Malaysia, being a multiracial country comes from a much diverse musical LP) hence Malaysian music may offer an edgy marketability and versatility — for every ethnic group performs their own traditional music as well as sharing variousgenres of music.

In spite of the many foreign imports of music in the Malaysian market, the local music industry is also a potpourri of Asian musical talents, recognising noteworthy artistes from Hong Kong, China, Singapore, Thailand, Philippines and Indonesia.

It is the high-tolerance and openness of Malaysian consumers that encourage independent music makers in the country to step out of their shells by experimenting music with information technologies.

Through simple networking platforms such as YouTube, Twitters and MySpace, we have young bold attempts by Malaysian musicians reaching out to a bigger audience globally. The following examples of Malaysian artistes receiving recognition are just the tip of the iceberg of evidence that shows the expanding level of Malaysian music industry in this globalised community.

Siti Nurhaliza happens to also be holders of two records in the Malaysia Book of Records. Born into a musically inclined family, Siti initiated her musical career singing traditional songs at the tender age of She then started performing at wedding ceremonies and dinner parties where she slowly gained popularity in her hometown of Temerloh, Pahang. Media, The queen of Chinese ballads — Fish Leonghas participated actively in the development of Chinese pop culture locally.

Her songs have won quite a number of awards in many music charts in Malaysia and abroad. Fish started her career in Taiwan after being discovered by a veteran Taiwanese singer-songwriter- Mr. Lee Zhong Sheng. Since then, she has produced eight solo albums and in total her albums sold over 1, copies all around Asia.

Some of her notable achievements in recent years includewinning the best female vocalist award in Singapore Hits Awards as well as the Malaysia Most Popular Singer award in Singapore Hits Awards and Pro, The mega Malaysian band — the Azenders,drew a lot of attention as it was formed bymembers from fouralready well-accomplished punk-rock groups: Bunkface, One Buck Short, Dichi Michi and Plague of Happiness.

Last year, the Azenders made quite a commotion in the local and regional music scene when they won the Battle of The Bands organised by Hard Rock Cafe in Malaysia, where being the regional winner meant that they stood a chance of playing alongside Bon Jovi. Unfortunately, the Azenders may have won the competition in Malaysia, they did not make it to LP) next level.

He had proven to be a LP) musician for he has since composed a number of songs for local artists as well as from abroad, and even directed a movie in Malaysia. Besides, owing to his popularity, Ah Niu has been invited to be the special guest for many concerts for artists around Hong Kong, China and Taiwan.

Sensex, Mizz Nina — also known as the hip-hop electro-groove-pop princess, her musical career took off with theTeh Tarik Crew, whom she foundedin Her debut solo album, What YouWaiting For released in was collaboration with local and international artists.

The infectious hit topped the local charts and the digital download charts in Malaysia. Media, Another Malaysian talented singer would be none other than Shila Amzah. With her continuous success and 12 album releases since her breakthrough via Taiwanese platforms, Fish Leong shines in the Mandarin sphere.

Her easygoing and gentle tones have won the hearts of fans of lounge music; you can often hear her music in cafes all over Asia. His music carries a charismatic persona, and combined with his passion for voicing social issues, have made international headlines in the hip hop industry. Aside from a booming music career, Joe is also a skilled entrepreneur — owning a barbershop, restaurant and his own record label encouraging new music and young artists in Malaysia.

A complete list of great Malaysian musicians and music cannot be complete without mentioning P. Although he has long since passed on, his works are nothing short of legendary in Malaysian, Malay and Southeast Asian history of the early 40s.

A writer, director, actor, composer, singer and musician; there has not been another Malaysian from any walk of life that has come close to being as talented as him. His passion for music has graced Southeast Asia with many beautiful renditions of folklore and original scores, and his distinct love for romance, comedy and drama have been posthumously declared to be absolute genius. Heading up the long lasting love of rock and roll, Bunkface has been the trademark for Malay youth who profess to be pop punks.

Their music has encapsulated the hot blooded drive sinceand they have succeeded in building a strong local presence all over Malaysia.

With a first all-English album released inthey look forward to gaining even more pop rock fans all over Asia. Often dubbed as the Malaysian Norah Jones during her early breakthrough, Zee Avi has had sweet success with her guitar and ukulele strumming.

It played with a violindrumsguitarbasssynthesizerbutton accordion and a gong instrument. Another style, Dondang Sayang is slow and intense; it mixes influences from China, India, Arabia, and Portugal with traditional elements. The music itself combines western polyphony with Chinese melodies and scales.

Although the bulk of its repertoire consists of music originated from Hong KongTaiwan and Chinamany local Chinese orchestras also regularly perform Malay folk tunes with various local composers making a definite effort to absorb elements of surrounding musical cultures, especially Malay, into their compositions.

In Malaysia, Chinese orchestras exist nationwide in urban areas which have large concentrations of Chinese Malaysians. Sponsored largely by various Chinese organisations including schools, clan associations and Buddhist societies, a typical orchestra consists of between 12 and 50 members. The orchestra is usually made up of four sections: bowed string instruments, plucked strings, the wind section, and percussion.

Also commonly found are percussion troupes with drums, gongs and cymbals that provide rhythm for performances of Lion Dance. There is no lack of virtuoso performers in the Chinese classical tradition in Malaysia.

Advanced training is however not presently Chendering - Ger Van Leeuwen - Music Of Malaysia In Modern Mood (Vinyl with most Malaysian virtuoso musicians obtaining their advanced training either in China or Singapore. Various professional and semi-professional Chinese orchestras are in existence. Malaysian western trained classical conductors are employed full-time.

Much of the music played is imported from China. There has been a local Malaysian Chinese recording industries since the s with generations of Chinese singers involved in Mandopop music. Traditional Indian music may be associated with religious tradition and faith. As its origins in Indiathere are two systems of traditional or classical Indian music in Malaysia: Carnatic music and Hindustani music.

Since Tamils from South India are the predominant group among the Indian population in Malaysia, it is the South Indian Carnatic music which predominates. Simply speaking, Hindustani classical music is more lyric-oriented, while Carnatic classical music emphasises musical structure. Indian classical music as it is performed in Malaysia has remained true to its origin.

There is practically no other cultural influence. Other than reflecting Indian life, the purpose of Indian classical music is to refine the soul. The fundamental elements of Carnatic music are the raga and the tala. A raga is a scale of notes, while the tala is the time-measure.

A Carnatic music concert usually starts with a composition with lyrical and passages in a particular raga. This will be followed by a few major and subsequently some minor compositions. In Malaysia, traditional and classical Indian music are studied and performed by Malaysians of Indian ethnic origin with material that still comes from India. Musical productions are mainly in the form of dance dramas incorporating instrumental ensemble, vocal music and dance.

Musical instruments used in the performances are imported from India. Over the years, Punjabi music has established itself in Malaysia. One example of famous Punjabi music is bhangra. Many Malaysian songs today have the Punjabi influence.

For example, the sound of the dholan instrument used mainly by the Punjabis, has been incorporated in many Malay, Chinese and Indian songs in Malaysia.

The Orang Melayu Asli however have closer contact with Malay and Chinese populations and used a wider range of musical instruments ranging from thigh xylophone kongkong to violin.

The instruments may be used for shamanistic purposes such as singing and trance-dancing ceremonies, and healing rituals. A number of ethnic groups such as the various Dayak tribes e. The music of these people include vocal music for epics and narratives; songs for life-cycle events and rituals associated with religion, healing, growing rice, hunting game, and waging war; songs for dancing and community entertainment; as well as a wide variety of instrumental music.

Instruments used include drums, gongs, flutes, zithers, xylophones, and Jew's harps, of which the bronze gongs are the most significant. Ensembles of gongs of various sizes are played to welcome guests and in ceremonies and dances.

A well-known instrument in Sarawak is the sapeha plucked lute of the Kayan and Kenyah people which is used for entertainment and dancing. Other instruments include the xylophone jatung utangbamboo flutes sulingserulingkesulingensulingand nabatand sets of bamboo tubes called togunggak which were formerly played in headhunting ceremonies of the Murut.

Ethnic music has also found a new and vigorous following, with world music festivals like the Rainforest World Music Festivalheld annually since in a scenic open-air setting in Sarawak. The first Malaysian "ethnic fusion" group to play on this international platform was Akar Umbi - comprising Temuan ceremonial singer Minah Angong —Antares and Rafique Rashid.

Unfortunately, the charismatic Minah Angong better known as Mak Minah LP) just three weeks after winning over the hearts of a whole new audience at the RWMF

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  1. Apr 04,  · ger van leeuwen - music of malaysia in modern mood In the early 60's Dutch arranger/conductor Ger Van Leeuwen was commissioned to breathe new life to a selection of traditional Malaysian folk songs for an album titled Malaysia In A Modern Mood.

  2. Ger van Leeuwen. Real Name: Ger van Leeuwen. Profile: Dutch bandleader (Amsterdam, 26 september – Bussum, end of februari ). Is leader of a various orchestras, ensembles and bands. Had his own band and The Ger van Leeuwen Kwartet. In the fifties and sixties he worked a lot for the Dutch radio networks. Is also a Arranger and Conductor.

  3. LP Ger Van Leeuwen ‎– Music Of Malaysia In Modern Mood () RM Vinyl LP 12'’ 33⅓ RPM Stereo Music of Malaysia in Modern Mood Ger Van Leeuwen Polygram Philips PY Good condition Postage: RM10 SM/RM15 SS. Used.

  4. Jul 13,  · Abstract. A listening test was carried out to investigate music preferences of 35 randomly selected teenage students using 24 brief music excerpts, six each of ethnic-related music, pop, rock and Estimated Reading Time: 5 mins.

  5. makes Malaysian music Malaysian; and secondly, what music do the students listen to in reality, in otherwords whatis theiractual music preference (Temmerman ). When these two factors have been addressed, then only can an effective curriculum be developed. This paper presents the results of a survey done on music preferences of teenage students.

  6. Jul 23,  · Music of Malaysia - MAPEH 8 (Music 1st Quarter) While East Malaysia is less populated and less developed than West Malaysia, its land mass is larger and it has notably more natural resources, chiefly oil and gas reserves. The country is multi-ethnic and multi-cultural, which plays a large role in developing their culture.

  7. Styles that are considered popular music in Malaysia include genres such as pop, rap, hip. hop, rock, rhythm and blues, and heavy metal. The influence of popular music is also evident. in the.

  8. Traditional cultural arts and music in Malaysia Malaysia is a divine land of several ethnic groups and religions that formulated over the past centuries. It is only sensible to think that a country with this diversity has a great platform of arts and music and dances.

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