For her part, Tomoko continues to have little regard for Uchi since she cannot recall a meaningful conversation or why Uchi would consider her a friend. Uchi's friends have noticed Uchi's behavior over the past two years and come to conclude that the person Uchi claimed to be "a little interested in" in Chapter is "a girl": Tomoko.

Her friends slowly suspect that she has a crush on this girl, and they think Tomoko insulted Uchi to give her an excuse to break away from her and return to them. They also seem supportive of, or at least not shocked by, the idea of Uchi having a crush on a girl.

Uchi, however, does not understand this; she does not want Tsukiookami - Cocobat - Tsukiookami (Vinyl) friends to know the truth of her crush, and she denigrates Tomoko to them as she has consistently denigrated such relationships in her mind: "disgusting! When Uchi learns that Tomoko has been suspended for a week for riding on a motorbike, she runs to the outside of the Student Counseling Room and screams "Kuroki.

Uchi finally summons the courage, with the encouragement of her friends, to meet Tomoko as she leaves school at the end of her suspension. Tomoko either does not recall Uchi's insult or politely pretends it does not matter. It appears that Uchi's conception of "disgusting" has developed into an odd contradiction that she refuses to recognize and expects others to share.

In the beginning, people she did not understand or like, like Tomoko, Yuri, and Yoshida, are "disgusting. She seems to fantasize that Tomoko flirts with any girl who happens to talk to her. Further, she believed, for a brief time, that Tomoko confessed a love for her that meant their "hearts are one. This contradictory view of "disgusting" allows Uchi to stumble towards exploring her sexuality without having to admit it.

She seems to assume that others would understand trying to hide bisexuality or lesbianism. When she panics when she realizes her friends may understand she has a crush on a girl she also seems surprised that Tomoko is offended.

While she does not call or refer to Tomoko as a lesbian directly, she seems to expect others to share that view of Tomoko. In a way, her confusing apology proves her most honest statement thus far: while she still views a bisexual or lesbian Tomoko to be "disgusting," Uchi admits that she also makes her feel "good. Things change again with the Summer Study Camp Arc.

When Uchi learns that Tomoko will attend a camp, she quickly, and sweatily, recalls her night in the hotel with Tomoko and, with the expectation to repeat that "disgustingness," immediately Tsukiookami - Cocobat - Tsukiookami (Vinyl) to attend. In one of the first depictions of her fantasies, at the camp she imagines sharing an onsen with Tomoko where she can bathe in and literally drink Tomoko's "disgusting!

Tomoko cannot hide her recently dyed "hair down there. Then comes the Volume 18 Omake. She sees her in the bath, sneaks up behind her, then grabs her breasts as she presses her body into her back. In her first appearanceshe walks over to Tomoko in the auditorium to thank her for helping with the set up Tsukiookami - Cocobat - Tsukiookami (Vinyl) the cultural festival. Megumi does a number of kind acts for Tomoko, including making sure Yoshida is not bullying Tomoko in Chapter 98 then she politely scolds Tomoko for her groping Yoshida.

Perhaps her most significant action occurs at the end of the cultural festival. Unknown to Tomoko, she approaches her in a mascot costume, gives her a balloon, and hugs her. On her day of graduationMegume introduces herself to Tomoko and asks to hug her again one more time, which reveals that she was the costumed mascot who Tsukiookami - Cocobat - Tsukiookami (Vinyl) Tomoko the balloon and hugged her at the cultural festival.

In a moment of maturity, Tomoko deeply regrets wasting the chance to get to really know her before she graduated. Megumi thinks to herself, "I will wait, of course, Tomoko-chan. Futaki begins as a background character notable for having an "emoji" face. Tomoko has little notice or regard for her until Chapter where she notices Futaki furiously playing a dancing game at an arcade. Tomoko is also shocked at how her face finally changes when she eats focaccia.

As Tomoko's enthusiastic homeroom teacher, Ogino aggressively tries to get Tomoko to make friends within her class, much to Tomoko's annoyance. After finding a picture of a penis on Tomoko's phone in class, she does become incensed, but she does not mention the incident to Tomoko again. She seems sincere in her desire to help her students.

She stays after school to play tennis with Tomoko and encourage her, despite Tomoko's continued irritation. She continues to try to help Tomoko make friends during the field trip chapters, and she tells Mrs. Kuroki that Tomoko is diligent and takes school seriously as she slyly winks to Tomoko during their parent-teacher conference.

Instead, while still half-asleep she accidentally walks in on Tomoko using the toilet during the night. While she apologizes, she becomes disturbed the next day trying to recall something she saw.

This obsession ruins her study which leads her to dropping a level at the camp. Iguchi is an underclasswoman with a crush on Tomoko's brother. Initially, she thought Tomoko was Tomoki's girlfriend and Kotomi was Tomoki's sister. Tomoko is aware of her interest, and she occasionally uses it to torment Kotomi. WataMote Wiki Explore.

Kuroki Hina Nemoto Ogino. Manga Volumes Anime Adaption. Media Manga Volumes Anime Adaption. Explore Wikis Community Central. Register Don't have an account? Tomoko Kuroki. History Talk 0. Tomoki Kuroki Tomoki Kuroki is her younger brother and their relationship for much of the manga and anime is strained.

Kuroki Tomoko's mother starts as one of the few people she is able to talk to. Kuroki Only seen briefly in the anime and in the manga as well, not much is known about him. Kiko Satozaki Kiko, also known as Kii, is Tomoko's younger cousin by three years. Kii regains some of her respect for Tomoko during Tomoko's third year in high school. In Chapters -Kii gives a surprise visit to Tomoko in order to visit Tomoko's high school. She learns that Tomoko has a number of friends, while Tomoko explains that she has set aside some of her more childish activities.

Yuri Tamura Yuri by default, becomes one of Tomoko's closest friends in high school. Mako Tanaka Mako and Tomoko are casual friends that are really only together because of Yuri, who acts as a buffer between the two. Masaki Yoshida Yoshida and Tomoko have an odd friendship that they themselves are not aware of. Hina Nemoto Nemoto became a classmate of Tomoko in her first year.

Shizuku Hirasawa Shizuku is the middle school student who becomes overwhelmed with stress during Tomoko's high school entrance exam. Asuka asks to rest her head on Tomoko's lap until the bleeding ceases. Tomoko begins to stroke her hair, which Asuka appreciates. Tomoko being Tomoko finds the erotic aspect to the scene.

For her part, Asuka suggests that Tomoko is like a "Big Sister," where she has always been the "Little Sister" of her family. That being the case, she asks Tomoko to "spoil" her by calling her "Asuka. When she Tsukiookami - Cocobat - Tsukiookami (Vinyl) "Big Sister," Tomoko replies that it may seem like "kinky play. Kotomi Komiyama Kotomi is an old classmate from middle school whom Tomoko barely remembered until after they reunited in high school. Ogino As Tomoko's enthusiastic homeroom teacher, Ogino aggressively tries to get Tomoko to make friends within her class, much to Tomoko's annoyance.

Sent by ChiKenMocaor Yori. Interact with the pomegranate while in the Great Tree at the Jugafuchi Forest. Requires the 4 runes to be in the inventory to be obtainable. Randomly given out by Jovianto be given to Solstice in Solstice's House.

Exchange with Crush using a Coconut. The follwing items are only avaliable while in the Deep Forest, and will be removed otherwise. You are drawn to the ribboned patterns of light on it's surface but it is so hot that you cannot hold it for long. While Tsuki is praying in the Temple at the Jugafuchi Forest as a random activity, interact with the blue flame.

It's slippery, the grooves swerve against your skin and merely holding it puts your soul at ease. Can be obtained as a random drop while fishing in Lamia's Pond. When word reached Amaterasu, she was horrified and labeled her husband an evil kamiunworthy of returning to the Heavens.

This separation of Tsukuyomi and Amaterasu was the origin of day and night. For all eternity, Tsukuyomi will continue to pursue Amaterasu across the night sky without ever reaching her; even during an eclipse, the sun will run from the moon.

As a rare moon god in a world filled with moon goddesses, Tsukuyomi is relatively unique. In Narutowhere Tsukuyomi is a powerful technique used by wielders of the Sharingan, as opposed to the Amaterasu technique.

As the title of an anime, Tsukuyomi: Moon Phase. Though the show is named for Tsukuyomi, in actuality it has nothing to do with him. English name. Kanji name. Romaji name. Voice Actors. Universal Conquest Wiki. Boruto Episode Masanori Takeda. Yees Tsuki-Ookami. Waiting Tsuki-Ookami.

Tonks Gets Angry Fred and George Tsuki-Ookami. Flying Gryf Tsuki-Ookami. Mirror Tsuki-Ookami. Music ID Tsuki-Ookami. Wolf Tsuki-Ookami. Baby Dragon Tsuki-Ookami. Inner Demon Tsuki-Ookami. Featured Gallery See all. Kikyou desktop Tsuki-Ookami.

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