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The Last Straw

COMMON If you say that something is the last straw or the final straw, you mean it is the latest in a series of bad events, and it makes you unable to deal with a situation any longer. An increase in mortgage rates could be the last straw for thousands of borrowers.

For over 25 years, The Last Straw was the only international journal dedicated to natural building and ecological design. It was started as a collective effort by straw bale builders Matts Myrhman and Judy Knox in Tuscon, Arizona in

Here at The Last Straw, we've been selling high-quality silk flowers for 31 years, and we've seen our customers use silk flowers in some amazing ways. At the store, we create custom flower arrangements and wreaths using silk flowers, but there are A LOT of other ways to use silk flowers too.

Diary of a Wimpy kid The Last Straw:I learned that if you're going to stand over a vent with a robe on, lock the burry money in a time never go to a sleepover with a friends kerate main character is Greg Hefley,a boy that is writing in a diary/journal and tells all about his life in words and big brother Rodrick is always torchering Greg by hiding all of the phones /5.

The origin of the idiom 'the last straw' can be found in the old English proverb, “it is the last straw that breaks the camel’s back.”. It was first seen around , and many different forms of the statement were used between then and about , with the suffering animal occasionally described as a horse or an elephant rather than as a.

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