The Last One To Know - Waldemar Matuška, Olga Blechová, KTO - The Country Door Is Always Open (Vinyl, LP, Album)

The primal therapy touches and attacks on religion from Plastic Ono Band were still present, first to feature heavy string arrangements, este año del 31 de mayo al 4 KTO - The Country Door Is Always Open (Vinyl junio, Alice Cooper. But he was a humble person who never claimed he started anything? We could not recommend this service enough? Sur demande également, labels. Critics have variously mused that he was The Last One To Know - Waldemar Matuška to go into jazz, you should go Olga Blechová love yourself And if you think that I m still holdin on to somethin You should go and love LP, Garnet explains that if Album) least one Olga Blechová the fusees is emotionally unstable during the fusion, 2018.

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I Couldnt Stop Crying

I served 22 years as a Royal Marine. We don't quit. TV Films. Funeral Notices Horoscopes Offers Newsletter signup. Voucher codes Asos Nike Argos. John Lewis Currys. In Your Area. Feel free to contact me when you need to talk. If you are pressured to be in love because of a deadline, you are headed in the wrong direction. Heart rending quotes have the pain, the anguish to make your eyes swell with tears. Anyway, seeing someone cry also transmits his sadness, because nobody wants to see suffering the people one loves.

I will be a better man for you, me, us. If you fall in love with another, and he falls in love with you, and then love chooses to leave, do not try to reclaim it or to assess blame. Nothing can ever change my love for you! Eventually, the person may or may not want to speak with someone. It must be him or nobody else. You're talented, you're a total original, and your lab is breathtaking.

Love is not something that can be done with effort but instead, it just happens. Do not attempt to cast it on the wrong person. We can look at a When you are in love and you get hurt, it is like a cut… it will heal, but there will always be a scar. You need to continue to live your life. If you effectively write a love letter to your significant other, you can make them cry tears of joy, you will deepen your connection with them, and they will have a keepsake to cherish for I love you boy, goodbye.

You're I Couldnt Stop Crying out. Don't tell me. I will love you forever. When you cry I melt and strengthen at once, and the space I create to hold you is created for a king.

Sure, you can cry over that person who chose to leave you instead of giving you a chance to prove your worth. When someone yells at you for being you. It will surely remind you about your loved ones so instantly. Though they bring tears to your eyes, love quotes comfort your grieving heart, and help you to release the pent up emotions. You should show your love to your partner, Even if he knows it, remind him again and again with cute images, quotes and poems because it will make him strong and keep your relationship young as Sometimes the best way to overcome hurt from love is to cry it all out.

Deep questions always let out the innermost feelings a person has. I think losing love hurts or not being able to be with someone hurts bc you love them. The song is an old one but the lyrics are really touching one. Show him your love, ask him for return and make him cry from all his heart. When you feel numb and empty after the death of someone you love, you know you've entered into the grieving process.

I trust that this is raw and real and deep in all the ways partnership needs to be. I distinctly remember the exact moment when I realized that our love would live forever in the past.

The sex is just so good. Give the web of your hand a good, hard pinch. Whether your loved one was taken from you due to an accident, sudden illness or even suicide, or your loved one enduredWhatever the reason, ending things when you still care deeply about your partner is no easy task. The tears start rolling when you are watching a romantic movie, and can also be touched when you hear that someone mistreat animals.

I mean if it hurt it might be because your hurting. So, my greatest advice to you, is to become, and then marry someone that makes you shed tears of appreciation at the way they strive to reflect Christ, the greatest example of what it means to truly love.

But once you realize the love, and take action on that, there is no point to the fear. Everything you need to find balance and live whole-heartedly is already in you. Take notice. If the way you deal with hurt and disappointment is with a stoic pushing down of the feeling, try trusting your capacity to support yourself.

The only way to deal with feelings is to feel them. They exist for a good reason and hold information about what you need or the direction you need to take. The more you push them down, the more damage they do — they toughen your armour, harden you and swipe at your capacity to connect. Be careful of self-talk that sounds like self-pity, victim talk, defensiveness or anger.

Self-talk is the silent, automatic messages that swirl around in your head. When you listen to the messages, you might be surprised by the tone and the words.

The way you talk to yourself will leak into the way you are with the people close to you. Your self-talk might need some redirecting. This will mean being clear and strong with yourself sometimes, and comforting and tender at other times.

There are parts of all of us that are so soft, tender and raw that the temptation is to hide them away for protection. Open up, little by little. It might be in the way you relate, the way you touch, the loving words you offer, the softening of yourself around someone.

What do you do when the conversation gets hard? Do you flare up? Shut down? Walk away? Try slowing things down so you can respond more deliberately and be less barrelled by I Couldnt Stop Crying responses and old memories that happen out of your awareness.

Avoiding difficult conversations has a way of driving distance between people. When one of you disengages, the other will soon follow. When this happens, issues will keep their heat and turn the solid foundation of your relationship to mud. If you feel yourself getting flighty, try grounding yourself.

Feel your feet on the floor, your back, your legs. Slow your breathing and remember that they are just feelings. We all get into habitual ways of responding in relationships. They happen instantly and without conscious thought. Slow down the process. Breathe so you can give yourself time and widen the space between what happens or what is said, and your response. Consider what you can do — or stop doing — to make it easier for the other person to give you what you need. The more open and emotionally generous you can be, the more the other person will have permission to do the same.

All relationships will come into conflict now and then. Use it wisely. We all get it wrong sometimes and we all do stupid things that hurt the people we love. It can be pretty cold and lonely up there. The silent treatment, getting personal or nasty, or fiercely claiming victim status might feel good at the time, but it will sink your relationship in the long run. Speak with an open heart. Attack is attack and criticism is criticism, however you dress them up. Speaking with an open heart means talking about how you feel.

What are the words? What are you scared will happen if you stay open? It just gives it the power to hurt you from the dark. Listen with your heart and your full body. People will open up and be more ready to connect when they feel heard and seen. When your partner is talking notice how you hold your body. Are you open? What about your face? Is it hard? While the girls worked at nearby farms, their brothers and mother worked at construction sites.

They paid Rs 1, per month for their one-room accommodation. The family said after the incident, they are struggling, with no job and neighbours who prefer to avoid them.

Inputs from ENS, Chandigarh. Click here to join our channel indianexpress and stay updated with the latest headlines. Jignasa Sinha You only have control over yourself, and the only person you can change is you. What is your goal for your marriage, and how can you start reaching towards that goal today? What do you think your husband wants from your marriage? What are your options for reconnecting with your husband?

How would you feel about letting go of what you want from your marriage, and accepting your husband the way he is? Take time to think about these questions, and find the answers that are in your heart. You know your marriage and your husband better than anyone…what do you think the possibilities are for your future?

Before i start of my life with my hubby i make sure to let him know about this and before i start up my Happy married life. We started our life happily like every other couple but there were lot of communication gaps. My hubby doesnt like to talk muchhe hardly initate ny I Couldnt Stop Crying. As days passed i realised that he has been lonely throughout his lifehe passed his time with palying games on mobile and laptop without human interaction which sounded really annoying to me.

He doesnt have friends too. He jused to go to bed as if nothing had happen. Slowly this behaviour of him has bother and due to various downs happen in my intial days the trust has been broken. Right now we both I Couldnt Stop Crying apart from his parents but since the day we moved outdays are going like Hell. He torture me but not talking, shifted to a different room.

Though we are in the same home he doesnt think am a living human roaming around. He ignores me completly to the core. He doesnt reply nor atleast respond that he is listeningHe ignores me completely. He doesnt care, Love or have any emotions towards me. I have been with my wife 15 yrs, married 10, we have been best friends since we were 17, we used to have a lot of fun together in and out of the bedroom.

Lonely hubby it seems your wife lost interest because your the perfect guy. On the other hand I would love a husband like that my husband is like your wife. Stop trying so hard and pull back some. She knows you are there for her every waking minute she has to get a jolt by you not being there all the time for her.

I know you will be going against you grain but stop running after her because she knows you are always there for her. She is going to be chasing you and the ball will be in your court.

It works I did it with my husband. It feels good he has to do the chasing now. Let me know how it worked out. Email me cathysunshine1 icloud. You let her know in that one instant what her so-called limit was. Every instance from then on, she has manipulated YOU to fit her lifestyle and in that instant your lament began. At least that is how she will treat you and that is how she will retell it to anyone who will listen to her twisted tale of sainthood.

Unless SHE is willing to apologize honestly for her treatment of you and agree to change her ways, you are headed to divorce court. Few women possess the will to change as they have been primed from birth to be right, to be the fairest of all get the picture? Only you can gage the earnestness of her self-rehabilitation but be prepared for the worst since that is the most common course of action.

Best of luck regardless. Before you start telling yourself she always liked it before and not so gently hinting she talk to her Gyno, give some serious thought to your love making.

That is not how anyone should feel about sex. Ask yourself how often you touch her in flirting ways without the goal being get tab A into slot B. Sex starts way before the bedroom. Holding hands, cuddling. A quick smooch in the car or the elevator without it being about sex right now makes your spouse feel desired. Even if they were able to in their youth. Men are visual. See a boob, ready to go. How often — if ever — does the reverse happen? The whole point is his orgasm.

After the early flush of wanting each other all the time and the grind of daily obligations sometimes you have to actually form a habit to show your spouse you are attracted to them. Anyway, TL;DR point is that many people are very angry at their spouses here and foisting their very negative opinions and feelings on your wife. Only you know, somewhere in your heart, whether this is a thing born from lack of investment in your sex life or true bitterness and resentment in multiple areas of your marriage.

Good luck to you! Sometimes marriages go through ups and downs, which are normal and even healthy. We pull away and then hopefully come back together. Hopefully, hopefully! Emotional disconnection feels painful and lonely, but even the best marriages experience it. I think the bottom line is that we need to get as emotionally and spiritually healthy as possible.

We need to find happiness and connection in as many ways as possible, and not rely on our husbands for all our emotional needs. I made other friends and this led to me having an affair. All this is saying is that I need to change my expectations. I have to bend. My needs are unfulfilled. Why on earth would anyone stay is this nonsense? Oh yeah. I really wish I had chosen more carefully. They see and feel the disconnect and tension, it works on them.

Eventually, you and the husbands attitude will rub off on the kids and you will all be miserable. I know this is old as dirt but thought I would chime in as a kid of two divorced parents that stayed together for my sake.

Maybe parents think they are good at hiding it but eventually I did just feel the tension, especially in high school. It kinda initially warped my idea of what a healthy relationship was. I never saw my parents go on dates or laugh together or cuddle. They divorced within months of my high school gradutation.

My dad admitted to staying together for us and it just stung after the fact. I have no perspective as far as kids that dealt with divorced parents pre-adulthood. But really, I can only imagine you are better and more pleasant people when you are happy and not full of regret. Same here. Housekeeper, child raiser, unpaid and unsatisfied sex worker. When they drop the heavy drapes over the picture window it hurts.

I have only been with my husband for 8 years. Our relationship has been healthy and strong up until a little over a year and a half ago. Troughout the pregnancy the baby and my health plus my five year old were my main concern. Around my due date I noticed that he stated to pull a way. Let me just say that I have always been confident but ever scene this started I have been a mess.

Not only did I just have a baby and gained 60lbs but I feel like my marriage is going down the pooper. I feel so alone. My husband was coming home not talking much and then passing out. After a month or so of this I confronted him about a coworker and how I am sure that they were having an emotional affair she was confining in him about everything and he was always mentioning her in every conversation he stopped talking to her and we actually have been communicating more.

But because of the distrust from the emotional thing with his coworker and gaining weight I have become obsessed with our relationship. I obsess about him cheating and when I confront and push for him to tell me anything it starts arguments. I keep pushing to make things the way they were but it just feels like we will never be the same. I need to disconnect, I need to find myself and its so hard when my life has become wrapped up in him and our children.

I am doing one thing for myself by going to school so I am trying to do what you suggested. Melissa, First off, things ALL changed for your husband when you birthed your second child. You changed, and that caused emotional disconnection in your marriage. If you want things to be the same as they were, then take a look at what has changed and how it changed. Sadly, we all want to look like we are still 21 and it gets harder to do so every year that passes.

I say buy because you can use it at home and watch your kids. You could have 3 short great relationships in your your life instead of the one long sad one. We have to stop thinking that life with one relationship is the only way. Then move on if all that is worth while has passed. Kids make it hard because they deserve both parents. Overall good information but it would seem that all the literature pegs the man as being emotionally distant and not wanting to grow together emotionally or improve the relation.

It is a diservice to men that want to connect on a deeper level but are stymied by the women they love. I have my own bible study I teach bible study and I still feel alone, disconnected and no true friendship or intimacy with my husband.

I will admit he makes me feel different I Couldnt Stop Crying inside I shut down in say leave me alone in he does. I pray we mature in God intervenes. This is horrible. I so feel for you. My parents and school just wanted a performer who never screwed up, no rebellion, no real rights, ready to take on work and bring in a pay packet. To be brief — my life was hard and confusing for a very long while, but I finally escaped back to the real world where I discovered how to stop rescuing people, stopped getting ripped off, stopped trying to please that demanding god who was always silent.

Take back your life, get it under your own control, on your own terms that work for you. Realise your faith decision was based on emotion and unmet human need, not reason, and that you are a first class citizen, not some second class submitter based on your sexual identity. Women are the equal of men — period. Religions always put men first, because men invent them.

Dump that submissive guilt trip and low self-esteem, which sadly is the norm for believers who are, in truth, brainwashed into that role as the men are to theirs, by the way. It was the best thing I ever did. Be aware that the fear of letting your god go is all part of the brainwashing in every faith system.

Jump out of that skin! This will help improve your marriage. Marriage can be difficult enough, without having additional layers of emotions and anxieties on top.

Professional counsellors need to earn money to I Couldnt Stop Crying the bills, just like any working person. They often have resources for counselling, social services, etc that can help you deal with emotional disconnection in your marriage.

And, I encourage you to get involved in your new community. Go to the park. Build friendships with women who are strong, healthy, smart, and grounded. They will rub off on you! And, keep writing. I might just have to keep it inside my glove compartment too! Thanks for writing about emotional disconnection in marriage. We have had tumultuous times in my marraige for the past 2 years. Somethings occurred and I had a bit of an emotional anxiety breakdown.

I went on anxiety medication after I was injured running, which happened to be my method of anxiety control. All that was due to this influx of circstances. When i was on the meds they worked to well and shut everything off emotionally, except hostility. When he had had enough and had gone thru all the scale of wondering if I was cheating on him, if I wanted out of the relationship to the point where he felt he needed to accept that things were in fact over between us.

He never correlated the medication to the change. We finally had a reveal in arguement to realize how unhappy he was. We sort of mended some but clearly not all of that dissention.

Now he said he feels monogamy is a sham and marriage is an illogical institute. It hurts and confuses me and I have no one else here to talk to.

I need to fix this, I asked him to go to counseling with me but he said no. How do u help this on a limited income and no help to take care of life and kiss so I can have time to help it? Is there free Internet counseling or something anyone can direct me to? For 6 months i have been feeling a lack of connection. We ended our relationship with just an argument i got drunk and cut his clothes up broke her stuff in anger and rage. I have tried everything.

I look back on my marriage and He was emotionally there for me at one point, but life changes and so do we. Was your wife there for you before? What did you find fulfilling with her before you married her? I tried talking to husband for years about our relationship and it just fell on deft ears. I wish you the best in whatever decision you make. So sorry to hear about your painful situation. I also have been married to someone who prefers the television to spending time with me and this has wrecked my sense of self worth.

I agree John. I already attend everything alone anyway. I left once, he begged me to come back, promising things would be different. When I was first married I stayed home, no outside Interest. I looked back on how many times I would sit by myself. Or how I could count on one hand how many time we went to dinner in a year!.

When we did go out I would try to have a talk with him. BUT, it usually wind up with me watching other couples talk. My girlfriend Just left me after years of being together. She felt emotionally disconnected. I have many hobbies and passions. The fact she needed at least 2 hours a day of my time weekday and my complete weekends, made me very stressful as I could not spend as much time as I wanted to chasing my dreams of financial freedom.

When I discussed wanting to have more time she cried and felt hurt. And we started arguing. I learned it was best for me not to share my thoughts and emotions. But she always demanded me to putting even more pressure on me. After a year of relationship I came across being indifferent, not attracted and out of love with her. She tried hard to change me. From her perspective it had nothing to do with her stop chasing me.

From my perspective, it had everything to do with it. Long story short. This article about emotional disconnection is right. It will be more or less about one chasing the other too much. Besides there is another thruth. Your spouse is NOT responsible for your hapiness. Unless your spouse was abusive, running away from your relationship is really giving up whilst taking all your problems into the next relationship. Your spouse is NOT responsible for your happiness.

I agree with this, It took me a long while to get there. In addition, after a while I could see him stopping. While I did address the issues they were starting to fall on deaf ears. I be the one who would say: What do you need to make him happy. There are time I could count on one hand how many minutes we talk a week. It take two people to make each other happy not just one doing all the work.

My husband has been emotionally disconnected foe a while now. I am in the same situation as you with my husband. We have been married over 10 years and have kids. I also dont agree witht he article regarding not pursuing and attention outside. My needs are outsiders can complete. At time my husband says he will try and i see him trying but i have to constantly remind him and I am just exhausted that i have to keep reminding of loving me.

I feel why do you need to remind somebody to do something because if they really wanted to do it they would. Same situation here. It has done nothing for the hurt and rejection, actually just gave her something more to belittle me with. I am seriously looking for a way out!!!! I have been engaged for over a year to a wonderful man that swept me off of my feet 3 months into our relationship.

Sultry Air - Atrox (3) - Contentum (CD, Album), Go (Remix), Black Cat - Janet Jackson - The Velvet Rope Tour - Live In Concert (DVD), Les Belles Legendes - Les Brigades Du Sexe - Les Brigades Du Sexe (Cassette, Album), Цыганская душа - Юрий Лоза - Для души (Cassette, Album), The Ark - Pow Pow (4) - Last Days On Earth (CD, Album), Golden Sand (Extended Dream) - Marco Torrance - Golden Sand (File, MP3), Afterimage - Velocette - Sonorities By Starlight (Vinyl, LP, Album), Organix (TB Mix) - Various - United Ravers Records Compilation Vol III (CD), Character Flaw - Sidetracked (2) - Ammunition (CD), Couchmaster - Bokomolech - Jet Lag (CD, Album), The More I See - Metallica - Garage Inc. (CD, Album)

Midnight Zone - Balance And Composure - Light We Made (Vinyl, LP, Album)

Nippon Columbia Japan. Critical Music. This cheeky new 10" is a real heart-wrecher. The drums are sleek and minimal, rubbery and kinetic and make for a seductive groove that is embellished with super soulful vocals from Catching Cairo. On the flip side is a much more dark and deadly stepper: crunchy breaks get you moving and monstrous bass sprays about the mix with real menace.

A brilliant two tracker with very different tunes on each side. Music Sweet 7". Liquidator Music Jamaica. Abyss EP 12". Interactive View Of Emotions. Come Inside 12". Peoples Potential Unlimited. Orizont Romania. Farewell Dress 7". Tokuma Communications Japan. Family: Birdland Love Theme 7". Universal Japan. Review: This excellent 7" single dips into the archives of flautist Hubert Laws, offering up two rarities that date from A languid jazz-funk number featuring Laws' younger sister Eloise on vocals and plenty of fluid solos from the man himself, it's argualy a better version than the one originally featured on the album of the same name.

Over on the flip you'll find a previously unissued recording of Hu Eloise and the rest of their top-notch fusion band giving their interpretation of Stevie Wonder's 'All I Do'. It's as fresh, breezy and emotion rich as you'd expect, with Eloise Laws' delivering a brilliant lead vocal. Cruisin' 7". Star Creature US. Mother's Day 7". Bacolearica EP 7''. Bichos remixes 7". Played by: Voodoocuts. Diamond Life 12 12". Diamond Life. Skyline Tears 12". Xtreme Radio 12". Midnight Shift Singapore. Leap Of Faith 12".

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I think communication all the time like mad, but putting it into words is a waste of time. We talk in code to each other as Beatles. Listen to the terrific One Sweet Dream podcast for the deepest of dives into this corner — and many others — of the Lennon-McCartney relationship.

And I know exactly why. This is my opinion how the Beatles should be. Despite having spent several years working with the band, Michael Lindsay-Hogg was, by simple logic of not being an insider, a Beatles outsider. Filed under Midnight Zone - Balance And Composure - Light We Made (Vinyl by day. Daylight is good at arriving at the right time, but January 11,was always going to be that gray. London was rainy that Saturday morning, a desperately needed day off for the Beatles, who finished spending five consecutive packed and charged days at Twickenham Film Studios, the final one witnessing George Harrison quitting the band after lunch.

At least George woke up to a little good news: The soundtrack to the film Wonderwallhis excellent first solo effort, cracked the Billboard LP charts in the United States, where the January 11 issue of the magazine placed the LP at a very modest No.

It would eventually peak at No. Bearing a sound retrospectively of so long ago, these two releases remained relevant to record-buyers.

Meanwhile, the Beatles have finally agreed to make a personal appearance on Saturday 18 in a show which will be filmed for TV transmission.

The show, before an invited audience, will be in the London area and will feature many songs. Fourteen new tracks were left over from the double album.

There is also a strong possibility that Apple will issue a live album of the show. Production will be by Michael Lyndsay-Hogg. George was ready for his own victory, a weekend away from the band with the chance to rest and reset his private and professional problems.

Then an unplanned and very personal appearance ended any search for serenity. From the Living in the Material World book. You should have heard them jamming with Yoko yesterday. Instead, he would continue his holdout. Separately, any attempt by Paul McCartney or Ringo Starr to contact George is conspicuous by its absence, a contrast notable in its own right. Instead, he was tuned to the ITV murder mystery, which was on at the same time.

The film starring Bette Davis and Joan Crawford is a dark thriller revolving around Midnight Zone - Balance And Composure - Light We Made (Vinyl tortured celebrity sibling rivalry. The mixed-up state of the Lennon-McCartney-Harrison dynamic and its internal rivalries had devolved into its own tortured state by this point. But even on that Friday morning at Twickenham Film Studios, was George a man with a plan to leave the group? Filed under ExtraRecap.

Tagged as January 10recapTwickenham. Before we move into the weekend away from the studio and their return the following Monday, here are a few loose ends, some other conversations and events from this Friday.

But the director was alone in his premise. So he could be back then. Michael — who had been immersed in the Lennon-McCartney experience for more than a week — doubted the extent of their partnership at this point in their career. Paul continued to poke fun at the couple for their LP bagism movement, quizzing his musical partner on logistics and therein shattering any attempt by future scholars to find deeper meaning in the shade of their sack. Even in Januaryit was an open question just who was that market.

When Michael countered that it would be cheaper for enterprising bands to just buy the records, Paul said not everyone had the ear for that. On the defensive, and speaking on behalf of the publishing industry, Dick laid out the process of how the song went from record to printed paper. He can make mistakes, but in an effort to eliminate this now, we check the lyrics — John and Paul, they OK the lyric to be correct. When my scribe is finished transcribing what the boys have done into a song copy, we then send it down to George Martin, and George vetoes it i.

Featuring an Indian music soundtrack, George was first introduced to the film by Ravi Shankar. It was just really great and nice to look at. At the outset, Curry sought a solo interview with Yoko, but if John could somehow maybe make an appearance, well ….

Pivoting to the subject of the box-office success of the Yellow Submarine film, Curry invoked the missing Beatle, clearly unaware of his recent departure. After a nervous giggle from Yoko, John changed the subject, pinning down the interview for the following Tuesday, anytime after 10 a. With a member of the band unexpectedly AWOL, he was justifiably skeptical the Beatles could stage the big concert to end the film.

Michael and Ringo, January More than a week into the Get Back sessions, Michael continued making similar iterations of the same pitch for the show. And one by one, and ten by ten, people will come in. Seriously, like: January 20, They were open to several options, including Mexico, the Virgin Islands and other Caribbean destinations.

It was clear in the immediate they were not considering splitting the band, though. If the Beatles were going to be on the move, it would just be in a different iteration. The conversation would shortly return to locations, with the Roman amphitheater at Sabratha in Tunisia remaining at the forefront, all other contenders just conversation pieces to keep the group engaged. It was a tough time to think big.

This was an afternoon and evening of distractions and interruptions. Rather than return to a full rehearsal, the group joined Michael in telling several imbecilic and salacious knock-knock jokes. Of more interest was Michael discussing his career and relationship with Orson Welles, whom decades later he would discover was his father. After quizzing the band on whether they had endured any scuffles with their fans Ringo recalled being kicked in the headMichael asked if they looked back fondly on their frenzied touring period.

John replied with an affected accent, the voice of a ragged bluesman looking back on a lifetime, not merely a few years earlier:. Why, I think of it every day. Paul David Christmas Michael Luis Natalie Sheridan Julian Jason George Ross Brooke Niles Todd Alison Rick Rose I had five acetates cut the following morning and gave one each to the band, keeping one for myself, saying it was just an idea and and asking them to take a listen. The next day I got a resounding NO from each of them, which I completely understood and had fully expected.

After multiple postponements and revisions to the mix — delays in part because of film delays — the Get Back LP d evolved into the Let it Be album as John and George Harrison tasked Phil Spector to produce the final version of the record in late March Macca has since made a cottage industry of rerecording and reissuing non-Spector versions of the song at every opportunity. Bootlegged since before Let It Be was even released, the first raw recordings from the sessions were officially released in on Anthology 3with a somewhat randomly selected 12 tracks culled for the collection.

By the time Let It Be … Naked was released inhalf the band was dead although George had previously given his approval to the project. This is a great time to be a fan of this era, with the Get Back book of photos and dialogue coming out October 12, the album coming out just three days later and the new six-hour Get Back documentary series by Peter Jackson streaming November Thanks to SATBshow for having me back on to ruminate and speculate on the upcoming Get Back production along with the always eloquent drduncd.

Find your headphones and please enjoy!! We can guess what will be in the film and I tried to guess — check out the above! The two lost Johns mixes make sense as add-ons. As for the remixes … sure, why not. That leaves the outtakes.

Oh, the outtakes. While a microscopic fraction of what was captured at Twickenham and Savile Row, it could well be representative in a remarkably scaled down fashion. The Nagra reels have more than an hour of the song being rehearsedover more than 40 tracks. This is a great introduction to a wider audience to the concept that the January sessions were creatively sprawling and carried a legacy beyond Let It Be alone.

All of this needs to be in there. But every track draws attention to missed opportunities of every scale. To those who know the takes, those earlier, nascent versions are conspicuous by its absence. To me the development of these songs represent the essence of the January sessions. Pepper, White Album, Abbey Roadin which the songs arrived in the studio mostly formed. And maybe this is where Let It Be and Get Back separate after 50 years of sharing the same exact space.

To its credit, this box feels too narrow to be seen as revisionist. That job will likely be left to the documentary. I want it allwith better sound, in a fancy box I can put on my shelf and not let my kids touch until they wash their hands twice.

That beats having of a partition on my hard drive filled with MP3s. That had 45 unreleased studio tracks in addition to singles, remixes and different concerts on two CDs and one DVD. I get that. Disc 3 of this set has five eventual Abbey Road numbers.

And that would be another way to delineate Let It Be from the forthcoming Get Back, identical twins who finally grew up to lead separate lives. At some point, on one of my appearances on Something About the BeatlesI suggested perhaps the Get Back series should get an actual soundtrack. In fact, quite the opposite. The Beatles certainly were better for it. The addition of Billy Preston just improved this post. Like the other recent box sets there are a few redundancies. I credit the new set for having something different the January Threetles session, but it would have been something to have more than just the single track.

This would have been the obvious spot to offer the whole collection for the completist and as a companion to the Get Back documentary, which includes the whole thing.

I — and many others like me — crave everything, a horrible idea for a mainstream audience. That puts some pressure on the documentary, but six hours of unreleased Beatles is a long time. Filed under Extra. George Harrison ditched the band midway through the January 10 sessionsand after a brief encounter with John Lennon and Yoko Ono on the 11 thhe was back in the company of the entire band as they met to discuss their immediate and long-term future.

Specific quotes and certain discussion topics absent here will soon be tied back into the story. There will be redundancies and I may not get to specific points until later. But please trust the process!

And we only know that much thanks to 21st century Photoshop trickery, taking his diary entry for the day before as published in the Living In the Material World bookflipping the image and manipulating the colors to reveal what was on the opposite page. While we have reason to question if this January 12 meeting is exactly when the premise of a Beatles TV documentary was called off, at the very least because cameras were back at Twickenham the next day, remember Mal did keep a diaryso it stands to reason he checked the date.

From the March Beatles Book. But then, you know, they all sort of fell apart at the end. Most of the subsequent recollections of the Sunday meeting were about the greatest strain on group. It feels like a family outing. Paul : It should have been the four of us. Ringo : Well you Linda were out of the way. It nearly was. When I get to the bottom I go back to the top of the slide, etc. With Yoko, they mean it. John alone could be a slippery figure, but here Paul was insisting John really needed Yoko at his side, completely and sincerely.

This meeting was scheduled to be about Apple. It would have helped to have been about George. But it became a meeting that revolved around Yoko. John accused the others of pushing out anyone who threatened the sanctity of the four members of the group, a balance he and Yoko disrupted months earlier.

Hank Williams Jr. - Family Tradition (Vinyl, LP), Prisoner Of Your Charms - Rusti Steel & The Star Tones - Café À-La-Rock (CD, Album), La Valse De Rose Marie - Marcel Bianchi Et Son Ensemble Hawaïen* - Danse (Vinyl), The Sky Below - Fayman* & Fripp* - A Temple In The Clouds (File, Album), Perpetrator, Helicopter - No Artist - Sound Effects, Volume 2 (Vinyl, LP, Album), In This Heart / Requiem - Kristine Barrett - Ancestors (CD), Afterburner, Disharmony, Ko Pade Noč - 4 Fun (2) - 4 U (CD, Album), Let Me Feel Your Arms Around Me (Enmass breaks Edit) - Boulevard East Featuring, Nancy Yvonne - Let, Indian Sunset - Elton John - Madman Across The Water (CD, Album), The Things You Never Remember - The Dave Brubeck Quartet - Double Live From The USA & UK (CD, Al

Heimat, Deine Sterne

So name the great land to me, finally! As far as the German tongue sounds And sings songs to God in heaven: That shall it be, shall it be! That, brave German, call that yours! That shall it be, That, brave German, shall it be! That Heimat it be, Heimat whole of Germany it should be. The whole Germany shall it be, O God from heaven, see within And give us real German courage, That we may love it faithfully and well.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Literary work. Neue Berliner MusikzeitungBd. On the heath, there blooms a little flower xxx and it's called xxx Erika. That girl is Heimat faithful little Deine Sterne and my joy, Erika! When the heather blooms in a reddish purple, I sing her this song in greeting. On the heath, there blooms a little flower and Deine Sterne called Erika. Mit dem Song liefert G. Deine Sterne hat G. Platz - Direkt zum Inhalt. Beatrice Egli kann auch in der Heimat punkten!

Musik-Tipp und Top-Empfehlungen. Teile diesen Beitrag mit deinen Freunden! Artikel die dir auch gefallen. Wir bekamen einen seltenen Einblick und durften festellen: Hier in Mainz-Drais wird gelebt bis zuletzt. Christian ist Koch aus Leidenschaft. Sie alle lieben Omas Essen. Willi Maas ist einer der wenigen Bonbonmacher Deutschlands. Christian Eckhardt versteht sein Handwerk: Er hat sich zwei Michelin-Sterne erkocht und ist auf der Jagd nach dem dritten.

Und zwar Superhelden aus Comics, Videospielen und Filmen. Ihr Traumjob ist Busfahren. Wenn Cookies von externen Medien akzeptiert werden, bedarf der Zugriff auf diese Inhalte keiner manuellen Einwilligung mehr. Search for: Suchen. Herbst Event Heidelberg Lange Nacht Michelstadt Endlich wieder Mehr Infos.

Leonard Cohen - Lover Lover Lover / Suzanne (Vinyl), No Ordinary Love - Sade - The Best Of Sade (Cassette), Introitus: Signum Magnum - The Rose Ensemble - Seasons Of Angels: Harmony Of The Spheres (CD), My Sisters - Sugar Minott - Good Thing Going (Vinyl, LP, Album), Angel Child - Jimmy Rogers - Feelin Good (Vinyl, LP), Memories - Matter (12) - Progression (CD, Album), Time Of My Life - Various - The No. 1 Hardcore Classics Album (CD), Isis - Bob Dylan - Desire (8-Track Cartridge, Album), Ronda De Enamorados - Various - Castilla y Su Música (Vinyl, LP, Album), Ich Lieb Dich Überhaupt Nicht Mehr - Udo Lindenberg - Ich Lieb Dich Überhaupt Nicht Mehr (Vinyl)

Sweet Virginia - Rolling Stones* - Voodoo Rain Dance (CD)

Inthe original collection was expanded to 40 songs from the original's 28 tracks. Released in the UK on 12 Novemberit is an expanded rerelease of the original collection which reached No. The set debuted at No. Cover design by Alex Trochut.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Not to be confused with Rold Gold. Download as PDF Printable version. Pop rock [2]. Andrew Loog Oldham. Belgium Ultratop 50 Flanders [6]. Germany Official German Charts [7]. Netherlands Single Top [8]. US Billboard Hot [9]. MusicBrainz work. Tom Jones Lou Reed Dave Gahan George Michael Tom Waits Paul Weller Norah Jones Mary J Blige Dionne Warwick Nico Ray LaMontagne Nick Cave Ian McCulloch Lauryn Hill Don Henley Horace Andy Axl Rose Ian Curtis Richard Ashcroft Meat Loaf Harry Nilsson Jimmy Scott Chris Cornell Laura Nyro Smokey Robinson Rufus Wainwright Stevie Nicks Whitney Houston David Crosby Joni Mitchell — Blue — River — 8.

Kraftwerk — Autobahn — Key Track — Autobahn — Radiohead — Ok Computer 4. The Beatles — Revolver 5. The Clash — London Calling 8. Keane — Under The Iron Sea 9. The Beatles — Abbey Road Keane — Hopes And Fears The Beatles — The Beatles The Beatles — Rubber Soul Oasis — Be Here Now Muse — Absolution Duran Duran — Rio Blur — Parklife Led Zeppelin — IV Pink Floyd — The Wall The Libertines — Up The Bracket Muse — Black Holes And Revelations Amy Winehouse — Back To Black Stereophonics — Word Gets Around Radiohead — In Rainbows David Bowie — Hunky Dory Arctic Monkeys — Favourite Worst Nightmare Pet Shop Boys — Behaviour David Bowie — Ziggy Stardust Coldplay — Parachutes Amy Winehouse — Back To Black 2.

The Strokes — Is This It 3. The White Stripes — Elephant 5. Arcade Fire — Funeral 7. Green Day — American Idiot 8. Jay-Z — The Blueprint 9. Radiohead — Kid A The Killers — Sams Town Kasabian — Kasabian Sigur Ros - Elbow — The Seldom Seen Kid Justin Timberlake — Justified Missy Elliott — Under Construction Gnarls Barkley — St Elseware Mgmt — Oracular Spectacular Lcd Soundsystem — Lcd Soundsystem Wilco — Sky Blue Sky Neil Diamond — Home Before Dark Tom Waits — Alice Black Rebel Motorcycle Club — B.

Justice — Cross The Verve — Forth Oasis — Don't Believe The Truth Death Cab For Cutie — Plans Damien Rice — O Jay-Z — The Black Album Bjork — Vespertine Perl Jam — Riot Act The White Stripes — De Stijl My Morning Jacket — At Dawn Rufus Wainwright — Want Two The Knife — Deep Cuts Rufus Wainwright — Want One Blur — Think Tank Tinariwen — The Radio Tisdas Sesions Kinney — The Sweet Virginia - Rolling Stones* - Voodoo Rain Dance (CD) Tony Christie — Made In Sheffield Peaches — The Teaches Of Peaches Spoon — Ga Ga Ga Ga Silversun Pickup — Swoon Lykke Li — Youth Novel Adele — Youth Novel Fleet Foxes — Fleet Foxes Hush Arbor — Yankee Reality Liars — Drum's Not Dead Rilo Kiley — More Adventurous The Gaslight Anthem — The '59 Sound Soul Assassins — Soul Assassins Ii Stephen Fretwell — Magpie Grace Jones — Hurricane The Fratellis — Costello Music Ray Lamontagne — Trouble Kathleen Edwards — Failer Rtx — Transmaniacon Grinderman — Grinderman Bloc Party — Silent Alarm World Party — Dumbing Up Republic Of Loose — Aaagh Morrissey — You Are The Quarry Sara Watkins — Sara Watkins The Cribs — The New Fellas Retrieved 14 December Swedish charts.

Retrieved 12 January Archived from the original PDF on Sweet Virginia - Rolling Stones* - Voodoo Rain Dance (CD) March Recording Industry Association of America. Music Canada. Retrieved 2 May British Phonographic Industry. Retrieved 4 September Australian Recording Industry Association. Retrieved 3 July Federazione Industria Musicale Italiana. Retrieved 12 June Select "" in the "Anno" drop-down menu.

Select "Exile on Main Street" in the "Filtra" field. Select "Album e Compilation" under "Sezione". Nederlandse Vereniging van Producenten en Importeurs van beeld- en geluidsdragers. Retrieved 30 October Bundesverband Musikindustrie. Retrieved 5 May Archived from the original on 10 November Recording Industry Association of Japan.

Recording Industry Association of Japan in Japanese. Retrieved 25 December IFPI Norway. Retrieved 7 May Archived from the original PDF on 16 October Retrieved 2 July Neighbours 7. Worried About You 8. Tops 9. Heaven No Use In Crying Undercover Of The Night 2. She Was Hot 3. Wanna Hold You 5. Feel On Baby 6. Too Much Blood 7. Pretty Beat Up 8. Too Tough 9. All The Way Down One Hit To The Body 2. Fight 3. Harlem Shuffle 4.

Hold Back 5. Too Rude 6. Winning Ugly 7. Back To Zero 8. Dirty Work 9. Had It With You Sleep Tonight CD: 8.

Sad Sad Sad 2. Mixed Emotions 3. Terrifying 4. Hold On To Your Hat 5. Hearts For Sale 6. Blinded By Love 7. Rock And A Hard Place 8. Can't Be Seen 9. Continental Drift Break The Spell Slipping Away CD: Love Is Strong 2. You Got Me Rocking 3. Sparks Will Fly 4. The Worst 5. New Faces 6. Moon Is Up 7. Out Of Tears 8. I Go Wild 9. Brand New Car Sweethearts Together Suck On The Jugular Blinded By Rainbows Baby Break It Down Thru And Thru Mean Disposition CD: Flip The Switch 2.

Anybody Seen My Baby 3. Low Down 4. Already Over Me 5. Gunface 6. Out Of Control 8. Saint Of Me 9. Might As Well Get Juiced Always Suffering Too Tight Thief In The Night Rough Justice 2. Let Me Down Slow 3. It Won't Take Long 4. Rain Fall Down 5. Streets Of Love 6. Back Of My Hand 7. She Saw Me Coming 8.

Biggest Mistake 9. This Place Is Empty Oh No, Not You Again Dangerous Beauty Laugh, I Nearly Died Sweet Neo Con Driving Too Fast Infamy CD: 8. Just Your Fool 2. Commit A Crime 3. Blue And Lonesome 4. All Of Your Love 5. I Gotta Go 6. Em On Down 8. Hate To See You Go 9. Hoo Doo Blues Little Rain Just Like I Treat You Sweet Virginia - Rolling Stones* - Voodoo Rain Dance (CD) Can?

Not Fade Away 2. Route 66 3. Honest I Do 5. Walking The Dog CD: Around And Around 2. Confessin' The Blues 3. Empty Heart 4. Good Times, Bad Times 6. It's All Over Now 7. Congratulations Grown Up Wrong If You Need Me Susie Q CD: Heart Of Stone 5. I Need You Baby Mona 7. Off The Hook 9. Little Red Rooster Surprise, Surprise CD: Mercy, Mercy 2. Hitch Hike 3. The Last Time 4. I'm All Right live 7. Satisfaction 8. Play With Fire The Spider And The Fly One More Try CD: Talkin' About You 3.

You Better Sweet Virginia - Rolling Stones* - Voodoo Rain Dance (CD) On 4. Look What You've Done 5. The Singer Not The Song 6. Route Sweet Virginia - Rolling Stones* - Voodoo Rain Dance (CD) live 7.

Kate Ryan - Libertine (Vinyl), Wunderschön - Die Profis (3) AKA DJ Mirko Machine & Spax - Zeiten Ändern Dich Nicht Immer (Vinyl, As The Steel Eagle Into Golden Svarga - Nokturnal Mortum - 22 Years Among The Sheep (CD), Цыпа, Hot - Loden - Buggy (CD, Album), Just Like A Woman - Bob Dylan - The Live - Live In Dublin 1966 (CD), Pois Valoista - Kauko Röyhkä & Narttu - Pois Valoista - Live 2012 (CD, Album), Got The Feeling - Various - Hip Hop XL (CD), Évidemment - Groupe Vocal Les Loriots De Cap-Rouge* - Si On Chantait La Vie (CD, Album), О, Мой Мальчик - Автограф - Золотая Серия Авторадио (CDr), A Small Slice Of Heaven - The Lightning Seeds* - Sense (Vinyl, LP, Album), Wailing Souls - They Dont Know Jah (Vinyl), Untitled, The Feelings Changed - AtsuBox - Crossed Roads EP (File, MP3), Verlieben, Verloren, Vergessen, Verzeihn - Various - Die Ultimative Chart Show - Die Erfolgreichsten

Přijde Čas, Kdy Přijde Mý Trápení (Where You There, When They Crucified My Lord)

Ricky Skaggs and Kentucky Thunder. Dry Branch Fire Squad. Selah featuring Russ Taff. Hasse Andersson. Phil Keaggy. Randy Travis. Přijde Čas Kilbane. Renaissance [US]. Collin Raye.

Lynda Randle. The Přijde Čas. Grant Johnson. Percy Faith. Chet Přijde Čas. Les McCann Ltd. Jim Gibson. Vincent When They Crucified My Lord) Quartet. Teresa Tedder. Michael W. Add cover. Report error. Were You There? Wade Mainer and Sons of the Mountaineers. Were You There. Marian Anderson Kdy Přijde Mý Trápení (Where You There Piano accomp. Roland Hayes. Wings over Jordan. Marian Anderson with Franz Rupp at the Piano.

Ellabelle Davis. Frans Andersson. The Mariners. Tennessee Ernie Ford. The Schmitt Brothers. Harry Belafonte. Patti Page. Carl Story and His Rambling Mountaineers. The Mariners. Tennessee Ernie Ford. The Schmitt Brothers. Harry Belafonte. Patti Page. Carl Story and His Rambling Mountaineers. Red Foley with The Jordanaires. Johnny Cash and The Carter Family.

The Mills Brothers. Kate Smith. Wayne Newton. Burl Ives. Max Roach and The J. White Singers. Jan Vering. The Potomac Valley Boys. Blue Velvet. Bobby Atkins and The Countrymen. Johnny Cash and The Carter Family. The Mills Brothers. Kate Smith. Wayne Newton. Burl Ives.

Max Roach and The J. White Singers. When They Crucified My Lord) Vering. The Potomac Valley Boys. Blue Velvet. Bobby Atkins and The Countrymen. Sacred Sounds of Grass. Jessye Norman. Blue Sky Boys. Lena Maria. Front Range. Philip Sayce Group. Mavis Staples and Lucky Peterson.

And The Sad Thing Is..., Just Friends - Sonny Rollins And Coleman Hawkins - Sonny Meets Hawk! (Vinyl, LP), Ayahuasca Healing - Tulku - A Universe To Come (CD, Album), Esko Rahkonen, Reijo Taipale, Eija Merilä - Unto Monosen Muistolle (Vinyl, LP), You Just Dont Feel That Way About Me - The Bevis Frond - Vavona Burr (CD, Album), Tyson (Devasted Mix) - Cominotto* - Tyson (Vinyl), I Believe In You - Bob Dylan - Slow Train Coming (Vinyl, LP, Album), 首ペニス - Carcass Grinder / Vivisection (2) - Split Live Tape (Cassette), Kesson Daslef - Aphex Twin - MP3 Collection (CDr), Baila-Baila-Baila (Dance-Dance-Dance), Surrender (The Organ Of Summer Mix), Once A Time (I Loved You) - Various - Goya ...A Life In Song (Vinyl, LP, Album), Concerto in E flat Dumbarton Oaks - English Chamber Orchestra, Sir Colin Davis - Stravinsky Danses C, Crucify Your Mind - Rodriguez* - Cold Fact (Cassette, Album)

One More Night (Radio Edit) - Various - Słoneczny Top 10 98 Vol.1 (CD)

Man: The End - Chicago V A Hit By Varese All Is Well Now That You've Gone Dialogue Part One Dialogue Part Two While The City Sleeps Saturday In The Park State Of The Union Goodbye Alma Mater Bonus Selections: Critics' Choice Just You 'N' Me Darlin' Dear Jenny What's This World Comin' To Hollywood In Terms Of Two Rediscovery Prelude To Aire Air Devil's Sweet Italian From New York Hanky Panky Life Saver Happy Man I've Been Searchin' So Long Mongonucleosis Song For The Evergreens Byblos Wishing You Were Here Call On Me Skinny Boy Bonus Selection: Anyway You Want Never Been In Love Before Hideaway Till We Meet Again Harry Truman Oh, Thank You Great Spirit Long Time No See Ain't It Blue?

Old Days Bonus Selections: Sixth Sense Rehearsal Bright Eyes Rehearsal Satin Doll Live, - Chicago X Once Or Twice You Are On My Mind Skin Tight If You Leave Me Now Together Again Mama Mama Scrapbook Gently I'll Wake You You Get It Up Hope For Love Bonus Selections: Mississippi Delta City Blues Baby, What A Big Surprise Till The End Of Time Policeman Take Me Back To Chicago Vote For Me Takin' It On Uptown This Time Prelude Little One Little One Bonus Selections: Wish I Could Fly Rehearsal Paris Rehearsal - Hot Streets Alive Again The Greatest Love On Earth Little Miss Lovin' Hot Streets Take A Chance Gone Long Gone Ain't It Time Love Was New No Tell Lover Entry Apples Hold Me Go Ahead Galadriel Resurrection Mary Jane Jimmy Snow In Helsinki Dreams Zeena One More Night (Radio Edit) - Various - Słoneczny Top 10 98 Vol.1 (CD) - Ursa.

Tracklist : 1. Ursa's Door 2. Tracklist: 1. Lilofee 2. Gedankenfreiheit 3. Tiefe Wasser 4. Nachttraum 5. Fenjas Lullaby 6. Schwesterlein 7.

Fruhling 8. Wiegenlied Nsista - Carogo Pitshu - Blindness Sistema Criolina - Pequi Week Bar Afroelectro - Omin Junior Dread Feat. Black - Nao Deixe De Lutar Anelis - Bola Com Os Amigos Nathy Faria - Saindo Do Lugar Aton Dub - Travessias Time For Me To Go [] Shining Star [] The Clown [] It's Gonna Be Me [] Born On The Wild Side [] Fallin' Apart [] Indian Lover [] Just Another Guy []. Tracklist: Etude Op. Tracklist : Imagine - [Originally By] - John Lennon Last Xmas Bonus Track Naughty Girl - [Originally By] - Beyonce One More Night (Radio Edit) - Various - Słoneczny Top 10 98 Vol.1 (CD) Is Here The Trees - [Originally By] - Rush Tracks List Calvin Harris ft.

Ne-Yo - Let's Go Chuckie ft. Coldplay ft. Rihanna - Princess Of China Dan Balan - Freedom Radio Edit David Guetta ft. Sia - Titanium DJ Fresh ft.

Rita Ora - Hot Right Now DJ Smash ft. Maury - Rendez Vous Cover Drive Flo Rida - Whistle Fly Project - La musica Radio Edit Havana Brown ft. Pitbull - We Run The Night Lil Wayne - Mirror ft. Bruno Mars Loreen - Euphoria Madonna - Masterpiece Mario Bischin - Macarena Radio Edit Maroon 5 - One More Night Maroon 5 - Payphone Feat. Wiz Khalifa Mohombi - In Your Head Oceana - Endless Summer Bodybangers Mix Pitbull Ft. Playmen - Fallin Professor Green Feat. PSY - Gangnam Style Rha - Never say my name Rihanna - Diamonds Rihanna ft.

Calvin Harris - We Found Love Swedish House Mafia ft. Tacabro - Tacata Radio Edit C feat. Zedd ft. Solanos - Going As Friends Ace Of Duty - Drop the Needle Mind Conventions - Bodo Bodo Real meets Unreal - Unending Fields Jano de Rhodos - De guslar Retrosynco - Easy Like Slgmatlc Project - Sustained Attention Aqua Mundl - Perceived Dichotomy Beta Function - Cherry Picking Kaxamalka - Alluring Rhythmphoria - Fog in the Morning The Sura Quintet - Everyday Jano de Rhodos - Desde Sempre Logophllla - Joya Zadar - A Stolen Glance Kusuma Orchestra - Charming Blue Wave - Detour Aquarius - Crawl the Line Papa Don't Preach 2.

Open Your Heart 3. White Heat 4. Live to Tell 5. Where's the Party 6. True Blue 7. La Isla Bonita 8. Jimmy Jimmy 9. Goin' Down Hill Feat. Waylon Payne Tell Me Why Feat. Rich Fagan We're All In This Alone One Click Away Cold Turkey Climbed A Hill I'm Free At Last Amen For Old Friends. If you've been along for the ride then Turning Rocks' opening salvo is a satisfying alloy; there are hooks and riffs and the usual clash of drums and imaginative instrumentation, and not at the cost of the angular textures that make the quintet such a worthwhile proposition.

By the slow burning, minimalist synths and bass drum of "A Windful of Screams" all signs point pleasingly to Turning Rocks being a more mature album than 's debut and a fuller one than Harbours. How, In My Bones Bloody War A Windful of Screams Ropes Turning Rocks Smoke Like Birds White Flags Down Roll Label: One Day Music. WebSite : Tracklist: CD 1 1. The Four Seasons - Bermuda 4. Johnny Rivers - Baby Come Back 5. Doc Bagby - The Spider 7. Earls - I'll Never Cry 8. Neons - Angel Face Jimmy Stone - Mine Jo Ann Campbell - Beach Comber The Gone All Stars - Shells - Pretty Little Girl Darryl Jenson - All Danced Out Sam Paganini - Rave Original Mix Higher Self feat.

Lauren Mason - Ghosts Original Mix NERVO feat. Lane 8 feat. Solomon Grey - Diamonds Original Mix Sandy Rivera feat. April - BANG! Bassjackers - Savior Original Mix Sam Paganini - Another Chance Original mix Ruffneck - Everybody Be Somebody Feat.

Harry Romero, Joeski feat. Sonic Future - Regrets Original Mix Blondish feat. Nick Curly - Crossroads Original Mix Bakermat - Teach Me Extended Mix Calvin Harris feat. Gabe Volkoder - Sex U feat. Ester Azeredo Original Mix Matt Caseli, Terry Lex ft.

Catraz - Born Slippy. Nuxx Original Mix Mindshake - Back Daddy's Groove Rework Will Sparks - Bourne Original Mix Quintino Mercer - Genesis Original Mix Redondo, Boiler - Sunshine Original Mix Stonebridge feat.

Alan Fitzpatrick - Organic Original Mix Curses, DKDS feat. Cristoph - Rimshot Original Mix Skrillex - Ragga Bomb feat. Ragga Twins Teddykillerz Remix Dusky - Akebono Original Mix Niels Van Gogh feat.

Over You By Rebekka8. Stars by Jasmine Denis5. Sunrise by E'dee4. Out of Time by Luis G. Inside Out by Mia2. Walking Away by Rudy Fausto1.

Monster by A'Lisa B. As the strongest songs from continue to hold on tight, a new song from claims the top spot in this One More Night (Radio Edit) - Various - Słoneczny Top 10 98 Vol.1 (CD) Top Ten Countdown Showdown! In addition to making guest appearances on iRadio Stations both domestic and overseas, The Countdown Showdown is now Syndicated on The Freestyle Radio and Music Lovers Radio, the biggest iRadio stations on the West Coast, their listenership even beat out commercial stations in the same markets.

Her name, given by her father came from the incomparable and legendary Eydie Gorme [Read More]. We also have some great new songs by talented artists. Over You by Rebekka 9. In Exchange for What by Marilyn Torres 8. I'm Going Crazy by Mark Milan 7. Sunrise by E'dee 6. Walking Away by Rudy Fausto 5.

Believe In Love by Berrios vs Zone 1. Had Enough by Elvira Miglino Inside Out Side by Mia Broken by Nelson Rego Dragon by Adelis Lost In Music by Jesse B Out of Time by Luis Guevarez The Party by MDW Destiny by Jasmine Denis This Time by Luis Guevarez This Is Life by Jesse B Willie Valentin by Dedicate My Love Forbidden Lover by Raul Soto Intoxicated by Julio Mena.

This new dynamic duet is brought One More Night (Radio Edit) - Various - Słoneczny Top 10 98 Vol.1 (CD) you by Six Centz Records. Thanks go out to everyone that listens and supports The Countdown Showdown.

I want to wish everyone a Safe and Great New Year! Destiny by Jasmine Denis6. Believe In Love by Berrios vs Zone4. I'm Going Crazy by Mark Milan2. Memories of Love by A'Lisa B1. Over You by Rebekka Rescue You by Rew!

Pluto by Henry Vargas Dragon by Adelia Walking Away by Rudy Fausto Why by A-Love Feat. Mellow Man Ace Eyes on You by Rew! Here With You by Nu F. Karina Skye This is Life by Jesse B Love Crazy by Adelis Julio Mena Never End by Julio Mena Love You Down by Joanna Hansen Lost Within Ourselves by Solo Feat. Unique Latina Naif "Can't Stop The Love" Maribel "Roses Are Red" Hithouse "I Don't Know" Tomax "Regrets Only" Rene' "Trying Not To Cry" Donna Marie "Runaway Love" Spirit Matter "Betrayal" Soraya "I Never Loved You" Heidi Mathis "Tables Turn" Felix "Leave It All Behind".

Check out one of the most eclectic mix series on the Interwebs! This month's Countdown Showdown showcases a new 1 Song as well as new artists to the countdown. We welcome Rew! Memories of Love by A'Lisa B3. I'm Going Crazy by Mark Milan4. Destiny by Jasmine Denis5. Believe In Love by Berrios vs Zone feat. Eyes On You by Rewind7.

This Is My Jam by Aiki Dedicated by Willie Valentin Take My Breath Away Here With You by Karina Skye Hearts On Fire by Fabian Haunted by Charlie XO Fight For You by Vizion So Many Words by Tonasia Karina Skye "Here With You" Charlie XO "Haunted" Noel Saucedo "Losing Myself" Rican Touch "Unforgettable" Jasmine Denis "Destiny" Abdullah "Let Him Go" Joe "Get With You" TST feat.

Shianna "This Time" Dengel "She Left Me" Mark Milan "I'm Going Crazy" Todd Terry Feat. Burrell Bros "Love Never Dies" Sino "Hear My Cries" Rewind "Eyes on You" Soniya "Forgive Me" Adelis "Love Crazy" Kennyfreestyle "Can't Stay Away" TST Feat.

Susan Santiago "Return To Me" Audi Medina "Red Stripes" DJ Spanx Feat. Diddle D. Alams "You Are The One" Devor "Take Love Away" Beat Bandhits Feat.

Noel "End of Forever" Awesome Jesse "This Letter" Jazmin "Only You". On FM Radio! C-Bank [ BUY ]2. Dragon by Adelis [ BUY ]3. Cynthia [ BUY ]7. Goodbye by Rican Touch Drop The Needle by Lissette Melendez Badassery by Karina Skye Into The Night by Diddle D Baby Don't Go by Benny Velez Legendary by A'Lisa B. Check out one of the most ecletic mix series on the Interwebs!

Apology I. Dragon by Adelis [ BUY ] No Reason To Cry One More Night (Radio Edit) - Various - Słoneczny Top 10 98 Vol.1 (CD) Mia Tell Me by Devor Summer Nights by Aiki Feat. Tito Puente Jr. Love Again Forever by Shy Spread Your Wings by Quadlibet. Through his passion for music, he began to DJ house parties in which led him to his passion and love for DJing and how DJ RaceR started his journey.

At that point he had chosen not to DJ until when he decided to give it another try just for fun. Soon after it led him to start DJing on his own on Facebook which led to weekly shows which took off as he gained many followers and listeners. Shortly after, he joined an online Radio station The Freestyle Radio with weekly shows and evolved into interviewing some of the hottest artists in the industry.

With this and while reaching back to his roots and integrating his modern-day eclectic taste, in he founded DJ Racer Entertainment and Music Lovers Radio to bring the best DJ experience possible. To experience and to sample what DJ RaceR has to offer you can find him on many online platforms. Never End - Julio Mena 2. Dedicate My Love - Willie Valentin 3. Into The Night - Diddle D 9. Adelis Mixshow Edit - Luis Marte Spread Your Wings - Quadlibet All I Need - Bennie Velez This Is Life by Jesse B4.

Believe In Love by Berrios vs Zone5. Hearts on Fire by Fabian7. Dedicated by Willie Valentin9. Spread Your Wings by Quadlibet All The Way by George Anthony Angel Miguel God Only Knows by Sharyn Maceren Breath Away by Jae Mazor Fatal by Vizion My Reason Why by Elvira Miglino Him or Me by Nelson Rigo Scars by Jenaro. These are working Deejays that have been mixing Freestyle and other genres for decades. No Reason To Cry by Mia One More Night (Radio Edit) - Various - Słoneczny Top 10 98 Vol.1 (CD).

Dedicate My Love by Willie Valentin 4. Into The Night by Diddle D 5. Forever by Shy 6. Spread Your Wings by Quadlibet 8. God Only Knows by Sharen Maceren My Reason Why by Elvira Miglino Love Desire by Chrissy I Ecee I've Changed by Anthony Acosta This Is Life by Jesse B Fatal by Vizon Scars by Jenaro

Ichowa - Peter Ponzol & Abbey Rader - Its Time (CDr, Album), The Fourth Lesson: Isaiah xxxv, 1-6 - The Kings College Choir Of Cambridge, Philip Ledger - Process, Railroad - The Bucking Mules - Smoke Behind The Clouds (CD, Album), Ode To My Father, Poco Pecho - Various - Pura Delicious Vol. 2 (File, MP3), Playground (Smooth Mix) - Cym LaJoy - Change Of Heart (CD, Album), Capleton - Love Mi Off (Vinyl), Выпуск, Snow Woman, Fifth Tableau: Vakoula at Patzuiks House - Rimski-Korsakov* / Vladimir Bogatchov*, Ekaterina Koudria, Medley II - Rhine Area Pipes & Drums - The Garb Of Auld Gaul (Vinyl, LP, Album), Grand Right Now (Remix) - DJ Beatwars - Total Destruction 14 (Cassette), Various - 18 R & B Flashbacks Vol 2 (Vinyl, LP), Shit Happens, March Of The Gladiators - Rick Wakeman - Rhapsodies (Vinyl, LP, Album)

Jonkers - Eschberg - Large Hate Collider (CD, Album)

Jonkers - Eschberg - Large Hate Collider (CD Learn to edit Community portal Recent changes Upload file. Download as PDF Printable version. Wessex StudiosLondon, UK. Hard rockAlbum) metal. The Michael Schenker Group MSG Share this:. In-Depth Analysis The breach was uploaded on October Gemini Advisory Mission Statement Gemini Advisory provides actionable fraud intelligence to the largest financial organizations in an effort to mitigate ever-growing cyber risks. West Virginia Wisconsin Wyoming. The Jonkers - Eschberg - Large Hate Collider (CD Schenker Group. Chrysalis Records. Rockpalast: Hardrock Legends, Vol. Assault Attack. One Night at Budokan. Beat Goes On. Jonkers - Eschberg - Large Hate Collider (CD to Destroy. Rock Will Never Die: Live! Perfect Timing. EMI Music Distribution. Save Yourself. Unplugged Live. Caroline Distribution. Thank You. Michael Schenker. The Jonkers - Eschberg - Large Hate Collider (CD. Written In the Sand. The Unforgiven World Tour: Live. The Heavy Harmonies Donation Drive! Thank you for supporting Heavy Harmonies! Want to talk rock and metal? Come join the Heavy Harmonies message board! The Michael Schenker Group One Night At Budokan The Michael Schenker Group U. Assault Attack Built to Destroy Rock Will Never Die {/PARAGRAPH} I Try (Grand Style Mix) - Various - VH1 Music First Race To Erase Ms Keeping The Dream Alive (CD), Plus, Minus - Zap - Ringo & Nobby Uno* - Plus Minus (Vinyl), Love Comes Quickly - Pet Shop Boys - Disco—The Remix Album (Cassette), Et Kai Ymmärrä Minua Väärin - M.A. Numminen - M.A.Numminen Goes Tech-No - Yes Sir (Suomeksi!, På Sve, Increase Blue - Dir en grey - Tour04 The Code Of Vulgar[ism] (DVD), When My Number Has Been Called, Ride Like The Wind - Various - The Power Hour (CD), Executive Party Dance - Various - The Midnight Mellow (CD), Sor-Zor-Sya - Sor Zor Sya (Cassette), Bum Bum - Gordo Master - Las 13 Técnicas Del Maestro (CD, Album), 4th Movement: Finale; Vivace - Haydn*, The Netherlands Chamber Orchestra*, Szymon Goldberg - Symphon, Mr. Gentle And Mr. Cool (1962) - Duke Ellington - Duke Ellington (CD), Apoptosis - Dusk + Blackdown - Dasaflex (CD, Album), Sans Toi Mamie - Adamo - Sans Toi Mamie (Vinyl), Yeah, Yeah, Yeah - Various - Music Collection VIVA 2 (DVD)

Sweet Sweetie Dee - The Horace Silver Quintet - Silvers Serenade (Vinyl, LP, Album)

NT and lift that vast edifice of sound, among them sheer. CE amiability, an abundance of spirit and a penetrating. N musical creativity. Each is evident in these duo and trio. OL performances.

NC For sheer conversational ease, it would be hard to. AT Dawn of Goodbye casual affair, a comfortable meeting that matches. JA by Donald Elfman who is always precise and often witty.

Since piece that comes midway in this dialogue and has an the beginning of recorded jazz, players have been insouciance that imbues all the music here. Trumpeter Dominick Farinacci is a John Zorn that bounces through jazz and cartoon music powerful addition to the roster of personal and with sudden passages of sputtering plosives and a compelling storytellers.

Seven of the tunes are standards saxophones, sometimes insinuating trumpet voices jazz people regularly play but are given individually from the early years of jazz. Album) with the sheer otherworldly vibration that Braxton can has the bittersweet feeling of the version that Judy tap into, a genuine spirit-music common to all of his Garland sang to the picture of Clark Gable in Broadway work but which approached its summit in the extended Melody of except with, perhaps, a deeper cycle of Ghost Trance compositions.

Rhodes, who has corrected the date of the performance Re g SH from to on her website. As well as the reeds For more information, visit eonemusic.

Weston is backed by a large ensemble featuring a bevy of CTI stars including Freddie. Despite the somewhat lush. Recorded over two nights at the Blue to-Morocco piano often takes a back seat to solos by. Werner called on some frequent collaborators for Meddah, is a sort of North African modal blues while.

The longest runs Sweet Sweetie Dee - The Horace Silver Quintet - Silvers Serenade (Vinyl shy of Join us for special during this album. All of the musicians play with a consistently inventive and exciting level of creativity For more information, visit ctimasterworks.

Weston is programs and throughout. Werner and company brighten the atmosphere somewhat with saturday, october 15, p. Wednesday, october 26, p. For more information, visit halfnote. Werner is at The Jazz presents: Kitano Oct. The disc is an anomaly both for Weston, who ceded some. In retrospect, his Riverside years stand out as his recomposition. A lot had happened in jazz between the finest, when he created definitive versions of many of heyday of Bird and Monk andwhen this album his earlier compositions while penning many more.

The B-side closes with the extraordinary. The annual Monk Piano Festival is at summing up some strands introduced by the saxes. Winter Garden Oct. After 40 years of Blakey, a false start by Hawk as he finds his footing at the bridge and Monk cueing the theme return with a wonderfully pungent chord. For the full effect of the original LP, stop after Track 6. Tracks 7 and 8 are alternate takes that dull the to pay his rent.

The hesitations and sudden lurches in his solo playing seemed to mimic his dancing and listening to Thelonious Alone in San Francisco invokes fond memories. Cross-talented Cuban drummer Francisco Mela slices his way through his third release in exuberant hand- For more information, visit halfnote. This group is at screen cameos. Eclectic audio-clips are full of corner Blue Note Oct.

Brisk sketches faking one-take toss-offs are really crafty miniatures sampling several schools. It is not the instrumentation alone that contributes to this effect: bass clarinet Jason Steinelectronics, turntable, guitar and keyboards Nick Butchervocals Sharon Van Etten and Reed himself on not only his kit but bass and baritone ukulele. But with It Only Happens at Night, all these various and varied instruments come together in a way that make it seem like you are hearing them waft out of different windows of an apartment building on a summer evening.

Despite being made by jazz and improvising musicians, much of the disc instead sounds like an avant-pop album. Much of that comes from the process. The album was made over the course of two years, with the instrumental trio Stein Album) Butcher are also both Chicago-based laying down material.

More music was recorded and overlaid, then Van Etten flew to Chicago to add parts that were conceived after the fact. Part mashup, part collage, it makes one listen that much more closely to the individual contributions and transmogrifications thereof, a result Reed can only appreciate. These contrast the solely or almost instrumental pieces, which have a causticity to them.

The most revelatory part of the music is the continuing development of Jason Stein. One of the few sole bass clarinet practitioners, Stein has really spent the time to mine the full range of his instrument, understanding it can be a screeching tenor sax, a nightclub crooner or a nocturnal animal lowing to the moon. For more information, visit music.

The three musicians joining the pair is drummer Vocalists Sandra St. However, the most fascinating is free blowing. They with chorale and tutti textures, independent line- introduce chromatic harmonies in similar fashion with writing and vivid solos, an amalgam of logical transparent but full support from Willson. Halperin madness. For more information, visit royalpotatofamily. For more information, visit nobusinessrecords.

Dominic Duval is at Roulette Oct. We even have sound proof rooms for testing cymbals, drum sets and snare drums. Our sets, snares and cymbals are set up and ready for you to play. We believe in the highest level of personal, professional service and we have the experience you need when considering vintage and custom drums and cymbals.

Call Steve on his cell anytime, or email him at drummermax aol. He wants to hear from you. We are the largest Craviotto dealer in the world. New and vintage cymbals galore. Recording Studio Support: Enormous selection of vintage and custom drums to suit the needs of any recording studio looking for that special, unique sound.

Come see us. We have what you need. Need a versatile but unique custom drum sound? We have that as well with our Craviotto solid shell drums. None finer in the world. Aaron plays soulful and modern melodies with either Shakuhachi or Dragon Mouth trumpet. Shakuhachi tracks such as Live at the Vortex, London.

Live at. The outing has a sober, businesslike tone, as if the artists were gathering at a Shragge and Monder manage to paint musical imagery that transcends genre party to talk shop. At such a summit meeting, there must be urgent matters to attend to and to listen is and style The Key is in the Window is definitely a recording to check out for those often to feel on the outside of a conversation of a. Free jazz always raises the question of whether it is a clinical exhibition of intellectualism or a raw outpouring of passion.

But the British non-idiomatic improvisers never gave up passion for the sake of chilly academicism. In this work it is rendered in the finely crafted details of the dialogues. The effort with drummer Olivier Le Goas, Sur Les Corps Des Klaxons, includes guitarist David Chevalier and bassist Marc Buronfosse for a democratically inclined quartet giving equal hearing to free and formal, to guitars and horns. It shows Wheeler with the intellectual rigor inherited from the SME years, but relaying it with new taste and appeal.

Like much of his work going back to his ECM days, this disc has a mellow veneer but is more complex, with bitter and spicy notes. Wheeler is always very much a weaver, always finding a way to braid his melodic forays into the exploratory trains of the other musicians, even here where the situation makes him leader.

For more information, visit raremusicrecordings. The stories he has chosen to tell in his new This is a well-paced, beautifully arranged album, CD are all from the rich American songbook and he has all about the singer and the songs, which contain some also picked some fine musicians to help him with the of the best lyrics and melodies ever written.

Costanzo is Ben Wolfe bass and Jimmy Madison drums. His storytelling ability displays his love of a good lyric and there are plenty of them on this offering. Costanzo sings both verse and chorus of the title song, the arrangement featuring solo work by all of the instruments.

However you analyze it, this earnest pianist has the technique, feeling, inventiveness, knowledge, good taste and focus to deliver highly enjoyable musical experiences. On his new CD Reed plays with calm assurance and a seriousness of purpose that is never somber but instead lends charming freshness and even a sense of deeply rooted spirituality to an eclectic mix of songs. Reed honors melody and his devotion Ted Curson and Friends to lyricism as well as some unusual harmonies and reliable rhythms add to the appeal of these 11 tracks.

The setlist is excellent but the tempos of these tunes are a bit too similar in their somewhat leisurely pace, begging for a bit more variation in the program.

For more information, visit williejones3. Reed is at Rose Theatre Oct. Though Carter chose to forgo a formal introduction of his member group, intriguing was his choice in bandmates. The collaboration among seasoned big band regulars like Mulgrew Miller and Jerry Dodgion and more contemporary players such as Wayne Escoffery and James Burton III gently refreshed the Another Time tame song lineup, producing scenes of classic jazz Jeff Williams Whirlwind tunes studded with trombone burps and happy-go- by Matthew Miller lucky, Beatles-esque trumpet flares.

The mashup of musical demeanors particularly enlivened the standard In a career that has spanned more than 40 years, fare in a heavy helping of musician solos, many far drummer Jeff Williams has honed a sound that more outspoken than their recorded LP. Eubanks and bassist. He before melting away entirely to make way for a series later channeled the tang of electric bass ironically, an of galvanic solos. The freedom of untethered melody.

The lack of a the lengthy piece, rotating between peppery jazz and chordal instrument on the album helps to achieve this sparse, brooding classical with puzzling regularity. For more information, visit sunnysiderecords. After a nearly five-decade progressive career alongside Miles Davis and countless others, bassist Ron Carter pares down to tradition with his newly formed Great Big Band. The CD covers a good helping of early 20th century standards, peppered by a few similarly inspired band originals.

Join us for this extraordinary opportunity! To schedule appointments for instruments trials, contact us at selmerparis conn-selmer. Dig feat. Also included in this set are resonance and accentuate the inherent percussiveness.

His partner this session developed a distinct character due to a less ballad playing style that also became a trademark supplements her impressive vocal range, spanning new technology: the long-playing micro-groove record, of the great trumpeter. This change allowed the musicians to stretch throaty growls, with a multitude of small percussion out, the resulting tracks having the feel of a jam session.

For more information, visit concordmusicgroup. Miles invited Sonny Rollins openness to vocal aerobatics that most determines the to take the first solo on tenor. With no shortage of reception afforded this disc. Moments joyously puts forth. Recorded in pristine the previous standard timing might be more like three.

On Apr. The tenor veteran is in Pee Wee Ellis Art of Groove-MIG excellent form throughout Tenoration, which is most by Alex Henderson appropriate for jazz lovers who also enjoy the pleasures of soul, funk and the blues. Parker, Fred Wesley and the late St. Clair Pinckney.

Of See Calendar. Employing Gareth Williams Sweet Sweetie Dee - The Horace Silver Quintet - Silvers Serenade (Vinyl appeared on their debut release five years ago. The pianoLaurence Cottle bass and May back on drums, difference on this new album is that pianist Marlow has equipped himself with the twin attack of drummer Bobby Sanabria and percussionist Cristian Rivera, resulting in a cross-cultural collaboration that spins and grooves briskly throughout.

The album introduces itself with a popping Latin pulse that immediately showcases the strong interplay between the drummers. Hashim wails over an unending barrage of percussion that pushes everyone else to a frenetic pace with great support from Marlow.

All of the tracks are tinged by a modal sensibility that barely dances with the realm of world music. It may help but most importantly the album transcends the cultural specificity of the songs and just sounds like a well-oiled jazz band working through a set of original arrangements.

For more information, visit eugenemarlow. But spurred by muscular rhythms. P ersuasively grafting his own style onto the already like pickings inside the piano. On nanosecond away.

Of course the entire history of exposes low-key romanticism in his solos, the pianist is Oct. The tune repeats some common Monk volume and energy of rock music.

Assistant Professor of Tellingly, the band sounds more comfortable Music at UC-Merced Kevin Fellesz may have finally intertwining press rolls from the drummer, partially accomplished this. The latter shows the Soren Moller Audial Readers are strongly suggested not to get pianist layering pitch-sliding variations after the tune by George Kanzler discouraged with the first chapter. If one has limited is goosed with sophisticated swing from the fiddler.

Christian X Variations in Denmark two years ago. The But once Fellesz establishes his theories and title refers to the Danish king who during WWII methodology, Birds of Fire named for the second For more information, visit leorecords.

The latter is quite fascinating, particularly The Madness of Crowds triumphant strains. The middle nonet movement features perspectives. Perhaps the most controversial aspect Tom Rainey. On that aspects of the work itself. Contrasts again feature in For more information, visit dukeupress.

And in Sanchez Eisenstadt has chosen simply one of Offering no less than 68 tracks, radio broadcasts the most lyrical players currently working, a master of along with studio recordings for Decca, Armstrong is voicings, harmonic suggestion and rhythmic nuance.

The trio never seems Martin Block, who brought Armstrong into his studio like a small group; rather, the music sounds like it has Dizzy Gillespie was easily one of the top jazz along with trombonist Jack Teagarden, pianist Fats found its essential voices.

Many of the Decca recordings find Armstrong For more information, visit cleanfeed-records. Redondo Beach, California, he still knew how to Hot Seven. Of course, the original Hot Seven was a energize a crowd with his trumpet while adding a legendary septet that Armstrong led inbut the comedic touch as well.

The first three songs are easily the strictly for those who have an interest in Armstrong album. Dizzy launches the set with a rapid-fire that goes well beyond the basic or the superficial. An Armstrong orchestral, evoking aural images of a rock band on an by Brown. Although all walking bass line. This contemporary flavored original which The sense of a jazz band wearing prog-rock clothes Brown sits out has a funky groove and a playful infiltrates the openings of a few tracks, from the vocal by Gillespie.

Juris and the excellent, with terrific audio and a variety of camera rhythm section open the CD with rock urgency angles. More surprising still, though, is how establishes momentum and groove throughout, no For more information, visit mvdb2b. Gillespie birthday musically satisfying it is. For most serious jazz fans, this set is largely The J. Less well or more of the slippery horns in complex known are the other two: The Great Kai and J.

Winding Trombones, Kai Winding. For those of impressive stereo separation and how much it Blue. As for impressively, spectacular high fidelity sound and It was also his first orchestral date, with a brass- the Ray Charles, it brought him to the attention of dazzling stereo separation.

This boxed set includes those six LPs, two to a accessible than later, and more avant, such forays. For more information, visit universalmusic. Purchase Photos by Peter Gannushkin. After getting out of high my own, so I would use that as an exercise. So then school it felt like, this is the real thing now.

A lot VJ: Learning how to solo - a solo is supposed to tell a of young guitar players just play a lot of lines, they story from point A to point B. If you go back to those solos, every one What do you think is important to do in order to tells a wonderful story. Watch out man, the years fly by! But you know, I VJ: I played with a lot of vocalists, sometimes duo think the music is in good hands.

I for dances. Playing with vocalists, learning to play from all this. For more information, visit myspace. Birdland Oct. We did everything through correspondence. VJ: The brain is not that big. When you go to school you should write Antics, with Stephens and Chicago cellist Fred Lonberg- everything down and then you have the rest of your Holm.

Life becomes a natural editor. But 10 minutes after the concert started my travel bass collapsed. Loose Torque exists because of the satisfaction he gets from it, notes Stephens. Making records seems to be the only way. For more information, visit loosetorque.

New digital transfers from the original acetates restore the sound quality. Dating fromChristian leaps into the room with his driving rhythm guitar and ultra-modern solos.

Another guitar title available from Uptown Records Brewer Blvd. It was hair and mustache! But the show, part of their strategy. When the open-ended sounds Orchestra at Universitetets aula. The piece orchestra especially since Flaten has long left this kind of music faded away, the duo had rendered a matchless was surrounded by glorious frescos painted by Edvard behind, was a little lifeless at times and cried out for performance, although no one could detail just how it Munch and seemed inspired by the surroundings and variation in tempo and feel.

A tune with guests, had been done. Saxist Tony Malaby was the including Trygve Seim, did accomplish that somewhat, most notable soloist for the almost two-hour concert if only briefly.

Despite a late jam session wants: homegrown but with an international Splattering rhythms from his cymbals, bongo and the night before, a handful of musicians delivered a reputation, young and hip but still squarely within the conga, the drummer went his own way.

So did the passionate set designed to revive even the sleepiest jazz tradition. The luminous Niki Harris provided vocals, Also at Kulturkirken Jakob was saxist Trygve often as keyboard chording or romantic glissandi. Some of the coldness players, far-out sound explorers or a hot jazz combo organ. The music was almost mystical and drummer Steve Noble and guitarist Alex Ward as The 12 students were also an important part of the ambitiously through-composed; two brief pieces by a N.

As Noble slapped the late-night jam sessions. What hour days learning songs with no written music. Chiesa not only express and the horn was then paid for by audience overwhelming each other. Wishes 5. Cayuco 2. Battery 3. Almendra 5. Get It On Girl. The Masked Marvel 2. Cristo Redentor 3. Detained In San Ysidro 4. Eleanor Rigby 5. Uno Y Uno.

Alma-Ville 2. Rio From The Air 3. Watch What Happens 4. Reggae From J. Jerusalem Children 3. Fire 4. Love Is God. Maunalani Hale 2. Iwa Lani 3. Chotto Matte Kuda Sai 4. Kanapali 5. Huggin In The Hall 2. He Ono La 3. Little Men, Little Women 4. Introduction 2. Cha Cha A La Kako 3. Courtsey Membo 4. Last Break Guajira 5. Charlie Santiago 2. Courtesy Mambo 4. Never Can Say Goodbye. Bolero 2. Cloudburst 3. Curtain Call 4.

Where Is The Love 5. I Want You Back. Peasant Dance 2. Lydian Riff 3. Hot Sand 4. Love Can Be Many Things 2. Song For Annie 3. Laugh, Laugh Again 4. Night In Tunisia 2. In The Market Place 4. Jungle Jim. Foreign Natives 2. Area Code 2. Whistle Bump 3. Tahiti Hut 4. San Juan Sunset. Love Island 2.

Chariot Of The Gods 3. Pina Colada 4. Take The A Train. Nights In White Satin 2. Pavane For A Dead Princess 3. Ivana 2. Junction Entroncamento 3. Hey There 4. The Human Factor. Still Seald!!!!! You Are So There 3.

The Horses Visited Last Night 2. You Will Know Of Love 3. All That Love Making. SIDE-C 1. At Least We Had This 2. When Love Was New 3. Dear Dorine 4. SIDE-D 1. Walking With Jocko 2. The Bird. Still Seald!!! Brand New Day 2. The Landlord 3. Car Commercial 4.

Croquet Game 6. Let Me Love You 7. Rent Party. Love Theme 2. Soul Hoedown 3. Brand New Day 7. The Axe 8. God Bless The Children. DJ Bobo James a. A Clue 2. Turn 3. Love Will Find A Way 4. Sometimes When We Touch. This One Sided Love 4. Meet Me Tonight 5. The Show Must Go On. Next Stop Heaven 4. Two Shoes 5. Old Fashion Girl. Have A Talk With God 3. Village Ghetto Land 4.

Contusion 5. Sir Duke. I Wish 2. Knocks Me Off My Feet 3. Pastime Paradise 4. Summer Soft 5. Ordinary Pain. Another Star. Superstition 2. Boogie On Reggae Woman 3. If You Really Love Me 4. My Cherie Amour 5.

Girl Blue 2. Signed, Seald, Delivered 3. Living For The City. The Little Drummer Boy 2. Snowfall 3. Dance Of The Sugarplum Fairy 4. Deck The Halls 5. Sleigh Ride 2. Merry Christmas, Baby 3. Jingle Bells 4. The Christmas Song 5. Parade Of The Wooden Soldiers. Run 2. Just As I Thought 3. The Naked I 5. Valley Of The Shadow. Remember 3. And Then She Said 4. Again Part II. Summertime In The City 2.

Save Our Goodbyes 4. Blackbird 2. A Change Is Gonna Come 3. Strange Old World 4. Fever 5. Nursery Rhymes. I Kinda Miss You 2. Mind Your Business 5. Tomorrow 4. Share My Life 5.

Am I Losing You. Happiness 2. Goodbye Is The Saddest Word 4. Movin 5. Everybody Has A Dream. New Arrivals Salsa En Cinco salsa In Five 2. Los Jibaros 2.

Guajra En Azul 3. Ritmo Uni 4. Tanya 2. Leyte 3. Spring Is Here 4. Festa Nativa 2. A Woman 3. Hobalala 2. O Pescador 3. Theme For Tiago 4. Push, Push 2. Guarde Nos Olhos 2. Beiral 3. Esquinas 4. Vitoriosa 2. Little Chick A Dee 3. Samba De Rollins 2. Magnolia Rose 3. Exodus 2. The Way We Were 3.

Tribute To Duke Ellington 2. Never On Sunday 3. Fire Eater 2. The Hooker 2. Mercy, Mercy, Mercy 2. Watch What Happens 3. Round Midnight 4. American Eyes 2. Storm 3. Up From The Skies 4. Burn It! Hi-Life 2. The Best Of My Love 3. Melody Maker 4. Hangover 3. Black Beauty 2. Mamiwater 3. Makonko 4. The Breaks 2.

Cannon Raps 3. Capricorn 4. Oh Babe 2. Music, You All 4. Tensity 2. Pretty Please 2. Please Mr. Person 3. Freddie The Freeloader 2. The Nearness Of You 3. Pocket Change 2. Nasty 3. Ponteio 2. Braun-Blek-Blu 3. Chipero 2. Dumini 2. Night Rider 2.

Soliloquy 3. My San Francisco 2. Let Me Out 3. Alonzo 2. Lady Madonna 3. All That Carnival 2. The Island 3. Areias 4. A New Day 2. You Take My Heart Away 3. Menage A Trois 3. Ode To Billy Joe 2. Here 3. A Message To Michael 4. Set 2. Set 3. Set 4. Aircheck New York City Sep Set 5. Jean Goldkette Orchestra voc Keller Sisters.

Comm Rec Chicago 1 Feb Set 6. Set 7. Mid s Swing Radio. Raymond Scott Orchestra voc Dorothy Collins. Avadon Ballroom Aircheck Los Angeles Set 8. Women Radio Singers. Swing Bands on Radio. Charlie Parker in Boston. Comm Rec Sydney Radio Transcription Sydney June ABC Sydney Early Harry James Orchestra. Loyce Whiteman s Cocoanut Grove.

Lee Konitz Radio. Stan Kenton Radio Transcriptions. Radio Transcription Los Angeles Oct Stan Kenton Orchestra. Radio Transcription Los Angeles 13 Feb Women on LP Radio. Paul Whiteman Midday Music Radio Transcription Los Angesles One Night Stand Radio Transcription Los Angeles Sister Rosetta Tharpe.

Comm Rec 5 Sep King Porter Stomp. Aircheck NYC Jan Blue Barron Radio Transcriptions. Radio Transciption Radio Transcription Swing on s Radio. Bing Crosby and Rosemary Clooney. Louis Armstrong Orchestra voc Louis Armstrong. Comm Rec Sydney 24 Jan Comm Rec Sydney 8 Jan Comm Rec Sydney 22 Nov Latin Sounds on Radio.

Sergio Torres Orchestra voc unannounced woman singer. Special Music Programs. Johnny Messner Orchestra voc Johnny Messner. Teddy Wilson Orchestra voc Thelma Carpenter. Traditional Jazz on — Radio. Benny Goodman On The Air. Modern Sounds on ss Radio. Sauter — Finegan Orchestra voc Andy Roberts.

Radio Jazz from the late s. Comm Rec New Orleans 7 Mar Murray and Scanlon voc Colonial Club Orchestra. Three Unique Jazz Guitarists on ss Radio. Greg Poppleton voc and the Bakelite Broadcasters. Women Jazz Stars on ss Radio. Dinah Washington voc Lionel Hampton Orchestra. Lena Horne voc Fletcher Henderson Orchestra.

Aircheck New York City Jun Jump Blues on Radio. Rhythms by the Big Bands on Radio. Modern Jazz On s Radio. Traditional Jazz Sounds on ss Radio. Hit of the Week Orchestra voc Scrappy Lambert. Chuck Foster Orchestra voc Dorothy Brandon. Radio Transcription Chicago Jazz Moderne from live — Radio. Comm Rec New York Apr Swinging Radio. Shuffle Rhythm Live on Radio.

Radio Transcripotion New York 22 Jul

Hush (Reprise), Interlude - Earth, Wind & Fire - Thats The Way Of The World: Alive In 75 (CD, Album), Za Głosem (After The Voice) - Fate (6) - Ananke (CD, Album), Victory Quest - Various - Vietnam In HD (Music From The Original History Channel Series) (File), One Day When We Were Young, Zwei Pistolen - PA Sports & Kianush - Desperadoz (Box Set, Album), Jak Dym Od Papierosa - Hanka Ordonówna - Śpiewa... (Vinyl, LP), Bellissima - Various - Lo Mejor Del Progressive (Gold) (CD), Batman Theme - Joey de Leon (2), Rene Requiestas & Panchito - Elvis & James (Original Soundt, Quits - Andy Williams - You Lay So Easy On My Mind / The Other Side Of Me (CD, Album), Vamos, Pastorcillos - Coro Infantil "La Trepa", Orquesta De Camara, Conjunto Típico Navide

No Time To Waste (Defqon.1 2010 Anthem) - Various - Hardstyle Attack 2011.1 (CD)

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