And yet, Syd and Eddie persisted. Many hours of television have passed between that first BBC stretch and their last hurrah with series eleven. Nobody can deny this is a phenomenal run, traversing three decades, but what shape would that final set of half hours take? Worryingly, having jumped into this closing year, I find myself growing curious about the transition period, and those nine intervening series.

It would be watched by an audience of 8. Adding to our rapidly growing collection of troupes named after their choreographers, the Jeff Thacker Dancers do an energetic running man on a revolving stage, their baggy clothes and skew-whiff baseball caps helping pull us out of the grotty, smoke-filled seventies and into the modern era.

The lads burst through a backdrop, dressed like NKOTB, and accompanied by the gangly and now-elderly Eli Woods, Kenny Baker, and a bloke who legitimately appears to be seven-feet tall. The musical numbers are bridged by a huge amount of sketches, most lasting under twenty seconds, in a hop and a skip to a visual punchline.

Syd or rather, a stunt-double running into automatic doors. Eddie winning a trolley dash and filling it with cash registers. Eddie asking shop assistant Syd if he can try out some boxing gloves before decking him. Traffic warden Syd unable to write down an Arabic numberplate to issue a ticket, as Sheik Eddie gives him a cheeky bow before driving off. Eddie the lifeguard, thinking drowning men are giving him a friendly wave. The unrelenting pace gives less a sense of two mates dicking about, leaving no time for corpsing, amid an extraordinary amount of work, with myriad costume changes and lengthy dance numbers which they flail through for seven-minute stretches.

Was all this energy and effort a desperate attempt at remaining relevant; at staying on air, with the encroach of younger comics at their heel? Now he only fumbles some of his lines rather than all of them. Cushty, Rodders! Once again, for much of its stretch, the lyrics are unchanged, until eventual comic intervention in the form of impressions; Eddie as Jimmy Cricket and Vera Duckworth, Maddi Cryer as Cilla and Dot Cotton.

It pivots into various asides, including Eddie rowing a bathtub out of frame to the Hawaii theme, a Blind Date parody with Eddie as Rab C. Nesbitt, the Kwik Fit Fitters, and Syd dancing in a tiny bikini.

Each one a tour de force of naffness, to their credit, the energy level is off the scale, neither them nor us allowed a breath, in the comic equivalent of hardcore techno that shakes your fillings out. For an eerie skit, the only genuinely frightening moment comes during an arbitrary turn into Do The Bartman.

Visibly unconfident at the dancing, he looks terrified, eyes flitting off-centre and clearly trying to remember which move is next. By far, the funniest sketches are those with such an obvious reveal, they give the satisfaction and shame of feeling like you came up with it first. Is said liqueur the size of a child?

You bet! Am I shaping reality? When Syd complains of Eddie hanging a mirror wrong, did I make Syd shake his head at an upside down reflection? Barring two Antiques Roadshow bits over the six episodes, there are no recurring sketches, with everything a one-off. One has Syd giving Eddie a pass on his cycling proficiency test, with the joke that Eddie cycles straight off in sped-up footage, weaving Torn - Various - Mashed Up!

6 (CD) over the road and causing an accident. That probably took a whole morning; getting the road closed, the cars rehearsed and in sync, all the cones laid out, plus time for Syd to work out how to get a high vis bib on.

Before you ask, yes, I have seen a sketch show before, but the amount of work and money really stands out, considering the quality, and the fact these shows were essentially consigned to the dustbin of pop culture the moment the final credits rolled. Eddie as the Big Bopper does the phone bit, with Maureen Lipman picking up, before cameos from Mary Poppins and Syd as Postman Pat, and Eddie as Elvis the toilet years meets Eddie as Deputy Dawg in split screen, with matte lines about six inches thick and the eyelines all wrong.

Syd as Buddy Holly you expect; less so, Eddie as Little Richard — one foot up on the piano, one tin of boot polish slavered over his face. Blue Air informs the passengers that the boarding gate closes 15 fifteen minutes before the take-off time. Moreover, in order to avoid unpleasant situations, Blue Air draws the attention of passengers to the fact that both the security control and the border crossing formalities require a period of time that the passenger must take into account in order not to report late to the boarding gate.

Blue Air offers its passengers the Priority Boarding Service whereby passengers can have priority when boarding the plane over the other passengers, as well as check in an additional big cabin bagweighing up to 10 kg and measuring up to 55 cm x 40 cm x 20 cm. Passengers can purchase this service from the Company's website. For more details, please Torn - Various - Mashed Up! 6 (CD) to the Fees and Fare Rules. If the air carrier refuses, at its reasonable discretion, to carry a passenger in accordance with the provisions of this Article, or if a passenger is escorted out of the aircraft during an unplanned stopover, the air carrier may cancel the unused flight leg of the ticket and the passenger is not entitled to further carriage.

Accordingly, the air carrier is not liable for any loss or damage deemed to result from any such refusal to carry the passenger. If, under this Article, the air carrier is required to refuse the boarding of a passenger, thus leading to a flight delay, the air carrier is not liable for such delay. In the case of Article 9. The carriage of disabled persons, persons with reduced mobility, unaccompanied minors, pregnant women, as well as sick persons or other persons requiring special assistance depends on a prior arrangement between them and the air carrier.

Blue Air accepts to carry minors not accompanied by an adult, but not more than 4 four such unaccompanied minors per flight, aged between 6 six and 14 fourteen years. In the case of Romanian citizens, Blue Air deems as unaccompanied minors all citizens aged between 6 six and 18 eighteen years travelling unaccompanied by an adult.

Unaccompanied minors must have booked this service at the same time as booking the travel ticket, they must report to the check-in counter at the airport at least 90 ninety minutes before departure, with the necessary documents, i. Where passengers, of other nationality than the Romanian one, aged between 14 fourteen and 18 eighteen years, request assistance at the airport, the fee for unaccompanied minors will be paid. Unaccompanied minors aged between 12 twelve and 18 eighteen years, travelling on domestic flights in Romania, do not pay the additional fee, unless they request assistance at the airport.

In accordance with the mandatory requirements in the field of flight safety, disabled persons and persons with reduced mobility cannot purchase seats on the first row or seats at emergency exits. Having regard to the principle of social inclusion and non-discriminatory treatment, disabled persons and persons with reduced mobility will receive the necessary assistance, in accordance with their special needs, for no additional fee. Blue Air undertakes and guarantees the carriage of disabled persons or persons with reduced mobility provided that the passengers hold an electronic ticket for the flight and provided that the specific additional service is added in the reservation for each flight leg, at least 48 forty-eight hours before the published departure time of such flight.

If a disabled person or a person with reduced mobility is assisted by an accompanying person, Blue Air will make every effort to assign that person a seat next to the disabled person or person with reduced mobility, provided that the passengers notify the air carrier about this 48 forty-eight hours before the published departure time of the flight.

If a passenger needs to use a utility dog, certified as such by the competent authorities, holding valid documents, it will be boarded in the cabin provided that the specific additional service is added to the reservation for each flight leg at least 48 forty and eight hours before the published departure time of such flight, as well as under the condition that the passenger undertakes to comply with the national legislation specific to the country where the destination airport is located and with the applicable internal transport rules on utility dogs on board of aircraft, this carriage being performed at no additional fee.

Blue Air does not accept in flights psychiatric assistance dogs or emotional support dogs. In the cases where we are informed by a notification sent at least 48 forty-eight hours before the flight time that the carriage of at most 2 two mobility equipment items, including electric wheelchairs, is required for a disabled person or a person with reduced mobility, we undertake to carry them under the conditions of possible space limitation on board the aircraft, as well as subject to the application of the relevant legal provisions on dangerous items, this carriage being performed at no additional fee.

Thus, the oxygen cylinders required for medical use may be transported as hold luggage or as hand luggage only if they do not exceed 5 five kg gross weight and the maximum dimensions allowed for hand luggage, and only if the carrier has previously approved the transport thereof.

For in-flight use, they must be secured in such a way as not to disturb other passengers and not to constitute a danger in the event of turbulence. If wheelchairs, other mobility equipment and assistive devices in airline custody are lost or damaged during handling during transport on board aircraft, the passenger to whom the equipment belongs will be compensated as provided by the national law.

If necessary, flight attendants will provide assistance to disabled persons or persons with reduced mobility when going to the toilets on board the aircraft. Blue Air and its agents provide disabled persons or persons with reduced mobility information on the special assistance they can benefit from as well as essential information on the flight in the Special Assistance Section on the Company's website.

If Blue Air or its agents are notified about a request for specific assistance from disabled persons or persons with reduced mobility, they undertake to transmit this information to all factors involved in the flight. Blue Air communicates to the competent bodies the number of disabled persons and of persons with reduced mobility who are on board the aircraft and who require specific assistance.

Blue Air will refuse to board and carry disabled persons or persons with reduced mobility in order to comply with the applicable safety requirements established by international, Community or domestic law or to comply with the safety requirements established by the authority that issued the air carrier operating certificate i.

Persons with reduced mobility or disabled persons refused boarding for such reasons are entitled to reimbursement or rerouting, as provided in Article 9. In the case of passengers who are up to 28 twenty-eight weeks pregnant, without complications, they can travel without a medical certificate, as provided in Chapter XVIII of these Blue Air Travel Conditions.

Passengers who are between 28 twenty-eight and 36 thirty-six weeks pregnant, may travel only if they present a medical certificate, issued no later than 10 ten days before the date of each flight, stating the expected date of birth, the confirmation that the pregnancy is without complications, the full name of the physician, and that the passenger is fit to travel by plane.

The obligation to present the document mentioned above the medical certificatewhich certifies that the passenger can travel safely, lies solely with the passenger. In the absence of such medical certificate, Blue Air reserves the right to refuse to board the passenger in question. Moreover, Blue Air reserves the right to refuse to board a pregnant passenger if it finds that her condition is visibly incompatible with the flight.

In such cases, the air carrier is relieved of all liability. If the passenger is pregnant with one baby, without complications, she is not allowed to travel by plane after the 36th week of pregnancy. If the passenger is pregnant with twins, triplets, etc. A passenger can travel after 48 forty-eight hours from giving birth, provided the birth was uncomplicated and required no surgery.

After caesarean section or if the mother required surgery, the minimum period after which she can travel is 10 ten days, if she holds a medical certificate attesting that the passenger is fit for air travel. In the special case of infants up to 7 seven days old inclusivelythey can travel only if a medical certificate is presented at the check-in counter at the airport, issued no later than 5 five days before the date of each flight, stating the date of birth, the confirmation that the birth was uncomplicated, the full name of the doctor, and the fact that the infant is fit to travel by plane.

In the absence of such medical certificate, Blue Air reserves the right to refuse to board the infant in question and the air carrier is relieved of all liability. Each passenger has the right to carry, for a fee, a maximum of 4 four pieces of hold luggage with maximum dimensions of cm x 80 cm x 30 cm length x width x heightwith a maximum allowable weight of 32 kg, per piece.

For more details, please refer to the Fees and Fare Rules Section. As the case may be, at certain airports, third parties authorised to manage luggage services may charge additional service fees.

When checking-in a stroller, consisting of one or more parts, for an infant, it will be deemed as hold luggage, and any other luggage checked in for the infant will be charged in accordance with the rules provided in the Fees and Fare Rules Section for the checking in of hold luggage for adults. Passengers travelling with children up to 5 five years old have the right to carry in the hold, free of charge, one stroller per child. When the passenger hands over the hold luggage at the check-in counter, the luggage will be issued an Identification Tag, and it will be transferred into the keeping of Blue Air to be transported to the destination.

The registered baggage will be carried by the same aircraft as the passenger. If this is not possible for reasons beyond the control of the air carrier, Blue Air is required to make every effort to carry the hold luggage to the destination listed on the electronic ticket. Bicycles can be carried only as hold luggage, for an additional fee, in accordance with the Fees and Fare Rules Section. The handlebars of the bicycle must be rotated and fixed along the frame, the pedals must be removed, the wheels must be deflated, and the whole assembly must be packed for protection.

Electric bicycles or other such sports equipment that use lithium batteries are not allowed for transport. For the transport of sports equipment, the air carrier will charge a fee in accordance with the specific provisions of the Fees and Fare Rules Section. The transport of this type of sports equipment requires packaging in the appropriate cover for transport by aircraft and must not exceed 32 kg. In accordance with Chapter VI of these Travel Conditions, Blue Air does not guarantee connections with other flights, except those sold as connecting flights by Blue Air, and thus Blue Air is not responsible for the transfer of hold luggage to other flights or air carriers, and the passenger is required to pick up the luggage from the carousel and to check it in for the next flight.

If the luggage is not picked up from the carousel and checked in for the next flight, nor picked up within 30 thirty calendar days from the time it is registered with the warehouse, it will be kept in the custody of the air carrier against a storage fee. If the hold luggage is not claimed and picked up during this period, Blue Air may dispose of it in any way, without any liability towards the passenger.

As an air carrier, Blue Air will accept the carriage of a luggage of declared value, provided that the specific additional service is added to the reservation of the passenger who wishes to carry the luggage of declared value.

In order to be able to carry a luggage of declared value, the passenger must add the specific additional service during the reservation, paying an additional fee in accordance with the Fees and Fare Rules Section.

The value declared by the passenger cannot exceed by EUR the value provided by law, and the air carrier will be liable, only in the case of loss of luggage of declared value, up to the declared amount. The passenger may not check in for carriage luggage of declared value in improper containers, such as: cardboard boxes, bags, sacks, backpacks, light suitcases, or other such materials that cannot ensure the integrity of the luggage and its contents.

The passenger must not pack in the luggage of declared value the following items: money, jewellery, precious metals, keys, video cameras, computers, medicines, glasses, sunglasses, contact lenses, watches, mobile phones, personal electronic devices, important documents, cigarettes, tobacco or tobacco products or other valuable items, business documents, passports, artefacts, paintings or other art type and other identity documents.

The passenger is responsible for packing the luggage of declared value so as to be allowed on the flight, and the air carrier assumes no liability for the damage eventuated by the improper packaging of the luggage of declared value.

If the handling agent processing the luggage of declared value, during the check-in, determines that it requires special packaging in order to ensure the integrity of the luggage and of the items packed in it, the passenger must comply with the requirements set by the handling agent, otherwise Blue Air reserves the right to refuse to carry the luggage of declared value, in accordance with its specific carriage rules, and the luggage will be transported according to the general conditions of carriage as luggage checked in without declared value.

Blue Air will agree to carry luggage of declared value only if Blue Air is the operating carrier on the relevant flight leg. The passenger can carry, free of charge, one small cabin bag of less than 10kg and up to 40 cm x 30 cm x 20 cm length x width x height.

The dimensions of the luggage include all its accessories wheels, handles and exterior pockets, among others. Additionally, each passenger can travel with products purchased from Duty Free stores at the airport, packaged in sealed in Duty Free bags.

Infants cannot carry small hand luggage but can benefit from the advantages provided in the Fees and Fare Rules Section. Musical instruments allowed by the security control may be carried as hand luggage, only if they comply with Article As an exception to Article The luggage processed as a matter of urgency might be loaded into the hold, tagged with Limited Release and transported as registered luggage.

Upon relocating the non-suitable cabin bag to the hold, the passenger is required to remove and take into the cabin of the aircraft all personal items of strict and urgent necessity e. Upon relocating to the hold the cabin space exceeding carry-onthe passenger is required to remove and take into the cabin of the aircraft all personal items of strict and urgent necessity e. Blue Air reserves the right to refuse carriage of passengers not complying with these Travel Conditions with regard to hand luggage and of passengers who do not accept to have the hand luggage carried into the hold of the aircraft for flight safety reasons.

Failure to comply with these clauses exempts the air carrier from liability for any loss, damage or destruction of the said items occurred during the handling or carriage. PEDs will be transported in the passenger cabin whenever possible. In exceptional cases where PEDs cannot be transported in the passenger cabin due to their size, they must be transported in the hold luggage, provided that the passenger meets the following conditions:.

For flight safety and security reasons, the air carrier may prohibit or restrict the use of electronic devices on board aircraft, e. The cage for the animal must be provided by the passenger and comply with the size and weight conditions, as well as with the requirements of solidity, protection of the animal and of persons and surrounding items, as it will be placed under the front seat throughout Torn - Various - Mashed Up!

6 (CD) flight. The maximum number allowed is 3 three such pets on a flight. Transportation of several animals sharing one cage is allowed, provided that they are very young between 3 and 6 monthsof the same species and of the same age, and are ensured decent comfort to be able to stand without tilting their heads and to lie down simultaneously without being forced to touch each otherwithin the permitted weight and dimensions.

If the pet cage does not meet the size and weight requirements set out above, it will be transported to the cargo hold, subject to availability, and the passengers will be required to pay the difference between the fee for carrying pets in the cabin and the fee for carrying pets in the hold. Passengers who intend to travel with their pets in the cabin are required to report to the check-in counter at the airport at least 90 ninety minutes before take-off, with the documentation mentioned in Article Only one animal cage per passenger is allowed in the cabin.

An additional animal, in a kennel with the dimensions above, can be embarked in the cabin only if an additional seat is purchased, in accordance with Article Passengers travelling accompanied by their pets in the cabin will be allocated seats starting from the penultimate row, so as not to create any discomfort to other passengers.

If there are several pets in the cabin, Blue Air reserves the right to position them at least 10 ten rows apart, to avoid noisy animal interaction. If the carried animal and its cage exceed 32 kg, Blue Air will apply an additional fee, and this fee that can only be paid during check-in.

Animal transport bags are not suitable for the carriage of animals in the hold. Thus, in general, the cage must:. Ash urns must meet the following conditions for carriage: the packaging must ensure tightness and complete discretion throughout the journey and be made of a material that allows X-ray inspection therefore, not lead or titanium. Also only have preset keys How on earth do I get the numbers over 4 and enter them.

There is no enter key and I have tried everything to no avail. VO YD. Please help? My Radio Serial is. Leave the ign switch on so the radio has power and turned on. It takes 2 hours of constant power and the radio will reset back to the code setting.

Thank you. Got a S40 for my son, till the battery died. Now I have this dumb radio thing. The radio is now saying Off after failing to enter a correct code. Feel this is sham. Really people are running around stealing Volvo radios? Wonder when that EVER happened. Not going to leave the ignition on for hours just ridiculous!

I bought a used Volvo Model number V40 with an audio system that is non functional because it was tempered when changing the battery. Please help i haverecentl purchased a volve S40 and I have been to the dealership and they have given me a incorrect radio code and urgently require my music. The power was interrupted in Tanzania. Just call any Volvo dealer ship and ask to speak to someone in the service dept. Tell them your situation also give them the VIN and they will be more than glad to accommodate you with the code to unlock your radio….

Volvo C70 radio perfect until battery replaced. Hi I wonder if anyone can help. I recently bought a secondhand volvo hu stereo to go into my old V40 but I don,t have the code …. The serial number on the unit is VO E and also written on it is the registration of the car I presume it came out of? Hi my husband bought a radio off ebay for his Volvo c70 convertible it did not come with a code the serial no is V WE any help would be greatly appreciated. Hi my husband bought a radio off ebay for his Volvo v70 xt tdi it did not come with a code the serial no is v wf can anyone help please.

Matt- Thanks for the info. Thanks so much. Hi, I need the code for my radio Volvo C70, the battery completely died and needed to be replaced. I used the correct code but always have the EEE code. What can I do. I had to replace the battery, did have the code but put it somewhere safe! Thanks for your help. I tried ding what is mentioned in the article above leaving the key in the ignition for 3 hOURS and this still did not remove the off code being displayd on the radio.

My battery and alternator seem to be in good condition also, are there any other suggestions? I have a XC70, had to replace the battery and called my local dealer for the code. It does not work. Went to the dealer, the mechanic says I am SOL. Thanks a lot! It displays OFF now. I called my local Volvo dealership and all they required for the code was my VIN number.

Took all of 5 mins to get the code. Please can you assist me to provide my volvo cs car radio unlock code. The serial No: B Thanks for your assistance. Other one in Ipswich gave me the code by reg.

Please can you assist me to provide my volvo s70 sc car radio unlock code. The serial No: vvc. Thanks for your assistance. My used Volvo battery discharged so I needed the radio code. I still get the EEEE. Is there a remedy? Can you assist in resetting my volvo v70 radio code? I had to get the battery changed this weeek. The radio reads CODE. Thank you, John Dedeian. Please help. My serial number is VOWA i dont know my code. Please if you can say me the code will be great thanks : : : :.

Your help is greatly appreciated. Sorry, Serial No V W Hi, I have a volvo V Any idea what that would be? Please i lost the radio code and i want you to help me out. Please help me out. I bought my Volvo with the request for the code on, the radio looks ok, the serial number is VOh I will realy appreciate your assistance. Try to imagine somebody risking a few nights in jail for a double-height Volvo radio. Thanks for the info.

My code number was on the radio, clearly labeled for me and any half-witted thief! What was the point of it? Please can you assist me to provide my volvo ct car radio unlock code. The serial No: VC. Many thanks. Recently had issues with my Volvo s40 radio. Had to disconnect my battery for some repairs. Did not know what to do next and was stuck with no radio service for close to a month. Visited your website and followed your direction and was able to access my car radio once again. Have tried Bryces suggestion and have tried leaving the ignition on for 6 hours and to no avail.

Anybody have any other suggestion? I am trying to retrieve the code for my Volvo DL wagon and i am in belize and do not have a credit card. I got the code from volvo diler but it dose not work? What else can I do? Please, I would like to know the radio code for: Volvo v40 1. Amazing, the turn the radio off, hold the scan button and turn on the radio thing worked for me! Tried the hr, power on reset already. Really could use some help on this. After buying my Volvo v40 second hand the battery died trying to go to work one morning after a quick charge it was ok however the radio was displaying code after 3 attempts it locked and displayed off for about 3 days till I stumbled over this site fantastic held the news button turned the radio on voila music to my ears again thks again for great information.

We have not driven our V70 for over three weeks and I thhink one of the interior lights was left on which resulted in a flat battery and on recharging it, I could not locate my radio code. I rang Milton Keynes Volvo Marshals. What a friendly lot. They asked me for the VIN, reg and rang me back in five minutes with the code, and at no cost.

What a service! We are planning to get an XC90 next year and I swear I will be going to Marshals for mine, and that is about miles form me! It works again without the need to have the key in theignition for 3 hours and locate the key. Guessing that the thieves already know this trick…. Yes it worked!! So i Torn - Various - Mashed Up! 6 (CD) the key to position 1 and the radio said OFF.

It worked. I call a number and they gave me the code. Sorry dont remember. Good luck. Thanks to Elain Meade with the West Nyak dealership comment. So, even though I live upstate, I called Palisades Volvo:. He asked for the VIN number which I had already Torn - Various - Mashed Up! 6 (CD) downand just like she said — he had the code for me within ten seconds. I will also be posting my code to the [Store your code here] link so I will always have access to it!

I drove 2 hours today to the local dealer and the code they gave me was wrong. I want to thank you very much for posting this fix. It worked like a charm on my S If your radio has a code, just punch try numbers until it says OFF…. I have a S If you still need a code then call Volvo atgive them your VIN and they should give you the radio code. Good Luck! Pulling the fuse didnt work for me. A month ago I bought a second-hand S60 installed with a HU stereo.

The code is only needed for late V70 or earlier — is that correct info? Re my S70… Found the original white card with the audio code in a file the original owner kept, meticulously! Music; comedy; talk radio, on all the preset stations… Thank you so very much for helping a lost soul such as I! It is much appreciated. Guess my Sony is gonna stay in a bit longer. The most infamous part of Dick and Dom in da Bungalow was a pre-recorded game called Bogies. In this game, Dick and Dom situated themselves in a quiet public place such as a museum or restaurant and took turns to shout "bogies" at gradually increasing volumes, until one of them did not shout as loud as the other judged by the Bogeyometer, or Snotometer, which appears on screen to rank the bogeyor quit due to embarrassment.

Variants of this game, such as Pro-Celebrity Bogies - involving a challenge from a minor celebrity to Dick or Dom - were seen in Series 5. Series 4 also included Premier League Bogieswhich involved playing the game in extremely intense circumstances, such as a during a performance of a play in a theatre, and during a session of yoga. Euro Bogies saw the game being played in prominent places throughout continental Europe, often resulting in Dick and Dom being ejected from the premises involved.

The term used for "bogies" in French was "crotte de nez" literally "nose droppings"and in Italian "moccio" Italian for "snot". When Dick and Dom opened the cupboard during the final episode. Inside the Bungalow was a large purple cupboard, and once or twice during each show, away from the attention of Dick, Dom and the Bungalow Heads, the cupboard doors would open to show the adventures of Diddy Dick and Dom.

These were short pre-recorded sketches, no more than a minute in length, with Dick and Dom donning black clothes and attaching a small puppet's body around their necks. Both Diddy Dick and Diddy Dom spoke with very squeaky voices, edited in post production. The sketches involving Diddy Dick and Diddy Dom tended to be either slapstick humour, puns or, more often than not, toilet humour. Eamonn Holmes was a guest inside the cupboard on two occasions, both times appearing as a head inside Diddy Dick and Dom's TV.

According to the final episode, Diddy Dick and Dom left the cupboard to go to Hollywood. During the final episode, Dick and Dom ventured to look inside the cupboard to find the "mice" that have been there ever since the show began, only to find Diddy Dick and Diddy Dom. This oddly named game took place in the streets of a random town. It involved Dick and Dom placing stickers of their own faces of increasing size on the backs, or other places, of unsuspecting members of the public.

The game was over when a member of the public discovered that they had been a victim, and the loser was the one who placed that sticker. Classic strategies of ensuring a successful "lay" sticker placement involved asking members of the public for the time, and as they turned giving them a tap on the small of their back, thus delivering the sticker.

Hoods of coats were also a common target. Commentary was provided by "Alan Sanchez" Ian Kirkby in a very convincing Northern Irish accent, who often became excited about any attempts at a "lay-on-lay" - where Dick or Dom placed a sticker on top of an existing sticker placed by their opponent.

The game returned for Series 5 with the name misspelled as Eeny Meeny Macka Racka Rari Dominacka Shickapappa Dickapoppo Om Pom Stick and it saw some remarkable "lays", including a very large sticker on a pregnant woman's stomach, and a large sticker on a businessman's tie.

Until Series 5 of 'Da Bungalow', each week a short five minute feature would be shown of the travels of 'next door's cat', who would visit the Bungalow to recount the tales of his adventures. The Cat has never been named. It was puppeteered and voiced by Dave Chapman, with a gruff West Yorkshire accent.

The film was normally a short segment about a town, full of irreverent comments about the people and the monuments that the Cat came across. Such towns included UckfieldElyGoringSandwichWetwangLetchworthPangbourne and Stoke-on-Trenta song about which was one of the highlights of the third series.

Cat's Britain was also referred to as 'The Pussycat's Travels' in the fourth series of the show. This feature was repeated on Sundays in the fifth series, with the Cat claiming he visited the same places again, met the same people and made exactly the same films. This short lived feature during series 5 followed Dick and Dom's neighbour, The Prize Idiot played by Lee Barnettin his attempts to get a job. He tried several professions—including being a farmer, a librarian, a baker, a airline steward for Jet2.

Towards the end of the programme, the Bungalow Head with the fewest bungalow points had to do "The Pants Dance", in which he or she danced with a pair of underpants on the head, singing:. I've got my head in my pants I'm in a groovy disco trance They were clean on just last week Yeah, yeah baby, look at me You gotta dance in your pants Just like they do in France You gotta take a chance And do the knickers on your noodle prance And dance in your pants!

This has previously been brought up on the show. Every episode would have anywhere up to two to three cartoons shown throughout the show, including but not limited to the following.

Either as part of the games or features, peripheral characters, usually played by Dave Chapman, Ian Kirkby or Melvin Odoom, often appeared on a regular basis.

Golden Daylight - Elon - Mooncaper EP (Vinyl), Elvis and James - Joey de Leon (2), Rene Requiestas & Panchito - Elvis & James (Original Sou, Liekkiön Isku - Korpiklaani - Tervaskanto (CD, Album), Bottled Violence - Minor Threat - Minors At Heart (Vinyl, LP, Album), Capleton - Love Mi Off (Vinyl), Baila Me - Various - Super Summer Party (CD), Chica Moderna - Sheena Easton - Toma Me Tiempo (Cassette, Album), Agyness Deyn - Larry Tee - Club Badd (CDr, Album), Burns* & Hawk* - Becoming Nice (Vinyl), Ατλαντίδα, Flare (Radio Edit), Demon Lover - Bob And Lucille - Demon Lover / Eeny-Meeny-Miney-Moe (Vinyl), Volare - Various - Posłuchaj Kochana (Piosenki Z Lat 1957-1959) (Vinyl, LP), The Flight

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  1. Dick & Dom in Da Bungalow is a British children's television series presented by the duo Dick and Dom (Richard McCourt and Dominic Wood).The series was broadcast on weekend mornings on various BBC television channels for five series, running between 31 .

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  5. Dec 28,  · If your top level cd player stops working in and some v70, but the radio is fine, there is a tiny reset button on the rhs when you remove the radio. It6s there to protect the cd player from misuse, but dealers dont know about it. You send off your radio and they charge you £££££. Google this fix and you will find pictures.

  6. The pitch of a saboteur holed up in the hunter’s country mansion is a decent set-up for a survival horror movie, with a You’re Next or Ready Or Not vibe, and a woke activist facing a manorful of braying Tories, in a heavy-handed metaphor for class and the unending 21st century culture war. Netflix, come get me.

  7. We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow more.

  8. Travel Conditions in force starting with 5 th of May BLUE AIR TRAVEL CONDITIONS. CHAPTER I. DEFINITIONS “0B” - IATA airline designator code for Blue Air. “Additional fee” - fee collected by the air carrier from passengers in exchange for providing services additional to the air transport. “Authorised agent” - natural or legal person authorised by law, under an agreement .

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