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Choose Product Type. Choose a Format 1-piece. It can even ease long periods of standing, making it a great option for the kitchen. Luxury vinyl boasts outstanding performance: it withstands spills, scuffs, and even scratches from family pets. What next? Schedule a pre-measuring with us. Nothing fancy here, three chords, sing along chorus and move on to the next song. The voice is rougher but the fun is there, you just gotta hear it in the song. I basically gave up on the American Idol wannabes that had no clue on what soul really was.

And this was one of the mercy buys, you know you find in the bargain bins and just want to listen to for a laugh and then leave it in the donation pile at Goodwill but this kid is the real deal. Sure he sounds white but he does know a hook when he sings it, on Name Calling, a song once you hear you'll never get out of your head. On Explosion, the final track, Reed reminds me of Roy Head when he announces there's going to be a explosion baby and you'd better believe it.

I'm sure he had James Brown in mind but either way, I'm sure nobody in American Idol would attempt such a song like this. Of course they're also not afraid to add a bit of Small Faces or The Creation too on certain tracks Guess which ones.

I'm sure this will be the last we'll ever hear of The Len Price 3, Wicked Cool Records is no longer associated with Best Buy or FYE for that matter and if we do hear from them it will be strictly import only. But The Len Price 3 does something that none of the bands hogging up the radio will ever do, and that is speak to us via three chords and an English punk whomp that is lacking in the US.

Three chords and rock and roll, it spoke to me back then and still speaks to me nowadays if done right. And Pictures is rock goodness. The runner ups of note. Neil Young-Le Noise Reprise Asia-Omega Frontiers But even back then, the rough drafts were a lot better than most out there on the radio.

Bob Dylan as personal as he gets. Bakersfield via Minneapolis. The Blasters reissues via Wounded Bird. Took the damn major label to finally reissue these but these L. Which wasn't as good as No Dice or Straight Up. I certainly don't think that it's worth replacing a jewel case version for the new Digipaks but that's up the buyer out there.

For the adventurous and rich folk, there's the 17 disc Best Of Apple Records but it's not complete and the biggest complaint is that the packaging is shotty, just like the single disc Apple reissues. For something that's going to cost dollars, the consumer deserves much better. So ends our retrospective, review and best of. I think we have done the best we can given the situation that was presented. If not, you're free to do you own best of As a music lover of the past Basically 60ss I came across a fairly new website that celebrates the lesser knowns.

Or remember those bands whose album you saw in the 50 cent clearance bins at K Mart years ago or you got those promos for free at Pigeons in Cedar Rapids? Sure you don't, your memory doesn't go back that far. Kentucky Gambler that album with a killer version of City Life?

Sign me up bro! Natural Gas? Speaking my language. Anyway this is the website that you have to copy and paste. Good music from the past dedicated to the complete audiophile.

That's me I spent most of yesterday trying to make room on my shelves for more cds that i have laying in stacks in front of me and had to use the cold room for the less played. I'm thinking that I'll be making a donation to the Salvation Army for some of them. Kinda surprised somebody picked up the Dionne Farris and Saigon Kick that quickly.

I guess it all goes to show that despite what Bob Lefsetz tells you, there are people still buying cds and LPs. Not everybody is getting on that IPOD or IPAD wagon, although I'm sure it will be a matter of time before I invest in one of those and start transferring some of my favorite albums to it. At this point, I have to decide if I'm going to continue to buy new music as well as seek the stuff that I overlooked.

Most new albums I only played once or twice and then filed away. Sorry to say nothing stands out, can't get into the autotuned fools or whiner rock that KRNA or Rock plays. And when I buy it's mostly in those Goddam digipaks that never stack right or you scratch the hell out when you take them out of the flimsy packaging.

Bruce Springsteen or the idiots at Apple Corp might think its cute but they are not. Either make it vinyl size or make a standard jewel case. This year which was supposed to be a final year and not expecting to find much, has been one of the busiest and most interesting of CD and album finds. Beyond my dreams and going up to Pawn America last month for the dollar cd special really put the finds over for the year.

Not that I cared much for the Heart album of but at least when I traded it in, got enough back for gas money. The lure of the hunt continues to call me whenever it happens but my compulsive obsession just about qualifies me for the next Hoarders show next year.

So I'll guess I'll be going through the stuff in the cold room and then go donate some more and try to free up more space. But we all know I'll fill it all back up before we know it. Good to see my chat buddy from The Roost Starman pop in here making a comment. You know I do Falk And Bod - Kentucky Gambler (Vinyl chatting up the tunes with y'all but I have to admit that I got bored with the friday night chats and trying to talk tunes when nobody wanted to.

It's not like it was 10 years ago when we would stay up till morning light and having a good time. Even with my girlfriend coming in for support nobody would say a whole lot and we weren't getting much new music talkers in there, unless they were young folks looking to get laid and talk about Nickle back.

Joe was the only other person that would keep things going but I think even he got tired of it all. I don't know if and when we'll do it again. Just seems like a waste of time if we do. Facebook has gotten me in touch with a few of my forgotten friends of the past. I remember her way back in 69 when we first moved to Cedar Rapids and she was going to Monroe. Then we caught up a few years later when they moved to Marion and was part of either fifth or sixth grade.

I worked with her in the dishwashing area at the old Applegate's Landing place 32 years ago. Last time I seen her was at her wedding way back in But somehow she came across my profile and we talked a bit about the past but not a whole lot. That's the power of Facebook. You never know who your going to meet from the past in the present. So much for the disappointment of The Iowa Hawkeyes this season. What started out to be a promising year turned out to be a joke and losing not only the Heartland Trophy to Wisconsin but today losing Floyd Of Rosedale to a Minnesota squad that outplayed the Hawkeyes in every way possible.

I have never witnessed a LP that did a complete meltdown in November and wentand should have been The defense sucked, no linebackers and playing a Cover 2 setup and no blitzing that everybody figured it out and promptly kicked the Hawk's ass every damn game. Even Indiana outplayed them. And then watching Minnesota give Floyd of Rosedale a new home.

Most of the teams in the Big Ten I like and will root for if they're not playing Iowa. Wisconsin Badgers are 2nd and everybody else to a lesser extent expect the hated Buckeyes and Wildcats. If last season was memorable, this season was forgettible, a defense overrated and a coach that is sadly out of it, Norm Parker needs to retire. I can't blame the prospect for decommitting to Iowa and going to Madison, Falk And Bod - Kentucky Gambler (Vinyl would too.

So, I'll will be rooting for the Badgers in the Rose Bowl, that's where my heart is at. At least somebody knows how to beat Northwestern, unlike K. As for the Hawkeyes, going to Arizona isn't so bad. That is if you go to a bowl game or at least show up for it and surprise surprise play defense. Thursday, November 25, Unfinished Biz-Hawkwind.

Long time ago, Hawkwind was one of many bands on United Artists that you would see in the cutout bins back in the mid 70s and I basically knew nothing of them till I found a copy of Hall Of The Mountain Grill at Goodwill in the old Marion Shopping Center and thought I check it out.

Very interesting cover. Side 1 had Psychedelic Warriors which was a UK hit but in edited form. Likewise You'd Better Believe It but nevertheless I never heard any of their music on the radio here. Perhaps Beaker Street played some of the music and they still do today. Moving out to Arizona, I finally started finding Hawkwind albums in the used bins and one of the interesting ones was their live Space Ritual which mirrors the live side of Pink Floyd's Ummagumma but I don't think Pink Floyd would incorporate audio generators and freaky poetry from Bob Calvert.

But then again critics didn't care much for Dave Brock playing the same chords over and over for 8 minutes or hearing Nik Turner blasting away with free jazz sax playing. Not for the faint of heart but perhaps something to listen to while smoking a J and having strobe lights blasting away. The first album was produced with Dick Taylor formerly of the Rolling Stones and the only true song off that record was Hurry On Sundown.

Everything else seemed to be free form weirdness that wouldn't sound out of place on ESP Disk. The second album In Search Of Space showed more of a space rock direction although the 15 and half minute You Shouldn't Do That would try many a people's patience. When Lemmy joined up, Hawkwind was it's most psychedelic and most freaky. Another long number Brainstorm clocked 11 and half minutes and the amazing Del Dittmer and Dik Mik's bizarre keyboards and generator sounds would go from one song into another.

And went on for close to 9 minutes before closing on Lemmy's ominous The Watcher. With Space Ritual Live, you either got it or you didn't. You had to be there in person to really experience the madness and magic that was Hawkwind. Adding a second drummer to Simon King Alan Powell the record benefit-ted from some poetry from Micheal Moorcock, somewhat space rock, and prog rock it also had some punk rock in the hi energy of Kings Of Speed and on the CD version a bonus track of Motorhead, the last song that Lemmy Kilmeister recorded and sang before getting booted out of the band for drug procession and holding up the tour.

Astounding Sounds Amazing Music, Bob Calvert returns, band goes for a more prog rock sounds and is half good. In the US, this was released on Sire Records at the time of the punk rock revolution and another album I found in the cheap bins. Baker stayed on long enough to make the live This Is Hawkwind Do Not Panic and it may have been the best live album that Brock came up with.

I haven't really thought highly enough of them to really review it. Their new album Blood Of The Earth is out and seems to be nod in the right direction, again what I heard I can't quite recommend.

Hawkwind's glory period was the 70's up to Levitation. Hawkwind has so many albums and so many compilations that's it hard to review them all. While it is true that finding the original Hawkwind albums on UA and Sire are rare, you can still find the CDs at varying prices at Amazon.

Robert Calvert passed away years ago, Lemmy is still working it with Motorhead and who knows whatever happened to the rest, Dave Brock continues to be the sole remaining original member still playing and sometimes still recording new music. Update: Nik Turner's latest album might be the closest thing to how Hawkwind sounded back in the early 70s and though it's pricy on vinyl, the CD format of Space Gypsy is worth getting in any formats.

A big falling out between Turner and Dave Brock over the use of the Hawkwind name unnerved Dave so much that he pulled the plug on a US tour and this year visa problems curtailed another tour attempt.

Hawkwind has been putting out new albums but none of them really capture that spaced out feeling of vibes, echo, generators and free form sax like Turner's backing band, whose done better Hawkwind sounds than the actual band themselves. The last Hawkwind album Spacehawks was rehashing various songs of the past and yet another version of Sonic Attack, to which one wonders if Brock is becoming prog rock's version of Foreigner.

Their most prog rock sounding it's also the last to feature Lemmy before being booted out of the band and going on to his own stellar career with Motorhead.

I don't see the need to spend 50 bucks on a import 2 CD and DVD box set of Warriors, it's perhaps my least favorite of the Lemmy years but since I still have it here, I will take a listen to it. They talked about frames, lenses, fashion, and girls with. Stories -disabled. Girls in wheelchair. What I like. Stories - boobs. Featured Wednesday, December 29, Looking back on As we come to the end of this God Forsaken year it's time for me to think back and seen what the hell we did.

This year may have been one of the best years of CD bargain hunting that I have encountered. Four things stood out. The closing of the FYE store in Coral Ridge and prices slashed 50 to 60 percent off enabled me to return there three times this year ending in February.

But perhaps the last and best find was the October dollar cd sale at Pawn America in Madison which I ended up buying over 35 CDs in a two day binge. Of course finding a mint cd of Led Zeppelin 4 is always great, especially when I beat some dude that had 2 big shopping bags of stuff that he was picking up left and right.

Which is selling for 50 bucks on Amazon. The life of a bargain hunter is always hit and miss. The Michigan trip was the first time I have been up there in 35 years. And basically was a trip to meet her family and get acquainted with them.

However she did humor the old dude by taking me to a couple FYEs and Encore but outside of that I didn't bother her with going to any in Detroit. But also knowing that there's nothing in Hale outside of a noisy air conditioner that put me to sleep.

But also going outdoors and getting eaten up by those damn mosquitoes. I'm sure it won't be another 35 years going back up there, the GF won't allow that. The Arizona Farewell Trip was planned on the same day as Michigan trip but with cheap airfares at that time, I thought it would be nice to return to the desert one more time. But it was bittersweet since everytime I went into a Zia's I would be bombarded with sales associates asking if I was all right or needing music help.

Four times at the Thunderbird Zia's of pesky help and high used cd prices convinced me that I have doing the right thing by never going back there again. At least the folks at Hastings left me to my own devices. But I think the highlight was finally hooking up with Dennis Lancaster on the Sunday night I got there and we walked downtown Tempe and hung at the bar and drinking those iced smooties and getting a bellyache afterward. But it was fun talking about the old days and wondering where the hell they went and hearing Dennis moaning of the fact that the cute chick sitting next to him wasn't even born when I was living down there in It wasn't all cd bargain hunts in Arizona.

I drove down Arizona 66, stopped at Crookton Pass and watched a couple trains go by and then it was off to Seligman to say hi to the LP folks at Angel's Gift And Barber Shoppe just before closing time. Didn't see Angel there, but got to talk to his daughter for a few. She's always been sweet and kind to me in the 20 years of stopping there while passing through.

And off to Kingman to spend a night and the afternoon counting trains going through town and having supper at Cracker Barrel and having chicken and dumplings platter. And for the first time, only went through one monsoon storm between Tucson and Casa Grande, every day was sunny and clear.

Sky blue skies. The way I want to remember Arizona. This year has been the story of more places closing up shop. Marco's Pizza, my favorite place for the pizza buffet closed when I was up in Michigan and never reopened.

FYE in Coral Ridge closed. Best Buy continues to shrink their CD inventory. The help continues to annoy me. The Plattville Record Store closed up so for the most part. But I did go to Madison four times and struck it big the last two. But on a picture taking trip on State Street encountered some old homeless hag worried that I was going to steal her cigarettes, didn't think much about it till the old hag told her buddies to "watch out for that guy".

To which it was certain and the reason why I couldn't never live in Madison on a regular basis; if I stay LP more than two days, the morons would come out and piss me off to the point that the trip wasn't fun.

So, I went back up there a month later, on a Football Saturday and found out that it was best time to go there. Hardly anybody to bother me at the music stores. I don't wasted any trips to Davenport or Dubuque or Madison, in Davenport I went there to stop at Big Lots and pick up some reduced prices on food. We used to have Big Lots in town, till they closed them up except the ones at Davenport or Hannibal or where my GF lives at.

The weather here was like the year before, snowy winters, and hot and humid summers with monsoon storms at night. No big floods here but Lake Delhi had 10 inches of rain one night and the dam failed and the Lake emptied down river to Monticello. The Wapsi flooded from rains up north but The Cedar in town didn't flood. And the fall was beautiful, got up to 80 degrees when I was in Madison that October day.

For sports it was pure disappointment. The Chicago Cubs tripped from the word go and Lou Pinella retired but they save their best baseball in September after he left.

But the Iowa Hawkeyes, my beloved team had no defense and had it wasn't for a Micah Hyde pick six against Missouri in the Insight Bowl, this season would have been a disaster. So we come to the end of the year and the only constant from last year is that my GF is spending another Christmas and New Year's with me. And the wondering of where I'll be at for next year and my plans are.

I'm done with the Arizona trips, done with the Zia's and the pushy record clerks knowing nothing of what I like. I promised I would retire from this when I turn 50 but we all know that won't happen. As long there's a Half Priced Bookstore within driving distance and in town, I'll still be a fixture there, just like Jimmy Kibler and the old dude with the glasses.

I'm sure there'll be a Madison trip or a Dubuque trip when the snow melts or when the car is working or as long as I have my job. I'm sure there will be new stores a coming or favorite hangouts or eateries closing up just like this year and the year before and so on. I'm sure I will return next year with more observations and top ten mania that is the basis for this blogsite. It's a hard habit to break. If I don't there's a backlog of archives worth discovering.

Thanks to all who follow, who supported and made comments of noteworthiness. Till the next time. For our final top ten of the year. I am going back to some of my favorite and recent discoveries on 45's found at different music stores and Goodwill. This year might be over and for the most part the new music that the critics tout and rave I really don't have a need for.

But yours truly is still busy looking for the obscure and out of print music that you don't hear on the radio.

Royal Ballet School - Various - Billy Elliot: Music From The Original Motion Picture Soundtrack (CD), Funky Jam, Hellish Torment - Arsenic (10) - Seeds Of Darkness (CD), Overkill - Metallica - Garage Inc. (CD, Album), Females - Various - 100% Rap (Vinyl, LP), Big Boy Liquor - Ying Yang Twins - Chemically Imbalanced (CD, Album), Rhapsody In Blue - George Gershwin / New York Philharmonic* - Music From The Woody Allen Film ", I Dont Wanna Get (Dom Digital Remix), Walk Dont Run - The Ventures - Ventures New Best 20 (Vinyl, LP, Album), Mitt Ansikte - Ulf Lundell - Rent Förbannat (Vinyl, LP), Making Of Halo Of Blood, Endless Bummer - Fist City - Its 1983 Grow Up! (CDr, Album)

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  1. Provided to YouTube by CDBabyFree Blue (Mix) · Robey, Falk & BodKentucky Gambler℗ Robey, Falk & BodReleased on: Auto-generated by YouTube.

  2. Oct 15,  · Robey, Falk & Bod - Kentucky Gambler - Bill Robey, Don Falk and Bod Noubarian formed this trio and released this album on Epic in Back in those days I was living in Alexandria, VA and used to shop at a cool record store in Georgetown called Orpheus.

  3. View all records by Robey, Falk And Bod for sale on CDandLP in LP, CD, 12inch, 7inch format.

  4. ROBEY, FALK AND BOD Vinyl Records and CDs. Members: Arthur Bod, Don Falk, Bill Robey, Gary Noubarian: Robey, Falk And Bod Discography Price Guide Recently Listed Email Alerts Refine Search Results. Artist: Title: Label: Cat Num: Barcode: Genre.

  5. USED VINYL - Kingfish Records. With over 18, records for sale (LP’s & 45’s) covering everything from Rock, Jazz, Blues, Soul, Motown, Punk, Heavy Metal and more. You’re sure to find some interesting records and collectible vinyl for your collection in our store. Every week we add at least a couple of hundred new titles. We also have.

  6. – While yellow vinyl copies of this album were officially issued as promotional items, there are also copies on red, white, and blue vinyl that were pressed by a record company employee. Julie London – Julie Is Her Name – a single copy of this LP is known to exist on half red/ half green vinyl (see photo).

  7. Recently ordered vinyl copies of my sister's band for her college graduation. She and her bandmates were SO surprised and excited! The vinyl quality is incredible - the audio is fantastic. I am overjoyed with how the order turned out and would highly recommend American Vinyl Co to anyone who is interested in custom vinyl pressings.

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