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In an April interview, Carl reflected that "the last two years have been the most important and difficult time of our career. We were at the ultimate crossroads. We had to decide whether what we had been involved in since we were teenagers had lost its meaning. We asked ourselves and each other the difficult questions we'd often avoided in the past.

In lateBrian overdosed on a combination of alcohol, cocaine, and other psychoactive drugs. His previous therapist Eugene Landy was once more employed, and a more radical program was undertaken to try to restore Brian to health. Intensions between Dennis and Love escalated so high that each obtained a restraining order against the other. Dennis checked into rehab for his chance to get sober, but on December 28,he drowned at the age of 39 in Marina del Rey while diving from a friend's boat trying to recover items that he had previously thrown overboard in fits of rage.

When he requested more money, Carl was obliged to give away a quarter of Brian's publishing royalties. I'm practically a member of the band Landy runs my life, but the truth is, I'm in charge. The Beach Boys spent the next several years touring, often playing in front of large audiences, [nb 8] and recording songs for film soundtracks and various artists compilations.

They released the album Still Cruisin'which went platinum in the US. He said that the suit allowed his lawyer "to gain access to the transcripts of Brian's interviews with his [book] collaborator, Todd Gold. Those interviews affirmed—according to Brian—that I had been the inspiration of the group and that I had written many of the songs that [would soon be] in dispute. The day after California courts issued a restraining order between Brian and Landy, Brian phoned Sire Records staff producer Andy Paley to collaborate on new material tentatively for the Beach Boys.

There's a lot of shit Andy and I got written for him. I just had to get through that goddamn trial! In earlyCarl was diagnosed with lung and brain cancer after years of heavy smoking. Despite his terminal condition, Carl continued to perform with the band on its summer tour a double-bill with the band Chicago while undergoing chemotherapy.

During performances, he sat on a stool and needed oxygen after every song. Jardine, in turn, counter-claimed against BRI for wrongful termination. It was produced by John Stamosand was criticized by numerous parties, including Wilson, for historical inaccuracies. InWilson recorded and released his solo album Brian Wilson Presents Smilea reinterpretation of the unfinished Smile project.

The 10 track compilation had 2. On December 16,it was announced that Wilson, Love, Jardine, Johnston and David Marks would reunite for a new album and 50th anniversary tour. It marked the group's first live performance to include Wilson sinceJardine sinceand Marks since The reunion tour ended in September as planned, but amid erroneous rumors that Love had dismissed Wilson from the Beach Boys.

Responding to a new European Union copyright law that extended copyright to 70 years for recordings that were published within 50 years after they were made, Capitol began issuing annual year anniversary "copyright extension" releases of Beach Boys recordings, starting with The Big Beat Asked about negative comments that Wilson made about him in the book, Love challenged the legitimacy of statements attributed to Wilson in the book and in the press.

It was the first time the band had appeared together in public since their tour. In FebruaryWilson and Jardine's official social media pages encouraged fans to boycott the band's music after it was announced that Love's Celebrate - Come Inside - Mosaic (CD Boys would perform at the Safari Club International Convention in Reno, Nevada on animal rights grounds.

The concert proceeded despite online protests, as Love issued a statement that said his group has always supported "freedom of thought and expression as a fundamental tenet of our rights as Americans. In MarchJardine was asked about a possible reunion and responded that the band would reunite for a string of live performances inalthough he believed a new album was unlikely.

Azoff stated in an interview from May"We're going to announce a major deal with a streamer for the definitive documentary on The Beach Boys and a 60th anniversary celebration. Even from their inception, the Beach Boys were an experimental group. They combined, as Jim Miller has put it, "the instrumental sleekness of the Venturesthe lyric sophistication of Chuck Berry, and the vocal expertise of some weird cross between the Lettermen and Frankie Lymon and the Teenagers " with lyrics whose images, idioms, and concerns were drawn from the rarefied world of the middle-class white male southern California teenager.

Comparison to other vocally oriented rock groups, such as the Associationshows the Beach Boys' technique to be far superior, almost embarrassingly so. They were so confident of their ability, and of Brian's skill as a producer to enhance it, that they were unafraid of doing sophisticated, a cappella glee-club arrangements containing multiple suspensionspassing formationscomplex chords, and both chromatic and enharmonic modulations.

The Beach Boys began as a garage band playing s style rock and roll[] reassembling styles of music such as surf Album) include vocal jazz harmonywhich created their unique sound. Early on, Mike Love sang lead vocals in the rock-oriented songs, while Carl contributed guitar lines on the group's ballads.

Brian's bandmates resented the notion that he was the sole creative force in the group. But the rest of us were seen as nameless components in Brian's music machine It didn't feel to us as if we were just riding on Brian's coattails.

He is the band. We're his fucking messengers. He is all of it. We're nothing. He's everything. The band's earliest influences came primarily from the work of Chuck Berry and the Four Freshmen. He was the only white guy on his track team.

He was really immersed in doo-wop and that music and I think he influenced Brian to listen to it. The black artists were so much better in terms of rock records in those days that the white records almost sounded like put-ons. We never needed to. It's already been done. Another significant influence on Brian's work was Burt Bacharach. They're also the best pop team — per se — today. As a producer, Bacharach has a very fresh, new approach.

We had never paid attention to the Four Freshmen or doo-wop combos like the Crew Cuts. Look what gold he mined out of that. Brian identified each member individually for their vocal rangeonce detailing the ranges for Carl, Dennis, Jardine "[they] progress upwards through G, A, and B"Love "can go from bass to the E above middle C"and himself "I can take the second D in the treble clef ". I love peaks in a song — and enhancing them on the control panel. Most of all, I love the human voice for its own sake.

From lowest intervals to highest, the group's vocal harmony stack usually began with Love or Dennis, followed by Jardine or Carl, and finally Brian on top, according to Jardine, [] while Carl said that the blend was Love on bottom, Carl above, followed by Dennis or Jardine, and then Brian on top.

As soon as we heard the chords on the piano we'd figure it out pretty easily. If there was a vocal move [Brian] envisioned, he'd show that particular singer that move. We had somewhat photographic memory as far as the vocal parts were concerned so that [was] never a problem for us.

He would bring out the funkier approaches, whether to go shoo-boo-bop or bom-bom-did-di-did-did. It makes a big difference, because it can change the whole rhythm, the whole color and tone of it.

On the group's blend, Carl said: "[Love] has a beautifully rich, very full-sounding bass voice. Yet his lead singing is real nasal, real punk. My voice has a kind of calm sound. We're big oooh-ers; we love to oooh. It's a big, full sound, that's very pleasing to us; it opens up the heart. The voices all lie down beside each other very easily — there's no bumping between them because the pitch is very precise. Nine months after forming, the group achieved national success, and demand for their personal appearance skyrocketed.

Biographer James Murphy said, "By most contemporary accounts, they were not a very good live band when they started. The Beach Boys learned to play as a band in front of live audiences", eventually to become "one of the best and enduring live bands". Their assistance was needed because of the increasingly complicated nature of the material.

Carl was an exception among the group in that he played alongside these musicians whenever he was available to attend sessions. Carl's guitar playing [was] a key ingredient.

A common misconception is that Dennis' drumming in the Beach Boys' recordings was filled in exclusively by studio musicians. The band members often reflected on the spiritual nature of their music and music in generalparticularly for the recording of Pet Sounds and Smile. God is love. God is you. God is me. God is everything right here in this room.

It's a spiritual concept which inspires a great deal of our music. The spiritual concept of happiness and doing good to others is extremely important to the lyric of our songs, and the religious element of some of the better church music is also contained within some of our new work.

Brian is quoted during the Smile era: "I'm very religious. Not in the sense of churches, going to church; but like the essence of all religion. I could feel that feeling in my brain.

Carl said that Smile was chosen as an album title because of its connection to the group's spiritual beliefs. The Beach Boys are one of the most critically acclaimed, commercially successful[11] [] and influential bands of all time.

Brian Wilson's artistic control over the Beach Boys' records was unprecedented for the time. It was especially nervy, because Brian was a year-old kid with just two albums. It was unheard of. But what could they say? Brian made good records. The band routinely appears in the upper reaches of ranked lists such as "The Top Albums of All Time. The latter two frequently appear on the number one spot.

On Acclaimed Musicwhich aggregates the rankings of decades of critics' lists, Pet Sounds is ranked as the greatest album of all time, while "Good Vibrations" is the third-greatest song of all time "God Only Knows" is also ranked The group itself is ranked number 11 in its most recommended artists of all time.

The Beach Boys are one of the most influential acts of the rock era. The editor noted that the "wide swath of artists assembled for this feature represent but a modicum of the album's vast measure of influence.

Its scope transcends just about all lines of age, race, and gender. Its impact continues to broaden with each passing generation. Professor of cultural studies James M. Curtis wrote in"We can say that the Beach Boys represent the outlook and values of white Protestant Anglo-Saxon teenagers in the early sixties.

Having said that, we immediately realize that they must mean much more than this. Their stability, their staying power, and their ability to attract new fans prove as much. The group's "California sound" grew to national prominence through the success of their album Surfin' U. A article discussing new trends in rock music writes that the Beach Boys popularized a type of drum beat heard in Jan and Dean 's " Surf City ", which sounds like "a locomotive getting up speed", in addition to the method of "suddenly stopping in between the chorus and verse".

The California sound gradually evolved to reflect a more musically ambitious and mature world view, becoming less to do with surfing and cars and more about social consciousness and political awareness. By the end of the s, the California sound declined due to a combination of the West Coast's cultural shifts, Wilson's professional and psychological downturn, and the Manson murders, with David Howard calling it the "sunset of the original California Sunshine Sound There is a wider range of political and aesthetic sentiments in their records than in any other band in those heady times—like the state [of California], they expand and bloat and contradict themselves.

During the s, advertising jingles and imagery were predominately based on the Beach Boys' early music and image. According to Jacobin ' s Dan O'Sullivan, the band's aesthetic was the first to be "scavenged" by yacht rock acts like Rupert Holmes. Pet Sounds came to inform the developments of genres such as pop, rock, jazz, electronicexperimentalpunkand hip hop.

He furthermore called it one factor which spawned the majority of trends in post rock music, the only others being Rubber Soulthe Beatles' Revolverand the contemporary folk movement. Pepper's to Close to the Edge and beyond". He argues that the advancing technology of multitrack recording and mixing boards were more influential to experimental rock than electronic instruments such as the synthesizerallowing the Beatles and the Beach Boys to become the first crop of non- classically trained musicians to create extended and complex compositions.

Other artists and producers, notably the Beatles and Phil Spector, had used varied instrumentation and multi-tracking to create complex studio productions before. And others, like Roy Orbisonhad written complicated pop songs before. But "Good Vibrations" eclipsed all that came before it, in both its complexity as a production and the liberties it took with conventional notions of how to structure a pop song.

The making of "Good Vibrations", according to Domenic Priore, was "unlike anything previous in the realms of classical, jazz, international, soundtrack, or any other kind of recording", [] while biographer Peter Ames Carlin wrote that it "sounded like nothing that had ever been played on the radio before. Upon release, the single prompted an unexpected revival in theremins while increasing awareness of analog synthesizersleading Moog Music to produce their own brand of ribbon-controlled instruments.

In no minor way, 'Good Vibrations' is a primary influential piece for all producing rock artists; everyone has felt its import to some degree". Discussing Smiley SmileDaniel Harrison argues that the album could "almost" be considered art music in the Western classical tradition, and that the group's innovations in the musical language of rock can be compared to those that introduced atonal and other nontraditional techniques into that classical tradition.

He explains, "The spirit of experimentation is just as palpable The short answer is, not much. It must be remembered that the commercial failure of the Beach Boys' experiments was hardly motivation for imitation. Sunflower marked an end to the experimental songwriting and production phase initiated by Smiley Smile. For the artier branches of post-punkWilson's pained vulnerability, his uses of offbeat instruments and his intricate harmonies, not to mention the Smile saga itself, became a touchstone, from Pere Ubu and XTC to REM [ sic ] and the Pixies to U2 and My Bloody Valentine.

In the s, the Beach Boys served a "totemic influence" on punk rock that later gave way to indie rock. Brad Shoup of Stereogum surmised that, thanks to the Ramones ' praise for the group, many punk, pop punkor "punk-adjacent" artists showed influence from the Beach Boys, noting cover versions of the band's songs recorded by Slickee BoysAgent OrangeBad ReligionShonen Knifethe QueersHi-Standardthe Descendentsthe DonnasM.

The Beach Boys Love You is sometimes considered the group's "punk album", [] [nb 12] and Pet Sounds is sometimes advanced as the first emo album. In the s, the Beach Boys experienced a resurgence of popularity with the alternative rock generation. United by a shared love of the group's music, they named Pet Sounds Studio in honor of the band. The Beach Boys remained among the most significant influences on indie rock into the late s.

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Things to do in New York Today. This week. This weekend. There isn't much rocking here, and even less rolling. Pet Sounds is at times futuristic, progressive, and experimental.

Strauss challenged the notion of whether Pet Sounds should be regarded as rock music. He argued that the album's quality and subversion of rock traditions is "what created its special place in rock history; there was no category for its fans to place it in But placed within the Easy Listening genre-i. Genres that have been attributed to Pet Sounds as a whole include progressive pop[49] [50] [51] [52] [53] [54] [55] [56] chamber pop[57] [58] [59] [60] psychedelic pop[61] [62] [63] [64] and art rock.

I wanted to make an album that would stand up in ten years. Commentators and historians frequently cite Pet Sounds as a concept album. It wasn't really a song concept album, or lyrically a concept album; it was really a production concept album.

For Pet SoundsBrian desired to make "a complete statement", similar to what he believed the Beatles had done with their newest album Rubber Soulreleased in December The greatest rock album ever made! Discussing their songwriting goals, Asher disputed the notion that they were following the Beatles or rock music in general. Rather, "Brian had defined it as wanting to write something closer to classical American love songs, like Cole Porter or Rodgers and Hammerstein.

In a March article, Wilson spoke of recent popular music trends, saying that they had influenced his work and the group's evolution, "but so has my own scene. That's what I thought we did. By contrast, musicologist Daniel Harrison contends that Wilson's advancement as a composer and arranger was marginal in relation to his past work. He wrote that Pet Sounds shows "comparatively little advance from what Brian had already accomplished or shown himself capable of accomplishing.

Most of the songs use unusual harmonic progressions and unexpected disruptions of hypermeterboth features that were met in ' Warmth of the Sun ' and ' Don't Back Down. Pet Sounds includes tempo changes, metrical ambiguity, and unusual tone colors that, in the opinion of author James Perone, remove the album from "just about anything else that was going on in pop music".

The number of unique instruments for each track average to about a dozen. They were originally recorded as backing tracks for existing songs, but by the time the album neared completion, Wilson decided that the tracks worked better without vocals. Rather, he was trying to get classical musicians to play like rock musicians. He's using these things to make music in the way that he understood, rather than trying to appropriate the orchestra.

In the estimation of musicologist Phillip Lambert, the album's "overall unity" is strengthened by "strong musical relationships among songs", for example, the use of 4—3—2—1 stepwise descents and the reverse.

On "You Still Believe in Me", he references a "stepwise falloff of the interval of a third at the end of each verse" as a typically "Wilsonian" feature that recurs throughout the album, along with a "madrigal sigh motif " that can be heard in "That's Not Me", where the motif concludes each line of the verses.

An overwhelming majority of the chords used on the album are slasheddiminishedmajor seventhsixthsninthsaugmentedor suspended. Simple major or minor triad chords are invoked minimally. Only four tracks feature a single strongly established key. With the exception of "God Only Knows", every composition on the album that shifts keys or has an ambiguous tonal center "uses essentially the same tonic—submediant relation.

Compared to previous Beach Boys albums, Pet Sounds contains fewer vocal harmonies, but the types of vocal harmonies themselves are more complex and varied. With the exception of Today! People always thought Brian was a good-time guy until he started releasing those heavy, searching songs on Pet Sounds.

But that stuff was closer to his personality and perceptions. Asher stated that Wilson aspired to create a collection of songs with subject matter that were relatable for adolescents: "Even though he was dealing in the most advanced score-charts and arrangements, he was still incredibly conscious of this commercial thing.

This absolute need to relate. Wilson drew on his recent marital struggles for much of the album's pessimistic and dejected lyric content. It is sometimes suggested that the tracks follow a formal narrative that documents the unraveling of a romantic relationship. Even though Pet Sounds has a somewhat unified theme in its emotional content, there was not a predetermined narrative. Responding to the songwriters' denials of a conscious lyric theme, Nick Kent observed the album's lyrics show "the male participant's attempts at coming to terms with himself and the world about him" and that every song "pinpoints a crisis of faith in love and life" with the exception of "Sloop John B" and the two instrumental pieces.

The album is often considered within the canon of psychedelic rock. Jim DeRogatisauthor of a book about psychedelic music, surmised that Wilson's LSD use led him to write more introspective work, a contrast from the Beatles, who after taking LSD began addressing problems in the world around them. They attribute this to Wilson's "eclectic mixture of instruments, echo, reverb, and innovative mixing techniques learnt from Phil Spector to create a complex soundscape in which voice and music interweave tightly".

DeRogatis compared the album's repeated listening value to a heightened psychedelic awareness, that its melodies "continue to reveal themselves after dozens of listens, just as previously unnoticed corners of the world reveal themselves during the psychedelic experience".

With the exception of three tracks, Pet Sounds was recorded from January 18 to April 13, and spanned 27 session dates. For the backing tracks, Wilson used an ensemble that included the classically trained session musicians frequently employed on Spector's records, a group later nicknamed " the Wrecking Crew ". Wilson said that he "was sort of a square" with his musicians, starting his creative process with how each instrument sounded one-by-one, moving from keyboards, drums, then violins if they were not overdubbed.

Britz remembered how most of the time was spent perfecting individual sounds: "[Brian] knew basically every instrument he wanted to hear, and how he wanted to hear it. What he would do is call in all the musicians at one time which was very costlybut still, that's the way he would do it.

Although Wilson often had entire arrangements worked out in his head, they were usually written in a shorthand form for the other players by one of his session musicians. I wrote out all the horn charts separate from the keyboards. I wrote one basic keyboard chart, violins, horns, and basses, and percussion.

Discussing Spector's Wall of Sound technique, Wilson identified Celebrate - Come Inside - Mosaic (CD tack piano and organ mix in "I Know There's an Answer" as one example of himself applying the method. The fourth track usually contained a rough reference mix used during playback at the session, later to be erased for overdubs such as a string section. Pet Sounds is sometimes considered a Brian Wilson solo album, [] [] [] including by Wilson himself, who later referred to it as his "first solo album" and "a chance to step outside the group and shine".

According to various reports, the group fought over the new direction. I said, 'No, it is not! He'd say, 'Oh, you guys can't hack this. But I remember thinking that those were tense sessions. Most of the objections pertained to the lyrical content; the band members did not dislike the music itself. Mike's a formula hound — if it doesn't have a hook in it, if he can't hear a hook in it, he doesn't want to know about it. I wasn't exactly thrilled with the change, but I grew to really appreciate it as soon as we started to work on it.

It wasn't like anything we'd heard before. He said that there was "not one person in the group that could come close to Brian's talent" and "couldn't imagine who" would have resisted Brian's leadership. I loved every minute of it.

He [Brian] could do no wrong. He could play me anything, and I would love it. In defense of Love, Asher said that "he never was critical about what [the album] washe was just saying it wasn't right for the Beach Boys.

In other words, they gave in. They let me have my little stint. Britz: "Most of the time, they were never ready to sing. They would rehearse in the studio. Actually, there was no such thing as rehearsal. They'd get on mike right off the bat, practically, and start singing. He explains, "Every night we'd come in for a playback. We'd sit around and listen to what we did the night before. Someone might say, well, that's pretty good but we can do that better.

During recording, Mike Love often called Brian "dog ears", a nickname referencing a canine's ability to detect sounds far beyond the limits of human hearing. We worked and worked on the harmonies and, if there was the slightest little hint of a sharp or a flat, it wouldn't go on. We would do it over again until it was right.

Every voice had to be right, every voice and its resonance and tonality had to be right. The timing had to be right. The timbre of the voices just had to be correct, according to how he felt. And then he might, the next day, completely throw that out and we might have to do it over again. Similar to subsequent experimental rock LPs by Frank Zappathe Beatles, and the Who, Pet Sounds featured countertextural aspects that called attention to the very recordedness of the album. Archivist Mark Linett notes: "to my ears, it sounds more like the plate [reverberators] rather than chambers.

It should be mentioned that you get a significantly different sound from a chamber when you record it 'live' as opposed to doing it off tape, and one reason these records sound the way they do is that the reverb was being printed as part of the recording — unlike today where we'll record 'dry' and add the effects later.

It was full of noise. You could hear him talking in the background. It was real sloppy. He had spent all this time making the album, and zip—dubbed it down in one day or something like that. I think a lot of times, beautiful orchestrated stuff or parts got lost in his mixes. On April 13,the album's final vocal overdubbing session, for "Here Today", concluded a ten-month-long recording period that had begun with "Sloop John B" in July A similar anomaly is heard in the instrumental break of "Here Today", where a distant conversation was accidentally captured during a vocal overdub.

A true stereophonic mix of Pet Sounds was not considered in largely because of mixing logistics. He did this because he felt that mono mastering provided more sonic control over the final result, irrespective of the vagaries of speaker placement and sound system quality.

According to Asher, "It's strange to sit down and write a song about not talking It is perhaps one of the most dynamic moments in the album. Lyrically, it is about a boy who falls in love with a broken-hearted girl who is reluctant to commit herself to another relationship. It was co-credited to Love, who made a minor adjustment to Wilson's lyrics.

This may have been done as a deliberate reference to acid trips. Brian included "Sloop John B" on Pet Sounds to appease Capitol Records, who voiced concerns that the album required the inclusion of a hit single in order to sell.

And it's the only song on Pet Sounds Brian didn't write. Fusilli posits that the track fits musically with the album, citing the track's chiming guitars, doubletracked basses, and staccato rhythms. After about ten years, I started thinking about it deeper And I remember him talking about ' Stella by Starlight ' and he had a certain love for classic songs. It was a beautiful thing. I just thought that to say 'Hang on to your ego' was an ego statement in and of itself, which I Album) going for, so I changed it.

I gave it a lot of thought. All my friends thought I was crazy to do Pet Sounds. When spoken, however, Brian heard this as "Caroline, No", which Asher thought was "a much stronger and more interesting line than the one I had in mind. I just Album) sad, so I wrote a sad song. Writer Neal Umphred speculated that the song might have been considered for the LP and would have probably been included had the single been more commercially successful.

On October 15,Wilson went to the studio with a piece orchestra to record an instrumental piece entitled "Three Blind Mice", which bore no musical connection to the nursery rhyme of the same name.

Another instrumental, " Trombone Dixie ", was recorded on November 1. It was nothing, there was really nothing in it. In lateWilson devoted some Pet Sounds sessions to experimental indulgences such as an extended a cappella run-through of the children's song " Row, Row, Row Your Boat " that exploited the song's use of rounds. These recordings remain unreleased. According to documentarian Keith Badman, "Just as with his music, Brian insists on perfection for 'Dick' and [six] further takes are made by Carol to tell the joke.

The front sleeve depicts a snapshot of the band — from left, they are Carl, Brian, and Dennis Wilson; Mike Love; and Al Jardine — feeding pieces of apples to seven goats at the San Diego Zoo while dressed in coats and sweaters. Writing in his memoir, Love said that Capitol planned the cover shoot after the company had conceived the would-be album title Our Freaky Friendswith the animals representing the group's "freaky friends". He credited Capitol's art department with the idea. The cover photo was taken on February 10, by photographer George Jerman.

Zoo officials were not keen about having their beloved beasts connected with the title of the album, but gave in when the Beach Boys explained that animals are an 'in' thing with teenagers. And that the Beach Boys were rushing to beat the rock and roll group called The Animals. The zoo said we were torturing the animals but they should have seen what we had to go through.

We were doing all the suffering. A taped conversation from the March dog barking session for "Caroline, No" reveals that Brian considered photographing a horse belonging to Carl in Western Studio 3 for the album cover. That was the whole idea".

Shapeshifter (12) - Some Rough Shit (File, MP3), Billies Bounce ( Take 2 ) - Charlie Parker - The Bird On Savoy Part 1 (Vinyl, LP), After The Rain (Uplifting Mix) - Alan Morris - After The Rain (File, MP3), You Will Never Grow Old - Nat King Cole - Top Pops (CD), Udo Lindenberg - Ich Lieb Dich Überhaupt Nicht Mehr (Vinyl), My Little Brown Book - Duke Ellington & John Coltrane - Duke Ellington & John Coltrane (Viny, Chain Reaction, A.M. Lights - National Forest - One Million (CDr, Album), Various - Off Road Tracks Vol. 62 Spezial (CD), Silver Arm - He Of The Slow Creep EP (Vinyl), Dehydrated Love (Part 1) - Sleepy Jim Berry - Dehydrated Love (Vinyl), Shalako - The Bent Scepters - Blind Date with Destiny (CD, Album), Splish Splash - Various - History Of Rhythm & Blues Volume 4: The Big Beat 1958-60 (Vinyl, LP), Comme Un Igloo (Electro Vibe Mixx) - Etienne Daho - Comme Un Igloo (Vinyl)

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  1. Through the years fans have created alternative album and single covers, artwork or their own compilation albums. The creators of these works aren't always know. So if you see your own work here, please don´t be offended, let me know and I´ll post your name with your work.

  2. Pet Sounds is the 11th studio album by the American rock band the Beach Boys, released May 16, on Capitol propertychoice.biz was initially met with a lukewarm critical and commercial response in the U.S., peaking at number 10 on Billboard ' s Top LPs chart. In the UK, the album was lauded by critics and reached number 2 on the Top 40 Albums Chart, remaining in the top ten for six months.

  3. The Beach Boys are an American rock band that formed in Hawthorne, California, in The group's original lineup consisted of brothers Brian, Dennis, and Carl Wilson, their cousin Mike Love, and friend Al propertychoice.bizguished by their vocal harmonies, adolescent-oriented themes, and musical ingenuity, they are one of the most influential acts of the rock era.

  4. Renee Rosnes is one of the premier jazz pianists and composers of her generation. Upon moving to New York City from Vancouver, Canada, she quickly established a reputation of high regard, touring and recording with such masters as Joe Henderson, Wayne Shorter, Bobby Hutcherson, J.J. Johnson, James Moody, and legendary bassist Ron Carter.

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