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Membership has its privileges. Learn more. First name and Last name. First name only. Email address It will remain private. Verification check. On his website, Yankovic wrote of this event, "I don't remember what we said to each other exactly, but it was all very friendly. I doubt I'll be invited to Coolio's next birthday party, but at least I can stop wearing that bulletproof vest to the mall. InRed Hot Chili Peppers bassist Flea told Behind the Music that he was unimpressed and disappointed by Yankovic's song "Bedrock Anthem", which parodied two of the band's songs.

He was quoted as stating, "I didn't think it was very good. I enjoy Weird Al's things, but I found it unimaginative. On numerous occasions, Prince refused Yankovic permission to record parodies of his songs. Yankovic had stated in interviews prior to Prince's death in that he had "approached him every few years [to] see if he's lightened up". Led Zeppelin guitarist Album) Page is a self-proclaimed Yankovic fan, but when Yankovic wished to create a polka medley of Led Zeppelin songs, Page refused.

Paul McCartneyalso a Yankovic fan, refused Yankovic permission to record a parody of Wings ' " Live and Let Die ", titled "Chicken Pot Pie", because, according to Yankovic, McCartney is "a strict vegetarian and he didn't want a parody that condoned the consumption of animal flesh".

While never recorded for an album, Yankovic did play parts of "Chicken Pot Pie" as part of a larger medley in several tours during the s.

InYankovic was denied permission to make a video for " Couch Potato ", his parody of Eminem 's " Lose Yourself ". Yankovic believes that Eminem thought that the video would be harmful to his image.

However, after Yankovic had recorded "You're Pitiful", Blunt's label, Atlantic Recordsrescinded this permission, despite Blunt's personal approval of the song. Yankovic released the song as a free download on his MySpace profile, as well as his official website, and plays it in concert, since it was not Blunt himself objecting to the parody. Yankovic was considering a complete polka medley with only U2 songs, but was denied the rights by the band.

Yankovic often describes his live concert performances as "a rock and comedy multimedia extravaganza" [] with an audience that "ranges from toddlers to geriatrics". InYankovic toured overseas for the first time. BeforeYankovic and his band had toured only the United States and parts of Canada.

Yankovic has invited members of the st Legion on stage during performances of his Star Wars -themed songs " Yoda " and "The Saga Begins", recruiting members of local garrisons club chapters while on tour.

In appreciation, the st inducted Yankovic as a "Friend of the Legion" in September He performed his first ever European mini-tour, including an appearance at the All Tomorrow's Parties music festival in MineheadEngland in December Yankovic was picked to perform by the Canadian band Godspeed You!

Black Emperorwho curated the festival's lineup. Yankovic played three other dates in the UK around his festival appearance before performing a single date in the Netherlands. A second concert film, "Weird Al" Yankovic Live!

As before, video clips apart from those for his own videos and unreleased songs were edited out for legal reasons. Following the release of Mandatory FunYankovic toured across the United States, Canada, and selected overseas venues in the " Mandatory World Tour " from throughprincipally featuring songs from this album. On this tour, he performed mostly original songs not parodies and did not use costumes, props, or video screens. Comedian Emo Philips was the opening act.

Starting in JuneYankovic went on his "Strings Attached Tour", where he performed every show backed by a forty-one piece orchestra assembled from local musicians. The concerts finished with a large flashy production around Star Warsincluding his songs "The Saga Begins" and " Yoda ".

With his four-decade career, Yankovic's work has also influenced newer artists. InMark Riedl, a researcher at Georgia Techcreated an algorithm that generates lyrics to match the rhyme and syllable schemes of preexisting songs. The algorithm was called "Weird A. Yankovic" in reference to Yankovic's similar song parodies. A satire of the television and film industries, also starring Michael RichardsFran Drescherand Victoria Jacksonit brought floundering studio Orion their highest test scores since the movie RoboCop.

The snack consists of an overturned Twinkie split open as a makeshift bun, a hot dogand Easy Cheese put together and dipped in milk before eating. Yankovic has stated that he has switched to using tofu hot dogs since becoming a vegetarian, but still enjoys the occasional Twinkie Wiener Sandwich. These shows typically included some of Yankovic's videos to date and previews of songs on the upcoming album.

A recurring segment of Al TV involves Yankovic manipulating interviews for comic effect. He inserts himself into a previously conducted interview with a musician, and then manipulates his questions, resulting in bizarre and comic responses from the celebrity.

The Weird Al Show was a live action skit-based children's show hosted by Yankovic, airing from September to December on CBSwhich featured several actors and bands as guests along with Yankovic and other actors. It was designed to be part of CBS's mandated Educational or Informative programming to teach children morals. The show had a troubled production due to this requirement and the desire by CBS to follow in the success of Pee-wee's Playhouseleading to the show's cancellation after one episode season.

The entire series was released on DVD by Shout! Factory on August 15, VH1 produced a Behind the Music episode on Yankovic. Also, Coolio's later disapproval of "Amish Paradise" was played up as a large feud.

Much was also made over his apparent lack of a love life, though he got married shortly after the program aired. The episode was updated and re-released in early as part of the "Behind the Music Remastered" series. Yankovic performed at the 66th Primetime Emmy Awards singing a comedic medley of songs based on the themes of several Emmy-nominated shows such as Mad Men and Game of Thrones.

Yankovic has done voice-overs for several animated series. Yankovic also had a cameo in a episode, titled " That '90s Show ", during which he records a parody of Homer's grunge hit "Shave Me" titled "Brain Freeze" Homer's song, "Shave Me", was itself a parody of Nirvana's " Rape Me " making Yankovic one of only a handful of celebrities to appear twice on the show playing themselves. He is also the announcer of the cartoon's eponymous video game adaptation.

Yankovic had a guest appearance voicing Wreck-Gar, a waste collection vehicle Transformer in the Transformers: Animated cartoon series; [] previously, Yankovic's "Dare to Be Stupid" song was featured in the animated film The Transformers: The Movieduring the sequence in which the Wreck-Gar character was first introduced; as such, the song is referenced in the episode.

He also voiced himself on a Back at the Barnyard episode, and he appeared as a ringmaster who helps the regular characters of Yo Gabba Gabba!

Super Show! He initially speaks with a deep, intimidating voice, but after complaining about having a cold and taking a lozengeAl speaks in his normal voice, and the heroes are no longer afraid of him. Another character points out that Darkseid sounds like Weird Al Yankovic, and the villain replies that Weird Al was "a true monster" for "undercutting musicians by subverting their words and compromising their artistic integrity. InWeird Al joined Michael J. Nelson as a guest on the RiffTrax audio commentary of Jurassic Park.

Eric Appel produced a Funny or Die movie trailer for Weird: The Al Yankovic Storya fictional biographical film that parodies other films based on musicians; Yankovic played by Aaron Paul is seen hiding his "weirdness" from his parents Gary Cole and Mary Steenburgenmaking it big using song parodies with the help of Dr.

Demento Patton Oswaltfalling in and out of love with Madonna Olivia Wildeand fading into alcoholism and being arrested, at which point his father finally admits he is "weird" as well. Yankovic himself plays a music producer in the short. The series features Al TV -esque fake interviews with movie stars.

In OctoberYankovic collaborated with the Gregory Brothers to create a music video "Bad Hombres, Nasty Women" shortly after the third debate between Donald Trump and Hillary Clintonwith Yankovic singing between autotuned snippets from the candidates.

He also directed the end sequence of 's " Christmas at Ground Zero " an original piece juxtaposing Christmas with nuclear warfare from his Polka Party! On January 25,Yankovic announced that he had signed a production deal with Warner Bros. During an interview on Comedy Death-Ray RadioYankovic revealed that though Cartoon Network "loved" his script, the network decided that they were no longer intending to produce feature films.

Yankovic initially stated that he would instead shop the script around to other potential studios, [] but in revealed that the project had been scrapped as "it was really geared for Cartoon Network" and that he had "cannibalized jokes from that script to use for other projects".

Yankovic stated that the idea for the book was based on his own "circuitous" career path. Yankovic became the first guest editor for Mad Magazine for their rd issue, published in April Weird Al joined the band Hanson in their music video for " Thinking 'bout Somethin' " in which he plays the tambourine. Yankovic was also one of many celebrities who took part in the NOH8 Campaign against Proposition 8which banned same-sex marriage in California.

Yankovic was approached by a beer company to endorse their product. Yankovic had turned it down because he believed that "a lot of my fans were young and impressionable". From untilYankovic appeared as a celebrity contestant in eight episodes of the game show Celebrity Name Game. InYankovic made an appearance on an episode of The Odd Couple as a yoga student in the class Felix takes over for one day.

In the official video for Weezer 's cover of " Africa " published in Septemberwhich itself is parody of Weezer's video for " Undone — The Sweater Song ", Yankovic stands in for Rivers Cuomo as vocalist and lead guitar. Songs posted to file sharing networks are often misattributed to him because of their humorous subject matter.

Often, his surname is misspelled and thus mispronounced as "Yankovich", among other variations. Much to the disdain of Yankovic, these misattributed files include songs that are racist, sexually explicit, or otherwise offensive.

A young listener who had heard several of these offensive tracks by way of a file sharing service confronted Yankovic online, threatening a boycott because of his supposedly explicit lyrics. A list of songs frequently misattributed to Yankovic can be found at The Not Al Page [] and a list of all commercially released songs recorded by Yankovic can be found on his website.

Yankovic cites these misattributions as "his only real beef with peer-to-peer file sharing sites":. If you do a search for my name on any one of those sites, I guarantee you that about half of the songs that come up will be songs I had absolutely nothing to do with. That particularly bothers me, because I really try to do quality work, and I also try to maintain a more-or-less family-friendly image—and some of these songs that are supposedly by me are just, well, vulgar and awful.

I truly think my reputation has suffered in a lot of people's minds because of all those fake Weird Al songs floating around the Internet. In the Mr.

Show with Bob and David episode "Rudy Will Await Your Foundation", Bob Odenkirk plays a character called Daffy "Mal" Yinkleyankle, a parody of Yankovic, who later claimed it was the only genuine parody act on himself he has ever seen and told Odenkirk in an email that he was "flattered in a weird way" and "found it very funny".

Their mission was to "solicit, collect, and raise the necessary money, and to compile the information needed Unicorn (18) - The 13th Sign (CD the application to nominate "Weird Al" Yankovic for a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame".

In addition to the preferred method of cash donations, many methods were used to raise money for the cause, such as a live benefit show held April 11,and selling merchandise on the official website and eBayincluding T-shirts, calendars, and cookbooks. In an official induction ceremony on August 27,[] Al received the 2,rd star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

The ceremony was attended by 1, fans. A smaller ongoing effort has been made by fans to have Yankovic perform at the halftime show of a Super Bowl game. Grammy Awards []. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Redirected from Weird Al. American comedy musician and actor. For the album, see "Weird Al" Yankovic album. Comedy parody polka geek rock [1]. Vocals accordion keyboards harmonica theremin tambourine. Demento Jon Schwartz Jim West. Musical artist. Main article: List of songs recorded by "Weird Al" Yankovic.

Main article: UHF film. Main article: "Weird Al" Yankovic videography. Calgary Herald. Archived from the original on February 11, Retrieved October 28, Not so with Weird Al Yankovic, the true, unabashed and remarkably enduring king of a now growing genre of nerd rock — a man who's had a pretty remarkable year career wearing his uncoolness on his accordion strap. Retrieved July 24, The Washington Post. Archived from the original on October 2, Retrieved August 10, Archived from the original on September 22, Retrieved March 14, Archived from the original on November 10, Archived from the original on November 13, Retrieved November 10, Archived from the original on July 24, July 30, Retrieved September 29, Archived from the original on March 21, He grew up in Lynwood, California a suburb of Los Angelesalthough the hospital he was actually born in was in the neighboring town of Downey Al's grandparents on his father's side were Yugoslavian.

Guccione, Jr. ISSN Retrieved February 4, It is of no minor coincidence that his parents are of Yugoslavian lineage and it so happens that Frankie Yankovic no relationknown as the polka king and one of the best accordionists in the country, also happens to be a Yugoslav.

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Retrieved October 26, September 30, Retrieved March 20, Retrieved June 16, RCA Records. Weekend Edition. Retrieved July 15, Retrieved July 23, Retrieved July 22, Retrieved October 31, Retrieved June 22, CBS News. August 27, Retrieved August 27, Retrieved March 27, Retrieved December 28, — via YouTube. Retrieved July 6, October 13, Retrieved October 14, Archived from the original on June 12, Retrieved April 4, Retrieved July 26, A fun invitation enclosed in a vellum envelope with sprinkles.

Playing in the Leaves. Out of all of the theme parties, this year Joey chose a knight theme for his 9th birthday. You can read about her experiences The only 3 floor birthday party studio venue theme experience for girls age 6 - 16 years. Have a Doggie Movie Night. Old-school bowling.

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Helicopter - Accattone - Is There Anything Left To Burn? (Vinyl, LP), Cover Your Mouth - Yo Gabba Gabba! - Fantastic Yoyages (Vinyl, LP), Look Into The Light - The Holy Shakes - Feast Or Famine (Vinyl, LP), Sapnai (Progress Mix) - Sel (3) - Sapnai (CD), Straight Flush, Opening - P!nk - Live From Wembley Arena London, England (DVD), Tsara Doany - Roger, Les Smockers - Tsara Doany / Maty Aminny Zaka Tiana (Vinyl), Funky - Royal Gigolos - Musique Deluxe (Cassette, Album), 2000-07-10 Central Station Sydney Australia - Electroteque - Musictrade Field Recordings Vol I (Foss, Medley II - Rhine Area Pipes & Drums - The Garb Of Auld Gaul (Vinyl, LP, Album), Dreams - Fulvio Maras - Francesco Tattara - Water Age (CD), LunchMoney Lewis - Whip It! (CD), Christian Ivaldi Et Noël Lee - Musique Romantique Pour Le Piano A Quatre Mains (Vinyl, LP), Santa Lucia

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  1. Sep 05,  · The inclusion of the second CD from The Unauthorised Breakfast Item's deluxe edition provides an opportunity to hear the band perform four of the studio album's songs at a Tokyo concert, four months before the album was released. This is particularly worthwhile since only "Smoking Gun (Right for Me)" would remain in the band's live set.

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  9. May 12,  · Note: The re-release combines the “In The Sign Of Evil” EP and the US version, not the European version of “Obsessed By Cruelty”, i.e. the track listing is wrong, as this CD does not include “After The Deluge” and there is no “After The Deluge / Obsessed By Cruelty” medley either. Intro - Outbreak of Evil ()

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