About Vendor Learn more about this vendor for your event. There, I grew up watching my dad singing with gospel groups. When I was in elementary school, I can recall my mother and father taking me to gospel shows where my dad would perform on the same show with Shirley Caesar, The Mighty Clouds of Joy and others. I always enjoyed hearing their beautiful harmonies One day, I decided to join my brothers in a gospel group. What made me know that I had a great voice was the request that we received to perform in Gadsden, Alabama, along with the Mighty Clouds of Joy.

On the day of the performance, our gospel group sang one of the songs from The Gospel Keynotes' album that featured Paul Beasley. To the surprise of all in attendance, we sang that song extremely well. In fact, when our performance was heard by the other professional artists scheduled to perform that night, Joe Ligon and the rest of the Mighty Clouds of Joy left there dressing room to hear us sing.

After that performance, our gospel group was asked to travel with them. But, my father and mother refused because they wanted us to attend college. The choir director encouraged me to continue singing in the choir, but I later left to join a band. Mon May 14, am KHearts.

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Star Wars For discussing all the games set in the Star Wars universe. Mark all forums read. Who is Online. Our users have posted a total of articles We have registered users The newest registered user is raissazhou I get the best of both worlds. Lavender is awarding MRRR the original cover art of this years I love working with volunteers and sponsors and civic leaders and Pride Edition. Because of the red ink marking the ledgers of the ben- the participants and all of their work.

Seeing it come to life is just eting agencies, it, too, will be transmuted into desperately need cash. Were truly helping people. Fetsch speculates on the artworks ultimate fate, I think a silent MRRRs good works notwithstanding, the recession has turned auction. I think it might be at our victory party. Therell be a sense the ongoing race for revenue into an uphill pursuit, as Fetsch la- of accomplishment and a sense of helping the beneting agencies.

We need the money more than ever. Considering the dearth of money, its bitterly ironic that the col- To bid on the artwork, visit eBay, and search for Lavender lective work of the beneting agencies urgently is required.

Pride Edition Original Artwork. Its the highest increase in 17 years. After the need is established, and the subsequent funds are As Fetsch puts it, The Ride is one of the most amazing events raised, the ultramarathonic realities of the actual MRRR follow.

Ive ever worked on, and Ive been doing events for 12 years. The This years blends traditional green with a trendier green, Fetsch passion and commitment behind the Ride is just unbelievable. I relates: Were stepping up our recycling efforts this year, as well.

Photo by Sophia Hantzes LavenderMagazine. The GLBT market is a powerful economic force. We vote with our dollars. We are vo- cal about supporting brands and companies that give back to us. A positive reputation often is hard-won, but when the word is out, loyalty is definitely a two-way street. Park Tavern in St. Louis Park is one such business. Its not only a Inwhen the city widened Louisiana Avenue, Park Tavern great place to grab a beer and burger, and bowl a few lanes, but also moved to its current location in the Knollwood area.

In the process, he attracted Owner Phil Webers philosophy is simple: When people are treat- virtually every segment of the community to its doors. That way of doing business indeed Offshoots of Park Tavern in Excelsior, Bloomington, and the has brought customers back time and again.

In what has been a down Minneapolis Lake Calhoun area never quite could create the same economy for most, Park Taverns business denitely is up. Fi- Park Tavern is a welcoming place for the GLBT communitya nancially, it was great, but an element of fun was missing.

Infamily place in every sense of the word. From birthday parties for kids Weber spun off the others, devoting all his energy to Park Tavern in to cosmic bowling to corporate events, it literally has something for St. Louis Park, remodeling the space to its Album) look. In the summer months, the patio is hard to pass up. As Weber explains with the voice of experience, Anyone can More than simply having a successful and inclusive business model be successful, and you can only be so efcient, but I never want to that has stood the test of time, Weber has chosen to stay involved in lose the fun.

While he rant, or the 11th Frame loungea favorite for corporate partieshe appreciates the economics of the gay dollar as much as any other often will be the rst smiling face a new customer sees upon entering. He has gone out of his way to support the community in fund- son people come to you is to have a good time!

While Park Tavern certainly is a place for the serious bowler, Weber shares that he enjoys GLBT customers, who historically with clean, modern, and well-maintained facilities, it intentionally are generous to the wait staff. He knows that because he treats his is geared toward the recreational crowd. It has leagues, but none gay clientele with the same respect as his other customers, they ofcially sanctioned. Park Tavern has undergone a number of transformations in its Weber remarks, It all comes down to respect.

We provide good June Were accommodating. Weber recounts that the original establishment at a corner on It may be a simple and rather modest claim to make, but it is ex- Minnetonka Boulevard was an old 3.

It was a small place, had actly this kind of business that fosters a public environment where a item menu, and could hold maybe 75 people.

For many parents, having a child come out can be a traumatic event. But Paul and Hjordy Wagner of Eau Claire, Wisconsin, found themselves having the talk with both of their sons, several years apart. Instead of cursing their fate, their world, or just God, the pair bit. You would pick and choose whom you told. I wish I hadnt been of educators embraced their new reality, though it didnt come so protective.

I could have helped others. They took their experiences one step Since the book was published, the couple have worked tirelessly to further, collecting their thoughts, observations, and lessons learned promote it, and to bridge gaps in the community.

That has led to some into Ready or NotTheyre Gay. Part of it is that the message is coming from the parents. For the mild-mannered Midwestern- Hjordy adds, Its different when a parent is talking, rather than to-the-core authors, the changes were immediate. The book, how- a gay or lesbian person.

They are more apt to listen. Get- Target areas include middle and high school media centers and ting the book together was a matter of time. Hjordy, who worked in several areas in the Eau Claire public schools, As Hjordy explains, Thats where we get some of the door- including as a media specialist, recalls, We didnt have the time when shutting, but we have to roll up our sleeves, and break down the we were teachers. Once we retired, we really had a lot of time to work on barriers.

We nd young people are coming to us saying that theyre it. It took us four years of writing and one year to publish. This way, they can see that there are that once the idea had solidied, We brought it in front of the boys. They were on board right away. So, we started to put thoughts on Along with Paul and Hjordys own recollections, the book paper, and then, it wouldnt stop. We knew our situation was not includes thoughts from Brad and Andy, as well as stories from unique, and that this is a tough time for many families.

The authors hope to collect more of these When Brad came out, Paul and Hjordys rst instinct was to nd recollections for a second book, which may be published or col- a book to help them deal with it. Now, theyve added to the growing lated onto a website. The Hjordy says, The need is so much greater than we ever imag- end goal is to make things better by changing minds. Based on our experience, there is a lot of work to be done Paul insists, People can change, with education and self-drive.

We want to roll up our Hjordy remarks, We want to be able to walk down the street sleeves and work. Then, we will know we are therewe are in a better place.

I wish I would have been able to help some of my For more information about Ready or NotTheyre Gay, visit peers and the kids in school more than I could. Ready or Not Theyre Gay authors Hjordy left and Paul Wagner. Anthony R. Whelihans art could be identied anywhere in the world as easily as that of Salvador Dali.

Its a style so completely Whelihans own, with a common ow of colors and overlain screen designs, that if any piece resembled his style, imposter would be written all over it. Luckily for our local community, he uses his undeniable talent for countless good causes. The reason The Whelihan Experiencerather than simply Wheli- goes to the charity, which is what keeps the artist grounded.

It depends on what you do to her. For people like Whelihan, Karma must be on their side, as every- According to the artist, The Whelihan Experience is the time one is putting forth a little extra to contribute to our community. It is a kaleido- many organizations that need to raise funds, as well as awareness.

Whelihans parents instilled in him at a young age the impor- The hype that surrounds Whelihans work is the reason he is tance of giving back to the community, which clearly has stuck with able to be a major supporter of many localand even national him his entire life. As Whelihan enthuses, The amazing thing is when you do this some- You may have noticed Whelihans edgy designs on Lavenders thing, and the universe opens upso many wonderful things happen.

Pride Editions from to His expansive 5,square-foot Whelihan attributes his success in the art world to the people mural on the exterior of the Minneapolis Convention Center is one he associates himself with, whether it be his friends, or children in of the largest on canvas in the world. Having worked with the latter for 15 years, a piece for Disneys 75th anniversary, as well as the 65th birthday he has developed a strong fondness that resulted in Creative Kids of of Donald Duck.

PACER, a workshop for children with disabilities to learn to paint, While Whelihans style is specic, the variation in his projects draw, and the like. His medium of choice is watercolor. His gigantic-sized Whelihan has produced more commissioned pieces for famous peo- paintings are done by hand, despite their computer-generated look. When Max, two icons who set the scene for their time.

Although his work is he was told to paint an apple, he substituted a banana instead. His widespread, Whelihan remains devoted to the Twin Cities community noncompliance with the art rules in school developed into a success and his selected charities, among which are GLBT groups.

As Whelihan remarks, I take pride in the gay community. If His bubbly spirit is full of energy, passion, and tips for living a life there werent gays, there would be no culture, no theater, no art, the beautiful way he does his. Its no wonder that his work turns out no nothing. Whelihan shares that his favorite work is whatever he is about Whelihans piece of advice to make it in this world: Youve got to embark on.

Watching the excitement of viewers blossom in ways June He donates his art; the organi- To nd out where to participate in The Whelihan Experience, zations host benets; and in the end, they sell the art. Whelihan left and Tim Henning. Photo Courtesy of Anthony R. Whelihan LavenderMagazine. We are reminded with Rare Productions this year to host the over and over that we are more at risk for HIV, second annual Photo Contest focused on Hepatitis C, obesity, tobacco, drugs, and alco- gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, and queer hol use, and that our youth have the highest GLBTQ impressions of personal and profes- suicide rates.

This contest asks folks to reflect sional healthy lifestyles. People begin to look within, identify what iad ways to be healthy, vibrant, active members is good, and ponder what can be better.

It stim- of the community. RHI Executive Director Loretta Worthington This is in part because of societal discrimina- adds, Having healthy queer images seen by tion against and stigmatization of homosexual- the general population is important, but having ity, and legal discrimination against same-sex these images to reflect healthy living back to our relationships. Yet, it is also in part because of the own communities is essential for our own mental closeted lifestyles these folks often live, fearing and emotional health.

Internalized homophobia discovery, loss of employment or housing, and is often due to ones personal view that GLBTQ isolation from friends or family. This high stress lifestyles are somehow bad.

These images show level often can lead to risk-taking behaviors that clearly that GLBTQ people have healthy, loving, may result in negative health consequences. Milo has two Moms. While our life is not perfect, it is beautiful! It is a beautiful mess.

Those of us in this mess choose to live our lives fully June Artist: Alex Iantaf. A icker. A glow. Every Artist Statement: life can be a bit teeter- totterish ame has that ery center that burns and overows in an when trying to keep a healthy balance ambiance for all to see. There are ames everywhere, but Artist: Anna Meyer the most important ame is that of our soul. This internal ame guides on the path of life, and shows us who we are Artist: Becky Salztman.

Category: Good Health Can Be Shared Title: Young Love Artist Statement: nothing like having my rst kiss with a cute boy underneath a rainbow umbrella, because a healthy me is a happy me June The apple is healthyas well as the forbidden fruit Artist: Pearce Turpin.

It may not always look like a tree, but he has fun doing it Artist: Billy Navarro Jr. Jaime L. Davis, M. Photo Courtesy of Uptown Dermatology. HIV-positive people are healthier and living longer than ever before. The devel- opment of newer, more effective medica- tions has made this possible. Unfortunately, one of the side effects of several of these medications is lip- odystrophy.

This is redistribution of body fat that includes facial lipoatrophy fat vol- ume loss of the face and buffalo hump fat gain on the upper part of the back.

Facial lipoatrophy creates a hollowness of the cheeks that can be a red ag for people whose HIV is otherwise undetectable. One of our patients expressed, I just felt like people were looking at me saying, That guy looks like he has AIDS, when, in fact, I havent felt this good for years, or had better viral or T-cell counts! We believe that part of the restoration of a healthy immune system in HIV-pos- itive people is a healthy appearance.

We call it Recovery Inside and Out. However, we dont reserve this treat- ment exclusively for our HIV-positive pa- tients. We have several patients who have become ill for other reasons, and have lost considerable weight that they just have not been able to regain. This facelift in a bottle is also ideal for our healthy pa- tients in their 40s, 50s, and up who are in- terested in having a healthier, more natu- rally youthful look.

Wonderful treatments can be done in the ofce that help restore the volume loss and result in a natural, healthy look. Two of our favorites are Sculptra and Radiesse.

It is a natural lactic acid-based product that stimulates colla- gen growth where it is injected. Each ses- sion lasts about Album) minutes, and consists of a series of carefully placed injections into the deeper layers of the skin. Normally, two vials of Sculptra are injected per ses- sion, with minimal discomfort and minimal bruising. Gradual, natural-looking volume restoration occurs over a six-week period after each treatment session. Several treat- ments may be needed depending on the degree of fat loss present, but most patients require about three sessions.

The results last a minimum of two years. Photographs of actual patients show the dramatic differ- ence this treatment can make. Radiesse calcium hydroxylapatitemade by BioForm Medical, is another ex- cellent choice for patients with lipoatrophy because of illness, HIV, or aging. This prod- uct is injected in a way similar to Sculptra, and also stimulates the skin to produce its own natural collagen. Minimal discomfort is experienced during the procedure, and only one session is usually necessary.

Two to four syringes are injected per session, depending on the degree of volume loss. Unlike Sculptra, results with Radiesse are immediate, and last up to a year. Otherwise, the cost is LavenderMagazine. OK, so probably a couple thousand dif- healthy. Massive amounts of exercise and Youve made your plan, and set up ways Most of them ask that you only spend a dieting dont work.

Doctors will tell you it to achieve your goals. That was the easy small fortune to help you lose the weight doesnt, so dont listen to a reality televi- part. Knowing what you should do and actu- you want to drop. Dropping a pound or two a week ally doing it can be two very different things A hugely popular show on television even is healthy.

Set your goal to match. Health for most people. Let your friends know what takes some of the fattest and laziest people in is more important than looks. If you want youre engaged in. Make sure they are good our society, and pits them against each other to lose 10 pounds by summer, make sure to friends, of course. If they tell you negative and temptation. To win, all you have to do is start 10 weeks before your deadline.

You will need and lose the most weight each week. Nothing feels fail to do so, you get cut from the show, as Now that you have your goal and your better than having someone tell you that you you clearly dont want help losing weight, timetable, its time to gure out how youre can do it, or that theyve noticed your diet is because if you did, you would have starved going to go about attaining it. Heres where working. They also will be the ones to en- yourself more, and exercised harder.

Lets assume youre going to go quitting. And you will contemplate giving up lets nd some healthy steps to lose weight. Everyone has the is good and bad for you. If you eat Not everyone is going to see the results it worked for him or her, it surely will do out a lot, perhaps you should eat in more, hoped for. Each persons body is different so for you, right? But you arent everyone or make healthier choices when you go out. So, even though you arent else. You are you.

So, your plan needs to be You dont need to eliminate Album) you losing the weight the way you thought you right for you. If you love bread and all those love, but you do need to rein it in. If you would, have exercising and eating healthier lovely carbs, a no-carb diet isnt for you.

Lets your regular diet, and use it as a reward to be honest: Its all about that. If you try getting able to stick to the plan you made, perhaps So, youve decided you want to lose rid of it completely, youll end up crashing, try upping the goals.

Go from walking to weight, or you have been trying for awhile, and landing in a chocolate orgy. Add in healthier foods, and perhaps even years, without success.

Look Now, on to exercise. The best idea is joining take out more of the bad food. The main into why you want to shed pounds. Are you a gym. Unless youre new to dieting, you prob- point is advancing by baby steps. These obese, or slightly overweight, and you want ably already tried it, and perhaps even failed at changes need to be sustainable. The Big- to be healthier? Do you want to look good it. New Years resolutions, anybody? You can in- gest Loser is not.

Many winners and other in a swimsuit? What is your reason? Re- troduce exercise into your life by parking at the contestants gain back all, if not more, of member, your goals need to be yours, not far side of the lot; taking the stairs instead of the the weight they lost when they returned to someone elses.

If youve decided to lose elevator; or hanging out with friends by walk- their normal sedentary lives. Quick results June You want lasting the house. These baby steps really can help you results. When you ing, talk to your doctor. Perhaps a medical Your goals need to be realistic. The begin seeing results, you slowly can add more. Me Time Herbal Sufce it to say, I had had a daywell, more a week, really.

I haul tons of wardrobe, along with endless boxes of photos and recording equipment; I hear rejection just about every oth- er audition; and Im always last on anyones priority list. Furthermore, in the middle of the worst economic cri- sis since the Great Depression, lets just say, like most of you, I work double time for less pay, and Im grateful for at least having that much.

Sound familiar? Sure, we all have been bearing up admirably here in the Twin Cities, making do with less, and waxing poetic about a return to real priorities. But you know what? All work and no play is probably why I almost got into a screaming match with a woman in a parking lot just because she stole the spot I was waiting for.

Our generation is capable of so much, but even in times of hardship, its important to make time for some TLCbefore we freak out in a parking lot. Jason Moravec, who provides chef and nutrition ser- vices in the health-care industry, is no stranger to a long days work.

Like many of us, he found that his workplace stress carried over into his personal life. So, because he had a lifelong interest in herbal remedies and homemade skincare products, he created his own relaxation ritual. As Moravec says, Every time I would come home from work exhausted, I would immediately draw a bath, and that was my escape.

Moravec incorporated his own bath productshand- milled soap, bath salts, oat soaks, and bath bombsinto his routine, and, eventually, inspiration struck. Plus, no stressful about smearing it with known carcinogens and I thought maybe other people could use drive home afterward.

Moravecs organic products do much more Fortunately, all of Moravecs products are Moravec founded Me Time Herbal, an than provide relaxation. They can improve the available for purchase. His hand-milled sig- organic, at-home spa service.

Building on appearance and overall health of your skin. I nature soaps are available in a wide variety a business model more frequently found in noticed the difference after just one visit. He also makes sea salt bath blends, the Far East, he travels to a clients home; As Moravec shares, My skin feels much oat soaks, facial steam blends, bath tea bags, sets up various spa stations; and nishes his smoother, because I use a product on a makeup removers and moisturizers, salt visit by drawing a warm, fragrant bath regular basis.

My pores have been almost scrubs, zzy bath tablets, and bath sponges. Check out his website Friday afternoon. Just as one visit to the all-natural section at a retail you, might I suggest that you also might I was halfway through my facial steam, low chain store was fruitless: I looked at a par- benet from a little Me Time? When you and behold, I began to unwind. In around ticular kind of soap, and I couldnt read the take a breath and relax, you realize that a two hours, I also was treated to an oat foot name of one ingredient!.

A person could get used to this sort of According to Moravec, I use plant- thing. Yes, its decadent as all get-out, but based glycerin. I dont use anything un- Me Time Herbals services are reasonably natural at allno preservatives, and no fra- priced in comparison to what a spa might grances that arent natural. A full in- Because the skin is a living, breathing June Here are ve of the in Minnesota.

The organization sees Min- most fascinating stories from across the nesota as the next key battleground state state affecting our community. NOM President Brian Brown stated in a The couples, part of a group called Marry news release that the ad campaign was just Me Minnesota, argue that the act violates the beginning of our efforts to expose the the state constitutions single subject rule, Minnesota politicians who wont let the which prohibits laws from being passed people vote on the future of marriage.

Some in Pawlenty vetoed a bill that would have the GLBT community question the tim- granted gay couples the right to decide what ing of the legal challenge, but Marry Me to do with their bodies when they die. He Minnesota says the couples cant afford said he vetoed the so-called Final Wishes to wait: We dont want to wait ve years, bill because it was unnecessary, arguing gay ten years, twenty years to see equality for couples simply can draw up a living will.

Ad- same-gender couples in Minnesota. Many vocates for the bill argue that a living will of us cannot afford to wait that long. Since legalization Albing of Minneapolis in May became inmore than 2, gay marriages perhaps the rst lesbian pastor to be rec- have been performed in Iowa, accounting ognized. She has been Pastor of Lutheran for roughly 10 percent of all marriages in Church of Christ the Redeemer in South the state during the same time period.

Of Minneapolis for the past seven years, but the same-sex marriages, 60 percent were June Albing told reporters, Missouri, and Nebraska. Only couples In many ways, this isnt a day about me. Reverend Canon Mary Glasspool, Bishop of the Los Angeles Di- ocese, is the churchs rst lesbian bishop, and one of the rst two female bishops. In attendance at the historic ceremony were 3, people.

Security guards escorted two men out during the event after they shout- ed that the church needs to repent. It would grant a conditional path to citizen- June Abdollahi came to this country when he was only 3. She recalled that she urged her husband not to make gay mar- riage an issue during the campaign. Bush remarked, I think we ought to look at gay marriage, and debate it. A lot of people have trouble coming to terms with it, because they see marriage tradition- ally as a man and woman.

But I also know that when couples are committed to each other, and love each other, they ought to have the same sort of rights that everyone has. Human Rights Campaign Spokes- man Michael Cole said in a statement, When the right-wing was using same-sex couples as election-year pawns, we would have welcomed support from the First Lady.

Nevertheless, her speaking out now for marriage equality shows that more and more Americans realize all families need the same rights and protections. His decision makes Portugal the sixth European country to allow same-sex marriage. In handing down his verdict, the judge in the case told the men, I will give you a scar- ing sentence so that the public can be pro- tected from people like you, so that we are not tempted to emulate this horrendous example.

Great Britain, Malawis larg- est donor of foreign aid, has expressed its June The US State Department issued a statement calling the case a step backwards in the protection of human rights in Malawi. If youre not out and gays in the military. Both certainly should be priori- at work, its a huge problem. A lot of people ties. But a far greater number of GLBT folks are affected stay quiet, because its this thing that you by the threat of losing the most basic thing one must dont necessarily want to talk about.

Because a vast num- handy The State of the Workplace for Lesbian, ber of GLBT persons are estranged from their relatives, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Americans in- they cannot fall back on the family structure that others cludes testimony from veteran Massachu- typically can call on in trying times.

Carney that illuminates how straight privilege is a systematic psy- chological weapon against nonstraights. The th tions about with whom you had a date, or a in 38 states to discriminate based on gender Congress held two hearings on it last fall.

Though great strides have been made in not sharing any part of your personal life Thats why demands have increased for many corporate entities to provide GLBT for fear of reprisal or being ostracized?

Countless small and large We hear of GLBT youth driven out of of and the Americans with Disabilities businesses, especially outside metropolitan their homes onto the streets, but their adult Act of The ba- employers, employment agencies, and labor sure to hide their identity in the workplace. But stigma inspiring example of advances in easily is attached if a chatty straight sexual-orientation law and public Album) overhears or eavesdrops policy through independent re- on a private conversation on ones search and scholarship.

And, of course, not all gay The Williams mission statement men are waiters, theater artists, or notes that when it comes to GLBT fashion designers.

None rst openly gay man to be elected of the well-recognized think tanks to citywide ofce in Minneapolis like the Brookings Institution or as a Board of Estimate and Taxa- RAND regularly address issues of tion Commissioner. His sensible sexual orientation. The Williams approach to budgets at times met Institute does.

One level. Even hard-sell transphobes holds a masters degree, but is un- Wally Swan. Photo by Hubert Bonnet have come around to her view- deremployed. A second found his point at her acclaimed presenta- employment terminated when another staff Vermont, which was published in Workplace person asked to be trained for his job, and According to Swan, the woman who was harmony equals nancial success, while the position then was outsourced abroad. Two quite warm and effusive. Swan also relates that a lesbian no response to his inquiries about his status of special rights.

She points out that prots friend lost a nance-eld position, but is teaching the course he was interested in. So When Swan saw the woman at a confer- and that we must educate employers and much for the stereotype of gays and lesbi- ence soon after, he reports that she simply employees about this issue. People would watch as the disease slowly devastated their loved one. And in time, friends and family would bury their beloved. Fast forward towhen we watched curecontinue to spread in a world where Minnesota had been told they were infected as HIV rates in Minnesota and the nation information literally is at our ngertips?

More than 5, of them were rose for yet another year. It has evolved into a well-known pandemic that can and does affect every age group and race in this country.

Four years would pass from the rst cases in until a test was developed that could detect the Human Immunodeciency Virus HIV. Today, testing can be done in a matter of minutes. While thousands waited to hear their test results in Minnesota inof them learned they, too, were now an- other statistic in the failing battle to stop the spread of HIV. More than a quarter of those who heard the words Im sorry to tell you hadnt reached the age of Folkens says, A view that HIV is a manageable disease, thanks to better medications, seems to have added to a sense of complacency.

However, the belief that someone can just take a pill and be OK is not true for everyone, as drugs impact ev- eryone differently, and long-term outcomes arent always known. Marburger recounts, I hear the stories of how the meds that folks are taking are often like taking chemo daily. The side ef- fects wreck havoc on their bodies, minds, and spirits. Its a sad truth that doesnt reect ad- vertisements for HIV meds where men and women are shown living grand lifestyles.

Folkens notes, This is not a disease that you can see. The time for making a decision about safer-sex practices [should be] well before any physical attraction or connection. With more than a fourth of the new infections in the younger age group, many question how a generation that never has known a world without HIV could be the one thats affected the most. Folkens relates that sex education reached its peak in the mid- to lates.

Even then, HIV infection was taught with phrases like bodily uids instead of. It schools that considers the risk factors. They often see it as a fused or uneducated about the prevalence of been infected with HIV. Because they may manageable disease that wont affect them.

A new issue facing HIV-prevention programs is that with new medications needing to be taken for the rest of their life, some HIV- positive people now are living for decades in relatively good health. It has led, in some communities, to a sense of complacency, or an its-not-that bad type of thinking. So, what is the truth about the spread of HIV?

It can be a man or woman who is gay, straight, or bisexual. While the most common behavior is unprotected sex, risks increase based on a number of factors: 1 Unprotected anal sex is riskier than unprotected vaginal sex. Likewise, in unprotected vaginal sex, the woman is at greater risk than the male.

Saliva in the mouth breaks down HIV in seminal uid precumwhich helps lower the risk. Ejaculating into the mouth increases the risk, however. An individual with a low viral load of 1, or someone on medication with an undetectable viral load, is considered unlikely to transmitbut the risk is always there, so Album) viral loads never should be a reason to have unprotected sex. Sharing needles and other drug para- phernalia in drug use is high-risk.

Though other methods of transmis- sion of HIV exist, current laws and health- profession practices have decreased them greatly, leaving unprotected sex and shar- ing needles during drug use as the pri. If someone fears having been exposed to HIV, he or she can seek medical help up to 72 hours after the exposure to begin a round of medication known as postexposure prophy- laxis to help prevent infection.

As each per- son is different, medical experts suggest that treatment should begin as soon as possible. Yet the best and most effective method of prevention is to engage in safe, respon- sible sexual practices.

However, natural or lambskin condoms do not provide sufcient protection. Long-term monogamous relationships also can lower the risk, along with regular testing at least once a year for sexually ac- tive peoplemore often for those at high- er risk, such as people who have multiple sexual partners, share needles, or partici- pate in unsafe sexual habits.

The virus cannot reproduce outside the human body. HIV cannot be transmitted in the fol- lowing ways: Studies by CDC researchers and oth- ers have found no evidence that HIV can be transmitted by insects such as mosquitoes. Saliva, tears, and sweat are not modes of transmission.

The Song Of The Apennines Little Folk - Tears Of Othila - Way To Traditions (CD, Album), Alcatrazz - Alcatrazz (Cassette, Album), Maria Consuelo - Henri Dès - Henri Dès (Vinyl, LP), Waiting For Spring - Scooter - ...And The Beat Goes On! (CD, Album), Love By Starlight - Frank Chacksfield & His Orchestra - Ebb Tide (Vinyl, LP), Ill Walk With God - Mario Lanza - The Ultimate Collection (CD), Ritch In A Ditch - Klark Kent (3) - Klerk Kant (CD), Antacid II (Wishmountain Remix), O Little Town Of Bethlehem - Various - Merry Christmas (CD), Wine Soundcheck - Lamb Of God - Killadelphia (DVD), Pistols at Dawn - Daniel G. Harmann - White Mountains (CD, Album), 3. Satz: Tempo Primo (Schluß) - Adagio - Beethoven* - Hilde Güden • Sieglinde Wagner • Anton Dermota

8 thoughts on “Rubber Road - Tangletown - Ordinary Freaks (CD, Album)

  1. Jun 29,  · Find album reviews, stream songs, credits and award information for Ordinary Freaks - Tangletown on AllMusic - Find album reviews, stream songs, credits and award information for Ordinary Freaks - Tangletown on AllMusic - Rubber Road. Seth Zimmerman. Tangletown: Amazon: Lucky Dog. Tangletown: 6/

  2. Download ORDINARY FREAKS by TANGLETOWN free. #1 rated music site. Million songs. Get lyrics ♫ music videos for your iPhone® Tangletown - Rubber Road - Tangletown - Lucky Dog - Music Videos. Country. Latin. Search and download from millions of songs, albums and concerts. Top hit songs are in the MP3 format and can be played.

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  5. Nov 19,  · Check out Where The Rubber Meets The Road (Album Version) [Explicit] by Meat Loaf on Amazon Music. Stream ad-free or purchase CD's and MP3s now on propertychoice.biz5/5(3).

  6. Coming from a BBC Radio 2 project to celebrate the 40th anniversary of this sublime Beatles album, this mixture of folk reworkings of the Rubber Soul tracks is well worth a listen, not least for the inventive way in which many of these artists manage to bring something new to /5(8).

  7. February 16, Report. referencing Road Featuring Noel Redding, CD, Album, RE, Road () Natural Resources (a division of Motown); not to be confused with another band named The Road that had 2 LPs on Kama Sutra. Road: Noel Redding (vocals, bass); Rod Richards (vocals, guitar); Leslie Sampson (vocals, drums).

  8. RUBBER MEETS THE ROAD The 25th Anniversary Edition: The soundman for Bloodgood & Barren Cross speaks out! [Doty, Paul] on propertychoice.biz *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. RUBBER MEETS THE ROAD The 25th Anniversary Edition: The soundman for Bloodgood & Barren Cross speaks out!

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