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More Games:. Play now Elvenar. Elvenar — Build a fantasy city Tribal Wars 2 — the sequel to the classic Grepolis — Build your empire in ancient Greece. Connect with Facebook Google Apple. Forge of Empires. Or register with:. More Info. Strategy Browser Games like Forge of Empires stand out Forge of Empires FOE was published in as the newest strategy online game by InnoGames and has since been one of the most successful browser-based games available.

Establishing whether a lamb has been killed by a fox, or died as a result of sudden bad weather or mis-mothering and been subsequently scavenged by a fox, is very difficult.

Foxes may in many circumstances be blamed for killing a lamb when they simply found it dead or dying Natural England, All empirical evidence demonstrates that these assumptions are untrue. We expect that the amendment will be brought forward under a Statutory Instrument SIas an amendment to Schedule 1 of the Hunting Act.

This would need to be approved by both Houses of Parliament, and, as a contentious issue, we would expect it to be voted on, on the floor of both Houses rather than just in an SI Committee. This could take place in a very short space of time. It is essential that the UK public, media and politicians see this amendment for what it really is.

We need everyone to tell their political representatives to stand firm against any return to cruelty and reject the proposed amendment regarding number of dogs and any other attempt to weaken or repeal the Hunting Act. There should be no return to cruelty. Take action now and let your political representative know you want them to stand firm against any return to cruelty.

Artist DredFunn hits again with another awesome video. In this one he draws up a true to scale size comparison between a bigfoot creature and a Apparently Bigfoot is wandering around Rockwall. I looked into its eyes on the Golden Valley Church Bigfoot eyes appear to have these qualities based on witnesses and photos : Daytime cat-like pupil, nighttime enormous pupil, iris covering almost Due to the rescheduling of a few.

It was worth watching the whole thing and what is captured is very intriguing especially the longer hair falling from the top torso seems very. He will state that he did not make Hank and he wants nothing to do with this Bigfoot mess as it is starting to effect his business and family life.

Bigfoot Evidence: Tim Fasano finds more evidence of hog kills in Bigfoot sighting area blogspot. It appears the daytime find was nothing compared to what Tim Fasano found at night. Check out these mutilated hogs at the location where a Bigfoot Bigfoot Evidence: D. There are many reasons why some people decide get into Bigfoot research. One reason is curiosity, and for those who are fortunate enough to have a The fact that it is published with Gonzo Multimedia - probably the grooviest record company in the known universe - is merely an added bonus.

Without Hunter Thompson there would be no Gonzo Multimedia. It would have been completely different and that would have been an unforgivable pity. So here is:. Stone suggested that as well as explaining Gonzo to those wot don't understand, we should do a weekly quote from the great man himself. So here goes:. Read on RoSfest is in its 11th year, and are thrilled to be presenting UK prog icons Caravan, who has not performed in the US in many years, along with 9 other amazing bands this year.

RoSfest has always been at the forefront of bringing new and upcoming progressive rock bands to an American audience, while also bringing in bands that were at their peak during the heyday of prog rock in the 70's. This year's lineup features 10 bands over three days, with Friday night's show featuring Clepsydra Switzerland and Caravan UK. All three days feature a strong lineup with a mix of different sounds and styles within progressive rock. They are so well known in the genre, and they have been very instrumental in developing the Canterbury sound that has become familiar to prog fans.

We really are thrilled to host Caravan's first show on American soil in years. Our Sunday night headliner, Collage, is one of the most famous bands in Polish progressive rock, and indeed Polish music in general. In addition to the classic bands, we also continue to bring in new rising stars of progressive rock, such as Sound of Contact, which is a project from Simon Collins, Phil Collins' son, and they bring a refreshing modern sound to the genre. With a history going back toCaravan is one of a dwindling amount of bands around that merits a description as living legends.

They were one of the two principal bands in the Canterbury Scene, a movement that saw bands blending elements from progressive rock and fusion with whimsical lyrics, quirky instrumental movements and a distinct English sound - but often without any major superficial likeness shared between the bands subscribed to this style.

Caravan peaked commercially early on, with 's 'In the Land of Grey and Pink' their best-selling album. Their early 70's albums in general are all considered classics today, and while they never made much of an impact in the UK or US in these early days their stature have continued to grow following the resurgence of interest in progressive rock.

Following spells of inactivity in the 's and 90's Caravan have been a mostly going concern sincealbeit with a number of line-up alterations along the way.

Twelve years have gone by since Caravan had their last triumphant return to the US at Nearfest. While Beardfish is still regarded by many as a fairly new band on the scene they have actually been around for more than a decade already, with seven full length albums to their name.

Initially renowned for their fairly eclectic take on retro-progressive rock they have developed towards a harder edged variety of that sound in later years, firmly documented on their album 'The Void'.

An album they finished promoting in October There's a steadily increasing number of fine new bands that comes forth that we feel deserve the chance to play at a festival such as ours. Some established with a small following already, others are fresh entities just starting out. We feel we have an obligation to the best of those new artists to make them somewhat better known, especially when conditions for recording artists in general and new artists in particular are as challenging as they are.

All of them represent the finest quality in music of course, we do owe our audience a high quality festival after all. They are just not that well known yet. We do take care to sign better known bands too. Newly reunited Clepsydra and Collage for instance, Beardfish as one of the top names among the new generation of progressive rock bands, and in Caravan we managed to sign one of the few remaining giants from the golden age.

But all in all RoSfest has a somewhat higher percentage of lesser known bands than before. We hope our audience understand and support this slight alteration in approach.

Multinational band Sound of Contact is a new player on the scene, so to speak, but with a potential that secured them a contract with prestigious label InsideOut for their first release. The instigator of this band is one Simon Collins. As a solo artist he has released three full length albums over the past decade, establishing his credentials firmly prior to venturing out into band and progressive rock circles. A vital part of his music resume and presumably more important for him than many others.

Simon Collins is a vocalist and drummer both, just like his father Phil was. And Phil Collins is a musician that easily merits a description as famous. With an already established career, Simon has seen to it that he isn't merely regarded as the son of his father when now following in his footsteps. The reception given to Sound of Contact's debut album 'Dimensionaut' in emphasize that clearly, with a steadily growing number of glowing reviews following in it's wake.

RoSfest once again will be held at the Majestic Theater in Gettysburg. Eighty years ago, the doors of the Majestic Theater opened for the first time, welcoming audiences to the largest vaudeville and silent movie theater in south-central Pennsylvania.

Built by Henry Scharf as an annex to the historic Gettysburg Hotel, the theater seated 1, patrons and proudly served as the cultural crossroads of commerce, college, and community.

Also, doors will be opened at pm on Friday, am Saturday-Sunday; doors will be closed every night at pm. Gold Tickets for RoSfest are on sale. Regular seat tickets may only be purchased on the Majestic Theater website or through the box office by The Day You Lost Your Ball - Pigskinner - The Slaughterhouse Session (CDor in person at 25 Carlisle Street during box office hours Sunday: pm, Monday-Saturday: 12 noon pm. Single day passes go on sale Friday March 14th at the Majestic Theater box office for all three days and online.

A 'missing' woman on holiday in Iceland managed to unwittingly join a search party looking for herself. I t happened after a tourist group traveling by bus to the volcanic Eldgja canyon made a pit stop near the canyon park. The woman in question went inside to freshen up and change her clothes at the rest stop, and when she came back "her busmates didn't recognise her".

Word spread among the group of a missing passenger, and the woman didn't recognise the description of herself. A person search party - including the 'missing' woman - was soon canvassing the area, and the coast guard was mobilising to deploy a search party of its own. It wasn't until 3am that someone finally figured out that the missing woman was actually in the search party, albeit in different clothes, and the search was called off. We are planning to transform 24 forgotten vaults on Market Street for 9 days only at the end of March before they are redeveloped into a glass and concrete maze!

We are all working voluntarily to make this festival happen and the response we have had from fellow creatives has been outstanding so far! But we cannot do it alone - we need your support! Please help us The Day You Lost Your Ball - Pigskinner - The Slaughterhouse Session (CD contributing however much you can afford, to support an integral arts festival that showcases Scotland's existing and emerging talent!

An independent festival from the creatives of Edinburgh, for Edinburgh. If you would like to get involved in some way then please do let me know, Album), forwarding this email to your friends and a simple like on Facebook goes a long way! Thank you very much! Katherine Dilworth Mobile: Email: katherinedilworth gmail. Fugazi was our "difficult second album". EMI expected us to produce a follow-up to Script within a year even though we were touring and promoting Script for a large portion of and were also looking for a drummer after the departure of Mick Pointer.

I recall that Fish had most of the lyrics for the album already written so the pressure was on the rest of us to come up with some music. We decided to head for Wales for inspiration with ex-Camel drummer Andy Ward. He lasted long enough to help out with the writing of Assassing and a partially aborted US tour in the summer of ' Mover, true to his name moved on and was replaced by Ian.

Eventually we got the album finished about 6 weeks behind schedule. Recording at the Manor was an amazing if frustrating experience. I remember waiting all evening to record my guitar parts as they were having terrible problems syncing the two 24 track tape machines together and by the time they eventually came in from the studio at the end of the evening, I'd drunk the best part of a bottle of whiskey with one of the girls who worked there and then had to be put to bed by Fish.

I remember Richard Branson sitting at the kitchen table and a giant Irish Wolfhound sat in front of the open fire. Steve R. For me, Fugazi holds a whole host of conflicting memories. Recording at the Manor Studios in Oxfordshire was lovely, especially as we were staying there as residential guests while the session was under way. However, my Mum was In Harefield Hospital undergoing a triple heart bypass at the time, so I was driving back and forth to keep my Dad company and see how everything was at home.

Working on songs we were trying to record but hadn't finished writing was fun but an expensive use of studio time. It was a great experience and I had a lot of fun, playing with and getting to know Ian, who had just recently joined the band. It turned out pretty well though all things considered. Then off to The Manor studios in Oxfordshire to record the Fugazi album. I particularly enjoyed taking Lightning - the studio Irish Wolfhound very old, slow dog - for walks.

Great atmosphere with loads of energy and a magical chemistry as a band that still exists to this day. In the end it came together and I still think it's a great track. There are some other exciting things afoot with another entirely new station being added to Gonzo Web Radio, and a total revamp of the radio index.

The ideal candidate would be able to come to our Dartford studios, be trained and begin work when ready. Alternatively, anyone capable of self-producing and Dropboxing shows will be considered. Fame and wealth are unlikely but the chance to indulge your most maverick musical tastes knows few limits in this job. In the first instance email Neil Nixon, nlnxn aol. Strange Fruit is a unique two-hour radio show exploring the world of underground, strange and generally neglected music.

All shows are themed and all shows set out to give the most hardened of sound-hounds asome new delight to sample. Strange Fruit presenter Neil Nixon is currently working on a book about rare albums for Gonzo Multimedia. The show is broadcast on Miskin Radio every Sunday from midnight. Durutti Column: Sketch for Summer. Linda Perhacs: Morning Colours. Aphex Twin: Meltphace 6. Alice Damon: Waterfall Winds. David Sylvian: Answered Prayers. Enigma: Morphing Through Time.

Larkin: Two Souls Dance. Nat King Cole Trio: Route Rothko: Words Melt Away. Mark Hollis: Watershed. Grateful Dead: Dark Star. Arvo Part: Spiegel im Spiegel. Ivor Gurney: Song of the Summer Woods. Nesta Kerin Crain: Gongs in the Rain. He would rather campaign for Robbie Burns on stamps rather than a Queen.

He stood with coal miners unsuccessfully to stop the inevitable closure of pits. He had many ideological enemies -Labour,Liberal The Day You Lost Your Ball - Pigskinner - The Slaughterhouse Session (CD Tory! His "Bennery"programs would have withdrawn Britain from the Iraq war,and he twice flew to Iraq.

Too late. Right-but too late. Prescient enough to support computerization,workers co-operatives,a United Ireland and to decommission all nuclear weapons. His cherished Concorde now a Museum piece. His Diaries a relic from another time. He was gone before The Day You Lost Your Ball - Pigskinner - The Slaughterhouse Session (CD iconic pipe and teacup could secure discussion and debate on vital unresolved issues.

Britain's membership in the EEC,her military alliance with American Presidencies,and her moribund economy. Media rule now. Image is all. War is business. Big Benn has gone. Thom the World Poet. Thom The World Poet. Oz Hardwick is a York-based writer, photographer, lecturer and occasional musician. As well as two well-received poetry collections, The Kind Ghosts and Carrying Firehe has published widely in international literary journals and performed throughout Europe and the US.

He has also published widely on art and literary history and is a Reader in English at Leeds Trinity University College. Sample poem: The Dreamfisher. What follows is the introduction to the book written by me, and reprinted with the kind permission of the photographer and author of the book, Gerry Atkinson.

Click on the pictures to see them full-sized. Time present and time past Are both perhaps present in time future, And time future contained in time past. You can see it by the clock on the wall. It must be winter because these pictures are taken after dark, when the lights are on.

The curtains are half-drawn. The wallpaper consists of garish blue leaves interspersed with yellow flowers.

The clock has pink flowers around the edge. At first glance it looks like a map: an outline of the coast of America, perhaps, or a picture of Atlantis. On closer examination, however, it seems to be a cartoon, with some words scrawled down the side. What can we see? Is there a story here, behind this window? What kind of a life is going on? The picture is very still, very quiet. At other times, perhaps, people are moving back and forth through this room.

Things are happening. There is the bustle of life. Perhaps the roar of a vacuum cleaner being run through the room. Perhaps the sound of the radio being played next door. Noises coming from the kitchen. The sounds of cooking in progress. Conversations going on, the clink of glasses, and the occasional bursts of laughter like waves thrown up on the shore.

Not now though. Now everything is still. They say that the eyes are the windows of the soul. Perhaps the windows are the eyes of the house. We are seeing into the soul of the house, into the what the house feels like when everything is still.

As readers of my inky fingered scribblings, here and elsewhere, will know, I am very much a Beatles fan. Even more so, I am an obsessive buyer, reader and collector of books about the Fab Four.

And something that never ceases to surprise me is that, for a band whose major league career only lasted for about six years, half a century ago, there are still things that authors can write about them, and still new information to be unearthed.

On the second night they performed the tour for the prior Genesis release, Foxtrot. The performances were striking in their accuracy, and transported this viewer and those in the audience to a time long ago when to many of us, Genesis owned the English progressive rock mantle.

The experience of seeing this band is something better than tribute. They actually recreate these shows down to the set design, including slides, costumes, and props, and very faithfully perform the live music itself, with the same interpretation the band employed during the shows from the era. Having thus far only seen The Musical Box perform the masterwork The Lamb Lies Down on Broadwayit was a rare treat to see these two prior tours.

For me personally, the SEBTP album and tour represent the best, most realized work in their early days. Hey Jon how's it goin dude? Been working flat out on new album it's trend into a progressive metal affair with tracks ranging from 13 min epics to classic 3 minute rockers It's sounding good man!!!

I am sticking that Rodney Matthews thing we did as a bonus too He's in Las Vegas at min with one if the Asia guys. Atmospheric black metal band Sadness and experimental screamo band To Be Gentle channel intense emotions on this split single.

It's Christmas Somewhere by Jagger Holly. Every single song is upbeat and perfect! My favorite Christmas album by a long shot. All the hits. Bandcamp Daily your guide to the world of Bandcamp.

Jake Dieffenbach stops by to discuss his latest album and his life as a deaf heavy metal singer. Explore music. Get fresh music recommendations delivered to your inbox every Friday. MUSIC community. The Thorazines.

Justin Long. Missy Pearlman. David Constable. Adam Wilson. Joachim Reichert. Freek Kroesbergen. Mike Richardson. Michael Martinez. Dunwich Borer. Hugo Posses. Lauren Stein. Matt Matta.

Im Wondering - Stevie Wonder - Greatest Hits 5 (Vinyl), Shoot Out At The Fantasy Factory - Traffic - Shoot Out At The Fantasy Factory (CD, Album), Summertime - Winifred Atwell With Ted Heath And His Music - Winifred Atwell Plays Gershwin (Vinyl, L, Sin Azúcar Y Sin Sal Milonga Y Rumba - Gracia Montes - Rosa De Semana Santa - Al Cristo De Los Gitan, I Do It For Your Love - Paul Simon - Still Crazy After All These Years (Vinyl, LP, Album), Beeswax - Nirvana - Incesticide (CD), Сюита Я - Человек Epilogue - Диалог - Антология (CD), Save Me From Myself, One Day When We Were Young, The Red Road - 16 Bit Lolitas* - Red Road EP (File, MP3), Sonny Boy (Time Will Tell)

8 thoughts on “The Day You Lost Your Ball - Pigskinner - The Slaughterhouse Session (CD, Album)

  1. Jul 25,  · The Slaughterhouse Sessions by Pigskinner, released 25 July 1. Modern Revolutionist 2. The Grand Feast 3. Roll It 4. Punch Your Bitch 5. Death By Napalm 6. Embryonic Pool 7. Destined To Fail 8. Stuffed In Her Vagina 9. You're Next Sarcofaggot Heretic Go Cunt Go Piczke Vincent Van Gore The Day You Lost Your Ball

  2. PIGSKINNER The Slaughterhouse Sessions CD Gre COY Pigskinner was formed in early by Johnny Shitkicker (ex Immortally Insane, Puter Deus, Carnal Garden) with the sole purpose of playing raw, groovy deathgrind. From the bloodiest slaughterhouse of Athens, Greece. One man deathgrind monstrosity sure to make your ears bleed.

  3. Pigskinner's "The Slaughterhouse Sessions" official full album stream. Out now through Coyote Records. Recorded, mixed and mastered at Shithole Studio by Joh.

  4. Pigskinner - The Slaughterhouse Sessions; Customers also viewed. Limbsplitter - Chloroform Cocktail. $ Add to cart. Obsolete Incarnation - Eradication of Society. $ Add to cart. Meatal Ulcer - The Fog Has Begun to Churn With Flesh Enthusiasm. $ Add to cart.

  5. Visual Imagery HOW DOES VONNEGUT USE IMAGERY TO FURTHER THE MOTIF OF DEATH IN SLAUGHTERHOUSE FIVE? "Billy Pilgrim padded downstairs on his blue and ivory feet." (Vonnegut, 93) -Recurring colors of Blue and Ivory relates to death, human fragility -Page , "[The Hobo's] bare feet.

  6. Pigskinner - The Slaughterhouse Sessions () Country: Greece Genre: Grindcore Quality: mp3, CBR kbps Tracklist: Modern Revolutionist The Grand Feast Roll It Punch Your Bitch Death By Napalm Embryonic Pool Destined To Fail Stuffed In Her Vagina You're Next Sarcofaggot Heretic Go Cunt Go

  7. The Session is a community website dedicated to Irish traditional music. You can find tunes to play, find sessions to play them in, and join in discussions about the music. You can also find events (like concerts and festivals), or explore the track listings of recordings.

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