Research is balanced between development of life science software and its application to biomedical projects where more recently the biomedical application has been cancer. Scientific interests are focused on the roles that carbohydrates play in biological processes. A demonstration of the application of computational expertise is his use of molecular modelling simulations to develop therapeutics for cancer as well as his use of data analytics and informatics methods to develop diagnostics and prognostics for cancer.

Research focuses on the molecular genetic changes in oesophageal cancer using a whole genome sequencing approach to identify mutation signatures, epigenetic changes, gene mutation, deletions and insertions with specific relevance to early diagnosis and targeted therapeutic interventions in cancer.

Is one of the very rare cardiologists in South Africa who is clinically active and trained in fundamental molecular laboratory methods, combining laboratory and epidemiological skills. Widely published in both local and international journals and books of various topics related to cardiovascular medicine.

Internationally recognized for her outstanding work in the area of heart failure. Collaborations with a range of prestigious national and international clinical and academic centers. She holds an appointment as adjunct professor at the University of Queensland, Brisbane, Australia and as a visiting professor at the Baker Institute in Melbourne, Australia.

The Brain and Behaviour Initiative BBI enables cross-faculty, multidisciplinary, collaborative research Without A Word Of Warning - Al Martino - Take My Heart (CD) the cognitive and affective neurosciences and brings together expertise on phenotyping, genotyping, cognotyping, brain imaging and molecular signatures to address brain-behaviour issues. Missionary K. Interracial 2. Oldy 1. Skank 2. Submissive K. Stockings 1. Granny In Gangbang 8.

Lingerie 3. BDSM 2. Solo 3. Nympho K. Money K. Orgasm Compilation K. Russian Mom 6. Granny Interracial Sex Femdom K. Mom Handjob K. Slave K. Watching K. Gangbang K. Outdoor 4. Mutual Masturbation First Time K. Maid K. Sissy Female Ejaculation 1. British Granny Blowjob Vacation Masturbating 6. Midget Japanese Mom Dildo 1. Fisting K. Classic K. Cum In Pussy 1. Lesbian Mom K.

Wife In Threesome K. Mature Lesbian K. Handjob 2. Hairy Pussy K. Popular Pornstars A Alexis Fawx Michaels 1. All rights Without A Word Of Warning - Al Martino - Take My Heart (CD). It is run by Peter Franks. Put the verbs in brackets into the present simple passive. A: 1 Are. B: Pet Taxi is all mine - and I started it because there are lots of drivers who don't like it when A: Is that a problem? B: Yes, it can be, because every time you have a cat or a dog, dust and hairs And these days there are lots of passengers who A: So what does your taxi look like?

A: So what sort of animals B: Well, mostly, ButI do some work for a film studio too, so sometimes Focus on actions Many of the following sentences sound unnatural because they are in the active. Rewrite them in the present simple passive, but do not m ention the agent e.

Many manual workers A large amount of g o ld A lot of the world's supertankers A third of the world's co co a Most nuclear w aste Before they go on sale, most new drugs A lot of our books Put the verbs into the present simple passive.

Every Morgan 1 is ordered Chassis erection shop - Here is where the engine order in advance and This is also where the gear boxes specifications. Body shop The first stage This part of the process takes a day.

The frames The leather seats, electrical make of wood, and they Afterwards the cars Sheet m etal shop - This is where the panels of steel or take for a road test. The sheet metal Despatch departm ent - It is here that the cars shop is the main supplier for the assembly shop. Then New A ssem bly shop - This is where the wooden frame they Afterwards Then the wings, bonnets and wheels Read each of the follow ing statem ents.

Then say if it would m ost probably be follow ed by sentence a or sentence b. Underline the best answer. We ask applicants to send in their CVs. We invite some of the candidates to an interview. We ask some of the applicants back for a second interview.

Complete the sentences below to give a general description of the recruitm ent process. Use the passive in your answer. TASK 2 Write a short paragraph describing a system or process you know well, using the present simple passive. You may find the follow ing linking words helpful: First of all, N ext, After that, Apparently some quite major changes are bein g m ade. Inthree other branches were set up in Oxford, Cambridge and Edinburgh.

Note the passive form b e born: A: When w ere you born? We only noticed the mistakes when the brochures were being printed. All o f the chips h ave been recalled. None o f their orders h a d been fulfilled. It w ill b e delivered next Tuesday. The passive is also often used in business correspondence, because it is less personal than the active. Compare: Amanda Mason, who opens our post at this branch, received your letter yesterday.

She h a s forw ard ed it to Head Office, active Thank you for your letter, which w as received at this branch yesterday. It h a s been forw ard ed to Head Office, passive The present perfect passive is often used when we are describing changes that have taken place, and we are more interested in the changes than who has made them: The factory is completely different.

The whole place h a s been m odernized and com puterized, and most o f the shop floor workers h av e been m a d e redundant. T he environmental group Fnends that plants and ammals near the sites of the Earth 1 The government, however, genetically modified GM crops. At the insists that researchers At the Old Bailey yesterday, five men were because they knew about their plans. While the men Four of the men smashed into take away, the police picked up the the Dome early one morning with a driver of the getaway boat who JCB digger, but over policemen The rights to all his records Priscilla decided to keep their home, and to open it as a tourist attraction, even though she It was a good move, and within a year, more thanvisitors Janet: I've booked you on the 8.

You Helen: Fine. Have you organized a hotel? Janet: Yes, you Helen: OK. Do they know how long the meeting Janet: They expect that you I've told the hotel you probably They say that's fine - the room Present perfect: change Some staff changes have taken place at a small UK engineering company. Complete the dialogue between a com pany employee and a friend who used to work there. John: Are things different now?

Sara: Yes. What has happened is that the Sales and Marketing Department 1 tas been turned turn into three separate divisions - there is now an International Division, a UK Division, and a new office that John: Is Peter still in charge? Sara: No, they Laura Ben Warner and Katie Lang John: Is Ken still there or Sara: No he's still there - but he doesn't get on with Laura, basically, so he ' Obviously he's not very happy about it and he doesn't think that the company I don't expect he'll stay long.

Have you heard w h a t Then write a sim ilar short paragraph about the history of your company. When Nintendo was founded by Fusajiro Yamauchi init manufactured Japanese playing cards. The company started making other games in The first video games were introduced in the s, and the first Game Boy was introduced in This is slightly less formal: We g et our brochures p rin ted in Hong Kong. O Different tenses We can use h av e som ethin g done or g et som ethin g done in different tenses.

To do this, we use the correct tense of the verb h av e or the verb get. Look at the following examples: present simple: We h av e the m ach in es clean ed regularly.

Using the structure h ave som ethin g done, fill in the blanks with the missing inform ation. If you need a lot of storage, technology, m ass custom ization is you can If you want internal devices like modems or extra drives, you can If you need after-sales service you want.

If the external devices such as scanners or machine goes wrong, you may want printers, you can If needs. Re-write the sentences using the structure get som ething done.

I have. H ave W h ere Using the words in brackets, suggest solutions. For each advertisement, write down three things that you can h a v e d on e or g et d o n e by these companies.

TASK 3 Using the structure get som eon e to do som ethin g or hav e som eon e d o som ething, say who you call in these situations. What do you do if Presentation O Zero conditional We can talk about general facts or things that are always true using an if sentence. In statements like this, i f means the same as when or every time. This is sometimes called the 'zero conditional'. The if clause states the condition, and the other clause states the result. The i f clause can come in the first part of the sentence or the second: I f the government raises taxes in the next budget, consumer spending w ill fall.

Consumer spending w ill fa ll i f the government raises taxes in the next budget. Q If or when? When we talk about events that will take place in the future, we can use i f or w hen, but there is an important difference in meaning. I'm flying to the States today. I'll give you a ring i f I get in at a reasonable time. The speaker is not sure if he will get in at a reasonable time or not. I'm flying to the States tonight. I'll give you a ring w hen I get there. The speaker has no doubt that the plane will arrive safely.

I f Mr Duval comes in, g et him to sign that contract. Modal: I f the traffic is bad, I m ay get hom e late. I f we sign the contract today, we can start production at the end o f next month.

We can use the present continuous or the present perfect in the i f clause: Present continuous: I f they are still considering Peru, I shall suggest Lima. Present perfect: I f you h av e p la c e d the order, the goods will arrive in ten days. Conditionals 1 : if you go. First conditional Look at the notes about each situation.

Fill in the blanks w ith i f or w hen. Could you send her u p I check out. I'm not promoted this year. Claudia: OK, but there's one other thing. You've got a meeting with Mr Sachs at 5. Will you be back by then? Hans: It depends, really, but I'll call you. Claudia: Anything else? I need them today. Some o f the follow ing sentences are right and some are wrong. I-P yoiA -finish everything -tlwt needs -to be done be-fore -five, you cAn op hoMe.

TASK 2 Complete these sentences. TASK 3 You have been asked to speak on these topics at a meeting. Wrrite short paragraphs about what you think will happen during the next two or three years, and w hat you or your com pany will do.

Presentation O If and unless Unless means the same as i f It always refers to the conditional part of the sentence and not the result part of the sentence: I f sales don't im prove soon, we'll have to cut production.

The bank won't lend me the money unless I can give them some kind o f security. These precautions, however, will not prevent the problem from happening. I'll reserve the room for 6 hours to be on the safe side - the meeting may or may not go on for a long time.

We use so th a t to talk about the purpose of a decision or a safety measure. Usually these safety measures are designed to achieve a benefit of some kind or to prevent a problem from happening in the first place. I'll reserve the room from 3. We will only have the room for 2 hours. That will prevent the meeting from going on for a long time - we will have to stop at 5.

G Provided that, as long as, etc. These mean i f and only if. I will not sign it if you do not give me this guarantee. The strike will be successful a s long a s we all stay together. It will only succeed if we all stay together.

Providing and so long a s mean the same as p rov id ed th a t and a s long as, but they are a little less formal.

Note that we use the same sentence pattern as with other i f sentences. Conditionals 2 : If, unless, etc. We're not going to get that contract Please don't phone m e We're going to have a bad y ear This project will not be viable I won't accept an overseas posting Possible problems that may or may not happen: The hotels may be busyv It might be cold.

He might want to hire a car. The office might need to phone him. He might have to see a doctor. He may lose his passport. So that A colleague is also going to the same book fair. Look at her decisions and at the list of the benefits she will achieve or the problem s she will avoid. Write sentences about these using so th at.

In case or so that? In each o f the follow ing sentences, fill in the blanks w ith in ca se or so t h a t. Provided that; as long as, etc. Underline the best option from the words in ita lics. Conditionals 2 : if, unless, etc. TASK 2 Finish each o f the sentences in three ways, using if, in case, and so that.

I'll send them a reminder Conditionals 3 : if you w e n t O Imaginary situations We can use the second conditional to refer to an imaginary situation now or in the future. But she is not here at the moment, so she cannot help.

I don't think I will lose my job, but I understand the possible consequences. In 1 we are talking about the present, and imagining a situation that is different from reality. In 2 we are talking about a possible event in the future; however, by using the second conditional we make it clear that we do not really think it will happen. Q Variations It is also possible to use m ight and cou ld instead of w ould: I f we had the finance, we cou ld expand much more rapidly.

I f the terms o f the contract were different, we m ight accept it. In the i f clause, we can use w ere instead of w as for the verb to be.

This is very common when we give advice using the expression I f I were you I f I w ere you, I would call the technical support helpline. This is reasonably likely and realistic. But this is extremely unlikely. Conditionals 3 : if you w ent. A: My session with the Human Resources department didn't go too well.

Why not? A: WTell, firstly, they said there was almost no chance of promotion in this country. There is an opportunity in the Spanish office, but that's impossible. If I 1 Accented accept the job in Madrid, I B: Couldn't you all move there? A: No, because if we all And if we all B: Did they have any other ideas? A: They said there were more opportunities in the IT department, but that's not a solution either.

Even if I So I don't really know wThat I'm going to do. But i-f -they weren -fc So expensive. Read through the follow ing sentences. Decide w hether the events are likely or imaginary, and put the verbs in brackets in to the right tense. Then turn to page to work out w hat your score means. What is your management style?

I would really enjoy it. Conditionals 3 : if you w ent What would you do if TASK 2 Write down the advice you would give in the follow ing situations. Begin each answer w ith I f I were you What would you say to TASK 3 Write a short paragraph about the changes you would make in the follow ing situation. Conditionals 4 : if you h a d gone Presentation O Form Read the following information about a past action and its result: He went to the casino.

He lost all o f his money. This is what actually happened. This is the 3rd conditional. In speech, these forms are often abbreviated: A: W hat would've h a p p en ed i f he h ad n 't g on e to the casino? B: I f he hadn 't gone to the casino, he wouldn't've lost all his money.

The i f clause can come in the first part of the sentence as above or the second: He w ouldn't h av e lost all his money i f he h a d n 't gone to the casino.

If what actually happened was negative, we use a positive form. If what actually happened was positive, we use a negative form: what happened: We neg didn't p u t up our prices, so we pos kep t our market share. This was a great help problems. In the second quarter, we were expecting and meant that we just managed to reach our overall a rise in interest rates and a fall in demand, sales target for the year.

In the third quarter, the launch of the new digital If he hadn't gone into banking, e if she had been more prepared, If you had left earlier, f they might have had to close the factory, Her presentation could have been better g if we hadn't taken our lawyer's advice, h you might have got there on time. They aren't here now.

Now we are partners. Now he has to take taxis everywhere. You don't know how to operate the new equipment. Now I am bilingual. Conditionals 4 : if you had gone Write down w hat you would have done if the follow ing things had happened. What wrould you have done if TASK 2 Read the passage about the collapse of the online sports clothing retailer boo. Say w hat the com pany should or shouldn't have done, and explain why. They took much too slow.

In see why it all went so wrong. The founders hotels and giving large parties. Modal verbs 1 : suggestions, advice, obligation and criticism - shall I? B: OK. S hall Without A Word Of Warning - Al Martino - Take My Heart (CD) e set up a meeting?

B: W hy don't w e go H ow a b o u t going to that new fish restaurant? W hat abou t going Let's go to that new fish restaurant. I asked Jaim e the best way o f getting round town and he suggested th a t I sh ou ld hire a car. Jaime is not involved in hiring the car. I asked Jaim e about meeting up one evening, and he suggested going to the theatre.

Jaime is probably included in the trip to the theatre. This refers to the present. This refers to the future trip. You shou ldn 't h av e sold them. It's too late to apply for shares now. You ought to h av e ap p lied last week. Re-write the Without A Word Of Warning - Al Martino - Take My Heart (CD) beginning S hall I? Why don't we. Memo To All Staff: Security Following a number of recent thefts in the building, please remember the following points: Visitors 1should be.

Met at reception by a member of staff. They Valuables and equipment You Handbags and wallets Any large amounts of company cash or travellers cheques During the presentation she made the notes below. Write down w hat the m anager said to the trainee at the m eeting where they discussed w hat w ent wrong at his presentation.

Use the expressions in the box. We ought to Why don't we How about I -think we. TASK 2 Read through the sentences about things th at have gone wrong. To refer to the future, we use w ill b e a b le to: With broadband access, people w ill b e a b le to access the Internet more quickly. However, when we are talking about one specific action, Without A Word Of Warning - Al Martino - Take My Heart (CD) normally use w as a b le to or m an ag ed to: After a few months on the training course, I cou ld sp ea k Japanese quite well, general ability From my hotel room I cou ld see the sea.

Unfortunately I couldn't see the sea from the room. Janet phoned the airline, but she couldn't g et me on the flight. We cou ld h ave lost all our stock. It was foolish to leave so much money in your office. It cou ld h av e been stolen. We use can, could, and m ay to ask for permission. Can and w ill are a little more direct than cou ld or w ould: Asking for permission Requesting action C an I W ill you W ould you.

C ould I C ould you. Must be computer- and persuasive tele-sales consultants for banking literate and pragmatic and operators. Applicants need and accountancy firms. Read the follow ing sentences. Fill in the blanks w ith cancan't, b e a b le to or been a b le to. I'm afraid that I won't be able to make that meeting on Friday.

We have a wide range of products, so investors I'm good at reading English but I I've been trying to ring Mr Ling all day but so far I h av en 't We're sending Anna on a CAD course because we'd like t o Will you h o ld?

Hold, please Can you come backlater? Could you come back later? But if you like, You're lucky you didn't touch it, because That was unfortunate for her, because Write down w hat you would say in the follow ing situations. You would like to read it. You are a vegetarian. The stewardess has just given you the chicken. Presentation O Form The modals below can be used to express obligation.

We use m ust, h av e to, and have got to to say that something is obligatory: Application forms m u st be returned by April 11th. We use needn't, don't h av e to, and haven't g o t to if something isn't necessary: You needn't come in tomorrow - 1 can deal with the clients myself. I f your income is very small you don't h ave to pay tax. We use mustn't, can't, and n ot a llo w ed to to say that something is forbidden: Passengers m ustn't leave their bags unattended at any time.

G Talking about obligations H ave got to, don't h av e to, can't, n ot be a llo w ed to are more common when talking about obligations and prohibitions. Must, needn't, m ustn't are more common when giving an order: Boss to employee: You m ust get that report to me by 5. It's urgent. Employee to colleague: I can't come to the meeting - I've g ot to finish that report. Must, n eed not, and m ust n ot are also more common in written language.

We h a d to obey orders and we weren't a llo w Without A Word Of Warning - Al Martino - Take My Heart (CD) to go out in the evenings. The good thing was that we didn't h av e to cook for ourselves.

Because he was from the EU, he didn't n eed to get a visa to visit Britain. It wasn't necessary so he didn't get one. We needn't have rushed to the airport as the plane was late. We rushed, but this was not necessary.

Modal verbs 3 : obligation and necessity - must, have to, needn't, can't, etc. Fill in the blanks w ith h ave to, don't have to, or can't.

As a pilot time you Health is and you

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