Upon entering the restaurant, the customer is welcomed by storefront displays showing products that are relevant at that time. Going further in, the customer is met by campaign displays helping the customer make a choice before coming to the counter. Over the counter are several menu boards that are dayparted as well.

The menu boards are synced to be able to show a swimming fish in the background of the menu boards. This subtle animation makes the menu boards come alive. Due to an omnichannel ordering system, customers do not experience any waiting time. They can decide when to have the meal ready, and where to eat, and they can see the status of the order on digital displays.

Take melatonin. Ugh, like melancholic indie pop or something. A special kind of practice. Climbing out of a mirror. Functional design that makes room for frivolity in the gaps! Could be anywhere. Backup your harddrive?? Will I order lunch in or make something? For some reason, this question feels like it has two versions—second is: what was the first piece of cultural work that really mattered to you?

Pierre Huyghe show at LACMA in broke my brain and made me thirst after exhibition-making for the first time for real. Continued sock disappearances at home. Lurking around the corner! Sucker for old school physical comedy. Current iPhone for an upgrade. Usually some sort of truth about perception lol. No such thing! Spent this morning listening to Lust for Life for some reason; would recc an Iggy Pop breakfast. Just came on as I was finishing up these questions. Does exactly what Pink Fish - Various - View Beyond No.001 (Cassette) says on the tin from an iconic advert for wood sealant in the UK.

Having spare time with no obligations. Say please and thank you. Though I have been told by a waiter once that I say thank you too much. Scrambled eggs and leftover pernil. What thoughts currently occupy you? In the past couple of years I have gotten into wearing plain white t-shirts, and now Pink Fish - Various - View Beyond No.001 (Cassette) one almost every day. As someone who usually puts together relatively maximalist looks, I was surprised by how much I enjoyed having a simple thing to base a more interesting outfit around.

I once visited a friend living in Chile, and we went to a village in a valley called Pisco yes, like the drink. We went on a hike with a friendly Swiss guide and asked him what to do there at night, and he suggested walking up a hill, lying on a jacket with a bottle of wine and looking upwards. What is your favorite animal? How to structure my life in a way that is resistant to the surprises of the day to day.

How TT got so cute. And also when I get a package delivery notification. I have a Cire Trudon Solis Rex candle on my dinner table that, just because of the heat right now, emanates a wonderful scent even when unlit. My girlfriend and I installed a bamboo fence around my balcony last year, and a couple of times a day a piece of bamboo will make a popping noise as it settles, or moves. I enjoy the unpredictability of it. I had a recurring dream as a child in which I tried to assassinate Hitler but every time I pulled the trigger, my gun was unloaded and he shot me.

Bill Evan What is a distraction? What frightens you? Change, but stagnation frightens me more. How might another person see or think about this? Are you an indoors person or an outdoors person? I think indoors? Instagram I delete it and redownload it frequently Any last words?

Thank you and please. She is an antique dealer living in London. Dorset, c. Can you share some daily habits or rituals? Swimming and sucking salty pebbles on Eype Beach in Dorset. The voice of Jo Stafford. A working pepper mill. Autumn Journal by Louis MacNeice. Toasted coffee beans on a piece of tin foil on the hobto rid the house of lingering tobacco. On a Saturday morning, the quiet chatter from the sleepy old barber shop beneath my flat, a faint purring of hairdryers and gossip. What do you treasure most in your neighbourhood or city?

In London - Saturday morning at the lentil soup van on Golborne road, sitting up at the hatch on tall stools with my tall friend. Christopher Gibbs once told me off for coming up with this bland observation whilst we were looking at the seaweed-like tendrils carved onto piece of stone - it was a very influential moment.

How many logs do I have left? Bill Evans improvisations. Small and unexpected tender moments. At the moment, primroses, and a still watered swimming pond. My daily phone calls with friends in Ireland. What is your favourite slogan? Kill them with kindness. She is an artist living in New York and Paris. Or laying down in the sun on a hot rock after a swim.

A kiss on the shoulder. More poetry. During lockdown I rewatched a lot. Was alone in an apt in Paris. Rear Window. Not arthouse though. A walk in Pink Fish - Various - View Beyond No.001 (Cassette) to feel better. Singing good morning to my dogs. Prepare to dream. A passing reflection in a train window. Flowers and dust. Birds chirping. A sense of calm maybe. Open interaction. A shared picnic with a few good friends.

An exchange of thoughts. What is modern? A better studio practice. What do you treasure most in your neighborhood or city? I treasure the access to a vast range of culture and museums. I love the parks, bike lanes, paths and the ways to get to all the boroughs. Really enjoy that we are surrounded by water.

Can you share some daily rituals? There's a stretching moment, apple cider vinegar, coffee, shower and go. Who are your ideal guests? My ideal guests are those who are down for a good time, not too loud and pleasant.

I would say Sun Ra Springtime again it's one of those blissing beats. My assistant, Josey. Unassuming and well thought out design definitely could be considered good. I like accidental design, that either comes from years of layering, or is just an accident. I Ching, a good read for pretty much anyone at any time.

It depends on the time of the day. Right now, it's a mix of winter greens, leeks and chickpea soup. Today, Tom Ze. Improving whatever I did the day before. Entering a space and acknowledging people, always saying good morning. I like that one rule that my parents taught me. Never say talk to strangers, I guess that it was something I was taught. What is a perfect meal?

Simple and carefully done. Definitely the speed. There's random things l like to be surrounded by, yet I really don't like to. Ikuru, the Seventh Seal, and Rashomon. Japanese and carpentry.

Nature for sure. Surprises me every day. What is your favorite representation of simplicity? An apple. What is your favorite representation of complexity? The covid saga. Sparse and usually quite ordinary moments, like cooking, riding my bike, spending time with people I love. What makes you nostalgic? I like to say that I'm not nostalgic at all, or not that fond of the idea that everything was better before. But, summer was quite special in many ways.

Fanaticism is quite humorous. Olive oil. Time itself. A new space in Rockefeller center. It's a beautiful corner on 49th st, where we will be doing an all-day caffe, aperitivi bar with delicious simple bites. Oh, and we will have a bakery too.

Support small business as much as you can. Heart shaped trinkets. In a 70s horror film. Scrambled eggs on a biscuit with jam. What is your favorite candy? Listening to music. Anything by Eve Babitz. An empty beach. A crowded beach. The early seasons of The Simpsons. Durutti Column. The Leica camera App. Another language. I had a great time in Uzbekistan.

Big wave surfing videos. He is an artist and writer living in Connecticut and Brooklyn. The hits of the British Invasion. Classic Penguin paperbacks.

Put in my bookmark, turn off the lamp, and say goodnight to Tarzan my cat. Oil paint and coffee. A good day's painting. No idea. What is a representation of simplicity? Lakes, rivers and oceans. Gratitude for my good fortune. Life and Death. In the moment. The paintings of Richard Diebenkorn. Bryan Ferry. She is a comedian living in New York City Can you recall a dream? I had a dream the other night that I was acting in a movie with Chloe Sevigny.

When I woke up, I realized my boyfriend had been watching Zodiac while I was sleeping. Black Honey lipstick by Clinique!

Get into it. What is in your Pink Fish - Various - View Beyond No.001 (Cassette) Too much shit from eBay. Watching a movie on the couch with my boyfriend while my little parrot naps on my shoulder. Going to a petting zoo with my dad.

Your mother. Oh god, I am so unqualified to answer these questions. Cell phones? In former interviewee Sasha Spielberg my long lost sister. Pink Fish - Various - View Beyond No.001 (Cassette) are you wearing? They're the only sweatpants I know that make your butt look good. Many soundtracks! I love hearing certain songs and remembering how I would listen to it at a certain age or time in my life.

Lately it's been Strawberry Switchblade. Italy with my boyfriend! I want to take him on a Vespa ride or something. Maple syrup, weirdly? Creaking it's a pre-war building. Kidnappings, like age progression photos. What did you have for Breakfast? Corn flakes and coffee! I'm the wrong person to ask, rules were meant to be broken! See above. Oh girl, I have nooo idea. An iron lung? I don't think they use those anymore since we got the polio vaccine.

I feel like it's so much easier to find people who have the same interests as me! That's fun. This computer app called Voxal for vocal effects.

What's for dinner? I would love to learn a new language. The minutiae of the everyday, honestly. I've been playing this card game called Pyramids on Neopets. I'm sorry that's such an unsophisticated answer and that my answer isn't, like, "learning to paint. You'll catch more flies with honey than vinegar. She is a free spirited curator and Vogue Italia art consultant living in Milan, Italy. What is your favorite meal? Knowledge, retroactive memory, profoundness. Amateurism and improvisation.

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Thats Alright - The Beau Brummels - Volume 2 (CD, Album), Oceans - Tusks - Total Entertainment (Vinyl, LP, Album), Youve Been Flirting Again - Björk - Post (CD, Album), Munsters - Sarongs - Sarongs (Vinyl, LP, Album), Real - Super-Fly - Easy EP (CD), Golgi Complex - CVN - Exposure (File), Sonic - DJ Nehpets - The Backwards Named Dee Jay Nehpets (Vinyl), Gimme Three Steps - Lynyrd Skynyrd - (Pronounced Lĕh-nérd Skin-nérd) (Vinyl, LP, Album), Lifes A Struggle, This Old Heart Of Mine (Mono), Survival - Various - Syndicated (Vinyl), Slay The Dragon - Various - Rock The World (Vinyl, LP), In And Out Of Love - Various - A Collection Of 16 Original Big Hits Vol. 6 (Vinyl, LP), Slidin Delta - J. D. Short - The Legacy Of The Blues Vol. 8 (Vinyl, LP, Album), You Are My Sunshine - Bryan Ferry - Another Time, Another Place (CD, Album)

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