father. Min-Seok Kim as Andy. Mun-Ja Choi as Sera's Mother. Theme Song Performance : Bernard Minet.

Francois Leccia as Jadite Kunsite. Mark Lesser as Marc Umino Zoicite. Martine Reigner as Lelika ep Translation : Anna Matamala Catalan dub; eps Language Consultant : Jordi Quiles Catalan dub. Aleix Estadella as Zoizit Catalan dub. Alicia Taboada as Luna Galician dub. Beatriz Acaso as Luna Spain dub. Belinda Martinez as Reina Beryl. Carmen Donna Dio as Queen Metallia. Cristina Camargo as Molly Osaka. Guillermo Sauceda as Malachite. Jaume Villanueva as Nepherit Catalan dub.

Magda Giner as Zoycite. Manuel Pombal as Jadeite Galician dub. Olga Donadiue as Zoycite. Rene Garcia as Jedite. Rocio Garcel as Luna. Ana Maria Grey as Sammy Tsukino. Beatriz Acaso as Shingo Tsukino Spain dub. Carlos Becerril as Kenji Tsukino. Carola Vasquez as Reika Nishimura. Carola Vazquez as Janelyn ep 39 Katherine ep Charo Pena as Naru's mother Galician dub. Cristina Camargo as Mika's mother ep Cristina Hernandez as Annie ep Fernando Elegido as Kenji Tsukino Spain dub.

Francesc Figuerola as Alan Catalan Dub. Genaro Vasquez as Kelvin Taylor. Guillermo Sauceda as Armand ep Herman Lopez as Abuelo de Raye. Jesus Barrero as Andrew Michael ep 2. Maria Fernanda Morales as Hilary ep Miquel Bonet as Tenista Catalan Dub; ep Monica Manjarrez as Serena's fat friend eps 4, 8. Patricia Acevedo as Queen Serenity.

Ricardo Hill as Frankie ep Salvador Delgado as Yusuke Amade. Sylvia Garcel as Muurido Princess Dia ep Vanessa Garcel as Kuri ep 10 Sabrina. Vicky Burgoa as Castor ep 21 Serena's fat friend eps 13, 17 Yumiko ep 7. Catalan Dub. Maria Josep Guasch Catalan dub. Adaptation : Cloverway Dubbing : Intertrack S. Mexico Latin America. Production : Toei Animation Dubbing Director : Federico Danti. Theme Song Composition : Carmelo Carucci. Graziella Porta as Luna.

Cinzia Mantegazza as Zakar Zoisite 1st voice. Cinzia Massironi as Ilena, madre di Bunny. Claudio Moneta as Yuri. Claudio Ridolfo as Moran.

Dania Cericola as Caterina. Gabriele Calindri as Padre di Bunny ep 45 Prete. Gianfranco Gamba as Jack Padre di Bunny ep Gianluca Iacono as Nevius. Giorgio Ginex as Ubaldo. Lisa Mazzotti as Nina. Marcella Silvestri as Zakar 2nd voice. Paolo Torrisi as Sam. Pietro Ubaldi as Artemis Nonno di Rea. Veronica Pivetti as Regina Periglia. Internet Streaming : Mediaset Infinity.

Alexander Brem as Takahito Shinokawa. Alexandra Mink as Kyurene. Andreas Lier as Mann ep 4. Benedikt Gutjan as Shingo Tsukino. Bernd Stephan as Artemis. Christian Weygand as Misha Wettbewerbsveranstalter ep Claus Brockmeyer as Kellner ep Ditte Schupp as Frau im Juwelierladen ep 1 Jumeau.

Dominik Auer as Umino. Donald Arthur as Bakene Rhett Butler. Eva Maria Bayerwaltes as Petasus. Gudo Hoegel as Kunzyte second voice. Hubertus von Lerchenfeld as Motoki Furuhata. Jan Panczak as Yuuji Kimura. Kai Taschner as Jadeite. Karl-Heinz Krolzyk as Moderator ep Kellina Klein as Akiko Yanagi. Kornelia Boje as Hauswirtin ep Madeleine Stolze as Zeusite. Manuela Renard as Kigaan Yasha.

Marion Hartmann as Tesnai. Martina Duncker as Balm. Martina Dunker as Balm ep 2. Michael Schernthaner as Akan Rotmann. Michaela Amler as Garoben Higure Akiyama. Monika Gerganoff as Pollux. Niko Macoulis as Abteilungsleiter ep 3 Mann ep 4. Ole Pfennig as Passant ep Pascal Breuer as Neflite. Peter Thom as Herr Kunitachi ep 15 Wahrsager ep 2. Philipp Brammer as Bumbo Ryo Urawa. Sacha Holzheimer as Housenka.

Solveig Duda as Janelyn. Stephanie Kellner as Naru Osaka. Susanne Wirtz as Kameran. Ulli Philipp as Luna. Uta Zaradic as Ramua. Ute Bronder as Kita. Veronika Neugebauer as Suzuran weiblicher Gast ep Werner Abrolat as Butler ep Theme Song Performance : Marlies Somers.

Filip Bolluyt as Jadeite. Hein van Beem as Kunzite 2nd voice. Jan Nonhof as Artemis Kunzite 1st voice. Lex Passchier as Umino. Melise de Winter as Naru. Sien Diels as Luna.

Viggo Waas as Nephrite. Dubbing Director : Maria Samarina-Ilyina. Translation : Severus A. Snegg All. Music Composition : Abdul Rakhmanov. Broadcaster : STS Love Irina Jeimatz as Queen Beryl. Severus A. Minna Bernales as Artemis. Danuta Stachyra as Lektor. Jarek Lukomski as Lektor 2 version TV 4 ep Fernanda Figueiredo as Queen Beryl Portugal dub.

Ivo Roberto as Darien Mamoru Chiba; eps Leonardo Camilo as Jedite Jedeite. Ronaldo Artinic as Malachite Kunzite. Wellington Lima as Malachite Kunzite. Affonso Amajones as Joe ep Ana Ferreira as Monica Sakurada Haruna.

Angelica Santos as Murid ep 11 Thetis ep Celso Alves as Armand ep Christina Rodrigues as Akiko Yanagi ep 6. Cristina Paiva as Maria Sailor Jupiter. Denise Reis as Pollux ep 17 Sra Tsukino.

Fernanda Figueiredo as Bunny Tsukino. Jonas Mello as Narrator. Maralise Tartarine as Janelyn ep Muybo Cury as Kunitachi ep Noeli Santisteban as Zyocite.

Orlando Viggiani as Yusuke Amade ep 6. Tereza Marinho as Micki Kayama Mika. Thiago Longo as Sammy Tsukino Shingo.

Ursula Bezerra as Housenka ep Fernanda Figueiredo Portugal dub. Isabel Wolmar Portugal dub. Internet Streaming : Oldflix Brazil. Louise Reader as Luna. Annica Smedius as Lima's mother. Maria Weisby as Artemis in Sailor V-game. Olav Andersen as Jedyte Kunta queen Metallia ep Sanna Ekman as Jedyte's demons Zoysite.

RightStuf - Anime, Manga and More. Compare Credits Compare this anime with others. The Fall Preview Guide Oct 1, 9 comments. October is here and with it a brand new season of anime. ANN's editorial team are watching every show—so you don't have to!

We'll be updating throughout the next two weeks, so check back regularly. They did not reveal any further details about the project. Yen Press has licensed bot Album) website posted coments on the sequel by the origina Check out the virtual Tokyo Game Show, catch-up on the Nintendo announcements, and see what re-release has Heidi and the rest of us scratching our heads.

Unfortunately, most of us couldn't be there even if we wanted to, since it's still a royal pain in the butt to actually get through the country's COVID travel restrictions. Most of the publishers showcasing are announ Hideaki Anno has long been considered to be one of the forerunners of modern anime and otakudom. Matthew Roe TheCriticlysm takes another look at the career and impact of the maverick creator. Unlike nearly every other nation playing with animation at the turn of the 20th Century, Japan's foray was far Bright: Samurai Soul Oct 1, 1 comment.

To call Bright: Samurai Soul 'better than the original Bright' would be the most backhanded of compliments to pay any movie, but that is honestly the most apt superlative it can earn. It's supposed to be a sign of solidarity with that movie's orc-cop character who constantly g End of Summer Mega Survey Sep 30, anime.

Now that the Summer Season is over sortawe want to know what you thought of all the anime in this brand new feature we will be running every season. The story will explore the characters' inner selves versus how schoolmates see them. It does still feel a bit old-fashioned in its gendered themes, but the characters are interesting enough that it will be worth seeing where it goes.

Whether you identify with the one assigned to you at birth or not, one of the quickest ways to make someone un Sep 30, 13 comments. The original "healing" anime series is now officially streaming on Funimation, letting viewers travel to Neo Venezia for the very first time.

Steve and Nick try to zero in on the charm of Aria the Animation. The series has ushered in new sequels, i LN 1 Sep 29, 4 comments.

This isn't necessarily a p A sense of childlike wonder is central to the experience within the very first exhibition of the newly opened Academy Museum of Motion Pictures. As you stroll t It was all leading up to Jacki, Lynzee, and AJ discuss the season finale for My Hero Academia, our overall review of the season, where the anime can go from here, and whether it lived up to its stakes.

It's hard not to wince at Crueler Than Dead's plot of a virus spreading out unchecked across the globe, forcing people to shelter away from the outside world, salvation only possibly coming in the formulation of some sort of vaccine. It's therefore hard not to wince at Crueler Than Dead's All rights reserved. Features Reviews Columns. You can contribute information to this page, but first you must login or register. DVD 1 Sailor Moon - Sailor Scouts to the Rescue! DVD 2 DVD 3 DVD 4 Sailor Moon - Introducing Sailor Venus!

DVD 5 Sailor Moon - Adventure Girls! DVD 6 Sailor Moon - Fight to the Finish! DVD 7 DVD VHS 1 VHS 2 VHS 3 VHS 4 VHS 5 VHS 6 Sailor Moon - Green Eyed Monsters! VHS 7 Sailor Moon - And in this Corner VHS 8 Sailor Moon - Field Trips Dub.

And the Congoes record it and say it is them write it. I have a lot of songs that I write which I never get credit for because I never know much about performing rights. But the rights of them, the original work, is mine. But we do some great Album) at Upsetter studio. Nuff songs. Nuff song that people create them not even know where it come from. Scratch always had enough words. He called me Jah Lion. But he called me Jah Lion different from Jah Lloyd…. This interview was first published in The Beat in DanceCrasher would like to thank Mike Turner for giving us the opportunity to reproduce it.

Respect to Jah Lion. Francis began his singing career with the Mediators in the mids. At the end of the decade, he recorded for Rupie Edwards and Lee Perry. For a while, Francis became their record salesman, frequenting the studios and getting closer to King Tubby, with whom he studied the technical aspect of music.

In the early 70s, Pat Francis started producing and founded his Teem label. On the refined rythm of Ain't no sunshine, Jah Lloyd performs an ample and energetic toast while the second side features a masterful version of the legendary trombonist Vin Gordon with the superb Rebel Rock.

Great music. Muddy Ibe is legendary with his unique way of rendering his highlife. He lives on. The dada is full of music, inspiration, composition and admonition.

His genres include highlife, country, folks and world music. He had a unique voice that set him different from other highlife artists. He always talked about enemy pursuing him in his song. Igbo highlife artists who had disagreements would use music to sub each other back in the days. Captain Muddy Ibe was a great man. The musical instruments he employed always make his songs unique and every head nods to the rhythmic patterns of them. Captain Muddy Ibe is dead but his son Otigba Ibe has taken the wheel of microphone after him.

Honolulu, Hawaii. This soothing audio head massage is much needed in these stressful times. Probably not. This one is. We had to reference three different sources to get the best sound: reels, vinyl and cassette. Operating from his lifelong base of Honolulu, Hawaii, Lyman and the musicians he worked with released a large quantity of albums over a near year period that brought his particular mixture of Polynesian sounds and Afro-Cuban rhythms to a wide audience, all across the planet.

Thanks to the efforts of Roger Bong's Aloha Got Soul label, we can now enjoy all that it offers once again, though vinyl and digital reissues. Given the contributions Lyman made to fantasy fueled sounds of exotica over the course of his lifetime, the album is drenched with subtle melodies that recall a litany of television shows, films and library music albums.

If you need some time out, you'll find it here. Ersatz soundtracks for armchair safaris and shangri-las. At the end of this month, Aloha Got Soul, will reissue the late, lamented, vibraphone and marimba maestro Lyman's last solo commercial recording, the LP Island Vibes. A seamlessly segued suite of nine pieces, it consists almost exclusively of stripped back serenades for sampled, soothing, gently crashing, surf and Lyman's trademark instruments.

There are no strings, no percussion, no orchestration, just harmonic hymns and lullabies hammered out by his virtuoso four felt mallets on metal and wooden tongues.

The odd steel sheet is shaken to mimic the thunder of electrical storms, or the roar of the torrent of a secluded waterfall. The even odder horn sounds, like that of an approaching pleasure cruiser, homing into view, heading for harbour, toward honeymoon hideaways, fantasy islands, and blue lagoons. When Martin Denny held a residency as hotel band leader in Honolulu — where he employed Lyman on vibes — the calls and cries of the local wildlife were incorporated, integral to their evening performances.

A welcomed sonic transport to paradise, much needed in a post- pandemic world. At eight years old, Arthur Lyman's music was already being played in public spaces via a toy marimba performance on the radio. While Lyman laughed about the experience, he would continue performing and ultimately debuted professionally at 14 with a jazz group.

His skills earned him a place as How I Need You (Hello Dub Mix) - Bad Boys Blue - Game Of Love (CD vibraphonist alongside exotica pioneer Martin Denny, although Lyman would leave the Denny's group soon after to pursue a solo career. Posted by Jillem on Tuesday, September 28, Labels: Arthur Lyman - Island Vibes Rotterdam, The Netherlands.

Niew Hip Album) Simply fantastic For me, these guys were the best post-punk band from Rotterdam, maybe from Holland, way ahead of their time.

It consists of multimedia works produced in conjunction with video art and dance theater between and The first track is "No 2," which has a deep repetitive hammer beat. In addition, there are nine other tracks, ranging from minimal music variants to odd-shaped electro, that are full of creativity.

The members were involved in out-of-the-way improvisational groups such as the Jozef Kip Quartet and the local post-punk scene. Highly recommended! Quite curious for me what is Album) jazz rock in collaboration with electrinika, and it was quite amazing indeed.

Suitable to call their electronic creation is percussive and psychedelic, not danceable nor pop at all. Rutger's flexible, human heartwarming really saxophone play completely sticks to the rhythm section "percussively".

The combination of saxophones and synthesizers should be thought as the main dish in this album, let me say. Rutger's flexibility for managing saxophone can be heard via the sound texture, that sometimes sounds eccentric, sometimes sensual, sometimes primeval, and sometimes novel. Maarten's inorganic whispering voices are funky spice for the production. And the rhythm section including percussive synthesizer punches is pretty precise and strict, never beaten by other instruments.

Every other track, with the exception of B4, is an instrumental. The first twenty five or so seconds of A3 feature the Zappa-on-crack totally unnatural syncopation of the techiest djent or avant-prog, using just a saxophone and what sounds like a Yamaha RX11 before the vocalist comes in and things get endearingly stupid.

A guitar shows up on B1, and an electric bass shows up on B2, the latter of which is loaded with sound effects from a pinball game. I got curious and did some digging, and it turns out it's a table called Pinball Champ '82 from an Italian company called Zaccaria. B3's a nine minute long track featuring a drum machine, an acoustic bass, and a piano. It's got mild smokey dark jazz vibes, but it's way, way too long and too repetitive. And that closer is segmented as follows: multiple unaccompanied overdubbed saxophones playing an almost liturgical theme, unaccompanied spoken word in Italian, the only time that language is spoken on the CDdrums and saxophone, then the overdubbed saxes again.

It's very, very odd. Not like New wave's completely wrong. Avant-prog is closer, but a bit misleading. This gets really really proggy only two or three times, the rest being I dunno, the music in the lobby of the Dutch embassy in Morocco run entirely by street jazzbos and robot butlers?

The "please hold" music they'd have in the Jetsons universe as it was being invaded in turns by a minimal synth lovin' Peter Brotzmann and David Byrne's learning disabled brother-in-law? I dunno. It's worth a listen, though. I can't imagine you'll out and out love it, but I doubt you'll have an easy point of comparison either.

Wonderful from our music maestro honourable himself. I am a Nigerian high life singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist. I am known professionally as Honorable Vincent Ugabi. My music represents spirituality, life and soul and is inspired by the lives, parables, stories and historical details of my culture.

My kind of music is the kind that bring life to the dead and hope to the hopeless. In the 's a fire destroyed a lot of the records I had recorded. If you enjoy this song as much as I do, I hope you will consider purchasing it at your favorite streaming service.

Featured Stories Albums in Stores — Oct. Jason's weekly thoughts on music, media, and other stuff. Exclusive for supporters or via email. Broadcaster shares their latest single "Vacation Days," exclusively with Chorus. Garrett Lemons attended Furnace Fest last weekend and it got him quite contemplative on the place of community, nostalgia, and live music in our lives while also living through a pandemic or any other tough times.

The Slang.

Mr Jones - Various - Rock De Los 80s (CDr), Brincantes - New York Against The Belzebu - Zzzuaddoooo (CDr, Album), Deadwood (Rome And Proud Gallery) - Dirty Pretty Things - Puffing On A Coffin Nail (Live At The Foru, Leci Brandão - Antes Que Eu Volte A Ser Nada (Vinyl, LP), Target (12) - Master Project Genesis (CD, Album), Honolulu Lulu - Jan & Dean - Filet Of Soul (Vinyl, LP, Album), Wenn Alle Untreu Werden - Joseph Rheinberger* - Gotthold Schwarz, Jürgen Sonnentheil - Organ Sonatas, Bell Theme, Marilyn Single Version, Cactus - The Pixies* - Loudquietloud - A Film About The Pixies (DVD), The Raid - The Rhythm / Right On Time (Vinyl), Russian Stout - Agrovators* Meets The Revolutioners* - At Channel One Studios (Instrumental) (Vinyl,, Valse Triste - Vadim Bondarenko - Sentimental (CD, Album)

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  4. Dec 24,  · Lupin III: Part 6, English Dub of Lupin III Part 1 Anime Screen in U.S. Theaters in October Yen Press Licenses If You Could See Love, In the Land of Leadale Manga, 4 Novels.

  5. Hello Select your address Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band Stereo Mix The Beatles $ $ 97 $ $ (10,) Disney's Karaoke Series: Professionals Need: Kindle Direct Publishing Indie Digital & Print Publishing Made Easy Amazon Photos.

  6. If you need some time out, you'll find it here.' -Martyn Pepperell 'Alongside Les Baxter and Martin Denny, Arthur Lyman is one of the names synonymous with the genre that was / is “exotica”. The late '50s “faux tropical” phenomenon, birthed by Denny’s album of the same name, but instigated by Baxter’s Ritual Of The Savage in

  7. Drake still has the number one album in the country. Drake’s Certified Lover Boy rules the Billboard albums chart for a third consecutive and total week, as the set earned , equivalent album units in the U.S. in the week ending Sept. 23 (down 28%), according to MRC propertychoice.biz album opened atop the list two weeks ago with the year’s biggest week for an album: , units.

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