Bring on the good times Nothing's gonna get me down Bring on the good times Until tomorrow Don't let the lights go out Aaah Aaaah Aaah Bring on the good times Until tomorrow Don't let the lights go out. I know what you want Doesn't it feel like we can fly I know what you need Doesn't it feel so right? I know what you want Doesn't it feel so right? Labels:bob sinclardragonettehouselyricsmartin solveigmusic videosmashsquad music. Saturday, October 23, Lyrics: Flash Brothers ft.

Epiphony - More Than You Know. Epiphony You're my inspiration Got a special way to get me to believe Got a special way with me Filled with admiration I capture every word to say Just to get me through the day While this situation.

Labels:armada musicepiphonyflash brotherslyricss recordingstrance. Sue McLaren I fight to stay afloat, Searching for a way to break the hold, But nothing seems to calm the storm, Far from a safer place, I'm holding on to the last hope.

I'm holding on, I'm too far gone, I'm holding on, I'm too far gone. I burn to heat the cold, Even if the fire has turned to stone, I just can't accept it's gone, Here on the bitter end, I'm holding on to the last hope. Labels:armada musicfsoe recordingsfuture sound of egypt 1lyricsphilippe el sisisue mclarentrance.

Thursday, October 21, A State of Trance Global DJ Broadcast. Labels:gdjbglobal dj broadcastmarkus schulzradio showtracklist. Say You'll Never Go NEOColours There I was Waiting for a chance Hoping that you'll understand The things I wanna say As my love went stronger than before I wanna see you more and more But you closed your door Why don't you try To open up your heart I won't take so much of your time Chorus: Maybe, it's wrong to say please love me too 'Cause I know Nu Nrg - Most Wanted (Disc 2) (CDr) never do Somebody else is waiting there inside for you Maybe it's wrong to love you more each day 'Cause I know he's here to stay But I know to whom you should belong I believed what you said to me We should set each other free That's how you want it to be But my love went stronger than before I wanna see you more and more But you closed your door Why don't you try to open up your heart I won't take so much of your time Repeat Chorus Repeat Chorus.

Labels:emergelive videolyricsneocoloursopmuniversal records. Tuesday, October 19, Lyrics: Deniz Koyu ft. Shena - Time Of Our Lives. Shena Time uohhh The Time, the time, the time They say, today is a gift That's why we call it the present Nu Nrg - Most Wanted (Disc 2) (CDr) can't give up till you'll lived Because this time is heaven sent Don't let your troubles grab you down 'Cause I'm here I'll always be around And I bet if you put a smile on your face And turn up the bass Then things will get better Chorus: This is the time of our lives This is the time to get it right This is the time of our lives So don't ask me why Just dance it through the night Just dance it through the night Just dance it through the night Take time Have fun while you can Who knows what happens tomorrow Leave all your worries behind Your time's not yours, it just something you borrow around Don't let your troubles grab you down 'Cause I'm here I'll always be around And I bet if you put a smile on your face And turn up the bass Then things will get better Repeat Chorus Repeat Chorus.

Labels:deniz koyuhouselyricsprogressive housescream and shout recordingsshena. Don't Let Nu Nrg - Most Wanted (Disc 2) (CDr) AnnaGrace Chorus: If you're feeling down Call on me Hold on tight and baby don't let go This too will pass You've gotta believe in the power of love So don't let go Don't let go Don't let go Don't let go Sometimes life can drive you crazy I know how hard that it can be When the problems come together You've got real hard to feel at ease Someday somewhere somehow I know The love you want it will be there Someday somehow I'll will to come Repeat Chorus No I don't have all the answers To the questions in your mind All I know is that I love you And your tears they will run dry Someday somewhere somehow I know The love you want it will be there Someday somehow I'll will for come Repeat Chorus.

Labels:recordsannagraceannemie coeneneuro househouselyricsmusic videon. Saturday, October 16, Lyrics: Roger Shah pres. Sunlounger ft. Check the website for details What is HipTingle? In a nutshell HipTingle is a site dedicated to sharing music mp3s and information about how to make music. Homemade Music. Homemade Music H omemade music is created by recording artists in home studios all over the world.

Artists free to express Original music available to country artists. The new homepage for the experimental electro record label. Inertia Record Group. Homepage for industrial techno trance outfit INfest8 UK. Inner Surge. Insanely Sane. Jade Bassixaamp. Jah Elvis. Jah Elvis is a Reggae singer that loves to sing songs that touches the heart, mind, and soul Jerzy Boklazec Quartet. Polish contemporary jazz band — fresh sound of guitar, flute, bass, and drums.

Jimmy Packes. Including biography, discography and more official site. Jonathan Morning. Jungo Records. Synthesis of electronic and acoustics music, with the use of traditional and untraditional instruments and ways of sound-making. See photos, hear music, find gigs and more. Ken Jensen. Killerwatts System.

Kim Miracle and the Rhythmdogs. Knowledge Wisdom aamp;a. Kui Min, the Passion for Russian. Kussu Productions. Lady vee. Spanish promo-netlabel. Lemon Scented Music. Leon Kappa - Paganini on Guitar. Level 4 Productions.

The cyber abode of the Level 4 collective. Take your shoes off before you come in please. One Love. Official website of the UK gothic darkwave band. We offer a different style and innovative approach in our design concepts and solutions. Whether designing the interior of an office space, museum, restaurant o. Lil B. Line Noise. Liquid space. It is a website dedicated to the dance call liquid.

There's videos, photos, and more! Loka Nunda. Lum Electronica. An astounding collection of meticulously produced Eclectic, morphing and shapeshifting electronica. LZ Music. Swedish based music that works for you while you rest. Underground dance culture and mail order. Download sample MP3s of hardhouse trance psy-trance techno Nu-Nrg and drumnbass. Artist portfolio, performance, video, multimedia, installation, mp3s, texts, digital images, animation etc. Man and Machines. Marina's music is a magical blend of her angelic voice, hooky melodies, thoughtful lyrics, and fresh chord progressions.

House and Techno Trance mp3s and dj sets, grooves, samples and dance charts. Casting call and artistic events - homepages for actors, actresses,talents, dancers, models, singers, Nu Nrg - Most Wanted (Disc 2) (CDr) performers.

Artistic events. Trance DJ's site, with free mp3 mixes and tracks, as well as other useful? As a performance group that combines music, spoken-word and drama, the Mean-Nothings are one part beat-folk, one part politically charged.

Mechanism Records. Medellin Style. Electronic Music Scene in Medellin Colombia, techno, house, tech-house, latin, disco and much more. Mediatrix Publishing. Messa Music South. Free music promoter for the South of England. Punk, Ska, Metal, Hardcore etc.

Metamorphosis-One Original Song. In this site you can his songs freely and to another link. Military Street Music Cafe. Miss Innocent. Acid trance and techno dj from Vancouver BC Canada. A thematic magazine for international urban modernists Welcome to Miyo Magazine. Mobilization Recordings. Intense live experience connecting to the people and embracing with their music!

MPA :: masters of public announcement. Mr Bertus. Our agenda is to release interesting, imaginative and impressive electronic music for your enjoyment - for free, with no strings attached. Musicvisions MPFreebies from Nashie! New releases before they make it to record :. Calgary record label focussed on bringing the global obscure to Western Canada. Nemesis Records. Nice Sounds Records. Nine Planets Hiphop. Noctis - Nightlife in Belgium. All the belgian nightlife - Hele belgische nacht - Toute la nuit belge.

Northstar Imprint. Nothing 2 Gain. NQuit - the label that gave you Third Option and M. Oblivion Digital Underground.

Hardcore Undeground and Extreme Electronica Promoters. Official Hakke Chemnitz Home. Opened Paradise. Orphan Magnetic. Overhuman Dimension. A soundsystem on its way to Australia for the longest party of DJing psytrance sinceevent decor, mad parties.

Homepage for Jikkenteki and Katapult. This is the site for our band which performs a really dark techno live! Pawn Records. Phi Phi Island Guide. Phi Phi island Guide. Accommodation, diving, kayaking and snorkelling reservations. Philipp Kessler. Ambient Space Music by Philipp Kessler An atmosphere of vast space for the listener to dive into a mix of deep relaxation and true excitement.

PhutureMusik Recordings. Online archive of music and information on sydney based trance artist - Cybernetik. Free original mp3 techno music. Planet Urban. Pornosofa Records. Post Records. Orlando,FL based indie record label focused on alternative rock, punk, emo, thrash, experimental electronic, idm, and more. Pounce International. Project: Data Control.

Prvni hore. Pseudo Records. Pseudo Records, techno and electro label from North of France. Psymbolic Visual Communications. A site where you can download free music or upload your own track and promote yourself. Purple People. Pyramoid Productions. Informatio, music, art and services of the artist Jabberwoky. Qicai stage Nu Nrg - Most Wanted (Disc 2) (CDr) equipment co. Radio Joy - Trance music factory. Two streams mp3 and mp3PRO.

Radio MP3 Live. Rock Indusrial Goth Techno Polskie. Rainbow Bridge. Raivyn - Official Music Website. Free music downloads and more. A presentation by an autodidatic musician from Dominica.

Based in Berlin, he publishes "Rootical Vibes", a free roots e-zine. Raveface Online Radio. The first online electronic radio in Spain to retransmit audio and visual contents on the internet.

RaveReunited is a new site dedicated to reunite ravers from a great NEW site, an insight into the acid house era, loads of old rave photos, rave pics, ra. Reboot System. Redsoul Records. Seattle Artist - downloads, samples and introduction. ReiNo FuNGi. Electronic Music Underground. Electronic Music Band, Underground, Innovator for select people with good taste.

Listen our mp3! Renegade Radio. Broadcasting True Oldskool Vibes. Resonant Recordings. European techno-electro label, free mp3 download, games online, web tv, listen LIVE to our releases. Reverend Jones Records. Dublin based shiny dance oriented label with pseudo-anarchist and semi-scatalogical tendencies.

Revibe are a couple guys writing and producing House and Dance music, and DJing in clubs and pubs. Two years ago we thought we were good but now we are just wick. Free MP3 download from our delicious Progressive house Songs. Rhythmicru Recordings. Roofless MP3. Rose Della'Sabina. Sacramento International Film Festival. Sam Green and the time machine. Sam Longoria Filmmaking Blog.

Schubfaktor Records. The Official site of the Darkwave band Second Skin. Live 5-Piece "Organic" techno from USA band website for signal path includes music, art, photos, discussion, and more.

Sinister Breaks. Sintex Bortexx. Sixty Three Monroes glam punk rock underground. Band photos,sounds and bio. Add your favourite glam rock link here. All of this music is written, played and produced by Skankindaddy in his home in Italy. Skratch N Spin. Our mission statement is simple - to provide a forum for unsigned techno talent, on the Internet. By using the Internet as the medium for communication, and delivering of the audio talent, we give our showcased artists the potential for worldwide distribut.

Info on Adelaide funk rockers Sledgehammock. Includes free MP3s. Official WWW Site. Society Records. Society Records is an artist collective comprised of deejays, traditional musicians, models, graphic artists, photographers, and writers. Solid-State Entertainment. Electrophisyk offers such services as; installation and hire of sound and lighting systems; provision of sound technicians; an agency for local deejays and deejays desirous of working in the Caribbean; creation and maintenance of websites, portals, and the.

House of mohican tribe sound system and "la bloukak" live act. Belgian techno collective. Check site for dj-sets,songs and samples.

This work details the lifestyles associated with the northern soul scene and the extensive use of amphetamines otherwise known as speed by many involved. Wilson argues that, although many did not use drugs, their usage was heavily ingrained in the fast-paced culture of the northern soul scene, contributing to participants' ability to stay up all night dancing. Many clubs and events were Nu Nrg - Most Wanted (Disc 2) (CDr) down or refused licences due to the concern of local authorities that soul nights attracted drug dealers and users.

Of the regular attendees he said, "All they wanted was fast-tempo black dance music Rietveld, northern soul "dancers were fuelled by Dexedrine tablets". The Northern soul scene has had a notable influence on DJ culture, certain musicians, and has been portrayed in literature, theatre and cinema. The Northern soul movement is cited by many as being a significant step towards the creation of contemporary club culture and of the superstar DJ culture of the s.

As in contemporary club culture, Northern soul DJs built up a following based on satisfying the crowd's desires for music that they could not hear anywhere else. The competitiveness between DJs to unearth 'in-demand' sounds led them to cover up the labels on their records, giving rise to the modern white label pressing. Many argue that Northern soul was instrumental in creating a network of clubs, DJs, record collectors and dealers in the UK, and was the first music scene to provide the British charts with records that sold entirely on the strength of club play.

A technique employed by northern soul DJs in common with their later counterparts was the sequencing of records to create euphoric highs and lows for the crowd. DJ, Laurence 'Larry' Proxton being known for this method. DJ personalities and their followers involved in the original Northern soul movement went on to become important figures in the house and dance music scenes. Northern Soul with Tony Deller is broadcast each week on Cambridge community radio station Cambridge He started a dedicated Northern soul radio programme, called Soul Timein[83] which continues and is believed to be the longest running Soul program in the World.

Northern soul has influenced several notable musicians. Terry Christian — in his article about Northern soul for The Times — wrote: "There's an instant credibility for any artist or brand associated with a scene that has always been wild, free and grassroots. The Northern soul subculture has spawned a number of memoirs, novels and short stories. Sarah Raine. Northern Soul is the title of a theatre piece by the British visual and performance artist, Victoria Melody. According to a description on the Solo Theatre website, [] 'Victoria, an untrained dancer, has been travelling the dance halls and living rooms of England being taught to dance by Northern Soul's ex-champions.

Films set in the Northern soul scene include 's Soulboy and 's Northern Soul. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Redirected from 80s Groove. For other uses, see Northern soul disambiguation.

Music and dance movement that emerged, initially in Northern England in the late s. Acid jazz rare groove rave culture. Motown Records Motown Sound mod subculture skinhead. See also: Category:Northern soul musicians. Louder Than War.

Retrieved 17 October Later, Godin released "Deep soul treasure" series. Retrieved 3 June The Soul Stylists. Retrieved 15 August Retrieved 29 June Archived from the original on 4 April Archived from the original on 29 October Retrieved 29 October Archived from the original on 19 October Chapter 12, page Retrieved 29 May The Guardian.

The Daily Telegraph. Patrick's Day season". Rolling Stone. New York. Archived from the original on 31 March BBC Arts. Retrieved 23 September Charles Reese! Retrieved 31 July Retrieved 13 March Classic 45s. Retrieved 29 August BBC News. Retrieved 15 December New York: Berghahn Books. ISBN

My Hearts Broke Down (But My Minds Made Up) - Dean Miller - Dean Miller (CD, Album), Čovek Na Mesecu, Bećar - Đurađ Mitraković - Bećar (Vinyl), De LAube À Midi Sur La Mer - Claude Debussy, Société Des Concerts Du Conservatoire*, Constantin Silv, Do You Believe In The Westworld - Kirk Brandon - Anthology (CD), Caribbean Clipper (July 14, 1942) - Various - History Records - From The Great Depression To WWII 19, Vital Signs - Bozzwell - Ghouls (Vinyl), 01020304 - Wat (2), Eiji Okada (2) - Backcatalogue Audiotech (CDr), Snow - Kirby Dominant - Rapitalism: The Philosophies Of Dominant Pimpin (CD), Take Me Up (Dr. Scratch Stomp Mix) - Liquid Measure Featuring Jocelyn Brown - Take Me Up (Vinyl), Sasha : Emerson* - Scorchio (Vinyl), Golden Daylight - Elon - Mooncaper EP (Vinyl), Too Much Monkey Business - Chuck Berry - The Best Of (CD), The Beatles Third Christmas Record (Outtake Part 2) - The Beatles - The Christmas Album Deluxe Editi, I Miei Robot - Negramaro - MTV Live (DVD)

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