He has been an author on over manuscripts in the field of infectious diseases and has an extensive track record in infectious diseases research and practice covering clinical, laboratory and epidemiological aspects. He is an HIV and TB immunologist focused on studying the immune response to these pathogens in affected tissues, and how this relates to what can be observed from the blood.

The research goal is to improve understanding of the immunopathology of TB and HIV, using this information to aid in developing novel therapeutic approaches and diagnostic biomarkers.

Her current research focuses on HIV broadly neutralising antibodies and their interplay with the evolving virus. Recent studies published in PloS Pathogens, Nature and Nature Medicine have highlighted the role of viral escape in creating new epitopes and immunotypes, thereby driving the development of neutralisation breadth, with implications for HIV vaccine design. I am a first semester nursing student who is doing research for medication articles, and I just so happened to study upon your blog.

I am weeping. My assignment has been to investigate medication errors, the different types of them that were made, and what could be done to prevent them. There are so many things in this situation that could have been caught by the medical personal on staff. Stories like this not only break my heart, but also encourage me to be a critical care thinking nurse who does not just do something simply because she is told to.

I am going to write a paper to submit to my nursing instructor about what happened to your daughter. What a precious life that was taken from us so soon. I am so thankful you shared this with the rest of the world, and I hope that by the time I hit the floor as a RN, we will be well educated in the medications we are administering, and learn to trust our instincts.

I am sure that pharmacy tech will live with a tremendous amount of guilt for the rest of her life. Its truly sad for both parties. My condolences. Jerry, I heard you speak today in Montebello, CA and the story of your beautiful daughter profoundly affected me. I applaud your willingness to speak out about this tragedy.

Keep up the good work of the Foundation. God bless you and Lisa! I am currently a Pharmacy Technician student, our book that we study out of is dedicated to Emily Jerry. I am truly sorry for your lost. Her story has deeply touch me. I pray for comfort, strength, and blessing for your family. Chris Jerry, I have been moved by the loss of your daughter for some time now. I am a former hospital pharmacy clinical manager and later served as director. I always told your story to grab the attention of these new nurses.

I wanted to instill the value of critical y thinking as they performed nursing duties. I always included photos of Emily in the presentation to put a face on the importance of critical thinking. I have since relocated to another town to be closer to my daughter and grandchildren.

I now have been tasked to speak to pharmacy students on medication errors. I hope in some small way, me telling your story helps prevent future fatal errors with healthcare professionals. I sincerely wish you and your family peace. I also wish you continued success in the fight against medication errors. Despite being an in-hospital error, we are using the youtube video and your story to train Paramedics and EMTs during their pharmacology training.

All of them have the potential to be extremely dangerous and life-threatening, period, whether they are administered incorrectly or not. My heart goes out to the family because this should have never happened, but Emily is a beautiful angel now and her story is not just that but it is saving lives probably every day. I was truly speechless, after reading this story about Emily. We took one doctor to court and she won. The jury, some of them on opiates themselves, just were manipulated by a lawyer and firm called Taylor Blessey.

My Tara is gone. I am a pharmacy technician and first heard of Emily during my technician training program. In my position I work on a computer and never see patients, and it can be easy to forget or to overlook that there are real people on the receiving end of our computer work. This is why I keep a photo of Emily in my cubicle.

That may seem extreme to some, but I feel that seeing her face everyday can keep me more focused and help prevent mistakes from being made. Emily keeps me focused. Also, I work in Ohio but used to work in Indiana where we were required to have an FBI background check and obtain a license form the Professional Licensing Agency to practice as technicians.

The fact that there is no licensing in this state is disturbing and negligent. The company I work for maintains a That still means that 40 of every 1 million prescriptions we fill contains some kind of error. Maintaining focus, keeping perspective by keeping our patients in mind when we work, and mandatory education and licensing for pharmacy technicians could maybe see this accuracy rate increased to I am a pharmacist in Pennsylvania who has followed your tragic story since it was first reported years ago.

My heart instantly broke for you and your family. I was aghast to learn the events leading to her death. The anguish your family endured is unspeaksble. The resultant lynch-mobbing of Eric Cropp by the Ohio State Board of Pharmacy and related judicial systems instantly ensured that 1 I will never work in oncology and 2 I will never work Windows (Terry Lee Brown Jr.

Mix) - Sil - Windows (Vinyl) Ohio where a medical error criminalizes the practitioner. Many other pharmacists feel the same after watching your horror story unfold. Thus potential pharmacist talent and intellect has been diverted away from a field of medicine that so deserves our full attention.

This case has destroyed all incentive for pharmacists to learn and practice oncology: look what might happen to you? It could have been any one of us working in that IV room that day; but it was Eric Cropp. Your collaboration with Mr. Cropp to improve the systems is beyond stupendous. Love love love it. It is the stuff movies are made of. You are changing the system… Thank-you. I am a medical billing and coding student and currently working on my pharmacology and pathology course.

Our assignment was to find a medication error story and document the findings, I found Emily. She made me smile and go back to the days when mine were young. The hospital broke my heart by allowing a tech to mix compounds intended for your beautiful angel.

Her passing was irresponsible. I can only imagine what you and your poor family felt that day. She may have her wings, but it can never heal your hearts.

Remember the laughter. Remember the joy. You are blessed with beautiful souls. Condolences to you, Christi Hollenbeck.

To the Jerry Family, I came across the story of you most unfortunate situation by way of an assignment that I have for my for one of my classes here at Indiana University School of Nursing. We are looking up medical adverse events.

I will do my absolute best to ensure that nothing like this every happens on my watch with my patients. I will pray for you. I really respect the fact that your family is attempting to turn this into something positive.

My deepest condolences. I want to first say how sorry I am. I am reading this page because I am currently taking classes to become a pharmacy technician. One of our questions was Windows (Terry Lee Brown Jr. Mix) - Sil - Windows (Vinyl) research this case. This is really heart breaking. I started reading this and I was about to deal with getting the question wrong because by the end of the first paragraph I was barely able to read the computer screen due to my tears.

This family and any other family that has been through this will be in my heart and prayers. I first read your story about a year ago and it brought me to tears. I just read it again today and the tears came flooding back. I am a physician and a mother of two small children. As a mother, I can only imagine the depth of your pain.

Your Emily was a beautiful little girl and I wish with all of my heart that this never happened to your family. I will always remember her story and I will carry it with me throughout my life and my career. I hope you have been able to find some peace in your lives. I am so very sorry for your loss, The pain is something I can only imagine.

I know there are many have tried to explain angels and the good god only wishes for us. The most important thing to remember is the happiness and the love you have for this small girl and to know that somewhere she is happy and knows how much you love and cherish her. I am very sorry for your pain. God bless you. I am so sorry for this event. At first as I was reading the story, I was asking how on earth, an overdose when the sodium chloride comes in the premixed bag, being an IV pharmacist, I felt so sorry about the incident, I guess, the problem is not on the technician only, but more so with the system of the facility, which errors can be prevented by double checking.

Technicians still under the guidance of pharmacist. I believed that the error was not intentional, its just sometimes it happen. This story is a wake up call for all of us working in a healthcare facilities.

I am forwarding this story to our team, for us to be reminded of being careful in everything we do. Once again, we are sorry for this incident with your family. I just pray that you still trust us who are working in this field. Sincerely Yours, Nelin Francisco. I would first like to say I am a college student in the Bakersfield Area. I have studied the process we use to educate children.

I have found people who grieve because of your loss and I think they are as supportive for you as any people I have ever seen. I hope the faith we have in God is enough to reunite us with those we love and I hope you can find time to send a small note to people in this Area to remind them that they need to look forward to the day when we all find the people we love ……again.

God bless you. But an even bigger Windows (Terry Lee Brown Jr. Mix) - Sil - Windows (Vinyl) for me — and maybe this is something I am naive too … but why on earth would Chemo be ordered on a patient on a weekend, when staffing is generally significantly reduced. I think the Pharmacy Director and the ordering Physician also share in the blame for helping Windows (Terry Lee Brown Jr.

Mix) - Sil - Windows (Vinyl) the tragic events that unfolded on this ominous Sunday afternoon. Thank you for sharing this story. I have been haunted by many death being a caregiver. This story drives home the importance of why I will become a pharmacy technician. I will bring this up in class tomorrow as our textbook makes this story its opening.

I am so sorry for the lost of Emily, such a beautiful child. But I thank you for put my perspective job in calibrated perspective. Bless all of you as Emily looks down upon us all trying to do the best we can. This is so sad. Sadly, that is the kind of society we live in. No one will take notice of potential dangers until someone, like Emily, pays the consequences. My heart goes out to you, Jerry family. I think that it is wonderful that you guys turned this into such a positive outcome.

You have taught me a valuable lesson. As a pharmacy technician student, I will keep my training a high priority and make sure that events like what happened to Emily will never happen to someone else. I just wanted to let you know that I am doing a medication administration error project before I graduate nursing school on May 13 with my RN degree. I am printing pictures of your daughter as photos and making a board on her for my teaching project and the reality of medicine errors.

Your story is touching, and her story is being told so that hopefully we can prevent further errors such as this from happening. Your daughter was truly beautiful and reminds me of my self at her age with those baby blue eyes and cotton white blonde hair. While Emily did not live a long life and you may not understand why she was taken from youI hope You find comfort in knowing her story is being shared to prevent future errors such as the very one who took her from you, I will be happy to share pictures of the board collaboration I am making about her if you would like just please let me know.

It was all a preventable accident and steps are being taken to never let this happen again. Nobody intentionally hurt Emily. Every person involved with the story has tremendous guilt and are forever changed because of it. Prayers for the family as well as the pharmacist who was blamed for it.

I just read your story, so heartbreaking. What a total doll she was, I cannot begin to imagine what your family has went through, but knowing that you are bringing awareness to this type of mistake I am sure has saved hundreds of lives to be sure…. Know that you will see that precious little Doll in a blink of an eye, life is so short and God is so good, God bless you and your family. I am so touched and amazed at the depth of grace and forgiveness in your life; exhibited by your attitude toward and forgiveness of the pharmacist.

The fact that you have not vilified him but rather reached out to him with love and compassion is nothing short of a miracle, in my opinion. Life certainly threw you a devestating curve ball and no one would have blamed you if you had stayed in a place of rage and anger. I am in awe of the magnitude of grace and strength of will and character exhibited.

I am sure that Emily is looking down on you from the lap of God Himself and she is so incredibly proud of you and cheering you on Hebrews Thank you. I just read your story and it really touched me. Knowing that one simple calculation or mistake a tiny mistake can take the life of the innocent.

Most people would try to sue the pharmacist but no you reached out to help. They say you only live once, but Emily is living on in and will never be forgotten. But I will never forget him and what I have learned today. May god be with you. I stumbled upon this story while researching for medical cases for my project as I am in graduate school. Wow… Speechless. Came across this website as it was used as reference in my continuing education for my pharmacy technician licensing.

I could not imagine the pain your family continues to suffer for such a careless mistake. I promise to keep this story close to heart during my job as a tech. Sending good vibes your way. Your work to prevent similar tragedies is so critical and I look forward to working with you and the technology companies to revolutionalize patient safety by securing the medication supply chain.

Sincerely, Katherine Franz. I found your story when researching the miscalculations of dosages in my nursing classes. I shared your story in our class discussion on it. I wanted everyone to see this too. This makes me want to do so much better as a future nurse and my classmates so that we can not make mistakes like this one. Your daughter is forever in my heart and I know her little face will be the first to pop into my head when I am dosing a med in my future as a nurse so that I check it, then double-check it, and even triple-check it.

My name is Kayla Emory. My mission Windows (Terry Lee Brown Jr. Mix) - Sil - Windows (Vinyl) a pharmacy technician will be to make sure patients get the right medicine and correct dose of what they need to get better.

I want to send my love out to Emily Jerry and her family and I promise I will do everything I can to make the pharmacy industry a safer place for children. What a tragic event and my heart sank as I learned the details.

It will remain close to my heart as I practice as a pharm tech. Your email address will not be published. By Nick Pietravoia. John Reply. Chris, Your doing a really great thing. Sincerely, Tammy Reply. Dave Reply. Evelyn Fredericksburg, VA Reply. Recent studies published in PloS Pathogens, Nature and Nature Medicine have highlighted the role of viral escape in creating new epitopes and immunotypes, thereby driving the development of neutralisation breadth, with implications for HIV vaccine design.

Research interest in tuberculosis and in developing and testing point of care diagnostics suitable for the developing world. More specifically, the reconstitution of the immune response during antiretroviral treatment, in order to identify correlates of protection including immune mechanisms that lead to reduced susceptibility to TBand pathogenesis such as the Tuberculosis-Associated Immune Reconstitution Inflammatory Syndrome, TB-IRIS ; the biosignature of the TB infection spectrum, from latent infection to active disease; preventing TB infection in HIV infected people more effectively; and the pathogenesis of tuberculous meningitis and pericarditis.

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