I hope this helps! Hello Dean, I'm a composer and have been asked to create an instrumental setting of O rubor sanguines no. Unable to find a transcription of this chant in modern notation, and inept in deciphering nuematic notation, I began transcribing this chant from recordings.

It's fairly accurate based on the performance I transcribed. However, it would be very helpful to me if I could find an authoritative transcription. Can you or anyone else help in this area?

I can't find this piece anywhere on the list. Where would I be able to find it? Thank you! Hi Katie! The "Magnificat" is the Canticle or Song of Mary in response to the Angel Gabriel's message that she would bear the Christ child; it appears in the Gospel of Luke It is a traditional part of the monastic evening prayer service called Vespers, and like the psalms sung during such monastic prayer services, it would usually be preceded and followed by an antiphon, or short verse written specifically for each day.

Thus, it is likely that Hildegard composed the antiphon O rubor sanguinis to accompany the Magnificat for the Vespers service in the evening of Oct. Ursula and her companions on Oct. This is explained in more detail in the Commentary section on that page. The Anonymous 4 recording is from their album "11, Virgins"which recorded the entire Office for St. As such, they included a setting of the Magnificat from the Ahrweil Antiphoner, to give the antiphon more concrete liturgical context.

Nathan, Thanks again for the transcription of O Rubor Sanquinis! I thought you might be interested in hearing the instrumental piece clarinet and cello that I composed based on that transcription. I was given full liberty to interpret that however I felt. I chose to not stray too far from the chant itself. There are three distinct sections in the piece. In the first two, I kept the chant intact and unaltered. The first section the clarinet voices the chant with the cello harmonizing.

In the second section, the cello states the chant while the clarinet states a counter melody. The third section almost completely detaches itself from the chant. Only the first three notes are referenced and expanded upon. Anyway, the Erato Ensemble, a Vancouver-based group that commissioned the piece, posted a very nice recording of the performance. This is a wonderful resource, thank you! I am wondering whether you have any information on the manuscript transcriptions which you cite copy-pasted below for reference.

Does the Salzburg book of her "Lieder," which appears to be published in German, contain Hildegard's Latin texts along with the music? And is the music written in square notes I have heard that this was the case - hoping to confirm? Lastly, any advice on how to track down the second resource, edited by Marianne Richert Pfau? Thank you again for this wonderful website!

Manuscripts — Transcriptions Hildegard von Bingen. Hildegard of Bingen. Symphonia armonie celestium revelationum. Marianne Richert Pfau. Bryn Mawr, Pa. I can confirm that the Salzburg Lieder edition contains the texts together with the music, and the music is given in square notes on the four-line staff i. They have recently changed hands and are subbing out some of their publications so you might be redirected around a bit. Good luck.

I perform your transcriptions of Hildegard von Bingen on solo cello with a drone accompaniment to small groups of listeners. I must tell you that I receive many many enlightened responses from listeners that attest to the therapeutic effects that Hildegard's melismatic melodies give to thirsting souls who drink in the spirit that her compositions exude.

Combining the Bach solo unaccompanied cello suites with Hildegard is truly an event to experience! For, this is eternal music that lives in the past, blesses the present, and changes the future. Thank you for helping to bring light to this world. Dear Nathaniel, Beverly and Xenia, Just a quick note to thank you. I started a 'Covid confinement' project to record and revisit all 77 of Hildegard's liturgical chants from home, and I have found this page a great support.

I am using primarily the Dendermonde manuscript for my interpretations, unless the chants are only in the Riesencodex I am based in Belgium, after all! I am currently on my tenth chant - I hope that our return to 'normality' will not get in the way of my recording the rest ;- Anyway, many thanks, and long live HvB! Thank you for putting this together!

This was immensely beneficial for my research and understanding of Hildegard. I might be able to finish that project for school now :. Introduction Perhaps no other medieval composer has captivated the interests of popular audiences, scholars, and the religious faithful as Hildegard of Bingen. She is by far the most famous composer of plainchant, and her 77 liturgical chants and morality play have found a happy place today in the repertoires of both religious congregations and classical and New Age artists alike.

More works can be definitely attributed to Hildegard than any other composer from the Middle Ages. HildegardII. For Hildegard, music rises almost to the level of a sacrament, channeling the perfection of divine grace from the heavenly choirs down to us, where we reflect the symphony in the blessed joy of song.

This overarching story of salvation forms the fundamental theme of many of her musical compositions, told in the symbolic economy of poetry. When the Word of God, by speaking or singing? Each was written for specific days and celebrations in the Church calendar. Other musical forms are the responsorya series of solo verses alternating with choral responses sung at vigils matins ; hymnswhich were sung at various times during the monastic office but never at Mass ; sequencessung between the Alleluia and Gospel at Mass, in which each strophe has its own common melodic motifs shared between its two versicles; and a Kyrie and an Alleluia-verse.

Thomas Paris, Bibl. MS III. The Latin texts, which are rhapsodic and sometimes elliptical, are closely aligned with an ornate musical style that extends the boundaries of contemporary practice. The principles of Christian rhetoric as set forth by St. Augustine inform the monastic devotional practices for which the music was designed. Hildegard claimed to be uneducated. An uneducated woman had taught me.

Women had few rights, and public speech was by and large forbidden to them. Though enclosed religious women had more options for literacy, including musical literacy, than their secular counterparts, it was the norm that their writings and compositions would not circulate outside of the community. As we know, Hildegard was initially fearful of the consequences of revealing and recording her visions and only did so after she received permission from the ecclesiastical authorities.

Even then she waited until her reputation as a prophet was secure before she ventured to speak boldly in public and to undertake preaching journeys. As head of the community, she had a special responsibility to insure the spiritual well-being of the nuns the cura monialiumone she took seriously.

As the ars praedicandi art of preaching and the codes of monastic devotion were both fundamental to the religious life and founded in the principles of rhetoric, she would have gained familiarity with their rhetorical underpinnings from daily exposure as St.

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In a changing world less change available. Screen faces ignoring the plight of the stricken and hungry. He looks at the people he is throwing his life out to, nobody engages, nobody sees this person.

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Drawing myself to bring up my inner stillness, collecting myself in self awareness, holding each muscle and bone in deliberate poise, extending elegance to counter the messy, jerky, tic-y thing that I am watching. In the Aquarium a londoner's life. Thursday, 12 August Thank you and Good Night. And to restate the blindingly obvious Mirror - M.A.R.S. (5) - M.A.R.S. (CD Adios Amigos xx. Posted by Harriet the fshlady at pm 0 comments. Friday, 25 September Lockdown and Beyond.

When it started it was sort of an adventure, we'd heard from the people trapped in Wuhan that they had been told it could be transmitted through the mouth and eyes and the man who eventually got out and had not had the virus had gone out wearing goggles and a mask.

We were cautious. We only went to the supermarket trying to find flour, pasta, tinned tomatoes and toilet roll - which all the hoarders had already bought up. The streets were eerily empty - unusual for a large busy city. It reminded us of the 70s on a Sunday - nobody about, people going about in pairs, no traffic.

We kind of enjoyed it. And then it kept going and going. We watched the numbers. The infections and death rate came down. We Album) hearing about anyone having the virus Album) being ill. Our high street poor neighbourhood was just as busy as normal not able to shop for a month's worth of goods at one time people had to go out and do their shopping like normal. Working from home became the new way - tedious team meeting after team meeting, high level of anxiety and talk talk talk talk.

We had projects at home. Lots of improvements, using found stuff. Fixing stuff that had been needing help for a while. And slowly we crept to a 'new normal' - not going out, visiting people at home, sitting out in the garden the weather was great. Got a hot tub. And a suntan. Garden looked like a tropical paradise. Did all my meetings from the garden. People wondered where I was - looking more like Barbados and less like Tottenham the more the summer went on. Work started discussing the return to the office.

Some of the staff welcomed a slow return. Others not so much. Protests started. We happened upon one on a cycle ride with my niece. No notice about it, not information anywhere, just suddenly rounded the corner into Trafalgar Square and there it was. Weird mix of hippies civil liberties and freedom and seemingly right wingers from out of town George flag, and Union Jacks, hoaxes, anti-vaxxers, 5G conspiracies. More kids and dogs at this protest than I have ever seen.

It seemed to be over, the stage was gone, the people were retreating. Subsequently they announced new 'measures' or is it restrictions? Not a new lockdown. But I sit here with the cooler weather, at the window of what has become my new office and feel forlorn. I don't feel like I have left the house for more than a couple of hours in six months. My world has shrunk beyond any comprehensible scale - never in my life would I have thought I would be so tied to one place and experiencing nothing of the world at large.

I used to ride the bus just to get out of the house - all the way to the end and back - such were my itchy feet when I was a teenager. Fed up. Fed up with the sensationalising of the dangers of the virus. Convinced the unemployment is about to skyrocket. Don't feel that the government has any idea what they should be doing. And I feel like our lives are passing us by - I'd really like to be doing more of what I like to do making pots, painting, gardening and forsaking those things that we have to do for money.

Thursday, 13 August Brewing Storm. And almost as fast as it started it has stopped. For now. Wednesday, 12 August Front. Sounds of children playing outside have rung out all day. Heat excitement. Tuesday, 22 October Tube Travelling 5. Down and outs of the underground Everything hurts, face scarred, fingers torn and filthy, an empty coffee cup, held out as a container, begging the commuting workers and tourists for spare change.

Posted by Harriet Mirror - M.A.R.S. (5) - M.A.R.S. (CD fshlady at am 0 comments. Tube Travelling 4. Tube Travelling 3. Tube Travelling 2. Tube travelling. Friday, 24 May Distressed Voting. Never has it been such a difficult decision, faced with an arms-length of choices, it ended up being purely tactical, on the back of a number of alarmist futuristic prognonsis's from old novels and borrowed novels kitchen library at work - Tracer by Rob Boffardand populist media first episode of Years and Years on BBC.

We have been sleep walking into being a state with more CCTV than anywhere else in the world, like we have more dangerous streets than anywhere else or more untrustworthy citizens, persuaded we need smart meters to watch our energy consumption, a police force using drones to spy on us, and we wonder why we have high anxiety. Wednesday, 15 May Pigeon. There's a pigeon at the cake stall in Kensington High Street Station.

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Posted by Harriet the fshlady at am 1 comments. Monday, 29 April Perceptions of Colour. Four youths waiting for a Victoria line train at Kings Cross are arguing about colours. What colour is this? They start asking for second opinions from other passengers. They light on absolutes as colours to check.

Is this brown or yellow? The woman is wearing a fluffy mustard zip up jacket. Nah brown. They all have a different opinion.

One claims to have perfect vision when accused of his eyes not working right. Next is a purple coat. They all went purple. I read a book recently called The Secret Lives of Colours - fantastic book - delving into the history of colours, individually named, some very similar to each other but historically known differently. Stories about their popularity, rise and fall. Fantastically interesting. I wish I had had it with me. For after this book there is no simple yellow, red, blue, green absolutes.

There are only shades, nuances and possibilities. No one-dimensional argument can be won when each eye may perceive each hue differently. Posted by Harriet the fshlady at pm 2 comments. Thursday, 25 April Longing.

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