The pavements on either side are occupied by the vendors. The cobblers, vegetable sellers and cheap ready-made clothes sellers sit on the ground in front of the shops. Thus the wide road is reduced to a narrow lane.

There is peace and quietness in the morning as there is very little activity in the market. Children and adults are busy at home. The street comes to life as the day advances and the shops start opening. People from villages start pouring in for shopping. Afternoons are busier as local housewives also go for shopping. As early evening approaches, more vegetable and fruit vendors appear.

The scene is transformed with the switching on of lights. The atmosphere becomes bright, gay and festive. Well-dressed people can be seen shopping for children and visiting restaurants. It is indeed a time for family outing. Roads are crowded as people start coming back from offices, factories and outstations. The only blemish in this street is that stray cattle—cows, buffaloes, dogs, pigs and monkeys—wander freely on the road and cause inconvenience to all.

Clean drinking water is important for health. Write an article in words for your school magazine about the importance of clean drinking water for a healthy life.

We are well aware how important clean drinking water is for a healthy life. It should be particularly free from any contamination with sewerage water, as this can cause a variety of water-borne diseases. These can be typhoid, cholera or dysentery if contaminated water is consumed.

In serious cases, this may result in long-term diseases like jaundice. No wonder that many suppliers of water make a living out of this! Our water supply organisations like the Jal Boards and Municipalities should ensure that clean drinking water is supplied to all homes through a water pipeline connection. Any leakage in the pipelines must be repaired without delay to prevent contamination.

Under no circumstances should sewer water be allowed to mix wiifi water going to household taps. The filtration plants of the water supply utilities must function properly and their storage tanks must be cleaned periodically to ensure that the consumers of water do not fall ill.

Let us all join to help them in this noble endeavour. We cannot imagine life without our mobile phones, TV sets and other modern gadgets.

It is difficult to imagine a life without modern gadgets. Gadgets are electronically simplified applications that have been designed to make our life simple and convenient. The gadgets over the years have gained so much popularity and wide use that today they have become an integral part of our lives and it is difficult to go through a day without the help of these gadgets.

Every day new gadgets are launched in the market with the sole purpose of serving us and we become proud to own a few of these. Gadgets are very important for a modern family where both husband and wife are working and do not have much time at their disposal.

Gadgets come to their rescue and save a lot of time. It is good to use gadgets in our lives, but to a certain limit only, and everyone must spend some quality time with family members instead of being engrossed in mobiles or watching TV.

Every activity that man indulges in creates pollution and waste of some kind. In fact, the need of the hour is to reduce pollution in all possible ways. You are Brinda, an environmentalist. Pollution is contamination of land, water and air. It is increasing daily due to human activities performed in day-to-day life in order to live conveniently. But this gradually leads to the dangerous depletion of the environment. Plastic used by man is a big nuisance because it causes pollution.

Plastic never decays. If we burn it, it pollutes the air we breathe. If we dump it in rivers or the sea, it pollutes the water and kills marine life. Chemical fertilisers are another source of pollution of land and water. In order to check pollution, the polluted effluents from factories should be treated suitably before being disposed off in water bodies. Plastic and other materials should be recycled wherever possible. New techniques should be adopted in motor vehicles to reduce pollution from engine exhausts.

We should use environmentally safe cleaning liquids for use at home and other public places. To trap solid particulate matter emitted by chimneys, appropriate filters should be used. Lofty smokestacks should be built. Gases should be discharged through exhaust pipes higher in the air.

Chemical industries should not be allowed to be set up on the banks of rivers. In view of the great danger to mankind, many countries in the world including India have passed laws to prevent pollution. But it has been seen that anti-pollution laws are not being obeyed rigorously, pushing pollution up to new levels.

The problem of unemployment in India means the problem of providing work to those who are willing to work. A large number of educated and uneducated people, who are capable of working and are also willing to do it, roam here and there without any job. So, the problem has assumed an acute form.

The population is increasing by leaps and bounds, leaving a large section of the people unemployed. Even highly educated persons fail to get employment in India. The economic and educational policy of the country should thus be reframed. Avenues for employment for the abundant labour should be provided by encouraging entrepreneurship. Besides this, stress must be laid on family planning. Every effort must be made to check the rapid rise in population.

More stress should be laid on technical and vocational education. Our country can advance economically, politically or socially only when the unemployment problem is solved.

Frustration, drug addiction, even suicides, are by and large the evil results of unemployment. Unrest and disorder has increased in society. It is, therefore, the duty of the government to make every possible effort to solve this problem. Incidents of child abuse are on the rise, resulting in an increasing number of child deaths. Sexual abuse of children has become rampant. Over a million reports of child abuse are made every year and it is believed that there are still many more cases unreported and undisclosed.

The number of child deaths due to child neglect and abuse are also increasing to terrifying numbers. Children who are abused at a tender age undergo a psychological trauma that leads to lifelong depression and indifference to society and family.

The worst part is that in most cases the culprits are those who are expected to protect and take care of the child. Victims of child abuse never fully recover from the scars and, at times, suffer from distrust of others, hostility, depression, anxiety, inability to form close relationships and a host of other psychological and psychiatric problems. The only solution is the enactment of a law that protects the victims.

Presently, the laws of the country are so liberal that a person who commits a crime once is inclined to repeat it because the consequences are not severe. Besides the law, parents have an important role to play Few Minds Over All That Matters - Burn All Flags - Burn All Flags (Vinyl) checking child abuse.

Working parents should find time to look after their children rather than employ baby sitters. The role of media is extremely vital in a country like India. But are the different media like press, print and electronic, playing a constructive role in shaping our society and nation?

This question needs a positive answer. It is apparent that media has strayed from the required path and absolved its responsibility due to commercial pressures.

They prefer to sensationalise every bit of information. Be it the marriages or reported affairs of popular movie stars or even the rescue operation of a child from a narrow ditch, they over-dramatise and exaggerate everything.

Is this constructive? The new trend of showing sting operations on the news channels has become an everyday occurrence. It is an easy but cheap way to gain popularity and increase the TRP of their channels. By resorting to such tactics, they are exploiting the freedom granted to them. The media should understand its responsibility and get down to the right business, leaving behind the alluring target of being number one.

It should only focus at passing on correct and exact information without any comments for or against anyone. This makes a big difference in society. We students have to work together for a noble mission to realise the dream of the National Literacy Mission.

We envisage and dream of India where each person is literate. Our learners are not necessarily children; they will include the vast number of adults who are illiterate for no fault of theirs. Even in our towns and cities, there are many such people.

Let each one of us take up the challenge of educating at least one adult in our locality so that the person is able to read, write and understand at least in the local language. The learning strategies that we have to adopt in our programme will be exploratory and interactive. Some of our objectives are to bring about basic learning of reading, writing and counting. We wish to promote better health and awareness. We also want to create awareness about democratic processes, rights, duties and obligations.

We have to focus on the status of women and the girl child. We must enable them to fight against exploitation and injustice and thus build their own self-confidence and. All this will be possible through spread of education and awareness. Then only will we be living up to the slogan, Each One Teach One.

Coaching centres for school-going children as well as for competitive examinations are proliferating. It is difficult to choose a satisfactory centre for coaching. One can find coaching centres, both for school-going children and competitive examinations, in every nook and corner of the city.

They have proliferated due to the actions of both teachers and parents. Such centres boast of a guaranteed success rate by publishing inflated numbers regularly in leading newspapers and magazines. But, either as a parent or a student, how should you select one that is the best? Before selecting a coaching centre, certain criteria should be kept in mind. A proper coaching centre must provide a proper competitive environment with a team of professional teachers and necessary study material.

Mock tests and exams should be conducted on a regular basis and proper feedback should be provided to the students. Some coaching centres charge high fees, that too in lumpsum, and provide substandard teaching at their centre, so efforts should be made to find the right coaching centre after consulting many students taking coaching at various centres. You are worried about the rampant deforestation going on and its effects on our lives in future.

Deforestation is the permanent destruction of forests in order to make the land available for other uses. An estimated 7. The effects are far-reaching and will prove disastrous for humanity in the long run. Deforestation is considered to be one of the contributing factors to global climate change.

Cutting trees impacts the global carbon cycle. This not only lessens Few Minds Over All That Matters - Burn All Flags - Burn All Flags (Vinyl) amount of carbon stored, it also releases carbon dioxide into the air. This is because when trees die, they release the stored carbon dioxide.

Deforestation is the second largest human-caused source of carbon dioxide to the atmosphere, the first one being combustion in various forms. It also has negative consequences for local populations and medicinal research, which rely on the animals and plants in the forests for hunting and medicine respectively. There are many other problems like soil erosion, interruption of the water cycle etc which occur due to deforestation. So let us arrest this quickly to save our lives in future.

Our present system of school education has a major flaw that does not make a person ready for employment if that person has to forego further education for any reason.

Many problems are faced by people who pass out from school in the competitive world because they cannot be employed. The only solution for this is to introduce vocational training as an essential part of the school curriculum. The students who intend going for employment after schooling can get knowledge of professional courses through career counselling programmes arranged by the school.

Then they should attempt suitable aptitude tests to choose the correct professional course. The practical training for each course must be arranged by the school either in their own premises or in suitable workshops or technical institutions. After successful completion of the vocational course, employers should select them through campus interviews arranged by the school. In cases of self-employment, the schools can tie up with banks and other financial institutions for arranging loans.

All these measures will involve a major change in the system of school education, but this is the need of the hour. India has always respected women, but recent trends are disturbing, causing us to re-evaluate their status. Women in India enjoyed a high status and position in ancient times.

However, later on, during the middle period, their status deteriorated. Evidently, a majority of Indian women do not enjoy equal status to men currently. It appears that the Indian woman is still not treated at par with the man in social and family life. The higher the level of her education, the greater equality she enjoys in the family. But even today, educated women, though they are earning, comply with the doctrine of male domination. Their education may have made them economically independent, but they still lack the needed self-confidence to assert their equality.

The reason seems to be that they have been brought up in the prevailing cultural atmosphere of male dominated society. Thus, they have not been able to shake off its influence even after acquiring modern education.

However, society has started recognising their contribution. Women are excelling in almost every field and winning laurels. It is high time they are accorded an equal status in society for their intelligence, courage and compatibility. It seems to be the worst affected nation online, with over three-quarters of Indian web surfers having fallen victim to cyber crimes, including computer viruses, online credit card fraud and identity theft.

A lot of homework is assigned to the students by their teachers. Most of the students copy the answers from the textbooks or from the guides, rendering the whole exercise useless. You are very much worried about children who have become bookworms.

They find no time to read anything other than their course books. Their parents also force them to do so. Their only anxiety is marks and more marks in the examination.

Many of your friends are getting expensive gifts from their parents but not the attention and time of their parents. Write an article for your school magazine urging all the parents to give their time and moral support to their children, especially the adolescents. Also stress on how a secure home atmosphere plays a key role in promoting success in life. Today the 24 hour television news channel give us instant news from every nook and corner of the world. But the fact is that the importance of the newspaper remains intact.

You are concerned about the changing attitude of politicians who are using religion for political gains. Write an article in words for publication in a local daily suggesting to these people to separate religion from politics and work for the betterment of society. Write an article in not more than words condemning the use of furs and animal skins for making clothes and accessories.

Every activity that man indulges in creates waste of some kind. Some of the waste can be recycled or reused. Narendra is allergic to smoking and wants a complete ban on smoking in public places. Write the article for him in words. Write an article emphasising the responsibility of the media.

You are worried about the various forms of pollution caused by the explosion of crackers during the Diwali festival, marriages and other celebrations. You are worried that your generation of students is crazy about fast foods without realising the harm they cause. Your father was killed in the November terror attack in Mumbai. You were deeply affected by this tragedy. Write the article.

Note-making is an advanced writing skill which is gaining importance due to knowledge explosion. There is a need to remember at least the main points of any given subject. Making notes is a complex activity which combines several skills. Note-making is an advanced writing skill which is acquiring increasing importance due to the knowledge explosion. Note-making is useful as it saves time, energy and the space at the working place, while attending a lecture at school or in college, in a meeting etc.

It enhances the confidence to revise the topic whenever we want. Note-making basically involves noting the main points of whatever is read or heard, as one cannot be expected to remember all that one has read. Types of Passages The Note-making passage could be anyone of the following types i Factual words A factual passage includes some facts about the physical aspects of a subject.

It includes instructions, descriptions and reports. It helps the students to get a detailed view of the subject and develop a complete mental picture of a specific person, place, object or being. Such passages may include opinions or feedback. It allows students to arrive at a conclusion through reasoning and understanding rather than intuition.

It presents a balanced and objective approach towards the subject being discussed. Types of Questions The Note-Making passage in the examination carries and is words in length. It consists of two types of Questions i Making Notes of the Given Passage This carries 5 marks split up into 3 marks for the actual notes, 1 mark for the title and 1 mark for the abbreviations listed minimum 4 abbreviations. We can use title, heading, sub-headings and abbreviations while answer this question.

It should be grammatically correct and cover all the important points given in the notes. Word limit of the summary should be words. Uses of Abbreviations in Note-Making Abbreviation helps in writing the information briefly.

The following are some of the ways in which you can use abbreviations. First few letters of the word are enough to remember what the abbreviation stands. For example:. Remove all or most of the vowels from the word and use just the key consonants bunched together. For example. What actually is a robot?

When different persons have different concepts of robots, the only way of deciding what really is a robot is to look for a definition of the term robot. The dictionary meaning of a robot is that it is an automatic apparatus or device that performs functions ordinarily ascribed to human beings or operates with what appears to be almost-human intelligence. It is interesting to observe that this meaning does not give a human shape to the robot.

In order to dramatise the fact that the robot does the work of a human being, a human shape is given to the robot in science-fiction stories and movies. The human shape is irrelevant as far as the functions of the robot are concerned.

The Robot Institute of America, which is an association of several robot manufacturers gives the following definition of an industrial robot. This means that a robot is capable of being reprogrammed. This feature is the one that distinguishes it from a fixed automation. A fixed automation is designed to do one, and only one, specific task.

If the specifications of the tasks change even slightly, the fixed automation becomes incapable of performing the task it was designed to perform according to one fixed specification. However, a robot can be reprogrammed to perform even when the specifications are changed drastically. The original program is simply erased and the new program takes care of the changed tasks. The characteristic that a robot can be reprogrammed to handle a variety of tasks makes the robot a flexible device.

Because of the flexibility offered by robots, manufacturing systems which use robots are called Flexible Manufacturing Systems FMS. Karel Capek was responsible for introducing the word robot. Sir Isaac Asimov is the one who coined the word robotics. According to Asimov, robotics is the science of dealing with robots. Hence robotics involves a scientific study of robots. The study includes design, selection of materials of proper quality for the components, fabrication, study of various motors required for moving the components, design of electronic circuits, computers and computer programming, and control of robots.

Since robots and robotics are still in the developing stages, a considerable amount of research is required and is being pursued. Robotics involves various disciplines-mechanical engineering, material science, electronics, computer science, computer engineering, and control systems, to name just a few. Depending on the area in which robots are to be used, robotics includes disciplines such as biology, medical science, psychology, agriculture, mining, outer space engineering etc.

Basically, there are two types of robots: fixed and mobile. A fixed robot is attached to a stationary platform. A fixed robot is analogous to a human standing or sitting in one fixed location while doing his work with his hands. A mobile robot moves from place to place. Mobility is given to robots by providing wheels or legs or other crawling mechanisms. A mobile robot can be given a human shape, but the actual shape has nothing to do with the functions of the robot.

Wheeled locomotion is good for smooth terrains. For rugged terrain, legged locomotion is preferable. A mobile robot should have at least three wheels or legs for stability. Questions a On the basis of your reading of the above passage make notes on it using headings and sub-headings.

Use recognisable abbreviations wherever necessary. Supply an appropriate title to it. Robot Definition i Diet meaning a auto apparatus b performs funcs ascribed to humans c human shape irrelevant for functioning ii RIA defines robot a reprogrammable — different from fixed automation b Flexible — used in FMS. Robot Types i Fixed a stationary b analogous to standing human ii Mobile — mobility due to a wheels — good for smooth terrain b legs — good for rugged terrain c another crawling mech.

Answer: A robot is a flexible reprogrammable automatic device that works just like human beings and operates with almost man-like intelligence. Robotics is the scientific study of robots. It includes design, selection of proper materials, design of electronic circuits, computers and computer programming and controls. Robotics is a combination of many disciplines — electronics, material science, computer engineering, computer science, mechanical engineering etc.

Robots can be fixed or mobile. A mobile robot moves from place to place with the help of wheels or legs or other crawling mechanisms. Information is power. It is predictable, therefore, that those in authority will seek to manipulate others through the control of data. However, all information in a democratic society should be freely available unless there are specific, well-formulated reasons for withholding it in the interest of security.

The Freedom of Information FOI functions at a number of different levels: in itself, for the fulfilment of all other rights and as an underpinning of democracy. Information held by public bodies is not only for the benefit of officials, politicians or other designated people associated with the organisation, but also for the public as a whole.

Unless there are good reasons for withholding such information, all interested parties should be able to access it. More importandy, freedom of information is a key component of transparent and accountable government. It plays a key role in enabling citizens to see what is going on within government, and in exposing corruption and mismanagement.

Transparent and open government is also essential if voters are to be able to assess the performance of elected officials and if individuals are to exercise their democratic rights effectively, for example, through timely protests against new policies, or by using their vote against candidates who have indulged in undemocratic activity.

Freedom of expression and access to information is a fundamental right and must be held as a cornerstone of democracy. In its absence, government can, and often does, behave with impunity. This is irascibly vague and provides many loopholes for governments to use this wording as a basis for restricting information that is inconsistent with their ambitions.

However, it may also be argued that this does not mean a right to receive any type of information from the government. It is of paramount importance that any restrictions on information or expression regarding security matters must designate in law only the specific and narrow categories of information absolutely necessary to protect a legitimate national security concern.

In addition, there must be a direct and immediate connection between the expression and the likelihood or occurrence of such violence. The public interest in having information at all times must remain a priority consideration in any FOI Bill, and that any denial of this right should be subject to independent review.

Notes I. Information i Pwr ii Access: Officials, politicians, public iii Should be freely avlbl. Functions i Transparent and accessible Govt ii Citizens aware of the workings of Govt iii Expsg crptn and msmng.

Answer: Freedom of Information FOI is essentially important for the fulfilment of public rights and as a support for democracy. Information is power and thus, its access must not be limited to officials or politicians but should include the public. Its function is to assure a transparent and accountable government, inform the public about the workings within the government and expose corruption and mismanagement.

Freedom of expression and access to information are imperative for an informed public debate. They are fundamental but not absolute rights, with restrictions for information of national security or with potential to incite violence, as supported by a Supreme Court judgement.

Who were they? How were they able to build such an impressive civilisation of towering temples and sophisticated artwork in the middle of the harsh rainforests of Meso-America? And why did they vanish? In time, strong rulers began wielding power over these communities and the Mayan culture grew in complexity. Cities rose from the forest floor, boasting of stone temples with stuccoed and painted facades created at the behest of elite rulers.

People in the new power centres communicated over long distances and traders using the same routes carried luxury goods such as cacao beans, jade ornaments, quetzal feathers and jaguar pelts.

During these centuries, the Mayans erected coundess stelae, stone monuments inscribed with portraits and hieroglyphs that recorded dynastic histories — the births, marriages and conquests of the ruling families.

There were dozens of important regional capitals at the time, and among the most important were. The Classic period is known for artistic and intellectual splendour. The Mayans developed a complex religious and ritual system that considered rulers divine beings and called for blood sacrifices. They also grasped the numerical notion of zero, created agricultural timetables and sophisticated calendars to track the heavens, and made beautiful polychrome pottery as well as exquisite ornaments, murals, and carved decorations.

But the Classic Mayans were also known for their rancorous political fighting and for being extremely bellicose — warfare was always on the horizon. One by one, the cities in the southern Mayan lowlands fell to each other, their downfall often recorded on stelae in the conquering city.

By AD most of the important Classic period cities had collapsed, and their remaining populations had scattered into the surrounding forests. The last date recorded on stelae that archaeologists have found so far is from AD in Tonina, in southern Mexico.

Among the factors that help explain why the civilisation collapsed were the endemic warfare, overpopulation, degradation of the environment, and drastic climate change and drought. Yet it too fell victim to political infighting and by AD had collapsed. The Mayans never truly disappeared. Centuries after the major cities were abandoned, small groups of Mayans continued to live in the area.

It was they who met and resisted the Spanish conquistadors after the first contact in And today, more than six million Mayans live in Mexico, Guatemala and Belize, speaking 28 languages and blending ancient and modern ways. Questions Regarding Mysteries i who were they? The Post-Classic period AD : Downfall i most important cities collapsed ii reasons a endemic warfare b overpopulation c degradation of envrmt iii northern Mayans survived vi resisted Spanish conquistadors v now live in Mexico, Guatemala 81 Belize.

Answer: The Mayan civilisations of Mexico and central. America is one of the mysteries civilisation. From the monuments discovered there, their history can be traced back to BC, when they lived in Guatemala.

They reached the peak of their glory during the Classic period AD —which saw magnificence in architecture, intellectual excellence including mathematics, along with a rise in complex religious systems and rituals. Subsequently their downfall occurred due to endemic warfare, overpopulation and environmental degradation. You may never want to fly kites to keep away evil spirits, as the Chinese have done for centuries, or to make rain, as the Tibetans did, but some more modern and western uses may tempt you to try experimenting yourself along similar lines.

Ancient and medieval Chinese sources, describe kites being used for measuring distances, testing the wind, lifting men, signalling and communication for military operations. The earliest known Chinese kites were flat not bowed and often rectangular. Later, tailless kites incorporated a stabilising bowline. Kites were decorated with mythological motifs and legendary figures; some were fitted with strings and whistles to make musical sounds while flying.

The most widespread use of kites in modern times has been for meteorological investigations. Everybody knows about how Benjamin Franklin, the great American scholar and statesman, sent a kite up in during a thunderstorm to prove that lightning was caused by electricity. He produced sparks at ground level from a key hung on the wet line as the current flowed down it. By sending up instruments on kites it has been possible to make readings of air pressure, temperature, speed, direction and humidity.

Although thermometers had been sent up long before, it was not untilthat a self-reading thermometer, a thermograph, was sent up by a kite. The army, navy and air force have used kites in various ways for decades. Another Korean version of the invention of the kite tells how a general used one to carry a line across a stream.

This line then formed the basis of a bridge. Lines are still occasionally flown from point to point in this way using kites. At sea, kites have often been used to carry a line to distressed ships in rough weather. Kites, especially box and bow kites, have been used as gunnery targets. They are easy to make and cheap to use and will stand quite a lot of punishment before they cease to fly. Apart from their use as targets, kites have been used by the army to fly flags, for aerial photography over enemy trenches, for suspending flares over targets during night fighting, for carrying a man over enemy lines, for dragging torpedoes etc to a target area.

They have been used by both military and civil authorities for raising, transmitting and receiving aerials to obtain improved wireless reception. As a matter of fact, the first long-distance short wave transmission of all made use of an aerial flown on a kite. When Marconi made the famous transatlantic transmission, he raised his receiving aerial some feet on a kite.

When airborne, the kite was attached to a special shock absorber which was fixed to the dinghy. It was stated that provided there was a 6 mph wind, the kite would stay aloft indefinitely. Some of these kites were brought to Australia and sent to the 6th Australian Division in for trials to determine whether they were of use in jungle warfare, especially in defining locations.

After experiments, the authorities decided that they were of no value for this purpose. Answer: a Title Kites and Their History. History of Flying Kites i Chinese in ancient times used them for various purposes ii Tibetans used them for making rain iii Intrdcd to rest of the world from China. Answer: In ancient times, kites in China and Tibet were thought to bring rain and keep away evil spirits.

The Chinese also used them for other purposes and introduced them to the rest of the world. Benjamin Franklin discovered that electricity produced lightning by flying a kite. Kites are presently used for measuring various atmospheric parameters like air pressure, temperature, wind speed, direction etc. Civil and military purposes of kites include aerial photography, improving wireless reception and carrying flares, but they are not useful in jungle warfare.

Kites are also used as gunnery targets and for carrying lines. Cloud computing is a type of Internet-based computing that provides shared computer processing resources and data to computers and other devices on demand.

It is a model for enabling ubiquitous, on-demand access to a shared pool of configurable computing resources e. Cloud computing and storage solutions provide users and enterprises with various capabilities to store and process their data in third-party data centres that may be located far from the user — ranging in distance from across a city to across the world. Cloud computing relies on sharing of resources to achieve coherence and economy of scale, similar to a utili ty like the electricity grid over an electricity network.

Local computers no longer have to do all the heavy lifting when it comes to running applications. Amidst the turmoil of earlyLana Del Rey did the unthinkable: she wrote a song with no darkness, no contradictions, just love.

Alongside her peers and tourmates, the indie pop-turned-folk singer Zella Day and the baroque-pop prodigy Natalie Mering, a. Soundtracked by lush piano and strings, Lana sounds clear-eyed, lucid, as she recalls a time when her world seemed idyllic. Much of Ultraviolence is about the unavoidable call of addiction, how our brain chemistry determines our fate. Lana Del Rey has always fantasized about two things: unconditional love, and leaving her stardom behind. Combine the two, and you get an instant classic.

The song was inspired by a real-life experiencewhere Lana spent a day trawling through the California Few Minds Over All That Matters - Burn All Flags - Burn All Flags (Vinyl) to find one beach without paparazzi or onlookers. She croons with an unnerving tenderness, reliving her emotional turnoil in the moment.

The song ends on the oceanic sounds of brass, as if beckoning you to sail away on a great voyage…. Over nearly seven minutes, Lana sifts through the wreckage of a relationship. Gone are the Hollywood references, the cinematic hip-hop production -- this is the blues, spiritual and guttural and painfully honest. As the song ends with her wails, Lana Del Rey is ready to burn down everything you thought you knew about her.

Things would never be the same. With virtually no radio airplay, Lana played the role of usurper, fashioning herself as an icon through YouTube and the press -- and it worked. First, those verses -- her voice unusually hushed, driven by gentle guitar brushstrokes and restless, skittering drums. His production, with its cavernous, chamber pop strings, is breathtaking -- and the arguably superior Dan Heath orchestral versionused in the music video, is even more immersive.

Both the film and F. The music video, directed by Chris Sweeney and Sophie Muller, lets you imagine. Youth and beauty are fleeting, but the fear of loneliness is eternal. His cool, stoic nature draws her to him, yet it keeps them distant, trapped in an illusion of love, without intimacy. Art, like love, is supposed to illuminate human nature, but some things are impossible to define. As she vamps over the outro, she ends the song with a drawn-out moan -- a wordless sigh, resigned to her fate.

Lana Del Rey opens her sixth LP by walking us through her formative memories. When she was Lizzy Grant, she dreamed of being famous. As soon as she became Lana Del Rey, she dreamed of losing it and becoming an underdog again. She never changes her mind. Co-written and produced by Jack Antonoff, our first glimpse of Norman Fucking Rockwell has a sonic palette unlike either of their past work: dry, intimate Laurel Canyon folk, almost completely free of reverb.

Weep on her shoulder, and her embrace will be gentle. But no, Lana wanted to be a new kind of pop star, one who wrote songs for swaying American flags, chapel ceilings, queens on their throne. The song is a morbid, anthemic death pact, the kind that could only be written by a year-old with a self-proclaimed old soul.

As she suffers through a car wreck, flames, and a bloody, beautiful death, she creates a new persona: Lana Del Rey the martyr, an icon of feminine suffering, who would endure the most controversy-ridden press cycle of any new artist this decade, and emerge with her artistic reputation intact.

To manyLana Del Rey was edgy sad-girl provocation without substance. The influence of both song and album can still be felt; now, in Augustthe latter has spent over weeks on the Billboard But back when it first came out, the expectations seemed impossibly high.

When you call your debut album Born to Diewhere can you possibly go from there? And yet, its lyrics are anything but -- referencing political anxieties, climate change, even nuclear war.

What comfort can any artist offer in the face of such existential threats? Even while singing some of the most delicate melodies she or Jack Antonoff have ever written, you can hear her voice fighting the urge to sink back into her old fatalism.

Was it always an illusion? Lana can offer no consolation, only a prolonged goodbye, concluding the song on a nearly two-minute outro, until she finally runs out of words to say. Near the end of the video, where she sings and frolicks in docks and old barsshe symbolically puts her microphone back on its stand.

You expect a different outcome each time, but the song always plays out the same way. Far sooner than anyone expected, just eight months after Born to DieLana Del Rey returned with an entirely new single.

In the minute video, directed by Anthony Mandler, Lana casts herself in her own Easy Rider fantasy. She plays a sex worker who moonlights as a singer, living a mundane existence, until she hooks up with a nomadic biker gang -- the only people in her world who seem truly free. Are you in touch with all of your darkest fantasies? Have you created a life for yourself where you can experience them? I have. I am fucking crazy But I am free. In a twist of cosmic irony, Lou Reed himself was supposed to contribute backing vocals on the song, but died the same day he was scheduled to record.

As powerful as it would have been, the song loses nothing for it. Either way, her fascinatingly blank expressions suggested she knew more than she was letting on. She once again jumps up to his head, wrapping her legs around his neck, and flips backward driving Spidey head first on the ground with his chest following suit afterward. Unfortunately, she underestimated the wall-crawler's resilience.

Peter quickly rolls forward with his legs now around her neck and, with a full spin, tosses Felicia aside with a head-scissor. Time was running out faster and faster; the best chance Peter got was to web her up and take the valuables off of her.

On that front alone, it would be problematic because of just how versatile she was. With no luck, Peter is left charging forward only for Felicia to dip down and reach under the near arm of Spider-Man, across his chest and under his far arm, while placing her other hand on the back of the opponent to hold them in place. Quickly moving, she flips both her and him over via a backwards somersault while holding Peter, and driving him flat on the mat again.

Such a quick, fierce, and cunning maneuver on such short notice; it actually left the latter perplexed. Peter was left formulating to himself as he coughs aloud, meeting dirt to his face again. She had yet to move away from hovering directly over her as she too needed time to catch her breath. So moving in, he wraps her legs around her abdomen and pulls her back down to him. Wrapping his right arm around her neck, Peter mildly presses the biceps against one side of the neck and the inner bone of the forearm against the other side.

At least that's what was supposed to happen. Felicia found herself itching and inching up to a vertical basis ever so slowly despite the massive weight of the wall-crawler. Even as she stood on her own two feet, Spidey was holding her back. She elbows him clean in the abdomen three times before stomping down in his other foot, rearranging her hands to lock a three-quarter facelock on Pete and flips up and backward, performing a backflip in the air, and landing face down to the mat, driving Spidey back-first again.

Spider-Man still had his hands locked firmly around her neck and whatever little pressure there was still being applied. Releasing the pressure only a few notches, Peter attempted to reach deep in her bag but then Felicia suddenly knees him directly below where the sun doesn't shine. Squirming in agony but looking ahead to Felicia making yet another run for it, he hopelessly limps to catch up launching a webline right to her bag. Felicia kept running but Spidey shoots another web line only at the last minute she turned grabbing the line and yanks him over her near the edge of the roof both falling over but Felicia launches her grapple hook to break the fall and Peter held on dearly on the web line attatched to her.

Spider-Man: If you don't mind me asking what's with the skin tight leather? I'm sure I can sue you for copywriting Hallie Berry's Catwoman or was there a sale on the black marketing for criminal activity?

Felicia: Ok first off: Spandex? You might want to rethink that. Second not everything is about money sweetheart. If it's worth the sport it's worth something to me.

Pete's Peter sense went off the wire and Felicia leaped over cutting the webline sending Pete falling to stories off the 30 story skyscraper only for him to web zip straight up in a matter of minutes as Felicia ran to the next roof seeing Spidey still on her cat tail and she turned her head with a smirk at a water tower she placed some kind of timing gadget on it and kept running. By the time Pete landed on the same roof the timer dinged cracking the tower to tilt over the edge Pete knew this wasn't gonna just ssend the civilians plenty of fresh drinking water but the debree of the tower would crush anyone in it's path.

The tower nearly fell but Spidey webbed yanked it back tying the damage on it with his webs sealing it stable again and then he looked up to a higher building seeing Felica looking down at him giving an evil smirk and blew a kiss at him laughing at him walking back disappearing off the edge. Spider-Man: Oooooooo His shout echoed around his surroundings he checked one more time to make sure the tower was still stable and it was and Pete was breathing heavily in relief and KAREN spoke out in his ear.

Take a left on Avenue and head forward around Atlanta. Once you cross over there take the next right and your destination should be straight foward. But at JK Airport May was not pulling her nephew's chain her and the Queens Class were now boarding Ned tried calling Peter himself but didn't go through when on the plane the service there was interference on his signal.

Ned moved on to the back where he spotted Michelle in her seat looking for her ear plugs turning up her head to Ned. If he's not here by now he's gotta lot of web swinging to cover to catch up to us. Ned then pressed on sitting in the further back with a window next the right wing looking up to see if Peter would be swinging in at least but no sign of him. May was in second class in her seat trying to call Peter again but the signal interference was effecting her phone too.

The plane was no dethatched from the fueling pumps the plane was now rotating to the path way to take off. In the nick of time Spidey finally landed on the roof of the airport just in time to see the plane moving forward to take off. He ran leaped off the roof gliding towards the moving plane landing on the right wing where Ned saw him through his window. Pete held on trying to stay sticked to the wing with suitcase in the other hand webbing it on the plane as he screamed out when the plane lifted off the ground taking off the sky.

We cut back into the the city where the old Stark Later Avengers Tower use to stand now stands the new tech and science company that builds the newly techs of New York. The company owned by One Norman Virgil Osborn III President and CEO of the contract deques labs and mystery buyer who Tony Stark sold the tower to and invented Oscorp creating the best techs and machines for the city Norman was even inventing working neugenics in hopes of creating anti-serums for the deadliest diseasses.

A limbo pulled up to the main doors where a press stood and waited and as the backseat right door opened stepped out the man of the hour himself Norman Osborn Matthew McConaughey and reporters and photographer started taking pictures and asking for him. Female Reporter: Mr. Is it true that you're contract develops a new working serum? Norman just gave the press a smile as he moved forward followed by his only son who came out of the limbo after him.

Harry Osborn Charlie Rowe who was also a childhood friend of Peter but years separated since the start of High School and the tragic passing of his mother and Norman's wife Emily Osborn Harry has been taking part to stand with his father in Oscorp to refund research facilities that were built by Emily. Harry was shy around the press as he remained silent and his expression was a mild hint of sadness and soon the faboules Osborn boys opened the doors and entered the building.

Assistant: Yes sir. Unfortunately Carlton Drake's remaining staff members had curer changes after the rocket incident. We may not get the full approval today. Harry: Dad? I still don't know why you refunded the Life Foundation. Especially those rumors about Drake. Norman: Rumors or facts Harry Drake made the greatest discovery since Captain Steve Rogers was found alive berried in ice.

Assistant: General Slocum called again. He's been asking about the chemical war fare again. What's your response sir?

Norman and Harry and everyone around them came in an elevator and later all walked out on the 30th flour walking over the flour holding a logo of Oscorp Text underneath: Working for a better tomorrow. In the meeting room Norman sat in front of the end of the table with Harry sitting at his left side beside him and the other people in the other seats lawers CEO's and Generals. Norman: As of today Oscorp Industries has now surpassed rating techs and chemical warfare for united nations.

Results are up. Disasters are down. And now we are ready to proceed a project that was left unfinished since the passing of Carlton Drake. CEO 1: Wonderful report Norman. But what exactly is this Premium X? I don't remember that on Drake's list. Norman: A codename Oscorp has given the symbiont project. Out of his own prosperity the Government tend to shut it down through Sokovian Law but with the influence Oscorp has given them Drake's symbiont project is now owned by the contract deques labs.

CEO 2: What are we even trying to accomplish? And who's to say we do better than Drake's intentions? Norman: If the environment were to go down badly Drake believed our survival depended on living in space. What he failed to understand was Oscorp worked around the clock to anti that environment with our working genetics. This project is the next stage to prevent the most fatal diseases.

Norman: Thank you for that report Harry. I request we look into those projects to develop tests of our own. With this in the hands of Oscorp cancer can kiss our asses. Which is why I would like to invite my own son for this whole project. Norman: Harry I know you don't want to go. But we're fighting to save billions of lives.

I want to honor your mother's will to this. She would be proud as I am since you first came to stand with me to run Oscorp together. Harry: I'm not saying you're doing this for right intention. Just since Drake's reputation of the rumored dead bodies being a fact I wanted no involvement in something dirty like that.

Norman: That's why we're trying to rewrite those wrongs. Our hands will remain clean as a shining car. I will leave it to you. The helicopter to San Francisco On the West Coast of the country, it had a lot of things.

Stretching from the Mexican border along the Pacific for nearly miles, its terrain includes cliff-lined beaches, redwood forest, the Sierra Nevada Mountains, Central Valley farmland and the Mojave Desert. Natural beauty, cutting-edge technology, vibrant food culture, movies and music - California has it all The appeal however that earned its popularity to begin with was still there.

From Hollywood dreams to Silicon Valley start-ups; from Napa Valley vineyards to miles of free beaches, California is one of the most beautiful places in America, if not the most livable. Said place would still be in disarray to an extent following the Blip two years back but compared to the Europe situation regarding the Elementals and Mysterio B Smoove were hoping for.

As for the friendly neighborhood Spider-Man himself, it was nothing but high hopes from that point forward, taking notice of the air currents of the wind slowly winding down. Only one thing was certain from that moment forward. And once it did our hero made a mild vomiting noises not like he was vomiting in his mask but he was close enough but seeing the plane was finally on the ground he webbed yanked his suit case from where he webbed it too.

And just the moment the plane came to a complete stop Pete fell off the wing loosing his grip of the case and fell hard on the lot. It's likely he would but soon enough he manages to regain his balance a little nauseous from the whole flight there grabbed their suitcase and soon web zipped straight up.

Inside the airport everyone got off board and Ned Michelle and May were the only ones looking for Peter. Ned told Michelle he saw him on the wing and given what May tried to do earlier he told her saw him in the back of the passenger room. All though that was gonna get him in the heat with May later knowing he's his May and Ned looked to where Michelle was pointing and they all saw Peter come out of the bathroom buttoning up his green collared shirt with the suit underneath grabbing his suit case and walked over where he stopped in shock to see his Aunt approach him.

May: Scratch that. Bad Reception. I just hope you weren't doing what I think you were doing before we got here. Peter: Nah nah I was here the whole time; I was just I couldn't call cause Bad reception. May: Well just so you know to be sure I'm gonna have a look in your suitcase when we get to the hotel. Now Pete was in real heat hearing that even though she won't find the suit in his case cause he was wearing it it would only delay the inevitable if he was gonna look into the SF case.

Once Spider-Man in San Francisco becomes public knowledge May would learn Peter has gotten the suit back and he be more grounded for life than he already was. Peter: And after I got my suit out of the shredder which insanely is shred proof out of Stark Designs I came across this jewelry store getting robbed and I ran into this white haired girl who was the jewel thief.

Peter: She did wear leather like Halle Berry but Karen confirmed her origins were unknown. All I got was a name. Felicia Hardy. Ned: Hardy? Wait a minute I think I heard of that name. I never heard of a Felicia Hardy but the name Hardy rings a bell. Ned: But what'd you gonna tell May? I just covered for you and she's likely gonna be on my ass for it whenever you go swinging around.

Ned: I just in a way understand how she feels. I got your back still but Peter: I know Ned. No one knows more what she's feeling than I do. But after when I told you the last time I didn't Peter: As much as I understand her reasons Peter was interrupted by a joyful scream that put him and Ned on high alert but it was Betty running up to who entered from the main entrance.

Eddie: Remember this is for business purposes strictly. Eddie saw Betty coming and soon caught May's attention she too recognized Eddie cause let's just say she Betty: Edward Brock Jr. I'm Betty Brant and may I say it's an honor to finally meet you. I watch your show all the time. It has inspired me many ways. Eddie: Ah. Never met a teenage intern your age before but Peter and Ned kept looking over his direction still feeling something's off about him Ned however was just more curious especially seeing how Betty's being off on him.

Ned: The legendary Eddie Brock. This guy has got more hits than Whitney Chain. I hear he runs wild like it's the wild wild west. Peter: Yeah just I don't know if my senses are going off but I feel there's something off about that Brock guy. Peter: I can't really place it. I'm not even sure if my senses are going off in my head but I don't know. Betty and Eddie continued their official interview as the class started getting checked in and May came close to him curiously.

Eddie: So the Bugle wants a word on the refunding of the life foundation? And the murders going on? Betty: Recent reports say it was funded by the city's newly tech company Oscorp. Rumor also has it one of New York's nitorous butcherers is behind it.

The constant annoyance of random strangers, with the exception of Happy, hitting on his Aunt came back to haunt Peter once again and this time, it was no laughing matter. He knew it was bound to be a quick and constant but irrelevant complication to a sturdy and stacked summer tour that would prove to be problematic As for what could possibly be more important, that would be the attraction that brought him over to California in the first place: the sick and demented, psychotic sadist Cletus Kassidy.

He cherished his charisma, his stigma, his outlook on life He was the best kind of deja vu to him, the kind that feels right when it comes as if the creator just rewound time, just a smidge, then hit play again. It is when the aperture of his heart opened all the wider to let his light in. It's as if The deja vu he found with Eddie is sublime, and every once in a while, he found myself hoping that it all means something, that they were together in this reality and others.

They were the kind of grey that would make any quarry rock proud as if they were so pleased to echo the earth. All the grey, all that swirling water in the sky, condensation was bound to happen sooner rather than later. Serving his surroundings, he merely peeped his head to his right and left to his mere delight, with not a single soul surfacing alongside him amongst the sidewalks.

His hands scuffling through the curly strands of his red hair later, a house came into his eyesight quickly. Kasady trudges his way forward with his hands in his pockets, continuing to poke his head out and about, looking out for anyone. He briefly noticed the arched windows. Through them light flows through all seasons, gracing the air without favor, illuminating the sweet-toffee browns of the wooden floor. His attention redirects him to the door, whereupon approaching, he calmly knocks on it for about a second and then backs up.

The door slowly creaks open halfway through, the homeowner briefly sticking his head out from the neck down. Cletus: Sorry to drop by No getting home like this, this far away.

I could use your phone to call for a ride. That was indeed a conundrum. Except Kasady already got his fill: the house was welcoming to him from the open door to the wide hallway. Upon the walls were the photographs of children, so obviously so loved. The floor was an old-fashioned parquet with a blend of deep homely browns and the walls were the greens of summer gardens meeting a bold white baseboard. The banister was a twirl of a branch, tamed by the carpenter's hand, its grain flowing as water might, in waves of comforting woodland hues.

Under the lamp-shine, it was nature's art, something that soothed right to the soul. A whirlwind, a kaleidoscope of memories rushed through this house When something stresses you out, like giving a speech or watching a scary movie, your nerves kick into overdrive. Your hands shake and your heart beats fast. Panicking and right about his suspicions, the man was quick to shut the door on Kasady and just be done with it.

Any more pressure up against the door and it still refused to budge. It was already way too open to prevent the guy from staying out and it was all his fault. He grips the house phone and bludgeons the man over the head with it, seeing him crash onto the parquet. So Kasady had to kick him upside the head with the soles of his boot to ensure that he would. A sly smirk creeps up upon Kasady, unsheathing his knife from his black scabbard, underneath his Grey jacket.

The knife had a handle of cherry wood, and so it brought pink blossoms to his It felt like being punched with a weird internal pressure. In the moment, there was a lot of adrenaline going, but after that wears off, it was bound to get wildly painful for the poor victim.

Cutting to when the body was being dragged in the cellar the mad man came out wiping his knife with a rag shutting the door behind him and soon enough Cletus was alerted thinking either some family members of the homeowner he just murdered was returning home or some neighbors heard the commotion or worse Cletus had his knife up slowly approached the door slightly grabbing hold of the nob peaking out the peak hole revealing no one was out there but he went ahead opening it slowly having his knife ready until Frances Barrion Naomie Harris Cletus's girlfriend and partner in crime.

You could say in some way they're the Joker and Harley Quin in this universe but Barrion is just much as nuts as Cletus and unlike Harley Frances has some abilities of her own which soon to be revealed.

Seeing it's his partner Kassidy laughed in embarrassment while slowly letting her go and lowering his knife. She lightly slapped him in the arm while both catching their breaths Frances walked in the living room sitting on the couch pulling her hair back as Cletus walked in giving her a grin. Frances: Could say that. The ice box should be rename itself the anti-power facility. The collar they put on me took forever to break given it neutralized my powers. Frances: Makes you wonder if those collars would neutralize them.

Speaking of Symbionts anything on Brock? Cletus: If the reports on our escapes have gotten around he should know we're about in the city. Cletus: Don't know. If word gets out in New York of the return of the Carnage Killer only chances of Spider-Man coming here are slightly exaggerated.

Frances: Dammit. I guess we'll have to focus on Brock for now. But if we can't draw the Spider here the plan is futile. Frances stood up more stressed out unknown to her or her nut of a boyfriend that Spider-Man is by now in SF as we saw earlier as she went to a window to brood Kassidy came behind her wrapping his arms around her waste.

She slowly turned around to him staring at him with an emotionless expression and after a moment She chuckled like a witch grabbing Kassidy on both of his cheeks kissing him in a rather disturbing way The entire Midtown High group, including teachers and staff, left the airport at around a.

Unlike the trip to Europe, nobody had to worry about jet lag. Having arrived with little to no delays and successfully checked in, then came the easy part of the tour for everyone involved: unpacking and getting themselves comfortable.

Ever since running into Eddie at the airport, both of them hit it off almost immediately. Since he was a long crucial part of the interview that Betty needed for her assignment for the Daily Bugle, Eddie effectively had to go along with everybody else and the two were getting surprisingly comfortable around each other. From the gates to the terminals to going on the bus and even arriving at the Hotel VIA, they kept on going and going, droning on about the who, what, why, and how regarding the Few Minds Over All That Matters - Burn All Flags - Burn All Flags (Vinyl) news stories that encompassed the world two years past the Blip.

They found themselves loosening up as far as posture and rather quickly once everyone got into their rooms and Betty was able to try and finish her interview with him in peace but just enough to stay as professional as possible.

Everything just grew Few Minds Over All That Matters - Burn All Flags - Burn All Flags (Vinyl) upon mention of the Snap. Betty: I—sorry to kill the mood here. So, umm She needed to gussy up a little for the end of this, rearranging her positioning in the chair and crossing over her right leg over her lap.

This question was a big one, guaranteed to either make or break the entire foundation on why she came down here in the first place. On the other side of the coin, Peter was also having trouble getting comfortable.

Mostly because he had the most work set up for him compared to literally everyone else. Little did he know his teachers were perched up outside of the door of his room, eavesdropping like a pack of vultures. Regardless of whether or not they meant well, it mattered very little to the young web-slinger. All that mattered was calming down, taking a brief moment of rest, and then getting back out there to do his job.

That did mean putting his suitcase square up against the bed frame of the bed and unclipping it to finish unpacking. The only thing getting in the way of that, unfortunately, was his Aunt creeping over his shoulder. Peter was not believing this with May giving him the parent order he slugged his suitcase on the bed and May rushed up to it unzipping the suitcase pulling it open and she dig around in his cloths tossing them aside falling on the bed and on the flour.

Pete just nodded in disbelief given what May was doing only to find his suit but Peter's heart skipped a beat the look on his face would make us think he would be screwed here and as soon as he lifted his shirt all May saw May let out a louder sigh of relief thinking now she got rid of the suit for good For now May: But I should confess May: He and your father both.

There was this thing they liked to call Builds up rebellious and stubbornness alike. They said it's even high influential to their partners: Your mother and I for example. May: He was a very free spirited kid.

Like you. Pete noticed May almost grew an emotional face shedding a tear he dropped the cloths he was carrying on the bed and walked over to her holding her shoulder as she made a soft cry and rubbed her face. May: I'm sorry dear. I jut miss him so much. I can't believe May: He Peter faced down revealing May was feeling guilty for what happened to her husband but not knowing why he really died which made him shed a stronger tear.

May pulled herself together and kissed Peter on the head which mildly made him pull himself together and soon enough they picked up the rest of the cloths and soon enough May went on her cell and Peter notice she was texting. May: Oh well Remember when I told you I had a friend here which is why I flew with you and your classmates? May: That friend was our next door neighbor. You may not remember her but her and I have been trying to get you to meet her lovely niece.

She's about your age. Red Head. VERY lovely. Peter: Are you and this friend trying to et me on a blind date May? I'm actually hoping I can May: I understand that. I cause I think you'll like this one. Jut come by later after your first tour. I'll text you the address.

Peter: Hey man. May tried looking for the suit just as I knew she would. You still got it with you? Peter sighed like a slight spring breeze, soft and gentle, almost lost against the drone of the claustrophobic spacing in his room, even more so once he heard the front door swinging open and then shut again.

He was left juttering his bottom lip, redirecting the slow airflow that escaped dry lips. Time froze indefinitely for a short second as if his brain needed that time to process just how close Peter was to actually being caught, had he not been thinking outside the box.

Unfortunately, that left not him but Ned with as much of a giant target on his back as him. Did the Snap change his outlook on how he views his collaboration with Peter As for May, that was long overdue which is why upon walking out of the hotel, she found great solace in breathing.

And there was one other person here in the Golden Gate City that desperately needed her presence and love more than ever. Ten minutes pass, more than the given twelve-minute walk that was required and May finds herself face to face with the MB Apartment complex, with the traffic dialing up at a moderate level.

It only made her wish she had a car to get here faster. Of course, she had to get up to the 5th floor. No doing that without signing in at the front desk; luckily for her, she was no staff member or chaperone for the school and she trusted Peter Up on the fifth floor was what she was looking for. But luckily, she found the door number she was looking for. No point in waiting this outshe thought out loud to himself, waking up to the door and standing motionless, taking a deep breath.

The door was there as if a dream had become solid as if it had grown upon the hinges and blossomed into a comforting hue. May stood at the door, anticipating hearing the footsteps that would come. Finally, she raises her hands up and knocks on the door. There was no telling how peculiar this sight meant to either of the former friends turned aunts.

She was one of the lucky ones: the ones who had been left behind and was left to make it through those five years alone. A long, tedious, hideous trudge through the unknown All the slumber parties, the dosing of the hoses and sprinkler systems, backyard barbecues, and night gazing, all of those precious memories unearthed and brought back up to the surface after being locked away for so long.

However, not much of the latter was brought to either of their attention Staring had become their mutual form of communication ever since they were younger.

It was a contest of sorts and winning came at a price. May wouldn't look at Anna so much as through her, like her head was transparent and he was fascinated by an object two inches behind my skull. It was the sort of gaze that was home, hearth, and hearty food. And the latter welcomed it. Staring had become something of an art form to the both of them, their imposed form of communication. The first to avert Few Minds Over All That Matters - Burn All Flags - Burn All Flags (Vinyl) eyes is the loser, and that means subservient.

After a few seconds, she turns her head to the window, eyes just as still; then she speaks with a rather robotic tone that May was all too accustomed to hearing May: It sure feels like it. When you emailed me least month it felt like yesterday. I was shocked.

More shocked you moved here. Was LA not good? Anna: It was alright. But due to some circumstances we couldn't live there anymore. This apartment's a lease May. Main reason for that May: There were two families. Two college students. But for May chuckled under her grin as she looked around the apartment seeing the hall framed pictures of MJ age 9 and 10 and current age. May noticed how beautiful and happy she looks in those pictures and soon turned back to her childhood friend.

Anna faced down in a sad and disappointed expression given MJ's current track record which made May look at her in concern for a brief moment before she spoke. Anna: She's always out late after school and summer additions. Hanging out at night clubs and been drinking. Anna: I don't know I just don't. But I'm really worried about her May. She' been rebellious and uncooperative. I'm so worried he's turning out everything her father was. He was leaving his wife to raise her alone while she's been sick.

MJ was just six years old when he left them for good. I tried to provide for them but the illness took it's toll on her. I had to take MJ in when moving to Queens as you may remember. Into her father. Now May realized Anna was just having the same problem with her niece as she was with her nephew. Little did she know Anna had a bigger problem on her hands

Matkalaukku - Anna Hanski - Johnny Guitar (CD), So Long Baby, Stinking Of Whiskey Blues - The Ergs! - Upstairs Downstairs (Vinyl, LP, Album), Gramps - Modorra - Solar Anus (Vinyl), Gastarbeider - Kinderen voor Kinderen - Alle Liedjes Van 1980 T/m 2006 (CD), Mr. Zebra - Tori Amos - Tales Of A Librarian (CD), The Wedding Song - Buffy Sainte-Marie - Fire & Fleet & Candlelight (CD, Album), Im Only Smiling - Gods Gift (2) - All Things Bright And Beautiful (CD, Album), Jimi Hendrix - Experience Hendrix - The Best Of Jimi Hendrix (CD, Album), Triana - Lolita (5) - Me Despierto (CD, Album)

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