Steve is seen leaving his mother 's house in the sparkling white garments of a respected religious leader. Searching the town for SteveWeescoosa spots her ill fated lover leaving his mother 's house. As he purposefully strides toward her, a smile on his face, the priestess is convinced that this One More Try - Chanée & Nevergreen* - In A Moment Like This (CD true love will indeed conquer all; but, as they near each other, Steve ignores her outstretched arms, walking past as if she was invisible.

Standing a few feet behind Weescoosa are Arf and Omegaand after a brief greeting, the religious leader offers to escort them into the banquet hall. Dejected and rejected once again, Weescoosa hangs her head and walks away. Arf and Omega are being honored at a banquet for having saved the town. The twins are welcomed by the good natured mayor who then introduces the pompous religious leader, Steve.

As Steve delivers his standard pretentious and self serving speech, Arf and Omega begin to mock the town's leader, then pummel the midget with giant pieces of broccoli. The previously condescending Steve, now covered with broccoli sauce stains, loses his composure and quickly leaves; the humiliating attack by Arf and Omega has triggered his transformation back to Lonesome Jack.

Shortly after, Weeniedisguised as a waiter, shows Arf and Omega the matchbook given to him by Lonesome Jack. The matches are from Willie's Hot Spotthe local night club; claiming an aversion to broccoli, the only item on the menu, the twins hurriedly excuse themselves and leave. Despondent and depressed, the defeated Bellboys have virtually given up hope when Lonesome Jack suddenly appears in the cave singing the inspirational Evergreen theme song.

Joining in with their inspirational leader, the rebels' lift their voices in song - elevating their hopes once again. Despondent over her continuing romantic failures, Weescoosa is seen walking on the bridge leading out to the desert. Originally planned as an animation, Lonesome Jack reveals his Master Plan to the Bellboys in this unshot sequence.

The plan is a variation on the Trojan Horse, in which all the rebels disguise themselves as pieces of meat. Since the insurgents have successfully blockaded the town for several months, the villagers have had nothing to eat except broccoli which is of course grown in local greenhouses. Consequently, the meat starved townspeople are desperate - the plan can't possibly fail. As the camera pulls back from the screen where Lonesome Jack has just revealed his Master Plan, the Bellboys are happily working away on their meat costumes.

Lonesome Jack tells Weenie that he has to go out to the desert to meditate. Weescoosa is seen at the edge of the desert. While still upset over her continuing romantic failures, the Indian priestess is determined that it will not happen again. Senada performs " Eloise ". In a brief musical number, the Mysterious N.

Senada is seen performing Eloise in the night club. Lonesome Jack and Weescoosa meet in the desert. At first, the Indian is cold and distant, but the rebel leader is both romantic and needy, a dangerous combination. He sees her as a sign from Evergreen. Easily impressed by feminine pulchritude, the twins are ecstatic as they are led to a table by the stage.

Lonesome Jack and Weescoosa continue their love scene. Initially, the Indian priestess still attempts to resist, but the outcome is unavoidable, and gradually she succumbs. With their meat costumes now complete, The Bellboys are ready to carry out their latest assault on the unsuspecting townspeople.

Weenie sends Mel to find Lonesome Jack in the desert. Peggy Honeydew joins Arf and Omega at their table. With little effort, the beautiful singer soon has the bickering brothers at each other's throat. Lonesome Jack 's Master Plan is apparently working.

Oblivious to everything else, Lonesome Jack and Weescoosa are consumed with the passionate throes of true love, until they are abruptly interrupted by Mel. Without hesitation, the stoic Bellboy informs his leader that preparations for the Master Plan are now complete, and the rest of the rebels are waiting on word from him.

Completely conflicted between true love and duty, the overwrought rebel leader is suddenly helpless, and incapable of making a decision. Turning, as if to run away, he bumps Weescoosa, who then falls, hitting her head and knocking herself unconscious. Mumbling that he has no choice but to seek advice from the mysterious Window of NeverLonesome Jack suddenly disappears. Confused, Mel returns to the cave to inform Weenie. As the tension between them escalates, Arf and Omega continue to antagonize each other.

Pleased to be the center of attention between two big, strong men, Peggy convinces them to have a contest to determine which one can hold his breath the longest. Distraught and confused, Mel returns to the cave, telling Weenie that Lonesome Jack has inexplicably run away to the Window of Never.

The rebel leader's right hand man instantly realizes that their only hope for salvation lies with one person - Lonesome Jack's mother. Encouraged by the smug Peggy HoneydewArf and Omega continue to provoke each other. As the tension in the night club continues to grow, it soon becomes obvious that the brother's confrontation will not result in a happy conclusion. As the scene ends, Williethe owner of the night club Hardy Foxpresents the twins with a pair of knives - with blindfolds in place, the brothers prepare for a duel to the death.

Weeniedisguised as a frankfurter, hurries into the mother 's house, breathlessly informing the older woman that her son has gone to the Window of Never. Without hesitation, and with a mother's love burning in her heart, Lonesome Jack 's mother quickly dons her asbestos suit and hurries off to save her son. The knife fight. After a brief incantation, overseen by a mysterious cape dancer Homer Flynn symbolizing nothing less than death itself, Arf and Omega begin to battle it out on the floor of the night club.

Fueled by a fury that only exists in siblings doggedly confronting each other, day after edgy day, the fight escalates with a fever pitch, finally concluding as Arf slips, giving Omega the opening he needs to stab his brother in the heart. This shocking moment of sudden death is then immediately followed by a voice, declaring that Stevethe leader of the town, is at the Window of Never ; startled by this unexpected announcement, the crowd vanishes, leaving Omega standing in the center of the dance floor with his dead brother.

With the night club suddenly silent, the anguished twin slowly drags his brother's body towards the door, leaving no one in the room except a ventriloquist and his dummy, dancing together on stage. As Arf and Omega pathetically exit the room, the ventriloquist and dummy deliver the story's moral, in the One More Try - Chanée & Nevergreen* - In A Moment Like This (CD of an absurd poem, with Williethe night club's owner, slithering up to utter the final punch line.

Mumbling incoherently, the lost leader looks up at the Window, which gazes back at him with seeming indifference. Hearing a noise behind him, the pathetic schizophrenic looks back and sees everyone, his motherthe Bellboystownspeople, night club patrons and Weescoosa - all hurtling towards him at full speed Without hesitation, and borne by the love that's One More Try - Chanée & Nevergreen* - In A Moment Like This (CD no other, his mother immediately follows him, jumping into the volcano and heroically managing to rescue her son with only minor brain damage, which, fortunately, cures his schizophrenia.

Sally Lewis as Weescoosathe Indian Princess. Margaret Smyk as the fabulous Miss Peggy Honeydew. Prior to the early 21st century, no music had been confirmed by The Residents as originating from the original Vileness Fats sessions, aside from the song " Aircraft Damage ", which featured on the Santa Dog EP in The album Not Available was compiled partly from disused sketches composed by the group for the soundtrack to the film, however which pieces of music these were remains largely unconfirmed by the group.

Both released versions of the film feature newly-recorded soundtracks available commercially on the albums Whatever Happened To Vileness Fats? A short outtake of Peggy Honeydew performing " Fever " was briefly released on the group's website at one time, and has since circulated among fans.

A clip of N. Senada performing " Kamikaze Lady " on the nightclub set and a longer excerpt from "Lonely At The Top" have also circulated. The Residents poured most of their time, energy and funds into Vileness Fats for the four years that it was in production. Elements of the film would find their way into other projects; " Aircraft Damage " or "Kick A Album) from the group's EP Santa Dog is taken directly from the film's soundtrack, Margaret Smyk joined The Residents as the character Peggy Honeydew for their live performances between andand the Third Reich 'n Roll promotional video was shot using Vileness Fats sets and props.

Not content to let even their failed projects go to waste, The Residents and their management company The Cryptic Corporationfounded in June incorporated Vileness Fats into their mythology and continued to tease the outside world with stills from the mysterious film for years after its abandonment.

Oh Daddy! The later albums Fingerprince and Not Available were derived at least partly from material One More Try - Chanée & Nevergreen* - In A Moment Like This (CD group had recorded which had been intended as the soundtrack to the unfinished film. The Cryptic Corporation attempted another entrance into the film industry inafter purchasing a run-down movie theater with the intention of turning it into an independent science-fiction and fantasy theater.

The proposal was aggressively protested by members of the neighborhood, who mistakenly believed that the Cryptics would use the space as a gay pornography theater, and the concept ultimately did not go ahead. Whatever Happened To Vileness Fats? This process allowed them to create a 30 minute feature from selected elements of footage from Vileness Fatswhich they accompanied with a newly-recorded soundtrack and released on VHS intitled Whatever Happened to Vileness Fats?

It also spends a lot of time on Steve and his motherbut touches only briefly on the Bell BoysLonesome Jackand Weescoosa. As the original soundtrack deemed by the group to be of too low a quality for release has been largely overdubbed by The Residents with the new score, Whatever Happened To Vileness Fats? In JulyThe Residents announced that they were attempting to recover the Vileness Fats footage from the original video tape reels for use in an upcoming DVD release.

This version focuses primarily on Steve and touches only briefly on the Atomic Shopping Cart battle, but also features the Bell Boys and Lonesome Jack more prominently than the previous, longer version. Like the earlier release, however, the Icky Flix edit includes very little audible dialogue from the original video. Newly digitized outtakes and previously unseen footage from Vileness Fats was included in Don Hardy 's documentary Theory of Obscurity: A Film About The Residentswith additional footage being included in the bonus features of the DVD and Blu-ray releases of the film.

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Item specifics Condition: Very Good: An item that has been used, but is in very good condition. No damage to the jewel case or item cover, no scuffs, scratches, cracks, or holes. The cover art and liner notes are included. The video game instructions and box are included. The teeth of the disk holder in the DVD box is undamaged. Minimal wear on the exterior of item. No fuzzy or snowy frames on VHS tape, when played. See all condition definitions — opens in a new window or tab Read more about the condition.

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  1. Watch the video for One More Try from Chanée & N'evergreen's In A Moment Like This for free, and see the artwork, lyrics and similar artists.

  2. Tracklist. Hide Credits. 1. In A Moment Like This. Arranged By, Producer – Erik Bernholm. Backing Vocals – Henrik Sethsson, Jaana Vähämäki, Tomas N'evergreen. Bass – Stefan Brunzell. Mixed By – Peter Juhl Kristensen *. Written-By – Erik Bernholm, Henrik Sethsson, Thomas G:son.

  3. Regardez gratuitement la vidéo de One More Try par Chanée & N'evergreen sur l'album In A Moment Like This, et découvrez la jaquette, les paroles et des artistes similaires.

  4. Feb 08,  · Reproduce gratis el video One More Try de In A Moment Like This de Chanée & N'evergreen, y mira las ilustraciones, letras y artista similares.

  5. Schau das Video für One More Try von Chanée & N'evergreen's In A Moment Like This kostenlos und sieh dir Coverbilder, Songtexte und ähnliche Künstler an.

  6. In a Moment Like This: 2: See You the Same Time Tomorrow: 3: Everytime I Look Into Your Eyes: 4: Head Over Heels: 5: All You'll Ever Need: 6: Here Comes the Rain: 7: You're Not in Love: Additional Track Information In a Moment Like This songs: 8: One More Try: 9: Give Me Back My Heart: How Can I Make You Love Me: Pick Up the.

  7. Посмотри бесплатно видеоклип One More Try в исполнении Chanée & N'evergreen с альбома In A Moment Like This. Ты также можешь посмотреть дизайн обложек, найти текст песни и познакомиться с похожими исполнителями.

  8. , sehr gut erhalten / very good condition In a moment like this See you the same time tomorrow Everytime I look into your eyes Head over heels All.

  9. , sehr gut erhalten / very good condition. Life goes on. All you'll ever need. You're not in love.

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