However, one betrayed his master and attempted to sabotage Primus on behalf of Unicron, but ended up joining his new master in a black hole. The Ultimate Guide. When The Fallen's foul essence took root within Jetfire 's spark, the Autobot became plagued by numerous visions. Among the events he bore witness to was Primus deconstructing The Fallen with a wave of his hand.

The Enemy Within. Finale Part 2 As leader, Primus received the Silver Matrix that could absorb the Star Power from the seven other Matrices possessed by the leaders of the individual orders within the Vanguard. Acting as his personal pet was Primacronwho acquired intelligence by his proximity to Primus and plotted against his master. In the course of Primus's leadership, the Vanguard fought against the Spectersbut, due to their enemy's nature as "inversions" of the lights they utilized, they came up short in permanently defeating them.

They decided to shine their Matrices at their maximum power to extinguish all shadow, but this had the secondary effect of unifying the seven universes into one. This universe would come under attack itself, this time by the Vokwho sought to restart reality to their liking.

Using the Black Legendisc to peer into the future, Primus saw the next universe as filled with death and cruelty and realized the origin of the Vok as the Specters thought fully defeated. While dismayed at the thought of defeating them again only for them to ascend even further, Primus was confronted by Primacron, who revealed that he had extracted Angolmois Energy from the Silver Matrix and had plans to become the master of the next universe.

Realizing that Primacron had created the next universe, Primus had a breakdown and concocted a plan to beat everybody to the punch and restart the universe himself for a glorious future. His ravings repelled away the commanders and marshals of the Primus Vanguard, who kept their Matrices with them. Lost, Primus came upon a realization—he could use warriors forged in the fires of the future universe as pawns for his plan to correct the future.

Finale Part 1 Using the Golden Agea group of golden-hued warriors and his own direct hand, Primus gathered the worn-out Silver Matrix from the next universe, Abominus comic 2 Halfshell 's Seaconsand Turtler 's Seacons. God Neptune comic 2. To defeat the Vok and gather the seven Star Powers, Primus collected Optimus Prime and Galvatron as he could interface with the Vok's energies from in the next universe.

Star Convoy comic Primus gave Optimus Prime the future Silver Matrix Super Megatron comic 1 Finale Part 1 After revealing their deaths that would take place soon in their native spacetime, Primus sent Optimus and Galvatron to deal with the Vok attack on the Blue Planet and disappeared from their presence.

Star Convoy comic. Primus made his reappearance after Galvatron upgraded himself into Ultra Megatron, and his battle with Star Convoy forced him and the Blue Order to intervene.

He filled in Star Convoy as to what the true nature of the universe they were in was—that its end would birth the next universe— Super Megatron comic 2 and warned the other orders of the Primus Vanguard to protect their respective Matrices after Ultra Megatron stole the Blue Matrix.

After the Blue Order was destroyed by Straxuses ' betrayal the two sought to destroy the Primus Vanguard and end Primus's ambitionsPrimus gathered the fallen blue warriors' sparks into his Golden Noahstating that they would be reborn in the next universe. The golden one explained that the Seacons were altered by Angolmois Energy brought here within Galvatron, prompting Primacron to show up and accuse the Oracle for using his creation and causing it to proliferate throughout the past universe.

The smaller alien demanded to know what he was planning, God Neptune comic 1 to which Primus answered that he was out to stop Primacron's plans of using Star Power to control the birth of the next universe and become a god.

To add to his convoluted machinations, Primus summoned the Primitive God Neptune comic 2 Dinobots from the of the next universe. Volcanicus comic 1. Aboard the titanic robot, Primus arrived to the confrontation between Megatron Omega and God Neptune, eventually revealing them all to be pawns in his grand scheme. After asking Star Convoy to join him and getting the expected rejection, Primus revealed his Silver Matrix, the one native to this time, and used it to absorb the necessary Star Power from God Neptune, Purple Convoy, and the older Silver Matrix.

With all seven lights under his control, Primus called for the universe to be recreated Finale Part 1 However, Primacron was quick to act and used Neo Primus to trap Primus in a vision of his fated beginning in the next universe. The former pet forced Primus to shed his golden shell, revealing the diminutive Oracle underneath.

Initially dejected by his future existence of being constantly used by others, the Oracle was encouraged to persist by his former subordinate Convoys and Primes.

With the Silver Matrix, Gold Megatron sought to become the new Primus and even created a doppelganger Primus Vanguard to fulfill this goal. Seeing the dire straits they were in, the Oracle ordered the Golden Age to transform Star Convoy into Gold Primus Convoy so that he could fight against his equally golden nemesis.

Thanks in part to Vector Sigma in the very far future commanding Lio Convoy to send the spark of the good Megatron of back to the Precursor World, Gold Megatron was eventually defeated and reverted to Galvatron. The Oracle brought them back to their native time, assisting Optimus Prime in defeating the resurrected Unicron with his positive Angolmois Energy.

Thanking Optimus for making him realize the importance of preserving history, the Oracle promised to always protect life from evil Angolmois Energy. The Oracle sent all of the future visitors to their proper times and erased 's Optimus Prime and Galvatron's memories of their experiences in the Precursor World.

However, the Oracle was captured by Straxus and kept in a stasis tank at DarkmountFinale Part 2 where he was spotted when Magna Convoy invaded the base for the Matrix Swordseemingly unaware of the trapped being's significance. Cybertron Magna Convoy prequel comic. However, the planet was later colonized by the Quintessons using a mechaforming rayand the Oracle was sealed into the supercomputer known as Vector Sigma.

Using both the key and the Matrix, the Quintessons, led by Itwere able to control the Oracle's life-imbuing energies. Through the Quintessons' machinations, the Oracle was able to experiment on the union of mechanical and organic life, which he considered necessary for universal peace. After his first creations, the Trans-Organicswere deemed a failure, he created an advanced computer that would carry out the mission in his Gobots - Various - Mega Techno 2 (CD).

This computer would end up controlling the transtector factory in G Nebula Eventually, the Quintessons would use Vector Sigma to create what could be considered Primus's true children: the Transformers. In the following millions of years, Primus became known in Transformer mythology for his prophecies such as through the Covenant of Primus and was worshipped.

Super Megatron comic 2. Inseeking to combat the Autobots ' rule of the roads, Megatron created the Stunticons and brought them to Cybertron with the intent of having Vector Sigma program them with true cybernetic personalities. Requiring Vector Sigma's activation key to bring the computer online, he stole it from Alpha Trion and successfully completed his plan. The Key to Vector Sigma, Part 1 In retaliation, Optimus Prime constructed his own new team, the Aerialbotsbut Megatron had already returned to Earth with the key still in his clutches, leaving the Autobots unable to reactivate Vector Sigma.

As a first-generation product of Vector Sigma, Alpha Trion shared the mega-computer's computation matrix, and sacrificed himself by merging his lifeforce with it. This action reactivated the computer long enough for Optimus Prime to instruct it to program the Aerialbots with life. The Key to Vector Sigma, Part 2. InGrimlock downloaded Vector Sigma's knowledge, in the process becoming a genius. It was with this knowledge that Grimlock was able to make the intelligent Technobots without Vector Sigma's direct intervention.

Volcanicus comic 2. Inone year after Optimus Prime drained the energies of the Matrix to cure the Hate Plaguethe loss of the Matrix's energy caused Vector Sigma to destabilize, threatening Cybertron with destruction.

The Decepticons—their forces bolstered with the recent addition of Headmaster warriors from the planet Master —sought to take advantage of the chaos that ensued, seeking to gain control of the unstable computer, thereby bringing Cybertron under their dominion again.

Four Warriors Come out of the Sky. Determined to save the planet at any cost, Optimus Prime fought his way through the tunnels leading to Vector Sigma's chamber, led by the ghost of Alpha Trion, while Hot Rod and a group of Autobot Headmasters began searching for the Matrix, which had been left on Earth to recharge itself using the planet's natural energy. The Mystery of Planet Master Although they were successful in their mission, and the Matrix was even recharged by Alpha Trion, they were not fast enough to re-stabilize Vector Sigma with it, forcing Optimus Prime to sacrifice his life again by merging with the computer and restoring it to normal.

Birth of the Fantastic Double Prime. Not long thereafter, Vector Sigma began a series of experiments to create a new super-alloy. Soundblaster and his cassettes were able to penetrate Vector Sigma's chamber and learn of the experiments, which in turn prompted Galvatron to launch an all-out attack on Cybertron to secure the new alloy, Cybertonuronfor himself. Cybertron Is in Grave Danger, Part 1 However, Galvatron's ally, Headmaster leader Scorponokwas not enthused at the idea of Galvatron acquiring such a powerful weapon, and determined to keep the metal out both his hands and those of the Autobots through means most drastic—the total destruction of Cybertron itself.

Powerful bombs were planted in Vector Sigma's chamber, and although the Autobots learned of the plot, they were unable to stop it, and Cybertron was reduced to a burnt-out husk.

Cybertron Is in Grave Danger, Part 2. Inthe Oracle directed Grimlock to forge Magma Blades from the Angolmois of the Gobots - Various - Mega Techno 2 (CD), knowing they would be necessary to defeat Neo Primus when the Dinobots were transported back in time to the Precursor World.

In the aftermath, the broken form of Vector Sigma was discovered by the Autobot Disaster Relief Team in the planet's wreckage. Still functioning, the supercomputer granted them new bodies and abilities to help rebuild the planet.

Ten years later, Vector Sigma had found a new chamber and aided Ratchet in resurrecting Optimus Prime. They were interrupted by the arrival of the vengeful Rollerwhich led to a battle between Sky Reign and Grand Galvatron. Sky Reign Chapter Vector Sigma succeeded in reviving Optimus Prime during the battle, but because of Prime's repeated deaths, the computer's best efforts were only able to grant him one week's worth of life.

Megatronia Chapter As Unicron attacked Cybertron, Vector Sigma restored the Disaster Relief Team's combiner joints so that they could join the other combiners in fighting him off. Ruination Chapter, Part Two. At some point, Vector Sigma was stolen by The Fallenwho wished to absorb its power to create new life into himself. The orb rejected The Fallen's efforts, transforming into a robot mode as the Gobots - Various - Mega Techno 2 (CD).

The Oracle lent its brilliant light to Overdrive and his Quantum Dialallowing the Omnibot to summon new defenders from outside space and time to protect Vector Sigma. Overdrive vanished, but six new warriors appeared in the skies to battle The Fallen. Train Wars. These warriors were not enough to stop the new combined form of The Fallen, however. Apparently too drained for further resistance, the Vector Sigma orb was claimed by The Fallen, who began to assimilate its properties.

Shouki used his partner Daniel Witwicky as an electrical bow to shoot Vector Sigma free of The Fallen, and Goshooter then kicked the spherical node right in The Fallen's stupid face.

Alpha Trion merged with the power of Vector Sigma to empower Shouki into a "train bazooka" mode that Goshooter used to deliver the ultimate attack against The Fallen, defeating him. Train Wars 2. Three hundred years after the end of the Great War between the Autobots and Decepticons, Vector Sigma had again changed form, this time taking up the "Oracle" moniker again.

It was rediscovered by Optimus Primal and his small band of Maximals while they were on the run from Megatronwho had conquered the entire planet. To protect Primal's Maximals from the effects of the transformation virus Megatron had used to conquer Cybertron, the Oracle reformatted them into new technorganic forms.

Resurrection of the Legend. Through the Oracle, Optimus Primal communed with the Allsparkthe extradimensional source of all Transformer life to which the computer was connected, and believed that it was the will of the Allspark that Cybertron be restored to its organic beginnings. The Machine's Innards In truth, Primal was incorrect—the Oracle actually desired a balance between the organic and the technological—but it would take the disastrous unleashing of the power buried within the computer to make him realize this.

When Megatron's treacherous general, Tankordiscovered that Vector Sigma and the Oracle were one and the same, he used the sparkless Diagnostic Drone to circumvent the Oracle's "receptive spark" requirement, tapping into the Oracle's "Vector Sigma core" and acquiring from it the code for the mega-computer's legendary key. The Silence of Iron When Optimus next attempted to contact the Oracle, he found himself unable to do so, due to Tankor's tampering.

The Water of Life. Tankor proceeded to arm his Tank Drones with the power of the Key to Vector Sigma, intending to use it to scour Cybertron of all traces of organic matter, but soon discovered that Megatron had taken control of the drones away from him.

In order to trick Megatron into unleashing the key, Tankor had the Diagnostic Drone tap the Oracle once more and send Optimus Prime a false vision, guiding him to the Plasma Energy Chamber. Tankor gambled that Primal would never unleash the Chamber's descructive energy, but that the threat of it in his control would goad Megatron into activating the key.

Tankor gambled wrong; after Megatron triggered the key, Optimus retaliated by unleashing the power of the chamber, and two energies violently cancelled each other out. The Moment of Truth Primal was killed by the energy backlash and travelled to the Allspark, but chose not to join it, now understanding what the Oracle truly desired. Primal returned to reality via the Oracle, and the computer vanished. The Cost of Victory Though, it was anomalously visible again a few times.

It would be some time before Primal realized it, but the Oracle had, in fact, transplanted itself into Primal's body. Megatron was first to realize this and targeted Primal, tricking him with a hologram of Optimus Prime and downloading a portion of the Oracle for himself.

The Illusion's Guidance Using the power of the Oracle, Megatron attempted to merge all the sparks he had stolen from Cybertron's population with his own, but Primal's Maximals halted his scheme. Eternal Friendship. Optimus sought to consult with the Oracle one last time before his final showdown against Megatron's forces. The Oracle informed Primal that he already held the wisdom and strength of conviction to triumph and see Cybertron through to its destiny.

It then relayed the strength of the sparks contained within the Matrix to give the Maximals new powers, to aid them in the upcoming confrontation. Hope's End As it would soon turn out, the Oracle had actually orchestrated this entire scenario, so that Optimus Primal and Megatron would both control a portion of its power: with its power split thusly, neither one would be able to obtain their goal without the other. It was Optimus Primal who ultimately claimed victory, driving Megatron into Cybertron's organic core and sacrificing both of them as he activated the Oracle and triggered a planet-wide reformatting of Cybertron into a technorganic paradise.

The Course of the Future. The change to his planet also caused Vector Sigma to be reborn in a new physical form. In honor of Optimus Primalthe supercomputer created the "Convoy Type" Transformers to act as guardians for itself. Throughout the tens of thousands of years following the Great Transformation, Vector Sigma was recognized as the god of the Transformers and the ultimate authority over the planet of Cybertron. Day-to-day governance was delegated to the Convoy Council while Vector Sigma lay within a mighty structure called the Tower of Light.

One day, Vector Sigma got wind of a group searching for Unicron's energy ; it expected his resurrection and converted Cybertron back to being entirely mechanical to prepare for the upcoming war. Finale Part 2. Part of its further efforts was reining in the loner Big Convoy and forcing him to take on the task of training a team of Maximal recruits. End of the Maximals!? Through Big Convoy's Energon Matrix, Vector Sigma would often speak and dispense wisdom to them related to their latest adventure, Big Convoy, Move Out including relying on your own strength before giving in to fate and Gobots - Various - Mega Techno 2 (CD) gods, Chase the Mysterious Capsule reassuring Break that he was right in valuing his teammates over an Angolmois CapsuleBurning Heart Below Freezing telling them that trust is key to a team, Mirage of the Sand one should care for teammates over the mission, Duel in the Labyrinth learning about cooperation is still a success even if the mission wasn't, The Black Hole Crisis battle requires improvisation, Sub-Commander Longrack exceeding one's limit can result in miracles, Waa!

They Got Eaten gathering information is important before setting out, Planet of Time thanking your crew for a job well done is important, Lonely Hydra one shouldn't judge a situation based on appearances, Break Is a Predacon? Mysterious Beast Warriors!? The influence of Vector Sigma was unknown to the Maximals, with the exception of Heinrad. Ship's Log. After the Blentrons resurrected Unicron in an energy body, Vector Sigma again spoke through Big Convoy to express its uncertainty about what Unicron was planning and how, during the Great War, Unicron's energy was removed from his body, which was sealed within the Triple Z Point.

Assuming that Unicron sought to reunite with his body, Vector Sigma ordered the Maximals to travel there before that could happen. However, when the Maximals found the body to be in ruins, Big Convoy realized Unicron's true goal: To possess Cybertron through Vector Sigma and supplant it as the god of the Transformers! Finally confirming its influence through Big Convoy, Vector Sigma offered Unicron the choice of being reborn as a Transformer if he gave up his Angolmois Energy and his ambitions.

To little surprise, Unicron rejected the offer, and the Grand Fleet was sicced on him. However, it was of little use against the destructive power of Unicron, and the villain broke into Vector Sigma's chamber and took control of his eternal nemesis. Thanks to the intervention of Magmatronthough, Unicron was expelled from Vector Sigma and his threat ended by the Maximals. The Final Battle Vector Sigma's repair program healed the computer, and it kicked off the graduation ceremony for Big Convoy's cadets.

As thanks for their victory, Vector Sigma offered to promote Lio Convoy and Big Convoy to Great Convoys; the former readily accepted, but the latter preferred to remain a lone wanderer, travelling space. Graduation Ceremony!! Final Battle! Bonus Edition EX Scourge.

Vector Sigma created Neo Brave Maximus to act as the Dimensional Patrol 's headquarters, allowing the original Brave Maximus to be returned to Earth in the early 21st century. Primus, considered to be the very first Transformer, created the Matrix of Leadership and personally gave it to Optimus Prime.

I Am Optimus Prime. Most Cybertronian religions held that Primus—"The Celestial Architect" and "The Mechanica Divine" Metastasis —was a mighty warrior-god who emerged from the planet Cybertron in the planet's earliest days; You, Me, and Other Revelations a reaction to the creation of his " opposite ". Some sects believed that Primus had dueled and vanquished this villainous being in the days before the creation of the universe, and subsequently became Cybertron.

Crisis Intervention. The most important myth that surrounded Primus was that of the " Guiding Hand ", the benevolent pantheon of gods that Primus had supposedly brought forth from his own essence. Old-school religions referred his primordial state as the "clenched fist", Anomie and from this form Primus split his body into five new entities—Primus the life-giver, Mortilus the death-bringer, Epistemusthe embodiment of knowledge, Solomusthe embodiment of wisdom, and Adaptusmaster of change.

Supposedly, Primus believed that every Cybertronian had an obligation to do their part in society, and blessed each one with a second form to suit their surroundings. Ultimately, the alliance was undone by the " God War ", turning the members of the Guiding Hand against one another in a cataclysmic conflict against the villainous Mortilus.

Legend states that each member of the Guiding Hand was tricked and trapped, changing them into mundane items, and Primus himself became Vector Sigmabringer of life to a new generation of Cybertronians. The truth behind these fantastic tales, however, was far more mundane. Rather than a supernatural warrior, Primus was but a simple robot, distinguished only by his unique serial number that marked Gobots - Various - Mega Techno 2 (CD) as the first of his kind.

Primus's abilities were what allowed him to reproduce—his body was capable of manufacturing the photonic crystals that allowed more Transformers to come into being, creating the Guiding Hand and eventually igniting the hot spots that brought the first generation of Cybertronians to life.

Ultimately, this utopian era would come to an end when the ambitious Adaptus triggered the events leading up to the God War. Events culminated in Adaptus unleashing a devastating electromagnetic pulse across the planet, giving rise to the neurological condition known as " information creep ". Primus attempted to absorb as much of the blast as he could, but the sheer power of the pulse permanently garbled his memories, leaving him with no clue of his name or the role he had played in history.

Forevermore, the 'bot who had been Primus would become "compulsively forgettable", and although emerging religious sects would subsequently distort what had truly happened into fanciful tales of warring deities, they were never aware that the Transformer they worshipped still walked among them, having adopted a humbler new name: Rung. The Unremembering. While investigating the killing of a delegation from the Twin Star Continuum, Apelinq had a vision of the word " Hunter " on a wall and pointed it out.

Devcon did not believe him and scoffed that if Apelinq squinted hard, then he could see the face of Primus. Apelinq also thought, "Primus help us. Apelinq's personal logs. Primus was one of many living, transforming planets spawned from the first of such worlds, Daiakuron.

Earth: R. When Cybertron fell to war, the battles left Primus starved of energy. As the war wound down, Megatron managed to acquire the Matrix of Leadership and bonded it to his spark. The talisman led him to Primus's face where the tyrant erected a temple that subjected the weakened deity to Megatron's will, causing Primus to begin reformatting Cybertron into Megatron's likeness.

Expelled from the Garden. When G. Joe member Bazooka ate some technorganic plant on Cybertron, sprouted from the humans ' efforts to terraform the planet, he was taken on a psychedelic trip, in which he beheld visions of Primus. Form Follows Function His visions pushed him to draw out a map to the chamber of Primus, hidden deep within Cybertron.

Traveling into Primus's head, the Autobots and Joes met the Keeperwho revealed to them the planet's origins. As Megatron used his control of the Matrix to steer Cybertron towards the sunPrimus awakened and transformed into robot mode in order to feed upon the star. Supporting characters. Character lists. Technology and physiology. Toy lines. Comic series. Comics characters UK comics Minor Transformers comics.

Animated series. Main Group. Cyber Missions. Animated films. Live-action films characters. Audio releases. Video games.

BotCon Transformers: The Ride. Categories Decepticons Lists of fictional characters by organization Lists of characters in Transformers. Universal Conquest Wiki. Japanese exclusive. Register Don't have an account? List of Decepticons. History Talk 0. Template:Merge from Decepticon Insignia This is a list of known Decepticons from the Transformers fictional universe and toyline. See also: List of Autobots Cyberjets. Triumph Books. ISBN Transformers: Identification and Price Guide.

Krause Publications. Supporting characters. Character lists. Technology and physiology. Toy lines. Comic series. Comics characters UK comics Minor Transformers comics. Animated series. Main Group.

Why? (Monster Club Mix) - D:Mob* Feat. Cathy Dennis - Why? (Vinyl), Aint Necessarily So - Hugh Laurie - You Dont Know My Mind (CD), Saved (Original Mix) - Mr Roy* - Saved (Vinyl), Soukouss Stars - Various - Afrique En Or 3 (CD), Dark Angel (3) - Time Does Not Heal (CD, Album), Isis (Cressida Remix), Vărsătorul - Sarmalele Reci - Țara Te Vrea Prost (Cassette, Album), Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart - Yuuko Shiokawa, András Schiff - Sonaten Und Variationen Für Klavier Und Vi, I Believe In You - Simonna* - Simonna (CDr, Album), Julie Wright - Its All Right With Me (Vinyl)

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  2. Template:Merge from This is a list of known Decepticons from the Transformers fictional universe and toyline. Megatron — Walther P Pistol Galvatron — Laser Cannon / Futuristic Handgun (In most continuities, Megatron is reformatted into Galvatron.)Military Operation Commander Shockwave — Cybertronian Space Gun Governor of Polyhex Lord Straxus — Mobile Cannon (Later referred to as.

  3. Sep 19,  · Foundation #2 Primus was known as the first Cybertronian and, after the Dynasty of Primes was ended due to The Fallen's treachery, left behind his only legacy in Sentinel and, revealed much later, Optimus. Foundation #1. Animated continuity family. There are no Primuses in the Malgus Cluster itself. Ask Vector Prime, /05/ GoBots.

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  5. Template:Merge from This is a list of known Decepticons from the Transformers fictional universe and toyline. Megatron — Walther P Pistol Galvatron — Laser Cannon / Futuristic Handgun (In most continuities, Megatron is reformatted into Galvatron.)Military Operation Commander Shockwave — Cybertronian Space Gun Governor of Polyhex Lord Straxus — Mobile Cannon .

  6. Sep 19,  · Primus is the creator-god of the ancient and ethereal being whose origins date back to the beginnings of the universe itself, Primus is a multiversal force for good, his life force existing across multiple realities and infinite alternate universes.

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  8. Template:Merge from This is a list of known Decepticons from the Transformers fictional universe and toyline. Megatron — Walther P Pistol Galvatron — Laser Cannon / Futuristic Handgun (In most continuities, Megatron is reformatted into Galvatron.)Military Operation Commander Shockwave — Cybertronian Space Gun Governor of Polyhex Lord Straxus — Mobile Cannon (Later referred to as.

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